Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


Share Your Testimony of Marriage Restoration!

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“I’ve imagined writing this praise report for a few years, and here it is: My husband and I remarried yesterday on our original anniversary date. It looked impossible and was a horrible mess…but with God all things are possible. I am so thankful to Him and to Rejoice Marriage Ministries. As a second praise report, I have a colleague who had given up on her marriage due to her husband’s infidelities. I didn’t even realize she had stopped wearing her ring, but she told me that I in part inspired her to put the ring back on. Standers, people are watching you. I know it may be difficult finding pure joy in others benefiting from your stand while you continue to struggle, but God hasn’t abandoned you. While I wouldn’t have chosen this experience for myself, it’s proven to be an invaluable spiritual exercise in faith and love which will undoubtedly serve my life going forward. Please continue to pray for us and for a complete healing of my husband’s depression. Thank you!”  (Kentucky) (posted 5/23/2017)
“Jesus did it again! My marriage is restored. I have forgiven my husband and he has ended things with the OW. God opened his eyes to see that he was being deceived. We still have a long way to go. We still have matters to handle like a non-covenant child. This website has been a great blessing to me. My husband is not born again yet, but I believe the God who restored my marriage will do it in His perfect timing. My situation looked impossible. I didn’t know if I could forgive my husband. I prayed and I fasted till I surrendered all to Him and He did what only He could do.”  (Belgium) (posted 5/23/2017)
“Praise and thank You Lord for my husband, for our marriage, our divorce, our remarriage and our ongoing restoration and salvation. Even in some of our darkest valleys I, through the grace of God, told my beloved brave soldiering prodigal spouse that I would go through the fire all again. He would look at me like I had lost my mind, but I saw admiration in his eyes. How can you love me after all I have done? I never stopped. Love never ends. I thank God so much for holding onto our hearts. Today is our anniversary and God gave me a beautiful rainbow. I will hope in the Lord always. Thy will be done. I pray God will continue to purify and mold and give life to us as we journey every day closer to His open heart as He heals ours. Amen.”  (New Hampshire) (posted 5/15/2017)
“For the sake of giving God ALL the glory and encouraging others, please allow me to share that after YEARS of frustration, heartache, separation, divorce and all that comes with that, my Holy Father has proven Himself faithful! After buckets of tears, many prayers and a final surrender to God’s sovereignty, my husband (I’ve never referred to him as ex) wants to begin working on us! O how I praise Him! While my heart and soul rejoice for being in the midst of the restoration phase, I realize my stand is just beginning. ‘Father help us, strengthen us and lead us! Amen.’ Asking for prayers.”  (Ohio) (posted 5/15/2017)
“My husband and I were separated when I left due to unresolved issues. I did not want to rush to divorce and came across your website. I began to focus on fasting and prayer. Just as I got to the point where I accepted that we may never reconcile, he contacted me unexpectedly. It was clear that he was ready to work on things. After many months of separation, we began living together again. There are still challenges, but things are better than they were. I continue to rely on prayer and fasting to strengthen our marriage. I’m expecting a baby girl soon, to God be the glory!”  (Georgia) (posted 5/15/2017)
“I found RMM at a very low point in my life. I was in Christ, but everyone around me was telling me to give up on my prodigal spouse. I couldn’t go anywhere without someone reminding me of his adultery and the other OW. I often questioned God because the OW my prodigal husband was seeing was in the church, they attended church together, etc. RMM showed me how to ‘zip my lips’ and to just pray the proper prayer points. After reading different RMM posts and guidelines, several months had gone by and my suddenly happened. I will never forget that day. I was about to give up, not on God, but my marriage. I was struggling financially and didn’t have much to give, however I sowed a seed into RMM. Later that night the unexplainable happened.”  (Florida) (posted 5/15/2017)
“My husband was an in-home prodigal for several months and has lived with the OW for several more. The week before Easter he told me about a job offer he had been given. He said that he couldn’t take it because it was too far away and he couldn’t make it on his own. I took a step in faith and offered to go with him. The next day he called to let me know he had accepted the job and would our boys and I go with him. He hadn’t even told the OW about the job yet. He went to Easter services with us and the next day, in answer to prayer, I was able to be with him as his father passed away. Just two weeks before, that probably wouldn’t have been possible. Last night he began moving back into our home! We have a lot of healing to do, but praise God, suddenlies do happen! Never give up and never stop looking to God. As I continue to pray for our marriage, I pray for all other marriages.”  (Ohio) (posted 5/9/2017)
“Standers, believe me restoration is coming! God can do anything, be still! There was the OM, financial issues, separation with divorce papers not filed. As a man, it was very hard to not be in control. I realized only God wins this spiritual war. I needed to give God His time and obey. I had to give my wife time to heal. I heard ‘I love you, but I am not in love with you. I’m in good hands, move on with your life and file the divorce papers.’ But God has the last word. Suddenly she called me to come home. Don’t force God to give you a sign. Be kind, patient and most of all show unconditional love no matter what. Our marriage now is as sweet as ever. She told me she missed me and cried while I was gone. I showed unconditional love (I’m not perfect, I messed up many times) and gave it to God. God will do the hard work. Stand back, pray and tell your story for prayer. Keep your ring on.”  (Florida) (posted 5/9/2017)
“Praise the Lord, my prayers are finally being answered! Last year I suffered a terrible accident. I was unable to walk for six months due to my injuries. During this time, I found out my husband had just started a relationship with another woman via Facebook. My world came crashing down, and I thought life as I knew it would never be the same. I was desperate for God to save my marriage. I came across RMM and began to battle the enemy through prayer and fasting. I chose to listen to God and seek His truths. I chose to stand when it all seemed to be lost and dead. After many months of prayer, my husband finally came to understand he had been deceived by the enemy and that God was calling him back to His kingdom. I have declared victory in the name of Jesus Christ and I cannot wait to share how God is going to redeem my life like he did with Job. I will testify when he turns my ashes into beauty in His timing. Don’t ever give up!”  (California) (posted 5/9/2017)
“My husband I have been apart and divorced for several years. But my God did it! My marriage is restored. He came home last week after leaving because of an OW and him constantly telling me to move on. It was SO painful during my stand, but now that pain seems so far away. Like labor pains. I got so close to God. So close in fact I got to the point that I was ok with it being just me and Jesus. I listened to God first. Even though many gave me ‘godly’ council that did make sense, it wasn’t what God wanted me to do. God doesn’t recognize divorce as an end to marriage. We shouldn’t either. Stand strong. Listen to Him first and try to enjoy the process because He has big plans for us standers.”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 5/9/2017)
“I praise God for His faithfulness even when I am not. After a couple of years of separation, my marriage is finally being restored. God was showing me signs, but I thought that the enemy was tormenting me with false hope. A few months ago I decided to give up my stand and file for divorce. I prayed and asked God to prevent me from giving up too soon if it was out of His will. My husband called me the week that I was planning to file and asked me to go out with him, gave me Valentine’s Day gifts, and asked if we could take a vacation together. We have been together ever since and he has been making plans for us to start over in another state. He even visited our home church on Easter. We just came back from that vacation and I am seeing God answer all of my prayers at one time. I urge you to never give up, keep praying and know that God’s timing is not our timing. If He said it, then He will do it. Just be patient because His Word will never return void. PTL I truly thank God.”  (Michigan) (posted 5/9/2017)
“There are times we feel God has forsaken and abandoned us. But God. He continues to prove us wrong. I have been standing for while and began to question if God told me to or if I was doing it because I didn’t know what else to do. Our son entered a string instrument competition and, unknown to me, he asked his dad to be there. I felt that in my own strength I couldn’t encounter him. I took my fears to the throne and prayed for the Lord’s strength. I asked the Holy Spirit to take control of the situation. Praise the Lord, my Savior answered my prayers. My husband came, sat a few seats away from us in the same row, stayed to the end of the performance and waited around outside with us until we were ready to leave. I praise God for the peace He gave to me for this time. There is nothing that is impossible for my God. Waiting in the Lord as I wait on the Lord. Amen.”  (Trinidad and Tobago) (posted 5/3/2017)
“DON’T GIVE UP. No matter how much it hurts, zip your lips, take your pain to Christ. Journal God’s victory in your marriage stand in faith. Now I see every horrible satanic fog that crushed my heart. Turning to Christ daily to pray a hedge of protection and thorns against adultery actually works. God absolutely responds with greater power to the satanic fog each time. My prodigal has returned in my sixth month of pregnancy, saying God sent a dream about his son. He is overjoyed with having a son. My husband asked me to make money and buy a family home together. Amen! The prayers kept my husband away from adultery so he is back to marriage covenant intimacy only. These testimonials and devotionals have been my lifeline to Jesus. Thank you God, the babies get their father as promised. I’m helping another marriage stander too. Just don’t give up, God has your victory!”  (Texas) (posted 5/3/2017)
“After many false starts, even a divorce, I’m happy to announce that my marriage has been restored. My husband and I often communicated, but he would usually tell me to move on, that we weren’t getting back together. He recently took a job in a ministry in another state. Easter afternoon I received a text from him asking where do I feel we went wrong in our marriage. A few more texts which led to the next day him sending a video text stating that he can’t wait to marry me. At the ministry he is with, the pastor encouraged him to go back and get his wife and that’s what he has done. Just when I was at my breaking point and cried out to God Easter morning about having little faith and doubt, that’s when He showed me He has been working it out all along. My son and I are joining my husband when school gets out in May. Standers, never quit standing. Keep fasting and praying even when you feel like you can’t hear God’s voice.”  (Louisiana) (posted 5/3/2017)
“Last year my now ex-husband met a woman and started talking and texting and then started meeting. He said they loved each other and wanted to get married. I could not believe this. We had been married so long and I still loved him. I started praying every day that God would change his heart and take her out of his life. He wanted us to remain friends even though he filed for divorce. I moved out, but kept praying that God would change his heart. I prayed and asked God to help me to forgive him for what he did. I knew that was the only way I would have peace. They did get married, but the day after, she left. He was heartbroken, but I was there to help him. Before they got married he told me he was sorry for what he did and always would love me. We started spending time together and God answered my prayer, not only to change his heart, but for us to get back together. We are working on our problems and getting remarried soon. God does answer our prayers in His time.”  (Florida) (posted 5/3/2017)
“This website was referred to me by a relative a few months ago. My husband and I had separated. After I gave it all over to God and asked that He let His will, not my will, be done in my life and began rejoicing with a heart of expectancy, I was able to find peace and strength I did not know I had. I began praying for my husband every day all through the day. I also began praying for the OW. In one of Charlyne’s messages Easter week, she asked that we pray for our prodigal spouses to be touched by the Lord to turn from their sinful ways and that they will have a deep desire to return home that week. I did just that and rested in the Lord (Matthew 11:28-30). My husband texted me that Saturday morning, the last day of the week, and asked to return home. He has ended things with the OW and is now at home. Praise God! We have both committed to working on our marriage. Prayer changes things. What is impossible with man, is possible with God (Luke 18:27). Keep praying, keep the faith and keep believing; your prodigal will return.’  (Louisiana) (posted 4/25/2017)
“‘Lift up your eyes and look around; all your children gather and come to you. As surely as I live,’ declares the Lord, ‘you will wear them all as ornaments; you will put them on, like a bride.’ Isaiah 49:18 My restoration testimony not only includes God restoring my marriage, but also restoring my relationship with my precious children. When my husband and I divorced, he gained custody of our three children. For years I was bitter and angry towards him, which resulted in my estrangement from my children because I couldn’t get along with their father. Now, with my new heart and love towards my children’s father, I am watching God heal and restore my broken relationship with my children! In fact, my oldest daughter invited me to lunch, the same one who had the hardest time accepting me back into her life. God is moving, and soon we will be the WHOLE family God intended from the beginning of time.”  (Texas) (posted 4/25/2017)
“Praise God! This is way overdue. My husband and I had no communication for almost a year and I moved out of our home state to find work. I kept standing, paying support for our children and tithing regularly. Then it went from a text from him, to communicating daily. From becoming companions again, to monthly visits and spending Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family. Finally, SUDDENLY, he asked me to move in with him. I was reluctant at first because there are some areas that God’s still working on with us, like removing his addictions, especially alcohol (I’ve been free from alcohol 23 months), but I saw God softening his heart and decided to love him unconditionally, living as husband and wife. We’re not yet fully restored/remarried and I know I must stand for life, but I have faith and so many answered prayers. You’re in my prayers!”  (Nevada) (posted 4/25/2017)
“Praise the Lord! My husband has been home for several months. We have had some very rough months because he is an in-home prodigal. I have also prayed for the OW since I found out about her, and the Lord has answered one of my prayers for her. She has moved on and is dating someone her age who is single. A lot of times the enemy attacks me with thoughts that my husband is hiding something from me. While praying about this the Lord gave me Luke 8:17. Now I know that if there is something, God will reveal it in His time, not on my time. Praise God!”  (California) (posted 4/25/2017)
“All Glory to God. After several months of standing, my husband is home. He decided himself that staying was best. It is my forgiveness, patience, love and humility towards him despite the OW and brokenness in our hearts that helped him make that decision. What he does not see, is that it is Christ in me that allows me to act in such ways towards him. God’s love for my husband has truly become my own. Now that he is back home, my prayer is my children and I can be a visible and very present vessel of God’s love for him that will draw him back unto the fellowship of Jesus Christ. Glory to God for removing his heart of stone and giving him a heart of flesh. I’m trusting God to rebuild His fallen tabernacle and my husband shall love his God again. ‘For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.’  Isaiah 43:19 (NLT). My answer is, ‘Lord I see it, I see a river in my desolate marriage!’”  (Kansas) (posted 4/25/2017)
“My prodigal left me for several months, without any communication. I would try to call and text him every day, to no avail. I prayed for his return or at least to ease my pain. At that time, I didn’t know there was an OW, since we separated because of other issues. I found out about the OW after we got back together. I tried to zip my lips and was patient with him, but I cried every day. It was one of the hardest things I have done in my life, to not be angry and forgive a deceiver. I was only able to forgive and forget what he did to me after a year, through prayers, meditation and from reading Charlyne Cares and listening to her podcasts every day. Five years later we are still together and going strong. He now has given up his OW and tells me his schedule daily to prove to me he is faithful. There is nothing, but love and respect between us, a renewed relationship that is only possible with God’s help. Do not give up, keep on standing. God has a plan for you and it is only for your good and nothing less.”  (California) (posted 4/25/2017)
“Praise God! After I surrendered and gave to God all my worries about my prodigal husband, he left his other women and asked for another chance. I just thank God for returning my husband home. Time is the most important over pride.  Nothing is impossible with God, just pray and have faith. Never give up praying for your husband or wife. Your will be done, Lord.”  (Philippines) (posted 4/17/2017)
“Thank you for helping me find my way to my dear Lord. My marriage has been restored. I was devastated the day my husband told me he wanted to separate. This ministry led me to know exactly how to pray and commit myself to our dear Lord. I came to truly know the Lord like I never had before. I went back into our marriage with a completely different attitude, feeling the love and peace that God has shown me. I will now be His disciple, to set an example for my husband. I give my dear Lord all the praise and glory for our marriage restoration. I want to give back what was given to me. God comes first in my life. Once I accepted and realized that, He took it from there.”  (Texas) (posted 4/11/2017)
“Often I could not bring myself to read the testimonies written by others. Either they reminded me of the mess my marriage was still in or else I felt so burdened with other’s pain that to avoid reading was the best way for me to handle those emails. Today, I realize there is power in affirmation. There is strength in knowing there is a solid promise that only our God can provide. I’m here to tell you that God will bring you out of the valley of pain and darkness. You probably won’t recognize the ‘new’ you but believe, have solid faith and trust that the great Potter has reshaped your life, your mind, and your heart. My broken marriage…my husband has returned home after many twisted years. Although I realize this is just the beginning of restoration, I know it’s also the end of a horrific season. Don’t give up. Fill your days with goodness, the Word, service and keep your heart open.”  (Michigan) (posted 4/4/2017)
“My husband just walked away from our marriage without any warning to me. After being separated for several years, the Lord spoke to my husband early one morning and told him to go home. He quit his job and moved to be with me while I took a new job. Our marriage has been restored for many years now. We are both preaching the gospel to the lost. Most of all, we are going after prodigals, encouraging and laboring with them, letting them know that God is able to breathe life on a dead situation, because He did it for us. I just want to encourage you to keep fasting, praying and reading the Word. Numbers 23:19 was one of my favorite scriptures that I held on to. When I felt like giving up, I would just cry out to the Lord and He came by to see about me, all the while he was touching my husband. My husband gives his testimony just before he preaches The Word of God on how God restored him and our marriage. There are so many people being encouraged now that we are sharing our story.”  (Maryland) (posted 3/27/2017)
“My husband and I were separated for a couple of years and the Lord has restored my marriage. I thank God for all His promises He kept.”  (Maryland) (posted 3/27/2017)
“My betrothed found me to be in a wrong communication with another woman and snapped. At first I took it for granted, but as time passed, it broke me. I fell down to the Lord and discovered He wanted to use that to TRANSFORM me. I let Him work in me. My experience of steadfast praying and fasting for some many months was the greatest thing I had ever done. At the end of it, God told me to start thanking Him for restoration. Even though it felt foolish, I had not heard a word from her in all that time, I did. Four days later, a friend came visiting, something God had used to help me, and as he drove into the driveway, I received a barrage of messages from my fiancé! God had touched her heart, out of nowhere! Today, we are married and expecting our first child. God works miracles!”  (Nebraska) (posted 3/27/2017)
“By the grace of God my marriage has been restored. My spouse came home and we renewed our vows. The Lord told me to continue to stand in the gap for my spouse and family. I understood standing in the gap is like being part of a fence outside: come rain, sun, or snow. ‘How long Lord?’ I said. The answer, ‘Forever and I am with you.’  I thank God for you brothers/sisters, for your testimonies. Don’t give up, trust our God for His unfailing love. Through teaching on this website I learned to be quiet. When I fall, I repent. Every day I pray Psalm 141:3 – Set a guard over my mouth O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips. Standers, be faithful, be alert, for the enemy is like a roaring lion. I will continue to pray for all standers and for restored marriages. God bless.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 3/27/2017)
“I want to praise God for encouraging me to never give up even after many, many years of separation. Through a series of ‘Godincidences,’ my prodigal is home and we are facing together the consequences of his many years in the far country. God gave me Psalm 92:6-7 right before he came home. Never, ever give up! If God could bring my husband home, He can do anything! It took many years but God’s love carried me along. I thank you Lord, RMM, and all standers who have shared their testimonies that gave me hope. To God be the glory!”  (California) (posted 3/20/2017)
“After many years, my in-home prodigal has been home full time for a few months. It has been a very slow restoration process with several attempts by the OW to get my husband to come back to her, but God is faithful and has kept him home. There were so many times over the years I wanted to quit, but God wouldn’t let me and would give me encouragement when I needed it the most. God has answered many prayers and is working on my prodigal’s heart, putting laborers in his path which I pray all the time. It is harder at times when our prodigals return but I am trusting God to complete His purpose in our lives and marriage. Never, never, never give up. God is moving and working all things together for our good. Praise His name!”  (New York) (posted 3/20/2017)
“My wife and I separated followed by divorce proceedings. I was completely broken by the incident. I went after her for a reconciliation but she was adamant over her decision. I went to her parents and siblings seeking the same matter, but they all supported her. It was at this time that I registered myself at RMM and started praying over the issue. Months passed. I was discouraged because I couldn’t see sign of any progress. Finally, one day in a prayer meeting, God spoke to me through a pastor saying that my prayer is heard, my family will be restored back to me in November. To my surprise, in November one day, my wife called me and apologized for everything. God did what He said. Our God is a living God, He makes everything beautiful in its time.”  (Ireland) (posted 3/20/2017)
“A few years ago, I discovered a billboard of RMM on a trip to see my parents. Since that time, I have walked in faith and grown so much spiritually. My husband returned home several months ago after several years of separation. As many of you know, the road is long and the Lord is the only One with the answers. But God worked His miracles and brought my husband home, humble and thirsting for life once again. Please don’t give up and keep those lips zipped. Love as Jesus loves and the reward will be great!”  (Mississippi) (posted 3/14/2017)
“My spouse came home over two years ago. God is so amazing! He is our hope. Continue believing for your miracle. God is faithful and nothing is impossible with our God. Thank You, God, and Rejoice Marriage Ministries for giving me the courage to wait for my spouse to come home. Praying for marriages around the world to be resurrected from the ashes of our circumstances and transformed into what God has planned. God bless you and your marriages.”  (Wyoming) (posted 3/14/2017)
(posted 3/8/2017)
“I just feel compelled to share today. This road to restoration is like climbing a ladder. You must keep looking up and you cannot look down. My marriage is mostly restored. PTL. My family is getting closer but still worlds away. I still have a child in the far country but I am praying that she will come around fully. I have been seeing changes. I know that the Lord has great things for us if we can ‘be still’ and let the Lord breathe life into those dried bones. You cannot make anyone do anything in this world but the Lord can! I do not know where this is coming from or who it is for, but do not let your pride ruin His work. Pride can cause far more hurt in this world that is not the work of the Lord. Remember that. Philippians 2:3, Proverbs 8:13 and 11:2, 13:10 and 16:5. Maybe it was me that needed to see them.”  (Virginia) (posted 3/8/2017)
“I am here to testify that God is working in my life! I have been separated for several months. We are working toward rebuilding our life together and starting off as friends again. The other guy went back to his wife to reconcile his marriage, but still wants a friendship with my wife. Of course, I am not OK with that, but I cannot stop them from talking. I continue to pray that God will heal her heart and let me back in and protect her from the enemy and his tricks. I have seen how God is working to bring us back together. I have put all my worries, burdens, and problems in God’s hands. I look to Philippians 4:6-7 – Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all he has done. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!”  (Tennessee) (posted 3/8/2017)
“How great is God! Each promise has been accomplished. Nothing is impossible with Him. I really have no doubt how this ministry helped me to stand for my marriage that was totally dead, with a divorce going on last year. But sister Charlyne kept telling us to wait for our suddenly, when God begins to restore our marriages. God really works when we remain faithful, but most of all, believing that He can do everything. After my husband filed for a divorce last year, he came home saying that he can’t keep going anymore with his miserable life, and wanting to fix things with me. I couldn’t believe it, but immediately I remembered each of the emails sent by this ministry. I never imagined my prodigal would be coming back home.”  (Nicaragua) (posted 3/8/2017)
“God is great! One of the marriages I’ve being praying for is being restored and they will remarry very soon! But God! I believe my miracle is already done, too. Today in church a lady told me her story about her divorce. I shared with her what I had learned. Glory to God! Some news came in my social media about a site of attorneys, and at first I felt full of indignation, but then I decided to share Charlyne’s devotional, Restoration of Your Marriage, Your Call.’ May God work in those persons to read it and obey! The enemy is against my family, but I am against him in Jesus’ Name!”  (Puerto Rico) (posted 3/8/2017)
“This is the day that the Lord has made, let is rejoice in be glad in it. Don’t give up and don’t give in, victory is ours. After years of being divorced, my marriage is restored on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. To God be the glory for the wonderful things He has done. Never stop believing God is the God of marriage restoration. Have faith in God and all things are possible. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Trust Him.”  (New Hampshire) (posted 2/27/2017)
“Praise God! My suddenly happened! I’ve been separated from my husband and he told me he only wanted to be my friend. He said he would never change his mind. I have been praying every day for God to speak to him. Just last night I prayed for him. I knew he was coming over to mow the lawn while I was at work. I asked God to let him feel love when he entered the house. I asked God to put a burning desire in his heart to reunite with his family. He called me today and said that when he entered the house he didn’t know what it was but he felt something. He said that he has seen a change in me that has made him want to work on our marriage. Praise God! He asked to come home. We know we have a lot of work to do but we are willing to do it. And this time we will make sure that God is the center of our lives and the head of our house. There is hope. God answers prayers. All you have to do is trust Him.”  (Louisiana) (posted 2/27/2017)
“I have waited to write this testimony because I had read about false starts/returns. My spouse slowly returned last year, and fully came home several months ago. It took many months to talk about it. I put in practice what I learned here. JUST LOVE HIM. I was reluctant to praise God at first, not sure if it would ‘stick,’ then one day he talked about it. He said, ‘I knew you were praying, I felt it. I may not have wanted to hear what you had to say, but you said what God told you to say anyway. I know it was Him speaking through you, because He was not leaving me alone no matter how hard I tried, and it was SO dark where I was. I am grateful for you, for your prayers, that you obeyed God, and you didn’t give up on me when I did everything I could to make you walk away. I know for sure God put love in my heart for you more than ever, because I tried to ignore it, but my love for you never diminished. I know that I am alive today because you prayed.’”  (California) (posted 2/27/2017)
“To God be all the honor and glory! My prodigal has been home for several months! We almost had another false start, due to me not ‘zipping my lips.’ I kept questioning and investigating my husband. He found out and had actually left home with his clothes and our savings. But praise the Lord he came back that same day! Ever since, things are getting better little by little. Every day he sits and talks about the OW, and I offer my support and prayers. It hurts but I know God will remove the OW from my husband’s mind and heart ‘suddenly.’ One day my husband told me, ‘Thank you for being there, I know it’s hard. I have no idea how you do it.’ That same day the Lord gave me a new rhema word, Psalm 27:13-14, and also an answer to my husband.”  (California) (posted 2/21/2017)
(posted 2/21/2017)
“PTL. It’s been a while since I last submitted a testimony because I allowed the voice of the devil to lull the amazing work God is doing in my life. But I just want to praise and worship the Almighty God with this testimony and shame the devil. God has blessed me with so much peace. I am now able to love my spouse as he is. God is going to change him. Although our marriage is restored, he is still living in the far country and he is hinting at possibly having us move there. Early in our marriage, God said we would live together in the far country and I choose to stand on His promise for He is faithful and His timing is perfect. I woke up to Hosea 7:12 – When they go I will throw my net over them, I will pull them down like the birds in the sky. God is in control and no matter where my husband is, God is right there with him. Luke 1:45 Is my motivation during my stand. God is able. Keep standing standers, never give up.”  (Swaziland) (posted 2/21/2017)
“DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T GIVE IN! God will do what He said in His timing. My wife asked me to leave her and my daughters because she wasn’t happy and didn’t love me anymore. I’ve been praying, crying, praying! Worshipping God, active in church since we separated many months ago. She said she’d never step into a church. She’s now going to her own church. We’ve been touchy feely with each other, peaceful, no arguments. It’s by no means 100 percent, but God gets all the glory! He can turn the hardest heart to flesh. Your faith in God must be stronger than your circumstances.  Don’t listen to the voice of your spouse. It’s the adversary. Pray and fast him off your marriage. You have the power from God. Place it at God’s feet and leave it alone. There will be pain, but you must remember, God is greater than anything. You must seek Him first. God gave me. Psalm 37, Isaiah 41:10, 1 Peter 5:10. Be strong and keep praying!”  (Ohio) (posted 2/21/2017)
“It happened suddenly but my husband is home to the glory of God. After him having kids with the OW, marrying her and divorcing me, he is now back home as the Lord had promised throughout the years. He appeared like he was enjoying his life but he now tells me he was miserable. This ministry taught me how to ‘zip my lips’ and pray with scriptures. I can tell everyone that God is always faithful even when we aren’t and His Word is true. Standers, don’t give up, have faith in the Word and pray the Word. Even after the return, keep praying and make prayer your lifestyle. Don’t let down your guard. Trust that the Lord who brought my husband home will do the same for you. Luke 1:37 was my scripture whenever it seemed like nothing was happening on the other side of the mountain.”  (South Africa) (posted 2/14/2017)
“I’m praising my Lord Jesus Christ not because my husband is back home but because through this trial I have drawn so near to the Lord. I have been separated from my husband for some time now and I’ve seen how things turn for the worst. My husband started the process of the divorce. I feel as if something broke in my heart but I also feel a sense of peace that I can’t explain. That night when my husband told me the bad news, I felt like God was speaking to my heart and saying, ‘Can’t you see that I have to break this old thing so I can make something new?’ Isaiah 43:19 (KJV) This scripture has blessed my heart and I have to trust God in whatever He is doing in my family’s life is all good no matter how it looks and feels. I had another opportunity to tell my husband that night that I would continue to stand for him forever. My pastor and his wife said this changes nothing. It’s only a piece of paper with no value in God’s eyes! God can do a miracle! Please don’t get discouraged!”  (Texas) (posted 2/14/2017)
“Praise God! My husband is home. We’ve had several false starts in the past several months. But I trust God that this time is the start for the rest of our lives. I pray for every stander and prodigal. The struggle is hard at times and sometimes so peaceful. But I put my full trust in our God. With Him, all things are possible. In Jesus’ name, a stander for life.”  (Louisiana) (posted 2/14/2017)
“My husband came across your website because I walked away from him and was living in my own place. He began praying for us and here I am, back home, and believing with God all things are possible. Thank you for inspiring him. We have been praying and reading our Bibles every day. The future can only become brighter. Amen.”  (Indiana) (posted 2/14/2017)
“PTL. I got separated from my wife several months ago. There was no communication between us. I was advised by families and friends to let go, forget the marriage and move on with my life. I was in so much pain and confused. God used my neighbor, who is also standing, to introduce RMM to me. The resources helped me. I kept reading testimonies of standers and my faith was renewed. I started fasting and praying for the restoration of my marriage. Communication was restored between me and my wife. I saw her after so many months. We were able to settle our differences. She’s right here beside me as I type this testimony. I serve a God who is living. Days ago, because of the way everything was, it looked hopeless, but when it was God’s time for my wife to come home, nothing could stop her. If God can do this, what is it He cannot do? PTL standers, keep standing, He will do it.”  (Nigeria) (posted 2/14/2017)
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