General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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“This past week marks an anniversary. Two years ago my husband filed for divorce and I just looked for a status on our case. It says, ‘There is no future hearing date scheduled. No action has occurred on this case.’ It was bittersweet reading those words. Praise the Lord we are married even though my husband, in his eyes, has moved on. The circumstances look bleak but God. I praise Him for guiding me and my children. For the opportunities to bear witness. It has not been easy and at times very difficult, but praise the Lord Jesus is always with us. He will never you nor forsake you.”  (California)
"Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God." Psalm 42:11
Thank You, Jesus for strength and hope. My children and I were blessed to spend Father's Day with our Papasito. God has softened my prodigal’s heart to spend time with his family on Father's Day. Glory to God, the Victory is His." (California)
"My husband and I spent quality time together recently. We went shopping, cooked a meal, ate and talked until the wee hours of the morning! We enjoyed each other’s company so much and things felt so comfortable, natural and most of all our conversation has improved. He even indicated that we could delay the sale of our marital home for a time. God is turning my husband’s heart of stone to flesh and opening up new avenues of communication between us. God does answer prayers!" (Maryland)

"On Mother's Day (my husband) drove 400 miles to take me and our daughters and his parents to dinner. He gave me money for bills, bought me a new outfit, was around for two days, and was affectionate. God does answer prayer." (Texas)

"I was sitting here praying and fasting for my husband that he would return home. I resolved to pray all night. He just returned home. Praise God." (Australia)
“I am very encouraged by the Sunday devotional ‘It's All Right.’ Charlyne had said, ‘Don't let time be a hindrance.’ This year will be a decade since my husband left. I am still within 'child-bearing' age according to the world's standards. These two circumstances of time and age could easily tell me to move on and find someone else. But, with God, there are no such things as hindrances. Nothing can hinder God completing what He sets forth to accomplish. Isaiah 55:11.”  (California)
"My husband came home suddenly after several years of standing. We were back together for a year when my husband got sick suddenly and died a month later. It was all unexpected, but God brought him back home as he promised us all and I was able to take care of him while he was sick. I thank God for his last year at home with his family." (New York)
"I don't know if you will remember me from your early days. My husband(name) came to visit you after we reconciled. He and I are stilltogether and it has been ten years. My friend (name) and her husband are also still reconciled. We were talking today and saying that weare so grateful for the support this ministry gave us as we walked through that time in our life. I gave someone your web site addresstoday who is just starting to stand for her marriage. This is thefirst time I have been to the web site and did not know about it until(name) gave it to me today. I know God is blessing. Thank you for yourlove and faithfulness." (Texas)
"My husband and I are separated. I have been noticing a change in my spouse's attitude toward me. He's been spending more time talking to me and helping out doing things around the house. I am praising God in advance for working everything out." (Pennsylvania)
“My prodigal is not home and I haven't seen transport trucks, or signs that he's coming home. But, I am believing in the unseen. I am standing in faith and living above the circumstances. My God has given me the ability to believe without seeing. I know that my spouse is coming home when all the circumstances point in the opposite direction. This is all making me stronger in the Lord. The enemy won't have his way! I stand on Isaiah 54:17. My spouse has plans to marry the OW. That may delay the inevitable, but it doesn't change the outcome. God's delays aren't God's denials. Stand strong, know where your help comes from. Your help comes from the Lord. His Word will never go void. He hates divorce. Trust and believe that He will give back to you what the enemy has stolen. Stand firm and do not be moved.” (Texas)
“One of my prayer partners who was also a stander, and one that I shared the most with, died this week. I was broken yet again. On my way home from the cemetery a song came on the radio that talked about being tired and worn. I cried out to God and said this is me. I am tired of the pain and heartache. Then I read Charlyne’s Friday'sdevotional and it ministered to my heart, and brought fresh hope to my soul. Praise God for His Word.”  (Tennessee)  
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“PTL! I want to let everyone know that the Lord hears all of our prayers, all of our cries, all of our concerns. He is there with us, He never leaves. Jesus knows us, our hearts. He seeks us every day. He loves us and holds us when we need the affection. I was crying out to God one night at around 2 a.m. I was crying and praying and pleading with God. Then suddenly, I received a message on my phone saying, ‘Fight until you understand.’ I was shocked! Nobody but God knew I was crying and praying. The message was from a friend I had not heard from in a while. She told me that she felt she had to text me that, even though it was really late. I know God hears, listens, answers, and is with us. Just because we can't see the works He is doing doesn't mean He's not doing anything. The Lord wants these prodigals home more than we do. Do not forget that they were His before they were born. PTL! My suddenly is coming!”  (Texas)
"Our divorce papers were filed with the court just days after our silver anniversary. I prayed for a sign that the Lord was continuing to work in my marriage. We met at the bank to divide accounts. As I pulled in I heard the worship song, "Waiting." I I again heard the same song immediately following my individual counseling appointment this week. I know that the Lord is telling me to be patient and wait for His perfect time, and I praise Him who makes all things possible." (Kentucky)
Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes, with your right hand you save me. The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands.  Psalm 138:7-8 
“We had a court date yesterday and the judge had sent us home to fill out some papers. While at home, God put it on my heart to tell my husband I would never want anyone else but him, no matter what he did. I would wait forever. When we went back to court, the judge asked us if we wanted any mediation. My husband said yes, but not for financial or material reasons. The judge told my husband and I we were a breath of fresh air! On the way out my husband said we could have been divorced today! But God spoke through and for my husband! PTL!! I know restoration is just around the corner!”  (Minnesota) 
“Our God is a mighty and awesome God. I have been praying for some time that my prodigal and I could take a trip together. Yesterday, he asked me to go on a vacation with him and four other couples. I was a little worried that I would not be able to get the time off from work. But God! I was able to get the time off with no questions asked. Thank You Lord. You are so faithful to us. I give You all the praise, honor, and glory. Thank You for the victory You have already won for us. Thank You for the restoration of our marriage. I will stand and intercede for my prodigal and all marriages until the Lord takes me home. Never give up on our God. He always answers our prayers when we least expect it.”  (North Dakota) 
"This week my daughter and I had to move out of our home because of a sheriff’s sale. Today while having lunch I saw a Covenant Transport truck going down the highway. I heard God tell me that He had not forgotten my covenant. Later I saw my husband with the non-covenant. Feelings of humiliation and embarrassment flooded me but then I remembered God's word to me. I smiled because it was God who had prepared me for what was to come. What a faithful God we serve." (Delaware)
"Today God did an awesome thing. My pastor asked my spouse to sing at church on Sunday after hearing a song he had written about turning to God during hard times. My spouse has been seeing my pastor for counseling. God's work behind the scenes is amazing." (State Removed)

"My husband and I are back together after being separated for months. I was told by everyone to give up and let go until someone sent me your website. You encouraged me to stand and your advice change my life. My husband could see God through me. I can forgive because I have finally learned how to forgive myself. We are back together, but I still look forward to reading your messages. They are still encouraging me. Thank you for all that you do." (North Carolina)

"God has blessed me with a full time teaching position with full benefits. I was at the end of my rope and didn't have any money, but I decided to tithe the last of my checking before my interview and out of 200 applicants, I got the job. Yesterday my spouse called and said to keep praying for him. Praise the Lord." (Michigan)
“Our divorce has been dismissed! My prayers have been answered! Praise God! I got an e-mail from my attorney and he said the dismissal papers were signed. He said my husband could always change his mind. I said he will not because God has done this! My husband is going to need LOTS of prayers... the roadwill not be easy for him or me but together with GOD and LOTS of prayer and support we can do this. Then today as I was driving to my daughter’s home, I saw a Covenant Transport truck, and it was being followed by a Swift truck! I was thanking  our Heavenly Father the whole time.”  (Oregon) 
“I want to praise the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever. The Lord has been faithful to His promise and always answers my prayers. Recently my beloved told me that he realized the bad influence the OW had on him. Because of that he has separated not only from her but also from friends and relatives of hers. Although he is still blinded and deceived by the enemy, Lord is faithful. He told me it is finished. I´m standing on Isaiah 22:25. My suddenly is just around the corner! Standers keep praying and believing. The Lord always listens to our prayers and in due time we will reap what we´ve sown. PTL!!  (Dominican Republic) 
"Three days before Father's Day my prodigal sent me a text saying he'd be in town for the weekend. I knew it was God working because he lives hundreds of miles away and had no intention of being here. My daughter had prayed that she could see her dad on Father's Day and God answered. It was also the day she was baptized. God is amazing." (Ohio)
“I want to share with all standers that if God has placed in your heart a promise, do not seek the world's opinions about it. God speaks to us according to our own personal walk with Him. I was feeling weary and I felt that I had reached my limit and was trying to find a way to justify my way out of the marriage (I felt like a prodigal), but the Lord had some other plans for me. This past Sunday I attended a different church because of an invitation and eight couples were renewing their vows that day. The message was based on marriage, honoring your vows until death do you part, and how God's love never dies. The Lord spoke loud and clear. I had been experiencing double-mindedness, and a major struggle between my flesh and Spirit. The Lord truly honors marriage, and to Him it is very important that you never leave your partner behind no matter what. Sometimes even out of obedience you are called to stand or return home but the Lord is faithful and He won't start something and not finish it.” (Texas)
"See how I love your precepts; preserve my life, O LORD, according to your love. All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal." Psalm 119:159-160
“This past weekend my husband decided to continue divorce proceedings after putting it on hold as we worked on reconciliation with our church and counselor. The Lord had different plans. After surrendering it to the Lord and spending time in the Word, praying, and listening to this ministry’s words of encouragement, we showed up at court yesterday and as he walked in with his attorney, he stopped to tell me he was not going to set mediation and was going to continue with the reconciliation process! Praise the Lord! God changes hearts!”  (Texas)
I started looking for a house to buy. If I weren't tithing, I would be able to afford one. God has been so faithful to provide my needs and I would not quit tithing just to buy a home. Shortly after, a house came on the market that had major updating done, was in my price range, plus the interest rate dropped. It was as if God wrapped a ribbon around it and gave it to me saying, 'Thanks for being faithful.' Praise to my Provider." (Minnesota)
"My prodigal phoned my son after months of no contact. It is a sign of my marriage restoration." (United Kingdom)
“‘Let our lives overflow with thanksgiving for all He has done.’ Colossian 2:7. My heart is filled with awe at who God is and all He has done for my family! A little over a year ago, my prodigal married the OW and I didn't know what to think. But God! The week before I saw my first and only Covenant Transport truck and the day after he married, God gave me Numbers 23:19. After Thanksgiving this year, my mother-in-law called and told me the OW might be moving out and she didn't want me to marry anyone else. I told her I am standing for life and have been. This is amazing because God has restored the relationship with my in-laws and is bringing my prodigal home one day at a time. God is able to do the impossible and is always near! Amen!”  (Ohio) 
"Praise God, my daughter gave her life to Jesus last night. She has been so angry since her father left us and refuses to have anything to do with him. She is now praying that God will give her an opportunity to share her new-found faith with her father. I know that God will eventually bring my prodigal spouse home to us. He is faithful and never goes back on a promise." (United Kingdom)
“Praise be to God, my husband called, confessed, and wanted to come home. We spent the weekend together. He showed up at church, sat with us, and rededicated his life to the Lord. The service was about marriage and the Lord testing our faith when things get hard. God is so good and faithful.” (Texas)
“My daughter and I went on a trip to visit my parents and we had decided to go on a mini-vacation. As we were driving, I thought about asking God to see a Covenant Transporttruck if He was still working on my marriage. But then I thought, God has given me my promises and I need to just stand on those and not test Him. As we were exiting to go to our hotel, I looked back and on the highway a Covenant Transport truck passed! How funny and loving our God is to allow me to see one even though I never actually asked Him for it! I was in a completely different state and we were in a little town that I never would have expected to see one! God is good and He hears us even when it's not in prayer! Thank You Papa!”  (California) 
"Our divorce became final a few weeks ago. I was hurting very badly. I prayed to God to heal my hurting heart. At church a lady came up to me and said God had told her to pray for me." (Alabama)
“I have never seen a Covenant Transport truck, nor had I been praying to see one. After reading all the testimonies, my eyes would get watery and I would think,’ WOW God is so good.’ Not even a week later, after reading through some of them, God blessed me with my first truck! All I could say was amen and laugh. Glory to my God! God is so good, He is always there ready to show us the way. It’s just a matter of learning patience and learning to wait on Him. My husband has been responding to some of my texts this week; I know God is moving in his heart! My faith is growing and I am learning to not just go through my stand but grow through it with God. He is teaching me not to lean on my own understanding. He has brought me to this verse many times while praying, Proverbs 3:5-6. Keep standing standers, God will direct our steps!” (Illinois) 

“My wife left me due to my sexual sins and lies that I have told her for our entire marriage. On Easter Sunday my pastor had an altar call and it was the first time in ten years that I truly gave my life to my Lord.” (Michigan)

“I just want to thank Charlyne and all the other staff members who labor for this ministry. You are truly doing the Lord's work. Almost every time the enemy fires another blow to my heart or mind, that day's devotional addresses it! While nothing appears to be changing with my spouse, I know that God is working. There are far too many ‘coincidences’ to think otherwise. I am praising the Lord for this time when He is drawing me closer to Him. I will continue to seek His face while I await my spouse's return.”  (Michigan) 
"My final court hearing was this week. I prayed for it to be cancelled, but it didn't happen. My husband came unprepared with financial information. It is now delayed 30 days. Praise the Lord. My husband and I ran into each other outside the courthouse and talked. He is coming to our house in a few weeks to clear things out. This will be the first time he will be in our home in years. My husband may feel he is coming to get his things, but I know that the Lord is in the middle of all this and will change my husband's heart while at home." (Pennsylvania)
“I am standing in faith for the resurrection of my marriage. I recently was feeling discouraged, as my husband made a false start to reconciliation. He has now pulled away. I prayed and asked the Lord to show me a sign that I should continuously stand in the midst of this turmoil. As soon as I left my subdivision I saw a Covenant Transport truck. Not only did I see the truck, it did a u-turn right in front of me, and joined me on the highway. As I drove down the highway behind the truck, it exited at the same exit that I had to take, and did another u-turn to go back on the same highway! I praised God, because I believe God was telling me that He's turning things around for me and my marriage.”  (Georgia)
“After being gone many months, my husband began sleeping at the house...and then he never left. It took six weeks for me to realize he'd moved home! There was no conversation or apology, just a changed man. I had doubts and I wavered (a lot). Every morning I woke up and read the encouragement waiting for me on this site, and then I warily began my day in faith. One day at a time, the many, many months came to an end and in the midst of it all, Charlyne guided me. This woman I'd never met taught me to pray for my husband and how to find comfort in God's Word. This stranger supported me when others doubted me. My husband and I are packing for vacation. God is healing our marriage and restoring it to something more than we could have imagined. A year ago I was hurting so deeply that I couldn't even imagine a day when we would vacation again. Today my heart is full.”  (Oklahoma)
"I began fasting and praying as the final divorce hearing was approaching. I prayed back God's Word to Him, praising Him that He could stop the divorce from going through. The day arrived and my husband came in, but the judge refused to grant the divorce. He told my husband to make contact with me. Surely even 'the King's heart is in the hand of The Lord; and He turneth it whithersoever He will.'" (United Kingdom)
“God is working on the other side of my mountain. My favorite verse to pray for my husband is Job 33:14-18, 26-28. The Lord showed me he is working today when my husband told me that he woke up screaming the other night, ‘I want to come home.’ God is awesome! He is speaking to my husband. Our miracle is right around the corner. PTL!”  (West Virginia)
“After some time of dealing with my husband not talking to me because of a misunderstanding, praise the Lord he is talking to me. I believe that God works in mysterious ways. I had been praying that God would touch his heart and that my husband would come to Jesus! I know that God is working and in the name of Jesus my husband will surrender to the Lord and my marriage will be on the solid rock who is Jesus Christ! Thank You God for everything You are doing! Thanks RMM for all the encouraging messages I get every day. May God continue blessing all of us!”  (Florida) 
“After a failed restoration attempt, the Lord really started to work on me. I learned about my stubbornness, how to be a better wife, homemaker and mother, and most importantly, how to lean completely on Him, The process was painful for me, as I had made my husband an idol. Then the Lord worked mightily in my husband. My husband came back home on Christmas. Full restoration is taking place. I want to tell anyone who had a failed restoration attempt, do not give up. Just press on. The failing might be because there are still changes to be made.” (United Kingdom)
"I am celebrating Thanksgiving with our grown daughters in the Carolinas. On the trip down the radio played the song 'Hold On' just as a Covenant truck whizzed by. The best part is the Lord’s hand in this as my prodigal husband chose to make the drive and join us. God is working in all of our hearts." (New York) 
“Praise the Lord! I was not looking forward to my appointment regarding income taxes. My first year in almost 20 years that I could not legally file as married. I was anticipating the need to pay a lot, But God! A few months after I started standing, God lead me to tithe and 2013 was the first time I returned 10% to God for the entire year. I was rebelling for decades. Because of the tithe I am getting money back! Amen Jehovah Jireh. God bless you standers.”  (California)

"Months ago my wife asked me to move out and put a restraining order on me, and prevented me from having any contact with her. I began praying and believing God for restoring my marriage to my wife. I was very encouraged to know there are others who believe marriage is sacred and important enough to pray for. Last week my wife called me to say she wants to reconcile. We are going to church together tomorrow for the first time in a year." (Washington)

"When I prayed about some form of communication from my husband on my birthday if it was God's will, I had no idea He would do it and in a much different way than I thought. My husband called me and asked to stop by and get his mail. He did, told me happy birthday a few times and visited with our family. What a blessing to see my beloved. Thank You, God." (Texas)
“After five months of the Lord restoring our marriage, he blessed me with an amazing birthday gift. We are expecting our third baby! I can’t praise the Lord enough for all He has done in our lives. I feel honored to carry a child that belongs to God, and raise this child to one day be part of God’s kingdom. God has an eternal purpose for our lives; He wants a family of many children like Jesus (Romans 8:29). It’s a blessing having a restored marriage to glorify His name, and now a baby to raise for His glory. Thank You Lord!”  (Massachusetts)
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