General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

“I just can’t thank my Heavenly Father enough; my prodigal husband is home!! We were separated for several months and God directed me to RMM. My faith and this website is what held me together. Please standers, never give up, just give it all to God. That is what He wants from us, to rely on Him. God hates divorce. Put your trust in your Heavenly Father. Praise the Lord!”  (Montana)
“Just last week I was feeling so down and as though nothing was changing. I prayed and asked God to show me a sign that my husband was thinking about coming home, that he still loved me and that God was indeed speaking to him. I told God that I didn’t want it to happen based on anything I asked my husband but I wanted it to come directly from him. The next morning, at 2 a.m. I heard the door of my bedroom push open and looked up to see my husband standing in the door way. God answered my prayer and brought him home if only for that night. Later during the week I told him the baby and I missed him and he said he missed us too. I asked him if he wasn’t going to return to us and he responded, ‘Take your time,' which is his way of saying yes but just wait. I know God is faithful and at His appointed time He will bring my husband back to me and our baby. In the meantime, I'm learning to lean on God and zip my lips.”  (Barbados)  
"God speaks through His Word. I was asking God several questions as I drove home from work. I randomly opened my Bible and God showed me Job 36:2-12. God is good. All three questions were answered in one scripture passage. Imagine the impact of 'bear with me a little longer and I will show you' has on this stander’s heart." (United Kingdom)
"Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this." Psalm 37:5
“God has been good! In the last couple weeks I have seen mediation get canceled for a third time after posting it on the Court Room Page! Hopefully the next time it will get canceled for good! Also my husband went on a marriage retreat with me and committed to pray about the divorce. I have been standing for some time to stop this divorce, and I can truly see God's hand working! Thank you Rejoice Ministries!! Your ministry has been strong in helping me to keep standing!” (Florida)
“Today was a blessing as my oldest daughter got married to a wonderful young man. I prayed for strength as this was going to be the first time in over a year for me to see my covenant spouse. He would be attending with the non-covenant. When my husband was alone I had the opportunity to let him know he looked nice and he returned the compliment. I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. He received it with no problem and there was a hug in return. God allowed me to share that I continue to have him in prayer and maybe one day he will come home. To my amazement he looked at me and I received no negative reaction. Later on the OW made it clear she would not allow him to be near. Even then God gave me peace for He had already allowed me to share my stand for our marriage. Only by the grace of God would I have this courage after years of standing. God is working on the other side of my mountain. Praise God!” (California)
“PTL! I needed some repairs done to my car and my husband responded right away he would do them. He is two hours away. He did the work and I even helped and got to spend time with him. As he was getting ready to leave I had a gift I had bought for him for our anniversary a few weeks ago and gave it to him. He hugged me. He has not done that in over a year. Also on my way to work the day after he left, I passed by a truck and on the back it said ‘Fear not.’ This has been good this week. It has been many years since all of this started. Thank the Lord He is faithful. Never give up on your spouse.”  (Illinois) 
“My husband called two days ago and told me he was so in love with me. He misses me greatly and asked if I would give him 30 days to clear things up. This week he told our son that he missed him and loved him. He isn't home yet but God is working miraculous things in our lives and we are very blessed. The night before I was so lonely and crying hard, Jesus told me everything was going to be alright and the next day my husband called me. I pray that I can continue to keep my lips zipped, my fingers from texting and keep my faith in God to heal our hurting marriage completely. Amen.”  (Nevada)
"God is turning my husband’s heart home. The days that He promised me is finally here. My husband bought me a new phone, helped in dinner preparation and we spend time together." (Singapore)

“My patience and prayers have been answered.  Thanks to God, the support of your group and the strength from God to remain patient, tolerant and loving toward my ex-wife, we remarried in our parish church in February, on our original wedding date. Our divorce was final in June of last year and by November my ex wanted to cut off any further contact. Then miraculously, only days later, she was moved to return and wished to put our marriage back together. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Praise the Lord our marriage has been restored.”  (Michigan)

"I had allowed years of bitterness, anger and resentment to come between my husband and myself. I'd started a relationship with another man, closing myself off to my husband of 20 years. Despite much Christian counseling for both of us, it looked like our marriage was over. By the grace of God, and the work of the Holy Spirit, following an Easter service I realized that if Christ could forgive my sin and die for me I had no right being angry and resentful to my husband to the point of divorce. I am now standing for my marriage and encouraging others to do likewise. Don't ever give up!" (Canada) "Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. Deliver me, O my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of evil and cruel men." Psalm 71:3-4

“I have been standing for my marriage awhile. I can't wait for Saturdays to see what God has done in the lives of standers. I’m so encouraged to read about their prodigals coming home. God gives me signs in a form of a cross, a dove, a rainbow and the words, ‘don't quit.’ I ask God to give me those signs to encourage me to not give up. He has been faithful. Just Sunday our pastor was telling us about a couple whose marriage has been restored even though this couple do not attend church. How awesome is that! I'm not giving up. Keep on praying. God is faithful. My situation looks bleak, butCharlyne’s encouraging devotions each day keep me going. As she reminds us constantly, there's nothing too hard for our Father. God bless.”  (South Africa) 
“The recent devotionals about fasting have been weighing heavy on me because I know it's a call on my heart that I need to follow through with in obedience. Today as I used this time to sit down with my prayer journal the phone rang before I could finish the third sentence. It was my husband, PTL! I've been praying for some sort of communication to open back up between us and even as small of a conversation that it was, it was still an opportunity. I have not spoken to him in a few months. If you are questioning your own obedience in committing to fasting and prayer do not wait any longer. God is waiting and wanting you to answer the call He has laid on your heart. Whatever fast you commit yourself to, He will honor it! Thank you Charlyne for the boldness in which you speak to standers!”  (Georgia) 
"My husband said he wanted a divorce and planned to move back to his family home earlier this year. He is still at home, however, a testimony of God’s power." (Trinidad and Tobago)
“I sure wish Brother Bob could have been here to know that my wife lives about 5 miles from me and she calls every now and then. She called a couple days ago and just before we hung up, I said ‘I love you’. She said, ‘I know.’ This testimony is so powerful! If the other standers could get to read all the details, they would jump for joy. May God bless RMM. Brother Bob, I know you made it to the streets of gold.” (Florida) 
"My husband and I are back together. Praise God. It happened just like you said it would, fast and unexpected. There was a lot of hurting and loneliness, when it was all said and done, it really wasn't that long. The Lord transformed me from this hateful person who was always yelling, to this loving, caring, person. I am now the wife that he not only deserves, but always wanted. I cannot take any credit with this as it is only by the grace of God that changed me. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement during my trial." (Tennessee)
Thank You, Lord, for healing my mother. God knew exactly what to do. He gave her doctors wisdom, and she is on the mend. He provides what we need, even when we don't yet know that we'll need it.”  (North Carolina)

"Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to be with my prodigal and our child over Thanksgiving." (California)

“Jesus and His love and Husbandship was the only way that my husband was able to allow me and my children to come home after almost two years! He left the OW and is now in the safety and arms of the Almighty! Many doors have been opened to us through ministry and we are very grateful that God's promises are true and His Word does not return to Him void. Now that we have seen that all things are possible through Him, all of the promises He has given us in our restored marriage are that much easier to believe! Stay encouraged standers! God is working every day! Your prodigal really is thinking about coming home all of the time! Wait on God's perfect timing and enjoy the learning process and the changing of your heart in the mean time. Thank You Jesus!”  (Connecticut) 

"As soon as I was able to let go and fully let God, my marriage was restored, thanks to the Lord. It all happened just like you said it would. God's time is perfect. My husband left the other woman suddenly, checked into the hospital to detox for alcoholism and came home broken and in need of love, first to God then to a praying, standing wife and our children. No questions asked. Zipping my lips, as you say, is what is making this all a joyful restoration. It is work in progress. He is now to God's glory the lead vocalist for our church choir. Watching him praise God with tearful eyes is what fills the holes that the Enemy tried to bore in me. Praise the Lord. What a mighty God we serve. I hope I can encourage every stander to never, never lose heart. Continue to hold on because just like Charlyne and Bob said, it was all worth what we have now. Thank you for being used by God to keep people like us shining the light for our lost prodigals to find their way home." (New York)

"Praise God, He hears our prayers even through storms. I have been praying for my husband to be with us during the holidays. He will be here, but at the hospital where our daughter will be having surgery. She has said she feels this is the beginning of the restoration of our family. She also said if she has to go through this to have her family back together she would. She is teen-aged, but wise in her age. I pray God will soften her daddy's heart as the family will be gathered for the week as she recovers. God is creative how He restores." (Washington)
"The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them. Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him...but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." Psalm 34:7-8,10
"I am standing again. My husband came home for awhile as an at-home prodigal. I prayed every day and zipped my lips. I could see the battle raging within him. He has left again. I forgot to pay my car insurance and was greeted with a cancellation notice. I prayed. My insurance company of over 10 years told me they would reinstate me for three payments. I did not have the money. A word from the Holy Spirit popped in my mind and I checked out a new insurance company, was able to get insured that day at a substantial savings. Praise God. I thought He was not hearing my prayers. God is good. Bless His name. Jesus is Lord of my life.”   (Alabama)
"I started on my stand many months ago when my wife took our two kids and left on the journey to find her soul mate. I was devastated and sure God did not care about me. At a time when I was so close to God, how could this happen? I know God allowed this for a great purpose. I have developed a relationship with God like never before. I found my way back to Rejoice Ministries and I am standing strong and praying for all prodigals. Thank you." (Florida)
"I have to share with you how God moved during my first ever fast. I had been an up and down stander...not even sure if what I was doing was the right thing to do. During that week, the Lord led me to your website, during a search for ways to fast for my marriage. It was an answered prayer and a message from God! I knew that He wanted me to stand. I know that God is working on my prodigal's heart everyday!"  (Alabama) 

"I am praising Jesus. My husband and I are spending time together. We are now on the way to a restored marriage. He still needs to surrender to Jesus. I am confident that He who began a good work in my husband will complete it. We plan to buy a new home with Jesus leading and directing our steps. God has begun to restore relationships with our children and our grandchildren are thrilled to have grandpa back in their lives. We celebrated our granddaughter's birthday. It’s amazing just as God promised me. I keep looking to the Lord who will bring my husband back to Him. Thanks, Bob and Charlyne for your help." (Arizona)

"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the LORD grant all your requests." Psalm 20:4-5
“On Christmas Day my husband joined me and our three children to open presents in our home. We didn't know our daughter had wrapped up our wedding video with a note reminding us of our words ‘til death’ we had said to each other. Yes, God speaks through our children! I have seen answered prayers and God moving mountains since beginning my stand this summer. I am so thankful to RMM, Bob and Charlyne for the devotionals, books and support. Thank you Charlyne for encouraging me to trust Him. I have given it ALL to God and zipped my lips. I am learning to be the wife God has called me to be. Thanks be to a God who loves me so much!”  (Texas) 
“I prayed for a sign to continue my stand although we are now divorced. I was feeling like I needed strength to continue my stand or to end it. As I was driving down the interstate I looked to my left and there it was, a Covenant Transport truck, I knew I had to continue on. God still speaks, but are we listening?”  (Texas)
“Praise the Lord! I have been standing for several months with no contact at all from my husband. The last conversation we had, he told me leaving me was the best decision of his life. I have been praying and fasting and today was our court date. The case was dismissed and after leaving the court room I had a feeling to hang around. My husband walked over to me and asked to hold our son. Then he hugged me! We walked out of the courthouse together and before parting ways he gave me another hug and a kiss! I was completely shocked because I wasn't expecting God to have changed my husband so much without any communication. He even texted a little later and said once again he loved me. I am so thankful to God, and those of you praying for marriages to be restored. I know we have a long way to go but I know God is answering prayers and moving mountains!”  (North Carolina)
"I have been divorced for over a year. Since God led me here, I put my ring on and started to fast and pray. Her heart is getting soft. We talk every day on the phone. I will trust God for my complete healing and restored marriage." (Georgia)
“PTL! God is moving! After many months of standing on my knees, my husband is communicating! It is not my suddenly and it is very limited, but it is huge for me because there was very little communication before. And when we did, it always ended up in an argument. But God and RMM have taught me to stay positive, speak positive, and zip my lips! Where the enemy used to push my buttons, they are no longer there to push! Thanks and glory be to God Almighty!”  (Georgia)
"My husband is an in-home prodigal. Our anniversary is coming up soon and it has been difficult to think about how to deal with it. Over the last few weeks God has been showing me He was there when we spoke our wedding vows. I found one of our wedding pictures where there is a picture on the wall of Jesus and it is like he is looking right at us. A great reminder that He was with us back then and is still with us today."  (Michigan)
“Every time I feel I can't walk this path any longer, the Lord sends me a Word from scripture to affirm me. Today as my husband emailed me pressuring me to make a decision as he wants a quick way out, I was thinking, why don't I just sign those papers and move on with my kids? Then I got a devotional on email today and the Lord said not to be afraid, that He will take care of me. Today’sdevotional on Rejoice was about not giving up on our marriages. I ask the Lord to restore the love in us. I want to do His will and not mine. This is hard to do, but according to so many testimonies, after the labor pains comes joy. I am here standing, holding my Lord's hand, not knowing what comes ahead, but I know the Lord is assuring me that He is my future!”  (California) 
"I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth." Psalm 57:9-11
“I praise God for finding this site of yours. My marriage isn’t restored yet but I believe the Lord is working behind the scenes. Thank you for the daily inspiration, it helps me a lot in my daily standing. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.”  (California)  
“Today I get baptized to the Lord. I so believe that He brought this storm to me to bring me to Him. I so believe that He is bringing me to Him first and then He will bring my husband to Him. The signs He gives me to let me know that He is working are very encouraging to me. I was kneeling down to pray and as I was turning to kneel, there was a vision of my husband kneeling beside me by our bed praying, already waiting for me. I think that was God telling me what is to come and to be ready, suddenly. I am so thankful to this ministry for giving me the words of encouragement to go on . Thank you.” (Missouri) 
“God has spoken to me on so many occasions during my stand. I pray for my husband on a daily basis and my church peers, also. My husband tells me every time he has a chance, that he knows we pray for him. He knows, deep inside, that he will be serving God and that our marriage will be restored. He talks about the future of our family. Praise God for His everlasting mercy.”  (Texas) 
“Last week Charlyne sent some powerful Scripture prayers with blanks in them for hubby's name over Facebook. I was praying these prayers for my husband and could feel the power of God. Immediately after I finished, my prodigal spouse called and said he was putting money in my account and thinking of me. What a marvelous and timely call...God answers prayer in powerful ways. Also my out of town daughter announced she and her hubby and three baby grandsons are moving back to our hometown in the spring. My husband got really excited and said maybe we can get a duplex together. He was home at Christmas for ten days and God showed me then that this was the beginning of our restoration. I have also been very blessed by the book The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. Prayer has made all the difference in our relationship. Praise the Lord for His great grace and awesome power! God truly answers prayer.” (Canada) 
“God spoke to me some months ago in my attorney's office so clearly. He said, ‘Remember, I have stopped your divorce.’ The same day, mediation was scheduled. But I remembered what God said. I began to fast and pray continually about it. Our mediation was set, divorce was to be finalized that same day. I began praying with a friend and reminded God what He said to me, and He was faithful to His Word. I looked up right after we finished praying and had received an email from my attorney's office telling me that my husband had cancelled mediation, had not rescheduled it, and also that our names were never put on the docket for trial, which is extremely unusual. I know my miracle is on the way. Thank You Lord for being so faithful. Keep standing! These prodigals are coming HOME in Jesus' Name! Luke 15:32.”  (Florida) 
"I want to praise God for the healing that is taking place in my husband’s heart. He helped with our child’s birthday party." (California)
"Your compassion is great, O LORD; preserve my life according to your laws. Many are the foes who persecute me, but I have not turned from your statutes." Psalm 119:156-157
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"Today was our third court hearing. We sat in a room with our attorneys to ‘iron out details.’  My husband and his attorney said if I wanted, we could take more time to figure out details and not sign today. (What? Wow!) I agreed to that, and reminded them I had never wanted the divorce and still don’t today. God is working! I give Him all the praise!”  (Texas) 
"I have prayed often that my husband receives a heart transplant, but never shared this with him. He told me that he had a dream recently that he was having surgery and he saw that his heart was removed and the doctors put a new heart in him. Glory to the Lord. My husband has broken up with the other woman and has changed his attitude towards me and our family." (Illinois)
“Today as I was driving I kept saying, ‘I am going to trust God ,’ over and over again. Then a restoration truck passed me. Thank You Jesus! But the amazing part is when I came to the stoplight, the license plate on the car in front of me read 'IN GOD WE TRUST!' AMEN!”  (Illinois) 
"One year ago I found your site searching for help. I was facing separation and probable divorce. Two months ago my husband came back home and has agreed to marriage counseling. We are sharing a room and a bed once again; we are making plans for the future. It's tentative and slow going which is why I hadn't testified yet. But I felt God reprimand me for not sharing. God has worked a miracle and He is not done yet. Unless God builds the house it can't stand. I know he is working on the building and I praise His name and testify to all His blessings."  (Michigan)
"After years of no contact my wife and I met at our son's wedding. I dreaded the day but my wife greeted me with a hug. We sat next to each other and spent most of the day together, remembering the times when our son was little. She said she was glad to see me." (United Kingdom)
“All praises be to God, He is faithful. I asked the Lord this weekend to fill me with His love. I just wanted to feel the presence of the Lord. God showed up in so many ways. On Friday God revealed to me that if I just stay the course and trust Him He will lead us all the way. He also told me of how when oysters get a grain of sand on the inside of them they become irritated and they push to get the sand out. Through the struggles, they produce a valuable pearl as the end result. God was not finished. My husband called us today and I was able to ask him if he was saved. I also asked him if the Holy Spirit spoke to him, would he be willing to listen and he said yes. What a mighty God.” (Texas) 
The LORD answered Moses, “Is the LORD’s arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.”  Numbers 11:23 
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