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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

"God can make anything happen and He can show you how to get a family together. He made the Holy Spirit talk to my spouse; had him call our daughter and her family, who was here from WI to visit. My spouse asked her and her family to meet him for lunch. I was staying at another daughter's and she was taking me home that day. We stopped at her MIL's to visit first. I could have already been home, but God works things His way. I received a text from the daughter who moved to WI. She wanted to see us before she left. We joined them for lunch. We were planning on buying our own food. But my spouse bought all our meals! Then we ended up sitting across from each other. I want all of you to see how God can use many people to make a mountain move. With God all things are possible. Give God all the Glory."  (Illinois) (posted 9/3/2012)

“I just want to praise the Lord because my marriage was restored suddenly. My husband came back home suddenly! PTL. After so many prayers and scriptures, the Lord did it suddenly. I know this could only be from God. Now my family is back together, to God be the glory for all He has done!”  (North Carolina)

(posted 8/31/2012)
“My husband asked me to leave our home. Without knowing what a stander was, I had begun to stand before finding you here at Rejoice Marriage Ministries. I have found God speaking to me in a way that I have never realized. The hardest thing I have struggled with is whether or not my husband has been seeking out a new relationship. I was so overcome with anxiousness and worry that I found myself in my car driving to his house to see. On my way I was listening to Christian radio and ‘Restore by Chris Augustine came on. I heard God whisper to me, ‘Go home and trust Me.’ So I just turned around. For all I know there could have been another women there. But I have chosen to follow Jesus and I know that He is going to bring me and my love back together.”  (Georgia) (posted 1/27/2015)
... He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed—the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.  Romans 4:17  (posted 12/26/2011)
“PTL I had a conversation with my husband on Wednesday and told him how much I appreciated our being friends. He asked if I would still want to be friends if he divorced and remarried and I said yes as his friendship was more than I had expected for years. I had spent most of the years of separation trying to to mend our marriage in the flesh and made it worse. I finally gave it to God and now I can have these conversations and mean what I say. My husband is totally amazed as he remembers the emotional jealous wreck of a wife. I have even forgiven and am praying for the OW.”  (United Kingdom)  (posted 9/4/2011)

"My wife and I have started talking and seeing each other again. She stays in another state with the kids, but God used the kids to keep telling her to come home. We are now working on our marriage and we even went to her reunion last weekend together and enjoyed ourselves. Praise the Lord." (North Carolina)

(posted 6/5/2009)
“One year ago I thought my situation was impossible. I went through so much suffering but little by little God guided me and began transforming me from the inside out. I was so ashamed because of the type of woman I had been for most of my life. At first, I had many excuses as to why I was like this but then God gave me a decision to make - continue this way or change and then start harvesting good things. It was only by the Holy Spirit that God started and is transforming me. Recently my husband started communicating with me and has expressed his desire to see our daughter and me. I just can't believe it! I am COMPLETELY sure God did it and I am determined to never let go of God again. Standers don't give up. He is with you.”  (Mexico)  (posted 2/24/2013)
"After months of my husband being angry at me, I broke down and let him know that I have been praying for him every day. He hugged me and said he knows that I have been. It is the first real hug that I have had in months. I looked in his eyes and realized that his heart is softening. I don't know when he will be home, but I know that he will with God's timing. The first thing I read in the morning is 'Charlyne Cares.' You are an inspiration to me." (Texas) (posted 5/7/2010)
And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ - everything in heaven and on earth. Ephesians 1:10 (NLT) (posted 3/31/2011)

"On Easter Sunday as the kids and I were on our way to church, I saw my husband and the other woman. I drove beside him and my son spoke to his father. Afterward, my stomach began to ache, but I thanked God for allowing me to see my husband. To God be the Glory." (Texas)

(posted 3/8/2012)
"I am thanking God daily for His faithfulness and for moving in my husband's heart. I found out about his affair and by God's grace alone, have been able to lovingly walk alongside him as he's struggled to end his relationship, which he was finally able to do. We began counseling with a pastor from our church. There's a long road ahead, but God has placed a promise in my heart that He's going to restore my husband to Himself, to me, our marriage, and our family. To God be the glory." (China) (posted 3/19/2010)
“I have many thanks for my Savior Jesus Christ these past few months. I read the devotional about fasting and praying until January 1, 2015, for our prodigal and other prodigals. I began on November 1. Honestly, I was not into it but, wow, the miracles and blessings that have poured into my family. I followed the Holy Spirit’s prompting and took a leap of faith, inviting my spouse and in-laws to dinner. He wished me Happy Thanksgiving and reminded me his mom loved my green bean casserole. Many of us pray hard that our prodigal will come home; we wait on dry ground afraid to get our feet wet, afraid of rejection. I was terrified when I invited my prodigal, but God was waiting on me to have that faith and belief of a miracle. Get your feet wet. When Jesus says ‘Come,’ we better not stay in that boat.”  (Georgia) (posted 12/11/2014)
"Since my husband left months ago we have talked without bitterness. He has asked if he can move into our garage until he can find a place of his own. He wants to be close to his sons and repair the relationship with them. I thank God for bringing my husband to the garage." (California) (posted 1/10/2011)
"Praise the Lord. My marriage was restored, but the enemy came back in because I failed to continue to stand. Because of this, my husband and I have been separated in the same house for several months, with him not speaking to me. Last night, while watching tv, he was talking to me as if nothing had happened. I praise the Lord because this is a sign that He is working in my marriage." (Florida) A PS from Pompano -  A spouse does not have to be gone from home to be a prodigal. Having an at-home prodigal creates new difficulties, but please remember all of the new opportunities for prayer it opens. (posted 10/3/2008)
"I want to give honor and glory to God. A week ago my husband visited me to let me know that he was reading the Bible and going to church. He asked for my forgiveness. I am in awe of God's faithfulness. He never fails." (Illinois) (posted 1/30/2009)
(posted 1/27/2015)
“PTL for all He has done and all He IS going to do. I started my stand a few months ago. The Lord brought me to RMM through another site. All the material you provide has helped me in my new journey with the Lord. I am standing firm even though my current circumstances may look grey. I am holding on tight to the Lord's promise on marriage restoration. My husband has recently started calling more during the day. He even shows up unexpectedly to see the kids. That IS the Holy Spirit touching his heart and God doing what He has promised. I have NO DOUBT the Lord will restore my marriage and make it better than before.”  (California) (posted 12/16/2013)
"Just when I felt like quitting, my husband called just to say hello. This really lifted my spirit. My mother-in-law called and offered to pay for my daughter's school uniform and books. Praise the Lord. Praise His wonderful name again." (Jamaica) (posted 8/15/2008)
“Happy Mother’s Day to all standers. I want to say I got a Mother’s Day gift early due to my spouse being out of town for Mother's Day. It was a jewelry set with hearts, which I took as a sign of my spouse saying he still loves me. I pray that all you other standers get a blessing from the Lord as well. God is awesome, never give up. Amen.”  (Florida) (posted 5/18/2014)
"Glory to the Lord. I had been praying and fasting for a breakthrough in our marriage and for my husband’s salvation. God showed me this morning that He is touching my husband’s heart. I found a scribbled note from him about God being good. I thank God for using me as a vessel." (Singapore) (posted 10/16/2009)
"Standing for the restoration of my marriage has drawn me closer to the Lord than ever before. Before I was not consistent and was thinking of other relationships as an alternative. Now I am thanking God for not restoring my marriage by the deadline I was giving Him. I needed total transformation to be the wife that my husband deserves. (Colorado) (posted 8/8/2008)
“I am one of those who feels as if she has been standing forever. But I did want to share about the day when I was feeling pretty down and hopeless. I waited during two long stoplights for a Covenant Transport truck that was stuck right across the intersection. I get the message, Father. Stay faithful. I have also heard about and seen many Swift trucks, but my idea of swift and God's idea differ. Have other standers seen ‘Old Dominion’ trucks? They say this on the side: ‘Helping the world keep its promises.’ He helps us keep our promises. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures throughout all generations. Ps.145:13. Keep praying, standers. His dominion endures, and we pray for future generations.” (Illinois) (posted 1/29/2015)
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.  Ephesians 3:20-21  (posted 6/15/2012)
“Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! To Him be all the glory! Standers, God is faithful. During my stand I have seen the power of prayer. My husband is struggling to stay home permanently. He mentions all the time that he wants to do right, that he is waiting for something to happen. I was being attacked by the enemy in a strong manner. I kept believing and praying anyway. My husband came home and then left again. I’m very sure God is preparing something big, and I’m ready to receive victory! God gave me Hebrews 4:3-16.”  (California) (posted 2/9/2015)
"God told me to be still and He would fight for me. It truly is darkest before the dawn. Monday I was so depressed I didn't go to work. God told me to expect my husband home, and to believe it was already done, and not to let my words and doubt stop my miracle. Well, I held on to God's promise and after months of separation, my husband called and wanted to see me. By the next evening all his things were moved back in the house. I'm writing this as I lay next to my husband. God will do it, just believe and be patient, everything I prayed and confessed has manifested." (Pennsylvania) (posted 1/28/2011)
"It has been a long time since my husband moved out and divorced me. Yet, God has still kept his mail coming to our home and some of his belongings in our home! When I get discouraged and think nothing is happening, God gently reminds me that He can bring my husband home and sends another of my husband's letters to our home. God can restore this impossible situation." (Singapore) (posted 10/3/2009)

"Today I go to the hospital to sit with my mother-in-law in ICU. My husband is home now, and this is my first chance to see her and my opportunity to share Jesus' love for my mother-in-law, not yet saved. I am praising the Lord and asking for the wisdom Jesus promised." (Ohio)

(posted 9/19/2008)
"After a year of separation and years of affairs and emotional addiction, and at the door of mediation and divorce, my husband of many years is moving back home today. The Lord answered intense prayers and fasting. Believe in His promises." (Texas) (posted 3/13/2009)
I thought in my heart, “God will bring to judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time for every deed.”  Ecclesiastes 3:17  (posted 1/29/2012)
I prayed about my first meeting with the attorney and on my way to her office I saw a Covenant Transport truck! It's strange because I had never seen one downtown before...I know it's God working on the other side.”  (Texas)  (posted 3/24/2012)
“The past week I have been on an emotional roller coaster. I began to feel that my stand was in vain. I began to think about how David felt in Psalm 73 and how Habakkuk vented his feelings. On the way to work I began to vent my frustration to the Lord and out of nowhere a Covenant Transport truck drove right pass me. I began to cry and thank God for His faithfulness. I know now that that my stand is not in vain. Despite how it may seem, I know God is in control.” (Georgia) (posted 1/24/2012)
“My divorce was finalized Tuesday. I was growing weary in my stand, all but giving up hope. BUT GOD - He never let go! My suddenly came yesterday, five days later. I got a call from my husband - we had lunch together, and later spent more precious time together. We have a long way to go, but I know that God is working this out to His glory! Standers, please do not ever stop believing God's promises! Stay in prayer for your covenant spouse!”  (Florida)  (posted 7/2/2012)
“The devotional ‘How Can I Be Sure Of This?’spoke to me tremendously. I have received six rhema words from Psalm 32:7, Isaiah 56:1, James 1:4, Luke 1:45, Psalm 145:18-20 andZephaniah 3:20 - ‘At that time I will gather you; At that time I will bring you home. I will give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes,’ says the LORD. I received a word that this is the year my prodigal returns home and I heard from God to buy my prodigal husband a wedding ring. I am believing God for miraculous things to happen this year. PTL!! Stand on His promises, He is not a man that He will lie.” (New Jersey)  (posted 12/12/2011)
“Praise to our Most High Father. My wife and I are back together. She told me divorce was imminent, BUT God led me to your site and showed me the pattern of the enemy, taught me how to stand, confess His Word daily and my ‘suddenly’ came to pass. If you are wondering like I was, if any of your prayers are being heard, trust me they are. There is a fierce battle taking place in the spirit world. After reconciling, my wife confessed to me that daily her mind was consumed with how and when she would divorce me. But God had me confessing His Word daily also, to counter these thoughts without my knowledge. Don't give up believers. God can be trusted and He is on your side, no matter what the circumstances are. Praise Him and honor Him in your deeds and you will be typing your testimony very soon too. He is a restorer of ALL that was lost.”  (Texas) (posted 12/29/2014)
"Yesterday whilst praying with a friend at church for our husbands’ salvation, a mobile phone kept going off. I realized the ring tone was SOS. Our rescue message (prayer) was being sent straight to heaven's door to be received by our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord that You hear our cry and that You answer us." (United Kingdom) (posted 11/6/2009)
“Following Saturday’s testimony about a dead rosebush coming back to life, I'd like to share about a sunflower in my garden. When I got back from Rejoice on the Road, Ohio, this plant had totally withered in the heat, even though someone had been in to water, it looked completely hopeless. Instead of giving up on it though, I continued to water it as it slowly recovered. Now, almost a month later, it is just about to flower! Praise God for His encouragement and these small glimpses of how He works in situations the world has called dead. Just like mine, your marriage may have been proclaimed dead by the world...but God! Out of His glorious riches He will provide though we don't understand what is happening or what we need. Trust Him.”  (England) (posted 8/15/2013)
“I am standing for my marriage restoration, although the court passed the decree. But the Lord Jesus gave me signs of hope. He is showing me and speaking to me to continue standing for my marriage. I pray that we will live together happily and forgive each other and let the Lord guide us, bless us, and let divine love flow between us. I also pray for others who are standing for their marriage to receive miracles from God. Thank You, Lord, for our answered prayers. Amen.”  (Texas)   (posted 12/17/2012)
"My bride did something really nice for me on Saturday and Monday, I was so excited I couldn't stop sharing how great God is and what He's done for me. It's now Wednesday and I haven't heard a peep from her since Monday and Satanhas been trying to really let that get to me. On the way to tonight's service at church God put my favorite praise song on and I began to cry and ask for forgiveness for being weak. At that very moment, and during the most powerful and meaningful part of that song, I turned and there passing me was a huge Covenant Transport truck! I pulled over and bawled. I've looked over and over for one of those trucks knowing full well I would never see one. How wrong I was and how great and mighty our Lord is! I love You Father!" (California) (posted 9/3/2012)
“It seemed that my marriage was on the road to restoration, however, the enemy has attacked, again. But I want to give praise and glory to the Lord God Almighty. He has provided for the needs for my son and I. Even in this dark valley, the Lord is giving His light and I want to praise Him for He is faithful. I am holding onto the promises of God that one day my marriage will be restored, so new and beyond anything we can comprehend. Standers, keep looking up. We expect Christmas miracles with all glory belonging to our Heavenly Father. Please pray with me and all other standers.”  (Tennessee) (posted 12/24/2013)
"Almost a year after the divorce, we are still living in the same house. I forget how blessed I am by God with this situation. God is faithful." (New Jersey) (posted 9/10/2010)
Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.  James 5:16 (NLT)  (posted 4/23/2012)
"My husband came back for the Labor Day weekend. After praying for years, God is bringing him back. He is still not convinced about God's will for his life. I will keep praying and believing." (Texas) (posted 9/11/2009)
“Standing for my marriage has brought miracles I least planned for. As I began my stand, my young son joined me in prayer and prays for his prodigal father even in his own personal devotional time. He is so committed to reading his children's devotionals from Charlyne Cares for Kid's. It never crossed my mind that he had committed his life to Christ at such a young age. Praise the Lord, he got baptized over the weekend and it was a joyous occasion sitting with my prodigal in church on this event. We witnessed another father who had left the Lord being baptized again and giving his testimony. When my prodigal left, I knew and believed the Holy Spirit was working on him. An hour later he called expressing how touched he was being part of that wonderful divine event and that he was proud I was raising our son in the right direction. I told him he is much loved. PTL! The Lord's hand is working and restoration is already there. We serve a risen Savior, Christ our Lord who has already stepped in!”  (United Kingdom)  (posted 10/29/2012)
“A month ago, I stumbled across RMM on the internet, the week that I was planning to prepare a formal separation agreement and then present it to my husband. We have been separated over a year. I was the one who initiated the separation and felt justified in doing so. But the day I found RMM, I spent in prayer and fasting and God laid it on my heart that I had not forgiven my husband and loved him unconditionally. I began to seriously stand for my marriage and pray for my husband to be restored to the Lord. Since then,the changes in me and in our relationship have been amazing!! We have gone from email-only communication, to an intimate weekend spent together. My husband is having so many health and financial problems, but still prefers his pigpen to home. Yet the Lord has laid on my heart to get my house in order and gave me a promise from Matthew 7:24-25 this morning. Praise Him! He will build our house on the rock and it will not fall!” (Canada) (posted 4/14/2014)
God is sovereign! Hallelujah! He deserves our thanksgiving and praise every single day. When I almost threw in the towel, God led me to the ‘I Quit’ devotional. I felt weary and hopeless, so I asked God to speak to me explicitly. All of a sudden the word ‘tiwala’ which means believe, caught my eye while I was preparing for work. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that if I give up it meant I didn’t trust God’s power to work mightily in our marriage. It’s been several years since we have not celebrated the holidays together, but suddenly my husband told me that he is coming home for our wedding anniversary and to celebrate the holidays. Standers, keep standing for the Lord works mightily. PTL!”  (Philippines) (posted 12/22/2014)
"My husband and I went out on our first date after being separated for years. I asked him if he would like to see the movie 'Fireproof' and he said yes. He liked it very much and was touched by it. I believe it is just the beginning for us." (California) (posted 12/5/2008)
My spouse returned home after being in the far country. If it had not been for the Lord, and your encouraging and inspiring web site we would not be back together today. When my husband came home previously, I did not have a close relationship with the Lord. Therefore, as you know, our restoration did not last. Today, through prayer and transformation, I am a stander and I am His servant. Each day I can see that God is answering my prayers and drawing my husband closer to Him. I am confident that our marriage has been permanently restored by the grace of God." (Georgia) (posted 11/20/2004)

"For God does speak - now one way, now another - though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn man from wrongdoing and keep him from pride, to preserve his soul from the pit, his life from perishing by the sword." Job 33:14-18

(posted 4/2/2011)
I just love the Lord, He is so wonderful. He has kept me during a lot of hard times in my life. He is the one who sent me to this page to help me while I was waiting on my husband to return to me so we can restore our marriage. I love it when He says everyone will know it was Him the Lord that restored our marriage. Memorizing God's Word keeps me strong in His Word and helps me when nobody bu God can help.  (North Carolina)
(posted 1/22/2013)
“I was taking one of Charlyne's CDs to a friend's friend because divorce has taken place in their family this year. I was right around the corner from my destination and an SUV cut me off on the road and then decided to make a sharp turn right in front of me. It made me not very happy, but GOD...the license plate said SPOUSES. I just smiled and thanked God with all my heart. NEVER give up and NEVER underestimate what God will do when you least expect it. Speak truth in LOVE. Remember why you stand.”  (Tennessee)  (posted 9/4/2011)
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