Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


Share Your Testimony of Marriage Restoration!

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“Honor and glory to my Heavenly Father! My suddenly came. I prayed, fasted, and tithed putting it ALL in God’s hands and two days before my final divorce court my husband called in tears. He left the OW and wanted to rebuild the relationship with his kids; never said anything about me. I knew this was it though. The next day we spent the day talking about reconciling and yesterday we went to court to dismiss the divorce! PTL! He said he lusted over the OW but never truly loved her and he was miserable. He’s home but wants to be friends and go from there. I know my Lord will restore what the enemy intended to destroy! The real battle starts now for the OW does not want to leave him alone but God! I will trust that my God will take care of it all in Jesus’ name. Don’t give up standers. I never thought my day would come and here I am rejoicing. My husband is home. Pray, pray, pray! Have faith, God will deliver if you believe. 2 Corinthians 2:7-8.”  (California) (posted 7/26/2016)
“PTL, my suddenly just happened last weekend. My husband called me late one night and told me he and the OW had gotten into an accident while arguing and fighting in the car. He then explained he didn’t want to be with her anymore. He is still in another state right now because of his job but it will be ending soon and he’ll be back home. This is the same man who told me to move on and stop praying because we would never be together and that he didn’t love me anymore. ‘But God’ had a different plan. Now we talk, text, and Facetime every day. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for restoring my marriage and saving my family. I know we still have a long way to go but I praise God because He will go before us through it all. I just want to encourage all the standers to keep standing. God is always on time.”  (Florida) (posted 7/26/2016)
“God is so great. I start a new day with my wife now back in my room and life. No need for what we did; it’s about what Jesus did for us. After standing in the gap for my wife to return, Jesus gave me my suddenly. Prayers and repentance when we fail is a big key to Jesus hearing us cry for help. Trust in Him and His words. Get in a group of believers at your church. Give it to God to fix the problem. Thank God for the hurt and pain in the wilderness you go through, it is a strengthening tool to get you ready for your suddenly. He will answer your prayers but only at His time. Stand in the gap for your marriage because God loves faithful standers and hates divorce. Praise be to God for answering my prayers even when it seemed like He wasn’t.”  (Cayman Islands) (posted 7/26/2016)
“What can I say?  GOD IS GOOD. My marriage was DEAD. Even though I had no choice but to trust Him. It was humanly impossible for us to have survived the wreckage. Fast forward to two years later, our marriage is beautiful, we have built a beautiful house, our children are doing really well, our business and career is growing exponentially. I see His hands. Only God could have done this, believe me. Indeed, His ways and thoughts are absolutely different from ours. Stand my dear, stand. It is His will for your life, the marriage is the added bonus. God is good, you can trust Him. Blessed be the name of our God.”  (Australia)4 (posted 7/26/2016)
“When I read the Charlyne Cares devotional, ‘God Does Restore Dead Marriages!’ she shared to ask the Lord for another promise of His Word. I wrote in my prayer journal, asking God for another promise of His Word that He will not allow my divorce to happen. He will soften my husband’s heart to dismiss it. I saw the writing on a car’s rear window, ‘All done, thou good and faithful servant.’ I nearly had to contain myself because this was definitely from God, speaking confirmation to me. Thank You my God. My miracle is happening. My suddenly is coming home to our Lord and Savior and to me. Indeed, God does restore dead marriages! Standers, I pray for your miracle and suddenly to happen. He can do immeasurably more than we can imagine or ask from Him.”  (Arizona) (posted 7/26/2016)
“‘Love never fails.’ That was the promise God gave me and what He asked me to do. To love my husband when it seemed impossible, just like God loves us, in spite of, not because of. At different points in this journey, God would make clear to me another area of love I wasn’t focusing on. This has been the hardest and most painful time of my life but also the time I really came to know God. And I am thankful beyond measure for that. And let me tell you, love never fails. After a few false starts and so much else against us, my son and I are home with my husband. And in case that wasn’t enough, we are now expecting a second child. I know we have a journey ahead of us, but God has been so gracious and merciful to us and I can’t wait to see the completion of the good work He has started here. God hears us, prayer matters. I never understood that like I do now. Love never fails, and God is love.”  (Missouri) (posted 7/18/2016)
“After many years of life lived, literally, on the other side of the mountain, God blessed me with a job nearer my family and beloved husband. Although he is attached to the OW, he has not been able to break the desire to see me. After weeks of no contact, he asked me to come and see him. During our brief hours together, he told me he loves me, he was waiting for me to move back to see if we had another chance at being together, and our oneness feels perfect and beautiful. I was crying out to the Lord for a sign of what His plan is. He restored our covenant, and I pray for patience to endure the trials and time it takes for us ‘suddenly’ to be restored. I can barely contain my excitement and anticipation but will remain on guard and protected.”  (Kansas) (posted 7/18/2016)
“I thank God for all He did in this time of separation. He dealt with me first, humbled me, and showed me that my husband was an idol. He changed my heart so much and I am grateful for it. Although the separation was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever been through, and there is a lot I found out when he came home, I am trusting that the Lord will continue to work on both of us. He was living in sin, and he swears, ‘It wasn’t me’ The Holy Spirit reminded me, ‘Your husband is not the enemy!’ Lord, help me forgive! There is so much to work on and rebuild but I thank God that my husband is living with me and going to church with me again on Sundays. The Lord is rebuilding our marriage on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and this time my husband won’t just believe, but will have a true HEART transformation! Standers, keep praying and be obedient!”  (Missouri) (posted 7/18/2016)
“I am another proof of God’s power to heal and resurrect dead marriages. My husband came home some time ago. He ended his relationship with the OW, asked for forgiveness and wants to make things right with God. He is back in church. My kids are very happy. It was a hard road but God put you on this road is for a reason and He knows that reason. God will answer your prayers. He rewards His faithful children. Don’t give up. It will happen to you as well. I will keep fighting and standing for my marriage. I am more than ready for battle. Thank you God. Thank You Jesus! May God bless you all standers and bring all prodigals home!”  (Washington) (posted 7/18/2016)
“It has been the hardest thing I ever had to do, standing for my wife. When my wife left, our kids refused to go with their mom and the OM because of the sin involved. My wife always thought I would be the one to leave; so did I. So she always taught them the Bible and not to go around if I ever left. The Lord used my kids to drive a wedge between my wife and the OM.  She called last month and asked if she could cancel the divorce. And now this month we are finally back together. My kids started to teach me what she taught them, and now I know what I did wrong. I put work first before God and my wife and kids. God restored my relationship with my kids and my wife. I now know to seek FIRST the kingdom for God and His righteousness. With God all things are possible. Please don’t ever forget the vows we gave God and each other.”  (Florida) (posted 7/11/2016)
“PTL! After living with the OW for several months, my husband came home! A few weeks ago I submitted a testimony that God was moving in my marriage and I knew that we would be restored soon. Well it has happened. He is home and we are rebuilding. God is so good and faithful and His love never fails. Everything happened so suddenly my head is still spinning. Fervent prayer and trusting God – if you aren’t doing it start today. I know that we have a long way to go but this time God is in the center and we cannot fail. I know our new marriage will be better than I could imagine. God will do the heavy lifting, all you have to do is anchor yourself in His promises, stand on His Word and patiently wait. No matter what it looks like, there is nothing too hard for God. Be blessed and do not give up!”  (Texas) (posted 7/11/2016)
“After many months of separation, my husband approached me suddenly at 2 a.m.! We had two months of false starts, but now we decided to live together again as we have two children. I can really see and feel he wants our marriage to work. God is faithful as He brought back my prodigal from being with other women. Now, we still have arguments and my husband is questioning my faith sometimes; he doesn’t yet accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life. But I lift everything to God. You are all in my prayers! I believe God will restore many marriages every day! Let us pray for each other. Let us pray that all prodigals, even though they returned already to their family, will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives! God bless everyone and do not give up as God is faithful and in control!”  (Philippines) (posted 7/11/2016)
“I would like to praise God, as I do every day, even through the trials and tribulations. My husband has returned home after much time with another woman. He wants to save our marriage. Prayer is so important, as well as having faith and trusting God. I will continue to pray for his salvation and our family’s and that God will be in the center of everything we do, every day. I know that God is still working.”  (Texas) (posted 7/11/2016)
“Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him. My prodigal wife has finally come home with our two children. The enemy definitely had us both, but with God’s love and grace, He directed our footsteps back to Him and each other. Please, all standers, keep the faith and He will remain faithful. I myself have had many false starts, and had enemies within my own family that kept the trial embers burning. But with constant faith, prayer and rejoicing for His glory, He was faithful. Remember, He works on His time. If He doesn’t return your prodigal when YOU want, it’s usually because the circumstances are not as right as we think. Be patient and remain in prayer!”  (California) (posted 7/11/2016)
“My suddenly is here! My husband and I saw each other recently and started to communicate and text. It is a slow process. I am zipping my lips and letting him talk. God has given me a glimpse of what He is doing on the other side of my mountain. And I praise God that He is the midst of my storms/breakthrough. God has spoken to me so much! I was having doubts and crying out to Him. God sent me this passage and I hope to encourage you – Joshua 1:9. So I trust Him and I give God my free will for the Holy Spirit to do as He sees fit. The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NKJV), But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and guard you from the evil one. God keeps telling me to be faithful, and to wait on His perfect timing. And I will. Be encouraged standers, He is calling our loved ones daily.”  (South Carolina) (posted 7/11/2016)
“PTL. After a couple years of separation, four divorce dates canceled; after spending an entire weekend fasting on water, no TV and God’s Word, Monday morning came, and my prodigal was so very mean to me and refused to take my calls. I cried out to God, asking Him to remove the gut wrenching pain. I asked God to let me see His face, and hear His voice, let me know that He is real; tell me if You are going to restore my marriage, or do You want me to move on. I got up and next to my bed was 1 John 4:4. PTL, my phone rang, it was my prodigal, we argued. He hung up the phone and called back five minutes later and said, ‘I’m moving back home!’ God speaks.”  (Missouri) (posted 7/11/2016)
“Praise the ‘I am that I am.’ I never knew that this day would come to pass. It’s been many months since our marriage was attacked by the devil. Standers, God is faithful to His Word. Today I spoke to my husband and he’s willing to work things out for the restoration of our marriage. I cannot go on about what I have gone through during this time; I  won’t give the enemy a platform. But my dears, there’s a God in heaven. It’s not over, marriage is for life. Praise Yeshua.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 7/4/2016)
  (posted 7/4/2016)
“My covenant partner for life is coming back! After several years of standing. PTL! I thank God for helping me not to let go even when the battle for our restoration grew stronger. The Lord took control and has done what no man can do. While we where apart our hearts grew warmer; today the love is better, I love this Love! God has given us hearts of flesh and removed our hearts of stone; He has put a new spirit within us! What the enemy meant for evil the Lord has turned around for good for His purpose. Surely goodness and mercy will continue to follow my husband and I wherever we go until we enter the land of promise. We love You Jesus and our hearts are overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 7/4/2016)
“Is it a coincidence that today’s devotional had 1 Peter 5:8-10? I think not. I have read and studied as much as I could find on standing, on Christ, on how to pray, how to reach God, how to have my prayers answered. I didn’t feel a need to type out a testimony until I knew we had passed a certain test from God. I didn’t know what it was, but it happened. We as a couple stood strong. An amazing testimony to His power, mercy and grace. I received a call that was supposed to be the end. Three hours later we were on the road to reconciliation. My wife claims nothing short of a miracle for her. The biggest test was an attack by the enemy a week later. It should have finished it. I knew God would get us through it. God prevailed as always. It just brought the best out in us, made us closer. My prodigal returned because I was able to let her go from my heart to God’s. She came back because it was God’s will. Forgiveness, willingness and most of all unconditional love trumps all. PTL.”  (Massachusetts) (posted 7/4/2016)
  (posted 7/4/2016)
“It may be very hard to believe in this moment due to your many overwhelming circumstances, but I can assure you that God is faithful. Before my spouse and I were restored, I had never shed so many tears and had never suffered the way I did in my life. But I promise you, not one of those days did God desert me. He surprised me with so many signs and miracles to keep me going. So many times I was confused thinking my miracle had come, but the light in the tunnel was a speeding train coming towards me. God was always there to pick me up and show me His love, His power and His mercy. It’s been several years since we have been restored and God kept all His promises. Never let go and never stop trusting God no matter how dark it gets. He will always find a way out for you. Thank you RMM for helping me so many years fight the good fight of faith.”  (New York) To God be the glory! A restored marriage that writes to you, dear stander to trust the Lord and believe that your marriage is going to be resurrected from the dead! But never forget that you must do your part in standing firm, reading God’s Word daily, praying and fasting for miracles to happen! We serve an awesome mighty God! – Charlyne (posted 7/4/2016)
“Praise God! After some time of living outside the home and several months with the OW, my beloved has come home! I’ll confess, the first month was rough  The Lord is still working on both of us, yet His faithfulness was evident as He opened my husband’s eyes to the lies that he’d been living. Sadly, my spouse is still avoiding God, Lordship and full repentance, yet I am fully confident that He is working in his heart. This is a man who proclaimed vehemently that he was NEVER ever coming home. In addition, we are expecting our second child. I was a bit nervous about his reaction. But GOD. He is ecstatic and has already chosen names for either a boy or girl. Dear standers, please remember that God is ABLE. Don’t allow your circumstances to deter you in your stand. I can’t wait to see what our future holds, as my confidence is in He who holds our future! Keep praying for us!”  (France) (posted 7/4/2016)
“PTL God has restored my marriage! My husband and I weren’t married for too long before the Devil came in and destroyed everything. Through most of the storm I prayed, fasted and read constantly. I ran across this website which kept me encouraged and helped me to put all my trust in God. Every time I felt like giving up, ‘stand’ would pop up in my head. I thank God I didn’t give up praying for my husband. I thank God for touching his mind and heart. I thank God for giving me strength to keep going. I thank God for being my friend when everyone else around me was full of negativity. Thank You God for restoring my marriage! Whoever is reading this just remember, the battle is not yours! Stand! God will be right on time. Glory be to God! Bless your Holy Name Father!”  (Georgia) (posted 7/4/2016)
“My marriage was just restored suddenly! So suddenly that I was literally in shock after it happened. I was a prodigal turned stander. I had been separated from my husband for several months and was going through a bitter custody case. All evidence pointed towards impending divorce and no chance of reconciliation. I began my stand seriously. I prayed like I have never prayed in my entire life. God helped me to have complete faith in Him and also enabled me to ‘let go’ and forgive my spouse. I was willing to follow God into the wilderness, no matter the outcome. It was a difficult process to get to that point, the most painful and difficult process of transformation that I have ever been through. But when I ‘let go’ and trusted God no matter the outcome, God moved. He moved suddenly!”  (North Carolina) (posted 7/4/2016)
“God’s Word is true and faithful. Our marriage experienced a separation that I did not see coming. God in His mercy granted me the grace to live with the situation. God asked me to be on His side, to team up with Him and fight for my marriage and stand for what is true, right and just. It was not an easy task, but gradually as I depended on the Lord, I started to confess His Word and shared with other women who were having a rough time in their marriages. My faith enlarged, my spirit enlarged so much that my body became insignificant. Today I stand to testify that patience and trusting in God has helped my walk with God. My husband is living a purposeful life as the head and leader in our home. That which the enemy wanted to steal and destroy is restored.”  (Nigeria) (posted 7/4/2016)
  (posted 7/4/2016)
“PTL, God has restored my marriage. We had several false starts and so many times I wanted to give up and just move on with my life. God gave me signs throughout my stand to reassure me that He would restore my marriage. He is a God of restoration and He never goes back on His Word. I pray scriptures with mine and my husband’s name in them just like Charlyne teaches. Please hang in there all standers and God will restore your marriage in His own timing. God bless you and may He give you the desires of your heart.”  (Kenya) (posted 6/23/2016)
“PTL. Just like a dream my wife returned home last week after several months of little communication. Indeed, the God of all flesh who can do all things has restored my marriage. Now my wife and I are ready to start all over again with Jesus at the center of our marriage. I know soon God will give us our own children to crown this testimony. I will always be a stander because God has shown He can heal a broken marriage. All glory be to God who has done great things. I know He will completely transform my wife to His taste so that we can serve Him forever together. Halleluiah.”  (Nigeria) (posted 6/23/2016)
“I subscribed to your articles when I was in the middle of a marriage crisis that led to a separation/divorce. I even remarried. Now, with the help of your spirit-filled teachings as well as prayers from a section of friends and family who believed in the permanence of a marriage and thereafter a restoration of my original and God-intended marriage, I am reconciled with my first wife and mother of two and peacefully separated from my second wife. She is God fearing and we came to an understanding that our marriage was not approved of God. Glory to God for His ways are not man’s ways! May God continue using you to glorify Himself in marriages across the world.”  (Nairobi) (posted 6/13/2016)
“My suddenly happened one year ago. My husband and I had separated because of a differing opinion on parenting. We always have to remember the order that God intended for us to love. God, spouse and then our children. Obey God and His will and all will be right. I have an amazing marriage and I give all the glory to God. Thank You Jesus.”  (Georgia) (posted 6/13/2016)
  (posted 6/13/2016)
“God is faithful! My prodigal is home after several months away. In the midst of a time when we were arguing he said he ‘would never come home.’ I looked at him and said, ‘Well, that’s not going to happen because God’s Word does not return void!’ Thinking back, I had just declared the Word of the Lord without a doubt in my head because I was too upset to doubt it. Then I saw the hand of God move mountains; it was like watching a movie play out in front of me. He suddenly quit his job and within a couple weeks my precious covenant was home! Our marriage is better than it ever was now that we know God’s design for marriage and we keep Him in the center of it. Listen standers, hold on tight, God is teaching us things and He takes His time so that no one will perish. Seek God in His Word and meditate on it daily. He is there and He will provide. God bless.”  (Guam) (posted 6/5/2016)
“My husband is finally home, and never have things gone so well! After praying and standing through an emotional pregnancy and postpartum for our daughter, he is home! We have been divorced for some time, but I know with God’s conviction we will be engaged for remarriage before the end of the year. All glory to Jesus! For a long time I felt He didn’t hear a single prayer, but standing with perseverance, to finish the race, He has fulfilled his promise to my family! This stand is lifelong, but am so thankful for the prayers and guidance. Don’t give up! Next He will bring my husband home to His church, and teach my husband to be a spiritual leader to our family. 1 Peter 3:1-2.”  (Texas) (posted 6/5/2016)
“My husband is home! Praise the Lord. Thank you for your prayers.”  (Florida) (posted 6/5/2016)
“I found this website after my husband came back.  When he left, I started praying to God with my beautiful girls. The next day he texted me saying he had made a bad decision. He told me it would be ‘forever” and I thank the Lord.  I am not sure yet if this chance will work out, but I asked God to change me first to be a testimony to Him and pray He touches my husband’s heart and changes him too.”  (Venezuela) (posted 6/5/2016)
“Take courage standers. With God all things are possible. Several years ago I walked away from what looked like a dead marriage. I filed for divorce and thought, this is it, and it’s my time to be happy. But God! A few months after I filed, the Lord convicted me and turned me from my life of sin. I no longer wanted to be a single mom. I wanted my husband and my family back together. But by then the tables had turned and he had found someone. I held fast to my stand, prayed fervently every day, cried out to the Lord and He heard me. My faith is in the Lord, knowing that if He can change me, He can soften my husband’s heart to come home. Fast forward three years. My husband is with us all the time he sleeps over every night. I know my suddenly is coming very soon. Don’t stop praying – this from a former prodigal turned stander. Thank You Jesus.”  (California) (posted 6/5/2016)
  (posted 5/31/2016)
“PTL! Just when I felt like giving up completely, God stepped in and reminded me that nothing is too hard for Him! I have been standing for many, many years and didn’t know it; I was on the verge of wanting to divorce my husband, when I found RMM online. It took me getting to a place of being absolutely broken for me to see that I needed to change as much as my husband. I made a War Room in my bedroom closet and went straight to the Source! It did get hard many times; my husband was still at home and not being supportive, but I knew God would sustain me and my daughter. My suddenly came this past Saturday. God put him in a place to decide whether he would abandon us or work on our marriage. Only by the grace of God did he actually say that he still wanted to be married and canceled the contract on a home he was about to buy! Indeed, nothing is impossible with God, and I know that I am about to receive double for my shame, because our God can make all things new! Standers, NEVER give up!”  (Georgia) (posted 5/31/2016)
“I wrote the below testimonial on December 12th, 2015, at a time when my prodigal wife and I were not even speaking. ‘On April 26th, 2016, MY SUDDENLY HAPPENED! PTL!’ I wrote this back then because I wanted to be committed to having faith that our Lord would restore our marriage. PTL! My ‘suddenly’ came today. My beloved wife came home and said she wants to restore our marriage. She said she wants to build a truly blessed marriage on the rock of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I want all standers to know to NEVER give up and always know God is working on the other side of the mountain in the hearts of our prodigals. I had very dark, and miserable days, and almost gave up countless times. But strictly through my faith in God and God’s promises, continued my stand. And now look, my beloved is again in my arms and we are together in the same house. Thank You God and thank you RMM for your guidance this whole time. Amen!”  (Virginia) (posted 5/31/2016)
  (posted 5/31/2016)
“PTL, God is moving! After some time of separation my God brought my prodigal home. But I didn’t realize it would be so hard once he had come home because he had not 100% surrendered to the Lord yet. Although things have been going better with us, he refuses to join our children and me for church each Sunday. I save a seat next to me just in case he decides to return. It is what I pray for. On Mother’s Day as I got up and got our children ready, he stayed in the bed. My heart was heavy as I hated the idea of walking into church alone on Mother’s Day but I wasn’t going to not go. During worship a prominent song during my stand began to play, ‘Good, Good Father.’ I lifted my hands and closed my eyes to praise my good Father. When I opened my eyes my husband was standing in front of me with a dozen roses! What an awesome God we serve. Not only did He hear my prayers but delivered ten times more than I could have expected.”  (Georgia) (posted 5/23/2016)
“My marriage has been restored! I have been standing for my marriage for several years with no communication for many months. But God, nothing is impossible for Him. To God be the glory. My husband contacted me via email, ashamed, doubtful and confused, asking if I will allow him to speak with the children. My husband is back home and we are attending church together as a family! God is amazing and will do more than we could ever imagine! When we see nothing on the other side of the mountain, trust God is working! My husband tells me how God always put someone in his path to give a word of encouragement. We, as standers, believe that our prodigal’s are living a joyful life. That’s a lie of the enemy! My marriage problems happened for a reason. I needed to surrender my life to the Lord. I was led by the Holy Spirit to pray for my husband’s salvation and I have no regrets. Continue to pray and stand firm! God keeps His promises! Amen.”  (New Jersey) (posted 5/23/2016)
“I submit this to give you hope that your dead marriage can be resurrected through Jesus. After months of following the world’s way on how to deal with an affair, my heart was pulling me to seek Christian guidance. I am so thankful I ran across this ministry. The daily emails shaped my prayers and kept my focus on God. I learned to zip my lips and trust that God was going to be my advocate. Instead of playing personal investigator, I trusted God to reveal to me what I needed to know in His timing. After a period of discourse and separation, I can happily report my husband is back home and has broken off his relationship with the other woman. He was not perfect when he came back but God is working and our relationship is blossoming into something nurturing and loving. My heart is full again. God will work on your dead marriage if you allow Him to work on your heart first. Pray incessantly. Be still. Jesus can change your spouse’s hardened heart back into one of flesh like He did mine.”  (New York) (posted 5/23/2016)
“PTL for the restoration of my marriage. We have been separated for a few years. We started talking about reconciliation. It was something we both didn’t plan. I started searching on the net for people who God restored their marriages and I found Rejoice Marriage Ministries. At times when I get discouraged I go to the messages that I have downloaded and play them over and over. The Word of God works.”  (South Africa) (posted 5/23/2016)
“Our Lord is amazing and so faithful. My Lord gave me a promise a few months into my stand. Many more months went by where I saw absolutely no change in my husband but I remembered the promise God gave me. Jeremiah 30. I held on against my own thoughts and no one else understanding my stand. Suddenly, and I want to emphasize that, suddenly, my husband wants to rebuild our marriage. Falling in love all over again with God as our number one priority is something only God can do. If you are praying for your marriage or any other situation, please do not give up. God is faithful and will answer all of our prayers. I love You Lord, You are still my number one love.”  (North Carolina) (posted 5/18/2016)
“I had not heard from my husband in months. I had been praying and doubting and was full of fear. But God is faithful. My husband texted me inquiring how I was doing. He had been looking at photos of us and God allowed that to touch his heart. There is no foolishness in our marriage, we just lost our connection to each other and God. I’m not sure if this is another false start but I’m praising God for the journey. I am learning how to be a better wife. God has been showing me my wrongs in my marriage and I welcome His correction. I had to learn to be still and let God work. I am taking a War Room class at my church. If you want God to restore your marriage conduct yourself such as a woman of God. To God be the glory.”  (Texas) (posted 5/18/2016)
“The Lord our God is Author of Restoration! Last year while listening to a teaching by Charlyne, she spoke about her burdened heart for standers. I asked the Lord then, please give me that same burden for marriages. Three hours later I received a text from a friend that her husband left a few weeks prior. I praised the Lord for answering my prayer so quickly! I am able to support, encourage and pray for her family which is an honor. The Lord answered our prayers for her family this Mother’s Day! She called and said her husband was coming home! I was in a large store and right then and there I screamed at the top of my lungs, ‘Praise the Lord! The Lord restores marriages!’ Our God is such a good God. It is all in His timing. I am still standing but it is a blessing to witness the miracle and joy of restoration so suddenly. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead us during our stand and bring our spouses home.”  (Georgia) (posted 5/18/2016)
“After several months of standing I was feeling confused by all the stillness. Just a couple of weeks ago my in-home prodigal informed me he would be moving out. But God, oh God, has completely changed my husband in matter of days! He speaks love, kindness and about our future. I know this is just the beginning and I must stand stronger than ever. But I wanted to give all the glory to Him because He does greater things than what we ask for or imagine! I praise God for His faithfulness and mercy. Standing on the solid rock of the Word of God. I continue to dress myself and my family with the full armor of God, fasting and praying as we must always be vigilant. I’m more than a conqueror through Him who gives me strength.”  (Florida) (posted 5/18/2016)
“Praise God, my husband is back home and serving God. Months ago he left me for an OW. There was no communication and I had to go through my birthday, Valentine’s and our 22nd anniversary without him. It was extremely hard and the pain I felt was unbearable. He was blinded and deceived by the enemy. God reached out to me first and I built a strong relationship with our Lord. I found RMM as I searched for hope and learned how to stand for my marriage. My husband texted me to let me know he was sorry. He didn’t have peace and felt ashamed of all he had done. Since then, he bought me new beautiful wedding rings, he wants to renew our vows and he tells me he loves me every day. God has truly given me back all that the locust has eaten. Joel 2:25-27. I will continue to stand for all marriages. Don’t lose hope, God knows what He is doing. Don’t question God, trust Him. God WILL restore your marriage.”  (California) (posted 5/18/2016)
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