Sponsor a Rejoice Billboard in Your Community

“Set up road signs; put up guideposts. Take note of the highway, the road that you take…” Jeremiah 31:21

The billboard signs illustrated above have been designed by professionals to attract as much attention as possible. The average motorists traveling at 65 miles an hour will have approximately seven seconds to read a billboard. The experts recommend no more than three or four short lines of type, printed in block letters.

The boards we have rented are 14 feet high, and range from 40 to 48 feet wide. These are outdoor advertising industry standard sizes, but artwork can be modified for other size boards.

Most signs are rented on a one year contract. There is an average charge of $2.00 per square foot (approximately $1,200 per sign) for creation of the “flex,” or the actual sign. This includes installation. Sign companies require this payment when the sign is erected. The monthly rental charge for the billboard depends on the daily traffic count of vehicles that pass by the sign. Costs can range from $400-500 monthly for a sign with a traffic count of 10,000-12,000 vehicles per day to as high as $7,000 monthly for an I-95 sign in nearby Fort Lauderdale, where the traffic count is 220,000 vehicles per day.

Another consideration in selecting a billboard location is illumination. Signs can be (a) not illuminated, (b) illuminated dusk until midnight, and (c) illuminated all night. Most billboards are (a) or (b). We have been told that a (b) sign increases by about 30% the number of times it is read annually. Many sign companies offer illuminated signs for an additional $50 per month, to pay for electricity, bulbs, timer and light maintenance.

There are two ways that we can help you to have a sign in your community:

1. After you locate the sign you feel the Lord would have you to sponsor, contact the sign company and deal with them directly. They will ask for a deposit and a credit application from you. We will provide the sign artwork.
2. After you locate a sign, contact us and we will make arrangements. Before a contract could be signed by Rejoice Ministries, Inc. we would need to receive payment from you for the entire year plus initial set-up charges.

The Rejoice sign bears a Trademark and changes in color, wording, or image are not permitted.

Even if you are unable to sponsor a sign for a year, you or your church may feel led to make a monthly designated contribution to the Rejoice Billboard Fund to allow us to lease other billboards, as Rejoice friends join together.

Please pray about your becoming involved in the fight for marriage in the community where you live. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

You may feel led to help us proclaim by funding lighting for a sign for one or more months. Billboards can be rented, lighting arranged, or a contribution made to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. Billboard Fund. One-time donations may be made from the our Bookstore and monthly donations to the Billboard Fund may be made through our Billboard Fund site.

Rejoice Bus Bench

Rejoice Bus Shelter

Another option for you might be bus benches or bus shelter advertising in your community. In our area we sometimes use bus benches and bus shelters due to the cost of comparative billboard advertising. If billboards are not allowed in your area, you may want to consider one of these options. The arrangements are usually identical to billboards, but the monthly rate is often in the area of $200.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this project.

“God Heals Hurting Marriages” design Trademarked. Re-use or changes prohibited