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Charlyne Cares is a daily reminder that God cares and that we care about your marriage. Each morning Charlyne sends a devotional and Bob does a Prodigal Perspective on Tuesdays. These come from someone who has experienced the tragedy of divorce and the triumph of a family restored by God speaking to Charlyne's heart not to give up on their marriage after she divorced Bob.

Today's Charlyne Cares Devotional

Saturday, August 23, 2014

This is one of Charlyne’s favorite teachings as it teaches you how to love your spouse unconditionally when your spouse is living in sin and does not deserve it. Let God’s Word show you how to love your husband or wife unconditionally! Love never fails. You can do it! This is one of the keys that changed Charlyne’s life and then in time, Bob to return home.
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Below are excerpts from a few of the testimonies we have received in the past week, each shared with the writer’s permission. These are not to tell you how to stand and what to do, but are given here to share how God moves when people are praying. Do you have a testimony to share to encourage others?
“But if it were I, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,miracles that cannot be counted.”  Job 5:8

“After some years of off and on again and several false starts, my marriage is finally restored. To God be the glory! My husband is home and retentive. We are going to church together and ministering again. We have overcome the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony….. Hallelujah! I can’t praise my Lord enough.”  (Tennessee)

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.  Revelation 12:11

“I am speechless at seeing my suddenly happen just like that. After months of separation, my husband called my best friend and told her to tell me he loves me and is coming home. I thank God for His divine intervention. I stood in hopelessness and believed when it all looked impossible. A couple of days ago, God told me to be still and know He is God. I did not relate much to what He was saying as everything was just a huge mess. I understand now. And I thank Him for His grace. Hallelujah.”  (South Africa)

“I just want to take time out to thank my Savior for opening my spiritual eyes and ears. All this is not just about standing for marriages. It’s about becoming one with Jesus. God has allowed these things to happen because He wants us to lean on Him and His Son and wants us to rely on Him for any and everything. We should not put all of our focus on our spouses and circumstances. Focus on the Lord, put Him first and watch as blessings start pouring down from Heaven. Let’s all make Jesus our Husband, not just for a season, but forever.”  (Georgia)

“My husband and I are officially divorced, but I can see and feel God working on our marriage lately. The other day my husband said, out of the blue, that sometimes he misses me so much that he cries. He said that I was still his best friend and that he hoped we’d always be in each other’s lives, ‘As friends or maybe something more.’ I felt such hope and joy in my heart when he said that, and today I just want to say thank You to God. He is the great love of my life and I believe that He is working in our relationship right now.”  (Delaware)

“Even though my husband is home, the addiction surges through. It’s hard not to take it personally, with my flesh, but when I see how he looks as he walks away after lying, then I see a brother –  lost, chained, who needs to be set free. Then I remember RMM whisper: Pray for your husband. My words are fallible but God’s are eternal. Whenever I start praising God for a victory, the enemy comes in like a flood. But today the devil does not get the glory because I did not give up when I saw the addiction and wanted to leave. God’s mercies are new every morning.”  (Arizona)

“I want to thank RMM, from the bottom of my heart for the prayers and support given to me during this most difficult season in my life. I posted my court date last week and thought that was it, but I never expected to receive a call from anyone. I was elated that someone reached out to me to say she was praying for me and even left me scripture references pertaining to my issue. In man’s eyes my husband and I are divorced but I subscribe to a Higher Power, therefore I continue to stand until He tells me not to. To God be the glory, forever and ever.”  (Georgia)

“You cannot run away from your problems. I tried to run away from the pain of divorce. I moved and thought 1500 miles would be enough. It’s not. In fact what happened next has changed my life. God got to working on my heart. I always knew our divorce was wrong. But friends, family, even Christian counselors said to move on, start a new life. God had a different plan for me. He whispered to me to reconcile with my ex. I was in shock, I said, ‘No God. I can’t, I don’t even want to.’ Well, after much wrestling with me, God finally won me over, even found this website for me about standing for marriages. Even if they look impossible. And mine does, it will take a miracle. So after 10 years of non-communication with my ex, God prompted me to write a letter to him. I have not heard back and it’s been a while, but PRAISE GOD, I am going to continue to be a ‘stander’ knowing I am being obedient. God wants restoration for all of us standers. We will wait with ‘holy anticipation.’”  (California)

The August ministry newsletter was published earlier this week. You can read it by clicking here.
“Things have been friendly with my husband for the past few weeks. Last week the Lord gave me Joel 2-3. After reading this, I knew things were going to get really ugly before getting any better. Sure enough, the next two days things went very bad with my husband when he came to pick up and drop off the kids. I am trusting the Lord on Joel 2:25, which caught my attention more than anything else. I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten, the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm- my great army that I sent among you.’ I trust You, Lord!”  (Florida)

I have had to learn to recognize the small things knowing that the suddenly will come when I least expect it even while I wait expectantly. My kids call their mom every night about the same time. For various reasons they have been late or not called in the past and she has not called to find out why. Last night I had our landline phone in my bedroom, which is quite unusual. Sure enough I look down and it’s her calling to see why the kids haven’t called. Only God could have set that up. The enemy is always trying to make me think negative and tends to be successful in short bursts, but God always shows me different. Praise Him. We love You Lord.”  (California)

“A few days ago I submitted a prayer request because my husband said he wanted to divorce again and left. He was home for several months after he left me the first time so I thought we were going to be okay but the enemy was still at work. So I dug my heels in and refused to give up, again. And God immediately honored me for my obedience! Last night my husband texted and began the double speak. He asked many questions, which he did before he came home the first time last year. He did not mention divorce once! And just before he came over I got on RMM to read over testimonies, and the first one to pop up was one of mine from last year when my husband had started contact again. God was winking at me! It was a huge confirmation. Dig in your heels, praise God, rebuke the enemy over and over, and don’t let God’s Word depart from your mouth.”  (Texas)

“God is awesome! I was separated from my husband for several years without any form of communication. God led me to your website and I asked Him to step in, touch my husband’s heart and restore my marriage. My situation looked hopeless but God kept strengthening me through His Word. God gave me the courage to reach out to my husband after several failed attempts. He was really bitter and said all sorts of unpleasant things to me but all through, God helped me to ‘zip my lips.’ After the call, I was devastated but saw it all as a ploy of the devil to discourage me and make me give up on my marriage. I held on to God’s promises about the restoration of my marriage. Finally my suddenly happened! A few days later, I was led in my spirit to call my husband again and he was willing to reconcile and work on our marriage. We are now on the road to reconciliation.”  (Nigeria)

Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”  Isaiah 30:20-21

“Praise the Lord! My husband was saying he didn’t love me like he use to and left earlier this year. I fasted and prayed with others praying with me. I asked the Holy Spirit to lead me. My husband and I talked. He said he loved me, just still wanted to be alone and liked having no responsibility. We held each other but later I could feel the pulling away. God is moving and I am standing, putting God first. Listen, obey, and believe!”  (Louisiana)

“After many years marriage, another many years divorced (me being the prodigal), and many months of standing for my spouse (my spouse and I switched roles as I became stander and he became the prodigal), we will be remarrying this week in front of God, family and friends. PTL, my family has been restored! God is so good. We owe Him all praise and glory. Standers, do not give up. God hears your cries. God hates divorce. I will continue to pray for all marriages till the day I die.”  (Canada)

“My in-home prodigal went out of town without telling me or our children. I continued to pray and fast. Our youngest son got sick. I sent my husband a text on his status but got no response for two days. I cried out to the Lord. My husband texted me suddenly a few days later stating that he appreciated me taking care of the kids and that he was sorry. He’d sent that text to me two days prior but it didn’t go through, held up by the enemy in an attempt to discourage me. Standers, all is well, keep praying. God loves us. It’s already done!”  (South Carolina)

“My husband and I have been separated for a number of years now. Soon after he left, suddenly the Spirit of truth lead me to this site. My husband and the OW have had a child together. I didn’t even know she was pregnant, my husband told me on the day she had her baby. I was devastated, and cried out to God like a child to her daddy. He told me: ‘Don’t worry. I am doing a new thing.’ (Isaiah 43:19) My husband has moved to a house five minutes from mine. We talk every day and we spend time together with the kids. He told me that, due to a change of her circumstances, the OW is not able to care for the child anymore, so he is going to get him so he can live with him. I can’t wait to see what God will do next! (Psalm 37:7)”  (South Africa)

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.  Psalm 37:7

“I want to say never give up. When my husband left, I fell apart and had a very hard time I went to a Women’s Day at church and gave it to God. Things are still rough but I know God is working on my husband. His heart is getting softer every day. God will bring our husbands and wives back home; we just have to be live and pray. Please don’t give up and let the devil win. Our suddenly is coming. God bless.”  (Tennessee)

“I accepted Christ just a few days after being served a couple years ago. Our dissolution occurred this year and although my wife came into our marriage of many years as a Christian, she hates me and will not forgive. I am transformed and can feel that God wants me to stand. God has already performed a miracle in my relationship with our son. We both pray for a softening of her heart and renewal of her Spirit. I’m confident in time it will come. I thank God in all things knowing He knows and will do all things for my good. My legs are strong on His rock and I will not waiver.”  (Arizona)

“Though my husband is not yet home, I praise God that over this last week, we spent five days on and off together! The beginning of the week, he came by for a few hours when our kids were in bed, so we could talk. The next day, for the first time in many years, he came back to spend the day together as a family. He also celebrated our daughter’s birthday with us for the first time in years. I am so excited and grateful as it was so nice to be a family again. Thank God He is moving! Please pray for us, it’s hard to wait. I am keeping my fellow standers in prayer too. God Bless!”  (Washington)

“My God is awesome. My wife came to me with divorce papers and said God told her to. I was hurt and lost. I began to seek God, praying and staying in His Word. It seemed we grew further apart. But God! My wife came home all of a sudden and saw clearly our covenant. Our marriage is better than ever. We took divorce out of our vocabulary and in my time I changed things to become a better, godly husband. Lord, I can never pay You back but please hear my heart. I thank You so much and am proud to call you my Father. I dedicate my life to You and my family. You will forever get the glory. I love you and thank You!”  (Texas)

“Be encouraged standers! God has restored my husband and our marriage. We just renewed or wedding vows after a year of separation. God is no respecter of persons; what He’s done for us He will do for you! Some things will only be accomplished by fasting and praying. Don’t give up on your spouse, there is nothing too hard for our God to do!”  (Florida)

Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”  John 11:40

God bless,

Charlyne Steinkamp
Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

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Weekly Scripture Memorization:
Why do you say, O Jacob, and complain, O Israel, “My way is hidden from the LORD; my cause is disregarded by my God”?  Isaiah 40:27

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