A Song For Standers



Written for the one with whom I am joined, my one-flesh covenant mate.

Verse 1:
I will be the one who loves you when the world turns its back;
I will be the one to help you when you fall;
I will be the one who laughs as well as cries with you;
I will be the one who stands with you through it all.

My prayers are my power, my hope and my strength.
My faith leads my heart to believe.
I believe in you, in us and our love.
I believe we were meant to be.
I believe that I’m the one for you
And you are the one for me.

Verse 2:
I was the one who watched you grow up
And grew up with you by your side.
We were too young but it was no mistake
We were following God’s perfect guide.
I made mistakes and I broke your heart
And many times you also broke mine
But the pieces remaining made something brand new
Love transformed by the Divine


Verse 3:
I am the one who pledged my love to you
At times I broke my vow.
I am the one who belongs to you
In the eternal moment of now.
I am the one committed to you
And restoring our promise of devotion.
I am the one who stands firm through this storm
The hope afloat in this ocean.


Verse 4:
I am the one with whom you are joined
That no one must divide.
We are one flesh, one heart, one soul
One spirit, one love, one mind.
Though we face obstacles in our lives
That try to make us come undone
A truth remains and always will be:
A covenant makes us One.


Music and Lyrics by Jennifer Ayers-Gould. ©2007 Starr-Rhapsody Creations. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.