Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


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"I am seeing God's hand more and more every day. My returned prodigal has had to quit work because of illness. Only God knows how we are making it on just my salary. Every time the money is needed, it comes right on time from somewhere. God even worked out a legal matter from while my prodigal was in the far country. My spouse asked me to pray for this situation. This was the first time in many years he asked me to pray for something specific for him. I prayed God would go before him into the courtroom and work it out. God did, and only a small fine was required, the exact amount given to me as an extra bonus at work the day before. I even got a raise today. God never ceases to amaze me." (Georgia)


"My prodigal husband is home. He has said goodbye to the other person, moved out and made a clean break. We seem to be doing very well. He is very caring and treats me like a princess. We've had several special, sharing conversations. He told me of times when he thought of me, but felt he had messed up too badly to even call. He said if I hadn't kept reaching out to him in love he would not have believed I really forgave him. Nothing is impossible with God's help." (Virginia)

“My marriage was so rocky. I thought I was trying real hard, but still imagined I deserved more. I stayed away for a year. I came back in faith exactly a year later, trusting my husband's anger would subside if only I would obey the Lord, and reconcile. Your website was my friend and encouragement when I had little external encouragement. A year later, we couldn't be happier, and all has been healed ! It is true that only one spouse standing makes a difference and God still does miracles! I will never be sorry I came back home. I believe my kids are better off, and we are all happier. Thank you and Him!”  (Wyoming)

“Praise God! My entire family - brothers and parents - got together for Christmas for the first time in 16 years. It was wonderful, as we reconnected in healthy adult ways, as I prayed we would. Today God showed me that this marriage separation with my husband is not just for me. It's for him, and it's for my family members' healing, also. I am so thankful for these trials because I have become closer to God and closer to my parents and brothers through it. I'm letting go and letting God. Even though my suddenly didn't come during the holidays, I'm still praying. All my life I prayed my brothers would help me one day, and they did during this Christmas. They helped me find a new home and helped move me into it. God took my little prayers and moved mountains. I am so grateful for His goodness. I'm praying for all of your marriages.”  (Arizona) 

"My husband and I are back together. Praise God. It happened just like you said it would, fast and unexpected. There was a lot of hurting and loneliness, when it was all said and done, it really wasn't that long. The Lord transformed me from this hateful person who was always yelling, to this loving, caring, person. I am now the wife that he not only deserves, but always wanted. I cannot take any credit with this as it is only by the grace of God that changed me. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement during my trial." (Tennessee)
"After being separated for 9 months, my husband is going with me to a marriage seminar next weekend. He also wants to take me and our two daughters to Colorado for Christmas! He is talking like we will all be in the same house by that time. Thank you so, so very much for your help. God is so good to teach us unconditional love andforgiveness for everything. It feels so good to forgive." (Kentucky)
"My married is RESTORED! Praise God. Thank you for your daily encouragement. With GOD all things are possible. Keep up the good work. You have been a blessing to me." (Georgia)

To God be The Glory. My husband and I were remarried on Wednesday, June 19. We were divorced in 1998. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart in 2000 that my husband and I would be remarried. I said to myself how can this be since he does not know the Lord, but I carried that promise in my heart. My husband then became a believer. We were then in each other’s lives, however I did not officially start standing until November 2003 when I received deep conviction in the middle of the night from The Holy Spirit as to my mistakes in not treating my husband properly from my heart. In the summer of 2004, I was led to Rejoice Marriage Ministries where I first heard the word “standing” and understood what I was already doing. He came home in February 2011, after two other relationships, and he came home very broken. Here we are, husband and wife, again after 13 years. My husband had no intentions of ever coming home, but God!  (Florida)

"I am praising Jesus. My husband and I are spending time together. We are now on the way to a restored marriage. He still needs to surrender to Jesus. I am confident that He who began a good work in my husband will complete it. We plan to buy a new home with Jesus leading and directing our steps. God has begun to restore relationships with our children and our grandchildren are thrilled to have grandpa back in their lives. We celebrated our granddaughter's birthday. It’s amazing just as God promised me. I keep looking to the Lord who will bring my husband back to Him. Thanks, Bob and Charlyne for your help." (Arizona)

"My wife and daughter left our home months ago. I was served with restraining orders and then with divorce papers. I had not so much as spoken to my wife during the last four months. Our court date is less than a week away. I received a call last night from my wife telling me that she does not want the divorce and that she is contacting her attorney to stop the process. God is working another miracle." (California)

“My dear sisters and brothers in Christ, I was once were you are at, waiting on the Lord to bring your spouse back home, first to HIM and then to our family. It's now been 17 months since my spouse returned after 8 years away and i t was when I least expected it. Keep praying faithfully for your spouse. Do not give up stay firm in the gap in prayer for your spouse. God hates divorce and you must trust HIM. I am a living testimony of God's great miracles. Our marriage was dead but now He has made it alive. My spouse came knocking at our door asking God for forgiveness and then each of the family members. Trust HIM!”  (Illinois)

"My husband has been home for seven weeks. Our family relationships from before have been replaced by relationships founded on the rock of our Heavenly Father. We attended last evening's communion service with two of our girls. There was an altar call, which isn't the norm for communion Sunday, and my husband, our daughter and I all went forward. This was a call to those who had been called to minister and serve the Lord." (California)

"My husband has been back home for eight months. In the last few months, he has come home emotionally. This has been wonderful. We still have some hurdles to overcome, in God's timing."  (New Hampshire)

"My husband decided he was not happy and left me. I was devastated, and in the process of getting counseling, I learned a lot about myself. More importantly, I learned to trust God and stop trying to manipulate the situation. Three weeks ago, I finally totally turned this over to God. I began to love unconditionally, not listening to advice of others. (Husband) told me he might want to come home. Two days ago he told me he would probably come home soon. Yesterday he told me the stronghold was broken and his feelings had changed. He will be home on Saturday. From this day forward, I vow to be the wife God created me to be, and I thank God and Praise Him for His mighty work. I also thank God for this ministry. Many days I was ready to give up, but Charlyne Cares shined light in the dark places. I look forward to a time of total restoration and healing in my marriage." (Florida)

"After months of reading Charlyne Cares, fasting and praying, God  has directed my wife to stay and end her affair. We are starting the reconciliation process, and I know God is in control. Praise be to the One who can reclaim hurting marriages." (Minnesota)

“My testimony has been a life changing moment. God has blessed my marriage with total restoration and now my wife loves me and she wants to marry me. In the Bible, Mark 9:23 (KJV) says, ‘All things are possible to him that believeth.’ This has been my year of great grace and I am happy to share what the Lord has done for me.”  (Georgia)

“God did what ONLY He can do! My husband is home after six months. He gave notice on his apartment in December but was adamant he was not coming home until January, 2014. The year 2013 was declared for my local church the Year of Completion. I was believing God that my husband would be home by December 31st. Last month he had a seizure and was in the hospital. Once released, he moved out of his apartment and has been home since. I went to a counseling session today and he came along. I told him he didn't have to say anything. He ended up getting involved and guess what, he's coming to the next session! I am still in awe because our situation looked completely impossible but with God ALL things are possible. Keep the faith, stand firm - even if you have to stand alone believing for your covenant partner. He's not perfect and neither am I, but we serve a perfect God who can turn the heart of any. Prayer changes things! Lord help me to zip my lips and to look to You ALWAYS!”  (Virginia)

For all those out there -- please wait and trust God. Stop the fighting, the arguing, the accusations. Pray and let the fragrance of God's love fill your homes. I thought that I was going to begin the new year with the fear of getting divorce, but now I am entering the new year with him at my side and at home.

"My husband has suddenly come home. He apologized for how bad he treated me and the children. He says he sees a change in me and that I am glowing. I told him that is the Holy Spirit."  (Florida)

“I came across your website last year while my husband and I were separated. During that time I thought there was no hope for my marriage because my husband and I were not talking. He had moved into in his own apartment and was actively seeing other women. I cried and prayed and cried and prayed to the point where I was just about to give up because my prayers did not seem to be getting answered. Just when I was ready to give up on my husband and the restoration of my marriage, God sent my husband back to me. We have been back together going on four months now. Every day is a challenge but I am determined to continue to fight and make our marriage work. Please continue to pray for the restoration of my marriage as I will continue to pray for the healing of broken marriages all across the world. Thank you prayer worriers.”  (California)

“This is for anyone who is waiting for their marriage to be restored. I’ve been praying for several years for my marriage to be restored. God kept me close with Him during the time of waiting. Early last month I went to church with my ex-husband. The preacher called me up in front of church and said what you have been praying for is coming true, just hold on to God. I praised God’s Holy Name and thanked Him. My ex-husband had no clue at the time and wanted to know what I had been told. I told him I could not tell him, I had to wait on God. Last week my husband asked me to marry him! This is a miracle from God. It’s been hard, wanting to give up, not sure if God was listening, friends trying to tell me to move forward with my life. But I said, God Your will for my life. So please do not give up. Hold on to God’s Words and His plans for your life. Thank You Father for Your love and understanding Your plan for my life.”  (North Carolina) 

"After seeing God restore my own marriage , I decided to continue praying for other marriages in trouble. I was able to quietly pray for a co-worker for the last year. Praise God that marriage is now restored and the relationship is being rebuilt! God's Word is so true when it says that God is no respecter of persons! I stand in awe. Praise the Lord!" (Pennsylvania)
"God is working miraculously each day, changing personalities of family members so they are not even responding to things that they would have normally. He is answering my prayer, healing relationships and preparing hearts for the day my in-home prodigal says he is staying home for good. To God be all the glory for all he has done and for who He is. If we have Him we can not go wrong." (Pennsylvania)

“Praise be to God. My husband is back and this time for good. God never fails. Whenever I felt like giving up, God gave me hope. Exactly a month before my husband’s return God spoke to my heart and said it’s over, he's coming home. Now I see after his return that God has not only convicted my husband and brought him home but He has changed me. Dear standers, things will look really bad just before it settles down. Just claim and hold onto God’s promises because the God we love is a never failing God. Romans 8:28  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  (Sri Lanka)

“My God is awesome. My wife came to me with divorce papers and said God told her to. I was hurt and lost. I began to seek God, praying and staying in His Word. It seemed we grew further apart. But God! My wife came home all of a sudden and saw clearly our covenant. Our marriage is better than ever. We took divorce out of our vocabulary and in my time I changed things to become a better, godly husband. Lord, I can never pay You back but please hear my heart. I thank You so much and am proud to call you my Father. I dedicate my life to You and my family. You will forever get the glory. I love you and thank You!” (Texas)
   "My husband returned home from the far country only days ago. He told me today that he was thinking about going back. I am reading, fasting and praying for God to give him strength to see this as an attack from the Devil. I have to leave it with God because He is the only one who can save my husband. Thanks to Rejoice Marriage Ministries I know this is the right thing to do. No nagging or threats, just plain praying and fasting. I know God brought him back and He is the one who can control the situation." (Georgia)

“When my husband left is when I found God again. I pray just about all day, every day for the restoration of this marriage. I begged my husband to come back, but I knew I had to be still and trust God and His timing. Two days ago, my husband came by to see our daughter. He told me he wanted to be a family and wants God in his life and our marriage! I was so excited! There is still pain and I know that if God can forgive him, I will too! I'm erasing all negativity from my heart and mind so it will not hinder the restoration process. God works miracles! Praise His Holy and Precious Name! Amen!”  (Louisiana)

“After many months in the far country, my husband came home suddenly! Praise God! We are very happy! He is very loving and we are enjoying spending time together and with the children. All God's promises are Yes and Amen. His Word does not come back to Him void. I pray that God continues to draw my husband and my children to himself with cords of love. He is restoring a very close relationship with our brothers and sisters and restoring our home. We are working together as a team on our property and exercising and doing things together. Our God is a God of restoration! "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you" Matthew 6:33. Thank you so much to Charlyne and all the team for giving me the assurance to stand in the gap for our marriage in the face of skepticism by others.”  (Australia)

"I want to thank you and praise the Lord for my husband coming home.  We still have a lot to work on. but he is back in the house. This morning he left for work and told me he loved me. Praise God for all he has done in me and my spouse. Thank you Lord for bringing him home. I pray that my husband will find God himself. Thank you again for your Charlyne Cares and the web site." (Oregon)

“Praise our loving and forgiving God. My prodigal has come home and asked God and I for forgiveness. We are starting our new life together with God as our firm foundation.” (Florida) (She attends Rejoice Pompano Beach on Monday evenings.)
“My prodigal husband came home last night to stay. I stood on all the scriptures that pertained to healing and restoration. I lived for Charlyne's and Bob's daily inspiration. I cried and worked through the anger, but trusted God and He delivered. We will get Christian counseling and there will be continued prayer for healing. This is another confirmation that standing is worth it. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Michigan)
“I wanted to share some good news. My spouse and I divorced after almost thirteen years of marriage. Our situation was like many others I'm sure. I never thought once the divorce was finalized, that there would ever be a chance for reconciliation. As horrible as it seem, I felt that God had left me also. He was indeed there with me the entire time, I just did not see it. God brought me to a Christian counselor, who was to be the stepping stone to the beginning of the restoration of my marriage. My husband and I were remarried on our actual first wedding date. We may give up on Him, but He never gives up on us. He does answer prayer. The glory is all His.” (Ohio)


By Kymberlie

Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.  2 Corinthians 13:11

In 2009 when my husband was expressing thoughts of suddenly not wanting to be married, I did not know to turn to the greatest healer there is, our Lord Jesus Christ.  I believed in God and knew I wanted to go to Heaven when I died but that was the extent of my relationship with Him.  Instead of leaning on God and turning to His Word, I turned to friends and took into account their perspective on my marriage, my husband and how to handle things going forward.

Some people said, “Kick him out, he needs tough love” others said, “give him a taste of his own medicine, make him jealous” and some said, “Whatever you do, don’t let him think you’ll wait while he figures this out or he’ll just use you.” 

I spent months trying all the above while my husband fell further into sin.  I did not get on my knees and ask the only true and living God what He wanted me to do.  As a result things got worse until I discovered there was another person and that is when I really showed the enemy at work within me as I lashed out and verbally abused and physically attacked the man God called me to love unconditionally.

But God!  God has a perfect plan even through the storm.  Just as David had to literally run for his life for seven years even though he had been appointed king, God used that time to strengthen his character and mature him naturally and spiritually until he arrived at his appointed position!  God did the same for me as my husband took up residentce a mile away from home and continued the non-covenant relationship.  All the well-intentioned advice had gotten me nowhere so I finally surrendered to the Lord, fell onto the floor prostrate and cried out about what to do. 

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.  Jeremiah 33:3

It was then that God began to speak to me through His Word, supernaturally with signs and prophetic messages and it was only then when I received peace about my situation.  No, my fellow standers, it did not remove the excruciating pain I felt and things did not immediately turn around in the natural but I had huge hope in my heart and I had a mustard-seed size of faith that God would do what His Word promises He will do.  My husband would say things in the natural that sounded bleak, but I’d smile and nod my head and give it over to Christ knowing full well that this was only a season and despite what the words were that came out of his mouth, God was still going to tear down the veil of deception from my husband’s eyes.

He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.  Luke 17:6

I put my wedding ring back on and went to everyone who I had spoken an ill word about my husband and our circumstances and proclaimed what God would do.  I immersed myself in God’s Word and the lessons from RMM.  I went to church and weekly Bible studies, prayed, fasted, travailed and began to show my husband unconditional love, always seeking God on how to handle certain situations like holidays and our anniversary.  So many days when my husband was around me, I had to restrain myself from reaching out and touching his arm or saying, “I love you.”  In the midst of my husband’s sin, God put a love in my heart so deep for my husband it was staggering even to myself that I could love him while he was doing so many things to hurt me. 

My brothers and sisters in Christ, listen to me.  God will always do what He says He will do.  His Word will NEVER return void.  Never!  Do you hear that?  He will restore your marriage and family.  He will turn your spouse from darkness back to light.  He will soften the hearts of your spouse and children and family members that may not be seeking God’s will for your life, marriage and family but rather is looking at what your spouse is doing and judging the sinner instead of the sin.

Stand in the gap for your spouse while they are in the far country having fall prey to the enemy’s trap of lies and deceit.  It doesn’t matter if your spouse is still at home, a mile away or 10,000 miles away.  The details are not important.  Yes, I know your heart is wounded and every day that passes you feel as though you don’t know how much more pain you can take but go to the greatest healer, Jehova Rapha, Our Lord, and allow Him to heal your heart and wounds.  Sekk God on what He wants you to do while He is your spouse this season.  Yes, even the men that are standing, God will be your spouse.  He will provide everything you need because He is the only one who can meet your needs.  The awesome thing about this season you are in is, God will go to work on you too.  While my spouse was gone and I cried out to Him to bring my husband home and remove him from sin, God did something wonderful and that was to bring to mind all the things I had done that were sinful and did not line up with His will for me as a wife and Christian.  I was ashamed and felt so guilty but God allowed me to repent and ask for forgiveness and then showed me in the Bible how I was to be for my husband and how I was to be as one of His children.  I’d search the internet for various things about marriage and found so many teachings that spoke to me on how God designed marriage.  I wasn’t the wife God called me to be before but I am now. 

Months after my husband moved out, suddenly, just as Bob and Charlyne have proclaimed in so many of their teachings, my husband asked me out to the movies.  By the end of the day a simple movie turned to dinner before the movie and an invite to his apartment that I had never been inside before.  Three weeks later he was back home and he had ended things with the other person.  No one can tell me that God is not in the restoration business.  He designed marriage and hates divorce.  While He works on you and softens your heart and gives you time to turn away from bitterness, resentment, anger, malice and discontent, He is working on your spouse, gently nudging them, tugging at them and even giving them dreams.  My husband said he had no peace and had constant chatter in his head to go home. 

God has a plan.  He will turn what was meant for your harm for your good and possibly for the first time, your marriage will finally be built the way it should have started out when we took our marriage vows in front of God inviting Him into our marriage but ignoring His will instead.  He will restore what the locusts tried to eat and instead give it all back to you double and in ways you can never imagine.

What God is doing in our marriage is beautiful.  There is a deeper love, a greater connection.  Passion is back that had been lost among years of marriage, complacency, children and life.  It is mind boggling because my husband has always been my best friend and I thought we had a great relationship before but it’s nothing compared to what we have now.  I remember crying out to God and saying, “Give me back my marriage.”  And Him replying with, “I will give you a new one.”  I didn’t understand that and then thought, “I’d be fine with my old one, thank you very much.”  But now I see.  God doesn’t want to give you back your old anything.  When He makes a way in something, it will be new.

I am now respecting my husband and submitting to him as the man of the house and my husband is praying over his family and leading our home in Christ.  We would have never arrived here without Christ’s intervention.  In the midst of the pain, God had a purpose, to bring us back to Him.  God knows what He is doing and His will is perfect.

“Glory and Honor to my God. My husband returned home after several months of living in sin. God fulfilled His promise.  I came to Your feet, sad and with great need of You. You opened your arms and comforted me.  Thank You my Lord. Forever I will worship You, because only in You I put my trust.  If You are for me who can be against me?”  (United States Minor Islands)

 "After months of separation, my husband is back home. He told me that he went to see a lawyer around Christmas to divorce me, but he realized that he didn't want to go through it. I had been praying and fasting during December and received a second promise from God that my husband would be back. A month ago, my husband was still telling me that he would never come home. If it wasn't for finding Rejoice Marriage Ministries, my husband and I would be divorced by now. Charlyne taught me how to stand and Bob's books helped me understand my husband's point of view. They both taught me to not look at circumstances, even when things seems impossible. I give all the praises and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this miracle. My husband says he wants to forget the past and start over.  Prodigals do come home, and they come home when we don't expect it."  (Texas)

“My suddenly happened! I received a call from my hubby asking if I could have company. We began to talk and I looked up and he had his wedding ring on. I almost burst out in tears. I was so surprised and shocked! One day lead to another and Sunday we went to praise the Lord. It was awesome. Later he said he didn’t want to go back! GOD HEARS..GOD KNOWS..GOD CARES! We were separated for many months. We were separated before for a while and he came back and stayed for some months. It was a false start but this time is a NEW START for us because GOD makes all things NEW. God can and will restore your marriage. Just believe, pray, fast, and be a doer of His Word. People came against me but I stood alone with God. He rewarded and delivered His promise. I will continue to trust God and COUNT IT ALL JOY.”  (Missouri) 

"Your ministry has been such an encouragement in my stand. Many times I had wanted to give up because the hurt was more than I thought I could bear, your "Charlyne Care" emails would get me through. I thought so many times that my situation was impossible to change, but you would always remind me that with God all things are possible, no matter what the circumstances are. I had told a friend that all I could do was pray and I was corrected and was told that, that is everything you can do, and that is so true. My husband returned home in December. God is faithful. 'When I am afraid I will trust in thee.' was a verse that I often quoted to myself in tough times. I still read your email everyday and they still keep encouraging me. God never fails." (New York)

"This letter is to announce to you that my prodigal husband came home. We had been separated for over three years. Two weeks ago, my husband came home and said he told the other woman that he was going back home to his wife and that he couldn’t stand being away from his daughter's life. I had only been really standing firm for a few months. I had to make sure I had a pure heart. I apologized to my husband for my fault in the relationship. I e-mailed him the apology letter, I started seeing change in him towards me. I started living as if I was married. Thank you, Charlyne and Bob. I could not have done it without you. I will never in my life again doubt the power of God." (New Jersey)

"Praise God, I did not give up on my spouse. God wouldn't let me even though almost daily I begged Him to give me permission to let go. He promised me that my husband would be His and I held on to that promise. God was faithful and saw me through these hard times. Today my husband is home with me and my children, attends church with us, and is being transformed. Thank You Jesus."  (Virginia)

“Praise God! I have been standing for many long months and my ‘suddenly’ has finally happened. God is so good and faithful. From the very beginning I fought this battle ‘on my knees’ and my Lord was with me the entire time! My spouse has a few more months on his lease - but we are looking for a new home together. From the beginning, God gave me my rhema word, ‘Restoration’ and in everything I read, saw or heard He was constantly reassuring me it WOULD HAPPEN! Dear standers, don't ever give up. God is true and faithful!”  (Massachusetts)

"The Lord has restored my broken marriage. I thank God for the day he led me through the Internet to Rejoice Ministries. Their ministry has been a great help to me during my stand for my marriage. The Lord has been good to me in so many ways. My husband has come back to the Lord through the power of prayer. I prayed every day and every night for the Lord to move over my husband's life, and I pray that every stander will never give up. The battle may seem long and hard, but in the end you will realize, as I did, that all you are going through right now will strengthen your relationship with the Lord and restore all that is broken in your life. God heals hurting marriages." (Florida)

“Praise the Lord my husband is home. This was my word to the Lord that he will receive all the praise and Glory for my husband coming home, I will make my Lord’s name known to the world. The Lord has thought of me so much and I am just glad I can write my testimony so many others will learn to love and serve the Lord, Thank you very much for your prayers; please continue to pray for us. May my Lord receive all the Praise and Glory.”  (Dubai) 

“I just want to praise the Lord because my marriage was restored suddenly. My husband came back home suddenly! PTL. After so many prayers and scriptures, the Lord did it suddenly. I know this could only be from God. Now my family is back together, to God be the glory for all He has done!”  (North Carolina)

"When my husband walked out, I had a newborn baby, an 8-year-old and no job. The Lord taught me to completely trust in Him alone for everything. The Lord showed His faithfulness and was always there. Finally the Lord restored our marriage. Our family is back together and healed not because I or my husband did anything right, but ONLY because God stepped in and completely, miraculously healed our marriage. Praise Him!”  (Texas)

"Please praise God with me. My husband told me that he will be moving home in two weeks. We have been separated for a little over a year and struggling before that. God has dramatically changedhis thinking and softened his heart. From the day I began praying scriptures for him, I could see that God was making a difference. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we work on restoration. We both need more healing, but God is so good, I know itwill come. Thank you, thank you for your ministry. God led me to your web site at a very low point in my stand (I didn't even have aname for my conviction until then). Your tapes and daily e-mail messages have helped immensely. God bless you."

"God is Awesome and Faithful. After standing for my marriage and many false starts home, my husband is home. He moved home suddenly and quietly. He also stopped the divorce that was scheduled. He has even been ministering to my cousin with his suggestion to visit, ‘that prodigal marriage website.’ He encouraged my cousin to not file for divorce, but to ‘stand’ for his marriage. I am still in awe of how God works."  (Texas)

"Thank you Steinkamps for being with me all those midnight hours when I cried all night. Listening to your encouraging tapes that told me to never give up and keep praying. After years my husband is home." (Ohio)

"My husband has been home for a few months now. Praise the Lord. I cannot tell you the date he arrived home. It was such a gradual process. I know that it will take a very long time for our marriage to be what God wants it to be. But I know who my Redeemer is. I am now visiting my parents while my husband stayed at home. I trust my Lord to keep us safe from the Enemy's grip while we are separated by miles once again." (Wisconsin)

“God is so good and faithful. My husband has been a prodigal for a year and a half. He has also been living 500 miles away from me and the kids. Unexpectedly, my husband called and said that he wants to move back home. Hallelujah! Never give up. God hears our prayers and answers them, when we are obedient to His call to stand. After that surprising phone call I lay face down on my floor and wept in thanks to my awesome God. I have prayed for so long that God will heal my husband’s heart and He is doing it. Praise God!” (Alabama)

“My husband is finally home! It was a long, hard journey but God answered my prayers. We were separated for about a year and during that time God led me to this web site. I studied His Word like never before, prayed, and cried out to Him and He comforted me. He showed me that He could/would be my guide, strength, provider, friend, healer, and my all in all. There were many days that I wanted to give up; things seemed hopeless but He never left me. I want to tell anyone who may be going through a separation or divorce to hang in there and God is faithful. He hears all your cries and is able and willing to answer your prayers. Put your trust in Him. Draw close to Him and build your relationship with Him and He will take care of your spouse. But I caution you, He may show you some things about yourself first. Open yourself up to God and He will do the impossible. I will forever stand and pray for marriages everywhere.”  (Missouri)

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