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Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

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"How great is our God. My husband who is on a father/son(s) bonding holiday woke up on Father’s Day with both our sons with him for the first time in many years. I had planned on phoning him to wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day,’ however he rang me. The boys, (especially the eldest one) who have not seen their dad for five years as he lives in another country, were so happy. My husband was laughing and joking with me (another miracle!) and he was even talking about the good memories of us on holiday in this country. I got the chance to tell him how happy I am for them and that I love him. Well it gets better as our eldest son then posted some pictures on Facebook and on one of them he wrote ‘my father, the best dad in the whole world.’ This is another testimony in itself as the enemy had worked so hard many years ago to destroy their relationship. God told me that this is my husband's time for healing by the confirmation of how much his sons love him. (We can forget that the prodigals need healing.) Praising Him!”   (United Kingdom) 
"On Father's Day I was doubting my stand and praying for a sign from the Lord. Twenty minutes later in church our pastor's sermon was on the Prodigal Son. I had my confirmation I was being obedient to His Word. God always gives us what we need when we need it. Praise Him." (Tennessee)
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“We serve a mighty God! After many months of separation, my prodigal husband came home. We had been separated many times before and I always brought him home through works of the flesh and it wasn't permanent change. This time I did nothing but pray and stand. We have a long road ahead of us but instead of lecturing I am zipping my lips and crying out to our Lord Jesus Christ to convict my husband in his heart of his responsibilities. I KNOW our Lord will not fail us and He will provide all of our needs through my husband's hard work. He is risen and so is this dead marriage. Praise God Almighty who can raise anything from dry bones to the living.” (Idaho)

“A season ago I was being handed divorce papers. I had been a born again believer for over 30 years and found as I went through this trial clinging to the Lord, that I had been saved by His death at the cross, but I had never grown beyond that and really developed a deep relationship and walk with the Lord. God used my time of separation with my husband to work in me, walk with me, and reveal Himself to me. I had never been able to say I am truly in love with the Lord before. I fought my divorce, trusted and obeyed the Lord, and He was faithful. Just in His time, my husband was moved by the Lord to seek reconciliation with me. He dismissed the divorce, and today he is living at home and I am watching in awe as God rebuilds our marriage stronger than ever, with Him at the center. I consider it a unique blessing to have gone through a trial of this magnitude and seen a small glimpse of the power, love, faithfulness, forgiveness, peace, and joy that our Savior is and has for us.”  (Missouri)

"My husband has been coming over occasionally and doing painting and other things around the house. My parents passed while he was away and we didn't have children. I have nephews who are like children to me and my husband went to the town where they lived. He called one of them and they had a nice visit." (North Carolina)
“I see my husband's heart softening and his common sense returning since he moved out. Last week after helping with tasks in our home, he chose to sleep at home overnight. Praise be to God who saves sinners and returns prodigals to His sanctified homes! God loves my husband so much that Christ died to not only seek my lost spouse but to save him for His glory and His purpose. Since God is for our covenant marriage, therefore no man can come against it, not even my own wandering spouse. God is correcting my husband AND me by returning me to my first love, Jesus Christ. Separation from my one flesh is painful but I can endure it through Christ who sustains me daily which is what I should have been focused on anyway. My restored marriage miracle will happen because He is faithful to give more than I am praying and fasting for. I can hardly wait to share it because RMM has been such a blessing of support.”  (Florida) 
"My husband called to tell me about a dream he had. I was able to share with him my insight into his dream. He said I know him better than anyone else in the world. I was able to share that it was God. I know God is drawing my husband back to Himself and to me. God is faithful. To Him be the glory." (Canada)

"God is faithful. My husband has been gone for months. Not only have I been praying for him to come home, but that he would get another job due to the stress it caused. I was hired at a new job and a week later my husband was hired by my boss. My husband asked me out to dinner the night before his job opportunity and a week later he came home. He even bought us new wedding bands yesterday. Praise God, He is working on both of us." (Kentucky)

“I just want to praise the Lord and thank Him for His unconditional love. I’m a former prodigal turned stander. I even filed for divorce…But God put a stop to that. My spouse was the one to say, ‘I’m never coming back. You did this by leaving.’  But God! Praise be to God for touching my husband’s heart and opening his eyes. Early this year I was fasting and praying a lot more than usual. My husband told the kids mommy and daddy are going to work things out! He is not home yet, because I believe God still has work to do in both of us. But we have been spending so much time together as a family and alone. I no longer live in fear as I did before because I KNOW my God is restoring and his homecoming is only a matter of time. Don’t give up! If He can change us from prodigal to stander, just imagine what He can do for your spouse. PTL! He is faithful!”  (California)
"Last Sunday my wife, whom I haven’t spoken to in months showed up at my baptism. I didn’t tell her about the baptism or ask her to come." (Ohio)
"Last Sunday night I was invited to share a message about spiritual warfare in church with my pastor as he knows I am passionate about reminding people to wake up and wear the armor of God. I got to share my testimony about standing and will continue to stand until my prodigal returns. I told the people to fight for their marriages and be alert. God still does miracles today." (Australia)
“I asked the Lord this morning to speak to me loudly. I prayed the whole way while I was driving and asked Him to please do not whisper to me, but to speak loudly so that I could learn to hear his voice. About 15 minutes after I said my prayer, I was speechless to see a Covenant Transport truck passing by. I prayed at the beginning of my stand to see one. I never thought that I would. I immediately began to praise the LORD. I have no reason to cry any more. I know that I am following the Lord’s instructions!”  (Texas) 
“The enemy has been pulling out all the stops the past few days. But I kept praying, focused on God and danced in the rain! I just got off the phone with my beloved prodigal. We have a court date coming soon. He told me a few times in our phone conversation that he is not sure he is doing the right thing! He also told me he loved me! PTL! God has planted the seed! I got to tell my husband I was praying for him and would never give up on him. I am more sure than ever that God's promises He made are true! Our marriage will be saved!”  (Minnesota) 
"God spoke to my heart. My husband went to another state and took our granddaughter to visit the other woman. I took my husband to the airport and asked God to bless them both in their travels. As I was crying out to God that evening, hurting so desperately, I asked GOD what He wanted me to learn from this. He clearly told me 'Trust Me.' I praise God and am working to completely trust Him." (Texas)
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"I have been divorced for two years, but have just started to stand for my marriage. When you see other situations you know nothing is new to our God. I know my Lord is going to soften my wife's heart and I am praying for a Christmas miracle." (Michigan)
“God showed me that my husband was reminded of me on the day of our anniversary last week. My nephew was visiting from Canada and met him in town where they hugged and chatted awhile. Co-incidence? I think not. Praise God.”  (Trinidad and Tobago) 
"Today I spoke to my husband and he told me had gotten married. I knew that he was planning to but thought that he would include our girls. For the first time I was not upset at all. Even hours later I still feel fine. I am so happy that I did not get upset or lose my composure. Just to keep praying! I put on my wedding band as I do every morning with joy that I am trying to do my best by setting an example for our girls."  (North Carolina)
"I have been questioning God's timing and if He is working in our restoration. My prayers have been focused on communication. Then, my husband called me Monday afternoon. We have not talked on the phone for months. He was soft and kind and even asked to talk to our daughter. The rest of the week has also been a blessing, including more phone communication and my husband helping out with finances. God does hear our cries. He is working." (Pennsylvania)
"I just want to encourage other standers. For the past year I have stood for my marriage against all the odds. My church and my family, no one believed that God could restore, But after a year of separation my husband and I are reunited. Our marriage is being restored. Don't lose heart. God still moves and removes mountains. Don't give up Keep praying!" (Washington)
  “Some months ago my separated wife contacted me after several months of silence. Since then we have met and talked and we both love each other. She doesn’t believe I have changed but the Lord has transformed me and my eyes are now open. I will keep my marriage as my priority and let no one separate us. I will keep praying and walk every day in faith that God will restore our marriage and not let her family interfere – as what God has joined, let no man separate. I pray God gives us both strength to carry on fighting for our love.”  (United Kingdom)

“I have such a thankfulness in my heart for all the Lord has done in my life. Today, Easter Sunday is also my birthday. Although my prodigal is not able to be here because of work, I feel like this is the best birthday I have had in years. We are enjoying life, as God intended us to. We both still have issues, yet God is guiding us through each one. I am thankful that God is doing the work in our lives and that He is not slack concerning His promises. Thanks for pointing us to the hope we have in Christ.” (Missouri)

“I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.”  Isaiah 48:3 
“My husband left home months ago. My Heavenly Father directed me to RMM. I know my hope in Christ will not fail. I prayed for restoration and am waiting for it to manifest. Instead my Heavenly Father has changed me from the inside out. My friends noticed my change. They said I look prettier, more confident, patient and lovely. Every day I'm walking very closely with my current husband, 'Jesus.’ HE will take care of my life, work, home and everything when my covenant spouse is not around. I will continue to stand for my restoration as Daddy promised to return my spouse soon. Thank You Jesus.” (Singapore)
“Being at a standstill stage, I have been praying, ‘God am I on right track? Did I really hear You to tell me to stand?’ Then I heard a commercial for a new program, ‘Resurrection’ that said, ‘What if someone you lost returned?" Yes, God I hear you! During Sunday service, the preacher said, ‘I don't know who I am speaking to but God is working on the other side.’ He talked about covenant brothers, how they cut their hands and scar them with ashes to remind themselves every time they look at their hands they have made a commitment to another. Do we not do this with our wedding bands? Our covenant marriage? I have been praying as times have been rough. God knew I needed a hug. Praise God! I thank Him for hearing me. Oh ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. Ezekiel 37:4b (KJV) My marriage is not dead for God is alive! Do NOT give up!”  (Texas)
“One of my prayers has been that God brings someone in my husband’s life and even work to minister to him and also for my husband to desire to come to church with me. After church I stopped by his house to wish him happy birthday. He was happy to see our daughter and I, but was down. He mentioned that he wanted to go to church with me but didn't know how to ask me. He proceeded then to tell me that one of the guys he works with told him that he looked familiar. His coworker asked him where he goes to church and my husband said he doesn't but does go with me on holidays. His coworker goes to my church! PTL!”  (Pennsylvania) 
"Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things...Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He brought them out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains." Psalm 107:8-9,13-14
"Praise the Lord. My husband who was dead set on getting divorced called me after 3 A.M. wanting to come over. He drove 45 minutes from where he stays to be with his wife and son. I ended up going in late to work because we were enjoying his company so much. I was able to lay hands on him and pray for him. My son and I were able to cuddle with him for a little like the good old days. He was so comfortable that he set his alarm and slept in our bed." (Florida)
"The judge postponed our court date. Later my husband walked us to the car, then followed me to a gas station and put air in my tires. Then we went to lunch with our granddaughter. God showed me He is working." (California)
“After several years of standing and praying, things are beginning to happen in the natural. We started eating out together as a family again, and have done so several times in the past few months. The biggest blessing of all happened when we had to go back to court to extend support. My prodigal was the one who requested that he pay spousal support for a longer time. The first thing the judge said was he had never seen anything like that before. When my prodigal explained that our children needed me home, the judge commended him for wanting to take care of his family. He told us he wished he could see more parents working together like us in his court room. This was the same judge who signed the divorce papers. At the time we were just another case, but now he will always remember us because of the work the Lord is doing.”  (Michigan) 
“My testimony is nothing else than a praise to my God, my good and great God as I like to call Him. He has stood by me and has never let go of my hand. I praise my Lord for His mercy and love. Although at times it might seem impossible for my marriage to be restored, He comes and tells me that nothing is impossible for Him  - Luke 1:37 - and that He is the in control of my life. Keeping my mind in perfect peace, because I trust in Him. Isaiah 26:3. I love You Lord.”  (Honduras) 
“My husband has been gone for many months and I began standing after filing for divorce soon after he left. I have done nothing more in the courts and my husband's requests that I finish have become less frequent and much more kind, even to the point of saying, ‘No hurry,’ in the last few emails. I have been deep in prayer and felt the Lord speak to me only a week ago and tell me he would be home soon. Since then, the devil has had me under attack and I have been very sad and have been crying a lot. But God! Last weekend my daughter asked my husband if I could go to the movies with them and he was open to the idea. He then relayed a message to me through our daughter to remove my blocks of his texts from my cell phone. And today some mail addressed to my husband came from the court. The court has his address at the OW's house but sent it to our old family address. I believe it is a dismissal of our case due to inactivity. PTL!” (Kansas)
"On our anniversary I went to a rummage sale at the church we got married in. I opened a book and the first sentence that I turned to said that divorce is not part of God's plan. Before my stand I would have never picked out this book. I praise God for sending Christian people in my life to teach me about marriage restoration. Nothing is impossible with God." (Illinois)
“My husband's heart is softening toward me. Last week he helped me get a Christmas tree and even stayed for supper. He was so relaxed in our home and he complemented me on the meal and how nice the house looks. We laughed and talked and the evening was joyful and happy. He even talked about me going on a trip with him in the spring. God orchestrated the entire evening and I am so thankful. The next day God gave me Jeremiah 16:14-16 on the marquis of a local business. I truly believe my suddenly is coming very soon and I believe God is sending my husband messengers. So I continue to leave it all in God's hands and trust in His timing and plan. To God be the Glory now and forever! Keep praying, Stand strong, and don't ever give up!”  (Georgia) 
"We took the kids to the beach for the weekend. It was a wonderful time. I see God moving and softening my prodigal's heart to spend more time with the kids. We did not talk about us at all, we just enjoyed the moment. I know that God has given me power to stand and let Him handle things." (Georgia)
“I was recently served divorce papers. I have been praying for a sign from God to allow me to stand for my marriage because I did not see any hope anymore. Today I asked God, ‘Do you really want me to stand for this marriage because if you do I need a sign.’ Later on that day, I was driving down the road and saw a Covenant Transport truck pass me by. I just shouted because I had never seen one before. I almost cried. This increased my faith instantly because I almost gave up on my marriage. I know healing is coming soon.”  (Maryland) 
“God encourages me through the testimony of others. Recently, the thought came to me that maybe I should have my nails done before I shopped and as I was arguing with that thought, the girl that does my nails bumped into me. The next thing I knew I was in her chair. Out of the blue she asked about my family and I hesitated to try to explain the whole ‘I am standing for my marriage’ to her as I just knew she would not understand but found myself sharing my story. She smiled the whole time I spoke and to my surprise she took my hands, looked into my eyes and told me that my husband would indeed be back because God restores marriages. That He had not only restored her marriage but had changed her abusive husband into a very godly man. She told me not to ever give up and promised she would pray for me every night. I knew then that it was God who put that thought in my mind and guided me into her path to get my nails done. Don't ever give up! He is faithful!”  (Georgia) 
“My husband filed for divorce. We had moved out-of-state for his job and bought a house. Since neither of us have any family close by, we are still sharing our house. It's nice because we have an eight month old that we are still raising together. We had court today but it was continued for another month. Thank You Lord for giving me and my son another month to live as a family and pray for my husband to reconcile. Last week I was feeling discouraged. I started watching TV and heard a man say, ‘God works in mysterious ways. Keep believing and don't lose faith and God can send you a miracle.’”  (New York)
“God did it again. I was away on business and left Mom and our daughter at home with a part-time caregiver. My beloved and I had several false starts over the past years of my standing. But God... Jesus touched his heart and he started hanging around the house more while I was gone. Suddenly, the Lord impressed it upon him that he needed to be home even if it meant quitting a job that has kept him from home for a long time now. The next thing I knew my family and husband were on their way to stay with me near my job. They have been here for almost a week now. My husband went to church with us for mid-week Bible study and we are going to church again today. God is faithful! We are restored for good in Jesus Name.”  (Florida)
"After nearly a year of faithful standing, a recent sermon by my pastor led me to ask God for revelation. He led me to start praying to be the Christian He needs me to be in order for my spouse to return home. The Lord opened my eyes to show me again to humble myself before Him and ask Him continue to change me. I ask God continuously to not let me be prideful of any changes in me, giving praise and glory to the One who is in control of my heart & life, Jesus Christ Himself. Thank You, my wonderful Savior. You are my hero!" (Nevada)
“I have had a phone friend for the last 18 months whom I have never met because we are on the east and west coasts. She felt it was time to meet and she helped pay for me to come to the Dallas RMM. What a blessing she is to finally see in person. I also met other standers from my state and a fellow stander in Dallas. I know now that God had us sit together for the weekend. A new friend on one side and my forever friend on the other.”  (Georgia)
“My wife and I had been having problems for many years. I hit rock bottom and found your page online. I just focused on Christ, asking Him to change me. I left her alone. Although she said that she wanted to leave me, I just kept my focus on Christ. He encouraged me to fast. I decided not to eat except when we ate together, which was at dinner time. God said that your restoration is imminent. The next day she confessed everything and asked God and me to forgive her. I still deal with a bit of hurt, but I had issues myself. I figure if God can forgive me for my sins, I can surely forgive her of her sins. She's one hundred percent committed to me, Christ and our five kids. All the glory goes to God.”  (Illinois)
"Toward the end of my prayer time the words to the song 'How Great Thou Art' began to flow through my mind. Then I went to check my email. The title of Charlyne Cares was 'How Great Thou Art.' I listened to the song online as I read your devotional. I found that you had included the words to the song. I thanked and praised my heavenly Father for speaking to me. He has confirmed my stand once again." (North Carolina)
"Thank you Rejoice Ministries for helping me to keep my faith in God's promises and answering my daily prayers. My wife has returned to me and we are forgetting the past and having a new beginning together. Everyone is rejoicing with us. God does deliver but first we must draw close to Him and never doubt. Encouraging devotional messages from your ministry helped me through this time. I'm sure God will use us to help others in similar situations. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless your ministry." (New Zealand)
“I was recently served divorce papers. I have been praying for a sign from God to allow me to stand for my marriage because I did not see any hope anymore. Today I asked God, ‘Do you really want me to stand for this marriage because if you do I need a sign.’ Later on that day, I was driving down the road and saw a Covenant Transport truck pass me by. I just shouted because I had never seen one before. I almost cried. This increased my faith instantly because I almost gave up on my marriage. I know healing is coming soon.”  (Maryland) 
“Here I am standing firm on God's promise. I rejoice in God because He has shown me His great power moving in my marriage. Last week I receive a letter from my husband telling me that he is sorry for all that has happened. He said that he was thankful that I have stood at his side even though so much has happened. I never thought I would hear this from him. He has also started to call me more and more. I praise the Lord because He is merciful, and has shown His great power. This is a miracle because God is the only one who can change hearts and minds. He is doing it with my husband and he can do this with you. Faith and standing are the keys for your miracle. God is restoring my marriage.”  (Texas) 
“Tonight my husband (ex) texted me out of the blue and told me that he missed me very much and that he’d been ‘stupid’ for leaving me and the marriage. Then he said that I had been a great wife and that despite our problems, we’d always been close and that he missed that. I’m sort of stunned right now, but happy and grateful to God. He is moving in our lives and I have no words for how I feel right now. I’m so glad I was turned in God’s direction. I had no idea how much I needed Him until all of this happened.” (Delaware)
“God did what ONLY He can do! My husband is home after six months. He gave notice on his apartment in December but was adamant he was not coming home until January, 2014. The year 2013 was declared for my local church the Year of Completion. I was believing God that my husband would be home by December 31st. Last month he had a seizure and was in the hospital. Once released, he moved out of his apartment and has been home since. I went to a counseling session today and he came along. I told him he didn't have to say anything. He ended up getting involved and guess what, he's coming to the next session! I am still in awe because our situation looked completely impossible but with God ALL things are possible. Keep the faith, stand firm - even if you have to stand alone believing for your covenant partner. He's not perfect and neither am I, but we serve a perfect God who can turn the heart of any. Prayer changes things! Lord help me to zip my lips and to look to You ALWAYS!”  (Virginia)
“I thank God for this holy season of Advent: a time of wonder, watching, prayer, and hope - a time of waiting for the coming of our Lord. This Advent, I will mark our first wedding anniversary since our legal divorce was finalized. I'm heartbroken, but I'm also grateful to God for giving me vacation time for an extended retreat, which will allow me to pray and fast during our anniversary week. I will take with me the prayers and petitions of all standers. Thank you all for being my ‘cloud of witnesses.’ May the Lord spur our own confession, repentance, healing, and praise, so that we may be fellow workers with Him for the restoration of our marriages and our families.”  (District of Columbia)
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