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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

"My husband finally left the other woman yesterday and has no place to go. He asked me if he could put his things in my garage. I said yes and he seemed thrilled. I pray my husband will hear the Spirit of the Lord." (Oklahoma)
"Praise God! I kept standing for my marriage and after 6 years of separation we are now back together in our home. We serve a God who can work suddenly. Never give up." (Delaware)
"I felt led by the Lord to tell my husband he was welcome home in any condition. I texted him and said no matter what kind of shape he is in or what he has done he is always welcome home. I will not judge or condemn him in any way. He can always tell me the truth about everything without worrying about negative consequences. There is no greater love than someone who will lay down their life for a friend. I wanted him to know I am his friend. My husband called me the next day and left a message thanking me for the text and that he really appreciated it. God is at work." (California) (A Bobservation-Before you tell this to your prodigal, be sure that it was God who told you to do it. Also, be sure that you can live out every word you are writing. This stander’s timing was right, but we prodigals can spot a synthetic stander and the problems only worsen.)
How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights. For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. Psalm 26:7-9  
“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Instead of the thornbush will grow the pine tree, and instead of briers the myrtle will grow. This will be for the LORD’s renown, for an everlasting sign, which will not be destroyed.”  Isaiah 55:12-13
I am very excited. This year I've made a decision to work on having an intimate relationship with God, and memorizing scripture is so powerful in getting to know HIM. Thank you for starting this.  (South Africa)
“My words of praise for my mother did not surface until I had hard times as an adult. Fortunately, I could look back to times when my mother worked through difficult times. Her example gave me the strength to keep standing through difficult circumstances. In fact, I am still learning how to do that. The Lord is my ever ready Counselor and guide now. My mother not only held a career-type job, kept a family together, held a marriage together for 63 years, but she kept good connections with extended family as well, regardless of their faults. Of course it is not just that she accomplished these things, but that she allowed the Lord to have her heart, so that they were made possible. It is immeasurable what she has done for many people. It was a treasured experience to walk with her through her last days. One for which I am eternally thankful. I miss her dearly and am glad to lift her up in the presence of others.”  Happy Mother’s Day  (Illinois)
“I know that the Lord does speak to me with songs, signs and for certain with Covenant Transport trucksand always when I need them the most. I feel blessed to see them quite often. I went to visit my daughter and had to take a long back road highway. I only ‘thought’ to myself, The Lord won't have one to show me on this highway. A little later, a semi came flying by me, and it had a Covenant Transport mud flap on the back. I felt like He was saying ‘Don't tell Me what I can or can't do.’ I was able to share my testimony with someone and talk about Jesus. I love being used by the Lord, and I hope I at least planted a seed. God is so, so good!”  (Oklahoma) 
"After asking God for another sign that my stand is His will, my prodigal called and asked if he could visit. We haven't seen each other for a long while. When he left I told him I loved him and that he was welcome home any time. Thank the Lord I had been following Charlyne's advice to keep the house in order for just such a sudden visit. Thank You, Lord for showing me You are moving my mountain, and for the ‘testing the waters’ visit from my prodigal." (Florida)
"My prodigal contacted me yesterday. I have not seen him in years. He came to quickly pick up his belongings, but ended up leaving next day. He is wanting to move and work for my Dad. He had been loaned the 'Fireproof' movie. I just praise the Lord. God is faithful." (South Africa)
"My spouse and I have been divorced for years. I have been standing for only a few. My car had been in the shop this past week. I hesitated to call my prodigal, but the Lord led me to anyway. I called and asked him if he could take me to school. He agreed. It was nice to be in the same car and I even got a few smiles out of him. Thank You, Lord for loving us enough to show us how mighty You truly are." (Tennessee)
"'Fireproof' was an amazing movie. I have seen it three times. It was incredible and significantly changed they way I looked at my marital situation. I gained a better understanding of what God means by the word love." (Pennsylvania)

"My husband has been home 7.5 months now and it's been a glorious time. God not only removed my husband from darkness and sin but he removed me it, too. I was a bitter wife and didn't respect my husband the way God calls me to. To all standers, never give up on what God calls you to do. Your true unconditional love will knit your spouse's heart to you again. The other day I told the same story about how I knew my husband was the one and I expected my husband to tell the same story from 17 yrs ago but instead he said "when you showed me unconditional love." God will complete His good work." (Georgia)

“’Ye though I walk through the valley of darkness….’ My court date was scheduled for Friday. Today I was notified it has been canceled by my spouse and he wants to go to mediation. I am exhausted of this stand, but know God has His plan. I know this is in God’s hands. I ask for my spouse to open his heart. I place all my faith in the Lord. I am grateful for this site to know I am not alone. I ask all standers to have faith and stay strong, breathe and know the timing is God’s time not ours. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!” (Texas)  
“I ran into a woman that I knew had filed for divorce and that I had been praying for. The Lord spoke to me and said tell her of my scripture, 'I hate divorce.' So I did. When I tried talking to her she kept trying to change the subject and asked me, 'Are you are telling me to not divorce my husband?' I told her several times, 'No, I'm just telling you that this is what God wanted me to tell you and it's His words, and it's in the Bible. After several minutes, she started crying and said, 'Yes, I knew it was wrong when I filed. I will stop the divorce!' Your marriage may not be restored yet, but God can and will still use you! That same day as a blessing from the Lord my husband came over, spent time with us and kept bringing up memories of our time together. It was awesome! And the Lord also spoke to me and said, ‘I will make a way.’ PTL!”  (Arizona) 
“Today was our court date. Praise God a continuance was filed by the Judge. I and many prayer partners have been asking God to delay or end the divorce proceedings. God is always good and His timing is always right.”  (Missouri)

“I can’t contain my joy, I have to share this with Rejoice Ministries which was an anchor of support throughout my stand.  After some years and several false starts, my prodigal is home. It happened suddenly; only God knows how. The OW called to apologize. I feel like I am dreaming.  Standers, take seriously what Charlyne and others say about Christ. He is alive and His promises to you will not return to Him void.  And also take Habakkuk 2:2 seriously. I wrote down all my revelations, coincidences, signs and promises which I will be sharing with standers soon.  I had to learn faith in God, not based on what I saw or perceived. This was only by letting go and letting God.  For now, beloved, be encouraged. Only last week I did not know my suddenly was near.”  (United Kingdom)

"After many falls into the pit, my prodigal daughter has come home suddenly. The road she was on wounded her in many ways physically but I know my God has a road of recovery for her. Next will be her father. Thank You God for Your unique plan for healing and restoration." (Washington State)

"I have been feeling discouraged because there has been little communication with my husband since the divorce became final. I continue to be obedient and walk in faith for the Lord to restore my marriage and have been asking for a sign from God. This morning as I was doing my devotionals the Lord gave me Jeremiah 31. The readings at mass were also from Jeremiah 31. The Gospel was from Mark 10:46-52. God is telling me to have faith, that He is working on the other side of the mountain. What an awesome God we serve." (Florida)
"God is working miraculously each day, changing personalities of family members so they are not even responding to things that they would have normally. He is answering my prayer, healing relationships and preparing hearts for the day my in-home prodigal says he is staying home for good. To God be all the glory for all he has done and for who He is. If we have Him we can not go wrong." (Pennsylvania)
“I was hesitant to share as it seemed every time I did things would get worse. But honestly, God was doing major work behind the scenes. I recently had a false start home by my husband that I thought would take me out. BUT GOD. I thought the process was over but it was really just beginning. I needed to completely let go and stop trying to help God who had everything under control. Through many tears and pain God has continued to carry me. Recently my beloved called to say that he was sorry for not keeping his vows to me and for any heartache and pain he may have caused. That was huge! God's timing is not ours but it’s always the best. Be encouraged. No weapon formed against us, our marriage or our family shall be able to prosper- Isaiah 54:17. We win in the end.”  (Connecticut) 
“Even though I haven't had my marriage restored yet, I had a wonderful gift from God this week. I invited my husband to celebrate our son's birthday with us. We all met at his house and drove together to the restaurant. While we were in the car, my husband received a call from someone we knew. When asked what he was doing, he said he was going to lunch with his son and ‘wife.’ When asked about ‘wife,’ he said that he found out recently that we were still married. The divorce was reversed by a miracle from God after seven months of being final - only God could have done that! Also, I had been asking God for my husband to call me his ‘wife’ again. He is still with the OW but I know God is bringing my suddenly soon! Praise God who loves to give His children special gifts of hope to get us through our painful trials. Let's stay standing for our marriages until God brings our prodigals home!”  (California)
“As someone struggling with putting 100% faith in God, I asked Him to please provide an undeniable sign He was working on my (ex)husband's heart. God knows my soul is struggling, but He did provide and allowed me to put all of my faith in Him! Thirty minutes after that prayer, I received an email in which my husband told me he loves me, is in love with me, will always be in love with me, and never has nor ever will love anything or anyone as he does me. This came seven months without hearing such loving words or much of anything for that matter. That, friends, is amazing. That's God! I cannot wait to share what other work He does in our hearts and lives. Please pray for us individually and as a couple as we rebuild our relationship."(Kentucky)  
“For we overcome him by the Blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony. (Revelation 12:11) My husband who has been separated from me and in the far country for some time, spent three nights with me this week. I am aware he is still going off to the far country and the enemy tells me that I should be mad. But when I see these things I look up and smile because I know our redemption draweth nigh. The enemy thinks he is slick but his tactic only supports my knowledge of who my Redeemer is. Praise God, repentance, salvation and restoration is around the corner.”  (Jamaica) 
"Today is my anniversary. After a period of separation, our marriage was restored. My husband is leading music in our church and leads our family in nightly devotions. We still have a long way to go, but I have faith that the Lord will continue to work in both of us to bring us closer to Him and to each other." (Texas)
"I've felt God speaking to me in recent months. Finding this site confirmed what I thought already; that God would restore my marriage. I asked God for my very first sign and while perusing the praise reports on this web site, He showed me Isaiah 42:16, the scripture that He gave me during the loss of my firstborn daughter. Praise God." (Florida)
“Praise God for answered prayer! I've been praying a lot for God to restore communication between my spouse and me. It has been months of silence. I've been standing for several years, but God is faithful to His promises. A few days later. I had an answer to my prayer. My husband called me and we spoke for a few minutes. I was able to send him a text later thanking him and letting him know he's in my prayers always! I am claiming Mark 11:23 and believe the mountain of OW, separation and divorce will soon be torn down. May God pour His perfect love into all of our marriages this Valentine's Day. God bless you all!”  (California)
“One day at the peak of my frustration I told God that I’ve had enough of this standing and decided to remove my wedding band and dispose of it in such a way that I could never retrieve it ever again. My attitude at this point was, ‘God if you want me to keep standing for this marriage please show me a sign.’ Well God wasted no time in doing so; the wedding band that had been disposed of in such a way that I just knew for certain would never be seen again, had mysteriously shown up the very next day as if I never threw it out. God had clearly given me a sign to keep standing. My faith in Him has been renewed. PTL!”  (North Carolina) 
This is how God blessed me as I have been praying consistantly for good relationships between my children and their dad: our teenage daughter has been a cause for concern for a while. My prodigal didn't seem to know what to do and was not involved enough in her life. I became totally overwhelmed. Finally the situation reached a breaking point. She ran away to her dad's for several days; enough for him to cue in to her troubles. God used this mess to get my husband's attention and to 'force' both of us to cooperate in order to help her. I determined to support his decisions as he took the leadership role in the situation( although I don't always agree). Yesterday he said he needs and appreciates my encouragements as he has to discipline our daughter as never before. It's really hard for him; he likes being 'sugar daddy'. My relationship with my daughter improved at once. I'm amazed to see how God is always at work. He never wastes any of our situations but uses them to shape us up. PTL  (Canada)
“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”  Ezekiel 36:26 
“The devotional ‘How Can I Be Sure Of This?’spoke to me tremendously. I have received six rhema words from Psalm 32:7, Isaiah 56:1, James 1:4, Luke 1:45, Psalm 145:18-20 andZephaniah 3:20 - ‘At that time I will gather you; At that time I will bring you home. I will give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes,’ says the LORD. I received a word that this is the year my prodigal returns home and I heard from God to buy my prodigal husband a wedding ring. I am believing God for miraculous things to happen this year. PTL!! Stand on His promises, He is not a man that He will lie.” (New Jersey) 
"God gave me a wonderful day on my birthday. I passed a Covenant Transport truck on the way to work. I had lunch with a fellow stander. I saw another Covenant truck on the way home in the rain, as well as the most beautiful rainbow. As I turned onto my street I passed my prodigal. God blessed me with His presence and the assurance that He is in control." (Georgia) (You can read what Covenant Transport trucks mean to some standers from - )
“Praise God my husband is home! When my husband left me I was devastated and lost. Everyone told me I needed to move on and I was crazy for holding on. Every Saturday I would read the testimonies and I would pray that one day I would be able to write one myself. You have to believe, have faith, and trust God, He holds true to His Word. Everything Bob says about what the prodigal is thinking is true. My husband is happy to be home and has wanted to come home, but was scared and ashamed. We are now expecting our second child and we couldn't be happier. He even told me that every time I told him I refused to let go he would smile inside, even though he said I needed to move on and it was pointless to hold on. Please, never give up. Galatians 6:9. You will all be in my prayers.” (Florida)
“PTL! I'm amazed how God is touching my husband. We just signed divorce papers last week and he is opening his eyes. He told me that he knows he made a big mistake. He cried on my shoulder and told me ‘you are the best in my life.’ God is answering my prayers. NOTHING IS TOO HARD for our GOD! We need to keep trusting and keep praying!”  (Florida) 
“To start with our God is so great and loving. He is taking care of my children and me daily. My husband is still in the home but is seeing someone else. As I have been standing, I can see and relate to the many testimonies that I have read or listened too. I have had God's grace to sustain me so that I am not jealous and angry or even bitter, for I know that she is nothing but a blip on his radar. For God is working on my husband and changing this family for His will and for His glory.”  (Indiana) 
"Praise God for His protection and provision. I saw God take back ground in two hurting marriages where he has been using me to minister. My prodigal appears to be softening more than ever toward me. What a great reminder that God will frustrate the enemy's plans and when we are at our lowest point, it is probably because satan is losing ground and upset about it." (Canada)
"I was walking on the beach in prayer, seeking the Lord, when I came upon a wedding that had just taken place. The wedding party was celebrating on a deck above. I smelled a stink, and noticed a dead sea lion on the shore. I took this as a tough message from the Lord concerning my own marriage. I was sad, but accepting, and eventually turned around. When I came back near the wedding party, I looked and noticed that the dead sea lion had been washed out to sea, and the stink was gone. Then I heard the Lord; 'I can change things.'" (California)
"Sunday will be our wedding anniversary. My returned husband and I will be renewing our vows at our church. The pastor also asked me to give my testimony at the morning service. I am excited to share what God has done for us to so many. I want all to know that God still brings prodigals home and that nothing is too hard for Him. This time last year I was alone at Christmas, but I felt filled with the peace and joy of Christ and His promises. All Glory and praise to God for this miracle." (Texas)
“After many years of asking my husband to attend counseling with me, I got a message from him stating that we could do counseling if I was interested. Praise God! We had our first session. I zipped my lips and did not point fingers. Last year saw the OW pack up and move 3000 miles away. Although that relationship persists (to the best of my knowledge), I am not sure what she thinks of us attending counseling together. I am praying that she sees her expiration date and that she returns to the spouse she divorced for my husband - who never divorced me! This makes TWO BIG prayers God has answered. Praise Him!”  (California)
“I'm still standing after years of separation. My husband has little to no contact with me. I know God is the God of the impossible and I'm standing in the gap for our marriage. I've finally let go and let God. The majority of my Christian friends and family have lost faith and are pushing me to move on and divorce. My husband and I are both believers and I'm praying for his salvation and conviction. I've read so many beautiful testimonies and know one day I'll share one of my own. God instructed me to post this as an act of faith and that my next post will be the reconciliation of my marriage. My prayer is that my prodigal husband returns by Christmas back in love and full of the Holy Spirit. May God's divine will be done.”  (Ohio) 
“I have been a stander for several months now. My husband has had one false return during that time. I have been praying for God to change me and my spouse. Praise God, my spouse has began to show signs of hope. He has been asking me out to dinner and spending more time with me. I know God is restoring and making my marriage a new one according to His Word. Don’t give up standers. Your prayers are not unheard.”  (South Carolina) 
“God is so good and faithful to His Word. It’s been some years since my husband and I separated. Everything seemed impossible. At times I felt hopeless, especially when my pastor and family where saying to move on, but I was encouraged through Charlyne's devotionals and the Saturday testimonies. I kept standing on God’s Word and when I actually applied the scriptures and confessed them daily with my husband’s name in them. I began to see change. My son and I spent Christmas with my husband and his family. My husband also took me out for Valentine’s and two days later our divorce was dismissed in court at the request of my husband. We are now waiting to move into a house. I'm believing God to work out the rest and move us in our home before our baby is due. Yesterday I saw a Covenant Transport truck for the first time. God is just confirming He is in control. Thank You Jesus.”  (Texas) 
“Since my husband and I were married, we have been under a spiritual battle. Since I left, he has contacted me every week requesting something that he needed for the divorce. He told me that he does not want the divorce but ‘everyone’ tells him he should. I know this is the work of the devil. I know God is ministering to both of us at this time. I pray that he would find the love of Jesus. When I pray, I can see him praying too. I believe my suddenly will come soon. Since we have been together, God answers our prayers just in time. I know that divorce is not in our future and our time will be ‘just in time.’”  (Florida)  
“I thought my situation was hopeless. My husband went back to his country and all contact was cut for over a year. I was very disrespectful to him and cruel during a time when he had a family crisis. I read the devotionals daily, did Bible studies with a married couple and just cried my heart out every day to my Father, best friend, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a journey this has been. I also thought of giving up and filing for abandonment many times. Well, recently I began receiving text messages from my husband that he loves me. Today I received a text message, ‘Don't worry about anything, I will see you very soon.’ Wow!!! Not there yet but this is a major breakthrough. I want to encourage everyone who is standing to remain faithful no matter what, remain quiet, and to trust God.” (New Jersey)
"I asked God to help me stand and forgive. The other day my husband told me that he still loves me and that he wants to try to make our marriage work." (Ohio)
“My prodigal came on Christmas Day with our step-daughter and spent the day with our family including my parents. This was completely orchestrated by the Lord and is the first time since separating it has happened. Never fear God interrupting your life, much like He did Mary and Joseph's, to bring forth new birth. He never calls us to follow without first preparing our way; your way has already been made!”  (Ohio) 
“Easter praise! My husband has been gone for many years and living with the OW. I pray every day for him, sometimes more than once. For the FIRST TIME EVER he sent an Easter care package to my son filled with goodies and nothing for me. There was a note folded in half wishing my son a Happy Easter. After a few hours the Lord reminded me, no, it's a trap, don't be mad, just pray for him. So I did. I thanked the Lord for the package. We came home from church and I decided to look at the note again only this time I opened it ALL the way up, and there at the very bottom was my Happy Easter wish! God is so good. Be faithful and keep praying. God will change their hearts in His time. Stand strong! Never give up!”  (Arizona) 
“I read Charlyne Cares today about are your prayers working and knew that it was for me. The Lord revealed to me that He is only answering my prayers in the areas of my life where I have given Him complete control and have stopped sinning. My biggest problem is unforgiveness! Not with my spouse as you would expect, but with his family. The Holy spirit got hold of me and showed me that I need to let go, forgive and pray blessings on them. Focus on the good things about them, remembering that God loves them and so should I! I had just finished asking for forgiveness from our mighty Lord when He lead me to Isaiah 40:1-5Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and proclaim to her that her hard service has been completed, that her sin has been paid for, that she has received from the Lord’s hand double for all her sins.Praise the Lord! I have been forgiven and I'm about to receive double blessings in the land of restored marriages!”  (United Kingdom) 
"I was driving to work and crying out to the Lord. I looked up in the heavens and asked the Lord to show me a ray of sunshine. A rainbow appeared reminding me of His Covenant. Praise the Lord for His promise." (Florida)
“One year ago I thought my situation was impossible. I went through so much suffering but little by little God guided me and began transforming me from the inside out. I was so ashamed because of the type of woman I had been for most of my life. At first, I had many excuses as to why I was like this but then God gave me a decision to make - continue this way or change and then start harvesting good things. It was only by the Holy Spirit that God started and is transforming me. Recently my husband started communicating with me and has expressed his desire to see our daughter and me. I just can't believe it! I am COMPLETELY sure God did it and I am determined to never let go of God again. Standers don't give up. He is with you.”  (Mexico) 
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