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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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“During my stand I have often asked God what the reason for the delay in marriage restoration and my husband’s return home is and each time God has answered. Sometimes He answered in dramatic ways and sometimes He answered subtly. Recently, I asked the Lord this question again because I didn't see any changes in the natural and I wondered if there was something I needed to work on. I had been praying about this for a couple of days and was asking it again to myself as I was driving when all of a sudden a truck drove in front of me on the road and the back of the truck read ‘Logistics.’ To all standers, don’t give up. God is working on it for you. He is in fact moving in the circumstances as He has told me many times. It is just that there are logistical things that only He can work out to prepare for your restoration. When it seems nothing is changing, remember ‘Logistics’ and know He’s working on your behalf.” (Georgia) (posted 7/30/2015)
“One particular verse I cling to when I struggle to wait upon the Lord is 2 Peter 3:9. Yesterday morning I asked the Lord to give me another promise in regards to my stand and yesterday afternoon I received the RMM daily devotional. The first verse they referenced was my very verse! The Lord gave me a promise in the form of the very verse that I had originally asked the Lord to give me. My God does not do coincidences and He has an amazing sense of humor! I'm patiently waiting for my husband to be brought to a place of repentance. God wants to transform his heart like He has done to mine. That husband is worth waiting for.” (Australia) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I have been having a hard couple of days. My faith and my hope have hit rock bottom. For a couple of weeks I've been feeling distance between myself and God. I still continued to pray, but I've been weary. This morning I cried out to the Holy Spirit for a sign. An hour later, the Lord sent me a restoration truck. And a few hours after that, my husband called. We had a great conversation and we managed to make each other laugh. God is so loving and merciful. He cares so much about us and He's faithful. I'm still weary but I'm holding on with all I have. Let's all persevere so we all can see the glory and power of our God.” (Georgia) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Praise God for His love and guidance. The last few weeks have been unusually tough as my spouse was angry at me for nothing specific, everything irritated him. However, I knew from Bob's book, the prodigal feels turmoil causing them to lash out. I prayed, kept calm, zipped my lips, only reacting with love or concern. It is very difficult to be rejected and hurt. Fortunately, our church has many daily prayer services. Praise RMM and God for helping me stay married to show my friends/family God's glory in resurrecting a dead marriage in God's time.” (Pennsylvania) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I just want to praise God for His goodness. There are times when I just want to give up my stand because it seems so hard. I thank God for the people that He puts in my life who help me stand and not give up. I am so thankful for my mother-in-law who has prayed and fasted with me. Don't let the circumstances that surround you and your prodigal bring you down. Instead be thankful for the blessings that you do have. I trust in God and that He WILL heal and restore and rebuild my marriage. Don't give up. GOD IS IN CONTROL! 1 Corinthians 16:13 – Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.(Texas) (posted 7/30/2015)
“For the past few weeks I have really been going through it, whether it was financially, with individuals that you thought had your back but they don't believe what you believe, family or children. I slumped on my couch exhausted and tired of everything and everyone. I told God that I am tired of being tired. For days I could not pray. I literally felt the enemy fighting me from doing what I usually do and that was spending time with my Jesus every day. On that last day I heard the spirit say, ‘Fight, I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am here with you.’ I give this testimony only to say no matter how we feel we cannot give up. Press through. I love you Jesus. I will continue to pray for all marriages to be restored. Bless!” (Florida) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Recently I was praying, asking God to show me what I needed to do about my finances. A few minutes after saying Amen, I received a text from my Pastor asking me if I’d be interested in a job. The amazing thing is, my Pastor knew I already had a job in a completely different field, never knew my work history and I never even indicated that I was looking for a new job. Long story short, I went over to the place he mentioned and I was hired and working in two days time! Praise the Lord! The point of my testimony is keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, read God’s Word, pray scriptures and stay in faith! Cast your worries unto the Lord and he will move in ways that can’t be explained, there is no doubt in my heart that God can do the impossible. To further assure me that He is indeed working on my husband’s heart of stone, a few days ago He gave me Jeremiah 33:11 and in His perfect timing, my husband will be home with a heart of flesh! Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!”  (New York) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I was a prodigal for two years before I went home. I knew God was calling me to return. I wasn’t happy about it but my husband and children were ecstatic because they had been praying for this for over a year. I prayed to God, desperately asking Him to show me this restoration was a blessing for me too, not just for my family. I had cut things off with the OM, and tried to keep my eyes on Jesus. Within four months, I left again, taking the kids, telling myself my husband was still the same as before and that this restoration was only manipulation. A year later, I finally got my heart right with God. God has reminded me that He keeps His promises. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God told me, ‘I had business for you to do. It’s time to get to it.’ Now I am the stander and my sweet husband is the prodigal. I am blessed to understand both sides of the struggle. I believe God does what He promises. My suddenly is on its way. As I wait, I’m serving the God who sees me.”  (Kansas) (posted 7/30/2015)
“It has been a number of years with no evidence of restoration, but God is still working. Recently several friends have related how my stand has strengthened their own marriages. One friend whose marriage has been struggling remarked that her children have commented that I still wear my wedding ring and have talked about the covenant of marriage with them. I am in awe of God who uses everything. Sometimes, actually quite often, it’s not all about us.”  (Michigan) (posted 7/30/2015)
“The divorce was dismissed! We are still married. Thank you RMM and all standers who prayed.”  (Arkansas) (posted 7/30/2015)
“PTL! I have been standing for months and have felt defeated with the enemy attacks and very limited communication. I had the first communication breakthrough with my husband. I delivered pictures of the family he wanted. He invited me in. I noticed on the wall a scripture we had read at our wedding. My husband said he is struggling but recognizes what a good woman and wife I had been. He ended by stating we can hopefully talk more soon. The next morning I read an inspirational message stating, ‘your time is coming.’ I cried with joy and know God revealed this to me to strengthen my stand. Even though the OW is still present, I know my time is coming and my marriage will be restored. Keep praying and standing, HE will restore marriages!”  (California) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I have been standing for many years. I have realized the more I work on myself to get healthy and close to the Lord, mountains move. That prayer, fasting and having another stander pray for you does make a difference. That when your husband isn’t saved it is a spiritual warfare. My small miracle is I had three months of a prodigal trying to have a strong friendship and emotional bond with me. During the time I had no job and was interviewing. He was calling and texting me every day at work and when he got home. He also had planned a special spaghetti dinner for me. I felt married to him again.”  (Illinois) (posted 7/30/2015)
“A few years ago, my prodigal and I started renovating our kitchen but tension in our relationship interfered and we let it stop us. I made up my mind to complete the work this summer and invited my husband to join me again but he couldn’t. Besides, things were still tense between us. Nevertheless, I prayed every morning while walking around our property and within a week, things turned around. My husband agreed to support the work and suddenly his heart softened towards me. Then he showed up to help me! We worked together in our home and it was a joyful and productive day. It reminds me of the reconstruction of Jerusalem after the exile, which was interrupted for many years. Eventually Nehemiah completed the work, a hammer in one hand and the sword in the other to fight off the enemy opposing the rebuilding of the walls. Praise God!”  (Canada) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Through God, I have learned forgiveness and unconditional love. Throughout the last few weeks, I have witnessed several ‘small’ miracles when God answered my prayers. While I continue to stand for my marriage, I rejoice in how the Lord is changing me, guiding me and loving me. I pray for all of us to use the time we are waiting to grow in God’s Word and pray for the salvation of our prodigals as well as our other loved ones.”  (Canada) (posted 7/30/2015)
“God is so good. I have just finished attending a Bible school and I feel very refreshed. God has been talking to me a lot through my dreams and visions concerning my spouse that I know will be returning now. He told me to get ready in one of those dreams and so now I am getting ready. I have told my family members to also get ready because God is about to finally and completely bring him home. I am so excited and expectant because the Bible says the expectation of the righteous shall never be cut short. Proverbs 23:18.”  (Nigeria) (posted 7/30/2015)
“God is so amazing! A few weeks ago I was having a hard time. I cried out and said, ‘God should I continue to stand or move on and let him have a Damascus Road experience?’ The next day at end of church service out of nowhere the preacher said very aggressively to stand, stand strong and God is standing with you, then started talking about the Damascus Road. Today I received a phone call from Rejoice for prayer and at that exact moment a CD came in the mail from Rejoice. I also found our family Bible in our burned home today. It was the only thing not burned where it was at. That was my sign to keep standing. God is so faithful and will answer if you. Just humbly cry out to Him. Praise God!”  (Alabama) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I prayed for God to show up in court again just as He did the last time. This time God showed up a day early when my husband’s attorney called to request a half day delay. Talking with him removed my fear so I was able to give my husband a big smile outside court and he thanked me. I saw the pain melt from his face as we chatted during an additional hour delay. I’m the former prodigal and asked him if he has to divorce me to get back together with me and he said it’s an option. There was a spirit of peace in the courtroom as I again represented myself without an attorney, in obedience to God, which has repeatedly given Him the opportunity to work. I praise God for the promises that my marriage will be restored and for how He continually shows me my circumstances don’t matter. Only He can do this.”  (Arizona) (posted 7/30/2015)
“My wife, after leaving over a year now, had a bailiff submit divorce papers. Afterwards I felt the peace of God come over me and the day went pretty well as I went to prayer meeting that night. My pastor and others were informed and they told me to ask God what I should do now. Just before I went to prayer meeting I went to finish up my devotions.  I was in Nehemiah 4 and I happened to glance down to the bottom of the page and saw Nehemiah 4:14. I could not believe it! This has happened several times now as God comforts us with his Word. While my situation seems unique (wife is in love with a woman) and I wanted to run, God did not allow me to. Please don’t give up no matter what. God loves you.”  (Antigua & Barbuda) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Today my prodigal texted me and said he was moving to another town with the other woman. This did not take me by surprise because God had already told me that she was moving but he was not going. Thank You Lord. This news still hurt but it lead me to go straight to my phone and pull up this ministry. But the internet was off so I had one message from this ministry downloaded. I didn’t know what it was so I turned it on and it was on Don’t Give Up! Praise the Lord! After that message I read Bob’s book all day, ‘The Prodigal’s Perspective.’ Man, did it help me. Thank You Lord.”  (Tennessee) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I have been standing for several months and over this time have had no reason to believe anything would change. My spouse stopped all contact with me. I felt like giving up and many of my close friends suggested that. But I kept believing that God was moving on the other side of the mountain, so I recommitted to the stand. Now, I have just received an email from my husband! He shared some of the journey he has been on, and to my shock, he apologized! I am leaping for joy. He still says he doesn’t see us being together, but wants to open the dialogue again. Wow. God is so faithful and is moving when we see nothing! Keep strong, standers.”  (Thailand) (posted 7/30/2015)
“God is so good to me. I have been praying and fasting for a year for a new position that was a better fit for my training and experience. I recently applied for a new job and had passed through the many stages of the screening and interview process, hoping for a job offer. I was hopeful that this would be ‘the one’ and was also worried how I would handle my disappointment if I didn’t get the job. Last week I found out that an internal candidate was offered the position. While I was disappointed, initially, an unexplainable peace and calm quickly took its place. While I continue my search, I realized that God does hear and answer my prayers and is up to something big. Thank you Papa.”  (Minnesota) (posted 7/30/2015)
“My marriage has been blessed in many ways. But Jesus was not the rock of our home and we became hurt in so many ways. Several years ago we had a crisis that almost destroyed our marriage. But God had a different plan and He touched our hearts and we remained together. I became the prodigal but at that time I didn’t understand that God was working in our lives. A few months ago my husband told me he didn’t love me anymore. I know that God is allowing this suffering to finally get my complete attention, to have my eyes on his Son, Jesus. I have come to understand and forgive my husband for everything he has done in the past. God is now the center of my life. Let’s pray for the Lord to touch other hearts so they can join us as standers by their spouse.”  (Dominican Republic) (posted 7/30/2015)
“My husband and I have been living together again. He showed me love for my birthday, but things are still tough. He gets confused and talks about going back to the other woman or getting a divorce, but I pray he will come all the way around and the blindfold is lifted. I am thankful for the good days we have.”  (Georgia) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I’ve been fasting for the first time in my life. God took me to see my sin and see no evil in my husband, to forgive him and not hold a grudge against the other person. There were days of prayer, asking, crying, mourning, feeling lonely, and unloved, days in which God kept me calm. God stopped my husband from leaving. We are getting along better but still waiting for the miracle of my spouse surrendering to the Lord. May God continue changing me and my conduct to lure my husband to my Heavenly Father. Do not lose faith. God is just and the first thing He taught me with this pain is to not look at the speck in your neighbor’s eye.”  (Mexico) (posted 7/30/2015)
“My husband and I were separated and divorced for many, many years. While he was gone, I stood and waited and prayed for him. We have been back together for just as many years and our marriage is wonderful.”  (Georgia) (posted 7/30/2015)
(posted 7/30/2015)
“I just want to praise God. A year ago I was receiving divorce papers and the future looked dark. Today we are divorced, but God has opened the door of communication to daily text messages and hugs and kisses are welcomed. What a mighty God we serve. I prayed for this type of communication and it seemed hopeless last year. But God hears our prayers and is faithful. He gave me Isaiah 23:13 last year.”  (Florida) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I was originally the prodigal, and now I am the stander. I left my husband. But instead of using the time apart to try and fix us, or to find healing for our marriage, I moved on with another man. After being with the other man for some time, while my husband begged for me back, I began to feel drawn back to my husband. Unfortunately, by this time he had found someone else, too. So now I am standing. I’m fasting and praying. He has expressed that he wants us to reunite our family, but that he feels torn. I am generally a very feisty, strong-willed person, but the Lord is working with me to have a gentle spirit during this time, and to let Him do His work without my oversight. I’m praying and standing. Believing for God to heal us as individuals, as spouses, and as a family with our children. I am so thankful for the support and encouragement here.”  (Alabama) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I have been standing for some years and I wanted to give up. My husband moved to another state to be with the OW months ago and he doesn’t communicate with me unless I contact him first. I had prayed and fasted many times but nothing seemed to change. I have been praying this last month for God to increase our communication and to have my husband call me or text me first because he was thinking of me. This morning God answered my prayers and my husband called. He might see me next week if his job brings him to my area. He said he wanted to see me. I’m thanking God for hearing my prayers and answering them. Though waiting can be hard and the enemy wants us to quit, we need to stay focused and press on with our restoration journey. God gave me Ezekiel 37:4-6 to hold onto. He can breathe life into our marriages!”  (California) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Since the first of the year, I’ve been in the Word daily, including turning scriptures into prayer as Charlyne has suggested. The verse the Lord gave me for my stand is Jeremiah 24:6-7. I’ve done some fasting (this is new for me) and I’ve done my best to seek God’s will while working on myself. Though the divorce did finalize last year, I have felt God prompting me to not give up, keep praying and believe He will restore it. God has given me a desire to share my confident hope with others in my situation at work via our company prayer page and also to teach the young ladies in my church what it means to be a Proverbs 31 kind of wife. I haven’t seen a change in circumstance but feel certain my suddenly will be soon. Praying for the impossible for my marriage and yours – nothing is impossible for God.”  (Tennessee) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Bad news from court arrived in the mail about the divorce. I felt sorry for myself and decided to splurge and cook a nice steak dinner. Instead, my neighbor, worried about me, took me out to dinner. Two days later my husband surprised me and stopped in on his way home from work. He wanted to spend the day with me so I got to make HIM the steak and also his favorite cookies. When he said grace, he prayed for our marriage and said he hasn’t missed church once. He says he wants to reconcile but he still hasn’t withdrawn the divorce. I am determined to continue standing though I am not blind to the enemy who will try to sneak in. This is a small victory. Standing is hard but I find myself falling in love with Jesus all over again. Thank you for continued prayers.” (Florida) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Praise God! After many months of no contact, my husband emailed me yesterday… not just once, but we had a dialogue of messages going over the course of hours! I’ve been getting lonely and starting to question this stand. I know what God promised me but it seems so impossible. God does send streams in the desert and even though it was just a friendly conversation with an old friend, it gave me some hope that God is working on the other side of the mountain!  Isaiah 9:1 (NCV) – But suddenly there will be no more gloom for the land that suffered.”  (California) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I give God glory, for His promises are true! I believe I reached a turning point – I finally SEE a change in the natural! God has changed my entire life over the past year, praise Him! But nothing was getting any better with my husband. He told me he wants to take a job transfer out of state to start over. I told God it’s too much. But God! My husband came over and asked ME to move away with him if he does transfer! I thought this whole time he wanted to move away FROM me. I know God will intervene. To be continued!”  (New Jersey) (posted 7/30/2015)
“My husband divorced me many years ago and moved many hours away from me. Since then he’s moved many more times and many more states away. He divorced the OW years ago and we’ve been in contact as friends for a few years now, all to the glory of God. A few months ago, he quit his job and moved in with his parents to figure out what he wants to do. Last week he texted me that he got a new job. His new job is less than an hour away from me and our home! He will be living in the same state and in the same time zone as me for the first time in years. God is bringing him closer to home. I prayed for the Lord to bring him closer to home with a new job and the Lord answered my prayers! I have really learned that nothing is impossible for God!”  (Indiana) (posted 7/30/2015)
“Thank you again for the Court Date prayers. Every one of them was heard and answered. Thank you, too, for teaching me to read scripture daily. It gives me the courage, strength, fearlessness and calm to get through these appearances and every challenge. Most importantly, I have learned to know the Lord and trust Him completely, as the lilies in the field. God bless your ministry for bringing us to know and hear the Lord through His Word!”  (California) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I finished reading the Saturday Testimonies and read that a stander asked the Lord, ‘If He wanted her to continue her stand, to send her husband home just to talk.’ I thought, I wish… my spouse and I are not even in the same state. But, I sent a brief prayer thought anyway, asking God if He wanted me to keep standing, to please send a message from my spouse. Well, not an hour later I look at my e-mail, and there is a simple message from my spouse asking me how I was doing. It was sent before I even made the prayer request, which reminded me of Isaiah 65:24. Praise God! He cares about us so much. On a day I really needed some encouragement! Praise God!”  (New Mexico) (posted 7/30/2015)
“God has opened up the lines of communication with my wife. It’s been several weeks that we have been having great conversations. She has been talking about us working on our marriage and has put the divorce on hold. Only God can do that! She has been sleeping at our house a few times, but tells me she needs to go slow and take baby steps. Please keep trusting and believing. The circumstances mean nothing. Fix your eyes on what is unseen, not on what is seen. What’s unseen is eternal. Praise God, God is good. But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me. Psalm 13:5-6.”  (New York) (posted 7/30/2015)
“PTL! I was having a down day and was wondering if I should even continue my stand. I asked God for a sign and boy did He answer. And not in a way I expected. I received a phone call from my prodigal, but he didn’t speak. Immediately after, I received a text message from him and the messages proceeded with him being very angry. I could not understand why at the time, but I did not react as I would have before. I continued to tell him I would never give up standing and waiting for him. About an hour after the messages ended I received a call from a number I did not know. It turned out to be my husband and he had ‘lost’ his phone. The OW had taken his phone and was the one texting me. We had a wonderful day together the next day. My husband noticed I did not react as I would have before. Only God!”  (North Carolina) (posted 7/30/2015)
“This road is not easy and I now realize why so many people want to give up. Bob had talked about Consistent Charlyne and I couldn’t ever see how I could do that. God has shown me that resentment and anger were still in my heart. It has taken some time, but I have given it to God. I can talk with my spouse and feel at ease and show him God’s love. Now the devil still tries, the keyword here, TRIES, but I am armored. I go to the Lord in prayer, read my Bible or turn on Christian music and praise and worship my Lord. It is pretty amazing how when your focus is changed to praising and worshiping the Lord, those thoughts that the devil puts in your head are meaningless. I give God the glory and honor in what He is doing in my life and I know that the rebuilding of my marriage and family is coming. Never give up!”  (Missouri) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I did not appear in court as scheduled. Thanks to RMM and everyone else for all the prayers. God is taking care of me. Jehovah Gamola, I reverence You forever. You are El Elyon, the Most High God. Is there anything too hard for You? I will praise You with every breath that I take.”  (Jamaica) (posted 7/30/2015)
“The devotional, ‘God’s Timing: On Time or Late,’ really spoke to me. Being married to an atheist has its own sets of challenges – and fighting for a marriage where a loving spouse leaves due to, not sin, but circumstances related to money or jobs and immigration problems or ‘faith’ or age-difference, can make things very complicated. I wanted however to share that, while standing for my marriage to an alleged atheist, hurt by religion, the Lord has not only promised restoration, but has gone as far as to give me the name of our future ministry for the Lord. That’s our God! I don’t know HOW, or WHEN, just that GOD CAN!”  (South Africa) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I’ve been standing for my marriage for several months. I have refused to file for divorce, and my husband has said over and over he is going to do it. It is months later and still no papers. PRAISE THE LORD! I know God is working and pursuing my husband and I have faith there will be no divorce and restoration is complete in the heavenly realms. I declare it, claim it and call it done in the name of Jesus!”  (Tennessee) (posted 7/30/2015)
“I have been standing for the restoration of my marriage. It has been very challenging at times, especially when there is little or no indication of what is happening on the other side. Nevertheless, I keep praying, fasting, and staying in the Word. I have used this time to work on me and develop a closer relationship with the Lord. I can say that although I am still a work in progress, I can see and feel the changes in me and others have noticed and commented on them, too. Also, in the past few months, positive things have transpired between my husband and me. The enemy tries to attack me daily but I hit him with the Word of God and he flees. Every day I pray to be the Proverbs 31 woman, wife, and mother I was meant to be. I trust God and I stand on His Word and promises…my suddenly is coming.”  (Georgia) (posted 7/30/2015)
“My husband and I were separated and divorced for many, many years. While he was gone, I stood and waited and prayed for him. We have been back together for just as many years and our marriage is wonderful.”  (Georgia) (posted 7/30/2015)
(posted 7/30/2015)
“My suddenly returned just last week! After months apart, he called and asked if I would look up plane tickets for him to come home so he could get the help he needed. I asked him if he thought we could save our relationship and he said, ‘Yes.’ I would be foolish to think that the work is done just because he is home. It almost seems as if now the work will be harder as to not inundate him with tomes of ‘whys’ and how bad he hurt us. God has decided to allow us this time to work on our marriage. I am learning, although it’s hard, to zip my lips when the time arises…sometimes not successfully. Being away from each other….there have been changes and expectations. I’m not sure yet how to work on those but I am on cloud nine!”  (Georgia) (posted 7/22/2015)
“My husband returned home a few weeks ago. We are currently going to counseling, praying and reading devotionals together and assisting at church. He told me he is sorry for the way he hurt me and that he truly loves me. I am still standing for my husband and for those spouses who are waiting for their prodigals to come home! Praise The Lord for His mercy and power. The power of forgiveness is beyond measures. Don’t give up!”  (Connecticut) (posted 7/22/2015)
“My husband came home suddenly two nights ago. I was shocked and happy; then the enemy went to work. Fear flooded me. My spouse and I have had plenty of false starts and the enemy began to remind me of that. So I prayed all night long and, filled with anxiety and fear, I cried out to God, ‘I need something real to see.’ He gave me a Covenant Transport truck on my way to work. God is so amazing and always on time. My email had the RMM devotional titled, ‘Prodigals Do Come Home.’  Please fellow standers, only seek God. Listening to others it is so easy to totally neglect what God has said to you even after numerous signs and words. Keep your eyes on God, no matter what shape or form your spouse comes home in. God is a faithful God and he will finish the work He started. Don’t stop praying.” (Florida) (posted 7/22/2015)
“Well, now it’s my turn! Praise the Lord, my husband is home after many, many, years in the far country. My Lord has done the impossible. I am still in awe. I almost gave up due to listening to the counsel of others and doubting my God. Standers, never give up and listen for God’s voice and His counsel only. He knows how to speak to you. Last night my husband presented to me a new wedding ring and asked me to once again be his wife. Is anything too hard for the Lord? God is good and His mercy endures forever!”  (California) (posted 7/22/2015)
(posted 7/22/2015)
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