General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

  “Even though my husband is home, the addiction surges through. It’s hard not to take it personally, with my flesh, but when I see how he looks as he walks away after lying, then I see a brother – lost, chained, who needs to be set free. Then I remember RMM whisper: Pray for your husband. My words are fallible but God’s are eternal. Whenever I start praising God for a victory, the enemy comes in like a flood. But today the devil does not get the glory because I did not give up when I saw the addiction and wanted to leave. God’s mercies are new every morning.” (Arizona)
"The Lord led me to ask my absent husband to pray aloud with me about a tough family situation. This was the third time in recent months that he agreed to take that lead, and for a third time, it was a blessing for both of us. God is faithfully reminding my husband of who he is in Christ." (Illinois)
"Although we are divorced, I am standing for my marriage. God does work behind the scenes. For the first time in a year we are talking and texting and my husband came to church with us on Sunday. I thank God for that daily." (Arkansas)

“Praise The Lord! Through prayer and fasting my husband is now going to church every Sunday. God is very good! My husband still wants a divorce, but I know that God is speaking to him. I prayed for confirmation that God is working on him and is speaking to him, and my husband told me that he is going to church every Sunday. I give thanks to God for His miracles and blessings. Thank you, Charlyne and Rejoice Ministries for your prayers. God is awesome!”  (Texas)

God somehow always comes through with sustenance, hope and encouragement. I never had the courage before but today I was given the opportunity to share books with my prodigal husband, including Bob's 'Finding the Way Home.' Perhaps I just needed to wait for God's perfect timing. My husband said he would read them. God is restoring our marriage. Praise the Lord." (Vermont)
"Upon Charlyne's urging, I've begun to fast one day a week to clear the noise so I may hear God's soft voice. What a powerful experience. At times I feel like a different person with a peace and calm that I've not had for a long time. Glory and praise to our God." (Minnesota)
Not one of all the LORD’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.  Joshua 21:45 
"God is good! I submitted my name on the court page. I arrived at the court house and waited and waited. Neither my husband nor his attorney showed up. The ball was in my court. I could either go through with the divorce and be awarded everything I asked for or I could withdraw my counter claim and ask the judge to dismiss the case. I asked that the case be dismissed and it was granted! If my spouse wants to still seek divorce he will have to file again. I am just waiting to see what it is store for my family. I cannot give up now! I am praying that cases are cancelled daily!”  (Oklahoma)
“Glory and Honor to my God. My husband returned home after several months of living in sin. God fulfilled His promise.  I came to Your feet, sad and with great need of You. You opened your arms and comforted me.  Thank You my Lord. Forever I will worship You, because only in You I put my trust.  If You are for me who can be against me?” (United States Minor Islands)
“Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”  Jeremiah 32:17  
“My daughter and I were watching the movie Cinderella. After the movie I was feeling sad and lonely and I asked God when will my prince husband come home and rescue me? God answered me withPsalm 118:9. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes. Now I know that the Lord is my prince and He will rescue me.”  (New York) 
For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.’Habakkuk 1:5bTo God be the glory, the Word of God has come to life, in my life. I have been following RMM several years now and have always wondered when will it be my turn. I was unsure if I wanted to post this, but it's my time and my turn. Last week my husband, whom I have not had any communication with, called to talk about our daughter. Well that conversation turned into a family dinner Valentine's Day weekend. It was more than I could even think of, like Ephesians 3:20. He brought gifts, his spirit was so humble and what I thought was going to be hard, was made easy. God is so faithful! When the evening was over, I was sad to see him go and I know that he was sad as well, but suddenly we will not have to worry about this any longer. God is moving! His Word will not return void. Standers, don't give up. He will do it, He's doing it right now! I believe God. God Bless you all.” (Indiana)
“I had just said to our daughter I was feeling little faith and she reminded me the evil one will continue forever so I should meditate on Gods promises. I looked down and saw the wooden box I received at graduation. I opened it after 20 plus years to see our engagement announcement. Our daughter had never seen it and loved reading about her parents. Then a few days later our engagement announcement came up, photo and all, when I was doing a search on the internet. I was so stunned I called our daughter and she asked if God had spoken loud enough for me this time. God is so good in answering our distress calls!”  (Michigan) 
"Thank you for the devotional on Romans 15:13. I am thanking God, regardless of what news I hear. He is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. I encouraged a friend with that verse earlier this evening and there it is again in the devotional. God is so awesome." (New Zealand)
“PTL from whom all blessings flow. A year ago I filed for divorce from my husband after he moved in with the OW. But God! My husband responded and then requested that we place a hold on our petition. A year to the date both attorneys have filed a motion with the court to withdraw from the case because neither side has proceeded with moving forward. The court granted the request which canceled my petition for divorce. He is still in the far country but God is working on that side of the mountain and I am working with God's help on getting our home in order so that when total restoration takes place, our family lines up with the Word of God. Standers be strong, do not fear. God is in control. He promised that anything we pray and ask for according to His will is done. A week before I knew the cancelation was coming, I told my attorney she will see the glory of God as I had no intention to move forward. All we have to do is believe and we will see the glory of the Lord.” (Florida)
"God is amazing. Not only did my wife call today, but she asked if I wanted a piece of furniture back that she had taken with her, saying it doesn't fit in where she is staying. Praise the Lord, I believe this is only the beginning of more things that don't 'fit in' coming back home." (Utah)
“My husband left me and I have been praying ever since. Today, after a few weeks of not hearing much from him, I cried out to the Lord and asked Him what I should do as I was feeling discouraged. After much prayer, my husband texted me about our children. Then we spoke briefly on the phone and he was speaking to me with such kindness and even told me about his day. I know it was God letting me know that He is working on my husband and I know God will bring him home someday. I really thank God for this journey. It has taught me so much and made me a better mother and I know I will be a better wife. My faith in God has grown so much, too. God is good.” (Australia)
“I am standing for a second time for my marriage and have grown so much and learned so much about our Lord. I never took fasting seriously but I cried out to God and he gave me Isaiah 58 and taught me about fasting as I cried out to Him ‘Lord what should I do?’ Praise God, my husband spent the whole weekend with us and went to church with us on Sunday!”  (California) 
September 2, 2010 is the day I rededicated my life to the Lord. From that point I've been on the Damascus Road experience. We have been through 3 court dates, 2 divorces cases, and we are still together. I did not give up on my marriage. As hard it was I continued to pray, fast and read my word. My husband is going through something and it is up to me as long as we are still married to pray for him to turn from the hands of the devil. My husband still loves me but has done so much I think he is scared to turn back. I have learned that when GOD is control, no judge or anyone else for that matter can separate us. The scripture I refer to often is, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13(South Carolina)
“I want to encourage Standers to keep trusting in God! Look for His signs of encouragement daily. I have seen so many signs that have blessed me tremendously. I heard, ‘ You still have time to finish strong.’ This was so timely as we were finishing the school year. I released it all and God showed up mightily! My son received Honors for the year and my daughter acceptance into a college with a blessed financial award. Only God! Trust that His way and timing are best for all areas of our lives. He loves and cares for us. I appreciate You, Father!”  (Delaware) 
"Beyond my waiting, our God is yet in the midst because I have seen FIVE Covenant Transport trucks within the past five weeks! I know it is God speaking because I have never seen a single one and now to see five! It just brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude to our Lord and Savior for being so kind and gracious to ME!"  (Georgia) 
"I thank God and give Him the praise our restoration has now begun. My prodigal has begun moving his things home! I am still in awe of God and what He has done! He changed my prodigal's heart and brought him home. I now hear hope in my prodigal that had vanished."(Missouri)
"Prior to our divorce, I enrolled in a recovery program that requires us to write amends letters to those we've hurt and seek their forgiveness. My ex-husband came over to give me the lien release form after paying off my car. I was able to read him my amends letter. He had a look of shame and guilt on his face. He kept telling me that he doubts we'll get back together. However, he stayed for over an hour as we visited. Even though his mouth was saying it's over, his body was in no hurry to leave! I gave him a hug before he left with a bright smile on his face. I still believe!" (Oklahoma)
“God has been good! In the last couple weeks I have seen mediation get canceled for a third time after posting it on the Court Room Page! Hopefully the next time it will get canceled for good! Also my husband went on a marriage retreat with me and committed to pray about the divorce. I have been standing for some time to stop this divorce, and I can truly see God's hand working! Thank you Rejoice Ministries!! Your ministry has been strong in helping me to keep standing!” (Florida)

"Early on Mother's Day morning I received a call from my husband, telling me he loved me and wishing me a happy Mother's day. This was better than a dozen roses. I give thanks to God and I will continue to pray for my husband." (Pennsylvania)

“But if it were I, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”  Job 5:8-9 
"God is good! I had been praying for the strength of Job as I continued to stand for my marriage even though our final hearing was set for next Tuesday. It has been a very emotional week, but due to another issue not related to the divorce, the final hearing had to be postponed indefinitely. Praise GOD! I am quickly learning everything is in HIS time, not mine." (Florida)
“I want to take this time and say thank you to Jesus and RMM for the love and support that I have received during this season of my life. On December 17, 2013 I officially became homeless. The week leading up to this, I was a train wreck; I was scared, began screaming both internally and externally, I started blaming myself and I was full of anger and fear. I even questioned my salvation, and God's love for me. Now, that's scary! But GOD! I received a Christmas card and I didn't feel like opening it. I waited a whole day! When I opened it, there was a love letter from God and inside this love letter was a check! It's not about the money, but to me it was a sign from God. So many people don't understand why I am praying for my marriage; I ask God all the time. This blessing forever touched my heart. I am so thankful. I've lost almost everything - BUT GOD!”  (Louisiana)

"Mother's day, my son handed me a dozen red roses and a beautiful Christian card my husband and son had chosen. The flowers were wrapped in a yellow scarf similar to the one I have tied to my door knob, awaiting my spouse's return. My prayer that morning was for the Lord to reveal if my spouse's heart is softening. Praise You Jesus." (Illinois)

"God is bringing my prodigal husband home. He is an ordained minister and God used Ezra 10:3 to speak to his heart and to put away his foreign wife. He communicated with our children yesterday of his plans, and said that when his non-covenant divorce is final he wants to remarry as soon as possible. All glory and praise to God." (Maryland)
“The LORD has been so great to me during this time of separation. He has been so faithful to me and answering my prayers. Every time I start to give up or grow weary God always speaks to me to remind me that I am doing what He has called me to do in standing for my marriage to be restored. He has shown my six Covenant Transport trucks...and each one came when I needed to see it most. God has provided for me in every way possible during this time and I am forever thankful. I really feel like my "suddenly" is right around the corner and God is telling me to just hold on a little longer! He is working on the other side, even though I cannot see it at the moment. But I trust my God and I will wait on Him. His timing is perfect and ALWAYS on time! I can't wait to post a testimony of my hubby's return! God is good. Amen!”  (California) 
"We were divorced, but I asked my husband to come back and he did. It is a miracle that he is back and we are a family again. God isn't finished with us yet and I covet your prayers." (Georgia)

“I have had no contact with my in-laws since my husband left. On Mother's Day I was led to send my mother-in-law pictures of our girls. I received a post card from her thanking me and telling me she wished she had more contact with me and the girls. I am excited about all that is happening.” (California)

“Praise God, the Holy Spirit is working on my prodigal's heart! I asked him to just think about putting the divorce on hold and he nodded and said he would think about it! This is a huge step in our current situation because in the natural it looks bleak, but God is good! He also said he misses me. God is definitely working. Don’t stop fasting, praying or walking in love. God will use your obedience even if it is to give you little signs and affirmations just as I had tonight. Hallelujah!”  (Texas) 
"Our divorce hearing was coming up. The lawyers canceled it on the condition I return to my home state when my baby is born. I am standing and hoping that finally he will love both me and his child and that seeing our baby will change his heart toward me." (Utah)
"I have been standing for my marriage for a few years. In the beginning I contacted my wife to convince her to return. God lead me to be still and wait for Him and seek first His Kingdom. Yesterday I was frustrated and cried out to God asking what He wanted me to do. I started to read my One Year Bible. I felt lead by God to read the scriptures on the date of my wife's birthday and these words leaped off the page, 'Be still, wait and trust on the Lord.' God will restore our marriage in His timing." (Norway)
"Yesterday I met the other woman for the first time. I thought I would cry the whole time, but the Lord was with me and I actually felt sorrow for my husband and how he has been deceived. I left there knowing for certain I need not feel jealous of this relationship. I know God is in control." (Ohio)
"I am so thankful for the changes in my husband and myself. This has been an especially good week. Last Saturday, my husband admitted for the first time to thinking many times that he should just come home. Although he talked himself out of it, I know he is hearing God speak to him, and then the enemy comes in with his lies. I know God is moving. I may not see, hear, or feel everything but I know my God is moving in a mighty way.”  (Tennessee)
"Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment." 1 Timothy 6:7

"I was invited back home after a long separation. My spouse and children need to heal. I know God is working. I only need to keep my eyes on Him." (Ohio)

"I was working overseas in ministry when my wife left me. I returned to the USA to try to reconcile. I have prayed about ministry opportunities and God has provided! I volunteer in my church's children's ministry and recently presented the Gospel. Many children responded to Christ! Next month I go on a mission trip to Africa. God has provided ministry opportunities for me while he works on my wife's heart."  (Florida) 
Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.  Psalm 37:3-6
“My wife said she loved me for the first time in about two years!”  (Tennessee)
“I just want to thank God for this website and the people who run it. It is an inspiration and it has been a long and hard road to get where I finally need to be. Due to me continuing to focus on God, His word and visiting this site, I am finally ready to let go completely and let God have this situation. Ever since then I have felt more peace than I ever felt in my life. I know God is holding me tight and will be working on me as well as on my husband. I have never had patience but God is teaching me that. I have accepted that my suddenly will be in God's time not mine and that His glory will shine through it. I am praying for all of us and want you all to know that if we truly let go and let God, we will have the peace we need.”  (Mississippi) 

HER STORY:  "I was looking for happiness that I didn't have at home, therefore I left my husband and divorced him. My husband was standing for our marriage restoration the whole time we were apart. When I asked him to marry me again, we both knew the marriage restoration road would be hard, but we are determined this time to allow our Lord Jesus Christ to lead us every step of the way. Philippians 4:6,7,& 13 gives me hope and assurance that God is in control."

HIS STORY:  "Four years ago, my wife of nearly 30 years left. Shortly thereafter, the Lord God promised me He would heal and restore my marriage and family. On June 17, 2006, in front of our children and grandchildren, I married her again. A month ago I thanked her for divorcing me because it brought me closer to the Lord. Satan has stepped up his attacks since we remarried, but we are both determined to stand for our marriage." (Virginia)

"The other person has left our city because he lost his job. My wife is coming around more often. I know God is doing something. I thank Him ahead of time for my restored marriage." (New Mexico)
I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth. Psalm 57:9-11
"My wife and I are still separated. However, we are getting along better now than we have been in recent years, all for the glory of God." (Pennsylvania)
“My suddenly happened! I received a call from my hubby asking if I could have company. We began to talk and I looked up and he had his wedding ring on. I almost burst out in tears. I was so surprised and shocked! One day lead to another and Sunday we went to praise the Lord. It was awesome. Later he said he didn’t want to go back! GOD HEARS..GOD KNOWS..GOD CARES! We were separated for many months. We were separated before for a while and he came back and stayed for some months. It was a false start but this time is a NEW START for us because GOD makes all things NEW. God can and will restore your marriage. Just believe, pray, fast, and be a doer of His Word. People came against me but I stood alone with God. He rewarded and delivered His promise. I will continue to trust God and COUNT IT ALL JOY.”  (Missouri)
“We have been separated for about one year. Our anniversary was coming and there was NO way we would have dinner together as we had in the past. Our son's team planned a team dinner and it was scheduled for our anniversary date. I did not expect my prodigal wife to attend. But she did, and we sat together as a family and had an enjoyable dinner. God answered my prayer, bringing us together on our anniversary.”  (Ohio) 
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