General Testimonies


Below you will find a sampling of testimonies from standers and prodigals that will encourage you in how God is moving in their lives.

Each Saturday in Charlyne Cares we publish testimonies from people around the world. You can subscribe to Charlyne Cares by visiting You can submit your own testimony by visiting our testimony submission page!

“I received a random text from the neighbor at my ‘other’ house, where my husband lives, and the OW moved into. I haven't spoken to this neighbor for eight months. She was just letting me know she was thinking of me and wanted to know how I was doing. I replied, ‘Things are the same, although God is working in a big way. Let me know when you see a moving truck across the street...keep praying for my family. We are close to restoration.’  She replied, ‘OK, so weird! I looked out my front window and there is a big yellow moving truck loading things at your house!’ That truck was for the OW moving out! Praise the Lord! This conversation is more amazing to me than the OW moving.”  (Texas) 
"My husband and I are still separated, though he broke up with the other woman and cancelled our divorce. I prayed much on what to give him for Christmas, and felt God telling me to buy him a wedding band. He lost his years ago. On Christmas I gave it to him, telling him that there was no pressure for him to wear it and no strings attached, just that I wanted him to have one available for when he was ready to take reconciliation to the next stage. He is wearing it. He is spending much more time with us and things are happening." (California)
"Telling myself it is time to stop hoping for my mate’s return, I turned on my computer and was about to delete the 'Saturday Testimonies.' As I cried and wondered why has this not happened to me, I then read the message, 'If I remove the mailbox, where will God deliver my prodigal?' I will continue to stand for my marriage and not let Satan destroy my family." (California)
“I just want to encourage all standers to keep standing firm. I get weary in my stand, and I am always asking God to give me strength. Prayers have been answered as I draw close to Him. I was asking God for His will on my stand. Right then I got a text from my wife wishing me a happy early birthday! I am standing and will continue to stand for my marriage. Trusting in God! Stay strong my fellow standers! I’m keeping all of you in prayers.”  (California)
"I wanted a sign like the covenant trucks I keep reading about. So I asked for a sign I was to keep standing for my marriage. There are no covenant trucks in my area. While on vacation I saw a sign. It said in large print 'covenant' and under it read in small letters, 'chiropractic.' I began to laugh and praise God." (Nevada)
“My wife has been gone over a year and is practically out of our son’s life. I’ve been praying for her to want to change things and to forgive me for past mistakes. She called me last night crying and saying how much she missed our son and me and that she loves us and she’s trying to get better. I can tell God is working in her to bring her home and to change me so I’ll be ready when it happens. I’m continuing to believe for financial provision for my family and for my beautiful wife’s Damascus Road moment.” (Oklahoma)
"God is amazing. After a few years of separation and a divorce, my husband came to our home to welcome the new year. He spent time with the kids and me and we had our traditional year end dinner. I Thank God because I know this is Him working in my husband’s heart. I am expecting his return to God and to us." (Puerto Rico)
“He moves mountains without their knowing it and overturns them in his anger.”  Job 9:5 
“Praise the Lord! My beloved just spent New Year's planning his wedding for this summer. It was a horrible holiday for me - very depressed and at the end I almost gave up, but dug in and prayed for God to move. I recommitted to my stand. He called 10 minutes ago and said he wanted me to know that he has asked the OW to move out. He didn't give details and I don't need to know. The circumstances were dire, but GOD!”  (Florida)
"I have been praying for God to heal both myself and my husband and to restore this marriage. Yesterday I went to pick up my mail at the house. My husband asked me to stay for dinner. God does answer prayer and I know we are on our way to being restored." (Florida)
“After over a year of separation from my covenant spouse, I graduated with my master's degree and teaching certification this week. It has been a lifelong dream of mine, and a year ago nobody could have convinced me that I could get through the rest of graduate school and student teaching while going through such a wrenching time in my marriage, but God! God saw that it was important to my life and wanted to be glorified through my struggle. During this horrible separation I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream, and I give God all the glory. Let's keep standing and praying for our loved ones. God bless you; I'm praying with you.”  (Arizona) 
“Praise God! I had brief contact with my wife through a text message for the first time in many months. I had been told a rumor from a family member and sought answers. The rumor was not true and the communication was without any fighting. I told her that I was still praying, fasting and that I forgave her. She apologized for the rumor and said she is just spending time with family and going to church.”  (Ohio)  
"After God's prompting, I spoke to the other woman. I shared that I didn't hate her, but hated the situation; I didn't blame her and I was not going to spread any rumors or gossip about her. I also said I pray for her. God knows at what time He will restore my marriage and when He will create an opportunity for me to witness to her." (Texas)
“My anniversary was this week. I'd read another testimony in Charlyne Cares of a stander who had asked God for a specificrequest regarding contact from her husband, and the Lord answered her prayer. It inspired me to ask God for the specific request for my spouse to call (I specified that I would like a call, not a text) and acknowledge our anniversary. Later that evening, my husband called. He had not forgotten and he wanted to let me know. Isn't our God awesome? I praise God for His faithfulness, and that we can come to Him with every request that is meaningful to us. He will restore our marriages in due season, if we faint not.” (Florida) 
"My husband and I are going to dinner and a movie next week. He has started going to church some and talking about spending holidays together. Praise God for changing me into a godly wife and mother." (Washington)
"Since my husband came back last July, I went through many different emotions and trials, but I kept praying. I kept asking God to improve me, and I left everything up to Him. My husband and I took a two day trip on our own last weekend. He gave me an early birthday present, gold earrings, and told me that I am his one and only best friend and he is happy he has me. We'll need more time to heal wounds in our hearts, but I am confident that God will heal us soon. Thanks for your prayers. I believe in God's power." (California)
“Praises to Jesus, the King of Kings! My husband came home yesterday after two years of living away from home. My suddenly truly happened. There were so many individuals discouraging me from standing and praying for my prodigal husband. Thank you RMM, as I have learned to ‘zip my lips’ and I have grown so much spiritually. Please do not give up praying ever, until your spouse is back home. My husband sent me a text message yesterday, stating he loved me very much and he wanted to make our marriage work. I will continue to pray for you all and Jesus will do the rest. Never give up hope.”  (United Kingdom)

i"My prodigal was at our house coloring Easter eggs with our daughter and I was able to give him his Bible that he asked for a couple of days before. I was wondering what Bible to give him and one of my prodigal’s Bibles with old notes appeared. I didn’t look for it, but He put it in my path and now it is in my husband’s hands. God is so good." (California)

“Praise God for His faithfulness! Yesterday was a day of blessings from my Heavenly Father. First, I had to print out and sign a credit card authorization form. I wasn't sure if i should sign it with just my maiden name or if I should sign with my married name because I was afraid of how my husband would react. I asked the Lord what I should do and He said to ask my husband. My husband said that it was up to me. I praised God and signed my married name. Then later, the Holy Spirit told me to clean up because my husband was going to spend the night in the other room. I obeyed and sure enough, my husband called late that night and said he was going to spend the night. This morning he said he slept great. I praise God! He is moving!!” (Georgia)
“My prodigal has returned home. I am praising God for answering my prayers, as He said He would, and granting me the desires of my heart. It's one thing to hear songs on the radio, read the Bible passages of those touched by God expressing this same sentiment, but to feel it is beyond explanation. God does speak to us and He does answer prayer. My husband told me he 'kept seeing signs' telling him to come home. God was working the entire time I was wondering if He really was. Our God is an awesome God.” (Florida)
I’ve been a stander for years with nothing visible in the physical realm. Recently someone I dated before I met my husband began texting and calling me. His wife of 30 years had passed away and he was anxious to begin a relationship with me again. I shared my testimony of standing but he did not agree and continued to text me. This man lives in another state and a few days ago he texted to inform me he will be traveling and had plans to come see me and take me out to dinner. For days I did not reply. Granted, when someone has been standing as long as I have it was a little tempting to have someone interested, but God convicted my heart and reminded me that it would not be harmless as Satan would have me think. The Holy Spirit prompted me to text him and firmly declined the invitation and again reaffirm my stand to him. I knew I must be obedient and so I was. I felt relief as soon as I hit send.”  (Georgia)
“I was going to a meeting at my son's school where my wife was not aware I would be there. On the way there I was praying constantly. The meeting was good but, my wife would not interact with me at all. God gave me many signs of encouragement. This is hard but I trust God is in control. I am calm and I have a peace where normally I would be frantic. Thank You God for continuing to restore my marriage and the hurt that I have caused even if I do not see it with my eyes yet. Please continue to pray for us and our family.”  (Uzbekistan) 
“I just wanted to say praise God even though my suddenly isn't here yet. Even when I want to give up God shows me I can't. Tomorrow was supposed to be the final hearing on my divorce. But God had different plans. It’s being rescheduled! Please don't stop standing and praying.” (Tennessee)
“My prodigal has been at church for some years yet recently stopped attending. I wanted to text yet am learning to let go and let God. The wonderful thing is that when I do let go and my husband makes contact, I am certain it comes from God and my faith soars. I prayed 'God please somehow let me know he's OK.' That evening he phoned! Totally unbelievable, after no contact for so long. God is working in both our lives and it blessed me to know that my prodigal does think of me from 'the far country.' PTL!” (United Kingdom)
“I was fighting discouragement Thanksgiving Day, and I told God I was declaring a victory, trusting Him to bring it to pass whether I saw it with my eyes or not, and I thanked Him. After celebrating with our separate families and only a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ text, much later that night my spouse asked me over to watch a movie. Just a few minutes after I arrived, the OW's phone number popped up on the TV's Caller ID. He ignored it, but it hurt to be reminded they were still communicating. Everything in me wanted to react, but not wanting to ruin our time together I zipped my lips and we had a good rest of the night. I left a bit confused about the situation, but as soon as I prayed about it I felt God saying this was a victory. Instead of my spouse bonding with the OW, the call was blocked and he was spending Thanksgiving night with his covenant spouse, just as he should be. Keep praying Hosea 2:6-7!”  (New York)
"My spouse returned home after separation and divorce. Yesterday was our anniversary. When I woke up yesterday morning, there was a note in my kitchen that said "Happy Anniversary." During my lunch, I received flowers from my spouse. On the card were the words to our wedding song. It was signed using the word 'love.'" (New Jersey)
"I am being obedient to God and posting that my marriage has been restored. Tomorrow is a new day. God has given me His favor and answered my prayer. He is an awesome God. Thank all of you for standing and praying with me."  (Pennsylvania)

“I felt neglected and alone. I had an affair. My husband knew and two years after the fact couldn't take it anymore and began to act out himself. I was at a loss. I knew it wasn't him; it was pain and anger. I clearly heard God tell me to stand; that He would reach my husband and give me a marriage seven times better than we'd ever had before. I spent  months of praying and loving him as he continued to act out. I hated what he was doing, but I knew it was Satan and I knew God had already defeated Satan. Thanksgiving Day he told me he loved me and put his wedding ring back on. Two weeks later he bought me a new ring and re-proposed. My suddenly came just in time! PTL!”  (Indiana)

“My husband and I have been divorced for a few months. About a year ago the Lord gave me two dreams. One was of people congratulating us on marriage restoration and the other was of me having another daughter. Well I am due to have our second daughter at the end of February and I'm waiting on the other dream to be fulfilled! We haven't really spoken much since I told him I was pregnant but I know that God does not lie and all His promises will be fulfilled!”  (South Carolina) 
“All I can say is through my doubt and fear God gave me a sign. I have been praying constantly and fasting, but doubt and fear were my constant companions. My prodigal wife today was extremely upset at me. She said some very hurtful things concerning our circumstances and the OM she is currently with. I stayed calm and loved her through it. When she came to the point of hinting at me leaving her alone, I asked her boldly (I don't recommend this), ‘Do you want me to just give up and quit this?’ She immediately responded, ‘No. I need to think.” God does work miracles! And He loves to save marriages! I am not out of the woods, but my wife is talking to me and I will take that. God will do the rest!”  (South Dakota)
"A few days ago, I was moved to write a quick, but loving email to my wife. She usually does not respond. This morning at church I prayed, asking for God to give me confirmation that I am on the right track by standing. Three hours after that prayer, my wife wrote back, thanking me for the email. Once again, my prayer was answered, as have been many such prayers." (California)
“I have been standing for many years and trusting God to provide for all my needs. Recently my military ID expired. I turned in all the information to see if I would qualify as a former spouse to just continue a few of my benefits. I received a letter today that not only granted my ID benefits, but also informed me that upon my husband’s retirement, I will receive medical insurance! God is so good and so many people are watching to see the outcome. Glory to God!” (North Carolina) 
"A court date is approaching. I was hoping for a word from the Lord. Today my verse of the day from Mark 13:11 read: 'But when they arrest you and deliver you up, do not worry beforehand, or premeditate what you will speak. But whatever is given you in that hour, speak that; for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit.' This verse speaks volumes to me. Thank You Lord for calming my heart. I know you will be with me. (Texas)
“Soon after our marriage, my spouse said he was in love with someone else, moved out of our home and stopped attending church and defied everyone. The Lord sustained me throughout and gave me words from Jeremiah 42 10-18. Every one said I should move on but then I found RMM. The Lord surprised me. After six months of no recent contact, my prodigal came home and we talked, although he is still with the other person. I went back to God asking if it was His will. Reading the testimonies this morning has yet again strengthened my faith that God is able, and unchanging. I believe my husband is on his way back home; the Lord is working on me too. Thank God for RMM Ministries.”  (Great Britain) 
“I praise my mighty God that I am able to submit a testimony of my restored marriage. My husband left a note and walked out on our marriage saying he would ‘never be happy.’ He filed for divorce not even a month later. He refused to see me or talk to me. I fell to my knees begging God for answers. The first thing He told me was that He would restore my marriage, but it would be a lot longer than I thought. He then began to show me how I failed my husband as a wife and that no matter what, I was to show him unconditional love. I did this in many ways, always prompted by the Holy Spirit. I had not seen my husband or spoken to him until our mitigation. I saw no hope as my husband demanded to be seated in two different rooms. But God! A few hours in, the mediator told me my husband wanted to speak with me. That was a few weeks ago. We are now together working on our marriage with God as our foundation. If God has promised you restoration, He will do it. Trust Him.” (Florida)

“My husband and I went through a time when he was not at home. We had small children at the time and things didn’t look good in the natural at all. I stood on the Word of God, believing and trusting that He would heal, renew, and restore our marriage. It took a year before my husband came home, and even after that God had lots of work to do on the both of us. Now we have beautiful children and a restored marriage with such a Godly bond. Yes, we have to work at our marriage just like everyone, but we allow God to be in control and have authority, and blessings beyond our imagination have followed. Our last child is our little reward for obedience in standing in faith. Nothing is impossible with God. Our situation looked hopeless and came out shining God’s glory so bright.” (North Carolina)

"Recently after reading 2 Kings, Chapter 8 the Lord taught me that there were no coincidences in His Kingdom work. I am a prison officer and as I walked through another landing I glanced at the bookshelf. The book right in the center facing me was titled 'Summer Prodigal.' I knew this had to be from the Lord." (Great Britain)
“No matter what happens in your life, know that there is a God who loves you. My husband walked away a couple of years ago, I felt like I could not live. That's the point when I found my Lord and Savior Jesus. When I was lost He found me and picked me up and told me I am His.  I am going to live for his glory! It's been some time and I am not divorced! The Lord has not restored us yet but He is working. No matter how painful it gets, just hold onto your Lord. I would like to share a quick little something. It was my little girl’s birthday. Her dad visited her and got her a little gift which I felt disappointment about; I expected something better from him. But my Lord Jesus gave my baby an even  bigger gift on her birthday. It was a free, fully paid for operation for her tonsil removal in one of the safest, most expensive hospitals in our area. We don't have medical aid, but He is our provider. Thank You Jesus.” (South Africa)
“After feeling a little discouraged this past weekend, I turned to Christian television programs to help me cope. To my surprise, there were two separate lessons being taught and they both were on the prodigal son. Praise the Lord.”  (Florida)
“Well PTL! Through much prayer and fasting my fellow standers, my prodigal moved out from the other woman. He is still not home yet but it happened suddenly. My fellow standers, that could only be my God. Don't give up. Keep standing! We are now having worship together day and night. The enemy is not going to give up but he's already defeated by the power of Jesus' blood. Continue to pray for my marriage as I will for you and your spouse. God bless!” (Florida)  
“Praise the Lord, who is almighty. My husband suddenly texted me 20 minutes before church asking for the time, so that he can attend with us. Hallelujah! We then spent the day at a local fair. The Lord is so faithful, full of mercy and unconditional love. I felt lonely, tired, doubtful and had a hardened heart that morning. BUT GOD. I informed all my friends of the grace of God. Thank the Lord and be ready. Isaiah 12:4,5.”  (Florida)
"What a week it has been. A pay raise, bills altered, cash pushed through the door with my name, contact with husband and a promise from God that He will remove what needs removing." (United Kingdom)
"My prodigal spouse is slated for a very risky surgery and I have been praying for his salvation. A hearing took place this week for the attorneys and the judge. They decided that divorce proceedings should be postponed until after the surgery so it was delayed for 90 days. God is so good. My husband called to say that he was delaying the divorce. He did not know it had already been postponed." (California)
"I felt disappointed because my beloved would not let our son, who lives with him, come and stay the night with me and our daughters. As I was crying out to the Lord the next morning, the Lord spoke to me from Jeremiah 31:16-17. My husband texted me to ask me out for breakfast. The Lord is always at work. (California)
"God is moving! My prodigal is softening again and is now visiting extended family. Before he was avoiding them since they are standing in agreement with me. I was blessed on Easter to get a phone call from his older daughter telling me how much she loved her present and that she loved me. This is a relationship my prodigal wanted me to heal if he were to ever return."  (Pennsylvania) 
"So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised." Hebrews 10:35-36
“PTL. Psalm 46:5. I discussed this scripture with God as yet another powerful promise and I am waiting on God's fulfillment on many others. I asked God if my husband could at least come and visit the children. I saw his car driving, by faith, in the driveway, although humanly it was impossible. I received a message from my husband the next day indicating that he was on his way to visit the children. I think the reality did not strike me and I was caught off guard. It then dawned on me the discussion I had with God the previous day. My husband arrived and will be staying over a few days. My daughter said to me, ‘Mommy this is a miracle.’ I said, yes and I will show you the scripture God gave me. My husband had dinner with me and the children. He gave me the full amount of money for all school operational costs. A miracle!” (South Africa)
“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”  Mark 11:24
"My prodigal son called to tell me he got saved. A couple weeks later I received a phone call from the hospital telling me that he had been burned over 30% of his body and had been intubated and was being flown to a hospital in another state. The next morning, the receiving hospital could not understand why they had him as his burns were less than 10% of his body. Now my son is reaffirming my stand for my marriage as we pray and wait for his dad to come home. I am amazed at God." (Alaska)
“This is the first Thanksgiving my husband was unable to join us due to work, but I'm happy to report he agreed to have it during the week and we are all looking forward to it. He started texting me a lot; this week I even received a good morning text and they kept coming throughout the day. I feel so blessed and give God all the praise and glory. I'm happy the Lord is reminding him that he has a home with a wife and son waiting for him with open arms who love him unconditionally. I can see a lot of our mountain falling into the ocean. Thank You for your website and your staff, may you all be blessed as I can feel Bob smiling from Heaven as God brings prodigals home because with God all things are possible. He will rebuild broken marriages.”  (Texas) 
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