Do you ever doubt if God will take care of you? Bob has a word for you today on God taking care of each of us. Each Tuesday he shares thoughts on marriage restoration more than 20 years after remarriage to Charlyne following their divorce.

God Will Take Care Of You

"But he lifted the needy out of their affliction and increased their families like flocks."  Psalm 107:41

Last Sunday morning I hear an old hymn that brought back memories from over a quarter century ago. The song was "God Will Take Care of You."   My thoughts immediately went back to August 17, 1975. That song was part of the Sunday night service, when with knees knocking, I preached my first sermon and was licensed to the Gospel Ministry by our local church. In fact my sermon was titled, "God Will Take Care of You." (Perhaps like yours, the Enemy’s attacks on our family increased after I surrendered to ministry.)

I began to recount the many times in the years since that Sunday night that God has taken care of both me and my family. The list is endless.

Most of the letters and email Charlyne and I will read today will be from men and women standing for marriage restoration who will be writing us to ask, "Will God really take care of me?" Yes, your Heavenly Father certainly will. Perhaps the best way to demonstrate this would be to share some of the major ways the Lord has taken care of our family from that Sunday night to the present:

* He took care of us when we quit our jobs and sold our home to move away to Bible college, where we lived in a mobile home and ate food purchased with food stamps, so that I could attend school.

* He took care of us a few months later when a suspicious growth was discovered in Charlyne’s neck. He took care of us during her surgery, when facial paralysis was a possibility.

* He took care of us to allow me to complete my education.

* He took care of both of us, and our children, during our divorce, and only He brought about our remarriage to each other.

* He took care of us in Oklahoma when I suffered my first stroke, 1,500 miles from home. The reports of a hole in my heart, a brain tumor, and diabetes were all taken care of by our Lord, and most reports proved false.

* He took care of me when I suffered a major stroke two years later, and the doctors said I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, paralyzed on my left side, and unable to speak clearly. He also took care of me when we needed $1,000 a day for rehabilitation and the insurance company said no.

* He took care of me two years after that when I had a brain hemorrhage and needed life-saving surgery that could only be done after He corrected my blood clotting problem.

* He took care of me during uncontrolled seizures, and another paralyzing stroke and during weeks in ICU, when the doctors were preparing my wife for my death.

* Four years later, He took care of me during a heart attack.

* He took care of me the following year when I suffered a second heart attack.

* He took care of us when our first grandchild was on the way, and the doctor could not detect movement or a heart beat.

* He really took care of us when the doctors were recommending a heart transplant for my wife.

* He took care of us when our premature twin grandchildren were born. (Last Saturday we celebrated their 12th birthdays.)

* He took care of us when another grandchild was diagnosed with a medical condition and whose recovery has the doctors puzzled.

* He took care of us when our son was diagnosed with cancer on his ear.

* He took care of us after our son’s roll-over car accident during a hurricane, when no one could figure how he was ejected instead of being crushed.

* He took care of me two years ago, as I lay on the table, and my doctors opened a major coronary artery that was 99% closed.

* He took care of our children and their families during times of financial crisis.

* Time and again He has healed our seven grandchildren when serious medical problems were being suspected. He has brought better hearing to one granddaughter and is touching another every day.

I have just begun to tell you how God has taken care of our family. He pays the Ministry bills, and provides for our needs. He gives us fresh air and heartbeats. His hand of protection keeps us safe when we travel, (and He heals when I take a tumble.) He give Charlyne and me words to share with you every day, and then provides the means for us to do so. He gives restored marriages to our stander friends. He saves prodigal spouses from Hell, and gives them life eternal when people pray.

I sense that one of the reasons God continues to bless this Ministry, as He has done for more than 20 years, is because of the work of our original prayer partners, praying for what we sensed God was calling us to do. Three or four of those praying couples had been married over 50 years. Three were long-time widows, who had chosen years ago not to remarry, but to invest their lives into the work of Jesus and His church.

Mrs. Tullin was Rejoice Ministry’s first prayer partner. She could not see well, and seldom left her little cottage, except for church. Mrs. Tullin had a heart for what this Ministry does, because she had seen her husband, who had rejected Christ for years, come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on his deathbed. Mrs. Tullin had prayed for years for that to happen. She was also our personal prayer intercessor. Many a time Charlyne or I would stop by her anointed little cottage with a personal prayer need. We would always find the praise music on, and often discover Mrs. Tullin in prayer. Many a time when a need was shared with her, Mrs. Tullin would ask, "Now, Honey, what should we pray for?" When, Mrs. Tullin prayed things happened.

Most of that original group of praying saints have now graduated to glory, but I can almost see, in my mind’s eye, Mrs. Tullin looking over my shoulder as I type, saying, "Now Honey, be sure to tell them …" Brother West no longer has to go to his knees to cry out to Jesus for our hurting standers and their prodigals. He is right there with our Lord. Mrs. Wilson has shouted her last "Amen!" or "Praise God" on this side of Glory, but I know she must be shouting and rejoicing on the other side when another repentant prodigal finds their way back to the Lord, and to their praying spouse.

Regardless of what the enemy throws at us, Charlyne and I know that God will always take care of us, just as He does for all of his children. Have you discovered yet that God alone will take care of you?

My prayer for you today is that you will stop fretting and fussing over all the "have nots," and start praising God for each and every one of your "haves." Come to know in your heart of hearts that God will take care of you when you are sold out to Him, regardless of the circumstances that can change your life.

May I be honest with you? Charlyne and I often wish that Mrs. Tullin was still sitting in her chair, in her cottage of prayer, so that we could stop by and have her pray for all of our families, to hear her sweet words, once again, "Now Honey, what should we pray for?" and after prayer to walk out her small front door, so elated.

Be assured there is a throng of "Mrs Tullin’s" in glory today, praying for our needs and for yours. God will take care of you, and us, when we fully turn to Him.

The Bible is a book of promises. Throughout we read of God caring for His people. If you start to question if God is able to take care of you, your family, and your problems, or if He will take care of you, turn to His Word and you will be assured that, "God will take care of you."

"You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit." Job 10:12

God will take care of you,
Bob Steinkamp
Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.
Post Office Box 10548
Pompano Beach, FL 33061 USA 

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