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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

“God is so great. I was contemplating a week ago to give up completely and move on. I was crying to God to please talk and act through me when I speak or encounter my husband. I then opened up the Bible and landed onPsalm 141 in whichVerse 3 says for ‘God to be a guard to my mouth and a door to my lips.’ On your personal scripture prayer for families, some of the verses include Psalm 141. In addition to that, I was sitting in traffic on Wednesday and something told me to look right and there standing was a Covenant Transport truck. PTL!!”  (Florida)  (posted 8/23/2011)
"God is my provider. My tuition fees are due in September and we were told they would be increased. I trimmed all I could from the budget and still did not see the additional. I told God He needed to provide the difference. I expected someone to be used by God and give me the difference but God caused the school to put off the increase. He still works in supernatural ways we cannot imagine." (Jamaica) (posted 7/17/2009)
"Give glory to God! Despite my husband filing for divorce, moving out, and working across the country right now, God has touched his heart in a mighty way! I know that we serve a God who can do the impossible, as He has spoken to my husband in dreams and visions. He recently broke off the relationship with the OW and wants to come home to me and my son! Standers, you have no idea what God is doing on the other side of the mountain. I am so grateful for this time of growing in God and learning to seek Him and hear His voice. I cannot stop praising my Lord for what He alone has done and for sustaining me during this time. Psalm 55:22.”  (Washington)  (posted 2/5/2013)
“I've been waiting on Gods timing for a few years now. I don't know the plan for our future but stand on faith that God does. In the middle of the night I received a phone call from the OW. She stated that things were ‘not good’ between her and my husband. She spoke of his unhappiness, the guilt she felt over breaking up a family, and the fact that he hasn't pursued divorce from me yet despite her best efforts. Ultimately she wanted to know if I was still planning on standing by him if he returned. Although pretty speechless, I stated I have stood by him throughout many trials and had no intention of stopping. God is obviously at work. I continue to pray that God will soften my husband’s heart and show him the need to turn back to Him.”  (Washington)   (posted 1/27/2014)

"God has restored my marriage. After no communication, my wife called to tell me she had made me a birthday cake. She was also going to cook dinner for me. She accidentally set her kitchen on fire and asked if she could come and stay with me for a few days. Days turned into weeks. She said she loves me and wanted to start over again. The Lord has totally restored her love for me. I am still in a state of shock. I praise the Lord." (Ohio)

(posted 10/3/2008)
“This past Friday was our court day. I was not expecting to be divorced that day, at all. I was heartbroken. I have to admit since the divorce went through I have been having a hard time comprehending His plan. But today by His grace, I believe in my heart that He has a purpose for the divorce going through. His promises are still the same. I know it won’t be easy, but for my children’s sake and for the future generations to come, I will choose to stand and wait for my Lord’s promises to be fulfilled. Don’t give up, for His plans are better than ours. I pray that there is a revival of prodigals coming back to the Lord and to their families this Christmas.”  (Colorado) (posted 12/29/2014)
“I have had virtually no contact from my husband in the past six months. We have a major interstate that runs through our city which I travel on for a very short distance to work every morning. I have asked God every morning for the past several weeks to show me a Covenant Transport truck. Just yesterday I decided to give up on searching for one, hoping that God had some other way he was going to show me he was working on the other side of my mountain. Today when I returned to work from my lunch break, there was a Covenant Transport truck parked directly outside my office practically blocking the entrance! I took a picture of it and immediately burst into joyful tears. We serve a miracle-working God. Keep standing!”  (Florida)  (posted 8/24/2012)

"After months of separation, God brought my husband home. Last Saturday we renewed our vows at our church. We stood together, holding hands in prayer and thanking God for healing and restoring our marriage. He has changed us both. God gets all the praise and glory." (North Dakota)

(posted 6/26/2008)
“My husband left home while I was pregnant. He vowed never to come back, but God! After the baby's birth, he came home but it turned out to be a false start. He came back home again which can only be the work of God. I believe God is working on bringing him back to the Lord. I just want to encourage all standers, as in His Word in Luke 1:37, never forget nothing is impossible with God. Be encouraged.”  (Zimbabwe)   (posted 8/15/2013)
"I praise and thank the Lord as He brought my husband home to us last night. I am so thankful for my deepened relationship with my Lord and for being made a new creature in Christ. May I never forget this experience or become lazy, but worship and grow with our Lord every day. For it was Him alone that brought my beloved husband home." (Maryland) (posted 9/26/2008)

"I don’t know how many times I told God that I couldn’t do it any more. Every time He picked me up and carried me until I could again walk the road to marriage restoration. I am reminded of going through child birth. Many times I would tell the doctor that I needed to stop. It was just too hard. As soon as that precious baby was born I was grateful that I had not quit. Now instead of a baby, I have a precious new husband." (Oklahoma)

(posted 3/19/2010)
"We had all night prayer at my church. I was telling God I need to hear from Him at prayer. The Lord spoke to me by letting me know He is working on my behalf." (Pennsylvania) (posted 5/1/2009)
“I have been separated from my husband for awhile and I had filed for divorce. A week before our divorce was to be finalized he just started talking to me. He's still in another country, but now he's been calling me daily, telling me how much he loves me and wants to be with me and my son. At times I felt like giving up the stand, but when I read your daily devotionals and testimonies it helps me not to give up.”  (South Africa) (posted 10/7/2013)
“I wanted to encourage someone out there who might be growing weary because of what the circumstances look like. Be encouraged, continue to trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and know that prayers do work. Thank you Charlyne and RMM for speaking God's truth and teaching us to stand and thank you to all prayer partners. We were set to be divorced last week but GOD! The judge did not make a ruling and this is the third time our case has been moved! I continue to praised our Lord Jesus Christ and I believe in His time I will be able to share more on our testimony for the glory of God. I continue to learn how to zip my lips and watch God in His glory do all the work. Praying for all standers and prodigals. Be encouraged, our Lord lives!”  (Indiana)  (posted 2/20/2013)
"After being separated from my husband, God has shown me where I was wrong and how to seek Him to correct it. I praise my God. My husband and I are healing the hurt and the other woman is out of the picture. Praise the Lord." (Texas) (posted 12/12/2008)
So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.”  Genesis 22:14  (posted 1/10/2012)
"My spouse left me. I surrendered my heart again to the Lord and He began to speak to me again. He led me to read Hosea 2 and told me to fast and pray for my spouse to return to Jesus and to me. I see through faith my prodigal returning home, even while she shows no signs of wanting to return. 'Charlyne Cares' has been a great encouragement for me daily." (Finland) (posted 1/21/2011)

“When my husband left is when I found God again. I pray just about all day, every day for the restoration of this marriage. I begged my husband to come back, but I knew I had to be still and trust God and His timing. Two days ago, my husband came by to see our daughter. He told me he wanted to be a family and wants God in his life and our marriage! I was so excited! There is still pain and I know that if God can forgive him, I will too! I'm erasing all negativity from my heart and mind so it will not hinder the restoration process. God works miracles! Praise His Holy and Precious Name! Amen!”  (Louisiana)

(posted 11/25/2013)
"God is good. My husband came home yesterday and desires to restore our covenant relationship. I praise God for reaching down and touching him, and that God gave me the strength to endure during these hard times." (New York) (posted 9/19/2008)
“It's been a cold winter-weather-wise and in my husband’s heart. But spring is coming! After a week of trying to find my way back spiritually after returning home from visiting my in-laws, I was broken. I missed my husband more than ever and it seemed like nothing was happening. I began my way back to God with prayer and praise. After attending a fabulous church service and a Chris Tomlin concert, God put in my heart a stirring - that something big was happening. The next day I got a text from my husband saying he was about to be homeless and needed a place to store his things (meaning he was kicked out of the OP’s home!) Today there is a moving truck at my house and I don't know what God is doing but I KNOW that my restoration is just around the bend! Thank You God! All this time I have stuck to Galatians 6:9! Hallelujah!” (Minnesota) (posted 4/22/2013)
“PTL! When the storm hit our marriage, my husband told me that we will plan our children's birthdays separately. I zipped my lips and trusted God's will for our lives. Recently, on one of our children's birthdays, he called to say he will contribute towards the party's expenses when God knew that I had no money in my account for the party. The bonus was that for the first time in two years he texted and wished me happy birthday as well. Isn't God awesome? Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us. Ephesians 3:20.”  (South Africa) (posted 10/13/2013)
"I was feeling down about myself after a harsh letter from my husband, even though I knew those words weren't from God. Choosing clothes to wear to church, my eye fell on a top with stars embroidered across it and Philippians 2:15 came to mind. I chose to wear the top as a sign that I am shining like a star in the universe as I stand for God's truth." (Virginia) (posted 9/4/2009)
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”  Isaiah 30:21  (posted 10/4/2011)
“I fasted weekly and prayed every night for my husband’s salvation. We were divorced but he is now home. He feels God is calling him back. He says that he felt my prayers and cries. We are getting remarried this week.” (Mississippi) (posted 8/19/2014)
“I attended the Dallas conference. Several days later I received a phone call from my husband. He wanted to come over and spend the day with me. It is especially heartwarming, since it was our anniversary and we have not spent that particular day together in many years. Thank You Lord for your faithfulness.”  (Texas)  (posted 7/4/2013)
“Just a few weeks ago I submitted a testimony that was shared with other standers explaining that my ex-husband told me he loved me, was in love with me, always had been, and always would be. The timing of his message was amazing...just minutes after praying to God asking Him to please send me a huge and clear sign He was working in my ex-husband's heart...that I was struggling in my faith and needed that. Now I am beyond thankful and thrilled to share that my ex-husband and I are together and will be stronger in our faith and our relationship because of our struggle. I better understand God, love, and forgiveness.”  (Kentucky) (posted 5/9/2014)
“I have been standing for my marriage for some time. God kept telling me to trust, have faith, and believe. It was challenging but God gave me peace through it all. He ushered me gently into spiritual rest, resting in Him and His promises. My husband moved out months ago but yesterday, out of the blue, he texted and said that he misses me, he wants to be back with me and that he loves me! All praises to God! I spoke to that mountain and it had to move! God is faithful and His Word never returns void! Praying for all prodigal spouses and children and still standing.”  (Mississippi) (posted 1/14/2013)
“Praise the Lord! Last night was the first night my husband spent away from the OW. He has finally left his old life after being a prodigal for six years! I know he will be home in 2012!”  (California)  (posted 12/3/2011)
“I have been praying the hedge of thorns around my husband for about a month. Yesterday, he spent the night, saying he was done with the other woman. Glory to God! Never give up no matter what.” (Ohio) (posted 9/29/2014)

“First I'd like to start with praising God. Thank You Lord! I was devastated. Our marriage was a disaster. When I found your ministry, I started to stand firm. My family and everyone else thought I was crazy. I started fasting one day a week for the ministry and praying. I stood on God’s promises! My husband started coming around and we started dating. I did exactly what Charlyne said, 'Zip your lips.' It took some training. The enemy was working overtime. My scripture verse is Isaiah 54:17 (NKJV)  No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord.  My husband moved home last week. I will always continue to pray and stand! God is working in us!”  (New York)

(posted 5/6/2013)

"My husband and I had been married for 20 years, with two children in college, when he left. I was devastated to say the least, and had no one to turn to other than God. After a few false starts, he came home in July. He has given up his apartment, is directing his finances to our home, and talks of our future together. While he was gone, I spent time with God, listened to Charlyne's tapes, read books from Bob and Charlyne and others that helped me get closer to God. Although he is home, the struggle is not over. The devil is not pleased that we are back together, but I also know that we serve a God who has already conquered the devil and we will succeed because God wants us to be together." (Georgia)

(posted 11/19/2006)
"Look upon my suffering and deliver me, for I have not forgotten your law. Defend my cause and redeem me; preserve my life according to your promise." Psalm 119:153-154 (posted 7/24/2009)
"I was discouraged because my husband has not made any starts to coming back home months after our divorce and recently said we're not getting back together ever. So I asked God for a rainbow inside our house if my husband and I would remarry. Two days later, our youngest son said, 'Look, mommy! There's a rainbow on the carpet!' The afternoon sun was bouncing light off my neighbor’s car creating a rainbow on our carpet and it was beautiful. If my son wasn't there I would have missed it." (Illinois) (posted 1/10/2011)
“I am praising God that my husband is home! We were separated and he had a relationship with another woman, but God stepped in and began changing my husband’s heart and mind. My husband told me just before he came home that God had brought him to the story of David and Bathsheba. God told my husband that his actions were murdering our family, and although God would allow him to continue on his current path because of his free will, there would be disastrous consequences for me and our children. I have been praying Malachi 4:6 over my husband, and God honored my prayers and placed our children in the forefront of my husband’s mind. I can see the difficult road we have before us for complete healing and restoration, but God has promised me that He will restore and repay what the locusts have eaten. God is so good, no matter the circumstances. My heart is filled with thanksgiving and praise for what He has done! He will finish what He started!”  (Minnesota) (posted 9/11/2014)
“To our Heavenly Father I give all the honor and glory. I was blessed to spend the afternoon with my son and husband fishing. When we take our eyes off of our circumstances and place them on our Heavenly Father, we are blessed to see Him move on our behalf. Praise Him in all things! Remember we overcome the accuser by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimonies. God’s promise for my family is on its way! It is so beautiful to trust God so blindly and to take Him for His Word. Numbers 23:19 – ‘God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind. Has he said, and will he not do it? Or has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it?’ 2 Corinthians 1:20 – For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ. And so through him the ‘Amen’ is spoken by us to the glory of God.”  (Florida) (posted 1/27/2015)
“My husband left his home and family many months ago. After seeking God's council and fasting and standing for my marriage, God led me to RMM. Charlyne's daily devotionals and scripture prayers gave me the strength to continue to trust God and not give up on my marriage. I learned to forgive my husband and trust God totally for restoration. PTL my husband returned home to his family in October and our marriage is more beautiful than it's ever been. I know we have a long way to go, but I will forever stand for my marriage and cover my marriage/family in prayer. Don't ever doubt the power of prayer.”  (Texas)  (posted 11/27/2011)
“I have been praying for my spouse for several years. Everything was falling apart. I was still standing and still praying because I knew my Lord would come through for me. Did God ever come through. This week the Lord got ahold of my husband’s heart and he began to break down, revealing everything that was going on with him. He let me know that through it all he still loved me and wanted to come home. He asked for my forgiveness and I gave it to him. The Lord gave me a peace that is so indescribable. There is a lot of hurt but God can mend that. He is home and loving our family and saying I love you again. The Lord is awesome! I had doubt, but God told me to keep on pressing on and look what happened when I didn't even see it coming.”  (Arkansas)  (posted 7/30/2012)
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20 (posted 8/28/2010)

"To God be the glory. For the first time in years my husband invited the children and me to visit him where he lives in another country. Celebrating Easter together was the biggest blessing. I know that in spite of everything, there are things that only God can see." (Hong Kong)

(posted 3/8/2012)
“After attending Rejoice on the Road in LA, my faith, resolve, and trust in God went sky high! I felt the direct Presence of God and the finished work of the cross was downloaded in my heart and mind so that I knew without a shadow of doubt that God's promise of restoration of my dead marriage was assured and the evidence was on its way. My husband called me for the first time without an agenda; just to talk and amazingly to share his feelings. This was God's breakthrough! God has fulfilled His promise that my marriage is saved. The old wine is gone. The new wine is entering the new wineskin of our marriage and new life together with Christ as the head, root, and center!”  (California)   (posted 11/18/2013)
"Thanks to God, my husband and I restored our marriage. My intention was to divorce him for infidelity and abandoning me with two children. In a desperate search to save my marriage, the Lord led me to your web site. (posted 11/20/2004)
“I have been standing for many years through separation and divorce. In the last month, my husband decided that he needed to stop by three different times. Each time he stayed and we talked for a few hours. The last time he came by was Valentine’s weekend and he came by to tell me that he had been thinking about me and that he missed me. He said I was beautiful and talented and that’s the reason he had chosen me to be his wife so many years ago. He said his heart was divided and that he needed to square away his relationship with the OW. I am fasting every weekend and I KNOW the Holy Spirit is working! I am standing and claiming the complete restoration of my marriage!” (Missouri) (posted 3/12/2013)

“Praising God Almighty, my husband came home on New Year's Day! What an awesome way to start off 2014. All the testimonies I have read can never compare to actually living it. He said things that were what I was waiting to hear but the most incredible thing he said was, ‘I love you and I always have.’ I truly never thought he would say that until later into our reconciliation... but God. There were so many great moments but another one was when he thanked me for standing! Our three children are overjoyed and getting to see what a mighty God we serve. For you standers out there, stay strong, He is faithful and He will do it! All I keep thinking about is Ephesians 3:20. Don't be discouraged, stand strong to see firsthand what a mighty God we serve”  (New Jersey)

(posted 1/27/2014)
“I just wanted to give a testimony that Satan has been trying to stop me from giving. But I will obey my Father and tell you all anyway! I don’t really speak to my husband often but the few times that he has contacted have been a blessing. Each time we spoke, he has been telling me that he knows he has drifted far from God and that His life has made a 180 turn in a bad way. The other woman is now pregnant and he felt bad that he hadn’t told me himself. He said he thought about ‘the past’ and said it could have been us and was still a little sad we ‘didn’t make it.’ I responded in a loving way and said God knows what He is doing and I trust Him. My husband agreed. He is not home, but God is speaking to him. I will continue to wait for His perfect timing. Thank You Father!” (Georgia) (posted 9/29/2014)
Read more testimonies of restored marriages at (posted 3/18/2011)
"I decided to stand for my marriage when my husband left us. I have no contact with him. He has filed for divorce. I was discouraged and so unsure of my stand but I recently found your Web site and have been more encouraged to stand. Several scriptures that God gave me over the past months have all been confirmed on your Web site. Your faith has fueled my belief that my husband is coming home! I can't wait to see how God heals us!" (New Mexico) (posted 3/18/2011)
Thanks for all your wonderful encouragement.  (Georgia)
(posted 2/18/2013)

“My husband left home while I was pregnant. He vowed never to come back, but God! After the baby's birth, he came home but it turned out to be a false start. He came back home again which can only be the work of God. I believe God is working on bringing him back to the Lord. I just want to encourage all standers, as in His Word in Luke 1:37, never forget nothing is impossible with God. Be encouraged.”  (Zimbabwe)

(posted 8/15/2013)
“One night, I was talking to the Lord and praying, ‘Lord, I know that you are working but I would like to know that you are answering my specific prayers. I would like to have coffee or spend time with my wife tomorrow.’ I knew that it was almost impossible due to a variety of things. The next evening, my wife called my son to take her to the hospital, and for some reason he couldn't do it. I could hear half of the conversation and said I would take her. So, I got to spend seven hours with her and love her and take care of her as much as I could. After I dropped her off, the Lord reminded me of my prayer and that He answered it! Praise God! Thank You Jesus!”  (Washington)  (posted 5/27/2013)

"God gave me the best Mother's Day present. My college son sent me a letter, thanking me for always being there and helping him through college. He was thankful that I followed God and encouraged him to follow God's ways." That's what it's all about. Raising children without our husband home is tough. Yet this is proof that if we trust God, He will bring out children through it and they can grow up strong in the Lord." (Indiana)

(posted 5/7/2012)
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