In 1996, while traveling through middle Tennessee, God began to speak to me about "proclaiming" His truth about marriage on billboards. That evening, calling from a hotel room, we made arrangements for the first Rejoice billboard.

Before signing the contract, I was praying and reading my Bible to make certain we were about to do what God wanted. He gave me Jeremiah 31:21 "Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Take note of the highway, the road that you take..."

Bob and I both knew we were on the right road, so to speak, proclaiming on billboards, especially when the original sign stayed up for five years after our contract had ended.

During that time, God allowed us to put up a billboard on Florida's Turnpike. Friends of Rejoice Marriage Ministries began to share our vision and to sponsor other billboards. We have had signs from Georgia to Washington, Texas to Pennsylvania, and many states in between. The Lord allowed us to also have a board for six months on I-95 in an expensive location in Fort Lauderdale, FL two separate times where four million drivers a month passed it. PTL!

We currently have several billboards across the United States. The monthly rent for these is sponsored by Ministry friends. They have selected an hour of the week to contribute $20 monthly to sponsor all the billboards.

Please pray with us that hearts will be touched by the pro-family message on one of our trademarked billboard designs. We do not care if the readers of those signs ever contact this Ministry, as long as the messages makes contact with prodigal hearts.

Our present billboards cost a total of approximately $100 a day. We are seeking contributors who are willing to help us fund this outreach by committing to a monthly donation to our Billboard Fund. To thank you, we will place your name and state (or country, if you are outside of the US) on our Billboard Sponsors page.

If this is something you feel God is leading you to do, please select one or more one-hour block(s) of time from the chart below. Every monthly donation of $20 will support the billboards for a single one-hour block of time on the same day each week for the entire month. Blocks that are grayed-out have already been sponsored. Your $20 contribution will be processed on a credit or debit card on the 20th day of each month.

You can also make a one-time contribution to the Rejoice Billboard Fund. Some standers instead choose to sponsor a billboard in their own community, so we have information about that here.

Help us to proclaim in your community that "God Heals Hurting Marriages" through one of the bumper stickers that match a Rejoice billboard. Read more from -

Thank you for considering helping others by becoming involved in the Rejoice Billboard Project.

God bless,
Charlyne Steinkamp, family, and staff

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