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Welcome to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries Chapel!

If you have a loved one listed for prayer on our Chapel page, we need to receive weekly updates or the entry will be removed.
Please keep Robert's wife, Jessica, in your prayers. She is suffering from a Somatoform Disorder which is causing debilitating psychological problems.

Please pray for Beverly's mom, Margaret who was in the hospital and due to her weakness she is now in another facility for rehab.  Please pray for Margaret's increased strength.  Her husband, Gene who drives to see her had a minor accident with no injuries. PTL!  Please pray for Margaret to be able to go home soon and for God's protection for both of them.  Beverly is one of our intercessors.

Please join Bahago in prayer for a complete healing from type 2 diabetes.
Sharon has a special prayer request... My daughter Kelsey (25) returned from Afghanistan last September. She was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety from what she witnessed. She questions where God was and why He would let horrible things happen to people. In May of this year she was involve in a head on collision her injuries were extensive and her right leg is plates and screws she is still recovering. She found out 2 weeks ago that she is pregnant. Yesterday her Dr. found a growth and lump in her breast that needs to be removed. Please keep us in your prayers.
Please pray for Jamila's brother, Dante. He is having trouble with this vision and also seizures, all related to Diabetes.
UPDATE 10/15/14 - Evelyn has had her mastectomy.  Please pray for her total recovery. 
Please keep Evelyn in your prayers, she is seeking prayer for healing from breast cancer. She has small children and standing for her marriage.  Please pray for total recovery.  She needs some prayer warriors to pray for her.
Please keep Dorothy in your prayers as she was just diagnosed with uterine cancer.
Please pray for Tony who is suffering from vascular headaches for the last four months.
UPDATE 11/19/14- Donna made it through the surgery although it was a tough one. A two-hour operation took close to five. She is sore and weak, but on the road to recovery. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal. Thank you.
Please keep Kim's mom, Donna in your prayers. She is having a defibrillator implanted today to help with her cardiac issues. Please pray for a good outcome and a speedy recovery. Kim has been a stander and part of our ministry for many years and is the author of our Charlyne Cares for Kids devotional each week.
Please keep Madison in your prayers. She is in need of a heart, liver and kidney transplant. Her liver is cancerous and they've denied her transplants because her body isn't strong enough. She's running out of time, and through this all she has kept a smile on her face being a pillar of strength for her family, never complaining and never asking, "Why me?" Please pray that her body be imbued with strength so that she can have these life saving surgeries and transplants! And pray for courage, strength and peace for her family.
Please keep Lexi and her baby daughter, Presley Ann in your prayers. Presley was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome shortly after birth and the family is believing for a complete healing.
Marcia has several family members suffering from Diabetes. Please keep them in your prayers.
Please pray for Richard who found out from the doctor yesterday 11/11/14 that he had stomach cancer. They don't know if it has spread anywhere else or what stage it might be. They are waiting on apt with the Oncologist later this week. Please pray for the Lord to heal Richard of this cancer and give strength to the family during this time. Thank you for your prayers.
Please keep Chaunta in your prayers for a complete healing from fibroids in her uterus. Thank you.
UPDATE 10/31/14- Greg continues to improve steadily. He is now able to walk without the walker and the use of his hand has dramatically improved. On the prayer request side, Greg's right hand will need surgery soon but the biggest challenge is that his left clavicle healed about two inches shorter on the left. Also, his left ribs fused and created new bone calcification with a difference of three inches. These are anatomical issues that made his body bend, causing him severe back pain and restricting his lung functions. He gets out of air by walking a few steps. Greg will need a major surgery in the near future.
UPDATE 10/16/14- Greg is going home today which is two months earlier than the doctors predicted when he was in an induced coman.  The Lord has done one miracle after another of healing his heart, lungs and broken bones.  To God be the glory!  Wednesday he walked 50 feet by himself.  Greg will do rehab at home for about 3 weeks and then he will be going to an OP rehab facility.  Please pray for his continued improvement.
UPDATE 10/9/14- Greg has been moved to a rehab facility for the next two months. Please pray for his continued recovery both physical and emotionally.
09/26/14 - UPDATE & PRAISES:  Greg is out if ICU and in a critical care step down unit.  Tuesday afternoon, Greg got a speaking valve and was able to communicate by using his voice.  PTL!  Greg is trusting God to get him through he recovery.  Another praise his heart is totally stable and in normal rhythm.  Greg is learning to be able to stand again.  Greg's legs are getting sronger.  Please pray for the Lord to touch Greg and calm his emotions since he woke up from the induced coma.  May the peace of God calm him totally from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.  Nothing is too hard for the Lord to do.  Look at what the Lord has done already!
PRAYERS NEEDED:  Please pray for Greg who is in ICU due to a roll-over auto accident which happened last week.  Please pray for Greg who has a restored marriage.  Greg has many broken bones, including all of his ribs, having a 2 - day back surgery.  Please pray for Greg's heart and lung's which have been bruised also.  Please pray for no more complications, such as pneumonia.  Greg's wife is praying for the Lord to show His divine healing and intervention during Greg's recovery.
Please pray for Brion who has been admitted to ICU and is currently on life support. The fear he may have some brain damage due to his heart being stopped for an extended period of time. Please join the family in praying for a complete healing.
UPDATE 11/10/14- Deloris has been released from the rehab facility to go home an continue her recovery. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.
Please pray for our employee, Deloris, who has worked for us for over 10 years one morning a week.  Deloris fell on Saturday and she has a broken pelvis.  Please pray that it is just severe bruising and no broken bones with a speedy recovery.  Deloris is in the hospital and will start rehab.
Please pray for Tony to be healed from cancer.
UPDATE 10/16/14 - Jayson is a young adult who fell and broke his neck in three places.  He is paralyzed from the neck down, on a ventilator and has a tracetomy.  Jayson is battling two infections now.  His parents requests is to pray for salvation for he and his wife.  May the Lord turn this accident into some good.  Parents are praying for him to be possibly be transferred to where they live up north to be near them. 
Please pray for Veronica's son who is in a hospital in Texas with a broken neck and is now paralyzed.
UPDATE 11/10/14- PRAISE REPORT Maritza has been told by the Dr's that she is in remission. Thank you for your continued prayers!!
UPDATE 10/9/14- Please keep Maritza in your prayers as she travels to Georgia to be evaluated for a trial clinical study. She has also had increasing pain as of late.
UPDATE 7/30/14 - Maritza received news from the doctor that her scan results showing no new areas of cancer and existing cancer is slightly decreased.  It shows some bone healing and seems to be setting a positive pattern. The doctor called it a good scan, but fell short of calling it remission.  Thank you for praying!
UPDATE 6/6/14- Maritza received news from the doctor last night. We were hoping that she would be in remission, but unfortunately her markers went down slightly, not as low as we all were praying for. This means she is still battling intensively, so please continue to pray!
UPDATE 4/17/14- Maritza was able to accompany her daughter on her school's senior trip to Europe, as a chaperone, with no major complications. Since returning her cancer markers have continued to fall. Thank you for your continued prayers and PTL for His faithfulness to her.
UPDATE 10/17/13- Maritza has been told that she has an aggressive form of stage 4 bone cancer. Please keep Maritza and her family in your prayers as they go through the next several months and pray in agreement with us for a complete healing. Thank you
Please pray for a friend of Charlyne's who is battling bone cancer. She had breast cancer several years ago and is now starting to show sings of bone cancer. Thank you.
Linda has a special prayer request for her son... My 20 yr old son choked on a magnesium vitamin in Feb. which lodged between his vocal cords and dissolved leaving a burn. He choked on food some weeks later, and has not been able to eat since. He has lost a lot of weight, and this has been devastating to the whole family. We greatly appreciate your prayers.
Please pray for Brenda who is needing a total healing from cancer in breast and lymph nodes. And for her prodigal husband to return to the Lord and back to his family and marriage.
Please keep Felicia in your prayers. She is having surgery Nov 17th to have lung cancer removed. She is 80 years old, and they will not be doing any radiation or chemo. As of right now it has not spread anywhere else, but she will be in the hospital for 7-10 days for observation. Thank you.
UPDATE 11/20/14- Brendon was moved to Ronald McDonald House again and has just been readmitted to the hospital as his pain is still out-of-control.  Please pray that the physicians will find a medical solution on how to stop his pain which has Brendon, 15 years old bedridden.  The praise is that his transplant was a total success!  Thank You, Lord.
UPDATE 10/30/14- Due to his pain and not able to walk, Brendon has been re-admitted to the Children’s Hospital.  Please pray for God’s wisdom for the doctors who do not know what has caused all this pain since his transplant.  Great news: His transplant is working!
UPDATE 9/15/14- Brendon is recovering from his bone marrow transplant done last week.  Brendon still has to have another mild chemo today, Tuesday until the lab work is right.  Please pray for good lab results.  Also pray for no more pain.  Most important, please pray for NO rejection or NO infection as he has no immune system at this moment.  He should start feeling better in a few days.  Their family is very thankful for your prayers.
UPDATE 9/11/14- Brendon had his bone marrow transplant done late in the day.  It was difficult at the beginning and took until late evening.  But by 3 a.m. Brendon was up and watching T.V. with the nurse.  Please pray for NO rejection or NO infection as he has no immune system at this moment.  Their family is very thankful for your prayers.
Please pray for Brendon, 15 years old in a children's hospital with Sickle Cell Anemia.  Brendon is going through the pre-treatment to get a bone marrow transplant.  Brendon received his first round of chemo and has had a side effect of extreme muscle pain.  He has had to continue the invasive chemo for the next seven days.  Please pray for all side effects to chemo to be mild so he can continue all the treatment to receive the bone marrow transplant.  Please pray for his mom, Ana and their family.  Pray for Aiden, Brendon's brother, seven years old, home, but has the same diagnosis.

UPDATE 9/26/14 - Please pray for Elaine who has had 3 chemo treatments and has 3 more to do, every 3 weeks.  Elaine is praying the Lord as she is not been that sick with the chemo.  Please pray for her prodigal husband, will have his personal Damascus Road experience while she is going through her treatment.  They have never divorced, but has not been at home for several years.  Let's pray for total healing and her marriage to be restored, suddenly.  

Please pray for Elaine who has had a tumor in one lung. She had surgery and the tumor is malignant, Stage I, Lymphoma. She is going to be having more testing and then will start Chemotherapy. Please pray for her as she starts this new detour journey as she prays for her husband to come home and become part of her life again. Elaine is praying for a total healing of her health and of her marriage.

Pray that spouses who are away will have wisdom and discernment and leave the other person out of family functions involving standers. Pray that fathers who live far away will come home to see children.

Pray for standers who are being threatened with various kinds of legal action by their absent spouse. Lord, we pray for all divorces to canceled in the mighty Name of Jesus. 

Please ask the Lord to give the Steinkamp Family wisdom in every Ministry matter, that His will might always be done through Rejoice Marriage Ministries.
Please pray for the children of divorced families. We hear from so many parents or grandparents who have their children who are going through depression, or rebellion. Please pray for their salvation and obedience to their Heavenly Father commands.
Please for the stander who is most discouraged and questioning what God has told them to do-stand for their marriage. God will know for whom you are praying.
Pray for men and women who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or pornography. These issues create a major problem in many marriages. Pray for their deliverance through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Pray against the enemy attacking standers and others through oppression, depression and disease. We know so many who are being tormented by illnesses.

Pray for all marriage ministries. May all of us direct hurting people to God's Word, the Bible, and not share our opinions. May we all listen to the Holy Spirit and always minister with integrity.

We know of so many prodigals who are so close to coming home! Please pray in agreement with us for thousands of prodigals to come home as the Holy Spirit convicts their heart. Pray that each prodigal spouse will have a Damascus Road experience with the Lord.
Satan does not stop with the destruction of only a marriage. Every stander we know has suffered a secondary attack, either through their own health, serious family illness, financial or relational problems. Would you take time right now to pray that Jesus would bind the attacks of the Enemy from men and women who are standing for their marriage to be restored by God.
Please ask God to continue to meet the financial needs of Rejoice Marriage Ministries. We give Him praise for how He somehow pays the Ministry bills each month.
Please pray for all standers' children who are facing the consequences of divorce and trying to understand why one parent is choosing to leave their family. Pray for the ones who are fighting rebellion and depression. Lord, give wisdom and knowledge to the standing parent.
Pray that every returned prodigal and every prodigal who desires to come home will realize they must have no contact, for any reason, with the other person in their life. Pray for total restoration and rebuilding of their marriage.
Please pray for all the teenagers and young adults who are having to choose every day whether to serve their Lord or go the world's way.
Praise for men and women coming home out of non-covenant marriages. Pray for all their details to be worked out quickly, such as sale of homes, finances and salvations.
Please pray for all prodigals and standers who can not find work. This has become a real problem for families.
We each want to pray regularly for:
  • Our churches and Pastors
  • Prodigals spouses
  • Standers
  • Children
  • Unsaved family members
  • Financial needs
  • Employment situations
  • Housing and transportation needs
  • Court hearings and legal needs
  • Health needs for entire family
  • Special grace and mercy for restored marriages
  • Pastors to proclaim the truth about marriage
  • Revival for all nations
Please pray for all the "other persons" that they will acknowledge the hand of God, especially after a prodigal moves home, and that they will leave the spouses alone, forever!
Thank You, Lord, for all that You do for Rejoice Marriage Ministries. Thank You for Your protection over this Ministry and all of the Steinkamp family. Please pray for each member of our family and our staff.
Please pray for the many teenagers having difficulty. Many are so angry due to the circumstances that no one can change presently. May the Holy Spirit touch all children who feel unloved and rejection due to separation and divorce.
Pray for standers who need financial miracles from our Lord, their Jehovah Jireh.
Pray that standers would have discernment, and seek the counsel of God instead of listening to advice from people.
Please remember to pray for all our military men and women who are fighting for our freedom around the world.  Please pray for their families who are away from spouses who are having to deal with all the responsibilities and being both parents.  Please pray for God's divine protection and safety for all the men and women in the armed services.
Pray for Dennis Wingfield as he ministers to men through the "Standing Firm" weekly message.

Pray for men of God to preach about the sanctity of marriage. Pray also for all church to pray for all the marriages in their church and against adultery. Pray for spouses to be delivered from adultery and spirit of lust.

Please stop right now and pray for that prodigal who is closest to going home. May they be touched by the Holy Spirit to humble themselves, being obedient to the Lord's will and way.

We thank God for the parents who have taken a stand to pray for their son or daughter's troubled marriage. We also hear from people who have taken a stand for their pastor's marriage, or for the marriage of a friend. Pray for all marriages that God will find one prayer warrior to stand in the gap for any couple who is fighting the spiritual battle to save their family. 

Pray for standers who will be appearing in divorce court today and in the near future. Pray for all divorces to be cancelled around the world daily.

Above all else, we pray that every stander, every prodigal, and all our loved ones will come to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the only way they will ever find the peace they are seeking.

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