Friday, July 14, 2017

Praise the Lord. He heard my prayer for help. The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him, and he helps me. I am very happy. And I praise him with my song.  Psalm 28:6-7 (ICB)
I’ve been away from my frequent treks to my granddaughters’ farm for a while. My first trip back out there…. I was amazed. The corn and soybeans looked like they had sprung up overnight. But they didn’t, really. When I was traveling out there frequently, the change was barely noticeable, an inch here, a little more green there. With several weeks away, I could really tell that things were happening. And they happened while I wasn’t looking.
Farmers are known for their patience. I’m not. I’m the sort who wants to see things happen right away, not little by little. I much prefer to SEE the progress being made than to trust that it is. But sometimes I get so caught up in the “big” stuff, that I don’t see the little stuff happening around me all the time. While I wasn’t looking, those crops were growing.
What is happening in your life while you aren’t looking. Do you think maybe there are some positive things happening in your life, in your family, that you can’t see? Sometimes when we pray, we don’t see the results right away. Sometimes we may wonder if God is even listening. But don’t be surprised by what He is doing while you aren’t looking.
Every prayer offered in faith for your dad or you mom is heard. Every prayer is another step on the road to a family made whole again through faith in Jesus Christ. Every time you show unconditional love to mom or dad, every time you forgive, every time you refuse to give up, another step is being taken. You might not see it happening with your own eyes, but know in your heart that God is in control and He is working everything out in the heavenlies. Sometimes we have to wait to see it in our lives, but we will see it. It may happen with trumpets and fanfare, or it may be one of what I call God’s “quiet miracles.”
There is a story in 2 Kings 3 where the king of Israel joined with the king of Judah and the king of Edom to fight against the Moabites. They had traveled for several days and their troops and animals were thirsty. But there was no more water to be found. Jehoshaphat, king of Israel, sent for Elisha the prophet.

Then Elisha said, “The Lord says to dig holes in the valley. He says that you won’t see wind or rain. But the valley will be filled with water. Then you, your cattle and other animals will drink. This is easy for the Lord to do. He will also let you defeat Moab…. The next morning, about the time the sacrifice was offered, there was water! It came from the direction of Edom and filled the valley.  2 Kings 2:16-18, 20 (IBC)

The three kings “inquired of the Lord.” In other words, they asked for His direction, His guidance, His help. They didn’t just decide it was no use because they didn’t see anything happening. While they slept that night, while they weren’t looking, God answered their prayers with one of His quiet miracles.
It’s OK to look for those signs of positive things happening, and we rejoice when we get them – the more frequent phone calls, the overnight visit, joining in worship at church. These things that we see…. well, they just cement our faith that we are walking the right road. But don’t forget to see the quiet miracles happening on the other side of the mountain, the things we can’t see, the things that God is orchestrating for us while we aren’t looking.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.  Romans 8:28 (NLT)

God bless, 

Kim, a stander in Nebraska

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