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Welcome to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries Chapel!

If you have a loved one listed for prayer on our Chapel page, we need to receive weekly updates or the entry will be removed.
Please pray for Jamila's brother, Dante. His vision is worsening, neurological damage, seizures, diabetes and heart trouble and he is only 48. He had diabetes and heart issues for a while but the rest of this is within the last two years and getting worse. We so needs God's supernatural healing miraculous power to touch his eyes, brian and body in the name of Jesus!
UPDATE 4/17/15- Thank you for your prayers and thank God for being with us daily. My husband has for the first time acknowledged the possible need for medicinal intervention to help heal his chemical imbalance. I know it will take a combination of prayer and spiritual healing, psychological therapy, and medicine, and I'm so thankful my husband is beginning to see this as well. Continued prayers, please!
Please pray that Jen's husband's chemical imbalance will be healed. Only then can he begin the journey of not just finding his former self but becoming a new man in Christ.
UPDATE 4/20/15- The drainage tube has been removed. They were able to get the tumor down to the size it was after the second surgery. Chemo & radiation is starting sooner than they thought it would. Pray for strength for the whole family.
UPDATE 4/17/15 from Patyn's mother- After 13 hours of surgery we did not get the news we had hoped for. The aggressive tumor, that we knew had grown, ended up being 3-4 times the size that it was at the end of the second surgery. We won't know how much he removed or how much is left until after an MRI. She is in ICU now and stable, her breathing tube is out. She ended up needing a drain again because of the debris from the tumor. She is so strong but I need you all to please pray for her. Please. I am trying to be as strong as she is but I fear at this moment I am failing miserably.
UPDATE 4/9/15- Patyn's next surgery will be Thursday 4/16 and will be 10 hours long. Doctor feels he can get the tumor down to 10%, pray that can happen. The smaller the tumor the better radiation will go.
UPDATE 4/4/15- Patyn's spinal tap came back and there are no cancer cells in her spine. So the next step is surgery on the tumor to get it smaller. Then chemo and radiation.
UPDATE 4/3/15- Patyn will be undergoing a spinal tap in the days ahead to see if there are any cancer cells in her spine. Please keep her in your prayers.
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST... Kathleen's cousin, Patyn went into the hospital last night with blurred vision and a headache. They admitted her and found a tumor behind her eye and are doing surgery now to remove it. It will take 6-8 hours.
Please pray for missionaries around the world who are proclaiming the Gospel and serving the Lord.  Lord, may You protect them and their family.  Lord, bless all that they do in ministering to the lost souls in all the different countries around the world in the Name of Jesus. Amen.
Please keep Claudia in your prayers... I have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and have been an obstacle for getting pregnant. Dr's said I needed surgery to remove a large cyst in my left ovary. But I know my God can heal me! I dream about becoming a mother And I also know everything is in the perfect time of God! Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.
UPDATE 4/15/15- Please continue to pray for Debbie. She had radiation on the brain and is now suffering serious loss of kidney function and still requiring blood transfusions every couple days. Also pray as it is getting difficult to care for her at home and she does not want to go to a rehab hospital. Her daughter is exhausted and overwhelmed with her care and doctor/hospital trips.
UPDATE 3/27/15- Please continue to pray for Debbie suffering end stages of melanoma. She is experiencing a lot of pain now. Cancer has spread to brain and lungs and has uncontrolled internal bleeding. Pray God takes away the pain and comforts her like only He can.
Please pray for Becky's sister, Debbie. She was taken to hospital last night with bleeding on the brain. She is in stage 4 melanoma that has spread to the lungs and now the brain. Please lift up her and her family in prayer in the days ahead.
UPDATE 4/21/15- Please pray for the family today as they go to the Dr. for a blood test to help diagnos exactly what is happening.
Please keep Missy and her family in your prayers... We are expecting our first granddaughter on August 7th. My son went to the sonogram appointment and the doctor said her neck was larger than normal. There's a small chance she could be born with Down syndrome. We believe in the power of prayer. I am asking that you pray for our family and this precious child.
UPDATE 4/23/15- Margaret is still in a ACLS facility.  Please pray for the physicians and rehab technicians to think outside of the box for new treatment to increase Margaret’s strength and hope for her future.  May the Rehab techs be her encouragers for her physically and emotionally to give her a goal to be able to go home.  God is able to all things.
UPDATE 3/24/15 - Margaret is off the antibiotics for the bad infection in her leg, and waiting to repeat a culture in another week.  They are going to start rehab this week.  Please pray that Margaret will cooperate and try to start working on increasing her strength and start walking. Please pray for the infection to be totally gone.
UPDATE 3/13/15- Margaret is on antibiotics for the infection in her leg, but rehab has been stopped, so rehab will have to start again later. Please pray for the infection to be totally gone soon.
UPDATE 3/5/15- Margaret does NOT have MRSA in her 2 leg wounds.  A praise report.  Margaret does have two other bacterias and the doctors have put her on a new antibiotic that should get rid of this infection.  Another praise is that Margaret did move to another ACLS facility much closer to their home which will help her husband. 
UPDATE 2/25/15-  Please pray for Margaret, Beverly's  mom who is in an ACLS facility.  Margaret’s one leg has two ulcer like areas now on the right leg.  This week she has an infection in them.  Please pray for the medicines to eradicate the infection completely in the Name of Jesus.
Please pray for Margaret, Beverly mom’s who is one of our employee’s and prayer warrior, who is in an ACLS facility.  Please pray that Margaret’s legs will heal and become stronger.  Pray that Margaret will do her rehab exercises willingly and be cooperative with the staff.
Emmalyn has a special prayer request... Please pray for my mom's complete healing. She has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, but cancer has now metastasized to her liver, and she also has pneumonia. Please pray for her complete healing. Thank you and God bless you all.
Please keep Christina in your prayers. He contracted an genital herpes a year ago by the woman he committed adultery with. Please pray for healing over my husband. That God has removed that disease from him and throw it into the deepest of the seas and that I am protected from any and all diseases. I believe in this miracle of health restoration for us and our family. Thank you.
Please keep Wendy in your prayers. She is suffering from tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, hip pain, and neck pain. Thank you.
Please keep Kelly in your prayers... I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis after a long battle with a long-term very serious disease - that the Lord God healed me from. I praise Him for the healing!! Please pray as I now deal with this.
Please pray for Umberto to be completely healed from cancer. He has recently been informed that the cancer has spread to his liver. He needs a miracle. Please pray for his salvation as well. Thank you!
UPDATE 4/17/15- I just got back from the doctor and he sent me for a blood test to determine if there are other cancer antibodies and an EKG. He also ordered a CT scan.  I will do the CT on April 24th. I have a pre-op appointment on April 29th for preadmission paperwork and tests and then surgery for a total hysterectomy/with lymph nodes on May 4th. He said he would perform the surgery robotically (small incisions). Recovery time is 5 to 6 weeks. Thank you for your continued prayers.
Please keep Paige in your prayers... I received the diagnosis of Endometrial Cancer yesterday. I will visit an oncologist next week to find out about treatment. Thank you for your prayers.
Please pray for all the Christians in the Middle East and other countries to be protected from the terrorists group ISIS.  Lord, may You send warrior angels to protect all Your children from the enemy in the Name of Jesus.
Please pray for Martha's mother-in-law, Nazette. She had a lumpectomy last Wednesday and will be receiving the results on Friday.
UPDATE 4/23/15- Mary is back to school and work. She is still having some issues with food but is improving day by day.
UPDATE 4/18/15- Mary came through the surgery well. Thank you for your prayers.
A special prayer request from Dennis Wingfield, who writes our weekly men's devotional... Please pray for our daughter Mary. She is having her gallbladder removed this afternoon. She was deathly sick and we spent all day and last night in the ER before they figured out what was wrong with her.
UPDATE 4/17/15- Brendon has been responding well to the photopheresis treatments that he gets twice a week. Yesterday, 4/16, Brendon will hopefully have had his last round of chemo. Brendon has his first broth yesterday without eating or drinking for a month! What a praise! Please continue to pray for Brendon’s mom, Ana who is with him all the time as they live a distance from the Children’s Hospital.
UPDATE  4/01/2015-  Brendon had surgery Tuesday putting a catheter into his neck so that he is starting a treatment of photophresis. It is separating his white cells and treating them with a medication and back into the body, like a Dialysis so Brendon can recover from the GVHD.  Please pray that his pain and other symptoms will be gone very soon.  He is not allowed any food or drinking, only IV’s.  Please pray for strength, patience and guidance for Ana, his mom who is there 24-7 with him.

UPDATE  3/25/15-  Brendon is still very sick, still has severe pain in abdomen, chest and back.  Still has diarrhea and has just been diagnosed with mono.  Please pray wisdom for the physicians treating him with all his complications.
URGENT UPDATE:  Please pray for Brendon, 15 yrs old who had sickle cell anemia.  Brendon was admitted to a Children’s Hospital in FL on Monday and they did tests and biopsies Thursday and it shows he has GVHD.  He is very sick.  They are starting him on steroids and aggressive anti-rejection medication and chemo.  Please pray that the great Physician will touch the medications to work for him and give wisdom to the physicians treating Brendon. 

We thank God for the parents who have taken a stand to pray for their son or daughter's troubled marriage. We also hear from people who have taken a stand for their pastor's marriage, or for the marriage of a friend. Pray for all marriages that God will find one prayer warrior to stand in the gap for any couple who is fighting the spiritual battle to save their family. 

Please pray for the children of divorced families. We hear from so many parents or grandparents who have their children going through depression, or rebellion. Please pray for their salvation and develop a personal relationship with the Lord.  Father send mentors or youth leaders from churches that these children need to be able to trust who will guide and teach them the Lord's will and way.
Please pray for all the "other persons" that they will acknowledge the hand of God, especially after a prodigal moves home, and that they will leave the spouses alone, forever!
Pray against the enemy attacking standers and others through oppression, depression and disease. We know so many who are being tormented by illnesses.
Above all else, we pray that every stander, every prodigal, and all our loved ones will come to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the only way they will ever find the peace they are seeking.

Pray for men of God to preach about the sanctity of marriage. Pray also for all church to pray for all the marriages in their church and against adultery. Pray for spouses to be delivered from adultery and spirit of lust.

Please pray for all the teenagers and young adults who are having to choose every day whether to serve their Lord or go the world's way.
Pray that standers would have discernment, and seek the counsel of God instead of listening to advice from people.
Pray that every returned prodigal and every prodigal who desires to come home will realize they must have no contact, for any reason, with the other person in their life. Pray for total restoration and rebuilding of their marriage.
Please ask the Lord to give the Steinkamp Family wisdom in every Ministry matter, that His will might always be done through Rejoice Marriage Ministries.
Please stop right now and pray for that prodigal who is closest to going home. May they be touched by the Holy Spirit to humble themselves, being obedient to the Lord's will and way.

Pray for all marriage ministries. May all of us direct hurting people to God's Word, the Bible, and not share our opinions. May we all listen to the Holy Spirit and always minister with integrity.

Satan does not stop with the destruction of only a marriage. Every stander we know has suffered a secondary attack, either through their own health, serious family illness, financial or relational problems. Would you take time right now to pray that Jesus would bind the attacks of the Enemy from men and women who are standing for their marriage to be restored by God.

Pray for standers who will be appearing in divorce court today and in the near future. Pray for all divorces to be cancelled around the world daily.

Please pray for the many teenagers having difficulty. Many are so angry due to the circumstances that no one can change presently. May the Holy Spirit touch all children who feel unloved and rejection due to separation and divorce.
We each want to pray regularly for:
  • Our churches and Pastors
  • Prodigals spouses
  • Standers
  • Children
  • Unsaved family members
  • Financial needs
  • Employment situations
  • Housing and transportation needs
  • Court hearings and legal needs
  • Health needs for entire family
  • Special grace and mercy for restored marriages
  • Pastors to proclaim the truth about marriage
  • Revival for all nations

Pray that spouses who are away will have wisdom and discernment and leave the other person out of family functions involving standers. Pray that fathers who live far away will come home to see children.

Please remember to pray for all our military men and women who are fighting for our freedom around the world.  Please pray for their families who are away from spouses who are having to deal with all the responsibilities and being both parents.  Please pray for God's divine protection and safety for all the men and women in the armed services.
Praise for men and women coming home out of non-covenant marriages. Pray for all their details to be worked out quickly, such as sale of homes, finances and salvations.
Please pray for all standers' children who are facing the consequences of divorce and trying to understand why one parent is choosing to leave their family. Pray for the ones who are fighting rebellion and depression. Lord, give wisdom and knowledge to the standing parent.
Please ask God to continue to meet the financial needs of Rejoice Marriage Ministries. We give Him praise for how He somehow pays the Ministry bills each month.

Pray for standers who are being threatened with various kinds of legal action by their absent spouse. Lord, we pray for all divorces to canceled in the mighty Name of Jesus. 

Please pray for all prodigals and standers who can not find work. This has become a real problem for families.
We know of so many prodigals who are so close to coming home! Please pray in agreement with us for thousands of prodigals to come home as the Holy Spirit convicts their heart. Pray that each prodigal spouse will have a Damascus Road experience with the Lord.
Thank You, Lord, for all that You do for Rejoice Marriage Ministries. Thank You for Your protection over this Ministry and all of the Steinkamp family. Please pray for each member of our family and our staff.
Pray for men and women who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or pornography. These issues create a major problem in many marriages. Pray for their deliverance through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Pray for Dennis Wingfield as he ministers to men through the "Standing Firm" weekly message.
Please for the stander who is most discouraged and questioning what God has told them to do-stand for their marriage. God will know for whom you are praying.
Pray for standers who need financial miracles from our Lord, their Jehovah Jireh.

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