Hiding God’s Word In Your Heart


I am challenging all our standers to learn another discipline in your Christian walk. That is memorizing scriptures. Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert after He had fasted forty days and forty nights. Each time Jesus answered the enemy who wanted Him to sin against God, He answered, “It is written…”, and then he quoted a scripture.

When I started standing I realized I failed my husband and divorced him by not praying, putting the Armor of God on our family and not knowing God’s Word. I would memorize several scriptures that I spoke out loud when I felt defeated or the enemy was attacking me.

In Charlyne Cares, our daily online devotional, we teach about many different topics, but we always use scriptures to emphasize what the Bible says about that subject.

I challenge you to memorize one verse of scripture every week. It will not be hard. In fact, have your children join you. There is nothing more powerful than hiding God’s Word in your heart. The Lord will then bring a scripture to your remembrance when you are going through a difficult time.

You can sign up below to have a new scripture emailed to you weekly. We would love to hear from you on how this spiritual discipline or a special scripture has touched your life.

May the Lord bless you mightily by hiding His Word in your heart.

Charlyne Steinkamp

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How is Hiding God’s Word In Your Heart Impacting Your Life?

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How is Hiding God’s Word In Your Heart Impacting People’s Lives?

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Hiding the word of God in my heart has helped me pray more deliberate prayers basing my request on the scriptures. I feel that am in the same page with God. His word will not go back to him void but it will accomplish its purpose. Hosea 55:11 (posted 2/13/2017)
  (posted 2/13/2017)
  (posted 5/26/2015)
My husband has left for nearly 4 years. Sometimes I feel that my circumstances are just too great for our marriage to be restored, and I've had a lot of anger. But since I found RMM, I have enjoyed getting closer to God by reading the scriptures and the daily devotionals. I pray that God helps me become the best that I can be to serve him first and then others. I leave all matters concerning the restoration of my marriage in the hands of God, for he is the God of the impossible. I am also praying for all standers all over the world that God restores their marriage, In Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.  (Florida) (posted 5/26/2015)
God's Word has been such a healing presence in my life, with me, my family and my friends. As soon as I use God's Word I instantly feel God knows how I feel. I love His Word and it is more nourishing to me than food or drink. Thank you my Father in heaven.  (Texas) (posted 9/22/2014)
I am in the beginning of my separation, after being married for 14 yrs and no doubt the hardest time of my life. Much depression, doubt, fear and loneliness.I have come to realize that becoming a Christian at young age, I have neglected to focus on God and read God's word daily. Now He has my attention. I am sure that with God's help, memorizing these verses will keep me encouraged, filled with hope and rely on His promise that He is always me in my time of need. Deuteronomy 31:6 is my first verse that I will memorize. "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.(Canada)
(posted 5/6/2014)
There have been several times I was away from home and did not have my scriptures and was not in a position to pray. I was being attacked and was able to say Jesus and recite a scripture I had memorized. Praise God who has given me a mind capable of remembering special scriptures to rebuke the enemy. Take the time to memorize a few scriptures to have for an emergency. Our Lord Jesus Christ will help you do this. We are Standers and the enemy despises us. He will attack us more. Be Prepared!  (Georgia)
(posted 3/19/2014)
Today is the first that I have heard of God's people assisting others in Hiding God's word in your heart. I am so excited. This is definitely the direction I and my children need to take. (Missouri)
(posted 2/26/2014)
I was praying for my marriage to be restored, I am not good at prayers, and I was feeling powerless to come against the enemy. Then out of nowhere the words came to me . No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I know the Holy Spirit brought that to my mind, because I have never memorized very many verses of scripture. But I have signed up to learn them here weekly. With that verse the Spirit gave me I felt I had some power to try to get the evil spirits out of my faithless spouses mind. I am trusting in God to restore our marriage and thank you for this site.  (Texas)
(posted 1/29/2014)
I have been memorizing scripture the Word does not return void.  (Indiana)
(posted 1/17/2014)
I am standing in the gap for my marriage. 16 Months ago my husband left a note saying he no longer wanted to be married and that he wasn't happy being married. But still yet he's with another woman. He has filed for divorce and hearing date has already been set to finalize it. Standing on God's Word that He hates divorce and reading his Word continue to give me strength in holding on and not giving up on my marriage being restored. Your scriptures are always what I need to lift me up and to keep me standing. I Praise God for marriages being restored. God Bless you.  (South Carolina)
(posted 1/17/2014)
I have been reading and listening to you for well over a year. Some times it seems that your devotionals or Hiding God's Word is written just for me. My husband left me 20 months ago. There are times when I don't think I can go on. Then at 1 am I receive a devotional. If you and Bob could do it, so can I.  I pray everyday asking God to soften my husbands heart. I can't thank you enough for all you do. You give us standers encouragement and hope, hope that we will all end up like The Steinkamps(Florida)
(posted 1/17/2014)
Fortunately, I was raised in a Christian home, however, I was not taught how to use scriptures in my walk with the Lord. I could win every Sword (Bible) drill we had at church but I wasn't using the "Sword" in my life....until my marriage fell apart. I copied every verse each week from RMM and the neat thing was, I have been standing so long for my marriage that I was VERY familiar with all the scriptures sent except one. So I know I am on the right tract! Thank you for ALL the encouragement you send! Standing until death...God bless! (Louisiana)
(posted 12/29/2013)
I have been standing for some time now, I sometime feel it's too long. If God wanted my marriage restored it would have happened by now yet whenever I decide to forget about it , I somehow get encouraging words . Today I feel like I have truly had enough and the word for today is blessed is she who has believed that The Lord will fulfill his promises to her Luke 1:45. Each time I'm ready to give up God speaks to me through His Word. Praise God!  (Trinidad and Tobago)
(posted 12/29/2013)
Satan's target is the mind. Daily, I fight the thoughts of giving up, my spouse is happy, imagining what's going on on the other side of my mountain, and so on. Hiding God's Word has prepared me for when these attacks occur, I'm ready for battle. As soon as I recognize where my mind is going, I start quoting the scriptures I have memorized and the thoughts flee. It calms my anxiousness that tries to overwhelm me. Thank you so much for your ministry and for providing tools to not only encourage me in my stand but to also grow in my spiritual walk.  (Ohio)
(posted 12/29/2013)
Scripture keeps me focused and gives me a reason to stand. I'm strengthened by His word and overcoming by the Word of God. God speaks to me with His Word. Thanks to God for His faithfulness. May the Lord truly be our guide, our Shepherd and our Healer! He is in control. We can be still and know that He is God.  (North Carolina)
(posted 10/18/2013)
You are right that memorizing scripture chases Satan away!!! This past August, I found out that my divorced prodigal has a girlfriend in Colombia. I went into shock, immediate confusion and sadness. As I tried to process God's command to stand for my prodigal and marriage against this awful news, I stopped my mind from going to the dark side by speaking out God's Word that He has given me through out my stand such as Zechariah 10:6 "I will restore them because I have compassion on them." 2 Chronicles 20:15 "For the battle is not yours, but GOD'S.", Numbers 23:19 "God is not man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He SHOULD CHANGE HIS MIND!", Luke 1:37 "FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!" Instantly, I could feel the cloud of confusion and depression go away! PTL!!!  (Texas)
(posted 10/7/2013)
Writing God's Word in my heart has made the difference between walking in victory or cowering in defeat. When you know and remember what God has done and what He has promised how can you give up? I can smile at my wife when we exchange the kids, give a kind word even with court looming, bless her all because of Jesus and His Word. And do you want Godly offspring, despite your marriage circumstances? Then hear God's call and lead your children.  (California)
(posted 10/6/2013)
I'm fairly new to RMM since I started taken a stand in August for my marriage. I have noticed a differences in my husband and marriage I know we still have a long ways to go with Gods help and RMM I know can do it. And getting closer to God has made a big differences in me I know my faith needs to be stronger so receiving the scriptures will help me alot in getting closer to God and making my faith stronger. Thank you.  (Florida)
(posted 9/26/2013)
Last year I committed to a Beth Moore program to memorize 2 scriptures each month. In February my husband of 30 years left. I was ready to give up on my marriage, But God had other plans. He brought me to RMM in April, and I have been a Stander since. At times it is difficult, however, I know that God is working His plan to restore my marriage. In the mean time, He is changing me and molding me into the person He intended me to be. I am spending more time in His Word, and memorizing so many scriptures. I grew up in church, so I knew the jest of many scriptures, but I know so many more now, and can correctly quote them! I am truly hiding His Word in my heart. God's word is a great comfort to me and His promises and truths are the only things helping me get through each day. (Texas)
(posted 8/26/2013)
At times i felt the devil telling me that my stand wouldn't work. The scriptures are giving me hope and helping me be strong in my stand to pray my husband back to the lord jesus christ. Also stop divorce radio is a god send it play almost 247 in my house,car and job. I'm learning to cry out to the lord for help and answers or signs. This situation was very devastating but now im learning to be a better christian and a better wife this stand is teaching me so much im blessed that god has me standing for my husband and our family. Praise God He is so worthy. (Connecticut)
(posted 8/26/2013)
When I was 13 years old, I was saved and began a lifelong journey of seeking God's word. Like most people do, I began the fight with incredible diligence and a compassionate willingness to deny sin. Whenever the chance was available to do so, I attended bible studies, I read and memorized the Scriptures with vigor, and I focused on personal efforts of applying God's word to my daily life. I truly believe that those first few years after salvation and hiding God's word in my heart prepared me to battle against a multitude of sinful choices and the potential of death for the next 30 years of my life. Despite my falls, God's love was ever present in my heart, and it has made ALL the difference! Remember the words of Hebrews 11:6. I thank God for rewarding me with his grace!  (Missouri)
(posted 7/2/2013)
My husband left me 3 months ago and since then (having been devastated) God has taught me how to show love not just use words. Through daily Bible reading and the memorizing of scripture He is teaching me to be patient and to turn to Him for the restoration of my marriage. Yes, I have often thought about giving up, but God just brings me back by putting positive things in my path (scripture, Christian friends etc.) And when he does that, I become hopeful once again. Thank you for the scripture emails - I have just signed up, but know that these will affirm God's word to me about my what-was, wonderful marriage!  (United Kingdom)
(posted 6/10/2013)
My marriage restoration logo or scriptures has been "God with us,in our midst and where His spirit is there is deliverance." My husband was tormented by anger and pride but ever since I put more effort on meditating on the word of God through encouragements of Saturday testimonies of RMM, the Lord touched my husband and gave him peace. As I was reading testimonies of Saturday 27 April 2013 I was reading and praying just after I said Amen. I heard my husband's voice calling our son. For the first time in 3 years of separation he called me outside to greet me. I ask my son if dad really called me and he said yes. Praise God. He gave my husband peace and now He gave him the desire to greet me. Hallelujah! God is with us let us stand firm and press forward. (Namibia)
(posted 4/29/2013)
I am a stander for my marriage. My husband walked in 6 months ago and told me after a year and a half of marriage he no longer wanted to be married. Studying and hiding God's Word helps tremendously. I have noted many moments when Satan will tell me he is not coming back and God really would not want me waiting. I know this is not true for God says in Malachi, "I hate Divorce." He did file for divorce but I am standing for the day when he returns and we reunite in our second marriage ceremony. God is amazing and full of miracles. Thank you for all your encouragement and the scriptures. They mean a lot. God bless and praise to God for all the standers you are helping and for all the marriages he will restore!!! (Kentucky)
(posted 4/7/2013)
I know by that reading your material on God's word I may be inspired with words of wisdom at least in my heart. Thank you for being here, I am just now going to read the scriptures which will bring myself closer to the lord. (California)
(posted 4/3/2013)
My GOD is good, He has changed me and is doing the same to my husband. I have been standing for one year, I am lead by the most wonderful person, Jesus Christ. He found me when I was lost, showed me the right way, and He provided for me and is always there when I need him. I know in my heart that my husband will come home soon because if my GOD can change me he can change my husband. Praise GOD victory is mine. (Guyana)
(posted 3/22/2013)
By renewing my mind daily, I am keeping God's Word close to my heart. I read a lot about hope, trust, faith. Trusting God with my marriage when my eyes tell me differently. God is who He says He is and God can do what He says He can do. This has been the hardest year of my life but I am standing on God's Word, praying for my family all the time, and striving to be the man God wants me to be and that my family needs. I have just come out of a recovery program where I've been for 10 months. I've had little contact with my son during this time. My wife has him call me every night for the last week and again at bedtime when we each read a verse of scripture and say a prayer before going to bed. She is helping him with this. That is God's Word and God at work too. Please pray 4 us. (Alabama)
(posted 3/19/2013)
Came across your site in 2008. I had been married for 30 years really when i discovered the beginning of adulterous relationships in my marriage. I Always believed God would heal however six years ago my husband pursued another lady and then left me our four adult children and grandkids. Then years ago he returned for three months but could not resist ow need of him. He is now married. I cannot put into words the depth of Gods love, his provision, and his compassion for me. My husband was a Minister of God and he is far from Him. The pendulum has swung so many times as Bob has said it does. I came across the website five years ago after God gave me a promise. It has been a source of great strength and comfort and brings back the right perspective always and that brings me peace.  (Australia)
(posted 2/23/2013)
My precept study sister introduced this website. Charlyne has stirred my heart to be stander for my prodigal to turn back to the Kingdom of God. Yes Ialso desire to memorize God's precious words in my heart. I am learning during my 4mth of ordeal. I desire to draw near to the Lord and have a deeper relationship with Him. Jesus is the center of my life, nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do, Jesus you the center, everything revolves around you..... I sang this song everyday and take every word in my heart.  (Singapore)
(posted 2/22/2013)
I am new to this site. God is so faithful. My story is 26 yrs old. Met my husband when I was 8 yrs old. His parents divorced, moved & we lost touch for 10yrs then were married for 12yrs and choices brought us to divorce. 1 1/2yrs later we remarried and now are separated again for 2yrs. I believe God is holding me again, we both fell away from the Lord, he fell away from our marriage. As I pray for his repentance & stand for my marriage I believe in the what the Lord has put together let no man separate. I trust in the Lord that my strength and faithfulness in Him continues to grow and that my husband will one day soon desire to be who the Lord has called him to be. I pray that my story can encourage another. Thank you for this site and may it continue to be used as our Lord intended.  (New York)
(posted 2/22/2013)
Hiding God's word in my heart has produced much fruit, I have gotten my kids involved and we remind each other how important it is to know the Word of God. So that when trails come the Holy Spirit will bring his word back to our remembrance I can already see God moving. Just this morning when I checked my email I had received a message from my husband. The message was not clear so I called him to explain, that's when he told me that he didn't send the message, his email had been hacked, from that we laughed and talked to each other for over and hour... God is so good and I just want to say thank you and RRM and keep us in your prayers.  (Alabama)
(posted 2/20/2013)
I am not a stander, rather my husband and I are helping couples with their marriages and I find a lot of scriptural help in your ministry. I have forwarded many of your articles to couples who needed specific help in that area Thank you so much. Your articles also help me in my relationship with my spouse as we go along on our journey in life.  (India)
(posted 2/18/2013)
As I reflect over my life, I see where the Lord has brought me from during this difficult time. Last year, around this time I did not know who I was. The enemy was tormenting my mind and feeding me with fear and doubt. Today, I stand confident on God's Word and no longer in that rut of despair. Yes, I have my days but when I speak and stand on God's Word, the peace comes upon me which gives me strength to remain steadfast on this journey. Ms. Charlyne, this ministry has truly been a blessing to me. The daily devotionals uplift my spirit. May God continue to bless this ministry in abundance. (Tennessee)
(posted 2/18/2013)
I am standing on God's Word. I have memorized many scriptures. God's Word is what sustains me and my family.  (Florida)
(posted 2/18/2013)
I've been standing for many years, my husband came home for awhile, but it wasn't good, I wasn't ready or prepared for what Satan would put us through. He's been gone again almost 3 years. I see changes in him, but its me who's changed the most. By reading the bible and hiding scriptures in my heart, I am prepared and know when its my time for the Lord to answer my prayers with the marriage HE meant for me I'll be ready. I now have the peace that passes all understanding.  (California)
(posted 2/18/2013)
Everyone around me thinks I am crazy for taking a stand to renew our marriage. We have been divorced since October 25, 2012. Leslie, now has a boyfriend she is seeing. It hurts terribly. This website and the belief that our God will heal our marriage and other marriages around the world. Is the reason for my stand. It has been such a blessing to find this ministry. I pray and have been reading scripture everyday. My belief is strong and I can't wait for the day that I am praying to God thanking him for bring us back to each other. It will happen!  (Kansas)
(posted 2/18/2013)
Thanks for all your wonderful encouragement.  (Georgia)
(posted 2/18/2013)
My husband of 14 years walked out on my son and I in August of 2012. I'm standing for my marriage and I'm praying for my prodigal to return to the Lord. His heart is selfish and hard at this point but my son and I pray everyday for him to return and for Satan to release his grip on my husbands heart and mind. I'm hiding God's Word in my heart as the enemy tries to bring me down and encourages me to stop my stand. God's Word lifts me up and He brings it to my mind when I need it most! I can also share with other people who are hurting and I see it going forth and producing fruit.It is a blessing in so many ways!  (Idaho)
(posted 2/15/2013)
I have been blessed to know God for 50 years and it's His Word that has helped me to overcome many challenges I have faced. I know God is restoring my marriage and His Word is a comfort to me. Every day His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. God bless Rejoice Ministries.  (Australia)
(posted 2/14/2013)
This challenge helps me to fight the lies of the enemy, Satan, and stand strong for the restoration of my marriage.  (Ohio)
(posted 2/14/2013)
I need God's word, I need other fellow believers who know the truth, God gave me this love in my heart, and it was in Norm's also. We have 4 beautiful kids who have their kids, why were we derailed in this life time. What would Jesus do? He would love my spouse I'm certain. With His strength, this will work.  (Illinois)
(posted 2/11/2013)
Wow!! This is amazing. All the people behind this site, I thank you! God is definitely using you to help all of us in our times of need. Knowing God's word for yourself is key against the schemes of the enemy. Since I'm standing for my husband and family, it is imperative that I have God's word in my heart and it helps me to overcome all the darts that come daily. The fact that Jesus was tempted by the same enemy as we are TODAY, and HE OVERCAME, using the Word, the same Word we have today. I'm blessed. Memorizing the scriptures with your help is awesome!!!!  (New Jersey)
(posted 2/5/2013)
I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging us to memorize these scriptures. The scriptures you give each week I am sharing with my 4 year old and 8 year old daughters. Throughout the day my 8 year old will ask me, what is today's verse and I can recite it to her. Then I will go back and ask her to repeat it back to me. It has been a true blessing doing this assignment. Thank you Charlyne and team for this encouragement. I pray many blessings for this ministry.  (California)
(posted 2/5/2013)
God spoke clearly to me the day my husband left over 6 years ago this month. God said, "Stand, Occupy and Be Still!" That's it and it didn't make as much sense until I discovered Rejoice Ministries a few months later by God accident! I am still standing and being still and standing on His Word. I love the Lord and our relationship has grown tremendously. I will wait until separated by death. I believe in the one marriage covenant between us and God. I am a stander! I will hide more verses in my heart, day by day, forever.  (Alabama)
(posted 2/5/2013)
Each time I focus on God and his word I find peace. I know a freedom and happiness that I have never known. I get caught up sometimes in my circumstances I admit and this last time I found that I feared disappointing the Lord more than anything. I cried more about failing the Lord than I did about my husband leaving again. As I heal this time I am finding that the Lord is there for me and I needed to learn these lessons once more. I thought I had improved to a new level and will continue to be a wife that he wants me to be so that I am worthy of all the blessings he has given me. It is true that this experience has been the most terrible thing that has happened to me, but it has also been the most blessed event in my life. I was found by God and brought back to life. Praise God.  (Nevada)
(posted 2/5/2013)
I so enjoy the weekly scripture, it is bringing me closer to God and I have learned to turn everything over to God every morning. Our God is so good. Thank you so much RMM for helping me so much. I have no idea where I would be with out your support.  (California)
(posted 2/5/2013)
I am just starting this challenge. It was suggested to me by a special friend in NM. My husband and I had been separated for 5 years. This year filed for divorce. It was final in January of 2013. In my heart we are still married. Pray for us that my marriage will be restored(South Carolina)
(posted 2/5/2013)
This is really AWESOME! Every week I give my children a verse of the week to memorize and hide in their hearts. There is a quiz at the end of each week to see if they hid the word of God in their heart. This helps me to stay on track also hiding God's word in my heart and teaching it to my children; so that when the devil comes with negative thoughts we can tell him "It's written, Satan.." Now I'm using your weekly verse as the verse of the week for my children and myself. Thank you Rejoice Ministry for your support, your tender spirit and faithfulness in sharing the word of God and wonderful words of encouragement daily. Colossians 3:16-17  (Ohio)
(posted 2/5/2013)
I just love the Lord, He is so wonderful. He has kept me during a lot of hard times in my life. He is the one who sent me to this page to help me while I was waiting on my husband to return to me so we can restore our marriage. I love it when He says everyone will know it was Him the Lord that restored our marriage. Memorizing God's Word keeps me strong in His Word and helps me when nobody bu God can help.  (North Carolina)
(posted 1/22/2013)
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