Covenant Transport Testimonies


Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

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“PTL. I have been asking God to show me a sign or to see a Covenant Transport truck, if I should continue to stand for my marriage restoration. I have never seen a Covenant truck in my area even though I drive the highway all the time. My stepson, a child from a previous non-marriage relationship, is in a correctional facility for drug use problems, about six hours drive. My prodigal was very distant with his son and I have been encouraging him to visit him for months When he finally decided, he asked me to join him and his mom. The other woman wanted to go because she was suspecting that I was going too. Fortunately she received a call from her job and had to go to work that weekend. PTL! I didn't see any Covenant Transport trucks on our way and was losing hope of seeing one. Suddenly, two hours before getting home, a Covenant Transport truck passed on the other side of the highway while my prodigal was driving. Thank You Lord! My Heavenly Father is faithful . Honor and glory to Him.” (Florida) (posted 10/24/2016)
"The Holy Spirit has truly provided many different ways to encourage me that He is for restoring my covenant marriage. I opened my daily Bible reading and there it read: He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Psalm 113:9 This is exactly what I needed because I'm believing God for a marriage restoration and being able to bring forth the child of promise. For the first time ever, I saw a Covenant Transport truck, and I was so overjoyed for I know it was the Lord's doing. He is restoring our marriages to be more than we could ever think or imagine. I thank God for Rejoice Marriage Ministry! It is such a blessing to the body of Christ.” (South Carolina) (posted 10/24/2016)
“While standing you always ask for signs because you question if you should be standing! Well I am here to say God does give you the signs you need. I have been reading about the standers who have seen the Covenant Transport trucks. So of course I prayed a few weeks ago to see one but never did! Well today when I prayed and told God I am letting go and letting Him do a work in my spouse, lo and behold I saw a Covenant Transport truck! I know my suddenly is on its way. Keep praying and trust God standers.”  (South Carolina)   (posted 10/11/2016)
“I've been standing for some time and my husband has filed for divorce. For months we only communicated through our son and he was extremely cold towards me, but I started praying for healthy communications and the Lord answered! My husband started to communicate through text, then he actually started standing next to and talking to me at our son's soccer games. We have even laughed about stuff and the past two games he's bought me a bottled water. After last week's game, in which we talked almost through the entire game, on the drive home I saw a Covenant Transport  truck and I hadn't seen one in a long while! And today, a week away from my birthday I saw a Swift truck, but it was special, because on the side was my birth year in big red numbers! Thank you Abba Father for constantly giving me hope and encouragement to stand for life!”  (Texas) (posted 10/11/2016)
“For the first time since his departure, I faced my beloved and the other person together. The Lord spoke to me of young David beforehand and also had a lost Covenant Transport truck driver circle me the day before facing my giant. There I witnessed a struggling partnership and a strength within me only God gave. The other side of my mountain is not what the enemy wants me to believe, they both looked drained and sad. I also know it’s in God’s hands, Goliath vanished. Early this morning, a Bible I randomly use fell open. I saw it opened on our wedding date. I almost closed it but was drawn to read 1 Samuel 17:1-18, to know my God cares enough to not only circle me with a lost truck but to place these verses on this date in this book which fell open before me. It’s all about how He told me I could ground myself to face my beloved with the other person…glory! He does and will equip.”  (Oklahoma) (posted 10/11/2016)
“PTL! Standers, I was driving to the state where my wife resides, trying to be the Holy Spirit’s helper. My wife did not invite me, but I thought that my persistence would pay off. I thought if she only saw my face she might soften. I had to give it a last attempt. As I was driving, I remembered the testimonies of many on RMM concerning Covenant Transport trucks. It was an 11 hour drive on a major freeway and I had not seen one. I thought it was odd, there were so many trucks on the road, and not one. In that instant I asked God, ‘Where is my Covenant Transport truck Father?’ I looked up and no, it was not a Covenant truck but a plain truck. In the dirt on the back door of this truck, someone had written with their finger, ‘God of Justice.’ I knew this was the Lord. In the same instant I passed this truck, a Covenant truck passed by in the opposite direction. Then two minutes later two more for three, the number in our family. I didn't see another one again. Keep the faith!”  (New Mexico) (posted 10/4/2016)
“I am writing this testimony as an act of faith. My 'suddenly' has not happened (yet) but I have faith in our Lord that it is coming soon! Like many other testimonies I have read, I began asking God for signs that He wanted me to stand for my marriage to be reconciled. Everyone was announcing they were seeing the Covenant Transport trucks and I asked God to let me see one. Well, instead of that, God did one better (as He always does) and I received an email from a home health agency needing nurses. What was the company name? Covenant Dove! I was ecstatic and immediately praised God. Later, I did see a Covenant Transport truck. God is still in the miracle-working business and He still hears our prayers! Keep standing standers and so will I!” (Mississippi) (posted 9/26/2016)
“I had never heard of a Covenant Transport truck until I started standing and read the testimonies on the RMM site. Our marriage has been on life support for quite some time as my husband has fought God's calling him to ministry. I recently went with my husband to take my daughter to college. Before we left, I had prayed specifically that I see one of these trucks on the highway as a sign that God had heard me and was going to restore my marriage. I just knew if I saw one, then this was a sure sign from God. As we drove in the car, conversation drifted again to my husband's resistance to the calling on his life and our marriage restoration. At that moment I heard God say, ‘Look to the right.’ As I looked out the window, wouldn't you know, a Covenant Transport truck drove right by. I was so overwhelmed by awe that God had heard me!”  (Nevada) (posted 9/20/2016)
“Shortly after our separation the Lord brought me to this site and it has changed the way I see myself, my marriage and my Lord. Nothing but joy and strength has come to my life since finding this ministry. In just a few months I have heard songs that speak to just what I need to hear, read words that lift my spirit and once crossed paths with a Covenant Transport Truck when I was asking for a sign to stand for my marriage. I am extremely blessed to have continuous signs to keep me going but I am also learning that I don't need to depend on them; having faith in our Lord alone is enough. He is amazing and through Him all things are possible. My husband is still infatuated with the OW but I know with all my heart that this is only for a season. I pray for all of you every night, to not give up, to be a faithful stander no matter what circumstances you face, but above all to remember that God is who we need to have our eyes fixed on all the time.”  (Colorado) (posted 9/20/2016)
“My husband left, filed for divorce and now lives with the other woman. Every time I fast and pray, or just pray about my marriage, over my husband and the OW, every time I ask God to show me, help me, etc., He never fails and shortly after I'll see a Covenant Transport, Swift, United Van Lines or Shred-It truck! Yesterday, God gave me revelation that those trucks are ‘reminders’ to me: Covenant – between my husband, I and God still stands and shall not be broken. Swift – that God is working swiftly to bring salvation and restoration. United – that my husband and I are no longer two but one flesh, therefore what God has joined, no man, woman or thing will separate. Shred-It – that God is going to shred, tear apart, break up, destroy the adulterous relationship, all the works of the enemy and sever ALL soul-ties. Thank You Abba Father! God IS working on other the side of our mountains and the promises, salvation and restoration still stand!”  (Texas) (posted 9/12/2016)
“I am doing my best to stay focused and worship God in spirit and in truth. Truth is that my spirit has been a little weak the past few weeks. I am battling with how to let go while standing or let go and moving on. I had to admit, I again asked God if He wants me to keep on with this stand. My husband is still in daily contact by phone or in person. It seems he’s cheating on the other woman with me. I can’t help but see how backwards this is. It gets hard to continue to trust the process. The last time I asked God about my stand, the next morning I saw a Covenant Transport truck in my very rural town. This time I asked and began to look for a different type of sign, because surely the whole Covenant truck thing won’t happen again. This morning I did not travel my same route and low and behold I run right into a Covenant Transport truck and the Spirit immediately reminded me of the question I asked days ago. The enemy tries but God always proves faithful. Restoration, I pray, is on the way!”  (Georgia) (posted 8/22/2016)
“For a long time, I read the testimonies from standers who received a Covenant Transport truck as a sign of encouragement. I kept praying that I would see one as a sign to encourage my stand. I finally gave it to God and said I would be patient and accept that when He is ready to give me one as a sign, I would see it. Not too long after, I saw my first one and I knew it was from God. I have seen a few others here and there since then and I am thankful for each one. The last few weeks have been difficult and I have felt very discouraged. But God! I received two Covenant trucks in the last few days. Both times something unexpected happened that delayed me. If it hadn't been for those delays, I would have completely missed seeing both Covenant trucks. It is a reminder that God's timing is perfect!”  (New York) (posted 8/19/2016)
“I've been reading RMM devotionals, podcasts, etc. for a few weeks now and I know the Lord lead me here, because of my prayers and cries for direction on what I was supposed to do regarding my prodigal husband who is living with the OW and has filed for divorce. What a blessing RMM has been to me since and now I’m a proud STANDER! One of the things I noticed my first visit here in a few testimonials, were people talking about seeing Covenant Transport trucks. I didn't get it until last week it hit me! I had seen those trucks a few times before, but hadn't seen or noticed one in months. As I was going to my car that same day I thought, ‘Lord why haven't I seen any Covenant Transport trucks?’ As I’m stopped at the light, not five minutes in my car, diagonally across the street to my right was a Covenant Transport Truck! I was overjoyed! Praising and thanking the Lord and crying all the way home! This week another one pulled up right next to me! God does/will give you strength to stand!”  (Texas) (posted 8/19/2016)
“PTL! God was on time! He orchestrated events perfectly. I’ve been praying for God’s direction and guidance in my marriage troubles as my husband is in the far country with another woman. Until today I’ve remained open but had yet to receive a promise of restoration from God. A while ago I prayed for God’s promise through a Covenant truck and did not see one. Today I was sharing with someone how my hope was not in my prodigal but in Jesus Christ and that whatever His will, I would be okay with it. I realized the truth of those words as I said them; that somewhere along the journey they had become true. I surrendered my marriage to God. I then said I had not received God’s answer yet. Then a Covenant Transport truck! I stopped talking mid-sentence and shared the testimony of what had just happened! God alone is worthy of all praise. God has perfect timing; today was my anniversary and God celebrated it with me!”  (North Carolina) (posted 8/17/2016)
“My husband has been pushing for divorce for many months. For the last several weeks, there has been no mention of it as I have learned to ‘zip my lips.’ He even told a friend that he doesn’t understand how I can just ‘be okay’ with him leaving and going to stay at his ‘friend’s’ home to care for her children while she works the night shift. Our friend told him I don’t like it, but I’m faithfully standing. I asked my husband about taking a vacation with our son, and he finally agreed on the condition that we would discuss terms of divorce upon return. I dreaded the end of the vacation. On the last day, I walked out to the beach one last time, and there was a rainbow, reminding me of God’s promise. On the drive home, I closed my eyes thinking and praying and opened them just as we passed a Covenant Transport truck, the only one seen on our trip. The Lord was preparing me, as my husband went to stay with the OW’s children as soon as he unpacked the car. I will stand – the devil will not win!”  (Georgia) (posted 8/8/2016)
“I have been blessed immensely by RMM. Today I was riding to work and something nudged me from my sleep. I looked out the window and saw a Covenant Transport Truck. I always wondered if I would even see one since I began standing and read testimonies of them. At that moment, I felt such a joy and thanked God quietly knowing He wanted to remind me of what He's called me to do. So grateful. Stay encouraged and be blessed. He hears our prayers.”  (New Jersey) (posted 8/4/2016)
“As I was praying and underlining scripture as I stand for my marriage, I thought of the Covenant Transport truck testimonies so often spoken of here. I scoffed, thinking that's nice for the standers who have them in their areas but I've never heard of them. I was feeling quite discouraged as my stand has been several months long with not much progress. Asking God for a clear sign I happened to glance down at the pen I was using and it was from Covenant Care our local hospital! God had certainly heard me and again reminded me that He is walking with me every day. I thank God and all who are praying for marriage restoration around the world. Keep believing!”  (Michigan) (posted 8/4/2016)
“I was feeling doubt in my stand. I asked God to show me a Covenant Transport truck. On my way home that day I came upon a wreck. It was a Swift truck. As we came to a stop, across the road from the Swift truck sat a Covenant Transport truck. I just cried. Since then I've seen several Swift trucks, a few more Covenant trucks and two billboards. The day I saw the first billboard, a Swift truck passed then I looked up and saw a billboard that said ‘Right on time.’  The next day I saw one that said, ‘Getting you answers,’ then a Swift truck passed. I truly believe that the Lord is about to give me my suddenly!”  (West Virginia) (posted 8/4/2016)
“I have been feeling really depressed and hopeless as nothing seems to be going toward my restoration and God has been so silent. I noticed a Swift truck and at first thought nothing of it as I have never seen any of the trucks people talk about. I remembered it was one of the trucks Rejoice talks about and got so happy! I was thinking what the other truck was called and remembered something transport and I looked over to the cars on the opposite side of the median and a Covenant Transport truck drove by in that exact moment! I was speechless. That has to be a sign from God, right? No way that is coincidence. I'm praying that means my suddenly is coming very soon!”  (Florida) (posted 7/25/2016)
“I have received many signs and rhema scriptures. I received my last one recently, Ezekiel 12:28. I told God that while I don’t need signs, they would be appreciated as I am only human. The last sign I have been asking for is a Covenant Transport Truck sighting. I have never seen one in my area, but I know others have. I have always asked God that when my restoration is just around the corner (in human time) let me see a Covenant Transport truck. I saw mine yesterday and right behind, the truck said ‘PTL!’ We are not confessing our undying love for one another but we are starting to live as a married couple again and friends, which is where we need to start again. I praise the Lord for his mighty hand. Both my husband and I were gone from each other. I praise God for every hardship and valley. I cannot wait to see His work complete”  (Virginia) (posted 7/15/2016)
“I am always asking God to bless me by showing me Covenant Transport trucks when I am traveling. This past weekend I was praying and listening to the CD from Charlyne while traveling. I saw multiple Covenant Transport trucks and Swift, and United and Express trucks. I cried and praised God for His promises and His love for me and my family! Satan wants nothing more that to defeat this family and at times I have almost let him, but no more. My standing family, I beg of you not to give up or give in, God is on our side! His Word does not come back void! Thank you God!”  (South Carolina) (posted 7/15/2016)
“I have been standing for many, many years. God has been so faithful, kind and loving to me and my children. Recently I felt God wanted me to travel to the country my husband now resides in. I fought that feeling and convinced myself not to listen and created excuses not to go. Months later someone prayed for me who didn’t know the battle in my mind but confirmed that God wanted me to make that trip. Another prophet of God said restoration was on its way. I still doubted. I then asked God to see a Covenant Transport truck which I knew was nearly impossible where I live. But God! One day as I came off a highway ramp, I turned my head for a split second and there it was. Whizzing past! My eyes are on Jesus. The trip is booked. I await the amazing things God is going to do. Psalm 40:3.”  (Canada) (posted 7/4/2016)
“I have been standing unknowingly for several years. I often see testimonies of seeing trucks with wording specific to requests for signs from God that it's right to keep standing. My spouse stays over often, we have daily contact, and even some financial support, even though he has a OW. I didn't believe in asking God for signs, but last night after reading some testimony on here, I did. He woke me at 4:15 a.m. and I was prompted to pray. I did so all the way until time to get ready for work. My normal way into work, with praise music and worship of Him, on my normal route, I get stopped at a light I usually make. This small town sees only one fleet of 18 wheelers. I work in transportation, this is how I know. This morning right before me at this light, passes a Covenant Transport truck. I shouted and praised to the point of tears! My faith is renewed as I continue on with His plan for my marriage!” (Georgia) (posted 6/17/2016)
“I can't stop crying and praising the Lord! As I was in my car driving for my job, I was praying out loud to God that I was trusting Him with everything, despite how bad the circumstances seem. I have to drive very remote, dusty county roads for my job and visit homes. As I was driving a very remote road, it crossed over a highway where I could only see the traffic for maybe three seconds tops. I saw a Covenant Transport Truck driving under the road! I couldn't believe my eyes! I was crying and praising the Lord all the way back to the office. The odds of that happening at the very second I was crossing over the highway are miniscule! Our God is so great and He loves us! Thank you God for giving me that huge hug today!” (Ohio) (posted 6/17/2016)
“God is so faithful. I live in a very small town. The odds of me seeing a Covenant Transport truck in my town are slim. One day I asked God to show me one. I was feeling low and needed something. I thought I would have to go get on the highway. I drive less than five miles to work and that very morning on my way to work as I turned off our main road one went right past me. Since then I have seen four others, all in our small town and all when I needed it the most. I had never seen one before. God does speak to us. PTL.”  (Ohio) (posted 6/13/2016)
“My ex-husband has become engaged. I have told myself that I cannot go on with the hope that God wants to restore us because it is too hard and I am too lonely and depressed. I have been wanting to see a Covenant Transport truck as a sign from God. I have never seen one before. Last weekend I was traveling and prayed that I would see one. There was a traffic back up due to an accident on the other side of the highway and I thought this would be the perfect chance. I didn't see any. Then I googled the company to see what the trucks look like. I read some of the testimonies from standers...I prayed the prayer I read in one of them. Within a few minutes I saw first a Swift truck and then a Covenant Transport truck followed. I now have renewed hope...praise God!”  (Indiana) (posted 6/13/2016)
“I just love God so much. He makes my heart smile! This week Satan has been working overtime so I have been working overtime in the prayer closet. I have asked God to give me so much strength this week and today before I left work I was reading a few RMM devotionals and right before I logged off I read a Covenant Transport truck testimony. I haven't asked God to show me one because He has already shown me so much. But right when I walked outside to get in my car at that exact moment I saw one zoom by. My spirits lifted! I know that was for me, He is just so good. It doesn't matter what my husband is doing or saying right now or that I have to sign our divorce papers next week. God is bigger and He is telling me to hold on because He has something in the works! Satan knows his days are numbered.”  (Kentucky) (posted 6/6/2016)
“PTL! I was weary and tired and told God I was giving up since there was no change in my circumstance. I cried out to God to help me believe in His mighty power. God was faithful to deliver an answer. He gave me a Covenant Transport, Swift and United truck in one day. I also had a dream where He revealed himself to me. God is awesome and worthy of praise. Standers keep believing and praying, He is faithful to deliver.”  (California) (posted 5/31/2016)
“I have been standing through all stages. Married, separated and now divorced. My prodigal, whom I love dearly, has chosen to no longer communicate with me by any communication, even text. I was praying and crying out to the Lord, ‘Are you sure there is still a door open to stand since he has closed every door of communication?’ Then to my surprise I saw a Covenant Transport truck on Mother’s Day and the next. I have been keeping track of these trucks during my stand. I am now at number 152. Then after this 152nd Covenant Transport truck, I saw a repair shop with the word ‘Restoration.’ I laughed. If cars can be restored, certainly my marriage could be restored. I praise the Lord for showing me this, reminding me God sees everything.”  (Illinois) (posted 5/20/2016)
“I recently read a testimony here where the woman saw three ‘Swift’ trucks that confirmed the swiftness of the Lord concerning her circumstances for reconciliation. I had been seeing the same trucks and disregarded them until reading about their significance. So this morning before I could finish my request to the Lord, a Swift truck zipped by me. I chuckled and told the Lord I was in awe of Him. I then ventured to request two more to complete my request for three. Afterwards I asked for a Covenant Transport truck to confirm this was regarding my marriage restoration. God totally outdid Himself. By the time I got to work, I witnessed four Swift trucks and two Covenant Transport trucks! Praise God for this incredible confirmation! What a blessed present for Mothers Day! Standers do not lose faith! God hears your cries and He will complete His promises!”  (California) (posted 5/18/2016)
“I was feeling hopeless at work. While in the parking lot I saw a Covenant Transport truck. Once it left, my wedding song came on Pandora. That really gave me more faith to hold on.”  (Illinois) (posted 4/27/2016)
“Thank you for all your testimonies! They really lift me up. I finished my three-day fast. God is real and fasting works! God has been giving me this peace in the middle of my problems. He sent me a Covenant Transport truck next to a United truck!. I read the testimony of a stander that 9.11 was a sign for her in her stand. Well 9.11 is a sign for me too! And it means HOME because on September 11, 2014, we bought our home. I have been constantly seeing this number and other numbers almost every day! I want to go home. God speaks through everything, we just have to open our spiritual eyes and ears. I constantly pray for that for me and my beloved! God is not dead, He is alive and He loves us!”  (Michigan) (posted 4/8/2016)
“Praise the Lord! I have been in turmoil lately with the enemy trying to get me to give up. After praying to the Lord for forgiveness of my wavering faith and hope, he gave me a Covenant Transport truck. I was extremely happy that He let me know that He has not changed His mind about restoring my marriage although I have seen things that indicate that my former spouse is content with his new life. Proverbs 16-9 – The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.  And just in case there was any further doubt on my part, He sent another Covenant Transport truck my way. Hallelujah! This message of hope two days in a row brings me renewed faith. Just what I needed and right on time. The Lord is amazing. I'm going to continue to believe and stand firm in faith and I pray that the Lord restores my marriage and the OW's marriage as well.”  (Florida) (posted 4/8/2016)
“I have been standing for many years. Although my prodigal is still with the non-covenant partner, he has begun to come home every weekend to see our daughter and to spend family time with us for the past two years. All these years of waiting, I have been reading so many testimonies about people seeing the Covenant Transport trucks, and it has become somewhat a reminder of God's promise of restoration to standers. I was recently sent on a short working trip to the USA where I had to make a stop in Texas for three days. One day I was in a car at an intersection, and I just had a thought about how long I have been standing and I casually thought, ‘Wouldn't it be awesome to see one of those Covenant Transport trucks people keep talking about?’ And in the next second, a Covenant Transport truck drove by right in front of my eyes! Only God could have orchestrated such an out-of-this-world experience. Thank You, Lord! My hope is in You!”  (Malaysia) (posted 4/4/2016)
“I see Swift trucks almost twice daily but I only see Covenant Transport trucks very seldom and at very God-appointed times when I needed them most. It had been over six months since my last Covenant sighting. My 16-year-old daughter wanted to see one but had not yet. I told her that I asked God that the next time I saw one I wanted to be with her. Several months went by and then last week we saw one together. She was so excited! She immediately remembered my request from God and said, ‘He did it mom! You asked Him and He answered you.’ God is good!”  (Texas) (posted 3/25/2016)
“I have lived in the area I live in over thirty years. I have never, ever, ever seen a Covenant Transport truck in my life and we have many trucks pass through here. I was in mid-sentence and I just stopped. All I could do was smile. It could not have come at a better time. I had just taken our children to their father for their second weekend visitation and it was not easy for me because I am aware of some circumstances that I am not happy about. But God has promised He would take care of our family: my husband and our children. God has also pressed upon my heart to trust Him to care for our children just as Moses' mother did when she placed him in the basket upon the river. It comforted me. God is a hedge of protection and wall of fire around my family. I thank God for the encouragement.” (North Carolina) (posted 3/18/2016)
“In the last five weeks, God has shown me three Covenant Transport trucks. Each time, I was talking to one of my friends, encouraging them about God and talking to them about their 'problem' or concern, sharing some of the things the Lord has taught me and how we can depend on Him. The first time it happened, the Holy Spirit put in my mind instantly: God is addressing 'my problem' (molding me, restoring my marriage, working in my husband's life...) while I am concerning myself with others, and encouraging them with the things God has done for me. Each of the three times, because my mind was engaged with the friend and thinking about their situation, the Holy Spirit had to move my eyes, and make me pay attention to the trucks in order to see the writing on them. It was so dear to me, that while I was comforting my friends, God directed me to see His message to me. How kind is our Lord! Proverbs 11:25 (MSG) – The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.” (Washington) (posted 3/9/2016)
“There is no communication with my husband right now. He recently divorced me then asked for time to find himself. He says he's lost, unsure and empty. I praise God he has no peace so is fertile ground for the Holy Spirit. God is faithful to continually give me signs. Last month I was sandwiched between two Covenant Transport trucks and last week between a car with our marriage month and year on the license plate and a Swift truck. On Christmas morning, I was feeding the homeless in the park with my church and saw a car with our marriage year on the plate. It also had the year of the birth of our son who went to Heaven as an adult a few years ago. Behind that car I found a penny with our son's birth year on it! Then a friend sent me a story about picking up pennies because they say ‘In God We Trust.’ That penny was God's way of saying he will heal all this pain caused by the illness and death and divorce. Romans 8:25 (NLT). Praise the Lord! He reigns in the heavenlies and on the earth.” (Arizona) (posted 3/9/2016)
“I was traveling to a wedding when I felt pain in my heart that my spouse filed for divorce. I called out to the Lord, ‘Is it Your will for me to stand for my marriage and spouse?’ About ten minutes later a Covenant Transport truck passed by. I have never seen one before. I was excited but found myself over the weekend being like Doubting Thomas and hearing the lies of the enemy telling me it was just a coincidence. A couple of days later on the way home I was listening to a church service live and felt the Lord saying, ‘You and your spouse will reunite your vows that will include a video of your testimony.’ I looked down thinking, ‘Really?!’ When I looked back up a Covenant Transport truck passed. WOW! How beautiful that the Lord cared so much He provided me additional confirmation of His will for my marriage. Praise the Lord! Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT) – ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (Texas) (posted 2/15/2016)
“There are moments when things get hard and doubt creeps in but God comforts us in our time of need. I was driving home the other day and saw a Covenant Transport truck. This came only a few days after my husband told me the OW was pressing him to get divorced. It reminded me that our God is in control and that I must just honor and praise Him in all things. Let us not grow weary or tired of doing what God has called us to do, stand in the gap. Pray for God to complete the good work in my husband, as I pray for you and all the lost prodigals.” (Florida) (posted 1/10/2016)
“I praise God for His goodness and faithfulness. This past Friday I picked up my college student for Christmas break. As I was arriving at his school I saw a Covenant Transport truck. His college is about an hour north from the Canadian border with our state. I don't believe this is their delivery area. I've prayed to see one as a sign from the Lord as there are times when it appears that not much is happening in the natural. I figured this is a good thing ,so I put a fleece out before the Lord and said I would like to see one on the way back home too. When we were about half way home there was a Covenant Transport truck parked in the rest area where it was just like a gigantic billboard. I praised God for His grace. Also this morning in my home church parking lot there was a Swift truck parked there. In the many years I've attend church there this is a first. I waited after service to see who was driving it. It was a believer who was visiting all the way from his home in Nevada.” (New York) (posted 12/22/2015)
“I was living in Texas, 150 miles from my husband. I was unable to find a place to live and had to leave Texas to drive to California to be with my son. It was very upsetting for me to be making this drive by myself and to be leaving the state my husband lives in. I was crying and praying to God while driving. I had asked to see a Covenant Transport truck. Well, a few minutes later, I saw one! And directly behind it was a Swift truck and behind that a United truck. That said to me that God does restore marriages in His timing and that what He joined together no one can separate! In fact, God showed me a total of 15 Covenant Transport trucks all along my journey to California. I have been battling depression, weariness, and despair. But I know that God hears my prayers. I will keep standing!” (Louisiana) (posted 12/22/2015)
“After watching the War Room movie a few weeks ago I had also decided the enemy had had enough time in my life and I was going to cast him out of my house. I was in my living room speaking loudly and telling the enemy he can no longer have my prodigal because God is bringing him home and to leave my home. I finished praying and turned around to look outside my window and a Covenant Transport truck comes rumbling down my street. This was the day after Thanksgiving and businesses in my area where closed. I started rejoicing and crying because my wonderful God just confirmed to me that my prodigal is coming home and to keep my eyes on God! Praise the Lord. God is so good! (Wisconsin) (posted 12/22/2015)
“I want to share how loving our Father is. For so long I have fought and believed the lies of Satan that the more I draw closer to God the more people won't like or accept me. I would go to draw close to Papa then push Him away, choosing a relationship over Him. In His love He never stopped pursuing me and I can't thank Him enough. Because I am intimate with Papa and He is speaking to me (this is so new to me and oh how I love His tender words), Satan whispers his old lie. One day I was being hit with loneliness and that my beloved won't love and accept me now that I am so different. I was driving when Papa brings a truck with the word 'Reliable' in big print on it! As I have tears in my eyes and I am saying 'OK Papa' over and over, He sends a truck that has the word 'OK' in big bold letters! By then I am crying and saying 'Thank You, thank You, oh how You love me, oh how I love You' then He sends a Covenant Transport truck! With my beloved in a non-covenant marriage this truck is so special.” (Texas) (posted 12/22/2015)
“God is so good! I do not see Covenant Transport trucks in my area, but God still spoke to me on my way to court. I was driving and praying to God when a Jeep got in front of me. The tire cover said, ‘God is my judge (not man).’ I know that was for me from God. I arrived at court and my husband and his attorney never showed up! The divorce is delayed. I will continue to pray for my prodigal and all prodigals. I will continue to stand in Jesus’ name, Amen!”  (California) (posted 12/16/2015)
“I am praising Our Holy Father today. Today would have been a celebration of our 28th wedding anniversary. Sadly, my covenant spouse and I are divorced. I have been standing for him and the reconciliation of our family since the day we separated. Today, as I cried out to God to give me strength to endure this stand and to heal this beautiful family I asked God for a sign that he was hearing this prayer, He gave me that sign on my way to work. I saw a Covenant Transport truck on the highway. It has been several years and my children and I are still hurting, but I am trusting God for His tender mercies for this family and for my covenant spouse. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. (Washington) (posted 12/16/2015)
“While driving to work, I was listening to a Jazz radio station. As I came to the red light, a Covenant Transport truck pulled up just as she repeatedly sang the words, ‘He's coming back,’ until the truck passed. I laughed at God's humor. Coming from lunch that same day a different route, I saw another Covenant Transport truck. During my prayer time, God gave me the scripture of 2 Chronicles 20:17, ‘You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the Lord will be with you.’ That same I night, I dreamt my husband moved back in. As he was unpacking, the now non-covenant wife came in the house yelling at me, trying to get him to stay with her but he ignored her and kept unpacking. My heart rejoiced because I saw this as a reminder of God's promise to me. Continue to persevere standers, our victory is on the way!” (Texas) (posted 10/23/2015)
“I want to praise the Lord for His mighty hand in my life. I have been standing for many, many years. First I was the prodigal and the Lord found me and healed my wounded heart. After I was saved, God called me to stand for my husband. I never thought that my stand would be this long, but I still push for my miracle restoration. I was so disappointed a couple of weeks ago and thought God is not doing anything. I drove into another town and right next to me on the other lane was a Covenant Transport truck., I was amazed, it's very rare to see them in New England. I am praising God for showing me a sign and helping me to stay on track with His assignment.” (Massachusetts) (posted 10/19/2015)
“I drove from California to Utah and back this weekend. I saw 145 Swift trucks and 25 Covenant Transport trucks. I know my suddenly is coming. Praise the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever.” (California) (posted 10/12/2015)
“It’s been several years since my husband left us, and some time since he stopped seeing the OW, but he still hasn’t come home. I prayed to God and asked Him what I should do and I found Rejoice Marriage Ministries that very day. I never stopped loving my husband but I was becoming impatient. Since taking my stand and reading 18 Hindrances to Prayer, I realized that God couldn’t hear my prayers because of my disobedience. He showed me some huge areas that I had turned a blind eye to, unforgiveness being a huge problem as He wasn’t able to hear my prayers or forgive me my sins. I let something go that had eaten at me daily. But God, I feel like a new person and then what are the odds…at a Farmer’s Market a lady starts witnessing to me and then on the way home I see my first Covenant Transport truck. Then this past week we have seen my spouse three times and all three times have gone well. Please continue praying as he’s not here yet, but he will be.”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/29/2015)
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