General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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"My husband left me and filed for divorce. The divorce will be retracted and he has now been back reunited with the family. My kids are so excited to see their prayers answered. Thank you Bob and Charlyne for giving me hope and encouragement through your devotions and radio messages. The Lord has brought my prodigal home and is beginning to heal our family and my heart from this crisis. Nothing is impossible with our God." (California)

(posted 10/4/2007)
“I want to share that while standing for many, many years, after being divorced, having seen a non-covenant marriage and children, my husband has been separated for a couple of years now. I am still standing and trusting God for restoration of our marriage. There have been many things happening during this time. For a while now, we have been living under the same roof taking care of his mother who had a fall and needs our assistance. We spend evenings together, talking, watching TV, eating, helping with his children when they come for a visit. We have come a long way from no communication to him sharing what he is doing. We still do not talk about us or what happened, but I know God is in this and working to restore our marriage. I enjoy this time together and I think that he does also. I thank God for all that He has done.” (Virginia) (posted 3/10/2014)
"Praise the Lord. My marriage was restored, but the enemy came back in because I failed to continue to stand. Because of this, my husband and I have been separated in the same house for several months, with him not speaking to me. Last night, while watching tv, he was talking to me as if nothing had happened. I praise the Lord because this is a sign that He is working in my marriage." (Florida) A PS from Pompano -  A spouse does not have to be gone from home to be a prodigal. Having an at-home prodigal creates new difficulties, but please remember all of the new opportunities for prayer it opens. (posted 10/3/2008)
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“My family and in-laws were with us on Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving in three years we were together. My spouse said the prayer and it was beautiful. God is good. He answers prayers We were divorced before my spouse suddenly came back.” (New Jersey) (posted 12/2/2005)

"My prodigal wife of showed up at my parents for Thanksgiving today. She spent two hours visiting with my parents, children and me before leaving. God does take the heart of stone and turn it into a heart of flesh." (Washington)

(posted 11/14/2012)
All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.  2 Timothy 3:16  (posted 9/4/2011)
“When Jesus says YES nobody can say no and that is exactly what is happening in my life and marriage. I have been praying, reading my Bible and fasting. My husband filed many months ago and the judge has refused to grant the divorce. God is working behind the scenes and in the supernatural. Almost every day I see small signs that my suddenly is about to happen. I know that God is working on me and my husband, preparing us for our new and improved marriage. I know that soon my husband's eyes will be opened, his heart softened and until then I will keep worshipping my God, the author of time, king of restoration.” (South Africa) (posted 9/11/2014)
"My husband has been gone for months and in a adulterous relationship. Today he came over to give me money and I asked if we could talk. He told me that he wants to come home. He said he knows that our marriage was ordained by God and I been more than wonderful thru it all. He thanked me and said he loves me and is working things out." (Florida) (posted 11/20/2004)

"My husband of 25 years and I were separated for eight months, including the holidays last year. People, including my pastor, told me to file for divorce. I was devastated and asked God what he wanted me to do. I kept receiving the word "stay." I drew closer to God than I've ever been. My husband came home eight months ago. It hasn't been easy, but I thank God every day that my husband is home and that he will stay home. I stand on Hebrews 6:15; 'Then Abraham waited patiently, and received what God had promised." (California)

(posted 11/20/2006)
“PTL! I submitted my court date. I chose not to hire an attorney or be present at the initial hearing. I told my husband I love him, I am not participating, but I will not stand in his way. I received no correspondence and figured it would be finalized soon. But God…the courts are backed up and the final hearing is delayed! What a mighty God we serve. All the glory and honor to Him. Thank you for your prayers. Prayers do work. Do not ever doubt!”  (Texas) (posted 10/30/2014)
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.  Ecclesiastes 3:11 (posted 10/23/2011)
“A few days ago my spouse emailed to say he had changed his mind and would not be visiting for the holidays. I could be disappointed but I am not. God has given me enough evidence that He is going to work things out and I believe Him. I will continue my fast and my stand for God brings the dead back to life and creates new things out of nothing!”  (Jamaica)  (posted 12/26/2011)
“God is good! After persistent prayer and fasting, my husband and the OW had set a second marital date. That date once again fell through. We don't know what is going on behind the scenes, but the Lord does. My children and I are continuing to trust Jesus Christ for my husband's Holy shame and Godly sorrow!”  (California)  (posted 10/23/2011)
"My husband came home this past September in obedience to God. God still has a lot of healing to do in our relationship and I am still standing for the restoration of our marriage. (At Christmas) all four of us were in church together in over 18 months. God does answer prayer!" (posted 11/20/2004)
“Only God! Several months ago my wife moved out and filed for divorce. Today, thanks to God and the prayers of others, I can say we are now back together with a restored marriage in our new home and a new beginning that only God can do. The past months allowed me to see the hand of God turning a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. I encourage you who may think your marriage is dead, remember God hates divorce. Put all of your trust in Him and He can do for you what He did for me. Our marriage is stronger than ever before and I encourage you to be strong in your stand knowing that God is able to do what seems impossible to man.”  (Florida)  (posted 4/22/2013)
"For with God nothing will be impossible." Luke 1:37 (posted 1/10/2011)
“God restored my marriage and my husband returned home. He is saying everything will change. I stand firm, praying that God gives us a new heart.”  (El Salvador) (posted 2/11/2014)
“Last Sunday my prodigal and I had a huge misunderstanding. We had a big blow-out and things looked quite grim. I prayed and cried out to the Lord. Within 36 hours my prodigal called to say he wanted to meet. We met for dinner and he told me that he had broken off his other relationship and that he wanted (us) to start dating again, but take things very slowly. I waited years for my prodigal and now that we have started a journey back to restoration, those years seem like nothing.” (Canada) (posted 2/18/2005)
“I have a praise report that I just knew I wanted to share with my lovely standing family! Recently I read a praise report from a stander who said that she had her credit card debt cleared. I remember thinking ‘That’s nice, but things like that don't happen to people like me.’ Well, I guess I forgot who my Father is and how awesome He is! My friend called to see me today and handed me an envelope with cash in it and said, 'Pay off your debt and then what’s left is for you to treat yourself.' WOW! I'm still overwhelmed by it all! God is greater than we could ever imagine and sends the most beautiful people to help us on our way. If Jesus can write off my spiritual debt and my friend can write off my financial debt, then surely I can write off whatever debt my beloved has accumulated in the far country. I love the Lord and I don't care who knows it!”  (United Kingdom)  (posted 1/14/2013)
“After over a year of separation, living in states 1,000 miles apart, and a worldly divorce, God has remained faithful to His promise to restore our marriage. After not hearing from my prodigal at all for over a month, and being asked several times for me to ‘leave him alone and let him move on with his life,’ my prodigal decided to meet me for lunch and we had a nice long walk. I had prayed and fasted for the past month for God to move in my prodigal's heart. It was a small step but God reminded me that He is tearing down these walls one day at a time and that the battle is the Lord's, not mine. The story in 2 Chronicles has been lifesaving to me, especially the phrase,‘Take up your positions, stand firm, and see the deliverance the Lord will give you.’ (Virginia)  (posted 9/24/2012)
"I have been separated by mutual choice. I was a terrible wife, treated my husband horribly. I filed for a divorce. But I accepted the Lord in my life and He showed me what type of wife I was to be. I truly believe that God took me out of marriage to show me how valuable it really was. Along the way, I kept praying and believing. In June, while sitting at my desk crying and asking God what should I do, I distinctly heard two things – first, "Put me first" and secondly, "I will send him home." He allowed my husband to return home. During my stand, my husband specifically said to me "we will be divorced one way or the other." Praise God for His faithfulness and love." (West Virginia) (posted 11/20/2004)
"My husband is giving me (the prodigal) a second chance. He is a wonderful man and great provider for our family. I left my family years ago and moved in with my parents and became pregnant with a child. My husband told me last week he will be father to this child and I can come back home. Only the Lord could have helped us in this situation." (Virginia) (posted 7/31/2009)

"After years away in the far away country and numerous false starts home, the Lord has brought my husband back. My circumstances seemed so hopeless but God prevailed, even if there is no home for him to come home to because my kids and I moved back to my parents' house. We now literally have to start from scratch, yet he still opted to leave the comfortable life he had in the far country. The spiritual warfare is even more real to me now, but I choose to rest upon the Lord." (Philippines)

(posted 10/3/2008)

"My prodigal moved back home months ago after being gone for a few months. He moved into the spare bedroom and has at times been mean spirited. I asked God for some comfort that things would be better. As I was headed home one afternoon I passed a car that had written on it 'Never Stop Believing.' The weekend before Mother's Day we were at our granddaughter's birthday party and my husband hugged and kissed me several times and said to me, ‘I am really trying.’ It was such an uplift to my spirits. I thank God everyday for His strength." (Arkansas)

(posted 5/7/2012)
"Last fall we had our first hearing, then more through the winter to reach a settlement agreement. Finally we were to go to a hearing in May. It required a postponement. Last week my husband came to talk and said he was putting the divorce on hold and is helping with financial issues." (Pennsylvania) (posted 6/18/2010)
“My prodigal has been at church for some years yet recently stopped attending. I wanted to text yet am learning to let go and let God. The wonderful thing is that when I do let go and my husband makes contact, I am certain it comes from God and my faith soars. I prayed 'God please somehow let me know he's OK.' That evening he phoned! Totally unbelievable, after no contact for so long. God is working in both our lives and it blessed me to know that my prodigal does think of me from 'the far country.' PTL!” (United Kingdom) (posted 10/4/2011)
“I’m thankful for God's grace. I've been standing for a few years. It has not been easy, but God has been faithful. I received a call from my beloved that he is engaged. God gave me many signs of encouragement and even placed a rainbow in the sky. My heart is aching but my spirit is encouraged. No matter what, I trust God to restore my family. God placed a song on my heart by Ricardo Sanchez, ‘It's Not Over.’ The chorus says, ‘When God is in it there is no limit. It's not over." Thank You Jesus!”  (Florida) (posted 7/21/2013)
"I have been standing for my marriage for a few years. In the beginning I contacted my wife to convince her to return. God lead me to be still and wait for Him and seek first His Kingdom. Yesterday I was frustrated and cried out to God asking what He wanted me to do. I started to read my One Year Bible. I felt lead by God to read the scriptures on the date of my wife's birthday and these words leaped off the page, 'Be still, wait and trust on the Lord.' God will restore our marriage in His timing." (Norway) (posted 2/12/2010)

“Praise be to God. My husband is back and this time for good. God never fails. Whenever I felt like giving up, God gave me hope. Exactly a month before my husband’s return God spoke to my heart and said it’s over, he's coming home. Now I see after his return that God has not only convicted my husband and brought him home but He has changed me. Dear standers, things will look really bad just before it settles down. Just claim and hold onto God’s promises because the God we love is a never failing God. Romans 8:28  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  (Sri Lanka)

(posted 9/3/2013)
"I amazed at how our precious Lord gives me the grace and the strength to walk this journey of standing for my marriage and family. Each and every time when I have thought I could not take it any more, He has encouraged me to keep on keeping on. My relationship with Him has become more intimate and He is now my best friend. I vent to Him when I am angry or frustrated, get advice from Him, praise Him, worship Him and just spend time with Him. I never want to be without Him in my life, no matter what. He has never ever let me down. Thank you, my Jesus." (New Zealand) (posted 8/6/2010)
“I have been standing for several years with very little contact from my husband. I have been feeling very weary and discouraged. I asked God to give me a sign that He wanted me to continue to stand for my marriage. I was going through the mail and there was an envelope from a mail order company advertising a set of personalized stackable rings. There was a big picture of the ring on the outside of the envelope. It had inscribed on it my name, my husband’s name and the word ‘Always.’ That was a very clear sign indeed! I was in awe of the timing of that mail and the content of it. I put it in my Bible and will share it with my husband after he comes home!” (California) (posted 10/23/2014)

"Divorce papers were delivered to my home. I asked God for a sign to let me know that He still wanted me to stand for the restoration of my marriage. He gave me three. God softened my husband's heart enough to spend Valentine's Day with me, including dinner. I continue to stand and to trust in my faithful Lord." (Illinois)

(posted 2/12/2013)
"When I wanted to give up you kept telling me to look to the One with all the answers. God is changing me and He is changing my husband. To God be all the glory." (Virginia) (posted 12/5/2008)
Let us share three Damascus Road experiences that standers or prodigals have personally experienced: "Earlier this year I learned of my husband's many episodes of unfaithfulness. God saw fit to allow his last relationship to place him in prison for many years. Weeks before our divorce was final, God made it abundantly clear that I was not to divorce my husband but to be a vessel in which His grace could be poured out onto him. I now visit him in prison and rejoice with every heart change I see in my husband. He cannot come home to me right now. I trust that in God's perfect timing He will reunite us once again - we are both looking forward to that day. All glory be to God alone." (Washington) (posted 1/10/2011)

"I prayed for my husband to be changed, but I forgot to pray for change in myself. I was still so hurt and angry. Our divorce became final last summer and I finally let go of my anger and pain. When I changed God worked His miracle and my husband came home a few months after our divorce. We are so much happier than before." (New York)

(posted 4/4/2008)
“I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.”  Isaiah 48:3  (posted 10/4/2011)
“This weekend my husband has been with us at our home. We have been separated for many months and recently I was becoming weary, physically and spiritually. But the Lord has given me signs that He is working and He does hear my prayers. Tonight my husband was going to go back to where he is staying and he did leave, but 15 minutes later he came back. He said he will sleep on the couch and he said he is confused. God is so good and faithful. Keep your eyes focused on Him and remember you have the victory!”  (Kansas)   (posted 9/16/2013)
"My wife and I were remarried. Last Sunday, she joined me at church and during the singing of the invitational song, she looked up at me and asked, "Will you go down with me?" We have both been baptized previously, but until our divorce we never had a real relationship with God.   The minister was aware of our story and shared it briefly with the congregation. He then baptized me and allowed me to assist in baptizing my bride. I believe that was a better day than the day we remarried. That evening, after I prayed for us, instead of saying, "Amen," she continued the prayer. What a blessing to pray together with my bride.   There were many times during our two years of divorce that I wanted to give up and I praise God for giving me the strength to continue standing to see the deliverance He had for me." (Texas) (posted 1/16/2009)

"After a year and a half of struggling, trying to figure out what to do and what not to do, praying and crying, I found this ministry and started receiving the daily devotionals which helped me stand and gain my strength to listen to God. He has brought my prodigal home. We still have work to do and God has work to do in us, but praise God my husband is home." (Florida)

(posted 2/19/2010)
"It looked like the end when we were granted a divorce on Tuesday. My wife had a change of heart and we started talking. Two weeks later we are putting a deposit on a new apartment and making plans for the future. I cannot wait to get back under the same roof again. Praise God." (Rhode Island) (posted 9/12/2008)

"My husband spent every day of Thanksgiving week at home. He recently lost his job and he and the other person should be evicted this weekend. I think God is using these three circumstances together to bring my prodigal back home soon. God is working. Praise Him." (California)

(posted 11/14/2012)
Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!  Isaiah 30:18  (posted 7/30/2012)

"PLT! After being separated for many months, my husband texted me and asked if he could come home. I said yes. He arrived with all of his items packed in his car. I stepped into my suddenly season and received my long awaited breakthrough. God does hear and answers our prayers. His word will not return to him void. Thank you Charlyne and RMM for teaching me to be patient and trust in the Lord with all my heart. Your daily devotionals have been a blessing to me. I will continue to pray for all standers and prodigals to come home suddenly as mine did. To God Be The Glory." (Michigan)

(posted 3/14/2011)
"I prayed and asked God to give me confirmation of my stand. Last night I went to a web site and their verse of the day was Ephesians 3:20-21. That is the verse I had inscribed on my husband’s wedding band before we got married. God is faithful to give us the strength we need to do what He has called us to do." (Colorado) (posted 7/11/2008)
“When the divorce was finalized, my lawyer recommended I join a support group. A Christian group came highly recommended. The talk was on ‘healing’ so you could succeed in the next marriage. The popular question: ‘How long after the divorce before you remarried?’  Dating is not allowed, but socializing and mixed-gender support groups left the door wide open - the married leaders admitted that was how they met. I left thankful for RMM, thinking about what Bob had written about ‘recovery groups.’ God is providing despite circumstances. He shows me the way, not society – not even Christian! I was able to publicly testify to my love for my husband.  After several months with RMM, I was clearly on a different path -  of hope, not despair. I now listen to my Lord, not my lawyer. I will not be going back to the recovery group. I will use this time to sit with Jesus and let His words support me. Thanks for teaching me this!”  (California)  (posted 8/28/2012)
“My husband has been gone for many months and I began standing after filing for divorce soon after he left. I have done nothing more in the courts and my husband's requests that I finish have become less frequent and much more kind, even to the point of saying, ‘No hurry,’ in the last few emails. I have been deep in prayer and felt the Lord speak to me only a week ago and tell me he would be home soon. Since then, the devil has had me under attack and I have been very sad and have been crying a lot. But God! Last weekend my daughter asked my husband if I could go to the movies with them and he was open to the idea. He then relayed a message to me through our daughter to remove my blocks of his texts from my cell phone. And today some mail addressed to my husband came from the court. The court has his address at the OW's house but sent it to our old family address. I believe it is a dismissal of our case due to inactivity. PTL!” (Kansas) (posted 9/11/2014)
My husband called me yesterday to tell me that we had to either set a court date or sign divorce papers uncontested immediately, because his "filed divorce" had been in the docket for the maximum amount of time. I told him that I still refuse to sign his divorce papers, because I don't want a divorce nor do I believe in a divorce because it isn't God's will! God is in control and I am trusting God alone to do the impossible and restore my covenant marriage. I know that I know that this isn't a coincidence! God has the final say so and all of my faith is in Him! He has given me a peace that surpasses all understanding! I want to give God praise, honor, glory, and thanks in advance for restoring my marriage, as He promised! Standers, NEVER give up!”  (Arkansas) (posted 7/4/2013)
“Praise be to God. I went to court today and things turned out in my favor because our God is faithful. Dear standers, don't ever stop believing in the miracle working power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And thank you so much for your prayers. Amen!” (Nevada)  (posted 12/3/2012)
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