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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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"Today was my anniversary. I asked God to put me on my husband's heart, and for him to contact me. He sent me a lovely email saying that I was on his heart and signed it with love and forever. I am certain God is moving even when I cannot see anything at all." (Florida)
"My wife divorced me and it was final in November. I was not looking forward to Christmas because my wife was to have our boys until a couple of days after Christmas when I would get them. This would be the first Christmas in many years that we had not been together. To my surprise, my wife asked me to spend Christmas morning with her and the boys. God is great and He is working on my wife's heart." (Texas)
“Move on. Get over it. Free will. After several years of standing, the God who is able to do immeasurably more than I could ever think or imagine restored my marriage, despite negative feedback from friends, family, pastors and my church. This was a good thing because now, as the Word says, ‘no flesh shall glory.’ We can only thank our God and our King. Listen to His voice, believe He is able to perform it, and He will. My spouse's free will does not supersede God's will. He is mighty to save. Don't let well meaning counselors get you focused on casting out Satan's lies of anger, despair, or fear. Ask the Lord to respond to the truth of His love, hope, thankfulness, gratitude and peace He placed inside of you, no matter how fragile these are. The Word says the greatest thing is love. Love cannot fail because God is love. Thank You Father that You are faithful, Your mercy is new every day. I will praise You all my days.”  (North Carolina) 
"I'm thanking God for a much needed three day spiritual retreat He provided during our tropical storm. I got depressing news about my prodigal and felt hopeless after standing with no communication. My prayer partner and I prayed for the other woman's marriage to be restored. I forgive again by God's grace. The next day your 'Forgive Them' license plate arrived. I put it above my mirror. Then Sunday the pastor reminded us that God does 'whatever it takes' to bring us back." (Florida)

"I invited my husband for Thanksgiving dinner. He said yes, without hesitation.  We had a blessed day.  We shared the day as a family all participating in the activities and going down memory lane. Much healing is taking place in our family.  God is so good, He is so faithful.  Thank you for your daily words of encouragement." (New York)

"Four months ago I had surgery for cancer of the prostate. My first post- surgery blood test done earlier this week came back as undetectable. The PSA will be monitored periodically for a few years to monitor the results of my surgery. I know that God has blessed me by curing me of my cancer. To God be the Glory. May His Name be praised." (Texas)
"My husband came home at the end of October. We have been going to counseling and working on our relationship. He has been great and loving. God is also healing me from the hurt and pain. My kids are so happy their father is home. They have been doing a lot better in school." (Oklahoma)
“I'll never know what led me to find this ministry years ago but it was such a blessing and made a big difference in our lives. The caring messages always pointed to God's Word, to which they never strayed. I pray this ministry thrives and grows to the ends of the earth. Thank you for standing with me when my knees were weak.”  (Connecticut) 
“My husband hasn't wanted to touch me let alone hold my hand for months. Yesterday at church he held my hand during altar prayer. We went out to lunch with the kids and other church members and he pulled my chair out for me at the table. We talked with family and friends like it was almost normal. He is still reserved, won't talk on the phone and doesn't respond to text messages. So I am working diligently on zipping my lips and letting God do what He is doing. My kids were happy to see us getting along and not fighting. It's a step. God's Word is true and this stand is not easy, but I believe that my marriage is healed and my family is restored in the name of Jesus. My suddenly is coming. I can feel it!”  (Texas)  
"I was becoming discouraged about standing. I read Saturday Testimonies and how many had been asking for signs. I felt guilty for asking for another one. I was led to read Judges 6 and Isaiah 45:3. Suddenly, I realized the Holy Spirit was encouraging me and reminding me to pay attention to and look for another sign. A year ago, He gave me one scripture that leaped right off the page. On the same date, one year later I saw a double rainbow for the first time. I have no doubt that was my confirmation. God is faithful." (Maryland)

“I am a stander here in Denver. I am writing to thank you for being such willing, obedient, and caring vessels of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know I came across your web site by divine appointment. I have known of God and Jesus since childhood, but didn’t have a real sincere relationship or walk with our Lord. Your daily 'Charlyne Cares' were anointed and got me through some of the worse days of my entire life. Ultimately, and against my will, my husband filed, followed through, and divorced me in February, 2005. But God... There is so much more I would love to share, but the details are mainly what the enemy meant to harm me, my husband, our children, and family. God is mending broken lives, hearts, and our marriage and family. Our circumstances were worse than any I have ever heard of, and I know that me, my husband, and our family, are walking, breathing, testimonies to what God can, will, and has the power to do.

“Please thank Lori for me. One day I called when I had received divorce papers in the mail and was just beside myself. She prayed with me and also sent me scriptures to pray, as well as Christian coloring books for our children.

“I truly believe in the Word of God being alive and active and I know without a doubt that prayer works. I sincerely hope and pray that my husband and I get to personally meet you both some day. Until then, I will continue to pray with and for Rejoice Marriage Ministries, and stand for my family and marriage, and all marriages and families.

“I end this on a wonderful, suddenly, miracle note. My husband returned home and we are being remarried on our original wedding date, August 3. Praise God!” (Colorado)

“I filed for divorce out of fear that I couldn't financially and emotionally survive without my husband. I was scared to stop the divorce and prayed for God to intervene. I didn't want to appear flaky or manipulative. After going to court over a year ago, I learned in the months following that it was not finalized. A few months ago I received the final decree dated and sealed. Last week I learned that due to some issues with his previous employer, the divorce will be null and void if his attorney and previous employer can’t get their paperwork together.”  (Georgia) 
“My prodigal and I were able to attend Parent's Day at a day camp with our son. They started the day with prayer and a Bible study about miracles. Later at a prayer meeting, I poured my heart out to God. Before the prayer meeting ended, my associate pastor walked over and said, ‘God wants you to know He is working this out in your favor. You have tried by your own hand and failed miserably, but you will have victory if you let God do it for you, and victory will come through your prayer and praise.’ My associate pastor never knew what I prayed for that night. Never give up, just let go and let God. Praise His Holy Name!”  (Texas) 
“I would like to praise God for what He has done. For some months, there has been a delay in my being paid. This month I experienced a 'miracle.' My time sheets for the hours that I have worked have been certified in under one day. This will mean that I will be able to pay my financial obligations on time.” (United Kingdom)
"God has really showed me that He is God in 2008. The year began with us separating and ended with God bringing him home several months ago. Now we are expecting our first child. There is still restoration work to be done, but God will do what He says He will do. To Him I give all the glory, honor and praise." (Georgia)
“I really didn't understand, know or believe in this standing because we were divorced last year. I truly thank the Lord for instructing me what to do. My husband and I had a hard time mending so eventually we separated then divorced. I literally thought it was over. The Lord Jesus directed my path to this site and I truly appreciate Him for His loving kindness towards my heart. I love Him and I've learned to put Him first.”  (Texas)
“I was so discouraged by recent events. I'm was getting tired again, and sadly, Saturday I just cried and told God I was done, I can't stand any more, I will pray for his soul but I'm done with standing. At church the next morning, pastor prayed for me and said, ‘God is telling you not to give up, not to grow weary and tired, you will get your reward.’ I couldn't stop crying! God is the only one I told about my thoughts on giving up! Thank you RMM for being here to encourage me, but also for letting me share my excitement and even my sadness when no one else understands. I can't wait to share when I get my reward!” (Oregon)  
"My spouse told me last week that he would be coming this weekend to get the rest of his things. He hasn't contacted me regarding this matter, an answered prayer. Praise the Lord for always hearing me." (Texas)
“God spoke to my heart during prayer. I have carried a belief, tucked away, that this time alone is a consequence for things I did wrong entering into marriage. Today, I laid that before God and it was decided once and for all - it is not a period of punishment. No, it is a gift! It is a precious gift. How do I know for sure? Because of God's kindness. His loving kindness is far-reaching and everlasting. I miss my husband, but it is Godly-missing, because it is due to the God-created one flesh bond. I started to become thankful for this time. And it was revealed to me, that the more faith I have about the future, the more I can enjoy this gift of God having me to Himself and showing me how He completely provides. More faith = more enjoyment now! The Lord is giving me a sweet Godly husband who loves me so; He is doing it even now. It doesn't look like that in the natural, but if so - I wouldn't be walking by faith. God is so good and I know that.”  (California)
Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”  John 11:40 

"As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. For who is God besides the LORD? And who is the Rock except our God?" 2 Samuel 22:31-32

“I want to thank God for taking care of my family. During my stand the Lord has provided for all of our needs as He has promised. A year ago I was reading Psalm 34:19 and right next to it I wrote, ‘Lord these are my afflictions,’ and I listed five issues where I needed His intervention. Last week as I opened my Bible to the same place, I praised God that He answered four of them already. The divorce issue is the only one left in the list. I have an upcoming court date in a month and a half. My hope is in the Lord. God is good. To Him be the glory. Thank You Jesus!”  (California)
"I was headed to a women's conference. I heard that the other woman was attending with our group. I panicked knowing we were all staying in the same hotel and had close seats at the event. I started praying that the Lord would give me the strength to stay focused. As I was traveling on the Interstate and praying, asking for direction, I looked up to see a billboard that read 'Start Doing Your Victory Dance.' God is in control." things are possible." (Florida)
"Since this summer there has been increasing contact with my wife. On the weekend she phoned to wish me 'Happy Birthday,' for the first time in years. Praise God, He is moving in our lives." (United Kingdom)
"My prodigal came home 6 years ago. This week he turned to the Lord asking Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Thanks be to the Lord for never giving up on my prodigal or any of us." (Oklahoma)
“PTL! I'm amazed how God is touching my husband. We just signed divorce papers last week and he is opening his eyes. He told me that he knows he made a big mistake. He cried on my shoulder and told me ‘you are the best in my life.’ God is answering my prayers. NOTHING IS TOO HARD for our GOD! We need to keep trusting and keep praying!”  (Florida) 
“I've been standing for many years. My husband remarried and move out-of-state. Three months later the OW left him and he called to asked if he could come home for the holidays. For a year now he's flown back and forth to visit us. This past summer he divorced the non-covenant. For Thanksgiving he flew our daughter and I to visit him. He is here for Christmas and New Year. He mentions everyday that there is no way he will come home and that he can't let go of the past. I know God is working on him. I enjoy having him home despite the constant communication he has with others. I praise God that He is speaking to my husband. I praise God that my husband is where he is supposed to be. I remind myself of His promises to save my husband and heal my marriage. Glory be to God!” (Pennsylvania)
“Thank You Lord, my husband came over yesterday to show me the papers he received from the courthouse. They yet again rejected his filing. This has been the third time. I have not even seen the inside of the courtroom, PTL. My husband then proceeded to tell me he is no longer going to pursue it, that he does not want the divorce.”  (California) 
"My daughter said the dad she knew when she was young is back, only much better. He came to our sports day to see our granddaughter run. We had an amazing, happy afternoon and I showed him around our school. All praise to God. He now says he is sorry for small things. He has never really used those words. Praise our mighty Lord." (United Kingdom)
"We hadn't spoken in weeks and I had not attended worship in our church since the separation. I returned on Sunday, my spouse showed up and we were wearing the same colors. We talked for awhile and he called me later that evening just to check on me." (Illinois)

"My husband came to eat Thanksgiving dinner with his family for the first time in many years. Thanks be to God for that blessing for the entire family." (Florida)

“I divorced my husband and listened to friends who said I deserved better. Immediately, I felt so overwhelmed with guilt. But he was very angry and didn’t want to reconcile with me. He eventually found someone else. During this time I came across this website and started praying for my husband. My husband returned to me this Christmas. We are getting remarried next month. What an awesome God we serve. So don't give up. God is in control.”  (Florida)

"Shortly after I left my husband and arrived in my sublet to start my new life, I heard God telling me that I would not divorce my husband but stand in the gap and pray for his salvation and that He would heal and restore our marriage. God led me to Rejoice Marriage Ministries who became our marriage counselor with hundreds of miles between us. God first began a great work in me, healing me and showing me the error of my ways. Now, praise God, I am back home after nearly a year and God is working on my husband as I continue to stand forever. Praise God." (North Carolina)
"Many times, I have prayed, asking God to direct me and give me discernment about a decision. He is faithful, standing as my husband while my one-flesh spouse is far away. I have been worried because we had to sell our home. Where would we be restored? I opened my 'Charlyne Cares' this morning to read Bob's Prodigal Perspective on how God can rebuild our home and family. He has it all planned out. I just need to be patient and let Him guide me. Thank you for letting God use you to offer encouragement." (North Carolina)
“I was in prayer yesterday and telling Jesus how I wanted to talk to someone from Rejoice because they understand this stand I have taken. Within a short time my phone rang and the caller ID said ‘Rejoice Ministries!’  What an encouragement that God gives you every desire of your heart. The caller listened to me, encouraged me, and we prayed. Thank you so much! The phone ringing was all the encouragement I needed. I am watching for my suddenly at any moment now. Merry Christmas from our family with much love and prayers.”  (Tennessee) 
“My husband has ignored my birthday for two years in a row. On my birthday this month I received a text and a phone call wishing me a very happy birthday! On Thanksgiving while bringing my son home, my husband came in and visited with me and my family for an hour and then hugged and kissed me when he left. Circumstances have not yet changed with him and the OW, but I know my promise is coming! Thank You Jesus!”  (New Jersey) 
"I wanted to let you know how the billboards are touching prodigals' hearts. My husband reported to me that while living with the non-covenant woman he passed a billboard from Rejoice Marriage Ministries that read 'Honey, come home we miss you. Love the kids and me.' He said it got to him every time he passed it. Due to where she lived, he had to pass it twice a day. God is so good!" (Pennsylvania)
"I have not been in contact with my prodigal husband for years. He finally went through with the divorce, but through that process, God opened the doors of communication. Now we are emailing back and forth many times a day and I am hopeful this will be a step toward my prodigal’s heart softening toward me." (Michigan)
“I have had virtually no contact from my husband in the past six months. We have a major interstate that runs through our city which I travel on for a very short distance to work every morning. I have asked God every morning for the past several weeks to show me a Covenant Transport truck. Just yesterday I decided to give up on searching for one, hoping that God had some other way he was going to show me he was working on the other side of my mountain. Today when I returned to work from my lunch break, there was a Covenant Transport truck parked directly outside my office practically blocking the entrance! I took a picture of it and immediately burst into joyful tears. We serve a miracle-working God. Keep standing!”  (Florida) 
“It has been several years since my covenant wife left. I thought she was the main problem and I would wait for her to come to her senses. I divorced her several years later. I wasn’t regularly committed to Rejoice Ministries or other standers and re-married. About one year later, I told her (non-covenant wife) that I believed God was going to restore my marriage to my first wife. I am waiting for the court to grant the divorce. John 14:23, ‘Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.’ God will change the circumstances. He has more power than any circumstance! The devil will try to speak to us; he is a liar. We have authority over the devil. Charlyne tells us to daily speak the full armor over us (audibly). Believe God and His Word, and stay connected to Rejoice Ministries and standers.”  (Tennessee) 

“My husband left many months ago but we still kept in contact until a Facebook posting. Contact was completely cut off and supposedly he had filed for divorce. I found RMM and learned what it was to stand for your marriage. I also learned how God felt about divorce and I decided to stand firm on God's Word no matter what. I continued to pray for my husband and my marriage. God’s Word has been and is my rock. I now thank Him and give Him the praise. My husband is no longer with the OW and we are on the road to healing and working out our marriage. I told him God can restore what we had before and better for His Kingdom. Amen!”  (Texas)

“God is so, so good! My husband has been home since before Thanksgiving. He stopped the divorce a few days after that. It has been a homecoming not of party hats and loud cheers- but gentle smiles and unconditional love. Charlyne you gave me the best advice ever when you said to ‘zip your lips!’ I have become a listener instead of a talker. I have learned to trust completely in God that He will restore this marriage slowly brick by brick on the solid rock of Jesus. I know that God will make this marriage better than ever in His perfect timing! I believe with all my heart that my husband is home to stay. To all the other standers out there- never give up! This happened suddenly- just like Charlyne said!”  (Minnesota)

“Since my husband and I were married, we have been under a spiritual battle. Since I left, he has contacted me every week requesting something that he needed for the divorce. He told me that he does not want the divorce but ‘everyone’ tells him he should. I know this is the work of the devil. I know God is ministering to both of us at this time. I pray that he would find the love of Jesus. When I pray, I can see him praying too. I believe my suddenly will come soon. Since we have been together, God answers our prayers just in time. I know that divorce is not in our future and our time will be ‘just in time.’”  (Florida)  
"Yesterday was supposed to be our final divorce day, but I pray and fast every day for God to take control. The judge extended the date for three months. Thank You God." (Wisconsin)
“I would like to thank the Lord for showing me that marriage restoration is possible. My husband left a few months ago, came home for a few weeks, but then left again. While at home we spoke a little bit about what happened. God is good since we are still in contact and he still visits our daughter. He sometimes also comes to church. I will not give up on my spouse. My walk with God has become much stronger than it was. I am grateful for what I have been through for it has made me a better person. I can’t wait for my husband to come back home in God’s timing.”  (South Africa)
“It has been a difficult week. Some things have been exposed to light, but I also firmly believe that this is the beginning of the end. The promised land is near, and in the midst of my pain, I can tell my God that even in the desert I will love Him, worship Him, believe in Him, and will wait for His Word.Everything has its time, and all that is under heaven has its time. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (paraphrased) I cling with all my heart to the promise of restoration that God has given me. Although the natural does not look like anything, I'm sure that in the spiritual something big is going on. My family and I will cross the Red Sea in God's perfect time . God bless you and continue to believe, as the God we serve lives and abides forever!”  (Honduras)
"I have been praying for God to heal both myself and my husband and to restore this marriage. Yesterday I went to pick up my mail at the house. My husband asked me to stay for dinner. God does answer prayer and I know we are on our way to being restored." (Florida)
“My prodigal husband filed a restraining order against me in court claiming that my stand was a ‘religious philosophy that was an obsession.’ He claimed many other wrong things. Friends prayed for us. Your ministry prayed for us, too. The day in court the judge dismissed the case without even giving my husband a chance to explain himself. All praise and glory to our King and Counselor!!! Our Lord fights our battles for us!”  (Pennsylvania) 
“I give thanks to the Lord because two court dates have been canceled the past eight weeks. But God! Thank you Rejoice Marriage Ministries for that special Court Page on the website. God is really following those posts! Thank You Lord Jesus. Help me to continue to stand joyfully (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) for Your best and thank You for bringing father’s hearts to children and vice versa (Malachi 4:6) and prodigals back to You and the cross and also the family in Your time.”  (Luxembourg) 
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