Monday, October 2, 2017

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“I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who will carry out all My will.”  Acts 13:22 (HCSB)

What a remarkable way for God to speak of David, as a man after His heart who will carry out not some, but ALL of His will. Can God say the same of you today? If asked, could God say that you are after His heart and willing to carry out His will for your life?

For many years, I was not like David at all. Yes, I loved the Lord. And like all faithful Christians, I pursued His heart and fellowshipped with Him daily. However, when it came to obeying God in certain matters, uncomfortable matters, I refused. In my mind and heart, I just couldn’t do it. So instead, I compromised. I went to church, I fasted, I prayed, I volunteered, I did “good works” but none of it brought me lasting happiness and joy, or helped me to fulfill my ultimate purpose in Christ. Eventually, I always came to the place of asking myself: “Is this all that God has for me?” “Shouldn’t there be more to my life than this?”

What was God calling me to do that I felt I could not obey? Believing Him for the restoration and healing of my broken marriage, while standing in the gap for my husband’s (and children’s) salvation.

My justification for not praying for my husband’s soul was that he was seemingly better off without me. He had a well-paying job, a newly built home, and from what I heard, a new woman in his life who was helping him to raise our children whom he had gained sole custody of years before. Yes, from the world’s perspective, my husband seemed to “have it all.” But what good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? (Mark 8:36)

Little did I know that behind the sleek new cars, the flashy jewelry, and the large bank accounts that my husband possessed, there was a broken and miserable man who was lost and crying out for help; a man who desperately needed salvation, hope and peace for his dying soul.

Are you where I once was in believing that your husband or wife seems to “have it all?” Are you looking at their prosperous careers, their new clothes and slimmer figure and believing the lie that they are better off without you? Then don’t believe this any longer. It is a lie from the pit of hell to keep you from praying and interceding on behalf of your one flesh mate. God orchestrated for you and your spouse to meet years ago for such a time as this. He knew that one day your spouse would abandon you for another, and from the beginning of time He chose YOU to stand in the gap so that what He put together NO MAN (including you) would separate. (Matthew 19:6)

In closing, I urge you to renew your commitment to your husband or wife today by praying for their salvation daily. No matter how happy they may appear to you or say they are, it is not true. They are deceived and secretly desire someone to call their bluff and help them out of the mess they are in. Will that someone be you? I pray it will be.

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”  2 Chronicles 16:9

Tiffany in Texas

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3 comments on “Charlyne Cares – ALL OF HIS WILL
  1. Maggie says:

    Couldn’t come at a better time I was so ready to give up I’m at my last ends not wanting to do much of anything percisley feeling like this. God your glorious I commit myself to continue praying for my husband!!!!

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you for this. I exactly felt like this at one point of my stand only to realize it was a fake happiness when God restored my marriage two weeks ago after several false starts in a marriage of 20 years

  3. Pam says:

    God bless you Tiffany.

    Just this weekend I felt exactly the same way and told my beloved that he was better off than me because he actually managed to acquire a lot since he left home but at the expense of my children’s educational fees. He does look slimmer and working out at the gym, new car and good apartment. I found out that he renewed his lease agreement for another 12 months with the other woman yet he had been making promises to come home and built our house together, even had plans to purchase new furniture next month together then I get hit by his new lease. It hurt so badly that I told him he was better off without me in every sense and even highlighted the accomplishments he made without me, something we couldn’t but desired deeply when he was still at home.

    thank you for your message. Thank you Charlene for sharing it with us. I am encouraged.

    God bless RMM, Charlyne and Tiffany

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