Covenant Transport Testimonies


Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

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“Today I took my little boy to a specialist for a second opinion. The drive was almost two hours. I was hoping to see a Covenant Transport truck on the way since we were on the interstate. I saw a PTL truck on the way there so I smiled and trusted God with this appointment. Well, PTL because the second opinion with this doctor was spot on and she had such an amazing, gentle manner! On the way back home I saw three Covenant Transport and three PTL trucks! I know that God is taking care of me and my little boy as was evident with this wonderful doctor today and then confirmed with not just one but three of the trucks I was really hoping to see. Thank you Jesus!”  (Georgia) (posted 7/31/2017)
“Victory is ours; don’t let go of that. I made a trip to Elevation Church which is seven hours away from me. They had an awesome series called, Seven Mile Miracle. During the drive back my sons and I were praying for a Covenant Transport truck and just like our God, there it was. I made the observation that every time I’ve seen one, it was always on the other side of the road. So my sons and I pondered on that thought, then a small voice whispered, ‘I’m on the other side working on your marriage.’ So then at the blink of an eye I hear one son say, ‘Well what’s it mean if we see one on our side of the road?’ Before I could begin to think my son replies, ‘God is telling us He is with us.’ That was rewarded with a fist bump. What’s next blew my mind. We were coming to the end of a long mountain tunnel and as we were about to exit we began to pass a Covenant Transport truck on our side! We were coming out of the mountain with God! What a sign.”  (Ohio) (posted 6/12/2017)
“During my very long stand for my prodigal husband, I have seen many Covenant Transport trucks. I keep track of them in my Standing Journal. I realized the Lord is testing my patience because He knows my prodigal husband needs salvation and it is my job to be a light and give him unconditional love so he can see Jesus Christ in me. While I was driving down an expressway ramp, I heard a loud noise. I pulled over the shoulder. I than discovered my tire had blown up! It was flat and shredded. While I was waiting for the tow truck to come, I saw a Covenant Truck go right past me while sitting in my car. The timing and location cheered me up and made me think God hasn't forgotten about His promises to me and my marriage covenant. Surprisingly, after I got the loaner car, I stopped for coffee and again, while sitting in my car, I saw a second Covenant Transport truck in the same day! Praise the Lord!”  (Illinois) (posted 6/12/2017)
“WOW! Just wow! I have been praying diligently for weeks for God to show me His will; stand or move on. I had a disagreement with my prodigal wife last night. I zipped the lips and kept my cool. I didn’t have to prove every point or have the last word. I was reflecting upon it this morning while driving my kids to school. With God-given wisdom, I realized that He will prove His point in His time. He will have the last word upon my wife’s heart. All I’m supposed to do is love her, pray, and trust God’s plan. Not 60 seconds later I look up and see the broad side of a Covenant Transport Truck. Here I am, a few weeks post divorce, with an indescribable joy in my heart, a HUGE smile on my face and peace in my heart. Glory to God!”  (Minnesota) (posted 6/8/2017)
“Earlier this week was the first court date to deposit the mediation paperwork and I was dreading it, but praise God. The paperwork was done all wrong. Thank you all who prayed for the court date. That same day I received two Swift trucks, one big ‘Restore’ sign, and my first Covenant Transport truck. The court date has now been moved to later in the week, but my God is my refuge and my protector. I am at peace and safe only in His arms. Isaiah 26:3 (NKJV) – ‘You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”  (Florida) (posted 6/2/2017)
“We all have days where we need that extra push or encouragement to stand. I'm so glad to have this ministry which gives us exactly what we are looking for. My prodigal and I have had some great days during these past months. There is still a long road ahead because he finds it hard to come to me and my son after a long time being separated. Last week we had an argument on the phone and as soon as we hung up, a United truck passed by. I thought, ‘You got to be kidding me,’ and a few feet after, same lane, a Covenant Transport truck. Fast forward to this week. We went to the movies with our son and at a red light where we stood, a United truck on the left and a Covenant truck on the right. I couldn’t believe it. I even shouted, ‘PTL’ and he looked at me. Always remember, things are in God's timing. A different day when I was going to spend the time with him, I saw on the highway a truck that read ‘Stand Strong.’ I feel like God is talking to me and everything will be great soon.”  (Florida) (posted 5/16/2017)
“I have been standing for several months and pray for signs. We still communicate some. We had a great week, then the weekend came and nothing. I was really struggling. I texted my prayer warriors and got much encouragement and started feeling better. The next day I woke to a devotion by Bob, ‘Signs Things Are Happening.’ It gave me great hope. I was so full of joy I knew it was from God! That night a storm woke me and I keep Christian music playing 24/7 in the living room. I went to check on the kids and ‘You Raise Me Up’ was playing; came back down and ‘Restore’ was playing. Coming home from work I saw a Covenant Transport truck. I just smiled. Today I went to see the attorney and when I got back I had an email from a friend that said 1 Samuel 17:45. Father this battle is Yours. Deliver me from the giant, in Your name, Lord Jesus. She had no idea I was seeing the attorney today, but God did and gave her those words for me. God is fighting our battles and is encouraging us if we will slow down and listen. Never give up!”  (Missouri) (posted 5/9/2017)
“It has been a few years since my husband left. God is good and His timing is perfect. The OW has been removed. We had to see each other for an event for one of our kids. An unrelated text the next day commented that I looked pretty. I told God I am resting in Him and waiting for His timing. Today I saw a Covenant Transport truck in front of me on the interstate and I just smiled. The only other time was when I found out about the OW and was devastated. God is good and all the glory is His. Never forget to pray for all standers and prodigals. Never forget to give God all the praise. I know he is coming home so I can leave the how and when to Jesus. Psalm 121:1-2 – I lift my eyes unto the hills where my help comes from. My help comes from the Lord the maker of Heaven and Earth.”  (Louisiana) (posted 5/9/2017)
“I had to stop by my mother's house on the way home from work tonight. I took a different route, and passed by a United truck and a Covenant Transport truck immediately behind it. I asked God last week to show me a Covenant truck if He wanted me to keep standing because we don't have them in our area. A few weeks ago, God gave me a dream that showed us getting back together. Recently, I've seen an exceptional amount of United and Swift trucks, usually a few a day. I know that I know my suddenly is coming soon. Thank You Father for showing me that You alone can do all things, nothing is impossible with You. To You alone be all the glory and praise.”  (North Carolina) (posted 5/9/2017)
“Praise God! I wanted to give up after the last few days. Every day just seems to get worse. I asked God to show me a sign today that my marriage will be restored. I asked to see a Swift truck , a Covenant Transport truck and a truck that says family and faith. Praise God! Not only did I see all those trucks, I also saw a restoration cleaning business truck. God is working on the other side of the mountain. My marriage restoration is coming.”  (Illinois) (posted 5/3/2017)
“Recently, my spouse got promoted with his company and had to move a couple states away. He allowed me to follow him up there and help get everything settled. On the way up, I was talking to God, telling Him I would like to see a Covenant Transport truck since I’ve never seen one before. Behold! I looked to my right and saw one! My trip was only supposed to be three nights long, but the day before I left, suddenly, my spouse asked me to stay for another week! Coming back from the trip, I asked God to see another Covenant Transport and not much later, one passed by me!”  (Texas) (posted 5/3/2017)
“It has been a very long time since I asked the Lord for a sign. I needed to know if He was actually hearing my prayers and seeing my tears concerning my wife and marriage. I had asked to see a Covenant Transport truck. I had never even seen one before so I didn’t know what to look for. So that very week, as I was at work, I looked up so see one rolling by right in front of me. Easy to read and no mistaking it for what it was. I normally don’t laugh out loud, but that’s what I did. I couldn’t believe that God was actually speaking to me. I do however now believe that He spoke to me and listened to my prayer that day. It doesn’t make my life any better or easier, but It does give me peace that what I am doing as a stander is not going without notice to the Lord.”  (Minnesota) (posted 4/11/2017)
“Standers, God is good all the time. Don’t feel discouraged with attacks from the enemy. Multiple times I’ve read, ‘If you could see the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting,’ and it’s so true. After many false starts, the most recent one this week, I was feeling down yesterday and to my surprise, the Lord showed me a Covenant Transport truck. During the night, my prodigal called and we spoke for more than two hours. I even saw a truck that read ‘Old is new again’ which reminded me of Isaiah 43:18-19. This has been my promise lately, as well as the valley of dry bones and Jeremiah 29:11. I feel deep down in my heart that my prodigal will come home soon. I can see his struggle in his eyes, but God! He is Almighty and has defeated Satan. He loves all of us and His promises will come to pass! Praise the Lord!”  (Florida) (posted 4/11/2017)
“PTL. Today I saw my first Covenant Transport truck. I’ve been asking God for a clear sign if I should continue standing for my husband. Just when I was having a bad day, seeing that truck brightened my day. All last week up to today, I’ve been seeing the words ‘Restore’ and ‘Restoration.’ I also saw the word ‘husband’ and a picture of my husband afterwards. Last night I had a dream that God restored both my friend’s marriage and mine. In the dream, God gave us the verse Ezekiel 37:4. Believe me, when I started praying scriptures, the enemy attacked me ten times more. But God’s blessings are overflowing. God’s signs are much clearer and my husband is talking to me now. Hallelujah! God is good! My husband doesn’t call me privately anymore. This was one of my prayers. He’s been texting me every day! All this happened in the same week! Isn’t God awesome?”  (Virginia) (posted 4/4/2017)
“The battle has been very difficult lately. Every day seems more hopeless and discouraging, so I pray harder each day but don't see anything happening. My husband, raised Jewish, now claims there is no God. The enemy got a firm grasp on him and took off running. Currently there is an OW, which devastates me. About a month ago the Lord answered my request for a Covenant Transport truck. I had never seen one before and He gave me one after about ten seconds of asking. The past few days, each time I drive somewhere I ask the Lord for a sign, speak to me in trucks! Recently the Lord gave me Amos 9:11, Galatians 6:9 and James 5:16 at my worst times. I'm battling as hard as I can. Please pray for us.”  (Nebraska) (posted 4/3/2017)
“I have been in my stand for my prodigal husband for several years. There have been times I have gotten weary and discouraged. But thank God for Ms. Charlyne's devotionals and the testimonies shared. The other day I was asking God for yet another sign as to if I continue on this road. I wanted to see a Swift truck. A couple of days went by and still no truck sightings. Well I got up this morning and checked my email. The first email I saw was from Swift saying that there were available positions (I am registered with a job website and the last email I ever got from Swift was over a year ago and back then I wasn't interested in seeing Swift or Covenant Transport trucks as signs). No, it is not the same as seeing a truck on the highway. But God! I feel like that email was sent because it was a personal message just for me. To let me know that this marriage restoration will be swift. I just have to keep my faith and let God work on me and stay out of His way! Glory to God!”  (Missouri) (posted 4/3/2017)
“I couldn't believe it. After a painful week of learning how deep in the darkness of sin my husband had fallen, I saw a Covenant Transport truck. I haven't seen one in my area in about five years. Before I learned the painful new details of my husband's lifestyle, I had been asking the Lord to let me see a Covenant Transport truck for weeks. In the depths of my sorrow, I wasn't even looking at the trucks on the road, but I looked to my right suddenly and was next to a Covenant Transport truck. I was in awe of God. It was such a comfort to see and gave me peace that surpasses understanding. Our God is so loving and merciful.  He gives us comfort in our grief and unconditional love for our prodigals as He gives us grace and strength to stand!”  (California) (posted 3/20/2017)
“I got my answer! My husband moved out this past week. Ever since I have been praying that God would show me whether to stand or not. He has revealed it several ways but I was still wasn't sure. I had been looking for that Swift truck for days. I gave up. On my way to counseling this evening, I spotted out of the corner of my eye the truck that read Covenant Transport.  I have never seen one in my entire life. Then after my session on my way to buy a Bible, I saw a Swift truck. God is so good. He brings to life what is dead. Thank You Jesus for never giving up on us.”  (Texas) (posted 3/20/2017)
“I have been standing for several years and this past month I have struggled with weariness, depression and unbelief. My entire life started going in reverse. I was not seeing any signs from God. Yesterday, which also was my husband’s birthday, I renewed my stand with an hour of prayer and repentance. God moved quickly. My spouse answered my birthday text and while driving I was given a Swift truck, a United truck and the sign of all signs, a Covenant Transport truck! I drive all day for a living and have not seen any in quite some time. Then three today! Praise the Lord. Thanking for Lord for never giving up on me. Tomorrow we will celebrate my husband’s birthday with a family party as well! This is the year of the restoration of my family.”  (New York) (posted 3/14/2017)
“I have been separated from my husband for many months with two false starts. I have been fasting this past week, with a different fast every day to open my husband's eyes and leave his relationship with the OW. I had my grandchildren this weekend and had to drive them home. On my way I was blessed by three Swift trucks! I thanked the Lord for renewed strength for standing and on my way home I saw my first Covenant Transport truck followed by none other than a truck with the word GRACE on the side. I was overwhelmed! God is truly working on the other side of the mountain. Praise the Lord!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 3/10/2017)
“All praise and glory to the Lord! I am very thankful to have found this ministry when I was struggling to stand. I have seen other testimonies about signs the Lord has shown other standers, especially Covenant Transport and/or Swift trucks. A few weekends ago I was missing my wife and feeling down after returning from a trip out of town and I prayed for the Lord to show me a Covenant truck if I am truly doing what He wants me to do. I looked at truck after truck for the next few minutes and started to lose hope. The next thing I know, I saw a Swift truck and there was a Covenant Transport truck right behind it. I knew that the Lord was telling me that my marriage will be restored sooner than I think. I thank the Lord that He ‘is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.’ (Ephesians 3:20) Standers, don't give up! God is truly good and faithful! Please pray for me as I am praying for you all as well!”  (Texas) (posted 3/10/2017)
“I read some of the Covenant Transport testimonies today for added encouragement. Ambulances are the Lord’s sign to me that He is in the process of ‘rescuing’ my marriage. My husband is a paramedic and there are no coincidences with God. Seeing an ambulance one day while driving home from work, I believe that Lord asked me in my spirit – what is the reason that someone would need an ambulance? He then said, ‘To Rescue – I am rescuing you, your husband and your marriage.’ In the next hour and a half or so after hearing from the Lord, I saw six other ambulances. God is good. Well, today, as I was on the telephone with my husband waiting at a stop sign, what do you think was coming up the road? YES, that’s right…an ambulance! I am so encouraged and I want all standers who read this to be as well. I have seen many other ambulances since that first time as well. It seems when I am discouraged, He will send me an ambulance.”  (North Carolina) (posted 3/8/2017)
“I have been a stander for a couple of months. My husband lives with the OW. I have been reading about Covenant Transport trucks. Since I have been standing, I had never seen a truck. Feeling a little blue for awhile, I was invited to a birthday party, but my daughter and I would have to make the four hour trip. I wanted to attend the party but had no transportation. Everything came together and we traveled. On the way, my nephew kept telling me to keep an eye out for the traffic going south because he kept seeing pretty cars that looked like they were going to a car show. Well guess what? Yes, I finally saw my first Covenant Truck. Yay! I felt this trip was all God’s plan. My husband told my daughter that he would go by the house this weekend to take us to lunch. We will not be home but I know this is the beginning to us reconnecting. God is King!”  (Texas) (posted 3/3/2017)
“Today was my anniversary. I didn't hear from my spouse but God didn't disappoint. I saw a truck with the #27 at the top. My spirit thought Psalm 27, but I had no idea what Psalm 27 said. The song ‘I Need You Lord’ started playing on the radio. In this song there is verse that repeats 'Show me Your face.’ I continued driving and I saw a Guarantee Restoration truck. I arrived at work and I turn on the song I just heard on the radio. I looked up Psalm 27. When I get to verses 8-14, I start to cry tears of joy. Verse 8 starts with 'Seek my face.’ I'm reading this at the same time the song I am playing is saying 'Show me Your face.’ Verse 14 reads, ‘Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take courage, wait for the Lord.’ On the way home, God showed me a Covenant Transport truck. Even though I didn't hear from my spouse, God is letting me know He is with me and He has not forgotten His promise. I just have to wait for His timing. Standers, continue to wait, God is going to exceed our expectations!”  (Louisiana) (posted 3/3/2017)
“I feel alone standing for my marriage with only one friend standing with me; my spouse and the rest of the world, including those I've spoken with at the church, not. Last night I gave in, let everything go to God and felt completely hopeless. When I woke this morning, I felt no will or desire for anything, not just my husband/marriage. Going through and writing down scriptures this morning helped a little. I had asked to see a Covenant Transport truck or similar as a sign before I left the house, but didn't really expect an immediate sign. While driving in an area new to me, I again asked for a truck as a sign. Immediately I turned the corner and saw not only a Covenant Transport truck about to cross my path, but just behind him a Swift truck. I started shaking and crying and thanking God for the sign. My hope against hope is renewed. My spiritual battle for my husband and my marriage continues, stronger than ever. 1 Corinthians 13:7-8 (NLT) Love will last forever!”  (Nebraska) (posted 2/22/2017)
“Only God could've done this! I asked God to see s Covenant Transport truck and Swift truck at the same time in His time to show me He's doing unseen work in my wife's life to reconcile us. A few weeks later I'm driving along, not even thinking of it.  I passed a truck on my right and it was a Covenant Transport truck. I slowed down to take a picture and then immediately my eyes looked over to the opposing traffic on the highway! It was a Swift truck! couldn't believe it! I’m bawling my eyes out, thanking the Lord for using this storm to show Himself to me in such an intimate way. I feel like Moses when he was being lifted above the burning bush in the holiness of God, tears rolling down his eyes. I have fallen in love with God. My heart for my wife has grown so much for her. He’s prepping me.”  (Connecticut) (posted 2/22/2017)
“I’m always in awe of God! I have asked the Lord to give me a sign of restoration and healing for my marriage. I oftentimes heard other RMM members talk about Swift trucks so I said, ‘God, I'm looking for You to give me a sign. I don't want to guess I don't want to wonder, show me a Covenant Transport truck as your sign for my covenant marriage.’  I read ‘Spiritually Dead’ by Charlyne. She talked about asking God to give you a Rhema word. I said, ‘God, if you did it for Charlyne, do it for me.’ Later that same day I was driving and felt an overwhelming urge in my spirit to begin to praise God. I felt He was about to show me a miracle (Don't wait till the battle is over, shout now.) I looked over to the left and saw a Covenant Transport truck pass by. I literally lost it. Jesus had to literally ‘take the wheel’ or I was going to crash in my praise. God is real. He hears prayers and He is faithful! Don't give up on God. His timing is perfect for healing and restoration. God keeps His promises. Hebrews 6:12.”  (Arizona) (posted 2/3/2017)
“Please do not give up hope! This time last year my husband was absent and active in drug and alcohol addiction. Every dark cloud surrounded me and it seemed as if the more I prayed the worse things got. I remained in prayer and walked by faith. My husband is now home, paying ALL the bills and loves his new job. We moved to a new area and we have devotions every morning. He prays and is now leading his family to Christ. Recently, I saw a warehouse by my home with more than a dozen Covenant Transport trucks parked. This was God confirming another healed marriage. Praise the King of Kings!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 1/31/2017)
“Please do not give up hope! This time last year my husband was absent and active in drug and alcohol addiction. Every dark cloud surrounded me and it seemed as if the more I prayed the worse things got. I remained in prayer and walked by faith. My husband is now home, paying ALL the bills and loves his new job. We moved to a new area and we have devotions every morning. He prays and is now leading his family to Christ. Recently, I saw a warehouse by my home with more than a dozen Covenant Transport trucks parked. This was God confirming another healed marriage. Praise the King of Kings!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 1/31/2017)
“I have been separated for several months and for the last few months, I have read many testimonies about Covenant Transport trucks. God is faithful and even when you question secretly if these stories are real, He shows up in massive ways. In the last couple months I've seen every truck that has been mentioned by other standers (Swift, Covenant, PTL, Shred-it, Heartland, United). Christmas day, I decided at the last minute to visit relatives out of town. I was kind of down but God showed me several 'Peace’ trucks. I asked the Lord what do those trucks mean pertaining to my situation and immediately I passed a ‘Restore’ truck. God told me to post a testimony as an act of faith so here it is. I truly thank God for this ministry because I was looking for an attorney when I stumbled on this site but now I'm so convinced that I was led by the Lord.”  (Arkansas) (posted 1/23/2017)
“On the way to work this morning, I was claiming the power of Jesus through His blood, declaring that my husband is now set free from the enemy and asking God to know His will. Behold, I saw a Covenant Transport truck! I see semi trucks by the dozens every day, and have never seen a Covenant Transport one, until today. I have been asking to see one for weeks, and today my prayer was answered. And the split second I was about to doubt, a second one drove by! PTL! My husband is coming home soon!”  (Arizona) (posted 1/23/2017)
“Our day in court came and went, but God was in the midst. The judge looked at me and smiled, then said to me, ‘I have a feeling I will never see the two of you in my court room ever again and I’m glad.’ I smiled back and nodded yes, you are correct. Then he turned to my husband and said, ‘Sir, you are still married until I sign off on the paperwork, and I don’t plan to do so until after the first of the year, and since you’re filing joint taxes I can push it until the end of January, so until I sign, you’re still married!’ PTL! Since our court day I have seen a Covenant Transport truck each day! PTL! God is on the move in a mighty way in our marriage and I’m excited to see what He does for my husband! I’m holding fast to Luke 1:45. Stay strong standers, I pray daily for all your marriages to be restored. God is faithful and He will do it!”  (West Virginia) (posted 1/16/2017)
“Yesterday my mother-in-law and I were going over a highway and right underneath, a Covenant Transport truck and a truck that said ‘United’ in big letters passed. I was so inspired! I believe God is keeping His promises and working on keeping my spouse and I united in our covenant marriage. We've been separated for a couple of years and I've not heard from him despite sending him a couple of things last year, but I know God is faithful. Standers, we all WILL recover what the enemy has stolen from us. Praise God! Let's keep standing everyone!”  (New Jersey) (posted 1/11/2017)
“Praise God! I was on my way from taking my daughter to college and I was talking to God. wondering about signs of my stand, ‘Lord, are you hearing me?’ He said to ‘Look, at the semis going past you and on the side of you!’ And in my mind I said, ‘I wonder what the RMM members are saying about the Covenant Transport trucks?’ Lo and behold, there they were back to back .They kept coming – Swift, Swift, Swift, Covenant Transport multiple times. God is getting me ready. My empty nest is waiting to be filled and that non-covenant marriage is dissolving as I’m writing. Continuous prayer, fasting for your spouse and the OW will help to give you peace that no one will understand. Smile and it upsets the devil. Carry yourself as a happy, content, beautiful, forgiving woman. God says to be content in everything. Don’t worry, pray. God can do it. He Is the author and the finisher of it all. God bless!”  (Michigan) (posted 1/11/2017)
“I had been having an overwhelming burden to stand, even after months of no communication from my husband. I read many testimonies on this site and so many had referenced a Covenant Transport truck. While I am aware of Covenant trucks, I had never seen one. As I have been standing, God has just been drawing me so near to Him. On the day my divorce was final, I had been reading the lunch time testimony of a stander who sought God for a sign that He was working on the other side of the mountain. I closed my eyes and prayed to God, telling Him that even if there was never a sign, I would trust Him that He was working. That evening driving home from work, I looked up and noticed a Covenant Transport truck right in front of me. I was shocked! I stated to praise God and cry! How He loves us! I asked for no sign, but He gave me one just because of His love and grace and on the day my divorce was broken by the state. Bless his name! Keep the faith standers! God is with us!”  (Georgia) (posted 1/11/2017)
“This first Christmas without my beloved was a mixed bag of emotions. I visited family, but as desperately as I tried, my thoughts kept returning to the one who wasn't there. I got off of my Bible reading schedule and I was starving for Him to speak to me. God used this to show me anew my desperate daily need for Him. (John 15:5) To make it worse, I am the only believer in my family. Their vehement opposition to Christ limits what I can talk to them about without starting WW III. While in the car with my mom and sister, I was finally reading my Bible, silently begging God to give me a sign that He was still working in my marriage and in my family's hearts. Ten minutes later we pulled off the highway, and parked at the rest stop was a Covenant Transport truck with a Swift truck right next to it! I took a picture to remind me of my Heavenly Father's Christmas gift and spent the rest of the day focused on joy.”  (Louisiana) (posted 1/9/2017)
“I have a live-in prodigal who asked for a divorce a few months back. I found RMM at the time and began to follow. God is moving mountains that we don't see. There have been some blessings where God is showing our marriage will be restored. Living in Texas, I don't see Covenant Transport trucks. Yesterday I asked God for a sign and I can't believe what God showed me. It said, ‘The New Covenant Church.’ Praise God. I drive past there all the time and never see it. Then today driving, I saw not one, but two Swift trucks within 15 minutes of each other. I don't see those trucks very often. I'm am so thankful to our Lord and I know soon my spouse and I will be restored. Keep praising God and give Him control Then sit back and watch the wonderful work He can do.”  (Texas) (posted 1/9/2017)
“Praise God! I have been standing for some time and I asked God for a sign. Nothing huge. I’ve never seen a Covenant Transport truck in my life. I’m on the phone with my spouse as he is angrily explaining my children must accept the OW when I see a Covenant Transport truck!! Later today, he is now considering going to church with us on Christmas Eve! God is so good. Stay strong in Him and He will give you all you need on this journey to a restored marriage and family. My suddenly is coming. Thank You Lord.”  (Louisiana) (posted 12/27/2016)
“Today has been amazing! I was directed by the Holy Spirit to go to church and take a long drive to get out of the house for a while. So, I cleaned the snow off the car and headed to church. I recited the rosary and had a long conversation with Jesus, asking for signs of work within my marriage. I left church and headed for my long drive. Within about two miles I was on the highway and I saw my husband’s exact car come up very quickly behind me. Not thinking much of it, because there are so many similar cars, I looked forward and MY GOD, there was a Covenant Transport truck passing me on the other side of the highway! I never thought I’d see one and I couldn’t believe it! I cried and praised God, Jesus, Mary, the Holy Ghost, and even Joseph. I cried and could not stop; from that moment my heart was completely filled with more faith, song and praise than ever. The rest of the drive I blasted praise music. I’ve been crying and singing on and off the rest of the day. My suddenly is near.”  (New Jersey) (posted 12/27/2016)
“Praise God! Thanks to our Father that He does make promises in His Word and we can trust Him. I have been separated for several years. My husband left from the Thanksgiving table and said he could not do it any longer. There was an OW and then a child. I was crushed and did not know what to do. I prayed to God for answers and to teach me how to pray. God put me in a new church and He gave me RMM. Last month, after many years of praying for answers, I asked God to give me a radical sign if marriage restoration was His desire. I sent a donation to RMM on top of my tithe; told God I trusted him. The next day I saw nine Covenant Transport trucks. Then a call from my husband that it was over with the OW. Fast forward to this Thanksgiving and my husband was sitting next to me at the Thanksgiving table with all who were there when he walked out. I got to thank and praise God for him and those who have been with me. Keep praying and trusting for complete restoration. God is amazing! God is working! Believe!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 12/5/2016)
“Praise God! Thanks to our Father that He does make promises in His Word and we can trust Him. I have been separated for several years. My husband left from the Thanksgiving table and said he could not do it any longer. There was an OW and then a child. I was crushed and did not know what to do. I prayed to God for answers and to teach me how to pray. God put me in a new church and He gave me RMM. Last month, after many years of praying for answers, I asked God to give me a radical sign if marriage restoration was His desire. I sent a donation to RMM on top of my tithe; told God I trusted him. The next day I saw nine Covenant Transport trucks. Then a call from my husband that it was over with the OW. Fast forward to this Thanksgiving and my husband was sitting next to me at the Thanksgiving table with all who were there when he walked out. I got to thank and praise God for him and those who have been with me. Keep praying and trusting for complete restoration. God is amazing! God is working! Believe!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 12/5/2016)
“This Thanksgiving I saw my first Covenant Transport truck and much more! I am still in shock over what happened. I am standing strong and I know that this is what God wants me to be doing despite my prodigal marrying the OW. God reinforced this as I traveled to visit my parents for the holiday. On my drive there I saw a number of Spirit trucks and Swift trucks that I realized later that evening showed up in a numerical pattern that created my prodigal's birth month and date! On the drive back home I didn't expect much and just asked God to show me whatever He wanted. He showed me a combination of Spirit, Swift, Express, and PTL trucks - AND my first ever Covenant Transport truck! I also saw a tour bus for the Prodigal Sons Band. All in a numerical pattern that again included my prodigal's birth date and the date that my prodigal's stepmom passed away - a day that everyone in the family believes was the catalyst for my prodigal's major midlife crisis. Thank you God for these messages!”  (Texas) (posted 12/5/2016)
“Standing has been one of the most challenging things that I've ever done. Often times while traveling, I look for different signs from God to confirm my stand. Once before, I assumed I saw a Covenant Truck, but after little progress, I assumed I was incorrect. While traveling over the holidays, I saw many Swift Trucks and felt like it was mere coincidence. While praying more, I looked up at a truck that I was passing. It was a Covenant Transport truck, clear as day. No coincidence in this. Praise God for confirmation.”  (Maryland) (posted 12/5/2016)
“I believe my suddenly is soon! I prayed to God to see a Covenant Transport truck as a sign for when my husband is coming home and in the ten hours a week I spend on the interstate, I hardly ever see them. BUT GOD! In the last two days I have seen three of them (one each time I have been on the road)! Mark 11:24 has been one of the scriptures that has kept me strong through all of this. I prayed for a miracle by Christmas. I have believed it even when the devil tried to bring me down through family, and I know I will receive my miracle!”  (Kentucky) (posted 12/5/2016)
“Today is the day before Thanksgiving and I've been standing for several months. I just made it through my first anniversary without my beloved through God's grace. As I was driving and thinking about my covenant husband and how he was going to spend the holiday, I looked over and saw a Covenant Transport truck that I would have missed if I looked over even a second later. This is the second one I've seen during my stand after seeing many Swift and United trucks. As I was praising God for the wonderful gift that He is working and will restore my marriage, the song on the radio that came on was ‘The Storm is Over’ by Kirk Franklin. All I could do was laugh and give God all the Glory. My suddenly is right around the corner. I continue to stand on Exodus 14:14 and Isaiah 44:26-28.”  (District of Columbia) (posted 12/5/2016)
“This is just a word of encouragement for those standers out there who have not seen or have yet to see Covenant Transport trucks and Swift trucks as signs of restoration. I have been blessed enough recently to see both many times. But I have also seen a Heartland Express truck a couple of times. I didn't think much of it at first, but had hope it was a sign. God confirmed it is a sign that He is ‘working quickly (Express) to soften my spouse's hardened heart’ (Heartland). So if others out there are seeing this truck as well, be encouraged. God is on the move! PTL for these signs standers and never ever give up.”  (Virginia) (posted 11/29/2016)
“Our God is amazing! My husband and I have been separated for several months, and in the midst of working on restoring our marriage, he abruptly stopped seeing me, communicating with me, and filed for a divorce. I was devastated. I know that this was not the plan or will of God. About a week ago I put out a fleece to the Lord to give me a sign that He wanted me to continue to stand for my marriage despite the circumstances. The next day on the way to work, a Swift truck was pulling out in the lane next to me. A few miles later I saw another one and I just started screaming, ‘Thank you Lord, my suddenly is on the way.’ During this same week as I traveled out of town and back, I saw five Covenant Transport trucks and more Swift Trucks than I could count. I believe God is moving Swiftly on my behalf and on behalf of other standers all over the world. I bless God for Rejoice Ministries and the prayers and testimonies of others. It is a lifeline to encourage me. Keep standing! Suddenly is coming.”  (Georgia) (posted 11/22/2016)
“I just wanted to give encouragement to standers out there who may doubt God’s perfect timing. I have been standing for some time and it’s been very difficult at times as there is an OW involved. Sometimes I get weary and doubt God’s timing of restoration. But God! I Yesterday I asked God to see a Swift truck if my husband was leaving the OW this month. Well, God showed me not one but TWO Swift trucks! And if that wasn't enough, God amazed me with a Covenant Transport truck that drove right past me! A minute sooner or later and I would have missed it. Please standers, never doubt God’s perfect timing. He will restore all of our marriages as promised. And it will be right on time. His perfect time. I know my suddenly is very near. Praying for all standers. Never give up. Never doubt God’s timing! He will restore!”  (Virginia) (posted 11/22/2016)
“I’ve been standing for quite some time and growing my relationship with God, but as we standers know, we can grow tired and weary at times. I was like that recently after dropping off my daughter at school. I turned on praise music and a song about praising God in the storm was playing. As my exit approached, I suddenly realized I had to get over quickly (was too caught up in the song to notice my exit). I sped up to pass a truck and looked over to see a Covenant Transport logo on the cab. I have never seen one and only heard of the company through RMM (they are not in our area). I immediately began crying. I journaled the experience as a reminder on my bad days that God does speak to His children. I know my suddenly is coming soon – my husband has yet to discuss a legal separation or divorce since he left, but likewise, he does not discuss reconciliation, but he comes over quite frequently for dinner, movies, football games, etc. Praising God for still being married to my beloved!”  (Virginia) (posted 11/14/2016)
“I've been reading testimonies on RMM for several years, since I began standing. I have never seen a Swift or Covenant Transport truck and believed they were not in my area. A week ago we were in traffic and my adult son pointed out ahead of us a Swift truck moving slowly with their flashers on. He mentioned that was ironic. I wouldn't have even noticed the truck if he hadn't said something, praise the Lord! What was spoken to my heart was that even though the Swift truck (my suddenly) was moving slower than I wanted, it was still steadily moving forward. Thank you, Jesus! You speak to us just when we need it! Hang on, standers! God is good!”  (Indiana) (posted 11/14/2016)
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