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Welcome to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries Chapel!

If you have a loved one listed for prayer on our Chapel page, we need to receive weekly updates or the entry will be removed.
Please pray for Gina who has an appointment on Tuesday 2/7/17 @ 1PM at Yale Smilow to speak with a brain tumor specialist neuro-oncologist! Believing for a divine miracle from our Lord!
Please pray for Joe who had heart surgery last June. He is back to work but he is having some complications again and is very anxious about having a procedure done next Friday, the 17th. Please pray that the procedure will be successful and that the Lord will give him peace. Thank you very much for your prayers.
Ana Maria has a special prayer request for her family... My sister and brother in law, Denisse & Kike, have received the news from their doctors have told them that they can not have children and are not even candidate for artificial insemination. Please pray for God give them the peace that surpasses all understanding and increase their faith as I know there is nothing impossible for God and, if this is His will, they will know how is to be a parent. In Jesus name, Amen.
UPDATE 2/6/17- Eve is still waiting for the results of the bone biopsy. She has not been sick but is really tired. She is having trouble eating because everything tastes bad. Her hair isn't falling out yet but she did get it cut off short. She is in good spirits and is very optimistic. Please pray that the treatments don't make her sick and that she doesn't catch anything while her immune system is low. Thank you.
UPDATE 1/25/17- Eve is starting chemo on today. She is also having a bone biopsy on 1-26-17 to see if cancer has spread. She is still upbeat and positive thinking. She has to cut her long, long hair and that's bothering her because everyone will know what's going on when she loses it to the chemo. Please pray for the cancer to be killed out of her body and that she won't get sick from the chemo. And that the cancer hasn't spread to the bones. Thank you.
UPDATE 1/12/17- Eve received her results on Wednesday. It is stage 2-3 cancer that might have spread to her bones. She has to have a bone biopsy on Friday. She is looking at chemo then removal of her breast, possibly both, then radiation. She is tired but still in a good frame of mind. Please pray it hasn't spread to the bones or it will be in stage 4. Please pray that all cancer in her body will be killed and that she will have good results from the treatments and not be sick. Thank you.
Please keep Carla's family in your prayers... My 40 year old niece has been diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes. She just got a port in her arm and is going to get the CAT scan and blood work to get ready to be operated on and then take treatments. Please pray for her complete recovery from this cancer and that it hasn't spread any farther. Thank you.
UPDATE 2/10/17 - Paige is still waiting for the Atlanta doctors and MD Anderson doctors to determine what treatment would be best for Paige after her tests were done. Please pray she hears from the doctors soon.
UPDATE 1/9/17- Paige and her daughter went to Houston and did all the tests they required and lab at MD Anderson Hospital. Since there was a snow storm coming to Atlanta late Friday, they did not stay and sight-see only briefly. Paige is waiting to hear from MD Anderson for their medical opinion. Please pray for Jehovah Ropha, the great Physician to touch and destroy all cancer cells in Paige’s body in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Please pray for Paige who has stage IV cancer in her lungs and liver. Doctors have told her she needs to go to M.D. Anderson Hospital in Texas for a Clinical trial medication. Please pray she can be accepted as soon as possible! 
Paige had cancer several months ago, but radiation and chemo have her in total remission. She is praying for the greatest physician, Jehovah Ropha to heal her.

Please pray for Charlyne's grandaughter, Ashley, Lori's daughter who has a rare disability Sacral Agensis. Ashely's bladder has been getting worse with more severe spasms. Ashley must go next week to Cincinnati, Ohio to her specialists for bladder testing which will be on Thursday and Friday, 2/16 and 2/17/17. Please pray for the Lord to touch and heal her bladder suddenly. Pray for a good report as Ashley maybe facing a complex surgery. Thank you for your prayers.

Robert has a special prayer request... Please pray for healing of my heart disease and physical body. Had open heart surgery before. Having more trouble now, I am in pain, having trouble with medication.
Kim has a special request... My prodigal had a kidney removed because of tumor a week ago. All was going well, but now his intestines wont wake up. He is not doing well and his attitude is going downhill. He is very discouraged. They had to put tube back in his stomach and re-insert catheter. He has been on an IV since surgery and unable to eat. He is very weak, and losing weight.
Please pray for Adam who got pneumonia a few weeks ago. Now Adam has MRSA in his chest as he had open heart surgery last year. The surgeon may try to reopen his chest and remove his sternum and the infected bone with MRSA. But Adam’s also has a weaken immune system and the doctors do not know if his kidneys will function properly also. Please pray for the Great Physician to touch and strengthen and remove all his complications. Please give the doctors wisdom and insight of how to handle his complicated case. The praise is that Adam is a strong believer.
UPDATE: 01/14/17:  A Dermatologist today told Rose that she also had Raynaud's disease in her hands and feet. Please pray for a divine healing as the doctor needs to get one finger tip under control or she could lose the tip. We are praying that the Lord will heal her of all her diseases as in Psalm 103:1-5. Rose, Dennis Wingfield's wife is also improving since diagnosed with pneumonia. Rose has a rare autoimmune disease. Thank you for all your prayers.
Please pray for Beloved's 15 year old son, Levi. He is being evaluated for surgery to remove a brain tumor.
Please keep Soporia's grandmother in your prayers. She is having problems with her back and went to the doctor to have a procedure done which is in hope of her not having surgery which is risky for her .I know God is bigger.

Pray for men of God to preach about the sanctity of marriage. Pray also for all church to pray for all the marriages in their church and against adultery. Pray for spouses to be delivered from adultery and spirit of lust.

Pray against the enemy attacking standers and others through oppression, depression and disease. We know so many who are being tormented by illnesses.
Praise for men and women coming home out of non-covenant marriages. Pray for all their details to be worked out quickly, such as sale of homes, finances and salvations.
We each want to pray regularly for:
  • Our churches and Pastors
  • Prodigals spouses
  • Standers
  • Children
  • Unsaved family members
  • Financial needs
  • Employment situations
  • Housing and transportation needs
  • Court hearings and legal needs
  • Health needs for entire family
  • Special grace and mercy for restored marriages
  • Pastors to proclaim the truth about marriage
  • Revival for all nations

We thank God for the parents who have taken a stand to pray for their son or daughter's troubled marriage. We also hear from people who have taken a stand for their pastor's marriage, or for the marriage of a friend. Pray for all marriages that God will find one prayer warrior to stand in the gap for any couple who is fighting the spiritual battle to save their family. 

Pray for standers who need financial miracles from our Lord, their Jehovah Jireh.
Please pray for the men who share from their heart and write what God is teaching them about praying for their wives and children for marriage restoration through the "Standing Firm" weekly devotionals.

Pray that spouses who are away will have wisdom and discernment and leave the other person out of family functions involving standers. Pray that fathers who live far away will come home to see children.

Please pray for the many teenagers having difficulty. Many are so angry due to the circumstances that no one can change presently. May the Holy Spirit touch all children who feel unloved and rejection due to separation and divorce.
Please for the stander who is most discouraged and questioning what God has told them to do-stand for their marriage. God will know for whom you are praying.
Please stop right now and pray for that prodigal who is closest to going home. May they be touched by the Holy Spirit to humble themselves, being obedient to the Lord's will and way.
Pray for men and women who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or pornography. These issues create a major problem in many marriages. Pray for their deliverance through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Please ask the Lord to give the Steinkamp Family wisdom in every Ministry matter, that His will might always be done through Rejoice Marriage Ministries.
We know of so many prodigals who are so close to coming home! Please pray in agreement with us for thousands of prodigals to come home as the Holy Spirit convicts their heart. Pray that each prodigal spouse will have a Damascus Road experience with the Lord.
Please pray for all prodigals and standers who can not find work. This has become a real problem for families.
Please pray for all the teenagers and young adults who are having to choose every day whether to serve their Lord or go the world's way.

Pray for standers who will be appearing in divorce court today and in the near future. Pray for all divorces to be cancelled around the world daily.

Above all else, we pray that every stander, every prodigal, and all our loved ones will come to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the only way they will ever find the peace they are seeking.

Pray for all marriage ministries. May all of us direct hurting people to God's Word, the Bible, and not share our opinions. May we all listen to the Holy Spirit and always minister with integrity.

Satan does not stop with the destruction of only a marriage. Every stander we know has suffered a secondary attack, either through their own health, serious family illness, financial or relational problems. Would you take time right now to pray that Jesus would bind the attacks of the Enemy from men and women who are standing for their marriage to be restored by God.
Please pray for all the "other persons" that they will come to know the Lord and realize the sinfulness in their own heart. We pray if they have left a spouse and children that their own marriage will be restored by our mighty Lord.  May the Lord sever, crush and destroy all their soul ties between our stander's spouse and all ungodly relationships.
Let's pray that our stander's prodigal spouse will hear the Lord's soft voice and fear the Lord and run from their sinful lifestyle. May they cry out to the Lord, confess their sins, repent and ask the Lord to save and transform their harden heart. May their heart be soften and follow the Lord believing in His mighty power. May the Lord have the spouse leave the OW and guide them home to their waiting spouse and children forever. To God be the glory!
Please pray for all standers' children who are facing the consequences of divorce and trying to understand why one parent is choosing to leave their family. Pray for the ones who are fighting rebellion and depression. Lord, give wisdom and knowledge to the standing parent.

Pray for standers who are being threatened with various kinds of legal action by their absent spouse. Lord, we pray for all divorces to canceled in the mighty Name of Jesus. 

Please pray for the children of divorced families. We hear from so many parents or grandparents who have their children going through depression, or rebellion. Please pray for their salvation and develop a personal relationship with the Lord.  Father send mentors or youth leaders from churches that these children need to be able to trust who will guide and teach them the Lord's will and way.
Thank You, Lord, for all that You do for Rejoice Marriage Ministries. Thank You for Your protection over this Ministry and all of the Steinkamp family. Please pray for each member of our family and our staff.
Pray that every returned prodigal and every prodigal who desires to come home will realize they must have no contact, for any reason, with the other person in their life. Pray for total restoration and rebuilding of their marriage.
Please ask God to continue to meet the financial needs of Rejoice Marriage Ministries. We give Him praise for how He somehow pays the Ministry bills each month.
Please remember to pray for all our military men and women who are fighting for our freedom around the world.  Please pray for their families who are away from spouses who are having to deal with all the responsibilities and being both parents.  Please pray for God's divine protection and safety for all the men and women in the armed services.
Pray that standers would have discernment, and seek the counsel of God instead of listening to advice from people.

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