God’s Hand at Work in Texas

We were blessed recently by an email from a stander and friend in Texas. She told us about a discovery that she made recently as she was taking a trip in her home state:

…the part I wanted to tell you about is seeing two of your billboards and to let you know that there are two other billboards within 5-10 miles of yours that say “Nothing’s Too Hard for God!!!” Two of them are seen going south and two going north … those have to get a prodigal thinking!!! God knew what He was doing when He put them so close together! They compliment each other so well. I know they encouraged me to stop and thank God for all He is doing in my life.

Nothing's too hard for God

Honey, come home, the kids and I miss you

Forgive them

She went on to explain:

That area is traveled by so many people going from Dallas to Houston/Houston to Dallas everyday. Only God could have put the billboards so close together to make a huge impression on anyone who is ready to listen. Going south you see on the left side of the road the “Nothing’s too hard for God” billboard and less than five minutes later on the right you see “Honey, come home, the kids and I love you.” Going north I can’t remember which was first, but you see “Nothing’s too hard for God” and “Forgive Them” within minutes of each other. Just like God has scripture jump off the page, I’m thinking He also causes just the right eyes to see these billboards … awesome !!!

What an awesome God we serve!

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