Covenant Transport Testimonies


Some time ago, one of the people we work with, who is standing with God and praying for His restoration of their marriage, asked the Lord for a sign that they were in His will to be praying for a prodigal spouse. Immediately, a Covenant Transport truck passed by. Since sharing that praise report, we have heard from many standers who have spotted red, white, and blue Covenant Transport trucks, at exactly the right time to remind them of their covenant marriage. We share some of those reports with you below.

"I had never seen a Covenant Transport truck! I had been praying to the Lord to confirm my stand; to let me know that I am still doing the right thing. He led me yesterday to a place I never buy gas at, and sitting in the parking lot was a Covenant Transport truck!! Praise the Lord, our God is amazing and He is always watching over us!"  (Alabama) 
(posted 4/25/2011)
“I have been so encouraged by RMM and by all the scriptures and the testimonies. I have had many days when I just want to give up but God has shown me so many signs. I see Covenant Transport trucks and Swift trucks and PTL trucks on days that I don't even know how I am getting through the day. I know that God is faithful and that it is in His time. I am trusting that my husband will seek the Lord and return home.” (Texas)  (posted 5/12/2012)
“I have been on the site for just a few weeks and wondered about these Covenant Transport truck sightings. I have never seen or heard of them before. After a particularly discouraging night, I was on the road with a friend. I had asked the Lord that morning on the way in if I could see one of these trucks. Truck after truck passed and nothing. Then I finally saw one. I looked around to the nearest sign so I could remember where I had seen it - CROSS Island Parkway. After realizing the 'coincident,' I promptly thanked Jesus that my covenant relationship was safely at the foot of the cross.”  (New York)  (posted 8/24/2012)
“Last week I ‘legally’ re-married my covenant wife. It truly is a miracle. God has guided us through the storm, and he will continue to do so. I am so grateful! I am so thankful for this ministry. When my wife left several years ago, within a week, a friend from our Bible study knew of a female stander at her work and that woman gave my friend some information and told me about RMM. I was listening to Charlyne's Me Trust God, Now? CD. I screamed in my truck "God, I do trust you but I want proof that you will restore my marriage!!!". At that moment, a Covenant Transport Truck was on the other side of the highway! Many times the ‘natural’ seemed crazy and impossible. But God knew differently. Thank You Lord, Amen! I pray for all standers, many of whom have been waiting much longer than me.”  (Washington)
(posted 7/3/2014)

Several days ago, I was praying in my car for my prodigal wife and marriage and I wanted to share what I saw when I looked up. I believe God’s promise.  (Pennsylvania)                                       

(posted 4/23/2012)
“I was driving to work, thinking how I had never seen a Covenant Transport truck off of the highway. I considered asking the Lord to give me one but I quickly dismissed that thought. As I was stopped at a red light, one drove through the intersection. PTL! The very next day, I went for a walk and was praying, asking the Lord to confirm His will for our marriage. Shortly after, I glanced at a storefront window and there was a shirt that said, ‘Faith. It doesn't make sense, but it works!’ A few steps ahead is a ‘Restoration’ truck parked at the curb. I went home and started reading my Bible and the Lord gave me Ezekiel 37:22. ‘I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms.’ I pray that this encourages ‘baby Christians’ as I just started reading my Bible after my husband left me.” (Illinois) (posted 9/29/2014)
“As the days go by since my prodigal left and then the divorce, I have turned more and more to the LORD for my help. In the very beginning He gave me Luke 15 – the prodigal son and then, by no coincidence, RMM for confirmation that my marriage was for life. Now, some years later, I am preparing for my suddenly. The OW is totally out of the picture, and my prodigal declares I am his best friend. We are spending more and more time together, and I know this is because I am being still and knowing HE is GOD! On top of all of this, the LORD has also put a painted over Covenant Transport trailer in position for me to see every day, twice a day, when it took waiting two years to see my first one, which was around the time of the breakup with the OW. Praise GOD my restoration is just around the corner. Never give up hope, GOD has a plan for us.”  (Florida)   (posted 9/17/2012)
“I prayed for a sign to continue my stand although we are now divorced. I was feeling like I needed strength to continue my stand or to end it. As I was driving down the interstate I looked to my left and there it was, a Covenant Transport truck, I knew I had to continue on. God still speaks, but are we listening?”  (Texas) (posted 3/11/2012)
“Today, I had to take a six-hour drive. I told God, ‘I will know you are answering my prayers for restoration if I see a Covenant Transport truck.’ I haven't seen one in years. I saw four of them!!! Yes, that's right, FOUR of them!! Thank You, Lord. I know my miracle is right around the corner. God promised me He will restore my marriage and I take Him at His Word.”  (California)  (posted 10/4/2011)
“I have been discouraged lately because my husband hasn't shown any signs that God is softening his heart. He keeps telling me that I'm selfish for wanting our family back together and that if it happens it will be on his terms. So I prayed that God would show me a Covenant Transport truck before the year was over if I am to keep standing. I didn’t see my truck but I did see the movie, Fireproof. I trust this as God's sign to keep standing. God bless RMM and other standers in 2012.”  (Illinois)  (posted 1/10/2012)
"I have never seen a covenant truck, although God has sent Quality Restoration vans to me four times when I have been truly struggling and asking for a tangible sign. In the past four weeks since my husband secretly married the other woman I asked for a tangible sign. I told myself to quit looking because God would send it in His timing as before. My husband didn't call for the holiday but I received a text from him and then saw a covenant transport truck immediately raised my hand to God and yelled, 'Thank You, Jesus' as I cried. My son asked me to explain. For the rest of the 20-minute drive I repeated 'Thank You Jesus'." (Florida) (posted 1/10/2011)
“My wife agreed to go to dinner with me. I was very nervous because one month earlier she said no to dinner. I prayed for direction and God said, 'It is finished.' I then asked God for confirmation. He led me to Hosea 6:2. I was floored and asked God for a sign because what I just read was amazing. Shortly after that I saw a Covenant Transport truck parked in an area where if parked any other place, I would not have seen it. Dinner that night was amazing. Jesus!”  (Colorado) (posted 10/21/2013)
“God loves to delight and love on you. I was on a short road trip today and was thinking about my mother-in-law who is having health issues when Satan starts lying and whispering, ‘Since all sicknesses aren't healed, your marriage isn't going to be healed.’ With the growing faith God has been giving me, I had JUST started a counter attack thought of ‘My God has already promised and has sent me proofs like Covenant Transport trucks and other trucks with encouragements,’ when God sends a Covenant truck driving by! God knows that a Covenant (which also means the promises of God for salvation) is special to me because my beloved and two teenage children are prodigals. Standers, take courage. Our Father knows our very thoughts and hearts. He sees us and hears us. Give your heart to Him completely and open Your eyes to Him every day. His love is unfailing. Don't listen to Satan’s lies and attacks. Replace the lies with God's promises and what God has already done in your life.” (Texas) (posted 3/23/2015)
Read more testimonies of how the Lord speaks to standers through Covenant Transporttrucks.  (posted 2/16/2012)
“On my way home from work I told the Lord that since there are no Covenant Transport trucks in my state, I will continue to believe that He is speaking to me whenever I see a Swift truck. Well you know our God . That same day I was going through some files looking for something and a business card fell out. It was for a company my husband worked for years ago. The name of the company is ‘Covenant Construction.’ Thank You Jesus for Your confirmation. Keep praying my fellow standers.” (Colorado) (posted 3/30/2015)
“I finally saw a Covenant Transport truck. I have been hoping to see one for weeks. I was driving on the road I live on that runs next to the interstate and had just said to the Lord, ‘It would be good to see a Covenant Transport truck,’ as I didn't think they ran in my area. Then out from under the overpass there it was and I felt my heart leap inside. PTL! He seems to give me just what I need, when I need to hear from Him.” (Missouri)  (posted 2/16/2012)
“I recently got an e-mail from my husband about his wanting us to move on. He made it clear that he wanted it to be a conversation. I was emotional and decided not to respond without praying for wisdom. I wrote back a few days later. I prayed that the Lord would help me to ‘be still and know that I am God’ as the Word says. The next day, out of the blue, I saw my second Covenant Transport truck since beginning my stand. It was so comforting for the Lord to reach out to me and encourage me in this way.”  (Oregon)  (posted 7/2/2012)
"My anniversary came. I was walking out of church and thinking of the importance of the day. When I looked across the street, I noticed a Covenant Transport truck passing by. That was my confirmation that God was thinking of the covenant that my husband and I once made." (California) (posted 3/12/2010)
“I started praying to see a Covenant Transport Truck but wasn't really sure I would see one. A few days later while playing ball in the yard with my son I kept glancing up as trucks went by. I heard very clearly to ‘ask and it will be given, seek and you will find.’ So I asked God to show me a Covenant truck if it be His will. Later that day I saw, parked on an exit, a Covenant Transport truck. I began to cry and praise the Lord even more. I turned around and went back to the exit and was able to take pictures. I guess it was broken down because there wasn't even a driver around. I praise God for allowing me to see the truck. And in doing so He increased my faith in the power of prayer. He taught me a lesson that day that when we ask He is faithful to answer. Ask, believe, and wait for His answer.”  (North Carolina)  (posted 4/1/2012)
“I have been having a hard time in my stand. I was just ready to move on with my life. I was on my way to the store and as I was talking to God. I told Him I was not trying to be prideful but did not think I could stand anymore. I told Him I thought it was me who wanted the stand not Him. I asked God to show me it was from Him. Not long after that, the lunch break testimonies came through. And about an hour later, on a road on which I have never seen trucks, there was a Covenant Transport truck. God is so amazing.” (Colorado) (posted 12/11/2014)
“I have been standing on a promise of God for a job in my husband's city for several months. Tuesday I got the email stating I would not be considered for the job but was given 5 other options around the country. Still fasting and praying, a couple hours later I left work to get a glass of tea and seek God. When I left out the back gate at the stop light, a Covenant Transport truck passed by at just that moment. I rarely see transfer trucks on this back road, much less a one of those! I burst into tears asking God what he was trying to tell me! A friend said, ‘He's saying it's not over yet!’ God gave me Daniel 3:28. He can change the word of the king, or in this case, my superiors!”  (Georgia)  (posted 1/18/2012)
“This is my first testimony and the next one is my marriage restoration. This month I have been seeing many signs ‘God is my Pilot’ and many more Covenant Transport trucks wherever I go. I took pictures of them and saved them to my phone. I know that God is working on the other side of my mountain. Like, I promised to God, I will never give up on my marriage restoration. I know it is God’s perfect will and it will come at God's perfect time.”  (North Carolina)  (posted 4/19/2012)
“I have always been skeptical about Covenant Transport truck testimonies. But deep down I always wondered how I would react if I saw one. So for almost a year I would just glance at truck names while driving. Last month I came across Psalm 86:17, and I felt God speaking to me. So I asked for a sign. The next week, for the first time ever I saw a Covenant Transport truck. I asked, ‘Lord, is this You talking?’ Another truck drove by me that had the name ‘Alfa & Omega.’ So the Lord has spoken!”  (California)  (posted 7/2/2012)
“Today I have spent fasting and praying for our marriage to be healed because our divorce court date is tomorrow. I was driving down the highway, asking God to restore our marriage, when the song Made New by Lincoln Brewster was playing. As I looked at the other side of the highway and here comes a Covenant Transport Truck passing by. The Lord spoke to me saying, ‘I am going to restore your marriage covenant and make it new the way that I want it to be.’ Standers, as hard as it is, don't give up. Keep trusting God for the restoration of marriages.” (Missouri) (posted 9/11/2014)
“After submitting my testimony last week that I kept my cool after finding out my spouse was in a new relationship, Satan snuck in a little crack. I got the urge to drive by the woman's house (I know both God and Bob told me not to). While driving there on a two lane deserted highway, a big truck came roaring past me like a lion and passed me. It was a Covenant Transport truck! Needless to say God isn't done with me yet. And, yes, I turned around and went right home!”  (Florida)  (posted 9/10/2012)
“Thank You Heavenly Father for speaking to me. I was driving on the highway, wondering if I'd see a 'Kingsway' truck as the Lord has shown me these many times in His perfect timing. I had a fleeting moment of doubt - perhaps I was reading too much into these trucks. Just then on the opposite side of the highway, a Covenant Transport truck zoomed by! I almost lost control of my vehicle as I live in Canada and did not know they traveled north of the US border! I had never seen one. I was utterly shocked.Three years into my stand and the Lord is still surprising me! Thank you for encouraging me and shaking me free of my doubt. I love you. Amen.”  (Canada) (posted 4/1/2014)
“I’ve been reading testimonies including Covenant Transport sightings. I did my research and learned they're based in Tennessee. Ironically we were taking a trip a few weeks later. I asked my husband to pray for our marriage on this trip. There’s a good chance we'll see one of those trucks. I told our children if you see the truck, God heard our prayers. I’m telling this to 4 teens who barely listen to me and had no comment. The CTT was never brought up again. I forgot about it until we arrived back home. I was disappointed that we did not see one truck. Then I remembered Jesus asking ‘Why do you look for signs?’ I was ashamed. Driving home from the airport a truck pulled up. I looked and saw it was from Tennessee. Our kids asked if it was a Covenant Transport truck and they told me they prayed. I couldn’t believe it. It was not a CTT, but knowing that they were listening and did pray was sign enough that God spoke to them and heard us!”  (Pennsylvania)  (posted 4/26/2012)
“My husband and I have been separated for quite some time. Recently he made what I now realize was a false start. I was growing so defeated and hurt recently. I was crying out to the Lord on my way to my local Christian book store to purchase a CD today when I asked the Lord to forgive me for anything I have done wrong in my stand and to give me a sign to keep standing because I feel this will take a miracle. Just when I got done praying I looked up and saw a Covenant Transport truck pass me. I started praising God and thanking Him for His promises. I wait on the Lord, not my husband and He is an on time God!”  (Minnesota)  (posted 5/24/2012)
“I've been standing for my wife's return for quite some time. I recently experienced a financial setback which was hard because we've already lost so many finances due to our separation and divorce. I asked the Lord why. On the way to work the next morning I saw a Covenant Transport truck! I've never seen one before and I was not asking God to send me one. The Lord knew I was discouraged and He sent that to encourage and strengthen my stand. For me, it was the final stamp of approval from God that I'm in His will to stand for my marriage. The timing of restoration is in His hands and I'm not worried about it anymore. Thank You Lord!”  (Tennessee) (posted 9/16/2013)
You can read the history of Covenant Transport trucks and standers from- (posted 2/18/2011)
“I vaguely recall Swift trucks around my area. I travel the interstate a lot for work but haven't noticed. Yesterday morning there was a traffic jam going to work. Something got my attention and I looked to see a Swift truck, then another, then another. I saw four total on the way to work. On the way home I asked God if this was a sign that He is working on my wife and marriage. Then I saw two more Swift trucks. It doesn't stop there. My daughter and I were going grocery shopping. I asked her if she believed that God will bring her mommy home to us. She said sort of. I told her about the Swift trucks. She told me she sees them all the time. I told her if we ever see a Covenant Transport truck it would be a miracle because they aren't around here. Neither one of us has ever seen one. On the way out of the parking lot after shopping, a Covenant truck was parked right in front of us. I screamed "LOOK!!!" I cried and praised God. This was for my little girl.”  (North Carolina)  (posted 10/22/2012)

My husband has been home for two months. I remember reading that Charlyne didn't trust Bob when he returned for a while, but she trusted the Lord. I think of that a lot. I really started struggling again yesterday and today, and cried to the Lord for forgiveness, for peace, to show me what He's saying to me and how He wants me to respond, to help me be so sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, and to keep me in His will. Right in the middle of telling God once again that I just don't know if I can go on, a Covenant Transport truck passed me by. I knew the Lord was telling me, once again, that He will never break His Covenant with me to restore my marriage completely." (Texas)

(posted 11/24/2006)
"I've looked for a Covenant Transport truck for three years. Last night and this morning I said, 'God if I'm supposed to stand for this marriage and pray for restoration then show me a Covenant Transport truck.' I looked for one out the window while eating in a local restaurant. No truck! We don't have Covenant trucks here. Leaving I told God, 'Guess I won't see one today.' Well God had other plans! Just as I pulled up at the red light a semi passed by. The cab had something on it, but the trailer had...Covenant Transport! I will never, never give up! Greater is He who is in me than He who is in this world!"  (Georgia)
(posted 4/9/2011)
You can read more about Covenant Transport trucksand what they mean to standers. (posted 6/30/2011)
"I recently saw my prodigal, and it did not go how I thought it might. On the way home, I was praying, and listening to praise music. I suddenly looked up, and there was a Covenant Transport truck passing me. I had prayed for months to see one. Praise God for His faithfulness." (Texas) (posted 11/7/2008)
“I have been standing for several years and this is a dry and silent season right now. But God! I am blessed to have a Covenant Transport truck parked right beside my parking lot at work. I park right beside it every work day. This truck has come back the last several years and parked during the summer months and always right when I need it. When it came this year I was witnessing to some co-workers about the truck and my stand and it has been parked there ever since. PTL!”  (Ohio) (posted 9/4/2011)
“This past weekend my husband came with me to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary. Over the week I felt he went with someone and could not shake the feeling. So as the weekend wore on I found myself wanting out. It's been several years and I was feeling tired. Well on the way home, right in the middle of me having a thought about being over it, a Covenant Transport truck drove by and then a few miles down another one. It was in that moment I chose to keep fighting and decided to read the Monday devotional ‘Opposition.’ I let it sink in and decided to keep fighting. Over the last month he has come around more and this week we had an incident where in the past I would have reacted in a way that emasculated him but instead I reacted in love. Praise the Lord He got through to me because the result could have been horrible. I thank God for what He is doing in both of us.” (Georgia) (posted 11/17/2014)

"I was praying the other day about whether or not I am doing the right thing by standing for my wife, or was this something I just dreamed up. I was an hour and a half late getting off work and God did what He did. As I was driving home a Covenant Transport truck pulled right out in front of me, and I began to praise the Lord. As I made my exit, I looked at the street sign and it said Victory Blvd!!! Praise God He is working behind the mountain, and I know in his perfect timing all things will be made anew!! Amen. Thank You, Heavenly Father." (Virginia)

(posted 4/2/2011)
“Praise God as I saw five Covenant Transport trucks yesterday and I was scheduled to go to my final hearing today. Due to court problems the divorce was blocked and rescheduled for next week. God told me, 'His will would be done today and I do not want this divorce.' I will continue to pray for God's will and miracle for my wayward husband.”  (Tennessee)  (posted 2/14/2012)
“I have been standing for my marriage. Many people told me to just give up and divorce him. But I could not give up praying for him and fasting . Every time I felt like giving up, God would speak to me through messages, pastor’s sermons or Charlyne's encouraging words. Now my husband is moving some things back into our house, when I least expected it to happen. I just saw my firstCovenant Transport Truck. God is faithful and His timing is perfect.”  (Florida)  (posted 3/12/2013)
“I recently returned from a mission trip to a state far away from my home state. While traveling, including going and coming, I counted 40 Covenant Transport trucks. WOW! I also had asked the Lord to show me aRMM billboard. HE did! It said, ‘Honey, please come home... the kids and I love you.’I know that God is moving on the other side of the mountain. I praise God for all that He has done! This trip was an opportunity to take my eyes off of my circumstances and to share the love of Christ with others.”  (Mississippi)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“I have been encouraged these last few months by all the moving trucks I've seen and the Swift trucks I and my husband's daughter have seen. She knows as well as I that God is telling me that He is moving swiftly on the other side of the mountain. But we do not have Covenant Transport trucks here in Washington state. I never thought I would see one. However, last week on a trip, I asked God to please give me a sign as I was needing reassurance of His promise of a restored marriage. Within 15 minutes I saw a Covenant Transport truck driving down the freeway! And then today after a long time of no communication, my husband called me! PLT! He wants to meet with me to discuss converting our legal separation to a divorce, but I know that I know that I know that God has other plans. Praise the God of impossibilities!”  (Washington)  (posted 8/13/2012)
“I am convinced that God is in the restoration business and I am convinced that He will restore my marriage. I have been reading this site daily for many months now, being fed and encouraged. However, I never really got this 'Covenant Transport' stuff. I read a bunch of times about other standers seeing a truck and I kept saying, 'What's the big deal?' That was until today. I was at a low moment, in deep pain after another well-meaning church friend told me like so many others to 'give up.' I was in tears driving home and asked God for yet another confirmation that He will restore my marriage. I was on the highway this evening and traffic was bacled up. You guessed it, a Covenant Transporttruck. God is good, isn't He? And He has a great sense of humor!”  (Texas)  (posted 7/4/2013)
“I wanted to share a story from today. Our daughters first lacrosse game was today. Due to the state of our relationship both my wife and I drove the 1.5 hours separately. Her car broke down, which I was able to help her with so she could see the game. After fixing her car I asked if my wife and child would like to grab a bite to eat and to my surprise she said yes. On the drive home I was thinking that if her car had not broken down, we would have never had dinner together and was thanking God when I looked to my right and was passing a Covenant Transport truck. I have never seen one before. I would just like to thank all the standers for their prayers and support. I know it’s very hard and when we seem the weakest is when God shows His strength. I/we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.” (Arizona) (posted 3/15/2012)
"God gave me a wonderful day on my birthday. I passed a Covenant Transport truck on the way to work. I had lunch with a fellow stander. I saw another Covenant truck on the way home in the rain, as well as the most beautiful rainbow. As I turned onto my street I passed my prodigal. God blessed me with His presence and the assurance that He is in control." (Georgia) (You can read what Covenant Transport trucks mean to some standers from - ) (posted 7/24/2009)
“I recently increased my fasting for my husband. This week, he sent a random message through his attorney to stop praying for him. I was heartbroken. But God! All of a sudden Charlyne’s words, Bob’s writings and stander’s testimonies about this situation started filling my mind. I was quickly back to having faith, hope and joy in our Lord. So I prayed harder for my husband and the enemy was attacking my mind with doubt and fear. But God! After many months of reading testimonies about it, I actually saw my first Covenant Transport truck! Praise and thanksgiving to the Lord! Thank you standers and RMM!”  (New Jersey) (posted 3/30/2015)
“I was feeling pretty lost. My prodigal made a false start home and I have yet to learn to "zip my lips". On my way to church I asked God for a Covenant Transport truck. I laughed because I've always thought they were a myth, so I asked for ANY sign. Something told me to look up and to my surprise I saw a Covenant Transport Truck! I cried all the way to church and thanked God. He renewed my faith and I know He is working on the other side of my mountain.”  (Texas)  (posted 12/12/2011)
“Today a Covenant Transport truck pulled into our business. I was practically jumping up and down. For some years I have trusted God for the restoration of my dead marriage and at the lowest moments He has sent ministries like RMM, faithful believers, and Covenant Transport trucks to encourage me in the darkest days of separation and divorce. Having that truck pull up to our business was a kiss on the cheek from the Lord. I believe that I am almost on the other side of this mountain. Praise God.”  (Ohio)   (posted 4/19/2012)
“PTL! I’ve seen my third Covenant Transport truck. I know my husband will be home soon. Never give up on Him. The Lord will never give up on you.”  (Minnesota)  (posted 8/8/2012)
“I am amazed once again at how my God and Father shows His love for me, even in my times of doubt. I am a stander for the second time with my one and only husband. This time around things have gone further, divorce papers have been filed, but things are moving very slowly. During both my times as a stander I had never seen a Covenant Transport truck, but on the day I needed it most, I not only saw a Covenant truck, but a Swift truck, and a Heartland truck. I had just received the settlement agreement from my husband. I felt heartbreaking pain once again, but God, in His special way, reminded me He is there. I didn't ask for any more signs; just His Presence, His forgiving love for my husband, and even the OW. I didn't contact my husband, but he contacted me, telling me he still cares for me, and will always take care of me, and our kids. This gave me the opportunity to confirm to him, one more time that I made a covenant with him, no matter what. Our God is faithful.”  (California)  (posted 10/22/2012)
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