General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

"I asked the LORD for communication from my husband and he called me this morning. It was regarding tax stuff, but God! It is very important to give all the glory when a prayer has been answered, and I thank you for the outlet to do that." (Pennsylvania)

"Praise the Lord! He hears our cry. He sees every tear and reaches far deeper than our incredible pain. I asked the Lord for a word, and He told me he would bring my husband home and fix my marriage (even after I asked him to come home and he refused). I prayed and trusted God's word and he came home suddenly. When I was ready to tell him off and give up, he called and said he needed God and needed me to let him come back. What the enemy meant for evil, God turned around for good. Jesus answers prayers and he is still speaks to His children." (New York)

"My wife is beginning to turn after many years. We are dating and going on a vacation together for the first time in years. Thank You Jesus for keeping me focused on restoration and releasing myself and her to You." (Iowa)
“I want to praise our Lord Jesus. I have been standing for many years. Through this there were women, separation, divorce and more. God has removed many women from my prodigal's life each time as I prayed. A few months ago a new woman entered my husband's life and I cried out to God, ‘Why?’ I prayed and asked God to help me let go. I know He is in control and works all things out for my good. I realize that there is still work to be done in me to refine me and only God can do that wonderful work. So I let go. I know it's a new territory for me but I rest assured that He will walk with me and hold my hands. I love You Lord! Praise be to Him! What a blessing that He loves me so much that He wants to change me more and more.” (Pennsylvania) 
"Praise to God for always providing for us. He is taking care of my children and me. Our God is an awesome God. I will continue to praise Him always and pray for marriage reconciliation for all prodigals worldwide."  (Canada) 
"I got a call from my daughter who had left her abusive boyfriend Christmas morning. On New Year's Day, my wife unexpectedly called me and we talked for a long while. This is the first meaningful conversation we have had in months. It was a great way to start the New Year. I give God all the glory." (New Jersey)
 “But God...God is so good. To all the standers, please continue to stand on God’s Word and keep pressing into God. My husband and I have been separated for some time, but I started to speak into the atmosphere that God would bring my husband home in 2012 and remove the OW before the New Year. Praise God, the OW was moved out of my husband’s home before the New Year and on the first day of the New Year my husband called wanting to know if we could work things out. We are going to take things slow but I know that with God all things are possible. Keep trusting and keep believing. God is able.”  (Virginia)
“I was overjoyed to hear the conversation with the owner of the Covenant Transportation company, during the March Rejoice Pompano Bible Study. On Saturday I saw a Covenant Transport truck parked right around the corner of my house. This is very uncommon and I was shocked and started to sob and pray. Little did I know that God was preparing me for Monday when my husband asked for a divorce. I was very calm and had the opportunity to share with him about Luz and Fabian and that he will meet them one day. I told him I understand and nothing will change my love and stand for him. He gave me the prodigal talk and I started to praise the Lord. He ended the conversation with, ‘Who knows what the future holds for us.’ Since then I've been filled with peace. My husband wants a solution to stop the torment he feels, thinking divorce is the answer to stop the pain. Praise the Lord for hearing my prayers and revealing the truth about my husband’s heart condition.” (Florida)
“I’m standing for my family restoration, knowing in complete faith today that what I see is not what God has for me and my daughter. My almighty God, Creator of all, will deliver us and give us great joy and eternal happiness with the return of my husband. Thanks Rejoice Ministries because when I feel I can't do it anymore, I read how the Lord has been so beautiful and will come in His perfect time. Reading His Word makes me strong to continue standing firm.”  (Panama)  

“I just wanted to drop a line to thank you once again for your prayers for the return of my unsaved husband several years ago. We just had our 27th anniversary. Our marriage is going great. He is a Christian man and we are closer and stronger than we ever were. I believe him leaving me was for the best, but at the time I didn't understand. God was preparing us both for a better walk in life. My new saying now is...Our God is stronger than Satan, Amen!”  (Florida) 

"Praise is a powerful weapon against our enemy. I just received an email from my estranged daughter thanking me for praying for her and asking me to continue. God is softening her heart and I just know He is at work in my whole family for His will to be done." (California)
"Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods." Psalm 96:1-4
“I just praise the Lord for continuing to carry me through my stand for my beloved wife. Although circumstances always look dim, He will give me a Covenant Transport truck and always in perfect timing. I was ready to give up and thought to myself, that I would take down the photos and change the phone voice message and I no more thought it; and a Covenant Transport truck passed by. I knew He was telling me not to do it. God's ways are perfect and He also has a perfect sense of humor. Just now while studying His Word, He presented a truck with large letters that covered the whole trailer ‘Jesus Christ is Lord,’ followed by another truck that said ‘On time...Every time!’ God is so awesome and I know my suddenly will happen. Never give up on God or your spouse. His promises to you are true. On time...every time!”  (Oklahoma) 
"God has shown me He can do anything. My husband is now divorced from the other woman and is spending more time with me and our kids. God is rebuilding our friendship. We were together in church on Christmas Eve and he was here on Christmas morning. He is attending church and has apologized for all of the hurt he has caused me." (Florida)
"My husband came home last weekend to visit our infant son after many months and we have taken that first step towards reconciliation. He will be home in a few weeks and with God as the foundation, we will rebuild what Satan tried to steal." (Texas)

“It’s been many years and I am still standing. Praise God! When you step out into what He wants you to do, He is faithful. I have seen so many answers to prayer this year regarding my spouse. He is now attending church with me and the children. I am believing God that my suddenly is coming! He has erased all of our debt, provided a new home and is restoring. God is able. Do not give up!”  (United Kingdom) 

“When my husband left, I turned to God and prayed and fasted many times. I asked God to reveal to me whether He would save our marriage. He gave me many signs. I wanted to give up but God would not let me. My husband asked me to file for a divorce and I cried. One week later God spoke to me and told me to call my husband. I called him and he had nothing nice to say to me. He continued to ask me for a divorce. I was very humble and told him I would pray for him and I love him. Then he hung up the phone. One hour later, he called back and told me he wanted to reconcile and he loved me very much. That was nothing but God. He touched my husband’s heart instantly. My husband is not home yet, but he is in the process of moving back. He left the OW and started reading the Bible. No matter what your situation looks like, God is working behind the scenes. Trust Him and don't give up. In your darkest moments God is standing with you.”  (Virginia)

“I have not had any breakthroughs in my marriage since my wife left me. It was really weighing on my heart that maybe God had forgotten about me. However, God keeps showing me verses in the Bible dealing with marriage. I hold onto the faith that God has indeed heard my prayer and, even though I may not see it, He is at work and has a blessing in store for me. So I give Him all the praise and glory.” (North Carolina)
"But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved." Ephesians 2:4-5
My divorce hearing was last week. When his attorney was talking, my husband and I kept complimenting one another instead of attacking each other. At the end, I hugged him and his mom. His attorney was amazed and hugged me as we were leaving. My husband and I had little contact prior to the hearing and I thought his heart was stone. I was able to see just how broken he was. Everyone in the courtroom saw God at work and He will restore." (Maryland)
“I have been standing for many years. About 6 years ago my then 5-year-old said to her daddy that she missed him and wanted him to come home. The reaction then was that she was made to apologize to the OW for making her feel bad! Fast forward to Father's Day this year. My now 11-year-old said the same thing to her daddy and his reaction was to apologize to her for leaving her! Thank You, Lord.”  (Michigan) 
“Today was a blessing as my oldest daughter got married to a wonderful young man. I prayed for strength as this was going to be the first time in over a year for me to see my covenant spouse. He would be attending with the non-covenant. When my husband was alone I had the opportunity to let him know he looked nice and he returned the compliment. I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. He received it with no problem and there was a hug in return. God allowed me to share that I continue to have him in prayer and maybe one day he will come home. To my amazement he looked at me and I received no negative reaction. Later on the OW made it clear she would not allow him to be near. Even then God gave me peace for He had already allowed me to share my stand for our marriage. Only by the grace of God would I have this courage after years of standing. God is working on the other side of my mountain. Praise God!” (California)
"My wife moved out. My daughter wanted to live with her. I gave it to the Lord. After many months, the Spirit touched my daughter's heart in church one morning, and since then she has been on fire for the Lord. Only God could have pulled that off. I prayed, I took her to church, and I set an example for her. God did the rest." (Nevada)
“I have been a certified biblical counselor for a year now. This was not a path I chose, but one that God had planned apparently. I have been standing for over 15 years and God has really been speaking to me about giving my husband completely to HIM in 2014. I thought I had done that in the past, but God knew that I still reached out to my husband for contact as I was scared that if I didn't he would forget about me. My way of manipulating I guess. Well on January 1,2014 God brought a couple into my ministry for counseling. They have been divorced for several years and he had married the OW. He came home suddenly, not sure what brought him home other than he just had to go home. I am just so in awe of God once again, allowing me to play a role in His plan of restoration for this family as well as allowing me a glimpse into the restoration that I know one day is coming for me as well.”  (Texas)
"God is Great! I fasted all last week about my marriage. Yesterday, as I was traveling, God placed six Covenant Transport trucks along the way. I've traveled this same path may times and usually do not see even one truck! To me this was God's way of reminding me that He is working even when things don't look so great. God is so good!"  (Oklahoma) 
“After many months of separation, disappointed about my stand because I didn't see any progress on my marriage restoration, and hearing about the lifestyle of my husband, I talked to him about divorce and asked him to bring me the documents to start the process the next day (not really what I wanted in my heart). He didn't come, so I started to fast and cried out to the Lord and asked Him to show me His will and soften our hearts. The next day I received some text messages from my husband asking for forgiveness. I know for sure that God is preparing the way for my marriage restoration and for my husband to go back to the Lord. I thank God for His tender love and know He always answers our prayers.”  (Dominican Republic) 
"I can't thank and praise God enough for all He has done in my life. My husband and I have been going house hunting to look for our first home and we are spending every chance we get together. He is waiting to move into our new home together and start fresh. Thank You, Lord for restoring my marriage." (New York)
"My husband said that the papers for divorce were ready for me to sign and that he would no longer pay the house payment. He sounded so angry towards me. We have not had any contact in months. Praise the Lord, the papers never came and my husband put money in the bank to pay the house." (Mississippi)
“Easter praise! Even though my husband has not been around since my diagnoses of cancer, I still knew - Romans 12:17: Do not repay anyone evil for evil. So my son and I sent my husband a card and also sent a gift to the non-covenant child. He texted me and told me that she loved the gift and then even said thank you. He hasn't said thank you to me in years! Keep doing what is right in God's eyes and you will be blessed!” (Arizona)  
“I have been standing for my marriage and each time I read standers’ testimonies of how they have seen Covenant  Transport trucks, I say to my God, ‘Please give me a sign.’ When I was in a garage, a truck came that had on it, ‘WORDS OF HOPE.’  I thank God for that sign.”  (Uganda) 
“After nearly a decade of standing, God has begun to open many doors of communication and friendship with my prodigal spouse. Old fears returned. How would I deal with the lifestyle he had chosen? I prayed and God answered. Charlyne's message on Friday,Stressed Out - Seek God's Perfect Peace.confirmed His answer to me. God gave me Isaiah 26:3 to remind me to always turn to Him, and He gave me a new verse to cling to. 2 Timothy 2:10-  ‘So I am willing to endure anything if it will bring salvation and eternal glory in Christ Jesus to those God has chosen.’”  (Minnesota) 
“I asked God to give me the strength to stand even when everything outwardly told me to move on and my husband did so as well. After talking about my problem to everyone, I decided to cut everyone off around me and just focus on God. I asked Him to show me a sign that I should continue to stand for my marriage or give up. I promised Him that I would no longer talk about my problems with anyone but Him. This morning I woke up and saw three missed calls on my phone from my husband. He also sent me a text that he was having problems sleeping and he was thinking about me. Going through this, God allowed me to see that all I needed was Him. I stopped trying to fight the battle in my own strength and allowed God to step in totally and not only do a work in my husband but also a work in me. Please keep standing and trusting God because He will direct your path; just wait and listen to Him.”  (New York)  

My husband came home seven months ago. He was in a non-covenant relationship. God revealed to me that He would force him home. That’s just what happened when the other woman threw him out. God is still working on healing our marriage, but He has promised me that my husband is home to stay. I am believing that God will heal and make this marriage better that I can imagine. God does heal hurting marriages. I praise and thank him for all He has done, and is still doing." (California)

"I prayed for the Lord to show me what is happening behind the mountain. Last night my husband sent me an unexpected email that said he thinks about coming home every day. I praise the Lord for showing me what is happening behind the mountain. I will keep praying for his salvation and the lifting of obstacles in the restoration of our marriage." (Netherlands)
We praise the Lord for one of our local recently restored couples who will be renewing their wedding vows this weekend at a North Carolina church.
“I've been standing for a couple of years and so glad to have found RMM. I cannot tell y'all what a lifeline it is. I have been praying daily and began fasting a few months back. My wife and I have begun communicating again, but she has been unable to talk about her journey to the far country. We haven't spoken for several weeks. On Monday I "suddenly" received an email from her, and, truthfully, I was filled with dread and couldn't open it until Tuesday. The email began: ‘It is time that I treated you with the honor and respect that you deserve.’ Her mom stopped by and said this was an answer to our prayers. Her entire family is standing for us! While we are not fully restored in the physical, I feel a spiritual weight has been lifted from us. PTL!” (Texas) 
“When my husband left me, we divided our savings in half and he told me NOT to count on him for any financial support. I've been praying for restoration and deliverance on his side and for God to make me the wife He wants me to be. A few weeks ago my husband told me that if I needed money from his part of the savings I can take it. He also told me he is coming to celebrate Abraham's day without realizing that the day before is my birthday. This is a HUGE praise report and a start. All the glory is to You God!”  (Florida) 
“One day I was down and prayed to God about giving up. That same night I prayed, my friend call me while I was reading the Bible. The phone started to ring with my wedding song, not the usual song I have as a ringer. There is no way to accidently touch that phone and it changed that ringer. My wedding song meant everything to me. God gave me a sign not to give up. Now when I am down I think of God playing that song. Never give up.”  (West Virginia) 
“My divorce was finalized on Sunday and it crushed me. I t tried to manufacture my own restoration while separated and I thought for sure God was going to help me prevent divorce but He is sovereign, letting me know He has another plan. I was able to email my husband and let him know I would be standing for our marriage even after the divorce and told him how much I love him. He did respond and I thank God for that. Although I know it is going to be tough and a lot of work needs to be done before restoration, I know that I know that I know God has called us to be together and will restore our marriage in His timing. God gave me the scripture Micah 7:7 and that helped me to renew my faith during this next phase of my stand. I’m letting go and letting God!”  (Maryland)
"My prodigal husband came over last night. I reassured him of my stand for our marriage restoration. My husband cried. We prayed. Jesus continues to heal our hearts. My husband confessed things to me. I grabbed his hands, forgave him and hugged him. We are one day closer to restoration." (Florida)
"Lord Jesus, thank You for answering prayer within hours to improve my financial situation with more working hours. Thank You for also softening my husband’s heart and for improved communication. For nothing is impossible with God." (United Kingdom)
"I prayed that God would show me anything I am doing or not doing that is hindering His work. The next day I had a bad report about something my spouse had done and I was angry. I listened to Charlyne's weekly teaching 'Forgive Them,' thinking I had already forgiven. The story Charlyne shared was similar to what had happened to me. I realized both that I need to keep on forgiving and that God had answered my prayer. Thank You, God." (United Kingdom)
  “God is truly amazing. I was feeling down yesterday morning and decided to go outside and read my Bible. I opened my Bible, and suddenly a gust of wind blew and flipped one page. My eyes immediately fell on Psalm 126. I read it and my spirit was filled with joy. Praise God! He is sending my husband home!” (Georgia)
"When my husband left he was cursing God and said he would never put foot in a church again. After the divorce he stopped all communication with me. Last month he called me suddenly and told me God's been working on his heart and he's going to church again." (New Jersey)
"God has been confirming my stand. One of the ways is my frequent sighting/hearing of the word "covenant" and I've been saying like Charlyne, 'There's that word again.' Last week I was supervising a class in their Religious Knowledge test at school. Part of the test was a crossword and I looked over the shoulder of one student and saw that she had all but one of the clues. I went to see what clue was so difficult. It was 'Another word for a promise' and the second letter was an 'o'." (Trinidad and Tobago)
“I want to thank God for being able to submit a testimony and for seeing me through another year, as yesterday was my birthday. You cannot imagine how it warmed my heart to hear my dear wife and toddler son singing happy birthday to me! God is so GOOD. I have been pleading night and day with Him to show me just a glimpse of glory to strengthen my faith and He did. Hallelujah! I want to encourage standers with this thought: The only difference between the power of your prayers and those of Christ Himself are two main things – fasting and ABSOLUTE obedience to God in your personal walk. Ask Him for the Holy Spirit to conquer all sins in your life. As you overcome through Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. That is how you will win this fight.” (Georgia)
“I have been standing for many years. About 6 years ago my then 5-year-old said to her daddy that she missed him and wanted him to come home. The reaction then was that she was made to apologize to the OW for making her feel bad! Fast forward to Father's Day this year. My now 11-year-old said the same thing to her daddy and his reaction was to apologize to her for leaving her! Thank You, Lord.”  (Michigan) 

"I kicked my husband out in a dramatic scene. That was my big mistake. I should never have taken things into my own hands. I should have gone to God first. After months of separation and waging a truly spiritual war against Satan, my husband came home for the Glory of God. I have turned my life to God and am grateful for what happened because it brought me to Him. Thank You, Father."  (Florida)

“My one-flesh husband is an in-house prodigal. His heart had softened towards me in the first half of December. Then suddenly, as Bob says, the pendulum swung and his heart was hardened. I was upset and the Lord knew all that was going on inside me. As I had finished reading the Bible, He brought a thought to my mind to open the Bible and read the Word again. He showed me Jeremiah 30:3 - 31:26 (NRSV). “For the days are surely coming...when I will restore the fortunes of my people...and I will bring them back to the land that I gave to their ancestors and they shall take possession of it...I am going to restore the fortunes of the tents of Jacob...the city shall be rebuilt upon its mound.”Praise the Lord! Our Lord is faithful to His children and we only have to stand still. He is truthful to all His promises. When you need the Lord He will never forsake you.”  (India) 
"My husband came home the evening before Thanksgiving. I give all the glory to our Lord because as soon as I "let go and let God" and began crying out to Him for the restoration of our marriage and for my husband's heart, my sweet husband began responding to me very differently and showed slow signs of questioning his decision to proceed with the divorce. I just focused my heart on deepening my relationship with Christ and allowed Him to do the rest! What a blessed Thanksgiving it was for our home!" (Georgia)
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