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You are invited to help us pray around the clock by selecting 15 minutes each day, at a specific time, to pray for salvation of prodigals, the restoration of marriages, and other special prayer requests.

The people who participate in Pray24 will also receive email from us with special prayer requests.

We ask that you seek the Lord before making a commitment. If you will be unable to pray at a specific time each day, please pray for families, but without registering.

You can read special requests in the Rejoice Chapel.

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Prayer Team 36

12:00 AM - Ekene from Enugu, EN, Nigeria
12:15 AM - Kensani from Elandspark, JO, SOUTH AFRICA
12:30 AM - Remi from Lagos, LA, NIGERIA
12:45 AM - Ntshepiseng from Johannesburg, JO, SOUTH AFRICA
1:00 AM - Alisia from Suffolk, VA, USA
1:15 AM - Rev from Dubai, NA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
1:30 AM - Faith from Eldoret, EL, KENYA
1:45 AM - Amanda from Midrand, SA, SOUTH AFRICA
2:00 AM - Augela from Cavite City, PH, PHILIPPINES
2:15 AM - Anabelle from Ponce, PR, PUERTO RICO
2:30 AM - Jannis from Kornwestheim, BW, GERMANY
2:45 AM - Shanequa from Colorado Springs, CO, USA
3:00 AM - Adriana from Miami, FL, UNITED STATES
3:15 AM - Ingrid from Panamá, PA, PANAMá
3:30 AM - Eskeyla from Maracay, AR, VENEZUELA
3:45 AM - Sonya from Niles, MI, USA
4:00 AM - Nazley from Cape Town, S, SOUTH AFRICA
4:15 AM - Mary from Nairobi, KE, KENYA
4:30 AM - Ambar from Maturin, MO, VENEZUELA
4:45 AM - Cathy from Gros-islet, GI, SAINT LUCIA
5:00 AM - Aleyda from Medellin, AN, COLOMBIA
5:15 AM - Liliana from Mexico, TM, MéXICO
5:30 AM - Zolia from Houston, TX, USA
5:45 AM - Nanci from Rochester, MN, USA
6:00 AM - Rita from Denver, CO, UNITED STATES
6:15 AM - Sherri from Oakland, TN, USA
6:30 AM - Chanita from Lafayette, LA, UNITED STATES
6:45 AM - T. from Breaux Bridge, LA, USA
7:00 AM - Linda from Wallaceburg, ON, CANADA
7:15 AM - Pati from Beaumont, TX, US
7:30 AM - Roberta from Long Beach, CA, USA
7:45 AM - Nan from Gas City, IN, USA
8:00 AM - April from Huntersville, NC, USA
8:15 AM - Norma from Perryton, TX, USA
8:30 AM - Carol from Bogota, BO, COLOMBIA
8:45 AM - Ana from Monterrey, NL, MEXICO
9:00 AM - Pamela from Tampa, FL, USA
9:15 AM - Anamaria from Breinigsville, PA, UNITED STATES
9:30 AM - Christina from Raleigh, NC, USA
9:45 AM - Tricia from Aurora, CO, UNITED STATES
10:00 AM - Derrick from Greensboro, NC, UNITED STATES
10:15 AM - Thembakele from Germiston, SA, SA
10:30 AM - Cassie from Bridge City, TX, UNITED STATES
10:45 AM - Andrea from Moreno Valley, CAL, UNITED STATES
11:00 AM - Jeff from White Rock, BC, CANADA
11:15 AM - D from Vellore, TN, INDIA
11:30 AM - Tumelo from Clayville Ext. 21, 01, SOUTH AFRICA
11:45 AM - Ronita from Monroe , LA, USA
12:00 PM - Michael from Magdalena, NM, US
12:15 PM - Tara from Cape Coral , FL, USA
12:30 PM - Jacquie from Monroe , NC, USA
12:45 PM - Jere\' from Nashville, TN, UNITED STATES
1:00 PM - Ann from Nairobi, NA, KENYA
1:15 PM - Laura from Columbus, OH, USA
1:30 PM - Yairis from Lutz, FL, UNITED STATES
1:45 PM - Ethel from Houston, TX, UNITED STATES
2:00 PM - Christiana from Hampton Bays, NY, USA
2:15 PM - Candy from Dublin, GA, UNITED STATES
2:30 PM - Available. Click to reserve.
2:45 PM - Available. Click to reserve.
3:00 PM - Available. Click to reserve.
3:15 PM - Susan from Omaha, NE, USA
3:30 PM - John from Lenoir City, TN, UNITED STATES
3:45 PM - Available. Click to reserve.
4:00 PM - Available. Click to reserve.
4:15 PM - Anyi from Toronto, ON, CANADA
4:30 PM - Nicolw from Fraser, MI, USA
4:45 PM - Danielle from Camp Hill, PA, UNITED STATES
5:00 PM - Michelee from Montego Bay, SJ, JAMAICA
5:15 PM - Allyson from Marabella , NA, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
5:30 PM - Rashaun from Houston, TX, UNITED STATES
5:45 PM - Jennifer from Dixon, MO, USA
6:00 PM - Candis from New Haven, CT, US
6:15 PM - Aizza Marie from Cebu, PH, PHILIPPINES
6:30 PM - Jo-wayne from Cape Town, WC, SOUTH AFRICA
6:45 PM - Latrecia from Leesville , LA, US
7:00 PM - Orlesia from Raleigh, NC, UNITED STATES
7:15 PM - Michelle from Fresno, CA, USA
7:30 PM - Daniela from Belleview, FL, ESTADOS UNIDOS
7:45 PM - Summer from Haskell, OK, UNITED STATES
8:00 PM - Tiffany from Katy, TX, USA
8:15 PM - Lore from Milwaukee , WI, USA
8:30 PM - Cindy from New Braunfels, TX, USA
8:45 PM - Jann from Fort Valley, GA, USA
9:00 PM - Dolores from Coraopolis, PA, UNITED STATES
9:15 PM - Ana from San José, NA, COSTA RICA
9:30 PM - Ashley from Branson, MO, USA
9:45 PM - Maureen from Johannesburg, SA, SOUTH AFRICA
10:00 PM - Cheryl from Brookville , IN, UNITED STATES
10:15 PM - Carolina from Frankfurt, HE, GERMANY
10:30 PM - Jonas from Galveston, TE, USA
10:45 PM - Adriana from Monterrey, N., MéXICO
11:00 PM - Noemi from Edinburg, TX, USA
11:15 PM - Nota from Ferrara, IT, Italy
11:30 PM - Alice from San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES
11:45 PM - Chalandra from Vine Grove , KY, USA
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