Covenant Transport Testimonies


Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

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“Recently I have been given the opportunity to talk to my neighbor about RMM. I have had a hard time praying for my in-house prodigal and asked God to please help me get my groove back. Witnessing to her has made me feel awesome again. I asked God, just for fun, to let me see a Covenant Transport truck. They are not common where I live and I even had to look on the internet to see what they looked like. Today on my way to work I saw one! Oh my gosh, it was awesome. I got chills and know without a doubt that God is hearing my prayers and I will never give up praying for my prodigal. This was the best day ever. Thank you Jesus!” (Idaho) (posted 7/5/2015)
“All I can say is God is so faithful! I was ready to give up. I thought I had heard God wrong because my stand has been for many years. I saw nothing happening, and had told a friend to pray for me to have wisdom and guidance. The next morning I prayed hard and told God that I just want to do His will. I asked Him that if it was His will for me to continue to stand then please show me a Covenant Transport truck today because I was very weary. Later that evening I ran to the grocery store and on the way home, a Covenant Transport truck turned in front of me! Do I think I need to give up? No! I think I need to pray harder and put my hope in God! He is so good to supply our needs. Thank you RMM for helping keep me focused on keeping my faith in the One who moves mountains!” (Georgia) (posted 7/5/2015)
“I live in a state where it is impossible to see Covenant Transport trucks. But God works in mysterious ways. A few weeks ago I was talking to a customer at my job and asked where he worked. He said Covenant Transport. I wanted to cry when I heard it. Today on my way to church I saw a Covenant Transport pass by. All I can say is Oh my Lord I will wait patiently for you! I wanted to give up on my spouse several times but God keeps on showing me signs to trust Him. I know that God is preparing my spouse. He will sprinkle clean water upon him and cleanse him of all his filthiness. He will turn his heart of stone into a heart of flesh. I know in God's perfect timing He will renew, restore and reconcile my marriage!” (Nevada) (posted 7/5/2015)
“PTL! I have been standing for my marriage for about several months now. Rejoice Marriage Ministries has been a great source of support for me during this process. I have always read testimonies about the Covenant Transport Trucks and I am always amazed by the way God speaks. I recently traveled to Orlando and while driving from Miami I kept praying, asking God to give me a sign that He was at work and in control. I was asking God to please let me see one of the trucks. Since I don’t live within the United States, I had never seen one. At the exact moment I finished saying my prayer I look up and what do I see? A Covenant Transport Truck passing on the opposite side of the road! Hallelujah!! GOD IS AWESOME! Amazing experience! I know there will be many more signs and great things to come! Keep the faith my dear standers. God is working!” (Trinidad & Tobago) (posted 6/22/2015)
“My new job requested a photo of me. I sent them a picture from our wedding with my husband kissing my cheek. That became my ID picture. Driving back and forth to this job every day, I saw a parked painted over Covenant Transport trailer and passed a street named J C Restoration. On top of that, my husband's first name (which is unique) was showing up at work in different areas. Then we had a shuttle driver that looked, acted and sounded just like my husband and was Middle Eastern just like him. I am so thankful to God for putting many reminders of my beautiful husband and our marriage covenant in front of me. He works behind the mountain when we are seeing nothing in the natural. I continue to stand for our covenant and praise the Lord. I pray in agreement with all standers for our prodigals' salvation and swift return to us in restored marriages built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. In Jesus' mighty name I pray, Amen.” (Ohio) (posted 6/16/2015)
“My best friend and I are both standers. We recently took a trip to Chattanooga, TN for our niece's dance recital. We are very familiar with the Covenant Transport trucks, as we often look for them for encouragement to keep standing. Can you imagine our excitement as we entered the city to see Covenant's corporate office building? We had forgotten all about their office being located in Chattanooga. We were in awe and praised God for the reminder to keep standing. But it gets even better. While pulling into our hotel parking lot, we glanced up to see that we were staying right across the street from the Covenant training facility. So for four days, we got to see numerous Covenant Transport trucks. We even got to take some pictures and drive over to the corporate office. God is so awesome. We needed this so very badly as we both have been standing for a long time. Keep the faith standers!” (Alabama) (posted 6/5/2015)
“The Lord asked me to love my husband unconditionally right now in his current state (which is very far from God) with my mouth shut and just being still and trusting Him. I pray daily for the Lord to remove the anger and create forgiveness until his deliverance. The weekends are hard and my husband has been gone since Friday night. BUT GOD! I was on my way into work this morning, and passed a Covenant Transport truck. I never thought I would see one but God reminds me that He is mighty and nothing is too hard for him. My husband is Jonah and the whale is on its way! Please stay encouraged and turn to Jesus. He can love us better than our husbands and then we can show our husbands his love in return. Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV) – The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.(Pennsylvania) (posted 6/5/2015)
“I was on the highway and I drove past the exit to the location of my wedding reception. I remembered that one of my daughters said recently that she wanted her father and I to remarry and I felt sad as I drove past the wedding reception exit. I started visualizing my husband and I remarrying and then I realized there was a Covenant Transport truck driving next to me! God is still on the throne and it's always too soon to give up.” (New Jersey) (posted 5/28/2015)
“My Dance Ministry Director has been speaking to us about praying strategically; not just praying for something to stop, end or change, but actually praying that specific ‘spiritual forces of evil’ (deception, temptation, etc.) be removed from the person or situation you're praying for. I've started praying that way for the last few days. This morning on my way to work, I saw a Covenant Transport truck side by side with a Swift truck. Praise God, my suddenly is coming! Praying for all standers to keep standing. Our suddenlies are coming!” (Maryland) (posted 5/28/2015)
“BUT GOD! A couple of months ago I had a very rough day crying and upset about my situation. The next day I decided to praise the LORD. When I got to my car I started worshiping and singing. When I looked up right there was a Covenant Transport truck. As I waited on the next stop light, a small truck with the word ‘RESTORATION’ was right in front of me. I have seen many Swift trucks every time I'm praying for my husband and always told God the day I see both together I will know my restoration is around the corner. This week, praying out loud to the Lord in desperation, I saw a Swift truck and right behind it a Covenant Transport truck not only once but twice this week. Lord I know you are working on it and I will see my restoration soon. For Your glory and honor and that nations will know you are the Lord. Standers, let's be still and know He is God.” (Texas) (posted 5/14/2015)
“While finding documents to help with building a good work resume, old Mother’s Day cards from my beloved presented themselves. I held them and cherished each and every word. God gave me two scriptures during prayer time with Him – 2 Chronicles 30:9 and Malachi 2: 14-16. I am in awe and thankful. Then driving home after work, the thought of another weekend without my love was creeping sadly in. I quickly and clearly saw a Covenant Transport truck. I laughed all the way home. Thank You God for Your plan. Doubt, you are a liar.” (Oklahoma) (posted 5/11/2015)
“I had never seen a Covenant Transport truck, but had read about them on RMM. I said, ‘Lord, please show me a sign that you are in this seemingly impossible situation with my prodigal.’ You are probably expecting me to say that God showed Himself right then and there. He did not. I had told my friend about the trucks the next night. Neither of us had ever seen one before. Two days after I had prayed for a sign, my friend and I are talking when all of a sudden she points out the window. Right next to us was a Covenant Transport truck! We were both in awe since I had just told her about the testimonies the day before. So thankful that God is ministering to my friends through this stand, in addition to growing me. Standers, do not give Satan a foothold! Meditate on the Word!” (Tennessee) (posted 5/11/2015)
“When in doubt God always encourages. I had a recent visit from my spouse. Upon his leaving the Lord reassured and confirmed some things even though not stated by my husband. I saw a rainbow on my way back from the airport even thought there was no sun shining. A day or so later I saw a Covenant Transport truck. I heard a message preached on Sunday from Ezekiel 37 about dry bones and speaking to your circumstances and commanding them to live. I made a stop on the way home and there was another Covenant Transport truck sitting in the parking lot. Remain encouraged and focused on the promises. The Lord always has a way of encouraging and reminding you of His promises when you become weary.” (North Carolina) (posted 5/11/2015)
“My husband has been home for a few months now. I have never seen a Swift truck or a Covenant Transport truck. We went on vacation and had an amazing time. Things have been rough since he has been home but on the way home from vacation, I saw a Swift and Covenant Transport truck both parked by each other and the drivers were out talking to each other! Praise God, He is still moving in my marriage!”  (North Carolina) (posted 4/29/2015)
“My husband has been home for a few months now. I have never seen a Swift truck or a Covenant Transport truck. We went on vacation and had an amazing time. Things have been rough since he has been home but on the way home from vacation, I saw a Swift and Covenant Transport truck both parked by each other and the drivers were out talking to each other! Praise God, He is still moving in my marriage!”  (North Carolina) (posted 4/29/2015)
“I am a stander and a born again believer. I found this site last week and love it. However, I found the Covenant Transport truck thing a little funny. I don’t search for signs and wonders but I do believe God can speak to us in many ways. I chuckled this morning while driving to work, thinking about the Covenant Transport truck stories I had read the day before because I was surrounded by so many of them. But out of curiosity, I looked at the trucks around me to see if one was a Covenant Transport truck. Lo and behold on the side of the truck next to me was ‘Covenant Trucking.’   All I could do was hold my mouth open in shock as my heart pounded. I shared this with my sister in Christ and her words to me were, ‘If God can use a donkey to speak, surely He can use a truck to speak to you as well.’ Praying that all our marriages will be restored.”  (North Carolina) (posted 4/29/2015)
“This has been a challenging year, health issues and family seeming to be unbreakable brick walls. I have surrendered to let God fight. As I traveled to a clinic, there on the side of the road sat a Covenant Transport trailer without the truck. I stopped to take pictures of it. I know God was reminding me He is still in the midst of this. There are times I do feel the abandonment so heavy. Join me in prayers for strength, health and a new job with better provision . Also continued prayers for the restoration of my marriage. Thank you.” (Oklahoma) (posted 4/28/2015)
“I am humbled that God hears even our deepest prayer. Just this week God had answered my prayer one after another. Since the beginning of my stand, I have been praying to see a Covenant Transport truck. I saw two Covenant Transport trucks and on the same night my spouse came to attend our son’s school event and we sat as a family for the first time for months to eat. This is only the work of God and all glory to Him. Nothing is impossible for God. I am starting to see my spouse’s heart soften as I pray scripture with his name in it. God’s Word does not return void.” (Kansas) (posted 4/28/2015)
“I am a prodigal turned stander. I've read testimonies of standers seeing Covenant Transport trucks after asking God for a sign. This past weekend, I told my children that I was boldly asking God to show us a Covenant truck that day as a reminder that He is still in control and reconciliation is still His will. I wanted my children to see that Deuteronomy 7:9 still applies today. Near the end of our drive, I saw a Covenant truck and squealed! I'd never seen one before. But my kids missed it! As I turned to tell my kids the testimonies of the Covenant Transport truck, two more passed by, one for each of my children to see. I was reminded that day that God's promise to heal my marriage is not just a promise for me ... it is a promise for each of my children as well. What a blessing!” (Kansas) (posted 4/28/2015)
“Today my husband, who has been back home for several months, informed me that he's signing a lease and moving out again. God has been using trucks to encourage me through my stand and even since my husband has been home. We don't really have Covenant Transport trucks in my state but yesterday I saw one one the highway! It's no coincidence to see this rare truck for the first time the day before I got this news. God was already letting me know He's in control. It hurts to know he's planning to leave again but I have peace knowing that God will finish the good work He has started in restoring our marriage.” (Minnesota) (posted 4/28/2015)
A couple of weeks ago, I asked God to give me a sign that he was going to restore my marriage. The same day, on my way to church with our children, I glanced up to see a Covenant Transport truck! I began to praise God through my tears. Then, our youngest son and I went out for a ride and my prodigal husband passed right by us! I smiled and said, ‘Thank You Lord, for taking care of him.’ Yesterday, God gave me Psalm 146, telling me to praise Him and that He sets the prisoners free and gives sight to the blind. He’s doing this for our prodigals right now. Lastly, I prayed for God to bring my beloved home to us, forever. He showed up this morning for family time! God is faithful. Believe, stand still and see, it’s already done. In Jesus’ name, Amen!”  (South Carolina) (posted 4/21/2015)
“Lately I have really felt the enemy attack through anger, depression and bitterness. I was headed to see the new movie ‘Do You Believe?’ when I asked God to please give me a sign that my marriage will be restored and to keep standing. I didn’t think I could do it anymore. I have been begging Him to let me see a Covenant Transport truck. I’ve seen plenty of United, PTL and Swift trucks (and buses) but never a Covenant truck. After the movie, I chose a different road and what did I see? A Covenant Transport truck parked way in the back of a parking lot but clearly visible to me! PTL! I just ‘happened’ to look over and there it was. Thank you Lord! My marriage looks hopeless to the world but I know God will restore my husband to Himself and my marriage. Yes, I definitely believe!” (Washington) (posted 4/7/2015)
“On my way home from work I told the Lord that since there are no Covenant Transport trucks in my state, I will continue to believe that He is speaking to me whenever I see a Swift truck. Well you know our God . That same day I was going through some files looking for something and a business card fell out. It was for a company my husband worked for years ago. The name of the company is ‘Covenant Construction.’ Thank You Jesus for Your confirmation. Keep praying my fellow standers.” (Colorado) (posted 3/30/2015)
“I was preparing for a trip and asked God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. I live in the North and don't get a chance to see them. I was thinking about my spouse and looked across the highway to see a Swift truck going by. I saw at least two dozen Swift trucks during my trip. I was thinking maybe it's just a coincidence that I'm seeing so many trucks so I told God if He's showing me this as a sign, then let me see one now. At the same moment I passed another Swift truck on the highway. God is awesome. He knows exactly what we need, when we need it.” (Michigan) (posted 3/30/2015)
“I recently increased my fasting for my husband. This week, he sent a random message through his attorney to stop praying for him. I was heartbroken. But God! All of a sudden Charlyne’s words, Bob’s writings and stander’s testimonies about this situation started filling my mind. I was quickly back to having faith, hope and joy in our Lord. So I prayed harder for my husband and the enemy was attacking my mind with doubt and fear. But God! After many months of reading testimonies about it, I actually saw my first Covenant Transport truck! Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord! Thank you standers and RMM!”  (New Jersey) (posted 3/30/2015)
“God loves to delight and love on you. I was on a short road trip today and was thinking about my mother-in-law who is having health issues when Satan starts lying and whispering, ‘Since all sicknesses aren't healed, your marriage isn't going to be healed.’ With the growing faith God has been giving me, I had JUST started a counter attack thought of ‘My God has already promised and has sent me proofs like Covenant Transport trucks and other trucks with encouragements,’ when God sends a Covenant truck driving by! God knows that a Covenant (which also means the promises of God for salvation) is special to me because my beloved and two teenage children are prodigals. Standers, take courage. Our Father knows our very thoughts and hearts. He sees us and hears us. Give your heart to Him completely and open Your eyes to Him every day. His love is unfailing. Don't listen to Satan’s lies and attacks. Replace the lies with God's promises and what God has already done in your life.” (Texas) (posted 3/23/2015)
“My ex-husband and I had been communicating by text messages. We got in a disagreement in a text message. It got me upset enough to decide to make the decision to stop text messaging and I told him if he wants to communicate, use the phone only. I was already sad because I lost my job and I was crying out to the Lord about am I doing the right thing standing? I had to run an errand and I saw a Covenant Transport truck and then I saw another Covenant truck by the unemployment office . I couldn't believe it – two in one day. Praise the Lord. God’s Covenant stays with me in whatever state I am in.” (Illinois) (posted 3/18/2015)
“PTL. Although I haven't seen any Covenant Transport trucks yet, I was praying, looked out the window and two Swift trucks passed by. and When I got off work and turned down my street, another Swift truck was parked on the side of the highway! I know my suddenly is coming soon! Hallelujah thank You Jesus! Keep me in your prayers and I will pray for all prodigals all over the world!” (Mississippi) (posted 2/26/2015)
“Today I was at the end of my rope. I told my husband to go if that is what he wants to do. As I left work in despair, I looked to the left and saw a Covenant Transport truck. I read about them all the time but never saw one. I'm not sure what God is saying but I know He is speaking. Sold out to Him alone, He is awesome.” (Virginia) (posted 1/29/2015)
“I am one of those who feels as if she has been standing forever. But I did want to share about the day when I was feeling pretty down and hopeless. I waited during two long stoplights for a Covenant Transport truck that was stuck right across the intersection. I get the message, Father. Stay faithful. I have also heard about and seen many Swift trucks, but my idea of swift and God's idea differ. Have other standers seen ‘Old Dominion’ trucks? They say this on the side: ‘Helping the world keep its promises.’ He helps us keep our promises. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures throughout all generations. Ps.145:13. Keep praying, standers. His dominion endures, and we pray for future generations.” (Illinois) (posted 1/29/2015)
“God is amazing! Facing a final divorce situation in the next 30 days, God just keeps the promises coming. It has been years of standing and God daily talks to me. Almost every time I drive anywhere there is at least one Covenant Transport truck and a Swift truck follows. Another truck I see all the time are PTL trucks. God is never changing His messages, whether it's a devotional or Bible verse. He is working on the other side of the mountain.” (Indiana) (posted 1/16/2015)
“God does hear our prayers. A week before Thanksgiving, my husband left to live in another state with the OW and served me divorce papers. I was devastated but I continued to pray and praise God for His gifts. I asked God to show me something from the other side of the mountain to give me hope. I wanted my husband to contact me for New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve while driving, my husband called me and a Covenant Transport truck went by us at the same time. God is so wonderful! I felt like giving up and starting the New Year with a fresh start, but not now. Standers, it’s hard but we just need to continue this road less traveled. I’m praying for us. On New Year’s Eve God gave me Isaiah 43:19.”  (California) (posted 1/12/2015)
“God is still faithfully showing me signs! As I was driving down the highway, I was watching for one of the many Swift or Covenant Transport trucks that I have seen. However, I suddenly came up to a white truck that said, ‘Complete’ transport. I have never seen these trucks before. But the amazing thing was that I glanced across the highway and there was an identical truck heading in the other direction! For a moment I passed directly between two ‘Complete’ signs! This is at the same time the song ‘Completely’ has been touching my heart for my husband. Praise God! He is able!” (Wisconsin) (posted 1/12/2015)
“I have to be honest. I gave up standing earlier this year with things that have happened the last few months. While I'm not praying for him to come home as much as I am that God's will be done in his life, I had a strange thing happen this morning. I was taking my brother to the train station and absent-mindedly turned down the road I normally turn to get to work. A little peeved at myself that I went the wrong way, I remembered that these things happen for a reason. I came to an intersection and I noticed that there was a truck flashing its headlights at me although I couldn't figure out why. Then there was a large tractor trailer behind him moving really slow. When it came up beside me, I noticed it was a Covenant Transport truck – my first ever! And I work in logistics. I know that was my Lord telling me to trust Him. All things work together for His good!” (Georgia) (posted 12/29/2014)
“PLT! God is in the restoration business! I was feeling like quitting my stand, so I hit my knees and begged God to give me a clear sign on whether standing was His will or my imagination. The very next day God put a Covenant Transport truck in my path! I started crying tears of joy and thanking God out loud repeatedly in my car! God is so good! I hadn't seen a Covenant Transport truck in many months, although I'd been on the lookout for one. Standers, don't give up. The enemy wants us to give up because he is after our marriages, but thankfully we serve a mighty God who is far greater than the enemy. The enemy is a liar! Listen to God alone and don't give up!” (Arkansas) (posted 12/29/2014)
“I live in a foreign country, so it is impossible to see a Covenant Transport truck or American billboard. I had been praying and praying for weeks for a sign to show me whether or not I should be standing this time. I had just about given up and was about to call it quits. Today, I was feeling really down and defeated. Less than two minutes later a bus pulled up and the only English word on the bus was ‘Miracle;’ everything else was written in Korean. I started thanking God for this sign that I had been waiting for. He does speak to us and He has restored my faith that standing is the right thing to do. Keep standing everyone! Our miracle is on the way! Never give up!”  (Korea) (posted 12/22/2014)
“Like many standers, I’m sure I’m not the only one who reads the testimonies and feels encouraged, yet a sense of letdown because I feel like God hasn’t shown me a sign about His will for my marriage. The testimonies about the Covenant Transport trucks…I say to myself, why don’t they have those in my area! One of the devotionals that I read last week said to pray for a sign which I had never really done before. As I was praying this morning on my way to work, I asked the Lord to show me a sign. There was a church I pass every single day on my way to work but have never looked at the name on the sign. The church’s name was Covenant Presbyterian Church! The Lord knew that every time I saw a Covenant testimony, I wanted one too! God is so awesome! I just want to encourage those standers who are like myself and think testimonies happen to other people and never me, that God is no respecter of persons! Keep trusting.”  (Alabama) (posted 12/22/2014)
“As I was walking one day asking God for grace and mercy, a truck went by me with ‘Grace Coming’ on the side. I had to take a picture of it. The next day in my date with God, I thanked Him for His time and what He was doing. As I finished my coffee, I looked and in the inside of my cup was a cross. I took another picture. Then later that week, as I was pouring out my heart to God about a concern I had, a truck pulled up with the words ‘Problem Solved’ on the side and back. I took another picture. The day I met my husband to sign settlement papers, I got lost coming home, and was crying out to God, ‘What do I do now Lord?’ A Covenant Transport truck appeared. I took another picture! We have an upcoming court date. I'm praying and asking God to somehow cancel this meeting. The first time we were to go to court, I asked the Lord to not let my husband show up. He didn't! I'm believing God for a big miracle. I know nothing is impossible, if we believe!” (California) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I have been having a hard time in my stand. I was just ready to move on with my life. I was on my way to the store and as I was talking to God. I told Him I was not trying to be prideful but did not think I could stand anymore. I told Him I thought it was me who wanted the stand not Him. I asked God to show me it was from Him. Not long after that, the lunch break testimonies came through. And about an hour later, on a road on which I have never seen trucks, there was a Covenant Transport truck. God is so amazing.” (Colorado) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I was divorced from my husband for several years when God made it clear to me that He wanted to restore my marriage. I started my stand and stood for a few years when my suddenly finally happened. My husband came home out of the blue and said that he wanted to marry me again. We got married four days later. Little did I know that the devil was on full attack. He was home for a few months before he left. I was devastated and started questioning my God. But thanks God and this ministry, I regained my hope. Recently my husband agreed to go on a day trip with me. While on the trip I asked God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. As soon as I looked up there it was and right behind, there was a Swift truck. I could not believe it. I was thanking Him and all of a sudden there was a billboard that said, ‘Double Exposure!’  My God is great and I will continue to believe in His promises!”  (Kentucky) (posted 12/11/2014)
“This is a testimony to all standers to just believe in the power of God. Three days before my court date, the devil threw everything at me to convince me that God wasn’t powerful and to stop believing. My husband was still adamant about the divorce. As they called us before the judge, I walked with the faith of a mustard seed, a vision, and the image of a Covenant Transport truck. I told God I believed in His power and will. The judge looked at our case and DENIED it. It will be delayed and I know it was the power of God. That day I learned the power of faith and I know God is working. PTL.”  (Texas) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I had finished doing a prayer drive at my husband’s work and as I got closer driving home I saw the truck I had been waiting for- the Covenant Transport truck. Then while driving to visit family for Thanksgiving I saw another Covenant Transport truck and another one on the way home from vacation. Praise You Lord.” (Washington) (posted 12/5/2014)
“‘Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!" Luke 1:45 I have been standing for my marriage for many months. During this challenging time, I learned that I must increase my faith in God and my spouse is not my enemy. God gave me a dream that my husband will be delivered from all the bondages in his life. Satan keeps taunting me with thoughts that my marriage is going to end; this is a lie. I prayed and thanked the Lord for what He is doing in my life and my husband's life. I also asked the Lord to give me a sign that He is going to save my marriage because I have been feeling very discouraged. Several days later, I am driving and I see a Covenant Transport truck next to me. That's my sign from the Lord! I now have more strength, courage and faith to keep fighting this battle. Never give up standers - God is working to heal our broken marriages. ‘Behold I make all things new.’ Revelation 21:5 (KJV).” (Texas) (posted 12/5/2014)
“Here we do not have Covenant Transport or Swift Trucks. However, I recently spotted a Covenant Freight Truck in this country! It’s been several years of standing and it’s the first time seeing it. God has restored both of us together! God has been so good! But recently I have been flooded with negative mindsets, doubt and evil thoughts. I pray and hope for God’s tremendous glory to shine forth in this situation. Please pray for us that we will be restored back to God and our covenant be restored much better than we can ever imagine! Thanks be to God! Keep standing, don’t give up! Proclaim all blessings! Ephesians 3:20.”  (Singapore) (posted 11/17/2014)
“This past weekend my husband came with me to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary. Over the week I felt he went with someone and could not shake the feeling. So as the weekend wore on I found myself wanting out. It's been several years and I was feeling tired. Well on the way home, right in the middle of me having a thought about being over it, a Covenant Transport truck drove by and then a few miles down another one. It was in that moment I chose to keep fighting and decided to read the Monday devotional ‘Opposition.’ I let it sink in and decided to keep fighting. Over the last month he has come around more and this week we had an incident where in the past I would have reacted in a way that emasculated him but instead I reacted in love. Praise the Lord He got through to me because the result could have been horrible. I thank God for what He is doing in both of us.” (Georgia) (posted 11/17/2014)
“To God be the glory. No one can tell me God doesn’t speak to His children. On my way to pick up my daughter from school, right when I turned the corner there was a Covenant Transport truck. What was so amazing, I never asked, ‘God send me a sign’ nor did I pray about seeing one. How wonderful! I love the Lord!”  (Georgia) (posted 11/3/2014)
“I have been standing for some months. Last week on my husband’s birthday, I found out my husband and the OW and her kids moved in together. I was so hurt. I had never seen a Covenant Transport truck. I went on a road trip and I prayed and cried to the Lord, if He wanted me to continue to stand if it was His will and not my will overriding, to please let me see the truck. I was crying and decided to turn on praise and worship music. I was worshiping and low and behold I saw the truck, and in the matter of about 15 minutes I saw two Covenant trucks, several Swift trucks, and two PTL trucks. I screamed out loud and cried like a fool and continued to praise Him for the remainder of my trip. I am standing and obediently waiting on God to restore and renew my marriage.” (Texas) (posted 10/30/2014)
“My marriage is dying due to homosexuality. My husband is lost. I have been praying, fasting and waiting on my Father. We do not have Covenant Transport trucks but I see Imperial trucks.  I looked Imperial up and it means ‘belonging to a Kingdom,’ so I take comfort that they remind me I am a royal child of God. On a recent trip, I actually saw a Covenant Transport truck. When I looked it up, I found out that the company just opened in one of our cities. God is awesome. Thank you all of you. You keep me strong and positive.”  (South Africa) (posted 10/30/2014)
“Praise God! I was driving this morning and saw a Covenant Transport truck. I have prayed for a year and a half that Lord would let me see one. I was driving to court one hour away from home. I asked God to please let me see one and He did. Praise be to God!” (United States Minor Islands) (posted 10/23/2014)
“I have been standing for several months now since my husband moved out. I've been praying very specifically lately and asked my husband to try to limit his contact with the OW so that he could think clearly and make godly decisions (they work together). He stayed away from the office for several days and just yesterday for the first time I saw TWO Covenant Transport trucks, a Swift truck, and even a Covenant ambulance! I've been praying for a sign that my standing was not in vain, and I saw all these in the space of about three hours! God is good.” (Georgia) (posted 10/23/2014)
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