General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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"I wanted the men who are standing to know that God does answer our prayers if we stay focused on Him and His work. I have been standing for a while now and there are many dark and glorious days. But this past weekend God showed me how He was moving. It was my wife's weekend with the kids. But she asked me to watch them so I agreed. She ended up coming and staying the night and slept on the couch. The next night she did the same. Without letting me know she showed up that night and slept on the couch again. All I can say is PTL! He answers and His timing is perfect. God Bless! He is faithful. (Louisiana)

"My husband has returned home days ago after months of separation. He insisted on a divorce the day he left, but praise God for His faithfulness to those who seek him. We serve a mighty and powerful God. My husband now wants to make our marriage work. Thank you, Charlyne and Bob for obeying God's leading." (Louisiana)

"I hadn't heard from my husband in a month. The last contact we had was negative. I had been fasting and praying for the Lord to soften his heart. A few days ago I was led by the Holy Spirit to call him. He answered and wondered why was I not returning his calls. I did not know he was calling because my cell phone is off. We have been talking and he is in good spirits. Thank You, Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers." (California)
“Today’s devotional Commit your Way’ really touched my heart. Things are turning around with my daughter. I'm so thankful to God for His faithfulness! Thanks RMM for your support and prayers! God bless you!”  (Florida) 
Monday's guest devotional truly spoke to my heart. I began my stand in similar circumstances. It took three and a half years with several false starts, and my husband has been home almost six months. He still travels for work, yet there have been many opportunities to go with him. God is truly faithful. It was a painful process, and many times I prayed to be released from my stand, God said keep going. God is rebuilding our marriage and I am truly thankful. God bless you all. Keep standing, keep praying, the LORD keeps all His promises.”  (Illinois)

"Leading up to Mother's Day I was praying that my husband would acknowledge me in some way since I am raising our kids. I heard nothing. While feeling sorry for myself in my room alone, I noticed my husband’s old notebooks by his side of our bed. I opened one and there were notes he had written about being filled with the Holy Spirit and wanting to be a better husband and father. It was more encouraging than anything he could have said to me! Those things are in him somewhere and I will keep praying for God to bring them back to his heart and mind. Praise God for His faithfulness." (Michigan)

"God used the healing of a friend’s grandfather to say 'I hear and answer prayers.' He reminded me that no matter how bad things look, He is in control. God will work mighty miracles in the lives of many standers and prodigals. I know that my marriage appears to be dead, but I know God will have the victory like He showed me with the answered prayers for my friend’s grandfather! I thank God that I can take His hand for strength and reassurance that He is always there. I thank Him for this ministry and the powerful way they share His truth." (Georgia)
"Nine months before our 25th anniversary, my husband demanded a divorce. I thought my life was over. God intervened after my constant cries of defeat and regret. I called and asked him to the movies and when he saw me, that was the turning point. God spoke to him and told him that it had been a mistake. Five months after that turning point, we were remarried in St. Thomas. There is always hope, no matter what. God is the hope. We give Him all the glory, honor and praise." (Ohio)
“God has spoken to me on so many occasions during my stand. I pray for my husband on a daily basis and my church peers, also. My husband tells me every time he has a chance, that he knows we pray for him. He knows, deep inside, that he will be serving God and that our marriage will be restored. He talks about the future of our family. Praise God for His everlasting mercy.”  (Texas) 
"My husband and I separated and he has filed for divorce. This past weekend we took our kids to church for the fall festival. We had such a wonderful time and he stayed the night. I know God is moving and working on my husband to bring him home. Thank you so much for your encouragement. God is truly blessing me in so many ways." (Louisiana)  A Bobservation - On the same weekend the Ministry sponsored an activity at a church school in South Florida. I could not understand why God wanted the Ministry name on a rock wall climb until reading this testimony. Now I wonder how many prodigal husbands and wives stood by that sign while their child attempted to climb. (Maybe next year I could volunteer for the dunk tank under "Dunk A Prodigal.")
"God has not only shown Himself to me but also to my daughter. She told my husband that she did not want to go out of town with him and the other woman. My husband was willing to leave my daughter and just take our boys. Praise be to God, my husband called early in the morning telling my daughter to get dressed. He had decided to just take our kids and not the other woman and just take our kids. My daughter screamed, "God I will trust You always.’” (Missouri)
“My husband left many months ago and during this time I have known God more than ever and have drawn closer to Him. But after many months of prayers and fasts, one day I felt so discouraged that I decided to quit my stand, because I did not see my restoration and the circumstances were getting worse.  I filed for divorce, but when the process of the divorce was almost done, my husband asked me for forgiveness and asked me to allow him to come back to our home. He was going to church again, but I did not know that. He told me he has always loved me! Now we are working on restoring the confidence in our relationship before remarriage. Miracles exist. God is in control and we always have to keep trusting in Him. He brings us to the first line in the front of the battle not to fight, but to see how He fights for us. Nothing is impossible for our wonderful God! To God be the glory!”  (Dominican Republic)
"While God fixes me, He's working on my prodigal wife, too! Shortly after she left, I heard of your ministry, and learned to stand and pray. Her family has also been praying. It's been slow, but is working. God heals marriages in His way and His timing. Don't give up; trust in Him!" (Virginia)
“Thank God, my prodigal and I had a cordial conversation after a long while. I asked him to review a proposal for me and he accepted. During that time we talked about his health condition. We talked about what the kids need for school. I thank God for removing anger, bitterness and resentment and making me more Christ-like. Thanks RMM for the devotions, encouragement and rebukes too.”  (Dominica) 

"I wished my mother and father-in-law a happy Valentine's day (via text) and noted John 3:16 in my signature line. My father-in-law responded with a message that he did not have a valentine to celebrate with! I have been standing for the restoration of their marriage along with the restoration of my marriage. I know the Lord has been working as I have been praying that the Lord would remove my father-in-law from his adulterous relationship. My father-in-law wants his wife back. He doesn't know the Lord but I know the Lord knows him and He IS going to resurrect their marriage! God is moving!" (Virginia)

"God is faithful. My husband has been gone for months. Not only have I been praying for him to come home, but that he would get another job due to the stress it caused. I was hired at a new job and a week later my husband was hired by my boss. My husband asked me out to dinner the night before his job opportunity and a week later he came home. He even bought us new wedding bands yesterday. Praise God, He is working on both of us." (Kentucky)
"The enemy has tried to discourage me with threats of cancer and the possible moving of my job offshore, but the Lord turned all of that back this week. I was blessed to get a call from my prodigal and to be able to testify to him all about it. I had been too busy praying for my husband, children and others to pray for myself when these threats came. God covered me out of faithfulness to His plans for us." (Illinois)
“I left my husband over three years ago. I am one who was the prodigal and turned into a stander. I always speak in faith to our two children about their daddy and I remarrying one day, as God promised me. Recently I started to doubt. I decided to play Charlyne's tape in my car on the way to work, ‘Scriptures for Standing.’ I was fed so much of the Word about truth and faith. I worked all day and was sitting outside a movie theater waiting for our son to come out. I went to the store and picked up some pimento cheese. There was a scripture on the lid! It was Isaiah 55:8-12. I was so excited to hear what Rhema Word the Lord had for me! I told the Lord I love Him. What a mighty God I have that even in my food craving He can reach out and speak to me! Hallelujah.”  (North Carolina)
"I was about to give up because of my marriage situation and recent job loss. God showed me He is working in my prodigal spouse, who came by the house yesterday. He does not help us in any way and this was very surprising. Then at night I had a dream of God telling me to take His hand, that He was with me. I opened up yesterday's 'Charlyne Cares' message and it was on accepting God's hand. This was confirmation for me to continue to have faith in the Lord." (California)
“I decided to fast this past week. I had been praying that my ex-husband would call, write or text soon and that we would have a good conversation now that he has been living 'alone' for several months. Not only did he call, but we had a nice conversation for an hour and a half with him expressing that he would like to visit us as he lives almost 900 miles away. I want to give God ALL the glory for this and thank Him again for ALL his blessings today and always.” (Florida)
“Ever since I began standing for my marriage I have been blessed in many big and small ways! I prayed early this morning because I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to pack our moving truck on Tuesday. I said, ‘Lord, I know I'm not supposed to worry, but please help, because I'm worried about the moving truck.’ On Saturday, out of nowhere, the man working at U-Haul asked if we wanted to take the truck right then and have three free days! Not only did God take care of it, He gave us three extra days so we wouldn't even have to drive back to get it on Tuesday. Praise God! When you stand for your marriage and obey God, you will see ALL KINDS of miracles, big and small! Thank You, Lord, for providing for me and for all of the precious people on Rejoice Marriage Ministries!”  (Arizona) 
“I was feeling discouraged with the court date coming up next week; but God! In his loving mercies and tender care, reminded me that He is still in control. He reminded me of His faithfulness and that He will do just what He says He will do. All glory and honor to our Lord and Savior. Be encouraged standers. God is working out all the details and praise His name forever.”  (Indiana) 
“Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”  Jeremiah 32:17 
"Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I have learned that the greatest and truest covenant I have is with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through Him I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. I know He never fails and He sends forth His Word to perform it in His perfect timing. Your ministry is a light in darkness. Thank you for being part of my spiritual growth." (Colorado)
“God is working always, even when we don't see it. I could share so much but for now I want to praise God for answering prayers one at a time. My prodigal called to tell me the non-covenant moved out and they're divorcing. I wasn't surprised but once again in awe of how God works. He knows I love him and I'm standing for life. So I turn my eyes towards Jesus and wait on God's promises. PTL!”  (Ohio) 
“I want to thank Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Charlyne and her family for the wonderful work they are doing for the Kingdom of God. Because of your wonderful teachings, devotions and caring heart for the lost, I'm a changed and transformed person today. I had head knowledge of God but not heart knowledge. Your teachings and listening to Stop Divorce Radiochanged my way of thinking and helped me grow daily in God. It's been a journey standing in the gap for my beloved husband but I give God all the glory, honor and praise for my valley experience because I now have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior. I had my own Damascus Road experience as Paul did. He touched my heart and transformed me into His own image. Thank You, Charlyne for your obedience to God, your willing heart to yield to Him and stand in the gap for all standers around the world.”  (Ohio) 
"Yesterday my husband told me he has turned his life over to the Lord. He cries when he speaks of Jesus and he says he wants to rid of all sin, all lies, all deceit, all hurting of people out of his life forever. He prayed in a group last night and the elders told him there is a calling on his life to preach. What an awesome God we serve." (South Africa)
When I was 13 years old, I was saved and began a lifelong journey of seeking God's word. Like most people do, I began the fight with incredible diligence and a compassionate willingness to deny sin. Whenever the chance was available to do so, I attended bible studies, I read and memorized the Scriptures with vigor, and I focused on personal efforts of applying God's word to my daily life. I truly believe that those first few years after salvation and hiding God's word in my heart prepared me to battle against a multitude of sinful choices and the potential of death for the next 30 years of my life. Despite my falls, God's love was ever present in my heart, and it has made ALL the difference! Remember the words of Hebrews 11:6. I thank God for rewarding me with his grace!  (Missouri)
“I give glory to my God for his faithfulness. Before I found your Ministry I was depressed and hopeless. I felt defeated. But God and your daily devotionals helped me in more ways than I ever thought possible.  I don’t know what the Lord has in store for me, but your Ministry has helped me become a better person, Christian and brought me closer to God. I have so much peace in my heart and I have really learned to trust in Jesus and to depend in the Lord's word.”  (Namibia) 
"A few weeks ago my husband and I were not even speaking to each other. I let go of trying to restore my marriage in my own strength and let God do it in His great resurrection power, I see the healing. While I was praying and worshiping God, there was a knock at my door. It was my husband. We sat and talked for hours. The Lord is moving and my marriage is on its way to being restored." (South Carolina)
I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  Psalm 27:13-14 

"My prodigal spouse left to live in the far country with the other woman. He called me at work yesterday and asked if I still wanted him to come home. He was outside our apartment building with his car packed. Months ago I had tied a yellow ribbon around the door knob, which he noticed immediately. I believe that knowledge, prayer and thanks to God brought him home. I also kept my lips zipped sharing the information only with my prayers partners. I know this will be a long road, but we agree the Lord has to be our center. Praise God." (California)

"I am standing for the restoration of my marriage, but am also believing for many family members to come back to the Lord. On Easter Sunday my daughter called and told me that she rededicated her life back to the Lord. Hallelujah. God is faithful." (Ohio)

“Praise God! I am on the last day of a 21 day Daniel fast. He has carried me through this each and every day. Every temptation that has come my way, our awesome and mighty God has given me the strength to endure. Our God is truly an amazing God. I have been fasting for my husband’s salvation and for our marriage to be restored. Today the Lord blessed me with a bumper sticker that read ‘God's Man’ and the bug deflector said ‘Believe.’ Our Lord is never late, but is on time every time. I give God all the glory, honor, and praise for the confirmation He gave me today. My husband is God's Man. He has left his 99 sheep and has found my husband and is bringing him home to Him. Thank You Lord for saving my husband from the pit. I praise Your holy name. I will always stand for my marriage and all marriages forever.”  (North Dakota) 
"My mom went to be with Jesus a few weeks ago. It seemed so hard having her gone and my husband also. I cried out to God and asked Him to help me with loneliness. I opened the Bible and got the Prodigal Son. God will stand true to His Word and return my husband to me." (Rhode Island)
“While standing for my marriage in prayer, I had difficulties having obstacles thrown at me discouraging me from my stand.PTL! Through prayer, the Lord fought for me and our child. My prodigal had always had contact with our child, even at short notice, and I respect him for that. He moved to a nearby city with the OW and I had papers served for mediation as he wanted more overnight contact. I cried out to the Lord as I did not need the pressure at a time when I was in the middle of writing exams and praying for restoration. Barely a week later. I received a letter that the case had been closed. We serve a God who protects and fights for families. Restoration is on its way. PTL!”  (United Kingdom)
“I am so excited! My husband came home. He had been gone since October, but began telling me that he loved me and being in contact with me on a regular basis. He told me earlier this month that he wanted to come home. At this point, I am just trusting in God. He has not forsaken me yet and I know He will give me the strength to endure whatever comes.” (Georgia)
“I spent last weekend with my prodigal at a destination wedding. Our first ‘public’ appearance together. So much of the wedding and events surrounding it were orchestrated by God to look so very much like our own wedding. We had a wonderful time together and I give all praise to my Lord for this awesome time of reconciliation with my one flesh. Believing restoration is imminent!”  (North Carolina) 
“I've been standing for many years. My husband remarried and move out-of-state. Three months later the OW left him and he called to asked if he could come home for the holidays. For a year now he's flown back and forth to visit us. This past summer he divorced the non-covenant. For Thanksgiving he flew our daughter and I to visit him. He is here for Christmas and New Year. He mentions everyday that there is no way he will come home and that he can't let go of the past. I know God is working on him. I enjoy having him home despite the constant communication he has with others. I praise God that He is speaking to my husband. I praise God that my husband is where he is supposed to be. I remind myself of His promises to save my husband and heal my marriage. Glory be to God!” (Pennsylvania)
“In that day I will restore David’s fallen tent. I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins, and build it as it used to be.” Amos 9:11  
“I can see growth in my stand. This weekend was my anniversary. The first two were a little emotional for me having just started my stand. This one, even though I can't see change on the other side of the mountain, I can see change in me. It happened to come on the Lord's Day this year. Even though I thought about it, I was not emotional or sad this year. I made it through and was able to praise the Lord and enjoy my day. God is faithful to His Word. I thank God for the changes He has made in me.”  (North Carolina)  
“Praise the Lord. My suddenly happened! My husband came home after two years. I have prayed consistently for two years after my husband left me and our son. One year ago we were divorced and he moved in with the OW but my God kept telling me that he was still my husband and to pray for him without ceasing. I want to thank Rejoice Marriage Ministries for the daily words of encouragement. I just want to tell everyone to keep praying, fasting, pay your tithes, read your Word daily, and truly put all your trust in God because He will answer. Thank You God for all Your many blessings, for letting me know that You are real and letting me be able to tell the world God is able and can truly make the impossible very possible. Amen and Amen.” (Texas)
“I have been standing for a some time. At the beginning, my husband wanted to divorce me but I held on and kept on fasting and praying. God did the unthinkable. He showed me nothing is impossible with Him or for Him. It has been many months now and my husband has not said anything about the divorce again. I am still standing. My church has a four night prayer service and I am there giving my God praise and thanks, believing God will send my husband home. Keep believing in the Mighty Name of Jesus.”  (Guyana) 
“I praise God that my wife left and took our children with her. It was part of God's plan to break me. I was crushed and yet ever since have been lifted up by Him and His love and forgiveness. With serious doubts about being able to survive without her and my kids in my daily life, and with incredible guilt and shame, I sought help. Today I am doing well and my wife and kids are OK. It's been some time now and still no divorce papers served! PTL! God loves us so much more than we can ever hurt. I pray for my marriage restoration each day.”  (Washington) 
“Today I get baptized to the Lord. I so believe that He brought this storm to me to bring me to Him. I so believe that He is bringing me to Him first and then He will bring my husband to Him. The signs He gives me to let me know that He is working are very encouraging to me. I was kneeling down to pray and as I was turning to kneel, there was a vision of my husband kneeling beside me by our bed praying, already waiting for me. I think that was God telling me what is to come and to be ready, suddenly. I am so thankful to this ministry for giving me the words of encouragement to go on . Thank you.” (Missouri) 
“I woke up Christmas day to birthday wishes! I was a little down to know my husband is still involved with the other woman but in spite of that God opened a door. I thank God and pray for more communication .”  (Michigan) 
My husband, an in-home prodigal, sometimes does things that I don’t understand. Now, I know these times are lessons from the Lord. Today, was one of those lessons. This week, I found that when I get frustrated or confused that all I need to do is ask the Lord to reveal to me why things are happening. And He does. He reveals the answers with peace and gentleness. Praising the Lord for opening my eyes to see ways to keep standing without failing. John 14: 13-14 (NLT) ‘You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!(Italy)
“As I reflect over my life, I see where the Lord has brought me from during this difficult time. Last year, around this time I did not know who I was. The enemy was tormenting my mind and feeding me with fear and doubt. Today, I stand confident on God's Word and am no longer in that rut of despair. Yes, I have my days but when I speak and stand on God's Word, the peace comes upon me which gives me strength to remain steadfast on this journey.”  (Tennessee)
“If it were not for my walk with my Savior, it would be easy for me to stand close to that pit of despair Satan is always trying to draw me to. Because of my ever increasing knowledge of God's grace (Romans 8:1, 12:2), I have a peace that surpasses all human comprehension. Even as I am packing the remnants of our lives as a family, and the devil tempts me to feel sorry for myself, I am buoyed (Joshua 1:9,) and continue knowing God's plan will come to fruition, and our marriage and family will be restored, in His good and perfect timing. My prodigal wife will return home, I claim it in the name of Jesus Christ! Read the Word, trust in Him, and don't ever give up! Hallelujah!”  (Colorado) 
“It was our wedding anniversary this week and the Lord has blessed me with many verses that let me know that restoration is here. This time last year I was without hope and in despair but this year I am praising our Lord for all He has done and for all He is going to do. I wanted to share one of the verses with the beautiful standers. Isaiah 62:6-7 'On your walls Jerusalem, I have placed sentries. They must never be silent day or night. They must remind the Lord of His promises and never let Him forget. They must give Him no rest until He restores Jerusalem and makes it a city the whole world praises.' God is telling us in His Word that we must never stop asking Him to do all that He has promised! This whole chapter is full of the Lord's promises.Your land will be called "happily married."’  ‘The Lord has made a solemn promise and by His power He will carry it out.’ ‘Go out of the city and build a road for your returning people.’My husband is on the way home! All glory to God who is able.”  (United Kingdom)
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