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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

“Easter praise! Even though my husband has not been around since my diagnoses of cancer, I still knew - Romans 12:17: Do not repay anyone evil for evil. So my son and I sent my husband a card and also sent a gift to the non-covenant child. He texted me and told me that she loved the gift and then even said thank you. He hasn't said thank you to me in years! Keep doing what is right in God's eyes and you will be blessed!” (Arizona)   (posted 4/28/2014)
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (posted 3/11/2011)
"My wife and daughter left our home months ago. I was served with restraining orders and then with divorce papers. I had not so much as spoken to my wife during the last four months. Our court date is less than a week away. I received a call last night from my wife telling me that she does not want the divorce and that she is contacting her attorney to stop the process. God is working another miracle." (California) (posted 11/20/2004)
"Almost a year after the divorce, we are still living in the same house. I forget how blessed I am by God with this situation. God is faithful." (New Jersey) (posted 1/10/2011)

“My restoration process has begun! Praise the Lord! It was so suddenly, with no indication that it was coming. It's been many months of separation, but standing feels so worth it now. It was hard, but the Lord carried me through, and now He is fulfilling His promises. My husband has agreed to go to counseling together and told me he loves me all in a few hours. It is truly a miracle! At the beginning of our separation, God gave me Isaiah 61:7. My husband also told me he was in the process of buying a house...for us! God is giving me my marriage and a new house to begin our restored marriage in. A DOUBLE PORTION. The Lord is amazing! I love You, Lord!”  (Virginia)

(posted 8/19/2013)
“My husband is spending four days with us. I am believing God he will change his mind and he will come back to his family. God has promised to restore my marriage and the wait is over. His Word will not return to Him void. Please pray for God to move in the next few days, thank You Father. I am believing God he is home to stay in Jesus’ name. It's been a while but the time has come, with God all things are possible.”  (Georgia) (posted 4/14/2014)
“I have been dealing with some painful health issues for quite some time. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I cried out to the Lord in desperation, ‘Show me what to do about this pain.” Let me tell you, He didn’t mess around. Within days I had appointments for tests and visits. Today I am walking around relatively pain free, all because my Heavenly Husband went before me, opening doors, making things happen, providing a good outcome. All praise and glory to the Lord. (Nebraska) (posted 9/11/2014)
"Prior to our divorce, I enrolled in a recovery program that requires us to write amends letters to those we've hurt and seek their forgiveness. My ex-husband came over to give me the lien release form after paying off my car. I was able to read him my amends letter. He had a look of shame and guilt on his face. He kept telling me that he doubts we'll get back together. However, he stayed for over an hour as we visited. Even though his mouth was saying it's over, his body was in no hurry to leave! I gave him a hug before he left with a bright smile on his face. I still believe!" (Oklahoma) (posted 1/10/2011)
“God is so amazing! I have been worrying for some time as my brother was due to visit for the first time since my husband went into the far country. He has been one of the biggest advocates for me ‘getting on’ with my life and moving on. He has different spiritual beliefs from me, and can’t understand my stand. However, God surprised me once again, and my husband spent the day with us, my brother and his family. My brother is also now saying he does not doubt my husband will be home. I know he will come home, regardless of what I or anyone else does, because God has it in control. I praise God, because when he does come home, my family will be supportive.”  (Zimbabwe) (posted 8/31/2014)
“So much has happened since I started my stand several months ago, and I give God all the glory for it. First, I forgave and began walking in love towards my spouse, and that in itself is a miracle, for our situation was so bleak and hopeless. My spouse responded, literally overnight, with a phone call, which turned into many more phone calls, texts, and finally he came to help out with the kids more, and even started eating supper with us. Then he told me he loved me, missed me, and that he didn't know how he'd ever get over me, PTL! He put the divorce on hold, and the OW moved away and no longer works with him. And then today he told me he made an offer on some land to build us a new house! He still needs to be saved, but God has done a tremendous work on his heart thus far and I know He will bring it to completion. Keep standing on God's promises, forgive, walk in love, and give God all the thanks, and your miracle will happen too! Thank You Jesus!”  (Texas) (posted 9/16/2013)
“To God be the glory, great things He has done. My husband left and said he wanted nothing to do with us. He stopped paying school fees and never supported the kids again. I prayed to God for a miracle to change his heart and for me to gain more strength to raise my kids. As I was praying one morning, I was given the scripture in Psalm 42. That same morning, God worked His wonders in my husband.  My sister-in-law came to fetch my kids and my husband phoned and spoke to the kids. I thank God for this move. He is a faithful God. Let us continue praying for the restoration of our marriages. Our God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that which we can ask or think. Amen.”  (South Africa) (posted 1/27/2015)
“I would like to give God praise and thanks for restoring my marriage. I was hurting and thinking about giving up but God led me to this web site. I had never heard about standing for your marriage before. Even when everyone was telling me to move on, I trusted that God would keep His promise to me. We lost our home and most importantly trust, but I know that God will restore 100 fold. Looking back, I think God wanted my attention and He sure got it. It is not easy sometimes but I know that God has a master plan. My husband is back with the Lord and he is very active in church. I am thankful and amazed at the man that God is molding him into. God is so faithful to us. To all standers, keep the faith because God’s promises are true. Glory!”  (Canada) (posted 11/17/2014)
"Praise the Lord, my husband of many years changed his mind and returned home. We are going to counseling and we are both learning to listen to each other. Pray, pray, pray is the only advice I can give. God had to change me too!" (Canada) (posted 1/10/2011)
"My husband moved out of our home. He said he was never coming back. I saw the hand of God nudge my husband back home slowly but surely. My prodigal came back home unannounced a month ago. God is faithful to complete what He started." (Kenya) (posted 9/4/2009)
"Lately, I have been questioning my stand. I had asked God for confirmation that He still wants me to stand. While listening to a song, the verse Mark 10:9 was in the song. I had to catch my breath, and smile, and thanked Him for my confirmation! I know God is working on the other side of the mountain! Hallelujah!  (New Mexico) 
(posted 4/15/2011)
“Praise God! My husband spent Thanksgiving with us and it was such a blessed time, our best Thanksgiving ever! He also came over and we decorated our tree together and he is going to spend Christmas with us. God is great and so awesome and so faithful. Keep praying, seeking, and pressing into God. He is not a man, He does not lie He fulfills His promises to His people, take heart, have faith and believe.”  (Ohio)  (posted 12/20/2011)
“I was down and out for three days weeping, depressed and broken. The enemy was attacking me with strong suicidal thoughts even as I read the Word of God. My stander friend kept checking up on me and prayed for me. On the third day of my cry, my beloved called me. He sensed I was down over the phone and was concerned. He invited me over to watch the NBA finals game with him. We had a great time together. God answered my cry even when I couldn’t see Him working. Thank the Lord!”  (Florida)  (posted 6/15/2012)
"As a court date for custody approached, a thought kept coming to me to clean closets and dressers to make room for my husband. I wondered if that was just me or if God was telling me to get ready. God confirmed that my husband will be home soon. I have messed up many times along the way, but God covered all my mistakes and helped me walk by faith." (Virginia) (posted 11/7/2008)
"Praise is a powerful weapon against our enemy. I just received an email from my estranged daughter thanking me for praying for her and asking me to continue. God is softening her heart and I just know He is at work in my whole family for His will to be done." (California) (posted 10/11/2008)
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.  Psalm 23:5-6
(posted 5/14/2011)

"Our divorce was to be finalized in a week. My husband talked to me and took our home off the market and he is moving back home this weekend. He is putting our divorce on hold for now. Praise the Lord. My prayers have been answered." (Texas)

(posted 4/25/2008)

"The Charlyne Cares on Lazarus spoke to my heart. I have often referred to my spouse as my Lazarus when I pray. As I studied Lazarus a few months ago, I wrote this poem for my prodigal prayer that I say for him on a daily basis:

My Lazarus Lazarus in the tomb, in agony I wait.

 The days trudge on without you, but I know it is not too late!

 For I sent for my Jesus and He is on His way...

So, rest on my sweet Lazarus, and I will continue to pray." (South Carolina)

(posted 9/19/2008)
"Last week's Saturday Testimonies were full of things that I want to see happen for us. I printed them out, highlighted those things, and went to my car on my break and prayed to God specifically for every one of them. That day and the following days I started to see and hear the manifestations of God's answering them! He spoke to my heart. No coincidence. My husband is in our home this week and it's wonderful." (Texas) (posted 6/19/2009)
“Standing has been the most difficult, most rewarding thing I've ever done. Instead of yoga, I have the deepest joy and love for Jesus that comforts me like nothing else can. When I hear from my husband, I share God's Word, unconditional love and forgiveness, no matter what my husband says, and pray that my husband comes to know the Lord. This is the most satisfying way to love my husband. It’s worth it all.”  (Wisconsin)  (posted 3/18/2013)
I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.  Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. Psalm 27:13-14
(posted 4/15/2011)
“Praise God for always working when we can’t see. After seeing my prodigal several times over the holidays, I felt my suddenly was coming near. Then there was a lull but God was telling me to be still. I always know my situation could be a lot worse, but standers you know how the pain can be there regardless. I asked God to tear down the wall of non-communication and separation. My husband started to randomly text me, asking me something, but I knew it was God’s answer to prayer. Right before Valentine’s Day we had a long texting conversation in which he said he was sorry for everything he has put me through and he still cares about me and is proud of me. This was the exact day that my ‘Prodigals Do Come Home’ book arrived. This was to me a confirmation that God hears my thoughts and prayers and is moving. PTL.”  (Ohio) (posted 3/4/2015)

We have been divorced for several years. My husband found another woman and moved out of state. I stood for the marriage and then simply prayed for his salvation. Two weeks ago after sending a text for his birthday he responded and said he would be in the area. We had a long dinner and have had many dinners since. He is working out-of-state for up to a year but we see it as time to get to know each other again. He left the other woman a while back, and was resigned to being alone. At our first dinner I told him I had forgiven him and Christ was the answer. We are on a road to healing and recovery and he wants to spend the rest of his life loving me. It has been a long journey and it is not over but I wanted to send this as a word of encouragement. Christ has to be the center of it all. There is hope and I am still overwhelmed at what is happening after all this time. I give God the glory! I know it is just going to get better.”  (Washington)

(posted 4/15/2013)
"I am so blessed with moments when I feel God’s presence and know He is active in my life. Last weekend after a hurtful conversation with my prodigal, God gave me Romans 8:28 two times, and another three times the next day from various sources. God is so amazing in how He reveals Himself." (North Carolina) (posted 1/30/2009)
"My 'suddenly' happened over the weekend! We had not seen my husband in almost a year. He has spoken on the phone to our children but kept his distance from me. He flew in this past weekend and we enjoyed an amazing time together as a family. He remained distant from me until the night before he was to leave, and out of nowhere he says to me the most beautiful words: I am coming home! He confessed how much he loved me and wants what God has for him. He has returned now to break off with the non- covenant. God alone broke through just as He promised! Thank you, Lord!" (Missouri) (posted 1/10/2011)

“God did it again. I was away on business and left Mom and our daughter at home with a part-time caregiver. My beloved and I had several false starts over the past years of my standing. But God... Jesus touched his heart and he started hanging around the house more while I was gone. Suddenly, the Lord impressed it upon him that he needed to be home even if it meant quitting a job that has kept him from home for a long time now. The next thing I knew my family and husband were on their way to stay with me near my job. They have been here for almost a week now. My husband went to church with us for mid-week Bible study and we are going to church again today. God is faithful! We are restored for good in Jesus Name.”  (Florida)

(posted 12/2/2013)

"I am now co-teaching a Bible study class. Not only was our divorce dismissed from the courts twice, my husband and I are once again communicating. Praise God." (Ohio)

(posted 4/23/2012)
“PTL. God found me in the middle of a dead marriage and healed my wounds. Every day I feel stronger! After my husband and I separated, I realized I had been a horrible wife. I was self-righteous and blinded. I have been praying to my Lord every day and waiting for His response. I know for sure He has changed me because I can feel it and I’m waiting for the same miracle to happen in my husband’s heart. The other day I received flowers and a note from my husband that said, ‘I love you!’ My God is an awesome God! Lean on God and you won’t be put to shame!”  (Texas) (posted 3/4/2015)
“Praise the Lord! I’ve been expecting God to move on my prodigal’s heart. He texted me, saying he was returning my message. But I never texted him! It was my God! We spent time together and I know God is moving in both our hearts. Restoration is on the way. I’m praying for all of you – that our prodigals will be home soon in Jesus’ name!”  (North Carolina) (posted 2/9/2015)
“Praise God from whom all blessings flow! After several months of separation from my husband and very little contact during that time, God has sent my husband home. I am a witness that prayer changes things in our lives if we will only believe in the promises of God. To all my fellow standers...NEVER stop praying for your spouse. We as standers must remember we cannot fight this battle with Satan through flesh and blood, we must fight this battle through spiritual tactics like prayer and fasting. Never cease from praying for your spouse and the other woman or man because both need to be forgiven and restored. Begin to confess the promises of God over your marriage and in God's perfect timing, He will restore your marriage.”  (Florida)  (posted 7/9/2013)
“My husband and I are starting life anew. I was in such shock on Christmas Eve when my husband wanted to stay at our house after opening gifts with our children and actually wanted me by his side. We talked for hours. He wanted to stay home. There is much healing that will need to take place, but the joy far outweighs the sorrow. I kept clinging to the message that God is in control.” (Ohio) (posted 1/28/2005)
“Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”  Mark 10:9  (posted 7/30/2012)
“One evening I was listening to Stop Divorce Radiowhen Charlyne was encouraging us to be ready to receive your prodigal when they call to say they are coming home. The next night my prodigal called to say he was coming home. PTL! It has been a very hard road since he has come home but I know that God has amazing plans for us. I will continue to believe. John 11:40.”  (United Kingdom)  (posted 4/10/2013)
“My divorce was finalized on Sunday and it crushed me. I t tried to manufacture my own restoration while separated and I thought for sure God was going to help me prevent divorce but He is sovereign, letting me know He has another plan. I was able to email my husband and let him know I would be standing for our marriage even after the divorce and told him how much I love him. He did respond and I thank God for that. Although I know it is going to be tough and a lot of work needs to be done before restoration, I know that I know that I know God has called us to be together and will restore our marriage in His timing. God gave me the scripture Micah 7:7 and that helped me to renew my faith during this next phase of my stand. I’m letting go and letting God!”  (Maryland) (posted 8/26/2013)
“I found out a few weeks ago that my separated husband has returned to the church. He has been attending Sunday and Wednesday nights since around Super Bowl time. This was about two weeks after he had asked if I would contest if he filed for divorce. The case was never filed. Needless to say, I felt like I was walking on air. I felt like I could fly. God is working on His heart. I believe God is moving!” (Texas)  (posted 5/12/2012)
“All glory and honor to God! Since Father's Day, God has been showing me so many signs that my prodigal husband has started to change. He has been coming around the house more often, and calling. Just recently he wanted to talk to me and he expressed a few things that were weighing heavy on his heart. Then we hugged. I also have heard from the kids, that their father has been taking them to church! And today as I type this, I just finished reading an apology letter from him, expressing how he has failed as a husband and how he sees things different now. PTL! This weekend we have planned a small getaway with the whole family. I'm so excited I want to scream, but my toddler is napping so I will continue to type to express how grateful I am to God, who is in control. Standers, please never give up on His promise!”  (Michigan) (posted 7/15/2013)
“My prodigal left some years ago and has been living out of state with the OW. Through my attorney I was notified that my prodigal was going to be back in our state and wanted to come by the house to pick up his remaining personal belongings. Our communication and interactions throughout the past two years have been tense, sometimes civil, sometimes not. I prayed the Holy Spirit would be with both of us when he came. We actually had the opportunity to talk and share our emotions. He hugged me and cried and said he was sorry for hurting me and our children. He texted me the next day and again said he was sorry and can only ask for forgiveness. This is a huge breakthrough, for he's never acknowledged any wrongdoing or remorse for his actions. I saw for myself that God is softening his heart and working on the other side of the mountain. Praise the Lord!” (Rhode Island)  (posted 1/24/2012)
"When my husband left several months ago and became involved with another woman, I was devastated. During his trips home, God has allowed me to see the spiritual battle for his soul and I praise His Holy name that He is working on my behalf.  He tells me he loves and misses me. I can see my husband's heart softening and even though he says it will never work.  I know the power of my God and I know nothing is too hard for Him!  (Louisiana)  (posted 5/12/2011)
“My husband left some months back. I have done my best to be thankful to the Lord in this horrible circumstance. I have spent much time getting to know my Savior on a deeper level. In the past, I have questioned whether God even spoke to me. As of late, I have been writing in my journal things the Lord has spoken. I found three different places that have confirmed to me what God has been telling me. I know God wants me to believe He is restoring my marriage! Thank you Lord for these circumstances that have drawn me closer to You!” (Florida) (posted 10/13/2014)
“Praise God! My covenant spouse told me he loves me very much. I just kept thanking God for His love and faithfulness. He has kept me through all this and He knew it would turn out for His glory. Thank you for proclaiming that God does heal marriages and divorce is not an option.”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 1/19/2015)
"While preparing lunch for myself I felt impressed to take the meal to my husband at his work. He is always on my mind and in my prayers. I really didn't feel like going out again. I tried to reason with God about this. I felt impressed that I may miss an opportunity to witness to my husband my unconditional love, and as we have been separated for awhile, I wanted to reaffirm my love for him. I prayed he would be at work to receive the food, along with a small bunch of pansies from our garden. He was there when I arrived. All praise to God." (Australia) (posted 1/10/2011)
(posted 2/9/2015)
"I have been praying and asking God for a confirmation on my stand. My husband called this morning just to check on me. He said something has been bothering him for a couple of weeks and he is not able to sleep. He just wanted to make sure I was okay. He then called a couple hours later to tell me to have a good day. Praise God." (Arkansas) (posted 7/17/2009)
“I give God all the glory for my husband is home after six years in the far country. He came home earlier this year. This is after one false start four years ago. Today my husband is apologetic to both my son and me and has renewed his commitment to us. Every day he tells me how much he loves me. Standers, don’t give up. My situation seemed impossible, but God gave me many promises that I stood on. In conversations with my husband he tells me how many times he came close to divorce but something held him back. I know it was God. My prayer was always for him to return to the Lord. He is back in church with me, praising God. I always remember Bob’s book The Saved Seat. I saved his seat and he is now sitting there every Sunday. There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the LORD’s counsel – that will stand. Proverbs 19:21 (NKJV.)  (Trinidad & Tobago) (posted 12/11/2014)
“God is so good to me. Against my better judgment, I occasionally spend time on Facebook. About six months ago my prodigal's mom friended me. Recently pictures of a family picnic hosted by my prodigal and his girlfriend were posted. Feeling a bit ashamed and sad, I asked God if this was a sign for me to move on. In less than 24 hours I saw a Covenant Transport truck; found, completely by accident, a scholarly article whose author's full name was almost identical to that of my prodigal's; and my New Testament reading for the day (Acts 12) featured three different references to the gospel writer for whom my prodigal was named. God sent many distinct messages to me telling me to hang on. He also reminded me that my time is better spent in prayer than on Facebook! He knows my heart and mind! God's grace and love is amazing. Thank You Papa.” (Minnesota)  (posted 7/23/2012)
“I have been praying a hedge of protection around my in-home prodigal husband for years and, I don´t know when or how, but he finished the relationship with the OW. God also gave him a new job that doesn´t allow him to meet her easily. My spouse is not saved and my marriage is not restored yet but another miracle occurred: after several years we were intimate. PTL! You who bring good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain. You who bring good news to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with a shout, lift it up, do not be afraid; say to the towns of Judah, ‘Here is your God.' Isaiah 40:9.”  (Mexico) (posted 4/1/2014)
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