Radio Release


From time to time a friend of Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc will hear a pro-family message in their local church they desire to share with others. We will be considering some of these for broadcast consideration on Fight For Your Marriage Podcast, the Internet broadcast arm of Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.

The following guidelines will help you in submitting material:

  1. Please send us a good quality CD or cassette of the message, along with a written description, naming the church, date, location, and speaker.
  2. The Release must be completed by the speaker personally. You cannot sign for them.
  3. We are unable to use material previously broadcast on radio or television due to Copyright laws.
  4. Not every message received will be used. We are unable to return material, used or unused.
  5. Editing of the message might be done to meet our needs.
  6. Remuneration is not paid for the use of material.
  7. Please mail the media and release to:
    Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc.
    Fight For Your Marriage Podcast
    Post Office Box 10548
    Pompano Beach, FL 33061 USA

Thank you for desiring to share with others the good news that God heals hurting marriages.


Note: If you prefer to mail or fax the release, please print the release here.

I accept your invitation to participate in the program specified below and hereby authorize REJOICE MARRIAGE MINISTRIES, INC. to use my name, biography, likeness, voice and performance in the production and for the purpose of publicizing the program and for any other promotion, advertisement or other use you may choose. I further authorize you to edit these programs and you to make recordings of the program, and to use and reuse the program, in whole, or in part, for radio or Internet broadcasting and other electronic and mechanical distribution throughout the world. I also understand you have no obligation to use the program, if you choose.

I agree, if by reasons of my statements and actions on the program or materials furnished by me for the PROGRAM, there is any claim or litigation involving any charge by third persons of violation or infringement of their rights, to hold REJOICE MARRIAGE MINISTRIES, INC. its agents and assigns, harmless from liability, loss, or expense arising from such claim or litigation.

The consents, terms and conditions of this release shall continue in effect beyond the date it is signed. Such consents, terms and conditions shall apply to any and all programs of REJOICE MARRIAGE MINISTRIES, INC. that I have previously participated in, or that I will participate in on the date of this release form, or any subsequent date.

Please leave the following box blank.


In lieu of a signature, please complete the following to signify your agreement to the above:


I hereby certify that I am the speaker on the above named production and that I own the copyright. I understand that submitting this form under any other conditions is a form of fraud and is punishable by the federal court system.


In order for us to follow-up with you, please provide us with your email address.