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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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"I want to give honor and glory to God. A week ago my husband visited me to let me know that he was reading the Bible and going to church. He asked for my forgiveness. I am in awe of God's faithfulness. He never fails." (Illinois)
Since finding RMM several years ago I have been writing scripture that impacts me on 3 x 5 cards. I have several stacks of them. I am excited to start memorizing scripture so it will be at the ready when I need it. I was married to a wonderful man for 34 years. He had an affair and divorced me in Aug. 2008. I was lost but came to know Jesus through this trial. I was reluctant to wear my ring for a long time. Suddenly, in Dec. 2012 I was reading one of your devotionals and I had to stop, run upstairs and put my ring on. My disobedience was broken and I felt such peace and freedom. Thank you God!  (New Hampshire)
"For the years we have been separated I have said that my husband is not my provider, God is. It was easy to say while I was getting my child support. Today my husband called to tell me he has been fired. Lots of 'What will I do’s?' came to mind. I decided to sit down and look at 'Charlyne Cares' and what was the title? 'God Will Take Care of You.' I laughed so hard. I immediately posted it to my Facebook. God is good. Thanks, you two." (Michigan)
“I sure wish Brother Bob could have been here to know that my wife lives about 5 miles from me and she calls every now and then. She called a couple days ago and just before we hung up, I said ‘I love you’. She said, ‘I know.’ This testimony is so powerful! If the other standers could get to read all the details, they would jump for joy. May God bless RMM. Brother Bob, I know you made it to the streets of gold.” (Florida) 
“Thank you for your prayers. Praise God...I had listed our court date and it was suddenly delayed at the request of my husband. He didn't feel ready. God is working and frustrating any plans to end our covenant marriage. Praise God!”  (Wisconsin) 
“My husband came home the Thursday before Thanksgiving after being gone for months. He suddenly showed up at home with his clothes. I am so blessed that God spoke to me in so many ways while my husband was gone, always reminding me that He was in control and would use this crisis for His purposes. While my husband was moving his clothes in, our young daughter came home from school and followed him into the closet. She came running out to me and said, ‘Mom! Dad has put a lot of clothes in the closet. God is really working on him!' When my husband was gone for months I cried out, 'God, it's been so long.' He immediately responded, 'Yes, but isn't that a small price to pay to have a husband and marriage that is better than you could ever hope for or imagine?' The week before my husband returned, God gave me Psalm 31:21-22, 24; 'Praise the Lord, for he has shown me his unfailing love. He kept me safe when my city was under attack. In sudden fear I had cried out, “I have been cut off from the Lord!” But you heard my cry for mercy and answered my call for help So be strong and take courage, all you who put your hope in the Lord.'” (Indiana)
“My husband told me a few months ago that he wants to separate. I found this website and started standing immediately. I thank God that although he is still saying he wants out, he hasn't left our home. I have been praying and just recently started fasting, and it seems as though the stronger I get, the more attacks the enemy sends my way. By the grace of God I am able to smile because I know that God is winning the battle going on within my husband. Lately I have been feeling an unexplained excitement in my spirit. My suddenly is coming soon.”  (Hawaii)
"God is faithful. I am expecting our after-restoration baby. Our marriage is better than before. Trust Him and He will answer your prayers." (South Africa)
"I am deployed to Iraq and my marriage became severely under attack by the devil. We were discussing separation and divorce. The Lord stepped into my marriage numerous times when I cried out to Him. Through prayer and fasting my wife and I are doing great." (Iraq/North Carolina)
The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.   2 Peter 3:9 
“The Lord had told me a short while ago to "let go" of my husband and my marriage. I was holding on to them so close that God could not do His work. I was putting my marriage and restoration first and not God. During this time, I thought that God wanted me to just put my husband and restoration out of my mind. I became very lax in my walk with God and stopped praying for my husband and marriage. I want to thank God that one day I was speaking to a friend who told me that God wanted me to pray for my husband. It was my responsibility and if I didn't pray for his salvation, no one would. God wants me to put Him first and only Him and to continue my stand. I want to encourage you my fellow standers, when God gives you a Word, let Him finish speaking, don't finish for Him. Put God first, He will take care of you. Don't give up on your spouse even when things don't seem right”  (Canada) 
“I was ready to give up as I have been standing several years. After no contact for the last year with my prodigal, through fasting and prayer, the Lord put it on my heart to call him. I was very fearful and humbled myself and obeyed. To my amazement he was so excited to hear from me and called me on Thanksgiving Day to wish me Happy Thanksgiving. We are in the process of trying to get together and spend some time with each other.” (Montana) 
“One month ago my testimony was that my husband had left the OW. He travels often but asked to stay with the kids and me for a few days between trips (waiting for his new apartment to become available). So much indicates that this mountain is so huge it will never come down. But then there are small miracles like my husband and my kids and me laying in bed watching TV and eating dessert. The following weekend, we went to dinner and the Passion concert. My husband got to see our children worship God with their whole hearts. I kept thinking 'are you kidding me'. My kids and I have used the song 'One Thing Remains' as a prayer for our family and their dad. When it comes on the radio we turn it loud and with tears in our eyes we proclaim it! What a miracle that my husband got to see it first hand and hear what we are standing on. God is faithful. And if He can arrange all this in a few short weeks, I'm sure He can handle all the rest. I chose to rest knowing He's got this.”  (Colorado)  

"My husband left me and filed for divorce. The divorce will be retracted and he has now been back reunited with the family. My kids are so excited to see their prayers answered. Thank you Bob and Charlyne for giving me hope and encouragement through your devotions and radio messages. The Lord has brought my prodigal home and is beginning to heal our family and my heart from this crisis. Nothing is impossible with our God." (California)

“I have surrendered my life, my spouse and my marriage to the Lord. Only He can heal and restore; I already know what I can do. I have been consistently praying and seeking God. Lately I prayed that my husband would come home immediately, if it's time. Just a few days ago my husband texted that he lost his job and was on his way home. He is on his way! I KNOW that complete restoration is on the way. All praise and glory to the Lord!”  (Oregon) 
“Christmas day was spent at our daughter’s. My prodigal was there also. I had been anxious for this day because of the issues I had recently with the OW. Our daughter had a long conversation about the OW and he is close to walking away from her. Thank You Jesus! He feels an obligation to her. I pray for them, but, I pray that my prodigal can walk away and feel no obligation to them; that all soul ties are broken. I praise the Lord for there was peace in my daughter’s house on Christmas. My prodigal hugged me and gave me a gift. We all talked and reminisced about earlier years and several times my prodigal would talk to me and others about our personal family Christmas memories. He would look at me and we laughed and at times cried. It was a joyous time and I give God all the glory.”  (Texas)
“I've been standing for some time and have prayed for signs of restoration. This past week I asked the Lord how does my husband feel about me, and I wanted to hear it from my husband's mouth. A couple of days after that prayer, my husband called me out of the blue at work; he said he just called to tell me that he loves me. God is good!! What an awesome God we serve, his Word and promises are true."And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son my bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." (John 14:13-14). Fellow standers, don't stop praying for your prodigal and your marriage. Stand firm, believe and have faith. God does hear and answer our prayers.”  (California)
"Praise God my husband and I talk almost every day. He sent me a birthday gift. Even though we are divorced on paper we both agreed we hate what the devil tried to do to our family and we both agreed that God has the final say so. God will win because He hates divorce and honors covenant. Praise Him. Prayer changes everything." (Oklahoma)
“I want to thank God for taking care of my family. During my stand the Lord has provided for all of our needs as He has promised. A year ago I was reading Psalm 34:19 and right next to it I wrote, ‘Lord these are my afflictions,’ and I listed five issues where I needed His intervention. Last week as I opened my Bible to the same place, I praised God that He answered four of them already. The divorce issue is the only one left in the list. I have an upcoming court date in a month and a half. My hope is in the Lord. God is good. To Him be the glory. Thank You Jesus!”  (California)

“Our Lord moves mountains, PTL. After a year and a half separation, my prodigal is home. The devil led him astray and he hardened his heart and ears to the Lord. The Lord promises us that His Words do not return void. The Lord finds his lost sheep and while I let go and let God, always in prayer, God also found me and rebuilt me. Then He opened my husband's ears and softened his heart and showed him the deception that Satan had blinded him with. Our God is an amazing God. Praise and glory to Him. Never give up. Allow God to move the mountain and fill your heart and your prodigal’s because what He did for me He'll do for you. Amen.”  (Florida)

"My friend introduced me to your website. I asked God questions and wrote them down along with the answers like your tape said and kept the faith that the answers were from God. My husband came home as God told me he would and exactly the month God told me he would. My faith is stronger than ever." (Connecticut)

“Praise the Lord, for God is good and faithful. For the past two nights my husband has come home as God is answering prayers and the Holy Spirit is convicting and directing my husband's path. Standers, keep praying and looking to our Lord. For with God there is nothing impossible! Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for all standers, children and prodigals. Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”  (Florida) 

“My divorce was meant to happen last month. It was also listed in thecourt room prayers. I just got a letter saying this date was postponed to March. I know Heavenly Father, that You will somehow cancel this divorce next time. I`m awaiting Your miracle. Thank you for all who prayed at the court room prayer wall. Thank You Father in Jesus name.” (Australia)
“My husband left me and told me that he was done with the marriage and he wasn't happy. So that's when God truly got my FULL attention. I cried and prayed every day since then. God spoke through my pastor and told me that I need to release this and that it's too heavy for me to carry. So that's what I did. I continued to pray. Out of the blue, my husband texted me and told me he misses me so much. I know God is working on him and it's just a matter of time before He restores us.”  (North Carolina)  
“God is always working even when the circumstances are not in our favor. I woke up on Mother's Day to the sound of a text message. I thought it's so early, I was really tired, and I thought it was my girlfriend (also a stander) texting me. It was my husband! He sent me a text at 7:52 A.M. in the morning but he is a truck driver and the time zone there made it 5:52 A.M. He married not too long ago and I know that God is doing the work. The waters did not over take me nor did the fires burn me. I have a joy that is truly from inside and each morning I thank God because I know it's not me it's Him. I am so blessed and him being married does not water down God's promises or cancel them out. But God is going to use it for His glory! I trust God fully and everything is another chance for me to trust Him more and more. My suddenly is coming! My house is ready, I have my wedding dress and a ring for him! I have prepared my field to receive the rain!”  (West Virginia) 
“My heart was heavy as I made the seven hour trip to a strange city and state where my husband filed for divorce. We were going to sign our final papers. I hadn't seen him in more than two years. I prayed for our marriage to be healed but had doubt in my heart. People told me to move on, but I had no desire to. I found your ministry just weeks before our court hearing and placed our names on the Court Page. I was two miles from the court house when my cell phone rang. The judge canceled the hearing due to a conflict with the schedule. My husband called shortly after and we decided to meet. He hugged me and told me he loved me. He said the fear of facing people at home was the only reason he couldn't come back yet. I came home with my heart filled with hope and praising God for the work He is doing in our marriage. I will continue to stand!”  (Pennsylvania) 
“I was on vacation last week and it was a hard week for me except for one bright spot in the week. I was using my week to do some work at my mom's house. My husband came over to help with some of the carpenter work. He had told me earlier in the week he did not know how long he could stay. PTL! He got there at 10:30 A.M. and stayed until 9:00 P.M. that night. When we went to get the lumber for the work, on our way back to the house I saw a Covenant Transport truck.”  (Illinois) 
"I was able to volunteer with an organization yesterday serving meals and giving clothing to homeless people. I felt so blessed to be able to do this. This is the type of thing that gives me peace while I am standing for my spouse's return. My heart was so full of joy! I asked each person if they were okay if I prayed with them, and they all said yes. Please pray for the homeless who have a variety of issues such as lack of jobs, health issues, and the breakdown of their families. A year ago, I felt homeless when my life changed drastically. I did not have a place to stay. I feel so blessed this year to have a place to stay and to be able to help others in their time of need. I continue to pray for the restoration of my marriage." (USA) 
“My husband left home months ago. My Heavenly Father directed me to RMM. I know my hope in Christ will not fail. I prayed for restoration and am waiting for it to manifest. Instead my Heavenly Father has changed me from the inside out. My friends noticed my change. They said I look prettier, more confident, patient and lovely. Every day I'm walking very closely with my current husband, 'Jesus.’ HE will take care of my life, work, home and everything when my covenant spouse is not around. I will continue to stand for my restoration as Daddy promised to return my spouse soon. Thank You Jesus.” (Singapore)
"I received a loving voice mail from my prodigal spouse wishing me a happy birthday three days early. His early call came on our wedding anniversary. It was God's perfect timing for a much needed boost of encouragement. Thank You, Jesus for a joyous birthday miracle." (North Carolina)
“'The Prodigals Guilt and Shame' message really helped me this morning, after having several false starts from my prodigal. Being young in marriage with limited to no support, I thank God for this ministry. I can do this with God's help!”  (Netherlands Antilles)
“I give God all the praise, glory and honor for He is worthy of all the praise. In God's Word He says, the God who gives life to the dead and callsthings that are not as though they were.Romans 4:17:b  I have taken God at His Word and put all my trust in Him and daily I confess the Word of God over my marriage and all marriages and stand in agreement with all standers. I have been praying for the salvation for all prodigals and for them to return to their godly senses. When we continue to stay steadfast in the Word of God and immovable and abounding in faith, God moves even when we cannot see. Thank You Lord for answering my prayers and bringing prodigals home.”  (Texas)
"My husband came back on my birthday. It has been so wonderful to have him home. Please pray for us. God is working every day. He is faithful. God bless you all. I will keep praying for all marriages." (Florida)
"My husband informed me this week that he had filed for divorce. I had the opportunity to tell him that I didn't want the divorce, and I was still praying for him and believing God for our marriage. Since that day, he has made several kind offers to do things for me. He even offered to pay for repairs on my car. Praise God, He is turning my husband's heart home." (Louisiana)
“Thank You, Lord that my spouse called me today on his way to the doctor. I was so honored that he let me go. I kept silently thanking the Lord and at one point while we were driving I saw a ‘Restoration Now’ van drive by. It was hard not to burst out in praise but my heart was singing. I thought of Bob saying about who a prodigal would call when they were sick, the spouse or other person. Thank You, Lord.”  (Nevada) 
“I have a huge project due in my master's class. I cannot afford the items for it, and the free items available do not have enough research that I can base my report on. I had a day off and dedicated it to finding what I needed. I heard the Lord tell me to spend time with my kids. After several hours of searching (ignoring His inkling), I still didn't have what I needed and repented for not listening. Four days later, an old friend from ten years ago emailed me out of the blue to say hi. She works at a school district, so I asked her if she had access to the information I needed. She was able to get me what I needed for free. We met yesterday afternoon and I have it in my hands. God IS faithful. If He can do this little thing, how much more can He restore a broken marriage?! Praising Him!”  (Texas)
"Things are looking up. My wife finished basic training last week and now she is calling and texting me more times than I can count. I told her I am still praying for her and our marriage and she asked me to continue to pray for her. Thanks go to the Lord." (Louisiana)
"My husband returned home to our family the week before Christmas! We are communicating well, attending church together, and building our family back! My husband is way more helpful around the house, more hands-on with our girls, and so positive and happy! I am thanking God for His faithfulness! I am also thanking Rejoice Marriage Ministries for the peace and encouragement I received from the daily devotionals, CD's and books! Keep standing...God does want to restore your marriage." (Texas)
“My husband agreed to go to counseling. God lead a friend to tell me about an intensive marriage program out-of-state for couples in crisis and my husband has agreed to do it. God then provided the money and opened up both my husband's and my schedule to go. We have spent time together and he helped pay for my car repair, telling my mechanic he wanted to show me he wanted to work things out. We soon will leave for our marriage intensive program and I know God is working. To God alone be the glory and praise.”  (Ohio) 
“I have been standing for many years. I made a lot of mistakes, even though I am very seasoned in the Lord. I listened to people not the Lord. You just get desperate to make things change. I found RMM and God corrected me. I now have such peace despite circumstances. Sometimes you think you’re crazy because everyone tells you to have tough love. Unconditional love is so against worldly thinking. Tough love truly make things worse. My husband came home several times with a changed heart and I made him leave because people told me don't let him come back yet, he needs to have months of living right first. I wanted to let him come back with everything in me but they convinced me it was fear of being alone. I thought I was obeying God. It hurts so much to think I turned him away at such a vulnerable point.”  (Indiana)  
"I went up for prayer at church. As I went up, I asked God for a sign. Our pastor stopped at me and said I should keep turning my heart toward God and I will see healing, deliverance and restoration. I was excited." (Texas)
"Thank you for your prayers! This morning I went to court. None of our lawyers were present as it was supposed to be a done deal. The judge decided that she would put this off for three months for us to have mediation. Praise be to God - three months is a lot of time for His miracle to work in my husband's heart. Keep standing all! Please pray that mediation will work to bring us back together and God will be the Mediator."  (England) 
“Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”  Jeremiah 32:17
Read about more restored marriages on our Restored page. 

“Praise the Lord. My suddenly happened! My husband came home after two years. I have prayed consistently for two years after my husband left me and our son. One year ago we were divorced and he moved in with the OW but my God kept telling me that he was still my husband and to pray for him without ceasing. I want to thank Rejoice Marriage Ministries for the daily words of encouragement. I just want to tell everyone to keep praying, fasting, pay your tithes, read your Word daily, and truly put all your trust in God because He will answer. Thank You God for all Your many blessings, for letting me know that You are real and letting me be able to tell the world God is able and can truly make the impossible very possible. Amen and Amen.”  (Texas)

"I was very discouraged and wanted to give up. I asked God for help because I knew my heart was hardening. Twice this week when I awoke the alarm clock read 6:22, which is our wedding anniversary date. To top it off, the scripture at the end of today's devotional says, 'Today, if you hear my voice, do not harden your hearts.' He is faithful." (Georgia)
“'You will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water…This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord.’2 Kings 3:17-18 This is the promise that God gave me to stand for the restoration of my marriage. God is helping me to stand. As stated in the verse, the circumstances are really negative but God has enabled me to focus on all His promises rather than the circumstances. During this period I grew up in the Lord and God supplied all my needs according to His riches in glory. As stated in Isaiah 61:7: Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion.  By the grace of the Lord, He gave me a promotion at work and enabled me to buy a house. The Lord gave me this house as a ‘House of restoration.’ I firmly believe in God that one day my husband and I will live in that house and will serve the Lord. God who did this great thing will surely do the greatest thing of salvation in my husband's life and bring him back home. Our God is the Lord of impossible.”  (India)
“I had felt that nothing was happening in my situation. However I should not have underestimated God! I had some health issues and my doctor recommended a holiday as I had gone through a lot lately. My husband suggested I go visit his parents in Canada. I could not afford a holiday and yet God opened doors for me in many ways and my husband was pleased when I confirmed I would be going. This was also an act of submission on my part to him. I have not seen his family for years, although we do keep in touch, and was nervous but I was welcomed with open arms. We went over to the States and I saw a Swift truck. I was so excited because this was something I never thought to see as we do not have them in the UK. I wait to see what God will do next. I let go and let God work in our marriage. PTL!”  (United Kingdom) 
"December 4 was 'D Day' for me. All my prayers were answered. My prodigal husband just showed up and rang the doorbell and asked if he could return home. He was living in the far country and things were not working. My husband, who does not enjoy reading, is reading Bob’s “Prodigals Do Come Home” and has told me three times how much he is enjoying it and absorbing the material. Thanks for the wonderful email that help guide my footsteps. Praise to God who granted this miracle." (Louisiana)
"On my way home from work I was calling out to God for a sign that He was still working on our behalf. At that moment I saw a Covenant Transport Truck. Thank You, Jesus." (Texas)
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