Covenant Transport Testimonies


Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

“God is still faithfully showing me signs! As I was driving down the highway, I was watching for one of the many Swift or Covenant Transport trucks that I have seen. However, I suddenly came up to a white truck that said, ‘Complete’ transport. I have never seen these trucks before. But the amazing thing was that I glanced across the highway and there was an identical truck heading in the other direction! For a moment I passed directly between two ‘Complete’ signs! This is at the same time the song ‘Completely’ has been touching my heart for my husband. Praise God! He is able!” (Wisconsin) (posted 1/12/2015)
“Praise God as I saw five Covenant Transport trucks yesterday and I was scheduled to go to my final hearing today. Due to court problems the divorce was blocked and rescheduled for next week. God told me, 'His will would be done today and I do not want this divorce.' I will continue to pray for God's will and miracle for my wayward husband.”  (Tennessee)  (posted 2/14/2012)
"I was feeling doubtful in my stand and asked God to give me a sign, to show me if this is what He wants me to do. Two days later I saw a Covenant Transport truck driving next to me. Exactly a week later I saw a Restoration Management Co. truck and a few minutes later a Covenant Transport truck again. Two days later another Restoration Hardware truck. I know God is with me and He is making it clear to continue my stand! Praise God." (California) (posted 3/11/2011)

"My returned prodigal has yet to turn his heart back to the Lord and the past few months have been especially hard. While setting out on a road trip through the desert, I prayed that God would show me a Covenant Transport truck as a sign that things will get better. Being from Canada originally, I have never seen one before. At the end of the trip, I prayed 'Okay God, even if I don't see it, You are still good to me.' One hour later, we passed a Covenant Transport truck and as I was still smiling and thanking the Lord, another one passed in the opposite direction!" (California)

(posted 4/2/2011)
“The past week I have been on an emotional roller coaster. I began to feel that my stand was in vain. I began to think about how David felt in Psalm 73 and how Habakkuk vented his feelings. On the way to work I began to vent my frustration to the Lord and out of nowhere a Covenant Transport truck drove right pass me. I began to cry and thank God for His faithfulness. I know now that that my stand is not in vain. Despite how it may seem, I know God is in control.” (Georgia) (posted 1/24/2012)
“This is a testimony to all standers to just believe in the power of God. Three days before my court date, the devil threw everything at me to convince me that God wasn’t powerful and to stop believing. My husband was still adamant about the divorce. As they called us before the judge, I walked with the faith of a mustard seed, a vision, and the image of a Covenant Transport truck. I told God I believed in His power and will. The judge looked at our case and DENIED it. It will be delayed and I know it was the power of God. That day I learned the power of faith and I know God is working. PTL.”  (Texas) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I was so discouraged and depressed this week and God let me see a Covenant Transport truck followed right behind by a PTL truck. I began to praise the Lord. I thanked God for moving ‘on the other side of my mountain’ and about 30 minutes later, I read a post from an old high school friend that said, ‘Don't back down the mountain, God is moving on the other side and the answer is going to meet you at the top.’ God is indeed answering prayers and I know that my husband will be restored both to God and to his family. I am praying that God will block all divorces and send prodigals home.” (Florida)  (posted 2/16/2012)
“I have been encouraged these last few months by all the moving trucks I've seen and the Swift trucks I and my husband's daughter have seen. She knows as well as I that God is telling me that He is moving swiftly on the other side of the mountain. But we do not have Covenant Transport trucks here in Washington state. I never thought I would see one. However, last week on a trip, I asked God to please give me a sign as I was needing reassurance of His promise of a restored marriage. Within 15 minutes I saw a Covenant Transport truck driving down the freeway! And then today after a long time of no communication, my husband called me! PLT! He wants to meet with me to discuss converting our legal separation to a divorce, but I know that I know that I know that God has other plans. Praise the God of impossibilities!”  (Washington)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“Many months ago I asked God to show me a Covenant Transport truck if He was going to bring my husband home. I have never seen one before. I almost forgot about that request. Last week when my kids and I were pulling into a parking lot, there parked with no trailer was a Covenant Transport truck! I told my children of my prayer and they said, ‘Daddy is coming home!’ Praise God! Today in the Saturday Testimonies God gave me this scripture:‘The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. The sorrows for the appointed feasts I will remove from you...’  Zephaniah 3:17-18a. Thank You Jesus!”  (Colorado)  (posted 12/3/2011)
“It's been a difficult weekend. Circumstances seem just impossible. Every time my husband draws near home, the enemy yanks back the other direction. After going to the hardware store, I came out and what did I see in the parking lot next door? A Covenant Transport Truck! I've never seen one before. When I cried out to God, wondering where He was, He said, I am with you always!”  (Nebraska) (posted 9/10/2012)
“God is so good and faithful to His Word. It’s been some years since my husband and I separated. Everything seemed impossible. At times I felt hopeless, especially when my pastor and family where saying to move on, but I was encouraged through Charlyne's devotionals and the Saturday testimonies. I kept standing on God’s Word and when I actually applied the scriptures and confessed them daily with my husband’s name in them. I began to see change. My son and I spent Christmas with my husband and his family. My husband also took me out for Valentine’s and two days later our divorce was dismissed in court at the request of my husband. We are now waiting to move into a house. I'm believing God to work out the rest and move us in our home before our baby is due. Yesterday I saw a Covenant Transport truck for the first time. God is just confirming He is in control. Thank You Jesus.”  (Texas)  (posted 4/19/2012)
"I can see chunks of our mountain falling into the ocean. I live in an area where Covenant Transport trucks are not around but somehow God has placed three for me to see in a span of a month. My husband has been more affectionate with me and has started to call me. I finally told him in his Easter card, our home will always be his home when he is ready to return and he called to thank me. How awesome is our God! All the Praise and Glory to Him and a big thank you to Charlyne and Bob who I know is smiling from Heaven."  (Texas)  (posted 5/12/2011)
“Recently I learned that the judge issued a final judgment to end our holy union. I do not accept this, and I began to cry out to our Lord for guidance and direction for the next step. I wanted so much to give up as I was tired of struggling and suffering. However God did not allow that. My devotionals were centered around new beginnings and all things made new. While at a red light I contemplated contacting an attorney for alimony/child support then I spotted the Covenant Transport truck, which I have never seen in Georgia. God is always in control and on the throne. I know restoration is here.”  (Georgia)  (posted 9/13/2011)
"I was having a difficult week. I cried out to God to show me a sign that I should continue standing. The next day I prayed at work. I took a different way home due to fallen tree and almost got in a big traffic jam. I decided to turn around  and go back to work and noticed a gate opened that is always locked. As I drove through,  a Covenant Transport truck pulled up next to me. So many things had to happen for me to see it - a fallen tree, a traffic jam, me turning around, an open gate that's always closed. God is GREAT. AMEN"  (Massachusetts)  (posted 5/12/2011)
“Thank You Heavenly Father for speaking to me. I was driving on the highway, wondering if I'd see a 'Kingsway' truck as the Lord has shown me these many times in His perfect timing. I had a fleeting moment of doubt - perhaps I was reading too much into these trucks. Just then on the opposite side of the highway, a Covenant Transport truck zoomed by! I almost lost control of my vehicle as I live in Canada and did not know they traveled north of the US border! I had never seen one. I was utterly shocked.Three years into my stand and the Lord is still surprising me! Thank you for encouraging me and shaking me free of my doubt. I love you. Amen.”  (Canada) (posted 4/1/2014)
“My wife and I had court this morning. God showed me two signs last night of two restored marriages. This morning on the way to court I asked God for a sign and I saw a Covenant Transport Truck. This is only the second truck I have seen in my months of standing. The divorce was granted but GOD has other plans!!! Praise the Lord.”  (Massachusetts)  (posted 12/26/2011)
“I've often heard the many testimonies about people seeing a Covenant Transport truck. Although I’m happy for them, I had my doubts that God would allow my eyes to see the same as others have. Besides, things were at the impossible stage for my dead marriage and my broken family so before tossing in the towel, I ask God if he could show me a sign if standing for my marriage and family was in His will. Almost immediately God answered me and for the last 15 days God has shown me six United trucks, six Swift trucks and three Covenant Transport trucks. I don't what God has in store, but I will worship and serve while I wait on His perfect timing, believing that nothing is impossible for God.”  (Oklahoma)  (posted 12/20/2011)
"My prodigal called this week saying he was going to serve me with divorce papers. I got upset and started praying. Tonight as I was praying I looked up and saw a Covenant Transport truck. Praise God, He has heard my prayer." (Georgia) (Wondering what do trucks and standing have in common? Learn from - (posted 4/30/2010)
“We don't have Covenant Transport trucks in my country. However, this week while driving to work, in the traffic jam I was led to pray for my prodigal. As soon as I was done I saw a staff bus that my wife was asked to buy for her employment place. Later this week, after having lunch with a brother and praying for my prodigal, a van drove beside me and on its rear was written ‘Couples for Christ.’  I am having dinner with my prodigal this weekend after more than a year. Standers, don’t give up on God.”  (Kenya) (posted 9/10/2012)
"I have never asked the Lord for a sign, but last week I had just entered onto I-75, and asked the Lord for a sign if I was to continue in this stand. Not two minutes later a Covenant Transport truck passed me. I have never noticed these trucks before. Praise the Lord." (Florida) (posted 1/10/2011)
“I recently got an e-mail from my husband about his wanting us to move on. He made it clear that he wanted it to be a conversation. I was emotional and decided not to respond without praying for wisdom. I wrote back a few days later. I prayed that the Lord would help me to ‘be still and know that I am God’ as the Word says. The next day, out of the blue, I saw my second Covenant Transport truck since beginning my stand. It was so comforting for the Lord to reach out to me and encourage me in this way.”  (Oregon)  (posted 7/2/2012)
“Last night I had dinner with my husband, our two boys and my husband's parents (something we have not done since we separated). I was praying during our dinner that God would show me a sign that my prodigal is coming home. Praise God, I no more than finished praying and looked out the window of the restaurant and a Covenant Transport truck passed by. I can't praise and thank God enough for His faithfulness and answer to prayer. Never, never, never give up!”  (Texas)  (posted 12/12/2011)
“I have been torn about my decision to divorce my husband. With doubt yesterday, I prayed to see a Covenant Transport truck on the Interstate. I never thought I would, but I did! I am trusting that God can heal my marriage and my husband!”  (Georgia)  (posted 3/15/2012)
Recently, my prodigal texted that he'd moved, he was changing his phone number, and told me not to contact him anymore. It was hard to receive that, but later, as a friend prayed over me, I saw how God had prepared me. That morning, I drove right alongside a Covenant Transport truck for a few minutes on the freeway. It was like it had been there just to drive alongside me! Then, in addition to the daily RMM email that day, I received a special edition of the 'usually on Saturday' testimonies. I had submitted a testimony the weekend before, and I found myself reading my own testimony about how God has it all under control on 'the other side of the mountain.’ Wow! How I needed to remember that! God affirmed that He knew this would be hard for me, and He cared for me in advance of it!” (Washington) (posted 10/13/2014)
“Yesterday our state decided my wife and I are divorced. God doesn't agree and neither do I. It hurts deep inside, but God lives there too and He's bringing a peace that passes understanding. Today we carpooled to another town for our son's first football game. It was a difficult trip but in the midst of it I saw aCovenant Transport truckat a weigh station off the side of the highway, and quietly thanked God for reminding me that she is blind right now. I'm also thankful for my son's coach and wife whom I recently discovered are reconciled and remarried after a strikingly similar ‘valley of death.’ So, through the pain and through the despair the Lord is our rock and our strong fortress. If you are like me, your Covenant may be at a weigh station, so take advantage of that time and pray for personal reconciliation for your spouse and yourself. God wants that first and will only move the truck forward if your hearts are ready.”  (South Dakota)  (posted 9/17/2012)
"God is Great! I fasted all last week about my marriage. Yesterday, as I was traveling, God placed six Covenant Transport trucks along the way. I've traveled this same path may times and usually do not see even one truck! To me this was God's way of reminding me that He is working even when things don't look so great. God is so good!"  (Oklahoma) 
(posted 4/15/2011)
“It had been a tough two weeks in the natural and I was heading to work. I had been praying to God all week about seeing a Covenant Transport truckas reassurance and a sign. I have seen them only twice in my stand near my home and a few times on road trips- but I hadn't seen one in a long time- nor had I even thought about it. I was praying this morning and the thought of one immediately came into my head and I asked God, ‘Did I see one in my dream last night?’ No more than two seconds later, I looked to my left and there it was!! Painted over but as the sunlight hit it- it was my truck! Plain as day! I screamed and cried and told God that If I could get on my knees I would! PTL! My suddenly is coming! I am eagerly awaiting the return and salvation of my precious husband! God is so good!”  (Minnesota) (posted 6/15/2012)
“For a few days, I was feeling a little uneasy about continuing my stand. I was almost ready to give up. I asked God to please give me a sign that I should keep standing for my marriage. The very next day, I noticed a Covenant Transport truck on the highway. I've never seen one before. I knew that this was the confirmation that I needed. That night, my husband sent me a text asking if he could come over to talk. He told me how he made a mistake by leaving and that he has had time to reflect on things. He realized the mistakes he made and he wants his family back. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. To God be the glory!”  (Georgia)  (posted 8/24/2012)
“I recently returned from a mission trip to a state far away from my home state. While traveling, including going and coming, I counted 40 Covenant Transport trucks. WOW! I also had asked the Lord to show me aRMM billboard. HE did! It said, ‘Honey, please come home... the kids and I love you.’I know that God is moving on the other side of the mountain. I praise God for all that He has done! This trip was an opportunity to take my eyes off of my circumstances and to share the love of Christ with others.”  (Mississippi)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“Today I was traveling with and my daughter and my prodigal spouse. On the highway, I prayed that God would send me a sign that encouraged me to continue praying for my marriage. I thought of the many Americans who saw Covenant Transport trucks. 10 minutes later we saw a truck on which was written in big letters: “The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Praise the Lord!”  (Germany)  (posted 10/22/2012)
“God is so good! This was a dark week for me as I struggled with a rebellious son. Things were so quiet and I was not hearing from the Lord regarding my marriage. I lost my faith temporarily, but praise God, my parents are Christians and they prayed us through when I had no strength left. Tonight my son and I felt we should take a drive to see the sunset, and what did we see on campus tonight? My firstCovenant Transporttruck! I didn't think they ever came to my state and I saw one on a college campus after the worst week. I read other standers' testimonies about these trucks for over a year, not thinking it would be possible for me. Praise God! Then I was fasting and praying for others' marriages and this came from the Lord: After Job had interceded for his friends, God restored his fortune -and then doubled it!’  Job 42:10. My suddenly is coming soon. Thank You, Lord, for working in our marriages.”  (Arizona)  (posted 9/24/2012)
“We serve a mighty God. On Wednesday night, my prodigal texted me and asked if I could pick him up something and bring it to him. As I was on my way, it was snowing and rather cold out, I was asking God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. Just as I was passing the truck stop, the Holy Spirit had me look straight ahead and there it was driving on the interstate. I just laughed and praised God. I have been asking to see one for many, many months. The Lord is so faithful in everything He does. He truly gives me strength, mercy, and grace each day. I will keep standing until the day that the Lord takes me home. Just remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.” (North Dakota)  (posted 1/24/2012)
“The past week I have been on an emotional roller coaster. I began to feel that my stand was in vain. I began to think about how David felt in Psalm 73 and how Habakkuk vented his feelings. On the way to work I began to vent my frustration to the Lord and out of nowhere a Covenant Transport truck drove right pass me. I began to cry and thank God for His faithfulness. I know now that that my stand is not in vain. Despite how it may seem, I know God is in control.” (Georgia) (posted 1/24/2012)
“We serve a mighty God. On Wednesday night, my prodigal texted me and asked if I could pick him up something and bring it to him. As I was on my way, it was snowing and rather cold out, I was asking God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. Just as I was passing the truck stop, the Holy Spirit had me look straight ahead and there it was driving on the interstate. I just laughed and praised God. I have been asking to see one for many, many months. The Lord is so faithful in everything He does. He truly gives me strength, mercy, and grace each day. I will keep standing until the day that the Lord takes me home. Just remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.” (North Dakota)  (posted 1/24/2012)
“I sent a special song to my husband on our anniversary. I didn’t receive a response, but my Lord, Jesus Christ was happy and that was more important. I have no idea where my husband is. I know God is working on him. I have seen several Covenant Transport and PTL trucks. I have been praying and fasting diligently for my prodigal and my family. Seeing these trucks the past few days is not a coincidence, but a blessing. We sit and wait, but see nothing. We don’t really want to know what God is doing even if we think we do. Be still and look around you for the signs that God is working for you and your marriage restoration. You will be blessed. God can do more than what we think. Keep standing, nothing is impossible with God. He is there beside you holding you, your prodigal and children in his arms.” (Georgia) (posted 3/10/2014)
“I drive a lot of miles for my job on a daily basis, and have been seeing Covenant Transport trucks for about 7 months. It started while praying for a sign and it was also the week before the divorce was final. They are almost a daily part of my life now and it's so good to see them. I have also started seeing restoration company signs. I know that these are signs from God. I give Him all the glory! He is working.”  (Indiana)  (posted 8/23/2011)
"Last Sunday I was on my way home to Florida. I listened to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries conference call and it filled my spirit with faith and confirmation of my stand, when all of a sudden I looked out the window and I saw a Covenant Transport truck. This was God confirming once again my stand for my husband. I look forward to his return home. Thank You, Jesus." (Florida) (posted 5/7/2010)
You can read the history of Covenant Transport trucks and standers from- (posted 2/25/2011)
“I know that the Lord does speak to me with songs, signs and for certain with Covenant Transport trucksand always when I need them the most. I feel blessed to see them quite often. I went to visit my daughter and had to take a long back road highway. I only ‘thought’ to myself, The Lord won't have one to show me on this highway. A little later, a semi came flying by me, and it had a Covenant Transport mud flap on the back. I felt like He was saying ‘Don't tell Me what I can or can't do.’ I was able to share my testimony with someone and talk about Jesus. I love being used by the Lord, and I hope I at least planted a seed. God is so, so good!”  (Oklahoma)  (posted 8/8/2012)
"This has been a rough week. Two court hearings. God was with me during both. I had been praying for a sign that I should remain standing. On my way to the first hearing, I passed a Covenant Transport truck. I have never seen one in this area. The glory goes to God for the good in my life." (Michigan) (posted 7/18/2008)
“PRAISE! I have been informed recently of my spouse’s desire to begin the paper work for divorce, and his plans for a marriage to the OW. It hurt to hear this, but I was blessed to see a billboard that said 'Second Chances,' and then right afterwards saw a Covenant Transport truck! Even though my natural eyes see my marriage is dead, I know that the LORD is working on my mountain and making it crumble and fall. The LORD does keep His promises and never lies.”  (Florida)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“A few months ago I got a new job. I now drive up the interstate every day past the exit where my prodigal lives. Many days along a four-mile stretch, I get near his exit and see Covenant Transport trucks. I know God keeps sending me messages about continuing to stand. A few weeks ago, my husband was asked to move out and asked if he could store his stuff at our house. I told him yes, and also said he could move back here to stay if that would help him. PTL he said Yes! It’s been a week and it has been a little bit hard for him to adjust. I try hard not to put pressure on him. Please pray for my husband, my children and the reconciliation of our family. God is orchestrating a very wonderful story for my future testimony.” (Pennsylvania) (posted 11/5/2011)
“I have been discouraged lately because my husband hasn't shown any signs that God is softening his heart. He keeps telling me that I'm selfish for wanting our family back together and that if it happens it will be on his terms. So I prayed that God would show me a Covenant Transport truck before the year was over if I am to keep standing. I didn’t see my truck but I did see the movie Fireproof. I trust this as God's sign to keep standing. God bless RMM and other standers in 2012.”  (Illinois)  (posted 4/23/2012)
“God is so great. I was contemplating a week ago to give up completely and move on. I was crying to God to please talk and act through me when I speak or encounter my husband. I then opened up the Bible and landed onPsalm 141 in whichVerse 3 says for ‘God to be a guard to my mouth and a door to my lips.’ On your personal scripture prayer for families, some of the verses include Psalm 141. In addition to that, I was sitting in traffic on Wednesday and something told me to look right and there standing was a Covenant Transport truck. PTL!!”  (Florida)  (posted 8/23/2011)
“I have been reading RMM for months and am happy for those who have reunited. God is faithful! In this area there are no such things as Covenant Transport trucks so I have never expected any. However today I saw a 'Shalom' truck. I believe it was God. In the natural, things may not happen, but we believe and expect Him to work through supernaturally! Although things may seem impossible now I know our God sees the possibilities! He is making all things new. Dear standers, do not give up because the devil always wants to lie to you and destroy the good things God has for you. Keep standing. Things will be hard but our reward will be great. To God our Lord be glory! Always hold onto the Word of God. Prayer changes things and things begin to shift in the supernatural.Isaiah 40:8 (NLT) ‘The grass withers, the flowers fade but the word of the Lord stands forever.’ Claim John 14:14 for this year! God is with you forevermore.”  (Singapore) (posted 1/18/2014)
“I have been standing for awhile now. God has restored our communication greatly in the past six months where I have dinner with my wife and the kids regularly. I saw my first Covenant Transport truck three months ago and I now see them daily. My wife told me she wanted to start dating each other again so we could get to know each other again. Driving home this week there was a large sign on the side on the road that read ‘Restoration.’ God is working in both our lives and He gets all the glory! Don't ever stop standing. Give all your worries and fears to God. Then stand back and watch Him work.” (New Mexico)  (posted 2/16/2012)
“This has been a rough week and I was praying and apologized to God that my thoughts and mind were like scrambled eggs and my mind was going 100 MPH. I heard God speak ‘Be still and know that I am God’ and a Covenant Transport truck merged onto the highway beside me RIGHT then! I have NEVER seen one and have always wondered why I have been to 40 of 50 states and not once have I seen a Covenant Transport truck. God's timing is PERFECT! I was so excited that I slowed down to let the truck pass me so I could see it again!” (Georgia)  (posted 12/12/2011)
“I was having a very rough day and cried out to the Lord. I asked him to let me see anotherCovenantTransport truck to reassure me I am not crazy and on the right path. I ask the Lord to speak to me through a truck or license plates daily. Today I saw a license plate that said,  ‘If you were looking for a sign here it is’ with prayer hands around it. Then another car had ‘United We Stand.’ As I was leaving the parking lot, a young man had a hat that said, 'Obey.’ I have never seen a hat like that before and knew this was truly from the Lord. He is telling me loud and clear to obey so that He gets the glory. This testimony is going to change not only my life but my family’s. God always keeps His promises and never changes His mind.”  (North Carolina)   (posted 9/17/2012)
“I am writing to tell you how much I appreciated the phone call Charlyne had with the owner of Covenant Transport trucks. I've read testimonies of people in Washington where they state they don't see these trucks. I'm happy to say that I see these trucks on a regular basis. I remember reading Genesis 17 and counting how many times the word ‘covenant’ appeared in this chapter. It was 14 times! Every time I see these trucks, it is normally in my prayer time as I am driving to work and thinking of my situation. And it puts a smile in my heart because it is like God is telling me He is there, He sees me, and I always pray that whoever else needs to see that truck be blessed as well!”  (Washington) (posted 3/25/2014)
“I had prayed a few months ago, asking to see a Covenant Transport truck. On the way to work today, I saw my first one! Of course the enemy tried to discourage me, as my beloved entered into a non-covenant ‘marriage’ just 24 hours later. I know what my Lord has said to me, so I'm trusting Him.”  (Texas)   (posted 1/27/2014)
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