Helping The Hurting

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Many of the visitors to our web site are not standers, but men and women who have an interest in marriage restoration for other reasons. To them, and to standers who may be in a position to help, we feel led to share an urgent plea on behalf of others.

Various studies have related how much the standard of living drops for an abandoned spouse. From where we sit, studies have underestimated the percentage of people who suffer financial hardship when one spouse leaves home. We hear of people who literally have no money for food. Others are facing immediate foreclosure or eviction. Some have no transportation, because of a broken vehicle they cannot afford to have repaired. A few have lost their jobs due to absenteeism or poor performance, as a result of the stresses of their marriage problems. Health and dental needs are being overlooked, due to lack of money.

There simply is no money for many standers to buy shoes and clothes for their children. When birthdays and holidays approach, many standers are literally praying in gifts for their children, because they have no money for shopping. These same kids miss out of school functions because there is no money for them to participate.

Our family knows the economic devastation that separation and divorce can bring. One Christmas we were providing church food baskets, and the following year, after Bob left, Charlyne and our children received a basket.

Please pray about “adopting” a stander and family, or a single-parent family from your church. God may be wanting to use you to answer a prayer, as you provide a shopping trip or grocery gift certificate for a family with an absent parent. A few dollars handed them at church will be a blessing to both that individual, as well as to you.

Your help to your adopted family should be confidential, between you, them, and God. He will give you the reward in glory. Help should continue until that family is on their feet again.

Even if your money is already stretched, most of us have canned goods and freezer food that we are not using. Our excess can be a blessing to a hungry family. Fast food gift certificates for children who never can go there, are like giving them steak dinners.

How will you identify such a family? Foremost, they will be the ones not saying much about their need, but trusting God alone to supply. When you ask Him, God will place a family on your heart, or allow you to hear the innocent comment of a child, even when the parent is telling God alone. A child will miss a birthday party, because there isn’t money for a gift, or not participate in a church activity where a few dollars are needed. God will put the mother and children who wear the same clothes to church each week right in front of your. You will start to notice the teen who has only water when the group goes out after church.

A well-known pastor once said every great church and ministry work God was blessing ministered to the poor. If you are seeking God’s blessings on your life, please pray about helping a hurting family right where you live.

The Steinkamps