Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


Share Your Testimony of Marriage Restoration!

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“For many months my husband was gone. I went from feeling broken and hopeless to feeling strong and trusting God. My prayer over the long months was that God re-create my marriage; completely make it over. What I realized is that God was making me over. The change to come was happening in me first. I went to another level in my faith. I declared war on the kingdom of darkness. Satan is my enemy, not my husband. I learned to do battle in the spirit realm with prayer and speaking the Word of God over my situation all day every day. I set my mind on God and I let go. I let it all go – the worry, doubt, and accusations. I asked God to help me focus on Him and He was delighted that I asked. When I became most comfortable walking by faith and not by sight, my husband came home with a new mind and a greater hunger for God’s Word and way. I praise God for a brand new man of God and a brand new marriage! Praise God! Today I continue walking by faith!”  (Florida) (posted 9/25/2017)
“All praise and glory to our Lord God, He who sits on the throne. He is faithful standers. At church we decided to take time and go to the mountainside to pray like Jesus did in Luke 6:12. One of the things I asked God was that my husband would be more open to share how he feels. When we got down the mountain, I turned on my phone to find a text from my husband declaring how excited he is for the new member of the family coming soon as I am 37 weeks. Standers, God is faithful if You will seek Him and more so BELIEVE. Faith is the key, never ever lose hope. Will you be that persistent widow in Luke 18 and not give God any rest? God will not turn a blind eye to persistent prayer. Praying for you all standers. We serve a mighty God. Thank You Jesus Christ for the gift of salvation.”  (Swaziland) (posted 9/25/2017)
“Praise Jesus, He did it! The morning He brought my beloved spouse home the Lord gave me Daniel 6:26-27. As I look back, I see clearly how God’s timing is perfect. He has good things He wants to do in us and through us to prepare us on this restoration journey for His best. Jesus is real, He hears our pain and cries. He truly is the God of the impossible and He is Love who loves us very much. Many, many months ago the enemy came into our marriage like a tornado, stronger than ever before, to try to rip us apart, but God’s steadfast love and grace were greater to fulfill His promises. Jesus brought me to my knees in repentance, refined me, healed me, showed me how to put Him as Lord of my life and what it really is to live the good victorious Christian life. To Jesus be all the glory forever.”  (California) (posted 9/25/2017)
“Thank You, God for complete restoration and renewal of my marriage. My husband left me for the OW after he confessed that he had been having an affair. He continued saying that they even had had a non-covenant child together who was the same age as our own youngest son. Despite this, I knew straight away that I wanted to stand for my marriage. By the grace of God, my husband continued to help support me and our two children and would visit often. He even confessed to me that he was still in love with me despite living with the OW. Over the months, we became friends again and after many months of him living with one foot in the far country he finally came home. I knew he would as throughout this season God gave me Genesis 2:24. The devil is a liar and no matter what weapons he throws against me they will never prosper. I know in time God will work things out with his other son and my family, but until that time I will praise God for His goodness and mercy. Standers, don’t give up. God is good.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 9/18/2017)
“I want to share a testimony from a little girl in our Sunday School. I hope this will encourage someone to continue to pray and fast and not give up. This girl encourages me as she knew nothing about me or my situation. I’ve been separated from my husband for a few years and divorced for several months. The teaching was on focusing our eyes on Jesus when we face a storm. This little girl came up to me afterwards and told me. ‘Do you want to hear what God did for my family?’  I said yes. And then she said, ‘My mom and dad got divorced, but now they are back together because I focused my eyes on Jesus.’”  (Idaho) (posted 9/18/2017)
“How not to honor the One who made the Heavens and the Earth. For nothing is impossible with God. Last year my divorce was final. Everything was terrible for me, as my husband showed up in every place with the OW. I said in my heart, I couldn’t keep going, but God kept saying to me: ‘Didn’t I tell you that if you believed, you will see my glory?’ And also, all of the devotionals of sister Charlyne, talking to me each day. My suddenly happened, my husband called me and said the nightmare is over. He began to come and call on a regular basis, even three times a day. We are not together yet, but we go out every day, and he has even gone to church with me and my son. We praise God since He has heard our prayers, and I know He will do the rest. Sister Charlyne, your words, as God’s Word comes to my mind, when Satan wants something God doesn’t want. God bless you all, and let’s keep trusting the Only God.”  (Nicaragua) (posted 9/15/2017)
“My husband and I have been separated for some time now. Our circumstances were hopeless. But God! My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary. He came to my house and brought me a the most thoughtful gift. The card said that he is looking forward to celebrating more anniversaries with me! Praise God! This is nothing short of a miracle. He even goes to church with me and our son every Sunday, when he hadn’t been in years. I give God all the glory. Only He could have softened my heart and my husband’s heart to allow for marriage restoration. Do not give up! You will be amazed at what our God is doing and will reveal in His perfect timing.”  (California) (posted 9/15/2017)
“Praise the Lord! His Ways are higher and His plans for our lives outweigh any fear and doubt our earthly minds can conjure up. My husband is home after several years of separation and wavering and wandering through his wilderness. We are attending church together. I can say with my heart that God is the one who brought all this to pass. Last Sunday, while listening to the sermon on Nehemiah and how we need to stand guard over the gates of our homes and repair what the enemy has destroyed, I looked over and my husband was staring at me with such love and remorse. He told me he loved me and that he’s never in his life been happier than he is right now. If you would have asked me a year ago if I could foresee this miracle I would have said ‘No Way!’ I thank Jesus for still having grace on me even when I doubted Him. Don’t give up standers! Your suddenly is coming…. BEHOLD I DO A NEW THING.”  (California) (posted 8/28/2017)
“Praise God! My suddenly happened yesterday! After a few years of separation, our family is restored. I know we still have a long road ahead of us, but God will continue to repair and restore. Joel 2:25 – ‘I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.’ Thank you for your daily emails that I continue to read. They definitely help when the enemy is attacking and standing becomes difficult!”  (California) (posted 8/28/2017)
“I’ve been standing for a few years now and God has finally answered. Before I didn’t know better, I had been praying to God to make my husband love me and not the OW. Eventually my prayer changed to ‘God please bring my husband back to You,’ because I know that if my husband seeks God then everything will fall into place. I received a text from my husband saying he’s sorry for ripping our family apart and he wants another chance. The OW is pregnant by my husband but, I’m trusting in God for strength and a forgiving heart. To all the women and men standing for their marriage…. Keep the faith. God is good.”  (Trinidad and Tobago) (posted 8/28/2017)
“I want to give thanks to God. After a separation of several months, my prodigal husband returned home. Our marriage is now restored after what would seem in the natural to have been an impossible restoration, only a miracle. Thank you for all the daily devotions. You were a huge pillar of strength during this difficult time. To all standers out there, KEEP THE FAITH. God is still in the business of marriage restoration. God’s timing is always right. When the enemy comes to you like a flood to destroy your marriage, keep standing for your prodigal spouse against all odd as God will raise up a standard. God did it for me and He will do it for you. It is amazing how God can turn everything around for us. The devil tried to destroy my marriage, but God used our brokenness to turn things around for the better. God’s plans are greater than He who is in the world. He turns our sorrow into joy. Let’s Praise God in all our difficult situations. He alone is our hope and strength.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 8/28/2017)
“I prayed several months ago for a specific sign my marriage would be restored. And two weeks ago, through circumstances only God could imagine, I received my sign! I heard God say, ‘I’m bringing your husband home.’ I said, ‘Okay, but I don’t really have a home right now.’ (Because I live in a family member’s condo and need to move out next month.) He said, ‘You are his home.’ Standers, one week after I received my sign, my husband arrived by car from 18 hours away, after many car problems, to be with me after the death of a family member. God did it! God brought my husband home and now, I am going home to him within my heart as God has instructed me. My prayer is for a literal new home for us both! Thank You, God! Your Word is always true and I praise You.”  (Florida) (posted 8/22/2017)
“My husband is home. It appears the other woman is no longer a major part of his life. His attitude towards me and the kids has changed from harsh and short tempered to wanting to be home and have fun. Thinking back a year ago when he wanted nothing to do with me. He said he wanted a divorce and for me to be gone, to now – he is present, casually says he will always love me and doesn’t want to be divorced. The power of prayer and letting God change me has made all the difference!”  (Arizona) (posted 8/22/2017)
“About two years ago, I promised to post a testimony when my marriage was restored. God is able! He is a restorer! He promises never to leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Concerning marriage, He said in His Word “Therefore, what God has joined together let no man separate” (Mark 10:9). I firmly believe that, and I reminded Him of His promises. I want to encourage all standers to keep standing. After many years in the far country, my marriage has been restored. There is still work to be done, and I give God all the praise and glory for the restoration, and the grace to continue daily. I want to encourage standers to place a hedge of protection over their marriage, and a hedge of thorns between their spouse and any non-covenant partners (See Hosea 2). I prayed this prayer during the years that my husband was in the far country, and continue to do so today. Now thanks be unto God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ… 2 Corinthians 2:14a. (NKJV)”  (Suriname) (posted 8/22/2017)
“After several years of leading separate lives, my spouse and I are working on our marriage. Everything seemed over, although we lived together in frustration with our child. Many times, I stated that I wanted my marriage to work. My spouse was convinced that we should divorce. People prayed, as I prayed. Things seemed to get worse. One day in a mediation session he suddenly said he wanted things to work in our marriage. The coldness was suddenly gone and he showed brokenness and love. That day we were meant to be planning formal separation and divorce. We are now moving forward. God is able. Please don’t give up. Many times, I felt overwhelmed and wept. I didn’t even feel like believing at times but God has come through. I’m praying for others now. May God strengthen us as we build and fight for our homes.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 8/16/2017)
“I just want to give God thanks for keeping me through every stage of my stand. My husband is home only by God’s grace and mercy. He came home with financial debt and very serious legal issues with severe consequences. The situations don’t look good, but my eyes are on Jesus. I don’t know how or when, but I know God cannot lie. (Numbers 23:19) I will continue to trust God who has never failed me. He will get the glory. ‘Don’t be afraid for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged for I am your God.’ Isaiah 41:10 (NLT).”  (Texas) (posted 8/16/2017)
“All the glory to God my Father for restoring my marriage. It has been a hard year of battles, tears and prayers, but praise God. He is faithful and wants to fulfill His promise for every one of us. Thank you RMM for giving hope when I thought there was no hope. My marriage has been restored. My husband gave his heart to Jesus and from now on, each and every day, I give my marriage into God’s hands and seal it with His blood. To everyone, please keep on fighting even though it seems as if you are losing the battle. God is still on the throne and works behind the scenes to take you out of your desert into the promised land. God will never fail you. I will pray for every one of you, for a victory over Satan who wants to steal and destroy. I bind all strongholds in Jesus’ name. May you who read my testimony and feel the presence of God. Sit at His feet so that God can comfort you in your pain and battles. He is a good Father. Stay strong.”  (South Africa) (posted 8/16/2017)
“God revealed to me where I was wrong, one week before my husband told me he was done. I hit my knees, repented, prayed, and this went on for months. I did what the Lord revealed to me. God gave me scripture showing me He was working, and promised restoration. I cried, I stood and I believed. My husband never moved out, praise God. Months later, my husband told me he loved me, that he wanted to save our marriage. Praise God, we are going through the process of restoration. and the OW is gone. If He did it for me, He can do it for you.”  (Kentucky) (posted 8/16/2017)
“I am writing to give a wonderful testimony and to let all spouses who are believing for their prodigals to come back home, it is possible. My husband and I will be married twenty-five years this October. Many years ago, he strayed and became involved with someone, moved out and eventually asked for a divorce. I was devastated, but during this pain I found Rejoice Marriage Ministries and I stood for my marriage. It was not always easy, but I believed, prayed and stood on the Word of God. Nothing is impossible for God. My husband surprised me with a new wedding ring for our anniversary even though it’s not for several months yet. I say to all the spouses standing and believing, don’t give up on God. Stand in faith.”  (Texas) (posted 8/16/2017)
“God did it for us. He will do it for you. It was a long, hard road; a moment in my life that I thought I couldn’t bear anymore. But when I decided to let go and allow God to work, He showed up mightily. There is still a journey ahead, but I’m ready because Jesus is with me. Amen.”  (Philippines) (posted 7/31/2017)
“God restored my marriage. I was on RMM earlier today reading the testimony and it gave me hope. It was several months since my husband left me. Two days ago, he said that he’s filing for divorce. I was so heartbroken I didn’t know which way to turn. I went to my Father in Heaven and I prayed like I have never prayed before. Today was the day my God proved to me that He keeps His promise. My husband came over today and he said, ‘Forget about a divorce. I love you and you’re a good wife. I’m coming home!’ My God! I was excited, but more excited about how fast God moved! Thank You, Jesus! I want to tell you, if you’re marriage is broken, only God can fix it. Don’t give up. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. I’m praying for all broken marriages.”  (Alabama) (posted 7/31/2017)
“My husband left me for an OW after I gave birth to our youngest child several years ago. I cried out to the Lord. Although this was such a painful time in my life, it was also the most wonderful times I have ever had with the Lord. I have never ever felt as close to the Lord as during my stand. Jesus was not only preparing me for a restored marriage, but he also prepared me for the sudden passing of my youngest brother two years ago. I do not know how I would have dealt with the passing of my beloved brother if I had not gone through this and grown close to the Lord during my stand. I knew where to run, I knew where to go. I knew that the same Jesus who had held me and comforted me through my stand was the same Jesus who was going to get me through this horrible pain of losing my brother. Today my husband and I have been restored for a few years. We are both serving the Lord and attend our local church. Jesus does restore marriages.”  (Canada) (posted 7/26/2017)
“I want to offer hope for those with longer stands. I have been divorced for several years and was separated a year before my divorce. God spoke to me through the journey to give me hope, but the length of my journey led me to periods of depression, too. At Christmas, I wrote RMM that my husband came to visit and we spent a beautiful week together. After that, communication slowly withered away. Suddenly, earlier this year, he called to say he missed me and later suggested a vacation for us. I am currently on the last day of a ten-day trip with him. It was the most amazing trip of my life. He planned it all, was affectionate and loving. I heard him tell someone I was his wife. I feel loved and happy. I am so grateful to Jesus because it’s all from Him. It’s been a long wait, but I am excited to see what happens next.”  (Ohio) (posted 7/26/2017)
“Just as Elijah sent a message of abundance of rain once the cloud a size of a fist was seen in the seas, here I am sending a message of massive showers of blessings. My God is faithful. I began a three-day Esther fast and surrendered it all to Christ. On day five, two days after my fast, my relationship is restored. As declared in Romans 8:11, The spirit of God who raised Christ from dead shall also give life to our mortal bodies. Christ resurrected my relationship! I had nothing to offer but praise. God brought him back! God did this. I am in awe of how great our God is.”  (United Arab Emirates) (posted 7/26/2017)
“PTL! After years of praying, I received a text from my husband telling me that after his business trip, he was returning home. On a day that I was asking God if He was really going to restore my marriage and if my miracle had been hindered by me, within minutes God showed me that nothing is impossible with Him. I will continue to pray for my husband’s salvation, my family and all prodigals (spouses/children). He does get all the glory.”  (West Virginia) (posted 7/26/2017)
“Praise God standers. I thank God for bringing me to this site when I was looking for information or any message to speak to me when my husband left home some years back. I worried but I thank God, He always encouraged me through His Word. I kept my hope in Him. My husband was convinced our marriage could never work again. We were scheduled to see the mediator again and we did. God did it for me! In the mediation, my husband told the mediator he wants to withdraw the divorce case and close the case. In his words, he said he rushed his decision and he thinks the marriage can be worked on. Glory, glory to God who is always at work in us. I thank God who canceled the divorce case and has given us a second chance.”  (Uganda) (posted 7/26/2017)
“It has been a couple of months since my husband suddenly came home. He came willing to work on restoration, but in the same breath wanted us to have a civil divorce/separation. However, I didn’t agree and I now live with an in-house prodigal who is not speaking to me. But God, He continues to sustain me and our children every day. I want to give God thanks for the OW. Because of her entrance into our marriage, God taught me how to fight and do warfare. It is only through the power of Jesus can we standers really appreciate who and what God would use in our lives to draw us closer to Him so in the end He will get all the honor and praise. I never thought I would be giving thanks for a situation that was full of pain and uncertainty. I know in God’s perfect timing my husband will be released and our family restored to do God’s will. Praise His Holy Name.”  (Trinidad and Tobago) (posted 7/26/2017)
(posted 7/21/2017)
“I have been encouraged regularly by RMM since I came across it. My suddenly has finally come back after many months away from home. Glory to God. This testimony shall be permanent in my home and family in the mighty name of Jesus. I encourage others that … Your expectations shall never be cut short … HE IS ABLE TO DO MUCH MORE THAN YOU EXPECT.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 7/21/2017)
“My husband left many years ago. I was devastated when I found out later there was an OW and he divorced me. I found RMM. He was miserable with the OW; everything Bob said in his books were identical to him. He left her; it was all in God’s plan. I believe we had to go through this to bring me back to God and through me I’m bringing my husband to God. He does not know anything about God, the Bible, or Jesus. I am teaching him. He seems more open than he ever has been. Praise God! I am happy to report that I am moving back home with him this Sunday. Praise God. My husband is a whole different person and so am I. Don’t give up! My suddenly wasn’t sudden as we have been seeing each other the last few years off and on, but it only happened after I relinquished it and said. ‘I’m done trying, it’s all up to you Lord. Do what You will for me; I’ll be happy Your way.’”  (Kansas) (posted 7/21/2017)
“Last year my husband came out of the closet, left the church, and started living life as an openly gay man. Everyone but his parents wanted me to write him off, but I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. During this time, I found this website and read stories of restoration, and decided to stand for our marriage. A few months after he’d left, my husband asked me to move in with him, but only as friends. At first, I refused not wanting to see his new lifestyle firsthand, but one night I was reading your testimonials and a woman shared that she’d allowed her estranged husband to move back in. It made me realize that him asking us to move in was an answer to my prayers for restoration, it just didn’t look like I was expecting it to. So, we moved back in together as friends, but within a couple of months we resumed marital relations, and a few months after that he told me he wanted us to stay married and that he would look to God to deliver him from same-sex attraction.”  (Texas) (posted 7/21/2017)
“After a couple years of separation, then divorce, and being back together for a few years, my prodigal and I just applied for a new marriage license last week. Although your restoration may not look like you expect, God is faithful and He will keep His promises. We now have 60 days to re-tie the knot. Thank you Jesus! This ministry was a daily encouragement to me on the days where it felt like this would never happen. Thank you for being a light and hope in a world that no longer values the covenant marriage.”  (New York) (posted 7/11/2017)
“PTL. I have been standing for some time for my in-home prodigal. My suddenly has come! My husband told me his relationship with the OW is over. Since day one when I found out about his affair he has told me he loves me and will never leave me and our young son, but he could not leave the OW either because he loved her too. I struggled with sadness, anger, jealousy, but one thing has never changed, God’s love for me. He has given me hope and many signs to keep me going. My faith and relationship with God is in a place where it has never been before in my life. This was all part of His plan to bring me closer to Him. Please don’t give up! Pray every day and never stop. I surrendered myself and my marriage to God and my suddenly has come. I will never stop praising my Lord and I will pray for all of you to have your suddenly. God is good!”  (Connecticut) (posted 7/11/2017)
“Suddenly my husband asked me to live with him if he moves to Europe. He wanted to stay married. He said I’m the opposite of the OW. With spiritual warfare and praying the Word of God, the jezebel and adultery spirit lost and God won. I cried a lot in private and turned it to Jesus. I was left when pregnant and lost the home, speaking faith to little children and their puppies. Friends left me for honoring my marriage covenant. But God stayed. I became an ordained deliverance minister from this deepening with Christ Jesus. Nothing is impossible with God!”  (Texas) (posted 7/11/2017)
“My husband left our home with the decision to start with the divorce process. In the middle of my pain, I started looking for advice at church, with friends and the internet. I found your ministry. I was so confused because even people at the church told me that I could choose divorce due to my husband’s adultery. My husband said he did not want to know anything about Jesus. However, reading your web site I understood what is happening in my husband’s heart and soul. I just stood praying for him, for his ‘inside man to be stronger’ as Ephesians Chapter 3 says. Yesterday he came back home, asking for forgiveness, saying the ‘divorce’ word will never be mentioned again between us. I am still praying that he surrenders his heart and comes back to the Jesus’ feet. Thanks to your ministry who gives me hope and the right advice according to the God’s heart.”  (Colombia) (posted 7/11/2017)
“God keeps His promises! My husband is home and assures me every day he is here to stay. I divorced him seven years ago because he backslid and had an affair. He married the OW, and even had a child. Seemed like a good husband from the outside, but I was the subject of contention for years. He never stopped loving me. Who knew! God loves the backslider. For a few months, on the advice of sincere pastors, there was no contact because he’s legally married. But God promised to bring him home. One Friday I was praying to see him but God told me Monday. My husband knocked on my door that Monday evening and asked to spend the night. It’s only been a week now and many there are other details to be fixed. But, my husband is in love with me and we are best friends. To be honest I’m a little scared because I was hurt before yet I trust God with this. He is FAITHFUL!”  (Barbados) (posted 7/3/2017)
“Praise God! He is faithful! My suddenly happened about two years ago. I didn’t realize it until a year after it happened because it had not been the way I expected (bags packed at the front door). It was a very slow process. He would gradually leave his clothes as he gradually stayed over more and more. After the first year, we were back I learned about a non-covenant child. BUT GOD! He gave me the grace to face it and push through. It has been hard to accept the fact that another woman shares a child with him BUT GOD is greater. I am still praying and standing for my full restoration. My husband and I are still a work in progress, he doesn’t share with me about the child. I’m praying if this child is in fact his (not proven yet) that God will open the communication between us regarding this. For now, I’m praising God for all things because my husband is home and my full restoration is coming in HIS perfect timing. Don’t give up NO MATTER WHAT! GOD WILL DO IT!!”  (California) (posted 7/3/2017)
“Praise the Lord we are back together. When I truly let go and let God, things changed. I changed and things get better every day. Thank You for the storm Lord, for I have learned and continue to learn more every day. Thank You for your amazing grace and blessings. I continue to pray and thank the Lord for what He has done. I will also continue to pray for all standers and their lost loved ones.”  (Texas) (posted 7/3/2017)
“Praise and glory belongs to our Lord God! My husband is home because of Him! Dear standers don’t give up! Keep standing strong! The Holy Spirit is with you and will empower you, especially when you think it’s getting too difficult to stand. You are never alone! I am praying for you and your prodigal. Believe in our Lord for your spouse’s salvation and for your marriage restoration. Have faith. I know that your suddenly is happening; because, mine happened, despite my impossible circumstances. With God all things are possible, by standing each day standing on God’s Word. Matthew 19:26.”  (Canada) (posted 7/3/2017)
“Glory be to God my marriage is on the road to restoration. My rhema word for 2017 is Isaiah 43:18-19. My in-home prodigal husband suddenly came back to our bedroom after a few years. I am in awe of how God is working in our marriage. I continue to pray a hedge of protection, the Armor of God over our family and zip my lips. I have a lot of unanswered questions, but I know in due time God will reveal all I need to know. Keep standing and be consistent in showing your prodigal spouse agape love. Thank you RMM for the daily devotional and for the testimonies. You have taught me what praying looks like.”  (Colorado) (posted 6/28/2017)
“I have been standing for months, after our separation and filing divorce papers. My wife was done and did not want to give it another chance. I sought counseling from a church minister and I prayed like I never prayed in my life. I wanted to restore our marriage. There is hope. Men need to know how to be a husband. I messed up, with anger and pride. I wanted things my way. Look inward, stop blaming others, own your problems and look for a solution thru Jesus Christ. He is truly the only One that can save your marriage. I am happy to report that I am now restored to my spouse.”  (Missouri) (posted 6/28/2017)
“I am in the process of going through an unwanted divorce. I received Charlyne’s daily email and today it was about Father’s Day. I couldn’t even finish reading it because I haven’t spoken to my father in over a year. This is something that has been so heavy on my heart. I knew our Lord God wanted me to apologize, but I was struggling with humbling myself. Well, I was on the way home from church this morning and my phone rings. The caller ID says it’s my mom. When I pick it up, it’s my dad, he was trying to call another sibling, but got me instead. Before he can even say anything else, I blurted out ‘Happy Father’s Day.’ He immediately apologized and so did I. We both cried. He told me he knows I am having a hard time and that he is here for me. I told him not worry, because God has me in the palm of His hand! Praise God for restoration! I am chasing after God with everything I have and He is revealing Himself to me. Psalm 37:4.”  (Indiana) (posted 6/28/2017)
“God is so Good! Thank you for your daily devotionals. My husband is home. I know it was God! Praying scripture is very powerful and effective!”  (West Virginia) (posted 6/28/2017)
“Praise God, the other woman is gone from my husband’s life. He is slowly making his way back to our marriage. It has been a long stand, but the Lord would not let me give up even when I couldn’t walk another step. Every time it seemed things were getting better, Satan would step in with another attack. We still have a long way to go, but I know now that with God’s help we will make it. Please don’t give up! If you knew our circumstances you would call me crazy! Give God a chance to work. I was given Zechariah 3 to pray with my husband’s name. We are a burning stick snatched from the fire!”  (Michigan) (posted 6/28/2017)
“My husband left in 2014, shortly after we relocated to my new duty station. He was supposed to check on his mom in another state, but he never returned. Now it’s over 30 months later. I continued to pray and had to separate myself from folks who thought I was stupid to wait on him. I felt unloved and I went into depression. This year, I paid a lawyer for the divorce and spoke with my husband to come to agreement on terms – he agreed, but neither of us really wanted a divorce. Before I could get the papers mailed to him, God told me to fast and pray, despite what I felt and saw. Later that same day God spoke to my husband. He texted me and asked me not to sign the papers. He then drove 10 hours a few weeks later and helped me prep our house. We can now move to our next duty station – together!!”  (Alabama) (posted 6/28/2017)
“God is exceedingly gracious. Through His Holy Spirit He works wonders to all who pray to Him in faith. I’ve been standing for marriage restoration through fasting and fervent prayer. I drew close to God during my 18 months of standing for my in-house prodigal. She had not only initiated divorce proceedings, but also hardened her heart against God. I grew confident in my prayers and encouraged by the standers’ testimonies. I feared nothing and surrendered myself completely to His will. I zipped my lips from responding to any fiery words from my prodigal wife and only unzipped them to praise my Lord. My marriage is restored. No more divorce and suddenly, the divorce lawyers are gone. The animosity is gone. We are wife and husband again. Don’t give up on your stands. When those close to me didn’t know how to comfort me anymore and gave up on us, I took my stand to a higher level and stopped talking to people, but prayed to God. Thank you standers for your testimonies. God reigns forever!”  (Belgium) (posted 6/28/2017)
“God is good. My husband has returned! The year he left, I lost myself in God’s Word. I read testimony after testimony of marriages being restored while waiting for God to release my miracle. Just as I was about to give up, I cried out to Him and asked for a word and He heard my cry! The next day, my husband called and said he was coming home. He left the other woman and was ready and willing to work on our marriage. It has now been several months since he has returned. We are closer than we have ever been! God is faithful to His promises. There were so many days I lost hope and fed into the lies of the devil, believing that God was not going to restore my marriage. BUT GOD! He would not let me give up. He picked me up and restored my hope each and every time! And He will do the same for you! Keep the faith, keep praying, keep believing. You are one day closer to your breakthrough than you were yesterday. God will never fail you. He is a promise keeper and His Word always comes to pass.”  (Texas) (posted 6/21/2017)
“God is good. My husband and I separated for a couple years and I gave up on my stand and stopped praying for our marriage. My husband contacted me saying that he wanted our marriage. God is good! My marriage is on its way to restoration. Please continue to pray for us and I will pray for you all. Glory to God.”  (Texas) (posted 6/21/2017)
“I am praising God because He has restored my best friend’s marriage. They are getting remarried today after being divorced for years. While standing for my own marriage, I was keeping my stand to myself. Several months ago, I shared with my friend about my stand. She thought I was crazy, having been my maid of honor and knowing everything that has happened with my husband and me. But God in His awesomeness would use my stand to plant a seed in her heart. When she told me in the New Year that God had put a love in her heart for her ex-husband and to go back to him I was shocked! I am in awe of how God used my best friend, who wasn’t looking or thinking twice about her marriage or husband in years, to show me His power. I was getting discouraged in my own stand and it was like God wanted me to see firsthand His power. I have seen every inch of her restoration and witnessed firsthand the power of prayer and how God changes hearts. Hold on standers, your day of restoration and mine is coming!”  (Maryland) (posted 6/21/2017)
“I have been standing for a few years, through a court divorce and custody division, OW and non-covenant child. But with precious encouragement from RMM, scripture and signs, I’ve stood for my marriage. Recently I’ve been praying specifically for the Holy Spirit to move in my husband’s life and praying a Hedge of Protection and armor of God around him. Today he called and revealed how bad his situation really is and wanted to know if I’m willing to accept his non-covenant child in our family. He asked if we could start slow and give our relationship another try! It’s all God! Praying the Holy Spirit will inspire in him a total conversion of heart and that God will untangle the circumstances of the other child. Keep faith and hope friends, your prayers are heard!”  (Alaska) (posted 6/21/2017)
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