Covenant Transport Testimonies


Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

“I have been truly blessed. After giving my testimony about seeing my first Covenant Transport truck, I have been blessed to see 15 more over the past month. I always see one when I’m talking to God while driving. I prayed that there were other standers on the road. There was a time when I had given up on ever seeing one and now I’ve seen 16. When God shows up He really shows out. I believe God is about to show up and show out in my marriage. Praise God.”  (Georgia)  (posted 2/14/2012)
“I have been asking the Lord for a sign that I am doing the right thing still standing. I have been having doubts that my prodigal will ever want to come home to us. But, PTL!!! Out of the blue this morning, as I was coming under an overpass of the interstate, there sat a Covenant Transport truck waiting to pull out! I normally would not have even noticed a truck, but the Lord made me look and read the side! I cried out to God in praises for answering me! I know now that this is the first day of the rest of my life and one day, in His perfect timing, my husband will be back home with me and our son! God is so good! He knows what we need and gives it when it is least expected.”  (Alabama)  (posted 2/4/2012)
“I am writing to tell you how much I appreciated the phone call Charlyne had with the owner of Covenant Transport trucks. I've read testimonies of people in Washington where they state they don't see these trucks. I'm happy to say that I see these trucks on a regular basis. I remember reading Genesis 17 and counting how many times the word ‘covenant’ appeared in this chapter. It was 14 times! Every time I see these trucks, it is normally in my prayer time as I am driving to work and thinking of my situation. And it puts a smile in my heart because it is like God is telling me He is there, He sees me, and I always pray that whoever else needs to see that truck be blessed as well!”  (Washington) (posted 3/25/2014)
“Praise the Lord! I have been standing for a few years as my prodigal left me . After much prayer and feeling like giving up, my husband called to say he was leaving his non-covenant spouse. We talked for an hour and he then invited me and the kids to ride out of town to visit his parents. I prayed while we were in the car and we ended up having to take a detour. To my surprise there was a Covenant Transport truck to the left of us. I smiled the whole way there. We may not know what God is doing on the other side of the mountain but believe me when I say He is making every crooked way straight. Trust in Lord with all your heart and continue standing!”  (Texas)  (posted 4/26/2012)
“I was having a very rough day and cried out to the Lord. I asked him to let me see anotherCovenantTransport truck to reassure me I am not crazy and on the right path. I ask the Lord to speak to me through a truck or license plates daily. Today I saw a license plate that said,  ‘If you were looking for a sign here it is’ with prayer hands around it. Then another car had ‘United We Stand.’ As I was leaving the parking lot, a young man had a hat that said, 'Obey.’ I have never seen a hat like that before and knew this was truly from the Lord. He is telling me loud and clear to obey so that He gets the glory. This testimony is going to change not only my life but my family’s. God always keeps His promises and never changes His mind.”  (North Carolina)   (posted 9/17/2012)
“We serve a mighty God. On Wednesday night, my prodigal texted me and asked if I could pick him up something and bring it to him. As I was on my way, it was snowing and rather cold out, I was asking God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. Just as I was passing the truck stop, the Holy Spirit had me look straight ahead and there it was driving on the interstate. I just laughed and praised God. I have been asking to see one for many, many months. The Lord is so faithful in everything He does. He truly gives me strength, mercy, and grace each day. I will keep standing until the day that the Lord takes me home. Just remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.” (North Dakota)  (posted 1/24/2012)
“PRAISE! I have been informed recently of my spouse’s desire to begin the paper work for divorce, and his plans for a marriage to the OW. It hurt to hear this, but I was blessed to see a billboard that said 'Second Chances,' and then right afterwards saw a Covenant Transport truck! Even though my natural eyes see my marriage is dead, I know that the LORD is working on my mountain and making it crumble and fall. The LORD does keep His promises and never lies.”  (Florida)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“Today I was at the end of my rope. I told my husband to go if that is what he wants to do. As I left work in despair, I looked to the left and saw a Covenant Transport truck. I read about them all the time but never saw one. I'm not sure what God is saying but I know He is speaking. Sold out to Him alone, He is awesome.” (Virginia) (posted 1/29/2015)
“I have had virtually no contact from my husband in the past six months. We have a major interstate that runs through our city which I travel on for a very short distance to work every morning. I have asked God every morning for the past several weeks to show me a Covenant Transport truck. Just yesterday I decided to give up on searching for one, hoping that God had some other way he was going to show me he was working on the other side of my mountain. Today when I returned to work from my lunch break, there was a Covenant Transport truck parked directly outside my office practically blocking the entrance! I took a picture of it and immediately burst into joyful tears. We serve a miracle-working God. Keep standing!”  (Florida)  (posted 8/24/2012)
"I was driving a long boring stretch of Interstate and had spent most of it in positive thought, dreaming of how different events would unfold when my husband comes home. Then I had the thought that my husband has been with the other woman longer than we were married. With tears running down, I said I had no hope. At that moment I topped a hill and there was a Covenant Transport truck. Surely that was God." (Florida) P.S. - For several years these trucks have had a special meaning to many standers. Read why -   (posted 6/25/2010)
“Today I was sitting at my desk praying as yesterday my attorney's office called to tell me they were mailing the divorce paperwork to me. The moment I concluded my prayer I looked up to see a Covenant Transport truck drive by! God is so GOOD and I know HE is working on my restoration!”  (Washington)  (posted 12/17/2012)
I prayed about my first meeting with the attorney and on my way to her office I saw a Covenant Transport truck! It's strange because I had never seen one downtown before...I know it's God working on the other side.”  (Texas)  (posted 3/24/2012)
“To strengthen my prayer life, I have been reading through the book, The Prayer Dare. One of the dares I encountered last week was to ‘pray specifically and publically.’ I was nervous, but wrote four intentions in my journal with one being positive communication from my prodigal. God has already answered two of the four! I haven't heard from my prodigal yet, but on Saturday morning I drove past a freight depot less than a mile from my house and parked in the end bay was a Covenant Transport trailer! In the four years, I've lived in the neighborhood I've never seen a CT truck at that depot. A quiet peace settled over me and it was as if God said... here is a sign, it isn't time yet for contact. He does answer prayers! Thank You God.”  (Minnesota)  (posted 7/2/2012)
“God is so good and faithful to His Word. It’s been some years since my husband and I separated. Everything seemed impossible. At times I felt hopeless, especially when my pastor and family where saying to move on, but I was encouraged through Charlyne's devotionals and the Saturday testimonies. I kept standing on God’s Word and when I actually applied the scriptures and confessed them daily with my husband’s name in them. I began to see change. My son and I spent Christmas with my husband and his family. My husband also took me out for Valentine’s and two days later our divorce was dismissed in court at the request of my husband. We are now waiting to move into a house. I'm believing God to work out the rest and move us in our home before our baby is due. Yesterday I saw a Covenant Transport truck for the first time. God is just confirming He is in control. Thank You Jesus.”  (Texas)  (posted 4/19/2012)
“I recently increased my fasting for my husband. This week, he sent a random message through his attorney to stop praying for him. I was heartbroken. But God! All of a sudden Charlyne’s words, Bob’s writings and stander’s testimonies about this situation started filling my mind. I was quickly back to having faith, hope and joy in our Lord. So I prayed harder for my husband and the enemy was attacking my mind with doubt and fear. But God! After many months of reading testimonies about it, I actually saw my first Covenant Transport truck! Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord! Thank you standers and RMM!”  (New Jersey) (posted 3/30/2015)
“Today a Covenant Transport truck pulled into our business. I was practically jumping up and down. For some years I have trusted God for the restoration of my dead marriage and at the lowest moments He has sent ministries like RMM, faithful believers, and Covenant Transport trucks to encourage me in the darkest days of separation and divorce. Having that truck pull up to our business was a kiss on the cheek from the Lord. I believe that I am almost on the other side of this mountain. Praise God.”  (Ohio)   (posted 4/19/2012)
“Today I have spent fasting and praying for our marriage to be healed because our divorce court date is tomorrow. I was driving down the highway, asking God to restore our marriage, when the song Made New by Lincoln Brewster was playing. As I looked at the other side of the highway and here comes a Covenant Transport Truck passing by. The Lord spoke to me saying, ‘I am going to restore your marriage covenant and make it new the way that I want it to be.’ Standers, as hard as it is, don't give up. Keep trusting God for the restoration of marriages.” (Missouri) (posted 9/11/2014)
“Driving to work this morning I saw a truck with the words ‘Clean Up & Total Restoration’ emblazoned on the side. While not a Covenant Transport truck, (we rarely see them in our area), this one spoke to me and I had to go around the block to take a picture.”  (Idaho) (posted 11/18/2013)
“I would like to share just how good our Lord is. My wife left several months back. This last Thursday was my birthday. On the way to work, my only vehicle overheated to the point of permanent damage to the engine. Instead of panicking, I kept telling myself that Jesus just wants us to trust Him no matter what it looks like. I had a friend call that evening to wish me happy birthday and it turns out he had a vehicle that I could use. My daughter took me across the state line to get it and I saw SEVEN Covenant Transport trucks during the trip. God always comes through!”  (Oklahoma)  (posted 10/23/2011)
“I've often heard the many testimonies about people seeing a Covenant Transport truck. Although I’m happy for them, I had my doubts that God would allow my eyes to see the same as others have. Besides, things were at the impossible stage for my dead marriage and my broken family so before tossing in the towel, I ask God if he could show me a sign if standing for my marriage and family was in His will. Almost immediately God answered me and for the last 15 days God has shown me six United trucks, six Swift trucks and three Covenant Transport trucks. I don't what God has in store, but I will worship and serve while I wait on His perfect timing, believing that nothing is impossible for God.”  (Oklahoma)  (posted 12/20/2011)
“I just want to PTL! I have been feeling really down about my stand since my husband is getting married to the OW in two weeks! I live in an area where we don't ever see Covenant Transport trucks so I asked God if He was still working on my mountain and if He still wanted me to stand then he would bring me a Covenant Transport truck. Guess what? HE DID! I was driving down the same highway I always drive and of course was looking just in case and then all of a sudden it passed by! I screamed and starting crying! WOW! What an awesome GOD we serve! What a way to show me two weeks before my husband enters into a non-covenant marriage that He is still in control! PTL!”  (Texas)  (posted 5/26/2012)
“Six months ago my husband said he was leaving home, but PTL he hasn't done it. I read the devotionals, but I would skip reading the Covenant Transport truck testimonies. I live in Mexico City so they didn’t make sense to me. But God! My husband invited me and my daughter to New York. During a road trip, I was feeling discouraged and angry. I saw aCovenant Transporttruck! I know neither I nor my husband are still the spouses my God wants us to be, but He is working on us. While I wait for His perfect time, I will continue to call to the Lord because I know He answers me and tells me great and unsearchable things I do not know. Amen.”  (Mexico) (posted 11/5/2012)
“Seeing a Covenant Transport truck just three miles from my home on my way to a doctor to have a benign growth removed, gave me courage to ask that all the growths be removed, not just one. Previously doctors had been unwilling to do that. This time, when the doctor asked me why I wanted all growths removed, I said, ‘My husband doesn't like them.’ I believe the Lord is preparing me for the restoration of my marriage from the inside out. This was part of the ‘out.’ Praise the Lord!”  (Maryland)  (posted 7/23/2012)
"My anniversary came. I was walking out of church and thinking of the importance of the day. When I looked across the street, I noticed a Covenant Transport truck passing by. That was my confirmation that God was thinking of the covenant that my husband and I once made." (California) (posted 3/12/2010)
“As the days go by since my prodigal left and then the divorce, I have turned more and more to the LORD for my help. In the very beginning he gave me Luke 15 – the prodigal son and then, by no coincidence, RMM for confirmation that my marriage was for life. Now, some years later, I am preparing for my suddenly. The OW is totally out of the picture, and my prodigal declares I am his best friend. We are spending more and more time together, and I know this is because I am being still and knowing HE is GOD! On top of all of this, the LORD has also put a painted over Covenant Transport trailer in position for me to see every day, twice a day, when it took waiting two years to see my first one, which was around the time of the breakup with the OW. Praise GOD my restoration is just around the corner. Never give up hope, GOD has a plan for us.”  (Florida)  (posted 8/24/2012)

"My returned prodigal has yet to turn his heart back to the Lord and the past few months have been especially hard. While setting out on a road trip through the desert, I prayed that God would show me a Covenant Transport truck as a sign that things will get better. Being from Canada originally, I have never seen one before. At the end of the trip, I prayed 'Okay God, even if I don't see it, You are still good to me.' One hour later, we passed a Covenant Transport truck and as I was still smiling and thanking the Lord, another one passed in the opposite direction!" (California)

(posted 4/2/2011)

“God is so good! My prayer used to be God please change my husband, but it became God please change me. And God has. It has been painful and heartbreaking at times. But God! I have seen so many Swift trucks and Covenant Transport trucks recently that it has amazed me! Today my husband is on his way back with his things! I stand amazed and in awe at the God I serve and the love He has for me! He is amazing! Don't ever quit standing for your spouse. God does above everything we could ever want or ask for. I praise His name! Thank You dear Heavenly Father.”  (Oklahoma) 

(posted 10/29/2012)
“Like many standers, I’m sure I’m not the only one who reads the testimonies and feels encouraged, yet a sense of letdown because I feel like God hasn’t shown me a sign about His will for my marriage. The testimonies about the Covenant Transport trucks…I say to myself, why don’t they have those in my area! One of the devotionals that I read last week said to pray for a sign which I had never really done before. As I was praying this morning on my way to work, I asked the Lord to show me a sign. There was a church I pass every single day on my way to work but have never looked at the name on the sign. The church’s name was Covenant Presbyterian Church! The Lord knew that every time I saw a Covenant testimony, I wanted one too! God is so awesome! I just want to encourage those standers who are like myself and think testimonies happen to other people and never me, that God is no respecter of persons! Keep trusting.”  (Alabama) (posted 12/22/2014)
"God finds a way! Recently my husband started a new career in which he travels a lot and it so happens I was having a bad week. It was his birthday and I was really feeling down. He called on Friday because he had broken down and would not be back on the road until Monday. So he asked if the kids and I would go see him. We did and were able to spoil him with some home cooking. He took us to his work and showed us around and on the way back the kids and I noticed a Covenant Transport truck passing by! Only God could have done all of this and for that I am humbled and eternally grateful!"  (West Virginia) (posted 5/12/2011)
“This past weekend my husband came with me to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary. Over the week I felt he went with someone and could not shake the feeling. So as the weekend wore on I found myself wanting out. It's been several years and I was feeling tired. Well on the way home, right in the middle of me having a thought about being over it, a Covenant Transport truck drove by and then a few miles down another one. It was in that moment I chose to keep fighting and decided to read the Monday devotional ‘Opposition.’ I let it sink in and decided to keep fighting. Over the last month he has come around more and this week we had an incident where in the past I would have reacted in a way that emasculated him but instead I reacted in love. Praise the Lord He got through to me because the result could have been horrible. I thank God for what He is doing in both of us.” (Georgia) (posted 11/17/2014)
“God does hear our prayers. A week before Thanksgiving, my husband left to live in another state with the OW and served me divorce papers. I was devastated but I continued to pray and praise God for His gifts. I asked God to show me something from the other side of the mountain to give me hope. I wanted my husband to contact me for New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve while driving, my husband called me and a Covenant Transport truck went by us at the same time. God is so wonderful! I felt like giving up and starting the New Year with a fresh start, but not now. Standers, it’s hard but we just need to continue this road less traveled. I’m praying for us. On New Year’s Eve God gave me Isaiah 43:19.”  (California) (posted 1/12/2015)

"As I was on the way to Thanksgiving dinner, I was listening to Christmas music and missing my wife. Just as I was asking the Lord what am I to do, He answered with a Covenant Transport truck that came into view at that moment. After returning home, I found that my wife had emailed Thanksgiving wishes. God is always faithful and good." (Texas)

(posted 11/14/2012)
“My wife is a live-in prodigal which can make things very difficult at times. We had been having an extremely challenging time just before Easter and I was very low on faith and hope. We were driving to her mother's house on our anniversary, which she hadn't acknowledged. As we pulled off the highway I looked off towards an abandoned building and right there in the lot was a Covenant Transport truck. She may not have thought much of our anniversary, but our God remembered and sent me His own card... praise God!” (Pennsylvania) (posted 9/11/2014)
"A few weeks ago I asked God send me a sign that my husband would call and I saw two Covenant Transport trucks! God is SO GOOD! I just praise Him! I will stand for life, no question about it!  (Louisiana) 
(posted 4/15/2011)
“When I first was introduced to this site, I had a love-hate relationship with it. I couldn't understand how people could spend their whole lives waiting for their spouse to come home. I decided that I didn't have to decide to do it for a lifetime but one day at a time. At the same time I felt so much support from the ministry. Years ago, God gave me Philippians 1:6 as a rhema promise to me about my marriage. At the beginning of my stand I wondered about whether God forgot His promise to me. Now I've realized that the promise was for me. In my getting closer to God, I am watching Him move slowly to restore my marriage. He knows the desires of my heart. He allows me to see things such as a painted overCovenant Transport truck,’ Love’ moving truck and most recently, I saw a Fidelis Communications van just the other day. Thank You my Jesus, my first husband!”  (Texas)  (posted 7/20/2012)
“Last Friday was a challenging day for me. Later that day I attended worship band practice. I had a blessed time worshiping our Lord and Savior. On my drive home, which was very late at night, I was pouring my heart out to God. Out of nowhere at a stop light was a Covenant Transport truck. I couldn't believe my eyes. Where we live these trucks are not around. Thank You Jesus for Your reminders You are in control.”  (California)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“I have been so encouraged by RMM and by all the scriptures and the testimonies. I have had many days when I just want to give up but God has shown me so many signs. I see Covenant Transport trucks and Swift trucks and PTL trucks on days that I don't even know how I am getting through the day. I know that God is faithful and that it is in His time. I am trusting that my husband will seek the Lord and return home.” (Texas)  (posted 5/12/2012)
“A few weeks ago, I was asking God if He wanted to restore my marriage as I was driving. While I was speaking I drove up to see a sign that read ‘RESTORE!’ For a year I have been praying and searching for a job in my husband's city. Last week several jobs outside my career field were posted there. After praying, I submitted my application. I asked God that if this was of Him, to allow me see a Covenant Transport truck. I saw three and a truck with the name of the job I applied for! This morning I awoke to see a hummingbird outside my door and a red cardinal, both very special symbols to me of God's presence. For a year, God blocked me from going to that city, but now I believe if God allows me to go, restoration is near.”  (Georgia)  (posted 4/1/2012)
“This morning during prayer, I asked God if He still wanted me to stand. On my way to work, I saw a Covenant Transport truck and I was completely amazed. This was my first time ever seeing one of these trucks. If Jesus could hang on the cross for hours in pain and agony, I'm sure that I (and standers everywhere) can hang in there for a little while longer. Stay encouraged fellow standers.” (Florida)   (posted 1/13/2014)
Read about what these trucks mean to standers on our Covenant Transporttruck page.  (posted 12/26/2011)
“One of my favorite stories of Bob's is the Fun Bus. I've read it several times and even read it to my 13 year-old-son to help him understand what my husband, his dad, is going through right now. One day on my way home from work the Lord led me to go a different way, which He does from time to time, that takes me past a truck stop where I've seen Covenant Transport, Swift and United trucks. Once I even saw one with my husband's name on it. So this day I was excited, anticipating what He had in store for me. As usual, God always tops Himself and never ceases to amaze me! Before I even got to the truck stop, in the parking lot of an auto repair shop, was an old school bus repainted to be used for another purpose. But the purpose that day was to encourage me, because right on the side in huge letters was written ‘FUN BUS!’ The Lord told me that even though my husband is on the 'Fun Bus,' it's broken down and not so much fun after all! I praise God for the many ways He shows His love!”  (Florida)  (posted 9/24/2012)
“Last week I ‘legally’ re-married my covenant wife. It truly is a miracle. God has guided us through the storm, and he will continue to do so. I am so grateful! I am so thankful for this ministry. When my wife left several years ago, within a week, a friend from our Bible study knew of a female stander at her work and that woman gave my friend some information and told me about RMM. I was listening to Charlyne's Me Trust God, Now? CD. I screamed in my truck "God, I do trust you but I want proof that you will restore my marriage!!!". At that moment, a Covenant Transport Truck was on the other side of the highway! Many times the ‘natural’ seemed crazy and impossible. But God knew differently. Thank You Lord, Amen! I pray for all standers, many of whom have been waiting much longer than me.”  (Washington)
(posted 7/3/2014)
“My wife agreed to go to dinner with me. I was very nervous because one month earlier she said no to dinner. I prayed for direction and God said, 'It is finished.' I then asked God for confirmation. He led me to Hosea 6:2. I was floored and asked God for a sign because what I just read was amazing. Shortly after that I saw a Covenant Transport truck parked in an area where if parked any other place, I would not have seen it. Dinner that night was amazing. Jesus!”  (Colorado) (posted 10/21/2013)
“In God's timing... I found RMM a few months ago on the web while looking for advise on marriage restoration. I'm the ‘Bob’ in our marriage but turned into the ‘Charlyne’ after my wife said, ‘I'm done’ and moved out. I've been standing for a while now. I listen to Charlyne's messages and read Charlyne Caresevery day. Today was the first Saturday I had to work in over two years. Things were slow, so I listened to more messages including, ‘An Affair to Dismember.’ The OW and I WERE still in contact ‘as friends’ but God clearly spoke to me and said to cut that tie. I asked God for direction. On my way home, traffic was unusually terrible and I was getting impatient when I looked up and saw a Covenant Transport truck followed by a Swift Transport. PTL! I will stand forever. God is so awesome”  (Georgia)  (posted 4/26/2012)
“I was on my way to work and feeling like I was being lukewarm about my stand. Then just as I thought about God knowing what I needed, He placed a Covenant Transport truck right there at a truck stop for me to see and let me know that what I have been praying for He is going to give me in his time.”  (Indiana)  (posted 7/30/2012)
“God truly speaks. I cried out to Him and He heard. It’s been so many years, but still my heart says keep praying and believing. I have moments when doubt creeps in, but God is so faithful. My father was recently killed in a car wreck. My prodigal did not come home for the funeral, but he told me he loved me. (Romans 8:28) Yesterday I prayed really hard for the Lord to confirm my stand. While going through books I opened a devotional book and the page was titled ‘Covenant Marriage.’ Then I saw my Covenant Transport truck while having supper tonight! God is working. Thanks for the encouragement, Lord. I stand on Hosea 11:11 - I will bring them home again…it is a promise from the Lord.”  (Georgia)  (posted 7/2/2012)
“I was asked to share my testimony of standing in faith for the Lord's will in my life. I shared how I am trusting God to restore what the locust have destroyed – my marriage, my finances, and the loss of our house. I have surrendered everything to God. After several years of standing, I now have my old job back and I will be able to purchase a home in six months. I told the church that now I wait, knowing that God will restore my marriage and bring my husband back to Christ. It was such a blessing to share my testimony of how God told me I made a covenant with Him and my husband for life. Though times can be tough, God always speaks to His children telling us the way to go. Even today when my sister-in-law told me while we were in the car together that my husband would never change, God at that moment showed me a Covenant Transport truck. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Keep believing standers.”  (California)
(posted 7/3/2014)
“‘Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!" Luke 1:45 I have been standing for my marriage for many months. During this challenging time, I learned that I must increase my faith in God and my spouse is not my enemy. God gave me a dream that my husband will be delivered from all the bondages in his life. Satan keeps taunting me with thoughts that my marriage is going to end; this is a lie. I prayed and thanked the Lord for what He is doing in my life and my husband's life. I also asked the Lord to give me a sign that He is going to save my marriage because I have been feeling very discouraged. Several days later, I am driving and I see a Covenant Transport truck next to me. That's my sign from the Lord! I now have more strength, courage and faith to keep fighting this battle. Never give up standers - God is working to heal our broken marriages. ‘Behold I make all things new.’ Revelation 21:5 (KJV).” (Texas) (posted 12/5/2014)
“I’ve been reading testimonies including Covenant Transport sightings. I did my research and learned they're based in Tennessee. Ironically we were taking a trip a few weeks later. I asked my husband to pray for our marriage on this trip. There’s a good chance we'll see one of those trucks. I told our children if you see the truck, God heard our prayers. I’m telling this to 4 teens who barely listen to me and had no comment. The CTT was never brought up again. I forgot about it until we arrived back home. I was disappointed that we did not see one truck. Then I remembered Jesus asking ‘Why do you look for signs?’ I was ashamed. Driving home from the airport a truck pulled up. I looked and saw it was from Tennessee. Our kids asked if it was a Covenant Transport truck and they told me they prayed. I couldn’t believe it. It was not a CTT, but knowing that they were listening and did pray was sign enough that God spoke to them and heard us!”  (Pennsylvania)  (posted 4/26/2012)
"God gave me a wonderful day on my birthday. I passed a Covenant Transport truck on the way to work. I had lunch with a fellow stander. I saw another Covenant truck on the way home in the rain, as well as the most beautiful rainbow. As I turned onto my street I passed my prodigal. God blessed me with His presence and the assurance that He is in control." (Georgia) (You can read what Covenant Transport trucks mean to some standers from - ) (posted 7/24/2009)
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