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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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"My prodigal came to our city to attend our child’s Christmas program. The children and I had on coordinating colors and my prodigal arrived in the same colors. Praise God. The Lord allowed him match us. My husband was wearing his wedding band, something I hadn't seen in a year. I am praising God in advance for the victory of reconciliation." (South Carolina) (posted 1/1/2010)
Since finding RMM several years ago I have been writing scripture that impacts me on 3 x 5 cards. I have several stacks of them. I am excited to start memorizing scripture so it will be at the ready when I need it. I was married to a wonderful man for 34 years. He had an affair and divorced me in Aug. 2008. I was lost but came to know Jesus through this trial. I was reluctant to wear my ring for a long time. Suddenly, in Dec. 2012 I was reading one of your devotionals and I had to stop, run upstairs and put my ring on. My disobedience was broken and I felt such peace and freedom. Thank you God!  (New Hampshire)
(posted 1/13/2013)
"From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. What I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned, that will I do." Isaiah 46:11 (posted 1/10/2011)
“While standing, I often turn to these testimonies for encouragement. I get renewed hope in reading about others standing on God's promises and being strengthened in faith. Praise God! My husband told me that he has joined a Bible study and is attending a class to discuss his habits. At first I was completely excited, but then I started to believe that my husband was doing all of this for the other woman. Once I got a hold of my thoughts and stopped believing the lies from the enemy, I had to repent and give glory to God for bringing my husband to this point (Ezekiel 36:26). The Lord is working on our behalf. Be encouraged and don't give up on your spouse!”  (California) (posted 8/19/2013)
God is sovereign! Hallelujah! He deserves our thanksgiving and praise every single day. When I almost threw in the towel, God led me to the ‘I Quit’ devotional. I felt weary and hopeless, so I asked God to speak to me explicitly. All of a sudden the word ‘tiwala’ which means believe, caught my eye while I was preparing for work. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that if I give up it meant I didn’t trust God’s power to work mightily in our marriage. It’s been several years since we have not celebrated the holidays together, but suddenly my husband told me that he is coming home for our wedding anniversary and to celebrate the holidays. Standers, keep standing for the Lord works mightily. PTL!”  (Philippines) (posted 12/22/2014)
PTL! Hallelujah Jehovah Jesus! My husband has called and said he wishes he had stayed and worked things out with us. Things are so bad for him. We are getting together tomorrow because he wants to discuss him coming home. Please pray for us as he is being told by the enemy that if he comes home I will retaliate because of what he has done to me. That’s not the case at all. He has no idea I have been laboring and being faithful to God and him. The devil is a liar! Our children have been counting down his arrival home since God told our oldest 23 days ago he'd be home within 30 days! God speaks. I believe and look forward to letting you all know it’s done. El Shaddai! I believe. Stand firm and strong in the Lord. All is well with our marriages, health, finances, family, everything. I declare and decree in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. HALLELUJAH!” (Illinois) (posted 3/3/2014)
"Last weekend I was growing weary and frustrated in my stand. I cried out to God in the bathroom at church. I told Him I felt like giving up and asked Him to guide and direct me in His will for our marriage. I went back to the pew as the pastor began his sermon about 'Not Quitting.' Three times he said 'Do not quit on your marriage.' God never fails." (Texas) (posted 5/29/2009)
“I have never seen a Covenant Transport truck, nor had I been praying to see one. After reading all the testimonies, my eyes would get watery and I would think,’ WOW God is so good.’ Not even a week later, after reading through some of them, God blessed me with my first truck! All I could say was amen and laugh. Glory to my God! God is so good, He is always there ready to show us the way. It’s just a matter of learning patience and learning to wait on Him. My husband has been responding to some of my texts this week; I know God is moving in his heart! My faith is growing and I am learning to not just go through my stand but grow through it with God. He is teaching me not to lean on my own understanding. He has brought me to this verse many times while praying, Proverbs 3:5-6. Keep standing standers, God will direct our steps!” (Illinois)  (posted 5/27/2013)
“We are praying that our prodigal spouses will remember us for Valentine's Day. For 11 years I have gotten flowers. For 2014 Valentine’s Day, I am remembering what Jesus Christ has given me – His love, my three sons, my two grandchildren, and my awesome prodigal spouse. I say awesome because today God revealed an arrogant part of me when I was reminiscing about past Februarys. I was becoming very ill today almost like I was dying, but when I sought forgiveness for my hidden sins I was healed. I am going to have a great Valentine’s Day even if I do not hear from my prodigal spouse. I pray all standers will have a clean heart this Friday – it may be our sudden miracle day.”  (Georgia)
(posted 2/13/2014)
"It has been a few years since we divorced, but my spouse is home again. I continued to pray and read Charlyne Cares daily. Just like Bob and Charlyne said, it is just the beginning." (Illinois) (posted 7/23/2010)
“We have had some false starts over the years, but I sensed the Lord was doing something different this time, even though things continually ‘appear’ hopeless. During prayer, God has told me in many ways that it’s a new season of restoration, but I was weary and hesitant to believe. So I asked the Lord, ‘Is this really what restoration looks like?’ A few days later I took my car through the car wash and inside there was a sign with a picture of a shield and flames on it that read: ‘RENEW Master Clean Up and Restoration.’ That sign was never there before and I’ve been going there for years! Praise God. Jeremiah 31:8 is true! Please pray for this prodigal turned stander.”  (Canada) (posted 3/4/2015)
“God is good! I kept getting the message, ‘A miracle is at hand.’ The day before Valentine’s Day I saw the former OW. I had total godly peace - no anger or hurt - just given the message to pray for her. Later that day, after spending time together with my estranged spouse, he brought up working out child support. He offered much more money than I was asking for. I told him I didn't want a divorce, that it wasn't good for us or our son, to come home when he is ready and I am praying for us all. He held me in his arms and held my face. Our son came in and joined in a family hug. While I slept that night, my husband dropped off Valentine roses for me on his way to work. Glory to God. The Lord said he would fix our marriage and that it wasn't over and His Word has not returned void. I continue to pray and fast for my husband’s salvation - the most important part of all is this.”  (Hawaii) (posted 2/26/2014)
“Last year at this time, my husband and I were barely speaking. Today he has been home almost 10 months… And we were blessed with our first grandchild. To have our family intact for such an incredible event has my heart overflowing. I am so thankful for all God has done for my family. Don’t give up. I will see the goodness of my Lord in the land of the living. God bless you all.” (Illinois) (posted 10/8/2014)
“We spend part of the year at our home near our grandchildren. Today I spoke to my grandson on the phone and he told me he wanted me to come so I could take him to church. Praise God for the Word being planted in his little heart. He had been sick with a cough and his mother recounted how when she was little and had a coughing fit, I heard her yelling out of the bathroom, ‘Leave me alone you nasty devil.’ She is not walking with God now, but I am so thrilled God brought that to her mind all these years later. Though it seems like your seeds are dormant, God is working in the dark. Psalm 126:6. He will cause our precious seeds of prayer and fasting to bring forth a harvest.”  (California)  (posted 2/12/2013)
“I often sleep with my Bible in my arms (better than a Teddy Bear!) This morning when I woke up it lay open next to me. That has never happened before. So I decided I needed to read those pages. The pages were opened to Ezekiel Chapters 12, 13 and part of 14. I read both pages about a rebellious Israel. I wondered if God was talking about me or my prodigal. I wasn't sure what the message was I was supposed to receive. Then I looked at the top of the page and the summary words for the left hand page read, ‘Promise of Restoration and Renewal.’ I often ask God to speak loudly to me and write on the side of a barn, so I don't miss his message. Thank You Lord, I got the message!”  (Montana)  (posted 4/26/2012)
“It’s been tough making ends meet since my prodigal went to the other side of the mountain, but God has kept me. I continued to pay my tithes, not sure where the gas would come to make it to work. But God! I checked my credit card hoping for $50 and found a $300 limit increase, and my paycheck also had a $300 increase. Praise God for all that He does, and I know that my suddenly will happen soon.”  (Texas) (posted 12/22/2014)
"My prodigal husband was in a bad car accident. The car was totaled and he walked away with a few scratches and bruises. My husband has stated that he has been given a second chance at life. Since he has no vehicle, we have spent time together as I have been transporting him to his appointments. I thank God for sparing his life and for our time together. I feel Him working." (New York) (posted 8/8/2008)
"I continue to thank God every day. I have been standing for my marriage for some time, never giving up and praying for God's Holy intervention every day. My prodigal husband is still very much a part of our lives; I still can depend on him for anything. That alone helps me know that he still cares. Praise God for the wonderful things that I know He will do in my marriage; I just have to be patient!!" (Alabama) (posted 2/4/2011)
"Praise the Lord! He hears our cry. He sees every tear and reaches far deeper than our incredible pain. I asked the Lord for a Word, and He told me he would bring my husband home and fix my marriage. I prayed and trusted God's Word and he came home suddenly. Jesus answers prayers and he is still speaks to His children." (New York) (posted 2/25/2011)
So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.”  Genesis 22:14  (posted 1/10/2012)
"My wife and I separated months ago. Our marriage was very damaged. Although I began praying and fasting, my days were filled with pain and mental turmoil. Finally peace and trust in God began to fill my life. He really began to work on me and all the baggage that I brought to our marriage. I stopped trying to manipulate my situation. My wife has said that she wants to work on our marriage. All the credit is God's." (Maryland) (posted 12/5/2008)
"I was discouraged because my husband has not made any starts to coming back home months after our divorce and recently said we're not getting back together ever. So I asked God for a rainbow inside our house if my husband and I would remarry. Two days later, our youngest son said, 'Look, mommy! There's a rainbow on the carpet!' The afternoon sun was bouncing light off my neighbor’s car creating a rainbow on our carpet and it was beautiful. If my son wasn't there I would have missed it." (Illinois) (posted 1/10/2011)
"My wife is beginning to turn after many years. We are dating and going on a vacation together for the first time in years. Thank You Jesus for keeping me focused on restoration and releasing myself and her to You." (Iowa) (posted 8/22/2008)
In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed1 Peter 1 6:7  (posted 7/11/2012)
“I was experiencing a time of great discouragement and pressure to give up. My husband lives a far drive from me and our daughter. I felt led by the Lord for a long time to get a job in his area and move there. I was on my way to a job interview in the area my husband lives, and SO much was going wrong. I was praying and told God, ‘Maybe I should stay where I am. If this is what You want, I need You to give me a really big sign I can’t miss.’ I got there late, unprepared, and wasn’t on my game for the interview. The Lord allowed all this to happen to make sure it was clear that it is only through Him that I got this job. Don’t lose heart standers, the enemy turns up the pressure the most when a BIG blessing is on its way. Ephesians 3:20.”  (Florida) (posted 5/11/2015)
Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.  Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice.  Psalm 51:7-8  (posted 8/13/2012)
"After two years of separation, my husband is moving home today. I praise God for this miracle and ask Him for continued blessing on my marriage." (Minnesota) (posted 8/7/2009)
“Thank you everyone who prays for people on the Chapel Page. My father-in-law is on there. We have been told by doctors that he needs Hospice now. I got an emergency call while at work that Dad was rushed to the ER and had no other information than that. As I am trying to make my way to leave work and as I'm driving, I had many things holding me up from getting there as soon as possible. I could not find my keys, red lights, construction and more. I was praying for Dad, singing along to praise songs on the radio while driving, and I asked God to make something good come from me taking so long to get there. As I am pulling into the ER, our pastor called to check on Dad and we were able to pray for him and his salvation! I was in tears of how God made that happen! If I was any later I would have missed the call. PTL!”  (Illinois) (posted 11/14/2012)
“I just want to give God all the glory for what He is doing in my life. He has changed my husband and me into two brand new people in this almost 11 year stand. Through all the pain, anger and loneliness, GOD is working a miracle. I just want to say standers, please do not give up no matter what is going on or how you feel. God loves us and restoration is near.”   (Texas) (posted 2/23/2015)

“My mother has been very supportive. Although she is not so much of a hugger, she prays for me and my children and that's more important. She fasts with me and she knows how hurt I am sometimes. That’s when she prays harder for us since both my mom and my dad considered my husband as another son. I'd like to thank God for her and for me not having to face all this on my own. Happy Mother’s Day”  (Mexico)

(posted 5/9/2013)
“My husband and I have been separated for many years. During this time I have grown so much in my relationship with the Lord. I'm so thankful for RMM and all the standers. It does my heart good to know I'm not alone in believing God for my marriage. The court papers have been filed; however he hasn't gotten a court date yet. I wanted a divorce early in the separation and I thank God that I didn't follow through with it. I don't believe he really wants the divorce and I'm believing God that he doesn't let pride get in the way of him coming back to me. God has given me an unconditional love for my husband and I can't wait for him to come home to me. I believe we have a great work to do for the Kingdom. Thank you Jesus for your shed blood on Calvary’s cross and the ministry of reconciliation.” (Illinois) (posted 9/11/2014)
“Joy! Yes, joy while standing. A gift from God, praise His holy name. I am overawed that our glorious God has taken this horrendous episode in my life and used it for such an explosion of good. I have a hard time believing how content I feel most of the time, how much better my life is already by the changes He has encouraged and made in my behaviors, thought patterns and mostly the way I speak (Colossians 3:8). Imagine how spectacular it will be when He brings my husband home. I know there will be joint work to do then, but now I have such confidence in God leading us that I know He will give us the tools and strength we need. And we’ll have a marriage with God at the center again so that it will thrive. God bless all standers, prodigals, kids and other persons.”  (Australia) (posted 2/23/2015)
“When my husband left, I turned to God and prayed and fasted many times. I asked God to reveal to me whether He would save our marriage. He gave me many signs. I wanted to give up but God would not let me. My husband asked me to file for a divorce and I cried. One week later God spoke to me and told me to call my husband. I called him and he had nothing nice to say to me. He continued to ask me for a divorce. I was very humble and told him I would pray for him and I love him. Then he hung up the phone. One hour later, he called back and told me he wanted to reconcile and he loved me very much. That was nothing but God. He touched my husband’s heart instantly. My husband is not home yet, but he is in the process of moving back. He left the OW and started reading the Bible. No matter what your situation looks like, God is working behind the scenes. Trust Him and don't give up. In your darkest moments God is standing with you.” (Virginia) (posted 2/11/2014)
“I need to give my testimony of what my Heavenly Father has done. My husband walked away suddenly and I didn’t know what to do. BUT GOD! He drew me near Him. I understood I was facing a test but also that I was under attack. Things got bad, BUT GOD! The God who provides has me under His wings; His faithfulness has provided for my family and me and I know that He is in control. I was close to giving up but the Lord said no! So I am going to be obedient and wait patiently. I believe in His promises. He left suddenly and God will bring him back suddenly. Praise the Lord! Give Him glory always!”  (North Carolina) (posted 1/13/2014)
"We are both military and my husband flew our children back home from their visit with him. His return flight was delayed overnight because of snow. None of the hotels had rooms. My husband asked if he could sleep on my couch. Praise God, we stayed up all night playing games as a family. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to apologize in person and He blessed us with a rare opportunity to be a family prior to a dangerous deployment." (New York) (posted 2/12/2010)

"After false starts and other circumstances, my husband and I are back together. He moved with me out of need, but last week he told me that we can move forward. I am standing on the Word of God." (Illinois)

(posted 2/15/2008)
"A nugget was given to me by my friend. She said to take each sign God gives me for my marriage restoration and think of it as a kernel of corn. All the kernels will one day make up the whole ear of corn (restoration). She also said "What is a kernel of corn? A SEED!" Each sign God gives me is a seed which produces another stalk. Each stalk produces two to three more ears of corn. This was my friend's way of telling me God will never give up on my spouse and for me to put all my trust in Him. The Lord will continue His work on my prodigal and for me to watch for the signs(my kernels of corn)"  (Texas)  (posted 6/30/2011)
"It had been a while since I specifically prayed for God to bless me financially. Ever since I prayed that, God has brought students into my life who needed private tutoring. The extra money helped pay for unexpected home and car repairs. I asked God recently for a regular tutor job and praise God, I will be tutoring on a regular basis. I was hired by my former boss who I did not get along with. God restored that relationship. I know that God is moving." (Indiana) (posted 9/12/2008)
"Today was court and the judge could have granted our divorce. The judge set a court date at a further time. Praise God for what He is going to do to restore our family." (California) (posted 5/28/2010)
"I've looked for a Covenant Transport truck for three years. Last night and this morning I said, 'God if I'm supposed to stand for this marriage and pray for restoration then show me a Covenant Transport truck.' I looked for one out the window while eating in a local restaurant. No truck! We don't have Covenant trucks here. Leaving I told God, 'Guess I won't see one today.' Well God had other plans! Just as I pulled up at the red light a semi passed by. The cab had something on it, but the trailer had...Covenant Transport! I will never, never give up! Greater is He who is in me than He who is in this world!"  (Georgia)
(posted 4/9/2011)
(posted 2/9/2015)
Writing God's Word in my heart has made the difference between walking in victory or cowering in defeat. When you know and remember what God has done and what He has promised how can you give up? I can smile at my wife when we exchange the kids, give a kind word even with court looming, bless her all because of Jesus and His Word. And do you want Godly offspring, despite your marriage circumstances? Then hear God's call and lead your children.  (California)
(posted 10/6/2013)
"I had a conversation with my husband. He said that he knows people with a restored marriage. I know God placed them in his life. He also said he doesn’t know who I am now. I praised God and told Him I never want to be who I was before. God is moving." (Texas) (posted 4/16/2010)
“After receiving another negative email from my husband, I cried out to the Lord in prayer. The next day I prayed many long, bold prayers. When I was finished, there was an email from my husband titled “Reconciliation.’ I got back down on my knees and prayed again. I told God that I was trusting this to be my answer to prayer and thanked Him in advance. When I read the email, JOY flooded my soul. My prayers had been answered! Praise God! Fellow standers, my husband never gave me ANY hope. Every single day I had to take my eyes off my husband, off my circumstances, and put them back on Jesus. HE is my hope! HE is God of the impossible! HE restores! Psalm 136:4 NLT (Indiana)  (posted 6/23/2012)
“My husband and I have been back together for a couple years, but have continued to have some struggles in our marriage. Most recently I have been attacked by the enemy and have been having doubts and considering divorce. I had been asking for a sign from God that I should continue my stand. We just went on a trip to Colorado and on the way out, I saw a Covenant Transport truck and then saw two of them on the way home! This has reaffirmed my stand. PTL! I will continue to pray and to believe that our marriage will be COMPLETELY restored, all in God's perfect timing!”  (Iowa)  (posted 8/27/2011)
"I have been standing for several years. I am trusting God completely in bringing my husband home. I always read about seeing Covenant Transport trucks. I always say to myself I will probably never see it, because I live in the Bahamas. While visiting my son in South Florida, I was driving by myself and there pulled up on the side of me a Covenant Transport truck. It not only pulled along side of me, but it made a right turn and went over the overpass so that I could really see it."  (Bahamas)
(posted 4/9/2011)
"Although my husband has not moved back home yet, he has reconciled with me in many ways. I know God is working on both of us and will unite us in His perfect timing. I was thankful when I heard my husband express his willingness to attend a Bible study group. God does speak to prodigals." (California) (posted 3/19/2010)
"My husband called me just to say good morning. The next day he came to see our daughters and I caught him staring at me. I thank God for allowing me to see that He is working on my husband. Thank You, Jesus." (Georgia) (posted 3/27/2009)
“My husband is on his way home after many years of separation and said to me the other day that he cannot wait to hold me in his arms again. We are only waiting on Gods provision for him to be able to get back to me which I know will come in Gods perfect timing and way. Praise God! Nothing is impossible for Him.”  (Australia) (posted 7/31/2014)
“While standing for my marriage in prayer, I had difficulties having obstacles thrown at me discouraging me from my stand.PTL! Through prayer, the Lord fought for me and our child. My prodigal had always had contact with our child, even at short notice, and I respect him for that. He moved to a nearby city with the OW and I had papers served for mediation as he wanted more overnight contact. I cried out to the Lord as I did not need the pressure at a time when I was in the middle of writing exams and praying for restoration. Barely a week later. I received a letter that the case had been closed. We serve a God who protects and fights for families. Restoration is on its way. PTL!”  (United Kingdom) (posted 10/8/2012)
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