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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Lord showed them the way. During the day he went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud. And during the night the Lord was in a pillar of fire to give them light. They could travel during the day or night. The pillar of cloud was always with them during the day. And the pillar of fire was always with them at night.  Exodus 13:21-22 (ICB)
I always considered February a pretty “dark” month. At the first of the month, I was driving to work and coming home in the dark. Just last night, I sat eating my supper. And to my mild surprise, it was still light out. I wasn’t eating in the dark anymore. And this morning, driving to work, the neighborhood was clearly visible and the sun was on the cusp of the horizon. Without me even noticing, there had been just a little more light.
And just a little more light makes a big difference. Not only in my safety driving back and forth, but also in my attitude. I have noticed a better attitude from the students I work with, too. As well as my co-workers. Because “just a little more light” means that there will be more light each day from here on out. And just a little more light means that the renewal and restoration of spring is definitely on its way.
This gradual addition of daylight happened without any notice from me. It happened even though I was grumbling and complaining about driving in the dark all the time. It happened even though my attitude was about as dark as the skies. It happened even though I thought the darkness would never end.
Has there been just a little more light in your situation? It might not be anything major like the return of your dad or mom, but maybe they’ve been calling a just little more often. Maybe they’ve been stopping by just a few more times. Maybe they’ve been going to church just a little bit more. Maybe they’ve been showing up at parent/teacher conferences or your school basketball games a little bit more.
Think about it. Think about the little things that have been happening just a little bit more often. Think about the kind words that have been shared a little more frequently. Think about the smiles and hugs that have been given a little more often. Think about how mom or dad have said, “Sorry” just a little bit more.
When you started this journey of standing and praying for your dad or your mom, I’m guessing it was a pretty dark time. There probably wasn’t a lot of light in your life. But as you continued to pray, continued to walk, continued to trust that Jesus had it all under control, each day saw a little more light. A little more progress on the road of restoration. A few more steps toward salvation. Each day closed the gap just a little bit on your victory.
What? You didn’t notice that? You didn’t realize that Jesus was hearing and answering your prayers? Just because the end isn’t here yet, doesn’t mean there hasn’t been progress. That unconditional love you are showing your dad or mom is working wonders in their lives. Those prayers you pray are making a difference in their direction. Your calling out to God on their behalf is reaching to the heavens and the Lord is shining His light on them, showing them the path they should take. And it’s happening even if you don’t notice it, even if it still seems too dark to you, even if you’ve been whining and complaining.

“Then I will lead the blind along a way they never knew. I will guide them along paths they have not known. I will make the darkness become light for them. And I will make the rough ground smooth. These are the things I will do. I will not leave my people.”  Isaiah 42:16 (ICB)
Yes, it may be just a little bit more light. But a little bit is better than where you were. It may be just a small beginning. But as scripture tells us in
Zechariah 4:10a (NLT) – Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.
God bless, 

Kim, a stander in Nebraska

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