Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


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"After a long separation and many false attempts, my husband has finally come home. Though many encouraged me to go on with my life, I stood and prayed that my husband would love me. The Lord began to put love in my husband’s heart months ago. The more I prayed, the worse it was getting, then the Lord stepped in. My husband returned suddenly. We have a long road ahead, but God will do what He said He will do. Prayer changes things. I realized that no matter what others may say, God has the last say." (Maryland)

“It’s been many years and I am still standing. Praise God! When you step out into what He wants you to do, He is faithful. I have seen so many answers to prayer this year regarding my spouse. He is now attending church with me and the children. I am believing God that my suddenly is coming! He has erased all of our debt, provided a new home and is restoring. God is able. Do not give up!”  (United Kingdom) 

"My husband came home Christmas Eve and has been home ever since. There are still problems with our relationship, but he says he wants to work it out. My husband has started reading the Bible and I am so grateful he is trying." (Maine)

"My husband and I remarried. We were divorced six weeks when we remarried. Our separation was horrific. I lost my job and had major health problems, but God provided. Hearing some of the turmoil and struggles that my husband went through, I knew each one was God's piercing of his heart. Don't give up. Stand firm. God is our Healer." (South Carolina)

“My spouse and I separated a year ago. We finalized our divorce in September. I truly thought that all was completely hopeless. I had made up my mind that I would remain alone from here on out. I came across Rejoice Ministries over the Internet. I began to read and pray the Lord’s Word daily. The Lord truly does work in His way and His timing. As of today, my ex-spouse and I are planning to be remarried very soon. We are in the process of trying to purchase a new home for all of us. All six of us are going on a family vacation together in April. Please keep all of us in your prayers. I need to say thank you God for putting the people in my life that you did, this includes both Bob and Charlyne and everyone’s prayers. The glory is truly all His.” (Ohio)
"My husband came home suddenly after several years of standing. We were back together for a year when my husband got sick suddenly and died a month later. It was all unexpected, but God brought him back home as he promised us all and I was able to take care of him while he was sick. I thank God for his last year at home with his family." (New York)
“Praise our loving and forgiving God. My prodigal has come home and asked God and I for forgiveness. We are starting our new life together with God as our firm foundation.” (Florida) (She attends Rejoice Pompano Beach on Monday evenings.)

"Praise the Lord, my husband came home suddenly. He is being delivered from bondages. What Satan used to divide our marriage, God has used for the good." (Michigan)

“I got your website from a friend and since that day it has provided inspiration and hope for my tomorrow. After struggling for 18 months, my husband has decided that our marriage of 16 years is worth fighting for. I bless God that he has left the other woman and returned both to God and his family. I realize that it is not always easy, but I thank God for restoration has come to my household. I want to encourage anyone else going through this, remember God honors covenant. As he was with Abraham, He will be with you, but you have to trust Him. Praying for marriages worldwide and ask that you keep us in your prayers, that God will strengthen us.”  (Bahamas)

"I am praising God because I just moved back home. My wife divorced me just over a year ago. I tried the divorce recovery group and the singles group at church. It didn't take long to figure out I didn't belong there. You have been my only support in standing for my marriage. There were many times I wanted to give up but I knew I couldn't because I knew it would mean giving up my family. Please pray that the Lord would continue restoring our marriage and our family." (Connecticut)

"I prayed for my husband to be changed, but I forgot to pray for change in myself. I was still so hurt and angry. Our divorce became final last summer and I finally let go of my anger and pain. When I changed God worked His miracle and my husband came home a few months after our divorce. We are so much happier than before." (New York)

"My prodigal returned home some time ago. He is still fighting addictions and has not accepted Christ as his Savior yet. This past week I looked in the bedroom saw my husband on his knees by the bed. When I entered the room he was crying like a baby and asked me to pray for him. He will be saved soon." (Florida)

"My husband has been home for almost two months. I thank God for the work he has done in me. My husband says that I have changed. He treats me with love. I have been reading the book 'Standing After The Prodigal Returns' and it has been a great support. I know that God, not my actions, restored our marriage. I know that He wants my husband saved. I have learned that God is not far away from me, but very close each and every moment of my day." (Arizona)

"I had a problem with my mouth and was always saying hurtful things which made sure that my prodigal would not return. Praise God, after months of praying, my prodigal has told me that he wants his family back and will be moving back in with us. This is the best Christmas gift I could have received other than my closer walk to God that this situation brought me to. I praise God that He does not give up on us." (North Carolina)

"My husband asked forgiveness of everyone and said God had spoken to him in dreams. He thanked me for standing for our marriage. I have read 'Charlyne Cares' devotionals daily. Thank you for your daily support. My husband is home. What looked impossible, God made possible." (Oregon)

"My husband who had been gone over a year has returned home. To God be the glory, for only He could have brought my husband home." (Washington State)

“Praises to God, I returned home to my wife after being a prodigal. I thank God that she was a stander and had faith that God was the redeemer of our marriage. I knew who God is, but on my own accord, I decided to live the lifestyle that I wanted to live. I was being led by Satan to believe that God would forgive me for leaving my spouse, and bless me with the other woman. How mistaken I was. God placed all kind of obstacle in the path of my defying His word. Thank You, God, for my wife and thank You for giving me another chance.” (Louisiana)

"My husband filed for divorce. I have been standing with the Lord for restoration and refusing to accept what I was seeing in the flesh. Things looked hopeless. Last night, my husband was at the house, gathering documents for the divorce when God turned his heart. This morning my husband has told me to cancel my attorney. He is dismissing the divorce and moving back home. God gets the glory." (Texas)

"Thank you for sharing God's Word, truth and encouragement. The scripture each day speaks to my heart. My husband of 24 years has been gone for over 5 months. Three weeks ago he came to assurance of salvation for the first time in his 45 years. I've seen a change. We both hope and pray that we will be able to rebuild our marriage and family with God's help." (Minnesota)

"My husband and I separated and he said he was never coming back. He was very strong in his decision to divorce me, and I was strong in my decision to stand for our marriage. A couple weeks ago, my husband came back. I let him know that he is loved and forgiven, by me and by God. Miracles do happen." (California)

My husband came home seven months ago. He was in a non-covenant relationship. God revealed to me that He would force him home. That’s just what happened when the other woman threw him out. God is still working on healing our marriage, but He has promised me that my husband is home to stay. I am believing that God will heal and make this marriage better that I can imagine. God does heal hurting marriages. I praise and thank him for all He has done, and is still doing." (California)

"Praise the Lord my husband returned home a few days ago. He has left the other woman who was pregnant." (North Carolina)

“My suddenly happened! I received a call from my hubby asking if I could have company. We began to talk and I looked up and he had his wedding ring on. I almost burst out in tears. I was so surprised and shocked! One day lead to another and Sunday we went to praise the Lord. It was awesome. Later he said he didn’t want to go back! GOD HEARS..GOD KNOWS..GOD CARES! We were separated for many months. We were separated before for a while and he came back and stayed for some months. It was a false start but this time is a NEW START for us because GOD makes all things NEW. God can and will restore your marriage. Just believe, pray, fast, and be a doer of His Word. People came against me but I stood alone with God. He rewarded and delivered His promise. I will continue to trust God and COUNT IT ALL JOY.”  (Missouri) 

"After years of separation, my husband moving in with the other woman, many postponed divorce court dates and even a final divorce court hearing, my husband is back home. Praise God. My family and friends kept telling me to get on with my life, but God had told me in so many ways to hold on and wait for Him and my family would be rebuilt. When I finally got out of God's way and stopped trying to manipulate things He gave me my blessing. I will pray as long as it takes for salvation for my husband and my family. Thank you for your support." (California)

"Glory be to God for His goodness and grace. My husband moved home last month. The paperwork is being drawn up for a joint request to invalidate the divorce. Even though my husband divorced me years ago, we are able to take advantage of Oklahoma's law allowing the divorced to be set aside because neither of us married someone else. It will be as if the divorce never existed." (Oklahoma)

"My husband walked out on me, I got evicted from my apartment, and my car was repossessed. I could not work because I was pregnant and had complications. I had to move in with my mom in her apartment. Now my marriage has been restored. I have a car paid in full, and a job making more money then I have ever made. My medical problems have been healed by prayer. The best part of my testimony is that through it people came to the Lord. I would not take back one thing I had to go through. God taught me intimacy with Him."  (Florida)

"Praise God! My wife emailed me yesterday and asked for forgiveness and asked if I would be willing to fix our marriage. I am so blessed. God has moved in her life and replaced that heart of stone with a heart of flesh. He filled it with Love and gained yet another victory over satan. It is still a long road but God has paved the way. Thanks Rejoice Ministries. You have been a blessing through this storm." (Iowa)

"I used to write you praying for God to bring my husband home and he did four years ago, but he came home a different man. He had a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for months. I never gave up on him, through his drugs, other women and a coma. God told me to hang on and I did. Now my best friend/husband is learning life all over again and he is home and I am more grateful than you will ever know. We have a long road ahead, but we will do it together, hand in hand with God in the lead. Thank you for helping me to never give up." (California) (A PS from Pompano - You need to be ready for God to bring your spouse home at any time and in any condition, as this wife was.)

"After nearly four years of standing, my wife asked me to move back in with her. We're both believers and have both been about as full of sin as we could be. When God did the heart work on both of us, He brought us back together. Things are still tenuous and she's watching me carefully to see the change, but praise Him we are back on the road together." (Texas)

"I had written that my husband came home after being separated. Now, a year later, my marriage grows stronger every day. We are very much in love with each other. Not only did God heal my marriage, but He also healed my womb. I am several months pregnant with our first child. Glory to God." (New Jersey)

 "After almost a year of separation and divorce papers being filed, my spouse has returned home. To God be the glory. Nothing is impossible with Him." (Arkansas)

"Praise the Lord, after giving my testimony of standing for a restored marriage two marriages that had separated are now working things out and praying for full restoration. God is faithful." (Tennessee)

"I divorced my husband, was convicted and began a stand. At some point, he and I began dating again but, all the while, I was thinking of fleeing again. I kept visiting your site and reading Charlyne Cares anyway. God was always pulling. I earnestly looked for Bob's input there because he had been in the far country. Thank you, Charlyne and Bob, from the bottom of my heart. My husband and I are beginning counseling and have plans to remarry much to the happiness of our nine year old son." (Ohio)

"Everything looked hopeless. Court proceedings were underway and complex. I hadn’t spoken to my wife for months. The day before we were again due in court, my wife came to my office and handed me a court notice of discontinuance. I was speechless. We spent Saturday at a Christian bookshop buying resources to rebuild our marriage. God is absolutely amazing." (Australia)

"My husband is home, but we are still rebuilding the foundation of our marriage. Sometimes he is very friendly, and other times cold and distant. During one of those times, I asked him what was wrong. He didn't believe the changes in me. He said they weren't humanly possible. I told him that he was exactly right. God is amazing." (Tennessee)

"My prodigal husband is home now, after a year of separation and divorce proceedings that God put on hold. Praise God for raising up this ministry that confirmed to me what I already felt in my spirit, although unpopular with most. I am thankful to my Lord for working a miracle for us. I will continue to listen to help me be the wife my husband needs and block by block, prayer by prayer rebuild our marriage on the solid rock of Jesus Christ." (California)

 "Praise God, He has healed my marriage. After my husband left, I was devastated, but I felt that I must seek God, not the world. It was hard some days, but God put so many people in my life that had gone thru this. I started believing that nothing was too hard for God. We are going to a Christian counselor. I know that God can do anything. Praise be to the Lord." (Texas)

"Praise God, my husband returned home after being gone for three months. I felt like giving up at first, but the more I started reading God's Word I knew his promises. I went through some ups and downs, but I learned to trust and depend in the Lord. I started speaking positive about my husband and my marriage. Know that God's Word is true. If He did it for me, He'll do it for you."  (North Carolina)

"My prodigal has been moving back home since Christmas. Around Valentine's weekend we attended a marriage seminar. I can hardly believe my eyes, after standing for 15 years. Thank you for today's message about waiting for the LORD's timing. It's hard to wait, but we can't hasten it any more than one can 'help' a butterfly come forth from its cocoon without doing harm to it."  (Pennsylvania)


By Adrienne

I was a Christian or so I thought. I prayed when I needed something. I praised when all went well. I pursued my career and wasn’t a biblical wife. I would never dream of making dinner for my husband or straightening the house because he was coming home. After all, I had worked all day taking care of the children. And the house, well he was the one with the problem with it, let him clean it. Blessing him? Why didn’t he bless me? I did all the work. I sat through a class one time where a woman discussed this very thing and I scoffed. “What century is she from?”

But when he said he wanted a divorce, my heart broke into a thousand pieces. My friends told me he was a bum and to get on with my life. People at the church I started to attend told me divorce was okay. Some of the pastors had been divorced. After all he had committed adultery. So, as I lay on the bedroom floor, in the fetal position, crying so hard I couldn’t even breathe effectively anymore, I cried out to the only One I thought maybe could help. That was the start of a faith walk.

First I had to believe He was real. And although throughout life I had prayed, even praised, I really had never come to the core of…is God real? I set out to find out. (More likely He set about revealing Himself.) And low and behold, one thing after another fell into place. I reconnected with an old friend who knew so much about God and His Word. I soaked it up like a sponge. I was bone thirsty for the Word of God and His promises. As I did, the chains broke off and I started to walk in that freedom that I had never understood and strange things started to happen.

I could hold my tongue in heated situations. I could be humble and even apologize. I could even apologize when I wasn’t really wrong. Just because God asked me to do it. Just to keep peace. I could be right, and lay down my right and let the other person be right. I could just shut my mouth, and let God be my justice. I started to hear God and walk in obedience.

I prayed about selling our dream house. I clearly “felt” like I should sell it and called the broker. It sold in three days and we were able to pay off many bills. I called the tenants at our rental house and told them that we needed the house back. They found a place to live in three days and we could move in right away.

But the one prayer that eluded me was, “God bring my husband home.” I begged. I pleaded. I cried. The children and I moved back to the old house and the divorce was going through. One day I was sitting in the parking lot of a Christian bookstore, crying, waiting for them to open so I could buy some self-help book someone recommended. Suddenly I wasn’t in the car anymore, I was standing before Jesus.  He held me in His arms, stroked my hair. I sobbed onto HIS beautiful robe, it absorbed my tears, and yet there was no dampness on HIS robe. He told me, “This is not what I wanted for you. I will contend with your husband for you.” Now that should have been the end of the conversation. I mean I had come face to face with Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I had been given a promise from the ONE.

I continued to pray. I continued to cry out. In all of that crying out, praying, and most importantly worshiping, I learned a lot about God. God showed me HIS view of adultery, and how to stop looking at the speck in my husband’s eye and focus on the plank in my own.  We had conversations about me, my self-righteous attitudes, and my view of HIM. About how I must think I am God. After all, my prayers were merely directives, telling HIM what I wanted and how He should do it.  I knew He had changed my heart one day while I was thanking God for so much and out of my mouth flew, "Thank YOU for the divorce."  I was shocked at what I heard my voice say, but truthfully without this situation in our lives I wouldn’t have gotten to have this very personal intimate relationship with God.

Through all of this, God was teaching me to die to self. He was teaching me to walk in obedience and be humble. Like that first Christmas I couldn’t afford a tree or anything for that matter. But God told me to go and buy one for my husband, the woman he was living with, and her son. I left work and drove toward their house. I said, “God where am I going to find a Christmas tree?” But as I approached their street, there was a Christmas tree lot directly across the street. I said, “God, what if they already have a tree?” He said, “Well then they will have two. But do you think I would send you out on a rainy night to buy a tree they already have?” Duh!!! I said, “God what if they are home? You told me to not tell them that I did it.” God said, “Since I set this up, why don’t you let Me worry about the details.” And sure enough, nobody was there. The next day someone gave the children and me a Christmas tree. My husband called to talk to the children, and asked to speak to me. He never asked to speak to me without something nasty to say. So I braced myself, and he asked if I had bought them a Christmas tree, I told him, “yes” and I saw one of the first cracks in my husband’s heart. With great pain, fear and trepidation I agreed that the children could go there Christmas Eve night and come home Christmas morning. With great pain, fear and trepidation. This softened Stephen’s heart even more towards me. I was at home Christmas Eve night, crying on the couch when he and the boys pulled in the driveway. He spent the night. We woke up Christmas morning together as a family. Apparently the woman and her son did the same at his father’s house.  

There was a Christmas present under the tree for him because God had told me to buy it. Three weeks before Christmas my husband was not even speaking to me. Only cold stares, and mean comments, if he spoke to me at all. But God told me to spend every penny I had on a gift for my husband. I had doubts. What if she had bought him this item? What if he threw it back at me? But God said, “His response is not why you are obedient to me. You are obedient to me because of who I am to you.”

Much to my shock and pain, he came and went several more times over the next two years and continued to pursue hard after a divorce. The settlement was terrible. No child support and I was going to end up with all the bills. My gut ached. I knew I couldn’t swing the bills. I cried out in prayer and cried over that divorce. I said, "God what do I do about this? This is terrible. It is like he is getting everything he wants.”  And then it occurred to me, “Yes, yes, he is going to get everything that he wants, like the prodigal son.”

Truly and honestly the number one thing that got me through all of this was to surrender to doing things the way Christ would have me do them. As for me, in any way a situation concerned me, I was to be at peace. If God asked me to do something He would provide a way to accomplish it. I learned to rely heavily on the HOLY SPIRIT to show me what to do in every situation. I learned that usually what I needed to do was not going to look anything like the church or others thought it should. I learned that God is a very BIG, BIG God and was almost always going to do something unexpected.

After more than two years he came home.  It was another five years before we were remarried this summer on the beach.  I always thought our situation was impossible.  I read Charlyne’s story and I thought, well she didn’t face this detail or that detail...but the truth is it didn’t matter because the details are for God to work out.  He can and will restore your family. 


"God has done an amazing work over the past year. I received an email from my spouse, who was deployed to Iraq, telling me he wanted a divorce. I was served with divorce papers. But God suddenly changed my husband’s heart. Without warning he decided to dismiss the divorce. We moved to a new state, he began a new job, and I am pregnant with our second child. God is faithful to keep his promises." (Georgia)

"Praise God, after moving out a few months ago, my prodigal husband moved back home with me last weekend. God is working in our marriage to restore what was lost. I know God is faithful and will continue to have His hand in our marriage to restore it to what it was originally intended to be." (Georgia)

“I wanted to stop by and encourage someone going through difficulty. I've had a restored marriage now over two years. The circumstances seemed impossible. My husband seemed so much in love with the other person but she's been gone from his mind, heart and life completely. I almost gave up because the storm was its biggest right before it was completely calmed by my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. My husband is closer to the LORD, which I never pictured happening, and the Lord has placed other men in the same situation he was in so that he may help them not make the same mistakes. Praise our Lord for not giving up on us when we try to give up, and bless Charlyne and her ministry to continue what they do best. When I was about to give up, I would remind myself… if I cannot trust God to get me out of this situation then how could I trust him in other situations?”  (California)

"Your ministry was the first thing I found the night I prayed for guidance on what the Lord wanted me to do in marriage. I was separated 16 months from a 23 year marriage. Your e-mail encouraged me so much through this journey. I know that the Lord will bless you abundantly for your unconditional love to his families. My husband is home. Yes Bob, he is wounded but praise God He will finish what He started. Every day God is giving me miracles through my husband. He also came home physically needing help. I consider it an honor to be there for him. You sent me your book on God does heal hurting marriages and hurting bodies. What a BLESSING !!!I know the Lord will restore his health totally!!! PRAISE GOD MY MIRACLE CAME HOME!!! In fact I told my husband that today!!! The day before he came home he said "You do realize that I am coming home with nothing, do you understand that?" I said "Probably more than you may think I do." One day he will read and hear the tapes of what I had learned while he was gone. Right now I am not asking questions just listening. It is an honor to wait on him and care for him."

“I have been standing for many months and, praise God, my husband is home. It has been a slow process but God was faithful the whole time. God even prepared me for the news that the OW is pregnant. I knew God told me my marriage would be restored, I just didn't know when or what it would look like. Our daughters are young adults so a newborn will be a challenge but I know God will guide us through. I never thought I would be able to handle an affair much less a child But God! God has changed me so much these past months. I read His Word every day and never stop praying. The changes that God has made in me have been worth every tear I have cried. I do know the days ahead may be bumpy but I will trust God, read His Word, pray, and keep standing.”  (Mississippi)

"The Lord has kept His promise. He continually showed me that my marriage would be restored. Before the Christmas holidays the Lord did just that. Now my wife and I are planning our remarriage celebration. Thank You Lord for keeping Your promise!" (Texas)

“It is true. We serve a mighty God. I used to read testimonies of husbands returning and leaving and then coming back and marriages getting better. I believed but it is truly worth everything to start to experience it. My husband came back, left and returned and now I live each day totally amazed, seeing my marriage get better every day and beholding God’s transformation. God is great, to Him be the glory. You reading this praise will experience the same thing and laugh like Sarah, Elizabeth and other women in the Bible. God is truly great and no one else can change our ashes for joy like He does.”  (Australia)

“After standing for my marriage for many months, my suddenly happened yesterday. Even though my husband said repeatedly that it was over and he was going to get a divorce, the Spirit of the living God has brought him home. Like the prodigal son, he is tired and hungry. I hold on to God's promises and Ezekiel 36 where He will restore my husband. He will show His Holiness through him. He will sprinkle water on him and he will be clean, He will put His spirit in him and give him a heart of flesh for his heart of stone. Isaiah 30:7 ‘and he will rebuild them as they were before.’ God is faithful!”  (Texas)

"My husband has returned home. I had been reading, fasting, and praying. I learned what my part had been in contributing to our marital problems and began a prayerful change. I did all I could, and ultimately put my trust in the Lord. The events in the 24 hours that led up to his sudden return confirm for me that it was all in God's hand." (Arizona)

"Easter morning my husband called and wanted to go to church with me and the kids. At the end of the service, my husband and my son stood to rededicate their lives to Jesus. Later my husband invited us over to eat. When we got there he had his wedding ring on, and he said he wants to reconcile and come home! Glory to God, the answers to my prayers are manifesting." (Texas)

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