Forgive Them


Forgive Them – You might be visiting this page after reading these two words on a billboard or an envelope sticker. Regardless of what brought you here, we are thankful to be able to share the secret to our marriage being restored by God after our divorce. These two words are so easy to say but often so difficult to do. Just think about it, if both parties in every divorce, if every family member, if everyone walking into court today would say, from their heart, “I forgive you,” what a better place our world could be. If every world leader and politician could only forgive other nations, what an example to others. We are honored to have you here to learn with us, how to “forgive.”

Charlyne Steinkamp and staff

Voiceover by Sharon, a stander from Texas

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Have you forgiven your spouse? Have you forgiven the other person? Were you wounded as a child? Have you forgiven that person?

Unforgiveness can become a cancer destroying your own life and marriage. If you really don’t forgive your husband or wife when they are gone, when your spouse comes home, often they will not stay due to your unforgiveness and lack of trust. This teaching will change more lives than any other teaching. Jesus teaches us that we are to forgive 490 times a day! Forgiveness is mandatory by the Lord and a vital key to every marriage restoration.

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