Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


Share Your Testimony of Marriage Restoration!

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“I stumbled across your website, and want to say how thankful I am for your ministry. My mom and dad went through a divorce after 24 years of marriage. He left, involved with another woman. My godly mother stood for her marriage and bravely fought the spiritual battle. Ten years later they were remarried. That was over 18 years ago. I am thankful for her example that encouraged me to stand on God’s Word when my family was attacked in a different way. God is good and He keeps His promises. We can trust Him! I am glad to know there is someone like yourself encouraging others to fight this battle and stand for their marriages. As you know, there are very few voices like yours in this wilderness we travel.”  (Louisiana) What a testimony from a child who experienced divorce and her parents remarried!  What a praise that she stumbled across our website and found our Testimony pages for her to share with us!  To God be the glory!  The Lord wants you to be encouraged and keep standing firm as this is God’s will for all marriages. – Charlyne (posted 11/18/2015)
“It’s been a short time since the Lord brought my husband home. And let me tell you, Satan is trying his best to ruin the restoration process. But God wins everyday! I’m still learning to trust the Lord completely. I always pray the Lord helps me zip my lips, and repent for when I don’t. I still make sure to pray for my husband and myself every day, covering us with the blood of Christ and scriptures. But praise be to God, my husband is actually testifying to his own family and friends about how God led him back home. He gives God all the glory! Praise God! There is still a ways to go but I continue to put it all in God’s hands. Keep praying! Keep standing! GOD IS WORKING! Believe that with all your heart even if you don’t see or hear anything. Have faith! God will deliver! Praise His Name and don’t stop!”  (Georgia) (posted 11/18/2015)
“After being separated for many months, I am so happy to share that my husband and I are now living under the same roof again. The birth of our first child and wedding anniversary will happen in the same month! I knew God would do it, but I was often caught up on the ‘when.’ God used this time of separation to mold and shape me into who He created me to be. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed, and God deserves all the glory and honor. There were so many times that I wanted to give up, but God consistently did something to renew my faith and refuel my stand. ‘Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her.’  Luke 1:45. I am indeed blessed!”  (Virginia) (posted 11/18/2015)
“God is beyond faithful! He has won AGAIN! God has brought my husband from the far country. He has given his life back to God and has come back home. He now addresses me as his wife, favor, and queen again. We have had many false starts even to the point that the last time I was giving up. BUT GOD! During this last separation, I waited on God and His timing and my scripture that I stood on was Romans 8:28. God is amazing and now we will be welcoming our first child together as a family!”  (Mississippi) (posted 11/18/2015)
“This is my second time to submit a testimony. My first time was a few weeks after my prodigal spouse returned home after several months of separation and pending divorce. I am so happy to say it’s been more than a year later and our marriage is stronger than ever! I praise God for what He has done for us. I remember my thoughts were so limited and small at the time. I was so discouraged and defeated, asking God only to help me get through, survive, and get by on my own. Thankfully God had bigger plans than mine! He enabled me to forgive my spouse and He caused my spouse to feel true sorrow for his wrongs. I want to encourage all standers to never give up and to open your hearts to God’s plan of forgiveness and reconciliation for your marriages and families. Understand that many times, the sorrow comes AFTER forgiveness and BECAUSE of forgiveness so do not expect or wait on your spouse’s sorrow to come first. Choose forgiveness first and watch God bless you and your families!”  (Arkansas) (posted 11/12/2015)
“We are very happy to report that we have a restored marriage now for five years, thanks to God, and to this ministry. Because you did not give up on your marriage, you made it possible for us and many others to stop the devil’s scheme of divorce. We were separated for several years and he was just like Bob, claiming he was never coming back home. He urged me many times to continue with my life. The devil never stopped throwing stones at me but God was faithful to the very end. The closer we got to restoration, the harder the devil schemed to pull us apart. I spoke about restoration and God’s promises and many family and friends thought I was losing my mind. And here we are living proof that miracles do happen. Just like Charlyne’s teachings, my husband came back suddenly. What attracted my husband back to me? He saw Jesus in me and through me.”  (California) (posted 11/12/2015)
“My husband has been home a few months now and we are working through things with a counselor and a long road ahead. I was worried about our anniversary, and to my shock he surprised me and took me to the boutique hotel restaurant where we had our reception. He apologized for missing my birthday and anniversary presents. I was so happy and he is still talking about how special our anniversary was this year. I finally feel hope again that we are going to make it. God knew what was best and how to do it. To God be the glory, great things He has done. If you are discouraged, don’t give up.”  (Florida) (posted 11/12/2015)
“I was a prodigal and divorced my wife thinking, ‘I could do better.’ We both remarried others and both of our marriages ended in disaster just weeks apart. I turned to God for guidance and asked Him to lead me to the wife He has for me…old or new. My covenant and I started seeing each other last year and she said God had spoken to her and told her to come back to me. God had not revealed this to me and I told her I would pray about it. She became impatient, stopped speaking to me and started seeing someone else. I kept praying and God spoke to me. Using misunderstandings and our pride as his weapon of choice, Satan tried to block our restoration. We’ve since reconnected and she told me no matter many times she tried to ‘move on,’ God kept leading her back to me. You cannot escape the will of God. God is the architect of our restoration and His will will be done. Wait and trust Him and you will receive what’s promised for He knows the plans He has for us. Jeremiah 29:11.”  (California) (posted 11/12/2015)
“I want to give all the praise and glory to God for giving me so many things, so many blessings, so much love, so much care, and so much grace in this waiting season. I want to share a colleague’s testimony who was divorced but now, after several years, God has reunited them again. It is surprising to see her now – gentle, loving, recognizing that their children needed their father, happy, calm, telling me that she is in shock because she can’t believe it. Seeing her restoration gave me much encouragement, strengthened my faith and more as I have seen how she was, the way she used to speak to her husband. It was very beautiful to hear this testimony. God is the God of the impossible. To Him be the glory, praise and honor, our love, our attention, our confidence, our delight!”  (Colombia) (posted 11/12/2015)
“I was so encouraged by the testimony page while I was standing for my spouse so I felt led to share again. My prodigal has been home several years now. The Lord has truly blessed my husband and me with a stronger marriage and restored the years the locust has eaten. We are now closer than ever, enjoying each other, and are in the process of adopting a beautiful newborn baby girl. It’s almost too awesome to be true! I remember during my stand thinking it couldn’t get worse and the Lord telling me that the best was yet to come. He was so right! Be encouraged, standers, that the Lord has an amazing plan for your marriage!”  (Ohio) (posted 11/12/2015)
“After many months of standing, my husband is home. Thank you Father. After my husband left, I filed for divorce. I also stopped communicating with him unless it had to do with our children. Even though I had zero peace while doing it, this went on for months. Finally, I found RMM and I began reading the daily devotions and testimonies. Within days, my heart began to soften. I started praying differently. I ‘told’ God that if He wanted me to stand, then HE would have to change my heart. Guess what….He changed my heart. Once I made the decision to firmly stand, I stopped the divorce. Over time, the changes God was making in me became apparent to my husband. What’s even more wonderful are the changes God made in both of us over these months of separation. Yes, there is much more healing that needs to happen, but remembering God’s Word in Joel 2:25 brings me hope: ‘I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.’”  (Virginia) (posted 11/4/2015)
“Praise God! My husband wrote to say God is sending him back to our family. He thanks God for having me in his life. Since he left many years ago, I received healing and conversion as I drew close to the Lord for strength, comfort and guidance. Things started going downhill for my husband. He lost his job. Although it was really scary, I put my trust in God to take care of everything. By the Lord’s grace, I stood by my husband through these tough times and encouraged him to seek God for his problems. He returned to the Lord. My children are really excited that we are making plans to find a modest new home so we can all live together as a family again. God is awesome and nothing is impossible for Him. Please trust in God and His plans for marriage as He is a faithful and loving God who never changes.”  (Singapore) (posted 11/4/2015)
“I am still praising God after several years of reconciliation. Sometimes I think back to where I was several years ago as I stood for my marriage and I am in awe of what God has done for us. My husband was involved with another woman for those years, but I didn’t give up. God was faithful to me and my children and now we are all reaping the benefits. Psalm 18:25. Our marriage is wonderful, our finances are good and our family is whole. Trust God to do the same for you for nothing is impossible with Him.”  (New Jersey) (posted 11/4/2015)
“I want to let all my fellow standers know that our Lord Jesus Christ has brought my husband home after several years! I am in awe, and I still have moments where I just can’t believe that it is truly happening. My husband has been living with me and our daughter for some time now. He tells me that he is in love with me when he used to say he did not love me anymore. My situation was impossible and dead, but GOD! And I know that God isn’t done with us yet. My husband, who referred to himself as an atheist, is reading the Bible, is making up songs about God, and is wanting to go with me and our daughter to church. There is still so much to be done but one of the biggest bridges has been crossed and I am extremely thankful to Jesus. I will continue to pray for hurting marriages. I feel like God has opened up my eyes to hate divorce and show people His way.”  (Texas) (posted 11/4/2015)
“Prodigals do come home in the Lord’s perfect timing. Last Thursday on national TV there was this mighty celebration of a prodigal woman who came back home to her covenant husband. She was there with their 50 year old daughter. The celebration, the drums, the music, the dancing, the thanksgiving all filled the air. The event was given prominent space in the Nation TV prime time news. I was so excited and encouraged. Prodigals indeed do come home even after 50 years. Let us NEVER give up on our covenant spouse. God is a promise keeping Lord. Trust in God and let us stand firm in His Word daily. Praying for all standers. Our God is faithful. Keep standing. Keep believing.”  (Kenya) (posted 10/28/2015)
“Praise God! After many, many years of standing, my wife and I are getting remarried. When I gave it all to God. A few months ago I was contacted through an email that Rejoice Marriage Ministries was praying for my wife and praise God, she gave her heart back to God. I was there to help her as her friend and she fell back in love with me. A long time ago God told me to stand and He was going to heal my marriage and He did. My wife and I are engaged and are getting remarried, praise Jesus. I have to admit I did give up. But my Lord did not. Praise His name.”  (Virginia) (posted 10/28/2015)
“‘I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.’ Ezekiel 22:30.  From the first day my husband confessed, my God has taken my hand.  I kneel to see the evil first in me and not see my husband, to cry out for our marriage. I stood in the gap when the enemy whispered to me. God says you are there to cry for their salvation, to love him as yourself, and through your prayers he will be saved. I stood in the gap for what I love and those who still do not know. My husband is at home, and my marriage is gradually being restored. I received a Word yesterday that there would be no more adultery. ‘.. and never again will foreigners drink the new wine for which you have toiled.’ Isaiah 32:8.”  (Mexico) (posted 10/28/2015)
“Glory to God. My prodigal husband is showing signs of coming home. He visited our home for the first time in many years and we spent much needed quality time together. He expressed his love to me over and over again and asked me to be patient with him and be happy that we’ve connected because he didn’t want to lose it. I never saw it coming, but I know God is working. I will admit that I have not been consistent with my stand and have tried numerous times to forget about my husband. BUT GOD had other plans and has given me the assignment to stand and I have recommitted myself to fight for my marriage through Him. God is real, so don’t give up. Please continue to pray for all standers!”  (Alabama) (posted 10/28/2015)
“My suddenly has happened and my divorce has been canceled. I filed after finding out about multiple circumstances while we lived apart due to work circumstances. Our marriage was not in a good place when he left. I later asked him if it is what he wanted and he has been thinking for several months. Today he decided he wanted to make our marriage work. RMM showed me how to pray and trust like I never had before. I thank God for His work in me, showing me how to forgive and love unconditionally and what I needed to work on. I thank Him for the work I can see in my husband and I continue to pray for his salvation.” (Texas) (posted 10/21/2015)
(posted 10/21/2015)
“It happened! It finally happened! The Lord brought my husband home! He’s a changed man. I know God speaks to him just by the things that he says. God worked everything out. God receives all the glory and praise! God was working the whole time and I really didn’t know. Standers, my circumstances were hopeless and difficult, but that’s when God does His best work. DO NOT LISTEN TO SATAN’S LIES! God WILL bring your prodigal home! I doubted a lot but God always came through. All the hurtful things my husband said and did, I gave to God and He turned it ALL around every single time. Keep standing! Keep fighting! Keep believing! Even when there is pure silence or you just don’t feel like praying for them…DO IT! PRAY! STAND! Every time a new circumstance pops up, don’t give in. It’s a test. Pass that test and let God see your faithfulness. Let God do His good work in you. He’s refining you. And keep praying His Word over your prodigal. Win this battle! Praise Him! Amen.”  (Georgia) Listen to a stander’s wisdom who has seen God’s mighty power in doing a heart transformation on her husband. May we all continue to share about marriage restoration every day to husbands or wives in hurting marriages. – Charlyne (posted 10/21/2015)
“Glory be to God! My spouse and I have been divorced for a couple of years and have had several false starts. During that time he moved the OW and her children into his home. Now that he wants his marriage back, she has nowhere to go. We recently went to see the movie War Room and God touched his heart instantly. Both of us cried throughout the movie. He says that he is going to do everything he can to help this woman get back on her feet in order that our marriage can be restored. My God has strengthened me in so many ways and when I wanted to give up He would not allow me to. Standers, no matter what, hold on because God will indeed restore your marriage because He does His best work in impossible situations. Stand strong!”  (Alabama) (posted 10/12/2015)
“Praise the Lord. My husband has been back home, recommitted to our marriage, for a little over a year. Our God is so amazing. I can never tell Him thank You enough. We celebrated our anniversary by seeing War Room. We have also started attending a weekly Bible study. The one thing that God has shown me over and over since I began my stand and drew closer to Him is how He can turn bad to good. Standers, have faith and trust in the Lord and He will do mighty things.”  (Florida) (posted 10/12/2015)
“God is doing the impossible. A few months ago I and my prayer partners felt a change had occurred even though we couldn’t see it. A deep peace settled in my spirit. Attacks of the enemy really increased almost to the intensity of when my husband first divorced me. My husband came to me recently and confessed and that he had deleted all women from his life a few months ago (when we had felt a change). That he was praying again. And felt I was walking in beauty and truth. He confessed I would hear things of his past, but wanted me to know something inside of him was changed and different. He is a different man, and I can witness he has been very gentle and engaging for the last few months. He’s really speaking to me differently, like the man I fell in love with long ago. I weep at God’s grace, timing, compassion, and love. Even as my husband approaches me with hints of reconciling, I see my true love, Jesus Christ, just over his shoulder. Romans 8:39.”  (Oregon) (posted 10/12/2015)
“My husband moved out some months ago. He told me he wanted a divorce and that I should move on. This is when I discovered RMM and learned how to stand. Recently he started calling me every morning and sometimes at night. I continued to pray without ceasing and began to pray a hedge of thorns around him. (Hosea 2:6-7) While I was at church last night, he kept calling my phone and said it was urgent. And suddenly, he had moved back into the house with all of his things. God is truly an awesome God. I continue to pray and seek God as He completely restores our marriage. I will continue to intercede for my fellow standers. Nothing is too hard for God. He will make the impossible possible. To God be the glory!”  (New York) (posted 10/12/2015)
“The Lord’s right hand has moved mightily as I continued my walk with Jesus and I grew. My husband walked out on both me and Jesus a number of years ago and I was beyond devastated as I learned of a new relationship, two suicide attempts later on my part, multiple sicknesses and a near fatal car accident which resulted in serious head trauma, and lastly cancer for my husband. He fully repented and sought out his wife. I absolutely refused even after fasting and praying for God to move. My husband said he would move heaven and earth to show me that he has changed and his heart is back in the kingdom. As I continued to refuse, the Lord spoke and reminded me, ‘This is what you prayed for.’ I am now rejoicing because my husband, who was a back-sliding prodigal pastor, has returned home. I am so grateful my faith has been ignited. I now wait patiently for triplets.”  (New York) (posted 10/7/2015)
 “I have sent this site many testimonies of the amazing works God has done in my life. From financial miracles to breakthroughs, and the eventual return of my husband and the beginning of our restoration, but I am writing again to share the most amazing of all of them. On Sunday my husband joined my sons and me at church, confessed that he had recommitted his life to Christ and that for the last few weeks he had been praying for ME every morning and night. God is so good! I had no idea he was even considering the Lord again as we never discussed it and I never tried to force him. What an incredible revelation. The Lord did an amazing work in his heart, praise Jesus! Also I wanted to share that we’re expecting a baby girl early next year. Every single prayer I have prayed in the last decade has been answered. God is so faithful; He is so good! Surrender your life completely to Him, He wants only good things for you. He will turn your weeping into joy!”  (United Kingdom) (posted 10/7/2015)
“My husband returned home after a brief time. He came home suddenly and begged forgiveness. It took me months to get the courage to ‘Trust God,’ but once I did, my husband and I have been able to work daily on our marriage. God is the reason that my family is together, and He is the reason my small children are experiencing LOVE in our home.”  (Arkansas) Trusting God is a powerful key to marriage restoration! Learn to trust the Lord before your spouse even comes home for everything. Let God handle your spouse and you trust God completely! You will be blessed. – Charlyne (posted 10/7/2015)
“A good friend of mine divorced her prodigal husband after learning of his affair. I sat with her and told her I would be praying for her marriage to be restored and was told she could never go back to him after what he did. I’ve been praying every day for many months and I’m happy to report that God has indeed restored their marriage! His promises are faithful and I know in time my suddenly will come as well.”  (New York) (posted 10/7/2015)
(posted 10/7/2015)
I give God all the honor, praise and glory. My husband returned after being separated for some time. God is faithful and at the beginning of my stand He gave me Exodus 14:13-14.The Lord has definitely fought for me and is still fighting. Never ever give up! What you cannot do, He does it for you. Keep on trusting. I know I will see my husband’s salvation. God bless you.”  (South Africa) (posted 9/29/2015)
“I told God that when He restored my marriage I would share my testimony on this site. This site gave me encouragement when I felt like letting go. Yesterday my suddenly happened! My husband turned to me and said, ‘I love you and I want to stay with you and the kids as a family.’ This is a miracle because previously he had wanted to move out and divorce. I have been standing and decided to trust God no matter the outcome. For those of you who are heartbroken and you feel like you have nowhere to turn or nothing left to give, I encourage you to let go and give it to our Father. He still answers prayer and He loves restoring marriages. Don’t be afraid just believe! If he did it for me he can certainly do it for you!”  (Indiana) (posted 9/29/2015)
“My marriage is the process of restoration. I just want to thank God, because after some time of separation, I have seen God’s hand at work in my marriage. It’s been an extremely difficult year for me, I could not bear the pain and resentment in me.  I was broken and taken to the desert by God.  God always spoke to me in His Word but I felt whenever His Word ministered to me, that someone stole it from me, and I have really struggled with doubts. I still fight with myself, but God arrives on time. My husband told me he wanted the divorce, and for me to have no hope because there was no hope. Today, gradually, he is being drawn near home again. He began helping me in some work at home,  passing a little more time, staying more often to sleep, and being intimate, as before. God will answer you.”  (Florida) (posted 9/29/2015)
“PTL. I give God the glory for transforming me and removing my heart of stone that led to my marriage falling apart. I grew up filled with anger and bitterness because I was raised by a single mom from birth. My prodigal dad returned when I was 14 but he did not know the Lord. He was drinking a lot and mistreating my mom and me. The hatred I had for my dad affected me so much that even when I got married I was always a rude and bitter wife. I started praying for my marriage a few years ago and the Holy Spirit convicted me to pray for my parents. God touched my dad and changed him. He stopped drinking and became a loving dad and granddad to my son. He goes to church and studies God’s Word daily. All the hatred for him melted away and we are now a happy family. Through my parent’s marriage restoration, God has shown me that nothing is impossible with him. During my stand, God blessed me with a forgiving heart, humbleness, and humility. I am praying and trusting God for my suddenly.”  (South Africa) (posted 9/29/2015)
“PTL!! We are getting remarried! Never stop believing the Lord’s restoration promise in Jeremiah 33. My suddenly has come! My husband and I divorced a few years ago. I never thought my pain would end. I was so lost and in despair. Our children were hurting so badly. I began to cry out to the Lord and He sent help to me (RMM). This help took me to the throne of Grace. I felt like someone was holding my hand. I meditated on His promises to restore. I read and prayed scriptures all day. It became my routine and I began to see changes, first with me and then with my ex-husband.  A few weeks ago he proposed to me and we are getting remarried in a few months! Never give up! God has restored another family from the pit of hell. Divorce is NOT the final word! I shout with joy, thank You Jesus!”  (Virginia) (posted 9/23/2015)
“PTL! It has been a struggle to stand for my husband. I was so hurt, and angry but Jesus has changed me, healed me and is making me whole every day. My relationship with my husband has been rough because of the OW, but my God is greater! Recently we both talked and he apologized for everything that has happened since we have been apart. I apologized for what confusion I may have caused as well. My husband was surprised. God is showing me that He going to change my husband regardless of what the situation looks like. My husband will be saved, delivered, and we will walk in ministry together…changing lives and building God’s kingdom. I trust You, God! Don’t give up standers! My husband thanked me for praying for him and commended me for being strong. Recently, I began to get discouraged and God gave me Jeremiah 31. God, I love You forever! Amen.”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/23/2015)
“I’ve been wanting to share my testimony for a while now. For a long time I fueled my faith in God’s plan by reading here so many wonderful testimonies of restored marriages. I had a happy marriage, but took it for granted and got involved with another man online. My husband was very hurt. He left me and transformed into someone I did not know. He asked for divorce many times and nothing seemed to make him reconsider restoring our relationship. I prayed, all my family and church prayed. We trusted God and we waited on His plan. God saved me and then saved our marriage. Now we are very much in love and are speechless with the miracle of the birth of our newborn daughter. Please, do not give up. Be kind and loving. God does have a plan. Praise Him, and trust Him above everything.”  (Portugal) (posted 9/23/2015)
“I am overwhelmed by God’s promises and hearing my prayers. After a couple years of standing on and off and two divorce proceedings, I was feeling defeated. We divorced and he moved out of the country. I didn’t hear from him for several months. A few months ago, after I reached out to him, he answered. We have now reconciled, are working together, praying and planning on getting remarried. I want to encourage others not to give up, to continue the stand even when things appear hopeless. We serve an amazing God who loves us immensely and restores.”  (Utah) (posted 9/23/2015)
“PTL! God has turned things around in my marriage. God sent someone to speak a word into my husband’s life and mine. They confirmed things we’d both been praying about regarding our marriage. My husband is now ready to do all that it takes to bring our family back together. He will be coming home, we’ll be going to counseling and we will walk hand in hand in ministry! HE declared to the group at our church that I was HIS wife and if God could restore our marriage, he can do ALL things! Don’t give up and don’t for a moment think God has forgotten you. Continue to pray for us as we pray for you. God is doing the work! Hallelujah!”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/23/2015)
“I have been standing for years regarding my marriage. When I attended the Ohio There’s Hope conference in 2013, my husband was an in-house prodigal. Later my husband filed for divorce and it was granted a few months later. I could not understand how this happened to us with the all the praying, fasting and standing on the promises of God. I received an anniversary card a few weeks ago from Charlyne and staff three days before my anniversary. Three days later… To God be the glory! On our 25th wedding anniversary we were remarried. I just want to encourage all standers that your praying, fasting and standing on the promises of God is not in vain. No matter if it looks like the enemy is winning, he is not. God still has the final say, and He hates divorce. God gave me in 2004 my standing scripture, Joel 2:25, and once I came in contact with RMM, Luke 1:45. My husband now says I believe our latter will be GREATER!”  (Ohio) (posted 9/18/2015)
“My husband came back after several months of separation, OW, and minimum contact. After trying to fix it, I had to let go, say nothing, and let God. A few months ago I said to him calmly and lovingly, ‘I’m waiting for you until I’m 80 and I’m serious. One of us is wasting their time and there is a God, it is not me. I love you.’ Then I waited quietly. Throughout the separation I was hungry for God’s Word, I prayed and read the scriptures every day. I knew that I had to pray for EVERYONE, not just my husband and myself. Recently my husband came home, his eyes wide open. Now we are standing together for our marriage, fighting the devil and sharing the gospel. If my husband made it, ANYONE can! Don’t focus only on your husband, everyone is equally important! LISTEN and NEVER give up!”  (Finland) (posted 9/18/2015)
“I just want to praise God! My husband and I just got back from watching the movie War Room. My Heavenly Father is just AMAZING! There is nothing He can’t do! He has been bringing my husband to church and now He has brought him to see this movie that resembles our lives perfectly. I sobbed and cried throughout the movie. My husband was right there next to me crying too, while he held my hand and rubbed my shoulder. God orchestrated this miracle tonight. Once we stood up to leave the theater he hugged me, kissed me, and said I love you. I just couldn’t have asked for a better night. Thank You God, You are faithful! Thank You for showing my husband how to love me again. I know the Lord is calling my husband and soon He will surrender it all to Him. May the love of Christ continue to fill us all with His joy, love, peace, and hope. Psalm 126.”  (Florida) (posted 9/18/2015)
“Praise the Lord! My husband agreed today that he is standing with me in saving our marriage. I thank the Lord for this ministry and for your prayers and support. To God be the glory. Amen.”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/18/2015)
“PTL! I’m a childless stander and by the glory of God my husband came home. I can see the miracle my Lord is working every day in my heart and in his heart. I have been suffering for years the impossibility to conceive a child and my husband was told by everyone that since we did not have children, we were not a real marriage. I know he longed to become a father and that idea grew stronger over the years in his head. I became bitter and destroyed my marriage as a foolish woman. But Jesus found me. My chances to win this battle against a husband with a hardened heart, a pregnant OW, and infertility were zero! But God! He was able to soften my husband’s heart and rekindle the love, eliminate the threat of the devil and I know that in His perfect time He will give me the blessing to become a mother. In the meantime I keep saying, ‘God your grace is more than sufficient for me.’ Hallowed be His name!”  (Texas) (posted 9/8/2015)
“My suddenly is happening. After several years of separation in which my husband started a divorce and stopped it, he told me this week that he wants to come home. We talked for hours about many things, and it’s obvious that God has done a work in his heart. I got a clear picture of the ‘other side of the mountain’ and how God has moved in response to my specific prayers. He has taken definitive actions of repentance including breaking off an inappropriate friendship with another woman. There is still a lot to work for us to do, but I know God already has it handled. Tonight we have a date for dinner and a movie. The movie is ‘War Room.’ I praise God that my many months of war room prayers are now being answered.”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/8/2015)
“My miracle happened this Sunday! We have had many false starts and separations. I was at the end of my rope and ready to give up. To my amazement, my in-home prodigal suggested we go to church. We decided to visit the church we attended on our honeymoon. My husband fell on his knees at the altar and cried and wept, then stated that God spoke to him and even gave him scripture. The veil has been lifted and my God assured me that He hears our prayers. Never give up and fight for your marriage. God is faithful! Our prayers are always being heard, God works in his time.”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 9/8/2015)
“Praise the Lord, my husband called me today and said that the Lord has been dealing with him. He stated that he is working his way back home where he knows he belong. Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness.”  (Louisiana) (posted 9/8/2015)
“Over two years of a restored marriage and I see God working every day. Just last week my husband admitted to me that he was grateful for what God has done and that he actually likes himself now. While standing, those are two very big things that were on my heart. In the last two years we have moved due to a great promotion my husband received in the area we always wanted to be in. We just bought a house that only God had a hand in us buying, exactly where we need to be at the right time. I love the Lord and am so thankful for the storms in my life. To all of you standing, be patient, steadfast and faithful in prayer. This season will change and there is a bright new future ahead. Be blessed!”  (New York) (posted 8/31/2015)
“My husband texted me yesterday after months of no word and asked me to call him. I called him and I told him he can come home in peace. Today he booked his flight home! PTL for restorative power from on high. Pray for us as we need God’s protection more than ever. Thanks be to Jesus.”  (Georgia) (posted 8/31/2015)
“My God! Words can’t explain His greatness. He not only heard my cry but arose and fought for me. God gave me the opportunity to share my stand with my in-laws who have been a tremendous support/blessing. The OW is totally out of the picture and for a while my husband kept rebelling and not listening. He was arrested on grounds of assault and it looked really grim but God told me, ‘Fear not, this is Me calling my son to order. Over and over I have spoken to him but he won’t listen so it’s time to use the bit and bridle.’ He gave me Psalm 32 and Ezekiel 36. I wept before God, crying for mercy. He was released by a miracle. Words can’t explain my joy. He came home humbled. This is a wakeup call. Thank you standers. I too can now say never, ever give up. God’s got this!”  (Illinois) (posted 8/31/2015)
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