General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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"For some days now I have been standing for my marriage and salvation of my ex-spouse. One day I woke up and all day I kept praying to the Lord asking, "Please Lord let him call today and and allow the Holy Spirit to touch him." For some reason I kept looking at my phone ALL day and I just couldn't let it out of my sight. Then that evening I was just about to pick up my Bible to begin reading when my phone rang. It was my ex-spouse! The whole time I was speaking with him I was praising the Lord. I even was able to tell my ex-spouse about standing for us and how I prayed for him and the Lord answered my prayer. The Lord has the best timing indeed. May the Lord bless you and your families as He has me. Praise the Lord!"  (Florida)

"While I knew there would be no way that my husband could be home with us for Thanksgiving, as he is deployed overseas, I prayed about him calling us. Thanksgiving Day he called twice and sounded happy to talk to me and the kids. Praise the Lord, I know that God is moving the mountain." (Georgia)

“I went to church tonight and forgot something in my car. As I was walking outside, I saw a Covenant Transport truck driving by on the interstate. I have NEVER seen one drive by me in our town before. I had just prayed that tonight’s sermon would speak directly to me and be what I needed to hear at this time. It was. The pastor talked about God being with us even if we don’t think He is or can’t feel Him with us. Then to see the truck just confirms twice in the same night He IS HERE WITH US! Keep the FAITH fellow standers. God is near and He is GREAT.”  (Missouri) 
"Last month both my checking and savings accounts were completely wiped out through an unauthorized withdrawal. The Lord used that to reinforce that my dependence cannot be on personal wealth, which I found to be very fleeting, but on Jesus alone. The Lord worked it out that all the funds that were taken plus the overdraft charges were reinstated this past weekend thus allowing me to give and pay bills." (Wyoming) -
“I had been having a tough time forgiving my spouse. The enemy had been tormenting me with dreams replaying the offense. The Holy Spirit spoke to me through a parable. Unforgiveness is a prison in which I’m sitting. Bitterness is the darkness in the prison. The bars are the offenses committed against me. When the Lord forgave us, He opened the prison door and He is the very light which shows the way out. By my decision to forgive I am getting up and walking towards that door beyond which I can see the cross of Calvary. Though I’ve taken the decision to forgive, as I walk by I can see the bars of the prison. The enemy can replay the offense but each time I renew my decision and go forward instead of believing a lie that I cannot forgive or I have not forgiven. Instead for every bar I see, I must choose to bless my offender. it makes no difference whether my offender is standing outside asking forgiveness or not. This is between me and the Lord. Praise Jesus for His grace, I’m able to forgive!”  (India)
“During a conversation about my long stand for healing of our family, a respectable elder mentioned the usual 'free will of your spouse' and 'go on with your life' points to halt my standing. I replied about God's doings with Israel and Jeremiah 3:14. Then he countered - You are not God, stop! Which I could, off course, not really counter except by saying I try to follow the example of my Heavenly Father. Some days later, I read to my utter amazement, awe and joy the Charlyne Cares titleForgive and Love - Just Like God!But God…keep on standing, standers, no matter what – just like our Heavenly Father calls sinners back to Him!”  (Luxemburg)
"Last night I asked God to show me a sign to continue to stand for my prodigal spouse after the encouragement from reading the testimonies. Several moments later I received a random text from her. Tears began to pour. I'm learning to let go and let God. Still I stand." (California)
“We serve a mighty God. On Wednesday night, my prodigal texted me and asked if I could pick him up something and bring it to him. As I was on my way, it was snowing and rather cold out, I was asking God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. Just as I was passing the truck stop, the Holy Spirit had me look straight ahead and there it was driving on the interstate. I just laughed and praised God. I have been asking to see one for many, many months. The Lord is so faithful in everything He does. He truly gives me strength, mercy, and grace each day. I will keep standing until the day that the Lord takes me home. Just remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.” (North Dakota) 

"Three years ago my husband left me and young child to pursue his dreams and plans. I secured a lawyer and knew the exact date that I would file for divorce. But God stepped in. God began to speak to me like I had never heard before. He told me that he did not want this divorce and that He would do a new thing in my life. I cried out to the Lord and grew stronger in Him and His might. During that time, God put three things on my heart that He would do: provide me with a new job, give me a house for my family, and save my marriage. I am blessed to say that God has done all three. My husband returned home in March. Today I reached one of the lowest points since the restoration. I cried and prayed all the way to the train this morning, calling out to God to save my marriage and send me a word. God put many scriptures on my heart which were all confirmed by reading Charlyne Cares today. My God is with me and He will fully restore this marriage. What an awesome God we serve." (New York)

“I just had to share what a burden has been lifted from me after reading ‘How Does the Other Person Have Such Control Over My Spouse?’ God spoke to me through this devotional. I am worthy in Christ. I can now stop focusing on what I thought I was lacking and focus on praying for each of their eyes to be opened to the Truth. I am no longer buried under the lie of punishing myself for things beyond my control. I have been given a new perspective and all glory to God. I thank Him that He brings good even out of bad situations and uses everything for His purpose. God will fulfill His promises; we need to be still and know that He is God.”  (Maryland) 
“In a no-fault divorce state, there is nothing one can do to stop divorce... except to fast, pray, worship and trust our great big God who has ways and means we know not! Today after declining again my request to attend a crisis marriage workshop, my beloved said she was ready to walk out of the courthouse divorced to get on with her life. As we walked down the long, dark hall to check in with the clerk, I kept whispering under my breath, "Just say the word and my servant will be healed"(Matthew 8:8). When we checked in with the clerk moments before walking into the courtroom for the judge to grant the divorce petition, the clerk discovered that we had been assigned to the wrong division and would need to reschedule with another division, three months out. We were both stunned, me with delight, her with disbelief. My beloved then agreed to attend the workshop. I am confident that God is going to continue His work unto perfection and that we will see the day of Jesus Christ together!”  (Colorado)
“I woke up this morning with the parable of the persistent widow on my mind (Luke 18:2-8). I have read it before but this time I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to 'study' it. What an awesome verse to be given by our Heavenly Father! I feel the Lord is saying be more like the widow; against all odds never give up fighting for what is right. Never accept defeat as the answer! My case has been presented to the most high judge; He is dealing with it in the best possible way. It says that God will bring about justice 'speedily' if we don't give up and pray persistently. I know my husband is on the way home at great speed because I have left God in charge of my case!”  (United Kingdom) 
“I sang for the first time in church last Sunday. God told me He would be there if I would step out for Him. Praise God! He was there. His presence filled my body and the congregation. The experience was not about performing, it was about trust and obedience. I trust my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to resurrect my dead marriage. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen!”  (Kentucky)
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“Before marrying my husband many years ago, the popular thing to do was to make a list of the things you desired in a spouse, then pray that God would send that person to you. The other day I remembered my list, which I hadn't seen or even thought of in many years and asked the Lord if He could somehow make it surface. Later I was cleaning out a bin that contained children's school papers and other paperwork. In the bin was a grocery bag full of greeting cards we'd received for our wedding and my list was in the bag, too! God loves to answer our prayers and then some!”  (Florida) 
“I decided to close my lips and not talk to my husband anymore because every time we spoke we would just hurt each other. We have not communicated for a long period of time and a few days ago I wondered if he had filed for a divorce petition. I then asked God for a sign. My husband texted me yesterday, asking me for a divorce. At first I broke down but after praying, I realized this was the sign I had asked for. I wanted to know and there was my answer. God is great, and we should praise Him for everything in any circumstance. Don’t give up!”  (Texas) 

"Mountains are moving! My husband has been deployed for many months. I've been standing due to things he's said to me via e- mail. God brought him home for a visit, broke up his ungodly relationship, made him remove the word "divorce" from his communication and NOW the Lord had my husband tell me when he's coming HOME! His wording is cold; but my God is able! I've gotten to where I thank the Lord for this time, because of how much I've grown. Whatever God does is perfect and can't be taken away." (Oregon)

“What I have said, that I will bring about; what I have planned, that I will do.”  Isaiah 46:11b 
"My daughter went into the church she plays music for to practice one day last week. In the empty church she found a woman at the altar, sobbing. As the woman’s story unfolded, it was similar to our own family's story. My daughter was able to tell her about my standing, and to share her testimony of faith and healing. Through a phone call to the woman I was also able share. Praise God for His mighty power." (Rhode Island)
“As someone struggling with putting 100% faith in God, I asked Him to please provide an undeniable sign He was working on my (ex)husband's heart. God knows my soul is struggling, but He did provide and allowed me to put all of my faith in Him! Thirty minutes after that prayer, I received an email in which my husband told me he loves me, is in love with me, will always be in love with me, and never has nor ever will love anything or anyone as he does me. This came seven months without hearing such loving words or much of anything for that matter. That, friends, is amazing. That's God! I cannot wait to share what other work He does in our hearts and lives. Please pray for us individually and as a couple as we rebuild our relationship."(Kentucky)  
"My prodigal husband came over last night. I reassured him of my stand for our marriage restoration. My husband cried. We prayed. Jesus continues to heal our hearts. My husband confessed things to me. I grabbed his hands, forgave him and hugged him. We are one day closer to restoration." (Florida)

"My husband surprised me by coming home for Mother's Day. He even suggested we go to church together. We had a very nice dinner with our kids. He wants to fix up the house. I asked God for help with the maintenance and repairs the day before. God is good." (Florida)

I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High. Psalm 7:17
“My husband and I have been separated for some months and he cut off all communication with me. I called his phone to see if he still had me blocked and he didn't. I left him a message that I just wanted to talk. He called me back and we talked a little bit. It was good  and we didn't talk about any of the court stuff or divorce. We have been texting and emailing each other a little bit also. So I'm thankful God opened the door of communication for us.  I am still praying for him and for our marriage to be restored soon!”  (New York)  
“God is on the move in the heart of my beloved husband. I have been standing for several years now. I can see how contentious I was as his wife and God has and is doing something truly miraculous in my heart. My husband has been having difficulties lately and he came over the other day. He said it was because he does not need any more headaches right now. I asked him if I was a headache to him. He told me that I was the furthest thing from a headache. I was in awe of that response and PRAISE the Lord for yet another answered prayer. God is opening my husband's eyes to all the work He is doing in me and our marriage. I am hopeful that shortly I will have a restored testimony to share. Thank you for all of your support during this time.”  (New York) 
“‘But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.'"  Luke 15:32
"My husband went on a business trip out of the country. Before he left he sent me a text that he will miss all of us. The night before he left he hugged me and for the first time in a long time said he loved me. Praise be to God for softening his heart." (Texas)
"I am standing again. My husband came home for awhile as an at-home prodigal. I prayed every day and zipped my lips. I could see the battle raging within him. He has left again. I forgot to pay my car insurance and was greeted with a cancellation notice. I prayed. My insurance company of over 10 years told me they would reinstate me for three payments. I did not have the money. A word from the Holy Spirit popped in my mind and I checked out a new insurance company, was able to get insured that day at a substantial savings. Praise God. I thought He was not hearing my prayers. God is good. Bless His name. Jesus is Lord of my life.”   (Alabama)
“After three years of separation and standing, growing in the Lord, and praying, praying, praying, my husband had me served with divorce papers. The very next day he changed his mind! He has stopped all legal action and has recommitted to our marriage. He is now thanking me for not giving up on him. I encourage standers to never stop believing that our God can do anything, even when circumstances seem hopeless. Stay away from those who discourage you from your commitment to stand, zip the lips, and watch the miracles God will do when He is ready.”  (Texas) 
"I spent most of the day studying Psalm 37. It has been a favorite of mine for years. I always ask God what He wants me to do and Psalm 37 tells us exactly what He wants from us as well as what His promises are for us. Studying this passage has increased my faith and trust in the Lord. Then, when I read Saturday testimonies, there was a testimony about Psalm 37! God does speak and I am listening. Thank You, Jesus. Thank you, Steinkamps for showing us how to find our answers in God alone." (Arkansas)
“My stand has been far too long by the world’s standards, but we serve such an awesome God and He will never leave you. Thank You Jesus for showing me that divorce is not the ONLY option. Stand firm fellow standers and I pray that we will never give up. Standing until God brings my hubby home.”  (South Africa)
“I have been discouraged lately because my husband hasn't shown any signs that God is softening his heart. He keeps telling me that I'm selfish for wanting our family back together and that if it happens it will be on his terms. So I prayed that God would show me a Covenant Transport truck before the year was over if I am to keep standing. I didn’t see my truck but I did see the movie Fireproof. I trust this as God's sign to keep standing. God bless RMM and other standers in 2012.”  (Illinois) 
“My prodigal asked me for a loan until payday because he is so behind. I cheerfully obliged as I felt the Lord leading me to do so. We are both fasting, although he does not know I am fasting for him, while he is fasting to hear from the Lord. This evening I prayed (before he got here to drop off our kids) that God would place a desire in his heart to stay for a little bit. He ended up staying for two hours talking with me! We were talking about the Lord and even read/discussed a Bible passage together! I felt like I had my best friend back. Thank You God. It is these times that keep me pressing past the enemy's lies and standing firm in the faith. God is Healer, Deliverer, and He is Faithful. I'm believing for my prodigal to ‘come to his senses’ along with all of your prodigal spouses. Keep the faith!” (Florida) 
"Praise Jesus, He is working to restore my marriage. After spending the morning in prayer, I called my wife and said simply, ‘I love you’ and hung up. Later she called and we had one of our best conversations since she left. I know that God is touching her heart and changing both me and her. Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior." (Washington)
“I cried out to God to show me His perfect will in our marriage since I am becoming weary and everything seems hopeless in our marriage. God gave me a dream that night and showed me my changed husband, a changed me and a happy marriage. It looks impossible right now due to our upcoming divorce court and my husband’s insistence to proceed. God’s answer to me is unchangeable as God always showed me His perfect will. It gives me hope and strength to continue on trusting God and His promises.”  (California) 
"After a year of not seeing my husband and many trials and tribulations in my stand for restoration, I finally had communication with my husband! He told me that he still loved me and he missed me a lot and that he wanted to take baby steps and get to know each other again. He is still living with the other woman who he referred to as his 'fake family.' Now is the time to stand firmer and pray that the Lord continues to open his eyes and soften his heart so that he can come back home to his 'real' family and turn away from sin and, most importantly, come back to God! Never lose faith!" (California)

"I praise the Lord Jesus my Savior. My prodigal called me for Mother's Day. I ignore what is on the other side of the mountain. God is in control. My husband asked about my health. I praise the Lord. God is good." (Mexico)

"The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told." Luke 2:20
"Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart." Psalm 27:14
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"God is rebuilding not only my marriage, but He is also turning my husband's heart of stone to one of flesh. My husband is living a distance from home, but the Lord led him to show up in my church Easter Sunday. He also led my husband to take music lessons from a man of God, and the lessons are held in my church sanctuary. God is so faithful. I know that my husband will be home soon." (State Removed)

I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  Psalm 27:13-14 
“I was called to stand a few years ago. In these last few years I have seen the Lord constantly at work at my spouse's heart, especially in this past year. We are divorced in the eyes of the court, and my spousal support is due to run out soon. I am not able to work outside the home because of our childrens' needs, and the spousal support is how I pay the house payment and a lot of our bills. This week out of the blue, he said that he was going to petition the court and extend the spousal support because he doesn't want us to have to move. This is the second time this year that he has been moved to help us in a big way. Several months ago he asked the court to raise the child support amount. The judge was very surprised, and told us she doesn’t remember that ever happening in her court before.”  (Michigan) 
“so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.  Isaiah 55:11
"Case Dismissed. Praise God!" (Ohio)
"When I become weary there are two songs that the Christian radio station plays that encourage me. On Sunday my pastor mentioned one of the songs in his sermon and then it was sung by our praise team. God is moving." (Maryland)

"My husband and I are divorced. Not only did God's power break my husband's bondage with the other woman, He also made it possible for my husband to carve our Thanksgiving turkey and to attend a Christmas service with us as a family." (California)

“The devotional ‘Lord, Answer Me When I Pray’ talked about giving God praise for small and big answers and I knew that was specifically for me. After about a full year of no communication, a divorce, many tears and many prayers, my beloved and I met to have coffee. That in itself was a miracle. We had a deep, honest conversation where I saw and heard straight from his mouth a number of answered prayers! All those times that I questioned whether God heard my prayers and wondered if anything was happening on the other side of the mountain were dispelled. He even talked about possibly reconciling! This coming from a man who told me to get over him because it was done between us forever. Praise God because only He can change a hardened heart! I know we have a long way to go, but I am confident that God has given us the victory.”  (Texas)
At that time I will gather you; at that time I will bring you home. I will give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes," says the LORD. Zephaniah 3:20
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