Covenant Transport Testimonies


Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

“A month ago I was praying and saw a Covenant Transport truck and thought ‘how pathetic that I could think that means anything.’ I said, OK God, if you're REALLY listening let me see another truck. The next truck said UNITED. I started laughing. The next morning I saw a truck while praying that said YOU'RE FOLLOWING THE RIGHT LEADER and a few weeks later there was a truck company with our last name that said HOME RESTORATIONS. I had been meaning to give testimony and never did until I read today's Bible verse that I receive daily. Isaiah 46:4. PTL! He hears my cry!”  (Maryland)  (posted 9/24/2011)
“PTL! I’ve seen my third Covenant Transport truck. I know my husband will be home soon. Never give up on Him. The Lord will never give up on you.”  (Minnesota)  (posted 8/8/2012)
"I was traveling to the airport to fly out to meet up with some other marriage standers when I pulled off the freeway and there was a Covenant Transport truck. I had never noticed one in my area before. Yesterday I was traveling back and I passed a Covenant Transport truck going the opposite direction and then a few miles later I passed a truck with the company name and 'Restoration Services' on it. God is with me; He is faithful and He speaks in many different ways."  (Washington)  (posted 5/12/2011)
"I have been standing for almost a year for my marriage to be restored. Not seeing any signs, I had become very weary and wanted to give up. Monday was our 19th wedding anniversary. I was on the way to the airport with my daughters for a trip that my husband was to be on. Feeling so sad and discouraged, God showed me a Covenant Transport truck. We don't have these where I live. I knew right then that God was working and it was a sign to keep fighting for my marriage and family. Praise God for His perfect timing; it restored my strength."  (Washington)
(posted 4/9/2011)
“I live in New Jersey, so I miss out on seeing the Covenant Transport trucks seen by so many standers. But this morning, I passed a truck with the logo ‘PRAY Trucking!’ I thanked God for making me smile with that reminder to PRAY!”  (New Jersey)  (posted 8/28/2012)
“I had finished doing a prayer drive at my husband’s work and as I got closer driving home I saw the truck I had been waiting for- the Covenant Transport truck. Then while driving to visit family for Thanksgiving I saw another Covenant Transport truck and another one on the way home from vacation. Praise You Lord.” (Washington) (posted 12/5/2014)
“I have been praying earnestly for months that God would open the door for a job for me in my husband's town. Yesterday I was unexpectedly interviewed by phone by the supervisor of the job I've been claiming. He was going to recommend to my superiors that he wanted me for the job! I am awaiting my superiors' decision. On the way home I saw three trucks in succession - an Omega truck (God declares the end from the beginning, Is. 46:10), a Victory Movers truck, and a Covenant Transport truck! I just laughed and thanked God for declaring my victory that has been decided in Heaven before it is revealed on the earth! I know that marriage restoration is next!”  (Georgia)  (posted 1/10/2012)

“God is so good! My prayer used to be God please change my husband, but it became God please change me. And God has. It has been painful and heartbreaking at times. But God! I have seen so many Swift trucks and Covenant Transport trucks recently that it has amazed me! Today my husband is on his way back with his things! I stand amazed and in awe at the God I serve and the love He has for me! He is amazing! Don't ever quit standing for your spouse. God does above everything we could ever want or ask for. I praise His name! Thank You dear Heavenly Father.”  (Oklahoma) 

(posted 10/29/2012)
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“Thank You Heavenly Father for speaking to me. I was driving on the highway, wondering if I'd see a 'Kingsway' truck as the Lord has shown me these many times in His perfect timing. I had a fleeting moment of doubt - perhaps I was reading too much into these trucks. Just then on the opposite side of the highway, a Covenant Transport truck zoomed by! I almost lost control of my vehicle as I live in Canada and did not know they traveled north of the US border! I had never seen one. I was utterly shocked.Three years into my stand and the Lord is still surprising me! Thank you for encouraging me and shaking me free of my doubt. I love you. Amen.”  (Canada) (posted 4/1/2014)
“This past holiday weekend I got my reassurance/confirmation that God is working on my marriage restoration. As I was driving on the highway listening to wonderful music and praising God, I was asking God to give me a sign, should I continue to stand waiting for my husband? God is amazing! Ten minutes later while I'm praising God, I saw my first Covenant Transport truck . As I continued to praise God, a few minutes later not one but two trucks passed by me. I can't describe the joy in my heart. I know God is telling me that He is watching and working on my soon to be restored marriage. Praise the Lord and Glory to God. (California ) (posted 9/11/2014)
"Our Lord is mighty to save! I have been seeking the face of the Lord intensely and asking for signs to help guide me through my stand. Yesterday I saw a Covenant Transport Truck with our anniversary date as the fleet number and also in the license plate. PTL!" (Florida) (posted 1/21/2011)
“It's been one of those tough weeks. While driving to work I was thinking about all the signs God has blessed me with that He will restore my marriage. I was thanking God for them and telling Him how sorry I was that I didn't walk in faith 100% of the time and that from now on I will trust completely in His will. Not more than one minute later I saw a Covenant Transport truck pass me on the other side of the road! This was only the second one I have seen! It's like God was putting an exclamation point on the promises He gave me. I started to praise God and laugh and cry. PTL!”  (Minnesota)  (posted 10/23/2011)
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“Today a Covenant Transport truck pulled into our business. I was practically jumping up and down. For some years I have trusted God for the restoration of my dead marriage and at the lowest moments He has sent ministries like RMM, faithful believers, and Covenant Transport trucks to encourage me in the darkest days of separation and divorce. Having that truck pull up to our business was a kiss on the cheek from the Lord. I believe that I am almost on the other side of this mountain. Praise God.”  (Ohio)   (posted 4/19/2012)
“I was on my way to work and feeling like I was being lukewarm about my stand. Then just as I thought about God knowing what I needed, He placed a Covenant Transport truck right there at a truck stop for me to see and let me know that what I have been praying for He is going to give me in his time.”  (Indiana)  (posted 7/30/2012)
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“PLT! God is in the restoration business! I was feeling like quitting my stand, so I hit my knees and begged God to give me a clear sign on whether standing was His will or my imagination. The very next day God put a Covenant Transport truck in my path! I started crying tears of joy and thanking God out loud repeatedly in my car! God is so good! I hadn't seen a Covenant Transport truck in many months, although I'd been on the lookout for one. Standers, don't give up. The enemy wants us to give up because he is after our marriages, but thankfully we serve a mighty God who is far greater than the enemy. The enemy is a liar! Listen to God alone and don't give up!” (Arkansas) (posted 12/29/2014)
“My husband filed for a divorce last year. I would often hear about the Covenant Transport and Swift truck sightings as encouragement. I was blessed to have seen both trucks. But what surprised me the most is sharing with my husband about the trucks. He was amazed to know that the very truck that encouraged me was the very truck he was driving during his training and period of being in the far country! The Swift truck! Our restoration came suddenly. The Lord has done so much in me and my husband’s heart has been changed! He dismissed the petition for the divorce and now is so supportive, loving, and grateful of our restoration. With the Lord guiding, protecting, teaching and supporting us, we are going to make it! Let’s continue to pray for the healing and restoration of marriages and families everywhere. Praise the Lord!”  (Illinois) (posted 9/11/2014)
“My husband moved back home several months ago. I have to pick him up from work once a month and as soon as I picked him up a Covenant Transport truck was there on the highway. Oh how far He has brought us since this time last year. I have no words for how thankful I am that with Him ALL things are possible. PRAISE THE LORD!”  (Tennessee)   (posted 3/17/2014)
“I just want to express how AMAZING God is. My husband and I are going through the process of restoration in our marriage and I have been standing on God's Word. Until now I had never seen or asked God to send a Covenant Transport truck my way. Yet after today I am a witness that I have seen one and it came at the right time. I was hurting inside and as I was talking to my sister about my issues, I looked up and there was a Covenant Transport truck passing my way. I just began to praise God and the conversation turned into glorifying God. So AMAZING! I will forever stand on the Word of God and His promises! Thank You Jesus!”  (South Carolina) (posted 8/1/2013)
“I have been truly blessed. After giving my testimony about seeing my first Covenant Transport truck, I have been blessed to see 15 more over the past month. I always see one when I’m talking to God while driving. I prayed that there were other standers on the road. There was a time when I had given up on ever seeing one and now I’ve seen 16. When God shows up He really shows out. I believe God is about to show up and show out in my marriage. Praise God.”  (Georgia)  (posted 2/14/2012)
“God is worthy of all praise. After standing for some time now I saw my first Covenant Transport Truck. I was so excited. I began to praise God. It was so amazing. It traveled on the same highway as I was on the way to see my dearly beloved husband. God is faithful if we just believe.”  (Georgia)  (posted 1/10/2012)
“I have been standing on a promise of God for a job in my husband's city for several months. Tuesday I got the email stating I would not be considered for the job but was given 5 other options around the country. Still fasting and praying, a couple hours later I left work to get a glass of tea and seek God. When I left out the back gate at the stop light, a Covenant Transport truck passed by at just that moment. I rarely see transfer trucks on this back road, much less a one of those! I burst into tears asking God what he was trying to tell me! A friend said, ‘He's saying it's not over yet!’ God gave me Daniel 3:28. He can change the word of the king, or in this case, my superiors!”  (Georgia)  (posted 1/18/2012)
“I was driving to work, thinking how I had never seen a Covenant Transport truck off of the highway. I considered asking the Lord to give me one but I quickly dismissed that thought. As I was stopped at a red light, one drove through the intersection. PTL! The very next day, I went for a walk and was praying, asking the Lord to confirm His will for our marriage. Shortly after, I glanced at a storefront window and there was a shirt that said, ‘Faith. It doesn't make sense, but it works!’ A few steps ahead is a ‘Restoration’ truck parked at the curb. I went home and started reading my Bible and the Lord gave me Ezekiel 37:22. ‘I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms.’ I pray that this encourages ‘baby Christians’ as I just started reading my Bible after my husband left me.” (Illinois) (posted 9/29/2014)
“I have been standing and praying and my prodigal has been coming home every weekend for several weeks now. Yesterday he just showed up unexpectedly. I know God is working His miracle for my marriage to be reunited. Keeping praying and don’t give up because God does hear us and will return our spouses home soon. God bless.” (Canada) “I had read many Covenant Transport truck testimonies but had never seen one in my life until a few weeks ago. I was trying to determine if it was God’s will for me to stand for my marriage as I was the one who destroyed it. I have given my wife reason to use the ‘escape clause’ and she is taking it. I thought I had sinned too much even after I saw the semi with those famous words on the side. I continued to doubt what God was telling me, that even though my sins were great, and I have hurt my wife badly, His grace is more and His healing is divine. I now know for sure that God wants me to stand and will give me the strength to do so.” (Illinois) (posted 8/19/2014)
“For a few days, I was feeling a little uneasy about continuing my stand. I was almost ready to give up. I asked God to please give me a sign that I should keep standing for my marriage. The very next day, I noticed a Covenant Transport truck on the highway. I've never seen one before. I knew that this was the confirmation that I needed. That night, my husband sent me a text asking if he could come over to talk. He told me how he made a mistake by leaving and that he has had time to reflect on things. He realized the mistakes he made and he wants his family back. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. To God be the glory!”  (Georgia)  (posted 8/24/2012)
"I was traveling to the airport to fly out to meet up with some other marriage standers when I pulled off the freeway and there was a Covenant Transport truck. I had never noticed one in my area before. Yesterday I was traveling back and I passed a Covenant Transport truck going the opposite direction and then a few miles later I passed a truck with the company name and 'Restoration Services' on it. God is with me; He is faithful and He speaks in many different ways."  (Washington)  (posted 5/12/2011)
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“God is so good to me. Against my better judgment, I occasionally spend time on Facebook. About six months ago my prodigal's mom friended me. Recently pictures of a family picnic hosted by my prodigal and his girlfriend were posted. Feeling a bit ashamed and sad, I asked God if this was a sign for me to move on. In less than 24 hours I saw a Covenant Transport truck; found, completely by accident, a scholarly article whose author's full name was almost identical to that of my prodigal's; and my New Testament reading for the day (Acts 12) featured three different references to the gospel writer for whom my prodigal was named. God sent many distinct messages to me telling me to hang on. He also reminded me that my time is better spent in prayer than on Facebook! He knows my heart and mind! God's grace and love is amazing. Thank You Papa.” (Minnesota)  (posted 7/23/2012)
“I was traveling at night and looked up through my tears and the rain to see a road sign that read ‘To(my husband’s name) Road.’ PTL! During a fast I asked God if He would open up a job for me in my husband's city. God said the job I was told that was filled is mine. For two weeks I sought confirmation. While driving, I reminded God of His promise in Revelation 3:7 and asked if He was going to open the door to this job. Immediately I passed a billboard reading ‘Opening Soon!’ Since I've NEVER seen a Covenant Transport truck in my state, I asked God to let me see one or something with the name of my husband's city. I saw one on one day and two days later I saw three. Plus a car beside me with the words, ‘Like it never happened.’ Only God!” (Georgia)  (posted 12/12/2011)
“Near the beginning of my stand, a friend told me I was a modern-day Hosea, and I've held tight to that story of God's great love for His children. God is working on the other side of the mountain, and though the mountain still seems too big, and my husband doubts my faith, while he was on the phone with me telling me that he'd applied for a job in my city, I saw two Covenant Transport trucks and two Swift trucks! And then a few days later, after my husband had doubted my faith, a bright green ‘Hosea Construction’ truck was parked just behind my apartment! My love for the Lord just burns within me, and I'm standing for the day my husband knows God's restoring love to his core.” (Ohio) (posted 3/11/2012)
“I dropped off a friend at the airport this morning who is also praying to restore his marriage. On the way back, I wished that I would see a Covenant Transport truck on the highway. I had forgotten my wish and it was raining hard. After about 20 minutes, as I was driving down the road, I looked to my right and there it was. I was passing a Covenant Transport truck! God gives you what you need exactly when you need it.”  (Nebraska)  (posted 9/24/2012)
"I was having a difficult week. I cried out to God to show me a sign that I should continue standing. The next day I prayed at work. I took a different way home due to fallen tree and almost got in a big traffic jam. I decided to turn around  and go back to work and noticed a gate opened that is always locked. As I drove through,  a Covenant Transport truck pulled up next to me. So many things had to happen for me to see it - a fallen tree, a traffic jam, me turning around, an open gate that's always closed. God is GREAT. AMEN"  (Massachusetts)  (posted 5/12/2011)
"I have never asked the Lord for a sign, but last week I had just entered onto I-75, and asked the Lord for a sign if I was to continue in this stand. Not two minutes later a Covenant Transport truck passed me. I have never noticed these trucks before. Praise the Lord." (Florida) (posted 9/10/2010)
“The LORD has been so great to me during this time of separation. He has been so faithful to me and answering my prayers. Every time I start to give up or grow weary God always speaks to me to remind me that I am doing what He has called me to do in standing for my marriage to be restored. He has shown my six Covenant Transport trucks...and each one came when I needed to see it most. God has provided for me in every way possible during this time and I am forever thankful. I really feel like my "suddenly" is right around the corner and God is telling me to just hold on a little longer! He is working on the other side, even though I cannot see it at the moment. But I trust my God and I will wait on Him. His timing is perfect and ALWAYS on time! I can't wait to post a testimony of my hubby's return! God is good. Amen!”  (California)  (posted 2/14/2012)
"Praise the Lord! I asked God to show me a sign, to confirm that I should continue to stand for my covenant marriage restoration. I drove to visit family out of state and I had never seen a Covenant Transport truck before. I asked for the Lord to let me see one as a confirmation. I saw two trucks on the way there and four trucks on my way home. I also saw a license plate with Luke 1:45 on it. God is faithful! Nothing is impossible with God!"  (Connecticut)  (posted 9/4/2011)
“After no communication from my spouse for a few days, I was going out of town after church. On the way, I asked for a sign to see a Covenant Transport truck. On the road for a while I saw nothing, then I saw a Swift truck. Then another, and another. After all that I finally saw the oneCovenant Transporttruck that I asked for! God is good and He is working in my situation.”  (Alabama)  (posted 4/22/2013)
“This is a testimony to all standers to just believe in the power of God. Three days before my court date, the devil threw everything at me to convince me that God wasn’t powerful and to stop believing. My husband was still adamant about the divorce. As they called us before the judge, I walked with the faith of a mustard seed, a vision, and the image of a Covenant Transport truck. I told God I believed in His power and will. The judge looked at our case and DENIED it. It will be delayed and I know it was the power of God. That day I learned the power of faith and I know God is working. PTL.”  (Texas) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I am standing for my marriage. I have not seen any progress on the other side, but I have gone through a dramatic change. It is very hard to hold on sometimes, but my confidence is in God. I was praying for a sign for about a month, and finally, on a highway Saturday and I saw a Covenant Transport truck. I was so excited. I believe God is working and I can't wait to see what He is going to do with my marriage. Don't give in to the enemy’s lies, God is working. Hold to the testimonies, they are an encouragement to keep us going. Be still and see the salvation of the Lord.”  (North Carolina)  (posted 9/10/2012)
“I have been standing for my marriage. Many people told me to just give up and divorce him. But I could not give up praying for him and fasting . Every time I felt like giving up, God would speak to me through messages, pastor’s sermons or Charlyne's encouraging words. Now my husband is moving some things back into our house, when I least expected it to happen. I just saw my firstCovenant Transport Truck. God is faithful and His timing is perfect.”  (Florida)  (posted 3/12/2013)
“Praise Him! I was praying and crying out to the Lord on my way to work the other day. Just when I'm about to say Amen, I say, ‘Please let me see a Covenant Transport truck today.’ Sure enough, the next tractor trailer I saw was it. I was speechless. I've been asking for one ever since I started my stand. God is so good! Thank You, Father for hearing our prayers and healing and restoring all of our marriages!” (Florida)   (posted 8/19/2013)
“I want to say thanks be to God for providing for this long-time stander. God is faithful! Hold on! I want to encourage others that despite what it looks like, God is in control. He is the Comforter and His Word is true. I saw four Covenant Transport trucks in one day! A gift - God smiling. I appreciate all that He does for me and my family through the ups and downs of this journey. He has and always will be there for us. Trust Him standers! You are not alone.”  (Delaware)  (posted 4/23/2012)
“Two Sundays ago while going to church, a bit before the church exit, I asked God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. I have been here for almost four years now and have never seen one. Right before I took the exit, two taxicabs passed me on each side at practically the same time. One was an ‘Alliance’ cab and the other a ‘United.’ I thought, ‘Here is what I asked for loud and clear.’ This past Sunday coming up to the same exit, I again was passed by the same two taxicabs. I choose to believe that God is speaking to me loud and clear. Thank You Lord.”  (Louisiana)  (posted 6/15/2012)
“Last night, I asked God if He'd be willing to tell me when my husband would come home. I was quiet and listened. What I was told, was - when the time is right. This is comforting to me, because I trust God in this - more than I trust myself. Today, I was driving on the freeway and gauging whether I had left too early. I reminded myself I was where I was supposed to be, and if early, He meant it that way. I was overtaking a truck. I looked over and readCovenant Transport.’ It took a moment to sink in - and then I almost couldn't believe it! You see, I live in Washington state - and have never seen one of these trucks in my area. It may have been the only Covenant Transport Truck on the road in my whole state, I figured! Our Lord delights me, surprises me, loves me, and has a fantastic plan for me - all for His glory!”  (Washington) (posted 10/13/2013)
"I was feeling doubtful in my stand and asked God to give me a sign, to show me if this is what He wants me to do. Two days later I saw a Covenant Transport truck driving next to me. Exactly a week later I saw a Restoration Management Co. truck and a few minutes later a Covenant Transport truck again. Two days later another Restoration Hardware truck. I know God is with me and He is making it clear to continue my stand! Praise God." (California) (posted 3/11/2011)
“I have been having a hard time in my stand. I was just ready to move on with my life. I was on my way to the store and as I was talking to God. I told Him I was not trying to be prideful but did not think I could stand anymore. I told Him I thought it was me who wanted the stand not Him. I asked God to show me it was from Him. Not long after that, the lunch break testimonies came through. And about an hour later, on a road on which I have never seen trucks, there was a Covenant Transport truck. God is so amazing.” (Colorado) (posted 12/11/2014)
“Today I have spent fasting and praying for our marriage to be healed because our divorce court date is tomorrow. I was driving down the highway, asking God to restore our marriage, when the song Made New by Lincoln Brewster was playing. As I looked at the other side of the highway and here comes a Covenant Transport Truck passing by. The Lord spoke to me saying, ‘I am going to restore your marriage covenant and make it new the way that I want it to be.’ Standers, as hard as it is, don't give up. Keep trusting God for the restoration of marriages.” (Missouri) (posted 9/11/2014)
“When my husband walked out, the Lord walked in. Since then I have been blessed with the call to stand. However, I had yet to still be convinced that these Covenant Transport truck sightings were of God's doings. But boy did God sure show me how wrong I was! While traveling just right outside of town, a sense of fear took its grip on me. I found myself questioning my ability to discern God's will for my marriage now that the divorce was final. I even started doubting what I had believed to be God softening my spouse's heart was now in all actuality just manipulation and control. I started praying for God to please show me a sign, but this time it had to be one so clear that I wouldn't be able to reason it off as a coincidence. Within seconds of me telling Him that not even a Covenant Transport truck could do the trick, one drives right by me for the first time! PTL! Thank You God for assuring me that I am hearing You correctly and to stand firm on Your truth only.”  (Indiana)  (posted 9/10/2012)
“I've been standing for a while now. I came across RMM and I've found so much inspiration. My relationship with God is stronger than ever and I feel even more capable of standing now that I have such a wonderful source of encouragement. I don't recall every seeing a Covenant Transport truck before reading the testimonies, but I've been looking and praying for a sign since. Well today, on my way home, I saw my first truck. I'd just turned on one of my favorite gospel songs and was praising my God as it passed me! God is always on time. I pray for all you standers and your prodigals. Keep your faith, trust in God always!!” (Texas)  (posted 7/23/2012)
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