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“Plead my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me; fight against them that fight against me.” Psalm 35:1

Charlyne’s Favorite Court Scriptures
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Please pray for those who are going through court proceedings and mediation.

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  • The Message: Don't be upset when they haul you before the civil authorities. Without knowing it, they've done you - - and me - - a favor, given you a platform for preaching the kingdom news! And don't worry about what you'll say or how you'll say it. The right words will be there; the Spirit of your Father will supply the words.

    Matthew 10:19-20


  • June 26

    • Sshillisa and Isaiah in Illinois
    • Kami and Dante in California
    • Linda and Jake in California
    • Peace Omokete and Paul Omokete in Nigeria
    • Jeannie and Rick in South Carolina
    • Scott and Melissa in Colorado
    • Arnel and Joanne in Maryland
    • Claudia and Joe in California
    • Melonie and Corey in Texas
  • June 27

    • Valerie and Robert in Illinois
    • Daniel and Anna in Colorado
    • Mario and Sophia in Florida
    • Vera and Frank in Texas
    • Valerie and Robert in Illinois
    • Norma Silva and Pedro in Texas
    • Jamie and Paolo in California
    • Laurie and John in California
  • June 28

    • Mary and Joseph in Florida
    • Jazmin Maldonado and Genaro Aka(henry) in Texas
    • Regina Eric Cardozo and Eric Cardozo in India
    • Jazmin Maldonado and Genaro Aka(henry) in Texas
    • Robyn and Ian in Australia
  • June 29

    • Gavin and Lilia in California
    • C and D in United States
    • Mike and Cindy in Pennsylvania
    • N and S in India
    • Brian and Tamara in Florida
  • June 30

    • Carmen and Curtis (chris) in Texas
    • Pauline and Emmanuel in Uganda
    • Anupama and Nitin in India
    • Michele and Lindsay in United Kingdom
    • Jennifer and Anthony in Virginia
    • Leanna and Joshua in South Carolina
  • July 3

    • Marqel and John in Arizona
    • Delene and Bart in Alabama
    • Natalie and Richard in Oklahoma
    • Anette and Ronald in Netherlands
    • Linnet and Jude in India
    • Heather and Hugo in Texas
  • July 4

    • Pranali Nabb and James Nabb in South Carolina
    • Pranali Nabb and James Nabb in South Carolina
    • Stephanie and Pascal in Australia
  • July 5

    • Paula and Greg in Florida
    • Andre and Lisa in Canada
    • Amy and Kevin in Delaware
  • July 6

    • Peggy and Terry in Kentucky
    • Jalene and Markel in New Jersey
    • Jennifer and Yodilexis in Georgia
    • Grace and Tom in Virginia
    • Keshia and Ernest in Florida
    • Yairis and Reynier in Florida
  • July 7

    • Vernetta and James in Virginia
  • July 9

    • Flordelis and Tarek in United Arab Emirates
  • July 10

    • Alfredo and Carolina in Florida
    • Heather and Aaron in Indiana
    • Lindsey and Shawn in New Hampshire
    • Heather and Aaron in Alabama
  • July 11

    • Angelita and Alan in New York
  • July 12

    • S and W in Maryland
    • Fawn and Robert in Tennessee
  • July 13

    • Mitzi and Doug in Tennessee
    • Sita and Shimmy in India
  • July 17

    • Ann and John in New York
    • John and Kim in Arkansas
    • Ravi Kumar and Pratyusha in India
  • July 19

    • John and Kim in Arkansas
  • July 26

    • Daune and Binoy in New York