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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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“God did what ONLY He can do! My husband is home after six months. He gave notice on his apartment in December but was adamant he was not coming home until January, 2014. The year 2013 was declared for my local church the Year of Completion. I was believing God that my husband would be home by December 31st. Last month he had a seizure and was in the hospital. Once released, he moved out of his apartment and has been home since. I went to a counseling session today and he came along. I told him he didn't have to say anything. He ended up getting involved and guess what, he's coming to the next session! I am still in awe because our situation looked completely impossible but with God ALL things are possible. Keep the faith, stand firm - even if you have to stand alone believing for your covenant partner. He's not perfect and neither am I, but we serve a perfect God who can turn the heart of any. Prayer changes things! Lord help me to zip my lips and to look to You ALWAYS!”  (Virginia)

(posted 1/18/2014)
Please join other standers and prayer warriors on our Court Page as we pray for divorces to be canceled.  (posted 1/24/2012)
"My son and I were involved in a car accident a few days before my husband came into town. Due to the accident I have no car and can't drive since I broke my foot. I prayed he would ask me to our daughter's birthday dinner which he ended up doing. He was very attentive and apologized to me. I know God is working on his heart. God is so amazing and works in His own time." (Tennessee) (posted 1/21/2011)
"My husband left me and my children after signing papers for us to build a home. He pays the house payments and other bills. My husband spent the night in our new home for the first time since it has been built. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful blessing. I know my marriage is saved and restored." (Virginia) (posted 4/24/2009)
"My Heavenly Father has put it on my heart to get my husband a gift for Christmas. I remember my husband being upset because I did not take good pictures during his body building contest. I contacted the studio that took pictures during the contest. I explained my situation to the photographer. The photographer gave me a discount and also sent me ihilippians 4:13; 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'" (Pennsylvania) (posted 12/18/2009)
“I stumbled on this website at a time I was feeling very frustrated and with plans under way for my husband to move in with the OW and her children. By then there was no communication at all after a three year separation. But my suddenly came when our small boy did so well in a national exam and he came to congratulate him. The communication opened, he apologized and decided to come back to his family. He moved back and I really thank God. I will encourage all standers to hold on, your suddenly will surely come.” (Kenya) (posted 4/21/2014)
“Although I have been in church and a Christian most of my life, until my husband left me, I didn't realize God would care about my life's little details. I didn't know He would speak to me personally and would hear my prayers. I praise Him for an answer to prayer. I've been praying that eventually my husband's work schedule would be changed to a Monday-Friday position so once our marriage is restored, we could have our weekends for family. God surprised me by choosing to answer that prayer first, and while I couldn't even imagine how it would happen, my husband was offered a promotion with a Monday-Friday schedule. So, praise the Lord, an answer to prayer WITH the surprising bonus of a promotion! God gave me a little preview that He goes above and beyond what we can imagine.” (Indiana)  (posted 12/3/2012)
"I recently passed a significant milestone of the day my wife left. It was quite discouraging. That same week my son filled out a survey for his new teacher this year. Question: If you could have anything, regardless of money or natural ability, what would you choose? Why? My son's answer: 'I would like hope. I want hope because I need my family together at last.' Yes, I cried. What more motivation could this father need to keep standing for his marriage and family!" (Indiana) (posted 8/28/2010)
“Oh Lord, You are worthy to be praised. Thank You for putting in my heart to prepare a Father’s Day gift for my beloved and our daughters. I pray that there will be less of me and more of Him, that this will open a door for healing, hope, and love. My beloved texted me to say thank you for the gifts and that he and the girls had a very special day and God bless me. Only God! I learned that my beloved came to our home to pick them up and came inside our home. PTL! For a moment my beloved came home. I pray that he will feel that he belongs in our home with us. God is able and faithful!”  (Florida)  (posted 7/9/2013)
"I didn't think I could make it through all the circumstances. I have had dark times, but I can see God's light and am overwhelmed by His faithfulness. He didn't always speak to me when I wanted to hear Him, but He always spoke to me when I needed to hear Him. I realize that there's nothing that my God can't get me through." (Virginia) (posted 8/14/2009)
"PTL! My prodigal came to our house from the Sabbath afternoon, slept the night and spent all of Father's Day with our 3 kids. It was truly a lovely and blessed day. We were so happy and even circumstances could not spoil our joy. God is faithful and He answers prayers. Never give up! Keep standing, loving and praying for your prodigal spouse."  (Jamaica)  (posted 6/24/2011)
"Today my prodigal called me and expressed an interest in coming to visit me in my home. Prior to this conversation, we have not had contact in a month. Although there have been false starts, I give praise to God for yet another breakthrough in our restoration." (Missouri) (posted 6/5/2009)
God Bless Mothers...... “The greatest inheritance I have from my mother is that she instilled her faith in God in me by the way she lived her life. Although heartbroken after losing four children, her faith in God never wavered. My mother taught me God's Word but it was the way she lived her life, her faith in God never wavering. She fought the fight, finished the race and kept the faith and I know there is laid up a crown of righteousness. Because of her influence, I know countless people are being touched because of her faithfulness. To God be the glory.” (California) (posted 5/12/2012)
"Praise our God for He is wonderful and exciting all at the same time. I traveled to another state with our daughter to bury her grandmother, my mother-in-law. My husband reluctantly agreed for me to come. He drove me around, took us to dinner, paid for my hotel, all my food and the taxi back to the airport. God is moving in this marriage. I believe that my marriage will be restored based upon the promises and the Word of God." (Florida) (posted 11/6/2009)
“PTL with me for communication restored! I asked the Lord to give communication back because I felt that the enemy was trying to regain ground. God called me to pray four times daily. I did so for over a week and suddenly my spouse went out of his way to contact me. When we finally spoke the Lord allowed us to have a conversation about one of the most contentious issues of our marriage and divorce. But by God’s grace I was moved to apologize and repent once again for my part in this issue and for the first time he responded with grace and forgiveness. We continued to laugh, talk and flirt for the rest of the day. I received so much more than what I had asked for. Keep standing, please don’t give up! God is great! Ephesians 3:20.”  (Oklahoma) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I signed my divorce papers while still praying against it, waiting for the hearing and to reach agreements on splitting the little we have, child sharing and co-parenting. I received a ‘notice of discontinuance’ and ‘cancelation of divorce proceedings’ from my wife. I give God the praise! The marriage was so dead, there was just no way it was ever coming back in the natural. I have re-learned to worship, pray and carry the word in my heart. I am brand new! Everyone out there, and especially men out there, stand firm and stay consecrated for Jesus to work. Zechariah 4: 6-7 (GNT)The angel told me to give Zerubbabel this message from the LORD: “You will succeed, not by military might or by your own strength, but by my spirit. Obstacles as great as mountains will disappear before you. You will rebuild the Temple, and as you put the last stone in place, the people will shout, ‘Beautiful, beautiful!’”  (Australia) (posted 9/3/2013)
“My husband and I have been separated for several months. Papers were served this summer and, being a no fault state, I could only respond in a way that would delay, but not stop the divorce. After receiving my response, he was angry and wanted to meet to talk. He showed up ready to talk business, but God had other plans! His heart was softened enough to agree to work on things and give our marriage effort and time. So on our 10-year anniversary, we had lunch, then went to the court house to file a dismissal of the divorce case! God stepped in just in time! It is still strained and we are still separated, but we are now communicating and spending time together. God showed me He is healing this marriage. I just need to wait on Him!” (Oregon) (posted 10/8/2014)
"It has been one year since the restoration of our marriage and I thank God for the victory. Our marriage is better than it was before. We both have a deep appreciation for each other and do not take each other for granted like we used to. Don't give up. God is faithful to do what He said He would do." (Michigan) (posted 3/5/2010)
“I've been waiting on Gods timing for a few years now. I don't know the plan for our future but stand on faith that God does. In the middle of the night I received a phone call from the OW. She stated that things were ‘not good’ between her and my husband. She spoke of his unhappiness, the guilt she felt over breaking up a family, and the fact that he hasn't pursued divorce from me yet despite her best efforts. Ultimately she wanted to know if I was still planning on standing by him if he returned. Although pretty speechless, I stated I have stood by him throughout many trials and had no intention of stopping. God is obviously at work. I continue to pray that God will soften my husband’s heart and show him the need to turn back to Him.”  (Washington)   (posted 1/27/2014)
“Lately, I cried out to God to please DO SOMETHING to end our separation. The very next day, I received a message from my prodigal, stating that he will proceed with the divorce after more than three years of hesitation. I was devastated. Now I believe that this is Christ coming to me in the storm saying, 'It is I, don't be afraid.’ I prayed and fasted. Then we met in a fine restaurant and it was more like a date than a divorce negotiation. He planned six more such 'negotiations.’ He is even thinking of designing and building me a new home! Jokingly, he added that we will probably end up living in it together someday. Such things never happened since he left. PTL!” (Canada)  (posted 4/15/2013)
“The grass isn't always greener on the other side. My love has been living with his girlfriend for quite some time. I began to lose hope and question whether this wait so far was worth it. He had hinted in the past that things were rocky between them, but then made it seem like all was well. But God! When I asked him for some financial help, he  humbly opened up to me about his financial struggles and then begged for my trust and revealed he was not happy in his relationship. He now feels stuck with her due to circumstances and I'm believing in the Lord to be his Jehovah Jireh and provide for his needs so that he can leave her and be alone to focus on the Lord. Thank You Father for opening my eyes to the truth. My King is in charge, and I will stop assuming the worst from now on and start trusting the Lord to drive this car on this journey to reconciliation!” (California) (posted 4/28/2014)

"I asked the Lord what is His will for my marriage. I ask Him to give me a sign by having my spouse call me on Mother's Day. Praise God, that was the first call that I received Sunday morning. My husband also surprised me the next day and wished me a Happy Birthday. God is good." (Alabama)

(posted 5/7/2012)
"God does hear our prayers! I have been standing for some years, and recently have seen my mountain begin to crumble. My spouse asked to come visit on my birthday, and just this week alone has expressed twice that he loves me, and thinks of me every day. My prayer was to know my husband's thoughts, and not only were they shared once, but twice. Thank You, Lord for loving me, and my family and that in Your perfect timing we will be standing on Your steady rock for life."  (Florida)  (posted 5/12/2011)
“To God be the glory! I am a prodigal who is now a stander. For many years I lived my life my way, which resulted in trampling and destroying my wife. Last year my wife asked me to leave the home. I see now this was God’s will. He has reconciled Himself to me, removed my heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. Jesus is showing me amazing things, transforming me, preparing me and He is my life now.(Ezekiel 40:4) Even though my wife wants a divorce, I know from the verses God has given me (Jeremiah 29:10-14), our marriage will be restored. This past weekend, I got to drop our girls off at the house and have a good conversation with my wife. God is working on the other side of the mountain! Do not give up! God is faithful to all His promises. Keep praying, fasting and standing firm! I know my suddenly is coming soon."  (Pennsylvania) (posted 9/26/2013)
"I went to court for divorce. The case was dismissed. My husband didn't show up again. My husband called me the day after and asked me what happened. I asked him why didn't he show up. He stated because he didn't want to come. To God be the Glory." (Maryland) (posted 7/3/2009)
“Only got a second, because I am at work, but wanted to let you know my wife moved back in with me over the weekend. Things are going especially well, and God gets all the credit.” (California) (posted 11/20/2004)
“God is so good! I asked Him to show me the writing on the wall, as to what He wanted, and don't you know, that is exactly what He did. I had several posts on my Facebook page, that said things about keeping the faith, hold on, and many other things. Then I read today's Charlyne Cares and there again it was just like the Lord was saying this is what I want you to do. Praise God He is so good to me, much more than I deserve. Waiting on my miracle.”  (Tennessee) (posted 12/2/2013)
"Today I was extremely discouraged and I unzipped my lips in frustration and anger towards my husband. I asked the Lord if he wanted to restore our marriage. When I opened Charlyne Cares it was about Daniel and the lion’s den, encouraging me not to stop believing and praying, like Daniel did, for my unbelieving husband. Charlyne concluded by saying God wants to restore your marriage. Praise the Lord for the direct answer to my question." (Netherlands) (posted 9/12/2008)
“Our God is such an awesome and amazing God. Just today God has started to answer my prayers and my husband and I are going to be moving back in together. I know that we will still have a bumpy road ahead of us, but with God's guidance I am confident that we will become stronger. I credit God for letting this happen and I will always praise Him and seek Him for guidance. Thank you RMM for being the stepping stone in my search for God and the restoration of my marriage!”  (Illinois)  (posted 10/23/2011)
"Last Sunday the pastor spoke on the Ten Commandments. The Lord spoke to me through his sermon. Had I allowed marriage restoration to become my idol. Was I more interested in my marriage being restored than on building my relationship with God. Was I loving God for who He is, or was I just anticipating what I wanted Him to do? Was I wanting more of Him or for Him to hurry and bring my spouse home. Thank You, Lord for opening my spiritual eyes." (California) (posted 10/30/2009)
"Praise God, my husband left the other woman and returned home. I can see God working each and every day." (New York) (posted 11/7/2008)
“My spouse and I have been reunited for over a year and we are very happy. Recently I have been pressing into God and praying for the salvation of my husband and my family. Two days ago he agreed to come to a church social coffee evening and he met a man that he got on very well with. Yesterday I ran into the OP at the shops and she gave me a very heartfelt apology. I gave her a hug and felt a load lift from us both. Nothing is impossible with God!”  (Australia) (posted 8/4/2014)
"I had been praying that I would receive a call from my husband that had nothing to do with divorce. I received some mail and sent him a text. Shortly after the text, he called me and we talked, catching up on things and there was no mention of divorce. I praise God as he told me he was going to text me but saw no reason he couldn't pick up the phone call and talk with me." (Kentucky) (posted 1/10/2011)
“My husband and I have been separated for a few months with no communication. I have prayed for the mountain of non-communication to break down. My husband texted me out of the blue and asked me for coffee on Thanksgiving morning. We just talked about things at first. Then he told me he loved me and never stopped. He wants us to be together forever. I couldn’t believe my ears. He said, ‘I need to get myself right with God first.’ Then he wants to start dating again. Praise God! Stand! Do not ever give up!”  (North Carolina) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I was getting weary in my stand. On Friday I was driving and I asked the Lord, just one more time, Lord, give me a sign that I am suppose to stand for my marriage. I looked around and knew I wouldn't see any Covenant Transport trucks because of where I live. So I started reading license plate numbers and trying to see if there was a message in them, but then seconds later, the Holy Spirit told me to look up. I looked up and at that very minute I was driving underneath a street sign that said ‘Spouse Drive!’ The Lord is faithful to our cries! Just ask Him! I thanked the Lord for giving me the encouragement I needed and now every time I pass that street, I just laugh!”  (Arizona)  (posted 12/3/2011)

“PTL! A few days ago my husband came home. It was completely ‘suddenly’ as I had received an e-mail from his mom saying he was spending Thanksgiving with the OW. We were also scheduled to have a phone conference with the judge tomorrow- but she is sick and had to reschedule! I don't know what the future holds- but I know WHO holds our future and it is good! I have so many promises and signs from God it fills several pages of my journal! I am trusting God and leaning not on my own understanding. Whenever I start to fear, I rebuke the devil and remember that this battle is not mine- but the Lord's! PTL! Thanks and glory be to God and thanks to RMM!”  (Minnesota)

(posted 8/31/2012)
“My husband moved out of town many months ago with the intention of marrying another woman. He is back; the marriage never occurred. He even phoned me to tell me he had moved back and he’s been to visit me. What a miracle of God!”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/11/2014)

“After many months my husband came home. In my heart I knew God would prevail. I stood on His Word and remembered the scripture of forgiving others so that He may also forgive me. The Lord blessed me and my family and has brought us closer to Him. Our marriage is still not perfectly restored, but I know God is in control and He will work things out in his time. Miracles do happen when you put your faith in the Lord and live by His Word.”  (Texas)

(posted 1/28/2013)
“My divorce was finalized but I've been standing and trusting the Lord for healing and restoration for some time. I did a mission trip with my daughters and before I left on the trip, my wife submitted our divorce papers to be signed by the judge. A week later my wife had second thoughts and tried to put our divorce on hold but the judge still signed our decree. The Lord gave me this verse. ‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.’  Isaiah 43:19  I praise God for this ‘suddenly.’  Trust God dear standers. He can do the impossible.”  (Minnesota)  (posted 2/20/2013)
"My husband came from a distance to see our precious daughters. This was the first time he did this and our daughters were so excited. We all went out for ice cream when he came to town. It was like old times. He even seemed concerned about my new job. Thank You, Lord." (North Carolina) (posted 8/28/2010)

"It looked like the end when we were granted a divorce on Tuesday. My wife had a change of heart and we started talking. Two weeks later we are putting a deposit on a new apartment and making plans for the future. I cannot wait to get back under the same roof again. Praise God." (Rhode Island)

(posted 9/12/2008)
"I just have to say how wonderful Jesus is to me. I was feeling down and driving by was a Covenant transport truck. I have heard many standers talk about it but I live in a rural town and never thought I would ever see one. Thank You, Lord for loving me and speaking to me when I need you the most. Thank You for making me feel so special." (Ohio) (posted 1/10/2011)
“Thank You Jesus! My husband returned after being away for months. The kids and I prayed, fasted and held on to God's Word. God showed me Habakkuk 1:5 two weeks before my prodigal came home. God brought him home on our anniversary. He is a much better husband and father because he loves God like never before. How awesome is our God. HE never fails. Keep believing and trusting God. Nothing is impossible for God. I will forever PRAISE GOD.”  (Texas) (posted 8/3/2013)
"Yesterday I prayed for God to let me have some positive contact with my wife. We have seen so little of each other. Today I saw her running by in a relay race. She waved at me, her face beaming when she saw me. I clapped and smiled as she passed, telling her that I was proud of her. She kept her eyes on me as she passed, smiling brightly." (California) (posted 5/15/2009)
"My husband bought me a birthday card this month that said "When you have faith as small as a mustard seed nothing is impossible" and then he came on Christmas to exchange gifts with the kids and I. He was so excited about his gift to me he was helping me open the box. I do have faith and I do believe in miracles. (Maryland) (posted 12/30/2009)
"My prodigal spouse came over to bring our son his gifts. He brought me a gift also. He was sick when he got here and I got the chance to take care of him. PTL!" (Georgia) (posted 1/21/2011)
“I have been praying for a job where my spouse and children reside. It all seemed impossible… BUT GOD! I am starting my new job there this week. PTL. Restoration is on its way. God’s promises are real!” (South Africa)   (posted 4/28/2014)
“My marriage has been restored! Our God is mighty and good to those who love and worship Him. My in-home prodigal started spending more time at home rather than at work or partying and also started talking about reconciliation. Now my husband tells and shows me that he loves me, is certain that we belong together, is honest and forthcoming and has started praying. A complete salvation is underway for him and all other prodigal spouses. All this, when I was down to nothing, God was working in my husband’s heart to heal and deliver. Dear standers, God wants your heartfelt prayers and faith. Be like Job and choose to thank God in the midst of difficulty and praise and worship him. In His perfect timing everything will come together. Say Amen and believe.”  (Canada) (posted 11/25/2014)
“PTL! As soon as I started trusting for restoration of my second marriage, I realized I was also a prodigal. Somehow God made it happen that I started reconnecting with my first husband as he also separated from his non-covenant marriage. The communication is great and I have had many signs. His family gave me a name that means ‘standing’ in our language. God is really changing me. Thank you for the teachings on zip the lips, trusting God and just praying. Yesterday we spoke about getting married again and my heart leapt for joy. I’m trusting God to save him so we can build a marriage on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I’m not giving up and I have peace that I am in God’s will.”  (South Africa)  (posted 4/28/2013)
“I have a lengthy stand and there are times nothing seems to be happening. But I want you to never give up, because those are the times God is doing His best work. God can make things work together so you both end up staying under the same roof at your out-of-state daughter's home for a grandson's birthday party. Getting up to wish each other a ‘good morning’ and share breakfast together. God can also have a spouse find you, even though they have no idea where you are living and where you are. Mine tracked me down at that same daughter's house while I am here for a visit. It doesn't matter why my spouse called, what matters is that God will help them find you when they have no idea where you are! Praise God! So if you think your spouse can't find you or you don't know where they are? God has His ways to make it all happen! Have faith and trust God! It is when you surrender your will to God's that He works it all out.” (Illinois)  (posted 5/27/2013)
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