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Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

“Seeing a Covenant Transport truck just three miles from my home on my way to a doctor to have a benign growth removed, gave me courage to ask that all the growths be removed, not just one. Previously doctors had been unwilling to do that. This time, when the doctor asked me why I wanted all growths removed, I said, ‘My husband doesn't like them.’ I believe the Lord is preparing me for the restoration of my marriage from the inside out. This was part of the ‘out.’ Praise the Lord!”  (Maryland)  (posted 7/23/2012)
“This has been a rough week and I was praying and apologized to God that my thoughts and mind were like scrambled eggs and my mind was going 100 MPH. I heard God speak ‘Be still and know that I am God’ and a Covenant Transport truck merged onto the highway beside me RIGHT then! I have NEVER seen one and have always wondered why I have been to 40 of 50 states and not once have I seen a Covenant Transport truck. God's timing is PERFECT! I was so excited that I slowed down to let the truck pass me so I could see it again!” (Georgia)  (posted 12/12/2011)
“Many months ago I asked God to show me a Covenant Transport truck if He was going to bring my husband home. I have never seen one before. I almost forgot about that request. Last week when my kids and I were pulling into a parking lot, there parked with no trailer was a Covenant Transport truck! I told my children of my prayer and they said, ‘Daddy is coming home!’ Praise God! Today in the Saturday Testimonies God gave me this scripture:‘The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. The sorrows for the appointed feasts I will remove from you...’  Zephaniah 3:17-18a. Thank You Jesus!”  (Colorado)  (posted 12/3/2011)
“I've been receiving mixed messages from Christian loved ones about my stand. Many have told me it is okay to accept that my husband filed because there was infidelity involved. I cried out to God and asked Him if He wanted me to continue to stand. Then I saw a Covenant Transport Truck! I shouted for joy! Then another truck that read ‘PTL’ drove by. I shouted ‘Praise the Lord!’ Just before arriving at my destination I drove up hill and looked down and saw another Covenant Transport truck! This makes three Covenant Transport trucks I've seen in my lifetime which is rare because I never saw them before. Only when I ask the Lord to give me a sign to continue to stand do I see them. This lets me know He is working on the other side of my mountain.”  (Texas) (posted 2/14/2012)
“Last Friday was a challenging day for me. Later that day I attended worship band practice. I had a blessed time worshiping our Lord and Savior. On my drive home, which was very late at night, I was pouring my heart out to God. Out of nowhere at a stop light was a Covenant Transport truck. I couldn't believe my eyes. Where we live these trucks are not around. Thank You Jesus for Your reminders You are in control.”  (California)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“This is my first testimony and the next one is my marriage restoration. This month I have been seeing many signs ‘God is my Pilot’ and many more Covenant Transport trucks wherever I go. I took pictures of them and saved them to my phone. I know that God is working on the other side of my mountain. Like, I promised to God, I will never give up on my marriage restoration. I know it is God’s perfect will and it will come at God's perfect time.”  (North Carolina)  (posted 4/19/2012)
“Today a Covenant Transport truck pulled into our business. I was practically jumping up and down. For some years I have trusted God for the restoration of my dead marriage and at the lowest moments He has sent ministries like RMM, faithful believers, and Covenant Transport trucks to encourage me in the darkest days of separation and divorce. Having that truck pull up to our business was a kiss on the cheek from the Lord. I believe that I am almost on the other side of this mountain. Praise God.”  (Ohio)   (posted 4/19/2012)
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“God is so good! This was a dark week for me as I struggled with a rebellious son. Things were so quiet and I was not hearing from the Lord regarding my marriage. I lost my faith temporarily, but praise God, my parents are Christians and they prayed us through when I had no strength left. Tonight my son and I felt we should take a drive to see the sunset, and what did we see on campus tonight? My firstCovenant Transporttruck! I didn't think they ever came to my state and I saw one on a college campus after the worst week. I read other standers' testimonies about these trucks for over a year, not thinking it would be possible for me. Praise God! Then I was fasting and praying for others' marriages and this came from the Lord: After Job had interceded for his friends, God restored his fortune -and then doubled it!’  Job 42:10. My suddenly is coming soon. Thank You, Lord, for working in our marriages.”  (Arizona)  (posted 9/24/2012)
“In my frustration and plain old being tired of waiting, I announced to my prodigal that I will be filing papers to give him what he wants. As soon as I said it, I felt convicted. I prayed for God to speak to me on what to do. As I traveled down the road three trucks gave me exactly what I needed to hear from God. The first said, ‘Your most valuable resource starts right here!’ The second was a Covenant Transport truck, but the final one: ‘Better Starts from Here!’ PTL!”  (Georgia)  (posted 4/19/2012)
“I asked God to let me see a Covenant Transport truck on my lunch hour last week. I wanted confirmation like others have had. I was desperate for a sign. I told God that if I saw one while I was driving around, then I knew He was really working on my marriage. I looked for a truck everywhere I drove. I saw nothing. I was so disappointed and thought ‘Yeah, that's what I figured.’ I hadn't thought much about it since then and was sitting at my desk today and glanced out the window. At the very moment I looked up, a Covenant Transport truck was driving by. I'm not in the same busy town I was last week, but at the very moment I looked out the window, it was there! I thanked God and was filled with amazement and then felt ashamed for questioning God and putting a time frame on His plan. I felt Him say to me ‘Don't tell Me when you expect something, wait on My time.’ God didn't forget me. He felt so real to me at that moment and He knew that is what I needed.”  (Kentucky)  (posted 8/13/2012)
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"God finds a way! Recently my husband started a new career in which he travels a lot and it so happens I was having a bad week. It was his birthday and I was really feeling down. He called on Friday because he had broken down and would not be back on the road until Monday. So he asked if the kids and I would go see him. We did and were able to spoil him with some home cooking. He took us to his work and showed us around and on the way back the kids and I noticed a Covenant Transport truck passing by! Only God could have done all of this and for that I am humbled and eternally grateful!"  (West Virginia) (posted 5/12/2011)
“Praise God for your ministry! I saw six Covenant Transport trucks in one day. I was so grateful for this sign of encouragement. ‘God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.’ Love and blessings to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries family.”  (Delaware)  (posted 4/26/2012)
“My marriage is dying due to homosexuality. My husband is lost. I have been praying, fasting and waiting on my Father. We do not have Covenant Transport trucks but I see Imperial trucks.  I looked Imperial up and it means ‘belonging to a Kingdom,’ so I take comfort that they remind me I am a royal child of God. On a recent trip, I actually saw a Covenant Transport truck. When I looked it up, I found out that the company just opened in one of our cities. God is awesome. Thank you all of you. You keep me strong and positive.”  (South Africa) (posted 10/30/2014)
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"Our Lord is mighty to save! I have been seeking the face of the Lord intensely and asking for signs to help guide me through my stand. Yesterday I saw a Covenant Transport Truck with our anniversary date as the fleet number and also in the license plate. PTL!" (Florida) (posted 1/21/2011)
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"I was praying the other day about whether or not I am doing the right thing by standing for my wife, or was this something I just dreamed up. I was an hour and a half late getting off work and God did what He did. As I was driving home a Covenant Transport truck pulled right out in front of me, and I began to praise the Lord. As I made my exit, I looked at the street sign and it said Victory Blvd!!! Praise God He is working behind the mountain, and I know in his perfect timing all things will be made anew!! Amen. Thank You, Heavenly Father." (Virginia)

(posted 4/2/2011)
“I have been standing for many years now. God has given me many signs that my marriage would be restored. I saw them at the time but forgot about them. Because of a situation, I became angry and told God I give up. He must not want my marriage to be restored. I was weak and tired. I yelled at God. I pulled through thanks to RMM, my Christian friends and of course God. I found myself asking God for forgiveness for my anger. I asked Him if he would show me a sure sign that I would recognize that my marriage will be restored. The next day I saw twoCovenant Transport trucks. I've been looking for those trucks for four years. God loves me. He is so amazing. I was weak but God held me up. I love Him with my whole heart. I will never give up on God restoring my marriage again. Praise God!”  (Illinois)   (posted 4/28/2014)
“To God goes all the praise and the glory. I asked the Lord if standing in the gap for my husband was the right thing for me to do. After that I got a call from my husband’s attorney about some paperwork he needed for mediation, I was heartbroken and discouraged. I told the Lord if divorce is His will and He wants not to stand then I would obey Him. I started to cry and decided I would give up my stand. I was feeling pretty low while driving in my car. I had my head down at the red light and I looked up and there was a Covenant Transport truck sitting right in front of me! I just cried tears of joy. Thank You Lord!” (Georgia) (posted 9/11/2014)

“God is so good! My prayer used to be God please change my husband, but it became God please change me. And God has. It has been painful and heartbreaking at times. But God! I have seen so many Swift trucks and Covenant Transport trucks recently that it has amazed me! Today my husband is on his way back with his things! I stand amazed and in awe at the God I serve and the love He has for me! He is amazing! Don't ever quit standing for your spouse. God does above everything we could ever want or ask for. I praise His name! Thank You dear Heavenly Father.”  (Oklahoma) 

(posted 10/29/2012)
“I started praying to see a Covenant Transport Truck but wasn't really sure I would see one. A few days later while playing ball in the yard with my son I kept glancing up as trucks went by. I heard very clearly to ‘ask and it will be given, seek and you will find.’ So I asked God to show me a Covenant truck if it be His will. Later that day I saw, parked on an exit, a Covenant Transport truck. I began to cry and praise the Lord even more. I turned around and went back to the exit and was able to take pictures. I guess it was broken down because there wasn't even a driver around. I praise God for allowing me to see the truck. And in doing so He increased my faith in the power of prayer. He taught me a lesson that day that when we ask He is faithful to answer. Ask, believe, and wait for His answer.”  (North Carolina)  (posted 4/1/2012)
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"I have been standing for almost a year for my marriage to be restored. Not seeing any signs, I had become very weary and wanted to give up. Monday was our 19th wedding anniversary. I was on the way to the airport with my daughters for a trip that my husband was to be on. Feeling so sad and discouraged, God showed me a Covenant Transport truck. We don't have these where I live. I knew right then that God was working and it was a sign to keep fighting for my marriage and family. Praise God for His perfect timing; it restored my strength."  (Washington)
(posted 4/9/2011)
“Praise God! As I was driving on a short business road trip this past weekend, the Lord allowed me to see 14 Covenant Transport trucks! This was confirmation as it symbolized each year of marriage, plus one. Thus, despite my husband's recent decisions, I can trust, believe, rest and stand on the assurance of God's Word that He IS A COVENANT KEEPER!”  (New Mexico)  (posted 7/2/2012)
“I've been standing for a while now. I came across RMM and I've found so much inspiration. My relationship with God is stronger than ever and I feel even more capable of standing now that I have such a wonderful source of encouragement. I don't recall every seeing a Covenant Transport truck before reading the testimonies, but I've been looking and praying for a sign since. Well today, on my way home, I saw my first truck. I'd just turned on one of my favorite gospel songs and was praising my God as it passed me! God is always on time. I pray for all you standers and your prodigals. Keep your faith, trust in God always!!” (Texas)  (posted 7/23/2012)
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“Today my children expressed to me how they hope that my husband and I ‘get back together.’ I prayed that God would place on their hearts hope and the desire that we would reconcile and He did! I also prayed for just one more sign of encouragement in my stand and lo and behold He revealed a Covenant Transport truck to me. I know He can and will restore my marriage. I had given up several times in my stand but having renewed my relationship with Jesus, He has given me the strength and courage to fight. Please fellow standers, don't give in to the enemy and give up your stand. God wants to restore your marriage as He does mine, and He will!”  (California)  (posted 12/20/2011)
“God's timing is always perfect. God has done many wonderful things in my life during 2013. He conquered cancer in my life. I have been standing many years and often struggle with, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ God always helps me remember that He is in control. Covenant Transport trucks are rare in our area, yet I always see one when I have asked for confirmation or am about to give in. This past week, after my fifth surgery this year I was feeling defeated, BUT GOD! On the way home there was my truck and we discussed the power of prayer at Church Night supper. God is good to lift me when I need it. Although I see nothing happening, I trust that God loves my spouse more than I and that He hears my prayers. I pray for God to be glorifiedin the restoration of marriages. I pray for prodigals to hear the Savior’s voice. Let us remember Luke 19:10 this season. I pray for many Christmas miracles!”  (Georgia) (posted 12/29/2013)
“I prayed for a sign to continue my stand although we are now divorced. I was feeling like I needed strength to continue my stand or to end it. As I was driving down the interstate I looked to my left and there it was, a Covenant Transport truck, I knew I had to continue on. God still speaks, but are we listening?”  (Texas) (posted 3/11/2012)
"Last night I prayed for my husband. He called me this morning to spend some time, and shared with me that he broke down in tears the night before and cried out to God to come back home! Praise GOD! Also while we were out, a Covenant Transport Truck passed us and I have never seen one in my city. God is truly awesome and he gets all the glory."  (Georgia) (posted 5/12/2011)
“I have been standing for some years. I've given up on ever seeing a Covenant Transport truck or receiving a sign to continue to stand. I drive from one city to another every other month to visit my daughter. I used to ask/beg God to see a Covenant Transport truck. On my last visit, I was content to ride and listen to my worship music. I saw four Covenant Transport trucks on this visit! All I could do was laugh.”  (Michigan)  (posted 12/20/2011)
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"A few weeks ago I asked God send me a sign that my husband would call and I saw two Covenant Transport trucks! God is SO GOOD! I just praise Him! I will stand for life, no question about it!  (Louisiana) 
(posted 4/15/2011)
“My wife agreed to go to dinner with me. I was very nervous because one month earlier she said no to dinner. I prayed for direction and God said, 'It is finished.' I then asked God for confirmation. He led me to Hosea 6:2. I was floored and asked God for a sign because what I just read was amazing. Shortly after that I saw a Covenant Transport truck parked in an area where if parked any other place, I would not have seen it. Dinner that night was amazing. Jesus!”  (Colorado) (posted 10/21/2013)
“I was so hurt by my husband that I moved our family to another state with the understanding that he would join us soon. He never came and I started wondering if I was manipulating God. It came to me that God would restore my marriage without me uprooting our family and so I decided to move back. Before we moved back however, we visited during spring break and, while driving to our home state, I passed ten Covenant Transport trucks! I thought that must have been a coincidence and looked for them on the way back to the state we were temporarily living in. I did not see even one and so I felt very strongly God telling me to go back home and let Him work on us. One year later my husband came back home and it has been better than ever! God is faithful!” (New Mexico)  (posted 7/11/2012)
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"I have never asked the Lord for a sign, but last week I had just entered onto I-75, and asked the Lord for a sign if I was to continue in this stand. Not two minutes later a Covenant Transport truck passed me. I have never noticed these trucks before. Praise the Lord." (Florida) (posted 9/10/2010)
“I have not seen a Covenant Transport truck in our state since my stand began nine months ago. I testified to other ways God has encouraged me with other trucks, but today I was driving by the airport and listening to a teaching by Charlyne when I looked up, and there was a Covenant Transport truck. PTL. I met a friend and prayer partner for lunch and on the way back, I saw a ‘Swift’ trailer. Thank You God for encouraging me in so many ways and confirming that You want me to keep praying and standing. Job 9:10  - ‘He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.’”  (Colorado)  (posted 7/11/2012)
“I have been standing for my marriage. Many people told me to just give up and divorce him. But I could not give up praying for him and fasting . Every time I felt like giving up, God would speak to me through messages, pastor’s sermons or Charlyne's encouraging words. Now my husband is moving some things back into our house, when I least expected it to happen. I just saw my firstCovenant Transport Truck. God is faithful and His timing is perfect.”  (Florida)  (posted 3/12/2013)
“I made a big mistake and my husband said that he couldn't forgive me. There have been a ton of bumps in the road and hurt feelings but now he is letting me come see him. I finally stopped crying and decided to let God take over and listen to Charlyne and ‘zip my lips.’I told my husband that it did not matter what he did or said, I was going to stand for our marriage no matter what. Now he says that he wants to be with me. He is still in the wilderness but I am sure that he will be home soon. God is good. He sent a Covenant Transport truck when I was driving to see my husband. PTL for His faithfulness! I am so grateful for RMM! Keep standing even when you feel like you can't anymore!” (Minnesota)  (posted 2/16/2012)
“I’ve been standing for some years now. I continue at times to fast and pray, asking God am I doing the right thing standing? When I first started standing I started keeping track of Covenant Transport trucks. I have a private journal that I keep track of prayers and write how many total I see and date. How the Lord recently showed me the Covenant trucks really surprised me. I saw them with a United truck as well on two different days. Now I am at 84 total. I know God wants me to stand even though I haven't seen any signs from my husband. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 (NKJV) I believe God will restore my marriage on his time. Amen.” (Illinois) (posted 10/8/2014)
"PTL! God is so faithful. While traveling, I saw on the side of the interstate a Covenant Transport truck broken down. But the most exciting part was that the driver was working on unhooking the broken down truck from the trailer and he had a new truck waiting to hook up to the trailer. This broken down truck on the side of the road represents our broken marriages. What was waiting right there? Nothing more than a brand new truck ready to hook up! God’s not leaving us alone with our broken marriages. He’s right there waiting to help drive us into a new restored marriage."  (Tennessee)  (posted 6/30/2011)
“I have been standing for several years and this is a dry and silent season right now. But God! I am blessed to have a Covenant Transport truck parked right beside my parking lot at work. I park right beside it every work day. This truck has come back the last several years and parked during the summer months and always right when I need it. When it came this year I was witnessing to some co-workers about the truck and my stand and it has been parked there ever since. PTL!”  (Ohio) (posted 9/4/2011)
“We don't have Covenant Transport trucks in my country. However, this week while driving to work, in the traffic jam I was led to pray for my prodigal. As soon as I was done I saw a staff bus that my wife was asked to buy for her employment place. Later this week, after having lunch with a brother and praying for my prodigal, a van drove beside me and on its rear was written ‘Couples for Christ.’  I am having dinner with my prodigal this weekend after more than a year. Standers, don’t give up on God.”  (Kenya) (posted 9/10/2012)
"One day this week I shed many tears and called out to God that I wanted to give up my stand. Later that day I received the daily devotional 'Are You Struggling Standing...?'  I saw six Covenant Transport trailers in a lot. Never before had I seen one. I am holding onto His plan."  (Ohio) 
(posted 4/15/2011)
“I have been standing now for many years. Some years ago I saw my first Covenant Transport truck and then I did not see any until about three months ago. I feel I am on the verge of the appointed date God has for my prodigal's return. I now see a truck at least twice a month. They come on days when I am especially discouraged. I also have another type of truck that I see regularly. The side of the truck reads “Swift.’ They come often so I asked the Lord to place them on overpasses as I go under. What's the odds of that? Well now I see Swift trucks on overpasses frequently. God can communicate in so many ways. Three weeks ago a white van passed me with the words ‘Rescue and Restoration’ painted on the side along with a picture of a house that had suffered from fire and storm. God is faithful. I will write again when my ‘suddenly’ comes swiftly!” (Washington)  (posted 3/24/2012)
“God is still faithfully showing me signs! As I was driving down the highway, I was watching for one of the many Swift or Covenant Transport trucks that I have seen. However, I suddenly came up to a white truck that said, ‘Complete’ transport. I have never seen these trucks before. But the amazing thing was that I glanced across the highway and there was an identical truck heading in the other direction! For a moment I passed directly between two ‘Complete’ signs! This is at the same time the song ‘Completely’ has been touching my heart for my husband. Praise God! He is able!” (Wisconsin) (posted 1/12/2015)
“I have been standing for awhile now. God has restored our communication greatly in the past six months where I have dinner with my wife and the kids regularly. I saw my first Covenant Transport truck three months ago and I now see them daily. My wife told me she wanted to start dating each other again so we could get to know each other again. Driving home this week there was a large sign on the side on the road that read ‘Restoration.’ God is working in both our lives and He gets all the glory! Don't ever stop standing. Give all your worries and fears to God. Then stand back and watch Him work.” (New Mexico)  (posted 2/16/2012)
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