Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


Share Your Testimony of Marriage Restoration!

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“My husband and I divorced some months ago after my anger and fear and his emotional affairs became too much for me. I spent months in anger, hurting him and pushing him away. Later, God convicted me and I repented to Him and to my husband. He did not want anything to do with me at first and was with another woman. I told him that I would wait for him forever, love him no matter what and pray until he’s back. God repeatedly brought me to Mark 11:22-25. Last week my husband told me that he has left the other woman and that he wants to rebuild with me and our daughter. But God! He wants to go slow and is not a Christian, but God has moved mountains and given me a prophecy, he will be saved. When all the world and other Christians tell you to give up, listen to God. He knows the future, He has a plan, He is not a God of false hope!”  (Idaho) (posted 8/29/2016)
“Praise God! After few weeks of separation my husband came back home it happened suddenly. There were difficult days but God was there all the way. He is in control of our lives. Praise the Lord.”  (Indiana) (posted 8/29/2016)
“RMM has been the catalyst for hope (along with God) during a difficult time of separation with my husband. Just when I needed God most He sent RMM and a Facebook angel who prayed daily with me and for me. God showed me I had forsaken my first love (Him) so I praise God for allowing the separation which in turn allowed me more precious time with my Savior Jesus Christ and building our relationship. My hubby is back home, glory to God, and I see changes in him because first God had to change me! But my fasting, praying and praising God doesn’t stop now that he’s home. The enemy is busy. So I’ll continue to pray, praise and fast for not just my marriage but other standers too. Don’t lose hope. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think!”  (Arizona) (posted 8/29/2016)
“I never cease to be amazed at God’s faithfulness. After many months, our Lord has redeemed my family and my husband and I are back together. I realize now why God did not heal us immediately when I decided I wanted Him to. You see, I was the one who gave up. I did not stand for my marriage. I quit and walked away because I believed the devil’s lie that I deserved better. When God changed my heart, my husband was still hurt, angry, and was involved with the OW. God has taught me in my stand that it is HIS job to change my spouse, not mine. My job is to let Him change me. Thank You Jesus, for loving us, forgiving us, and bringing us back to You and each other!”  (Mississippi) (posted 8/29/2016)
“My husband is ‘coming home.’ We are scared of the unknown, but after being unable to get divorced and unable to move on in other relationships, we both know it is because God does not want that for us. We are going to give it our all. Our children do not know yet, but I cannot wait to see their faces when it happens. I’m praising God and I will continue to do so. He’s going to be number one in our marriage from here on out. My husband hasn’t been to church with me in a very long time. He’s probably going with us tomorrow. Glory be to God.”  (Texas) (posted 8/29/2016)
“I stood by my husband for many years. He has been home, saved and drug free for over a year now. We worked a retreat at our church recently and afterwards he told me, ‘I don’t think I ever thanked you for standing by me when I was in the far country. I am sorry for everything I put you through.’ Praise the Lord for saving my husband and redeeming our marriage. It was worth every tear and pain for where we both are now in our walk with the Lord.”  (Louisiana) (posted 8/22/2016)
“My suddenly finally happened! My wonderful husband decided that he wanted to call off the divorce and move back in with myself and our twin babies. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the mighty works of our Heavenly Father and this ministry. When the separation first happened, my heart was broken. I had no choice but to turn to Jesus and surrender my heart. Praise God that He is near to the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. I would read the testimonies, waiting expectantly for my suddenly. Today my husband called and asked for forgiveness. He shared how much he loved his family and wanted nothing more than to resume his place as husband and father. He moved out-of-state and said that he is on his way home. God is so good! To all standers out there, keep your faith and hold onto the promises that our Father gives us. Know that he is battling for us and that the battle isn’t ours, but the victory is! And remember God’s Word never fails. Amen!”  (Washington) (posted 8/22/2016)
“Praise the good Lord! My husband is back home after being in the far country for some time. He told my family he was happy being separated and didn’t know why he got married. It hurt so bad, but I held on to God’s Word, His strength and RMM. Many days I wanted to give up but then I would read RRM emails and it would encourage me. My husband is not fully submitted to God but RMM has taught me how to handle that situation. I will continue to pray the Word of the Lord and stand for my husband, marriage and children. We have to just be still, wait on Him and obey what He tells us to do and God will do the rest. Don’t give up!”  (Texas) (posted 8/22/2016)
“It is a miracle that I am able to submit a testimony. I have fallen asleep for many years listening to Charlyne’s encouraging words on her podcasts. That encouragement gave me the strength to put one foot in front of the other every day and trust in our Lord. My beloved husband is home. We are taking baby steps together. God is good. Trust, faith and patience to all standers.”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 8/22/2016)
“To God be the glory! My husband is home after two false starts. Through many tears, prayers, fasting, worship and praising God, He answered my prayers and brought my husband home. Many times I wanted to give up, but God wouldn’t let me. I just kept hanging on. And praise the Lord, He is so good! Never, ever give up. No matter what!” (Kentucky) (posted 8/22/2016)
“Praise God. I found RMM a day before my birthday. I decided to fast for my husband and marriage on my birthday, and became a stander for marriages. A week later my husband returned home – suddenly. We are taking one day at a time. When challenged, I remind myself of God’s faithfulness, and that God has brought Him home and He will receive Christ. And that God will continue to do a work in us for His glory. Still standing.”  (South Carolina) (posted 8/22/2016)
“Praise the Lord! My wife explained to me that we needed to separate and that she did not love me anymore. I had not been following Christ for a number of years and was at a point that I questioned His existence. A week later God changed my life. A complete 180 degree turn. I recommitted my life to Christ, and began to stand for my marriage. My wife repeatedly told me there was no chance of getting back together. She began to go out weekends and would return late. I confronted her about the OM. God gave me the strength, patience and forgiveness. For His glory! I prayed a Hedge of Thorns around my wife and was filled with the Holy Spirit. At that point I knew without any doubt that God is real and with me during my stand. There were times when I felt like giving up. I would pray and He took those urges from me. My suddenly has come; my wife no longer wants a divorce. She wants to return to a life with Christ and wants to begin working on our marriage. Continue to have faith, we serve a Mighty God!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 8/17/2016)
“God will come through! I prayed, fasted, and studied His Word I didn’t give up. My husband, who said he was never coming back, is coming back home. Nothing is truly impossible with God.”  (Texas) (posted 8/17/2016)
“A few years ago I decided to walk away from my marriage. When I decided to come back to my husband it was too late. He didn’t want anything to do with me. I remember his words like it was yesterday, ‘Not even Jesus can fix this marriage.’ Many months of no communication. I continued to go through my ups and downs, but remained faithful in my walk with the Lord and continued to pray for my marriage. I had my breakthrough this week! We attend the same church (when I am in town visiting) and there was an altar call. As I watched him walk towards the front of the church, I never expected for him to turn around and point me out of the crowd. He asked me to come up with him and the entire church was praising and rejoicing because they knew we were separated and this was the sign we all were waiting for, the sign of restoration. I know we have a long road ahead of us, but God will do it. I thanked Him in advance through it all and He answered my prayers.”  (Florida) (posted 8/17/2016)
“PTL! My husband is finally home! He has been in the far country for several years and we have been separated for some time. He suddenly came home this week. It was totally unexpected. He was supposed to be stopping by, but when he showed up he came with all of his things. He said he didn’t even know he was coming, but He heard the voice of God saying go home and when he started putting something in his truck he just kept on until all of his things were in there! He has totally broken it off with the OW and wants God to guide his steps! Standers, be strong and keep praying!! God does answer prayers and is working even if you don’t see it! God kept giving me Isaiah 43:18-19 and it has happened! I know that God is in control and that we are both depending on God to guide us.”  (Mississippi) (posted 8/17/2016)
“Praise God. After many years of separation, my husband came home! It happened suddenly at Christmas. What a wonderful gift to celebrate Christ’s birth. The first few months were hard for me. The devil kept reminding that there had been another woman in my husband’s life. But God gave me Isaiah 41:10. He filled my heart with a peace even greater than I had throughout my stand. Now several months later, my husband and I are planning a vacation to celebrate our restoration.”  (New Jersey) (posted 8/17/2016)
“One year ago today my husband and I had a family portrait done with our nine-month-old baby. We had been separated for several months and another woman was involved. Fasting, praying scripture, kneeling with our son in our prayer closet, and begging for my spouse’s salvation, I clung harder to my Jesus than ever. The verse Jeremiah 33:3 was the scariest verse for me to pray, because yes, my ‘God told me things I did not know,’ but sometimes the things revealed to me hurt. When we left from the picture taking one year ago, my husband kissed us, and drove away. Before I drove away from that spot my lawyer contacted me that my husband filed for divorce two hours before. Oh my heart. How, why … we just had a family picture made. Only the peace from my Jesus got me through the next months and when there was no possible way to fix it, He did. I woke this morning with my husband home and our child happy. There’s a picture to remind me of this year’s struggles and a God who says He’s got this. Habakkuk 1:5.”  (Alabama) (posted 8/17/2016)
“My suddenly happened! My husband left after a fight suddenly. A short while later he was expecting a child with the OW. I thought I had never seen darker days in my life as I can’t have children. I remember thinking, ‘Satan, this isn’t going to work!’ I clung to the Lord, fasted, journaled, listened to RMM, prayed with FAITH, prayed scriptures with my spouse’s name in them and believed God could do the impossible. After months of silence, my husband reached out and said he missed me terribly! He apologized deeply and sincerely. He made amends with me and is pursuing me. I was able to immediately forgive. The child was lost quickly to a miscarriage and the OW is completely out of the picture. God is healing us from the bottom. Please continue to pray as we are not moved in yet but we are finding a new place. I had to submit this testimony because I couldn’t wait another day. It is a true miracle of God! He promised me He would restore our marriage and He does not go back on His promise!”  (Ohio) (posted 8/8/2016)
“My husband and I have been estranged for several years. He cut off all communication with me and our children, despite my many attempts to reach out. I was at a point of giving up hope – but still could not let go because of my faith. God led me to RMM to encourage me, especially on days when I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tonight, my suddenly came. Out of nowhere, he called me. He said he’d been reading his Bible, praying and wants us to give our marriage another chance. I used to read testimonies and wonder when I would get to write mine, and now the day has come. Be encouraged, God does make all things beautiful in His time. Don’t give up on your stand, no matter how hard it is, because God is still in the business of performing miracles. I know we still have a road ahead, but I thank God for the first step. He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it. Alleluia!”  (Georgia) (posted 8/8/2016)
“Praise the Lord! My suddenly has come! Today is our 10th wedding anniversary and he is moving home. We have a long road to full healing, but God! He has been speaking to me in verses and in prayer and as I was praying last week he spoke to me, ‘It is finished’” I just want to thank this ministry for your teachings and all of your work. I have found comfort and a closeness to God through your ministry that I never thought possible. He has truly blessed you and your work. When all hope is lost standers, look to the Lord. He will fulfill His promises and work everything for our good. I just can’t praise the Lord enough. Be still and wait patiently before the Lord and He will move mountains! Psalm 37:7 was a great source of comfort during this trial.”  (Ohio) (posted 8/8/2016)
“After some time separated, my husband came back a few months ago. He came back, but not surrendered to the Lord. I assumed when he came back we would rebuild our marriage but unfortunately it has not gone that way. I don’t snoop or worry anymore, thanks to Charlyne, but on our actual anniversary last week God revealed he was being unfaithful again. He then told me he had ‘tried’ but he wasn’t in love with me and didn’t think marriage suited him so he is done. I am heartbroken. However, he did say we should continue living together. For a moment I wanted to pack my stuff and go, but the Lord led me to Jeremiah 42:10 telling me to stay put and He will build me up and not tear me down. He will plant me and not uproot me. What a promise! So now I’m praising God that my spouse doesn’t want to leave or want me to. His words may cause some grief but I know the Holy Spirit is moving! Pray with me guys, I know his release from the enemy is so very soon!” (Georgia) (posted 8/8/2016)
“My suddenly has finally arrived, after being separated from my husband for several years. After work yesterday my husband called me to come over. He asked me to walk over to an apartment, where I thought I was meeting a friend of his. When we got there, he opened the door to a newly remodeled apartment and said, ‘Welcome home.’ I stood there confused and he said again, ‘Our apartment. Me, you, and the kids’. I immediately started crying because I knew then God had answered my prayers of many days that I thought may never come. We are so blessed. We put our rings back on and told the kids. They are so excited. Thank you Rejoice Marriage Ministries for believing with me, that God does heal hurting marriages. Never give up on your spouse. In God’s timing, He will restore.”  (Alabama) (posted 8/3/2016)
“I feel compelled today to praise the Lord for all His mighty works in my life. He has brought my husband home. He gave me signs to keep me strong. He leads me to people who would help me stand and has brought me people to help stand as well. My husband is home. He is helping and back in the marital bed and house. He is still arm’s length but he was a cosmos away before. Praise the Lord for our financial trials. Praise the Lord for our comingling of business and family. Praise the Lord for my friends and a new job at the nicest office to date. Praise the Lord for all the small miracles that lead to the biggest miracle of all – my remarriage to my husband in the coming year. I claim it in Jesus’ Name. PTL.”  (Virginia) (posted 8/3/2016)
“Some time ago the love of my life became distant and we ultimately separated. I prayed and asked God to help us avoid a divorce but my husband had zero interest in reconciling. I then began my stand for my marriage and prayed constantly for the Lord to soften my husband’s heart. The divorce hearing came and we officially divorced. I was crushed but maintained my stand. We stayed in contact over text after the divorce and then something beautiful started to happen. Our conversations became pleasant and we began spending time together. Within a few weeks after our divorce, I started to see God’s hand working on my marriage. It has now been several months since my husband and I are officially dating and back together again. We are rebuilding what the enemy tried to tear down and I believe we will marry again in the future. Praise God!”  (Florida) (posted 8/3/2016)
“My husband and I were not communicating at all and arguing every time we spoke to each other. The Lord is transforming us and we have not argued since our divorce. My husband is now going to the church where we were married. My Lord is restoring our marriage in His timing. Praise the Lord!”  (California) (posted 8/3/2016)
“I began to stand for my daughter some time ago after she left due to rebellion. After trying hard to hold on to her, I felt the Lord pry my hands apart from her as He gave me a peace that surpasses all understanding. I let her go. The prodigal son came to my mind at that moment and I knew it was the Lord speaking to me. He was going to take care of her and bring her back with a softened heart. After some time of fasting and much prayer, my daughter came home on the 4th of July. A few days before I would have had no idea this was going to happen as she called me to say I love you, but that she had no interest in coming home. We had already had a 4th of July party planned with some family. I had no idea I’d be celebrating her homecoming as well. Isn’t He great? I felt as though the fireworks were a celebration of this beautiful ‘suddenly.’ Standers, keep praying and know that God will work everything out in His perfect timing. Give it all to Him and be still.”  (Florida) (posted 8/3/2016)
“My suddenly happened after several years of separation from my beloved spouse. I often cried out to God, asking Him if standing is what He wanted me to do and every time He responded with a resounding ‘Yes.’ Through my stand, I gained a closeness to God that I never dreamed was possible. He truly is my very best friend. He was my spouse for a season and never once left my side. He always listened, always guided, and always provided. God is good!”  (Florida) (posted 8/3/2016)
“My husband told me last year that he didn’t want anything to do with me. Yesterday I was prompted in my spirit to call him. He was very excited and told me he was coming the very same afternoon. He came in the evening with an apology and asked me to forgive him and forget about everything that happened between us. He told me he regretted everything he did to me. He even apologized to our two-year-old daughter for not being there for her. He promised to move in with us next month. This God that we serve is awesome. I can’t believe that I’m writing a testimony today as I have been reading other believers’ testimonies. Your turn is coming. Hold on to God, He is faithful when you wait faithfully upon Him.”  (South Africa) (posted 8/3/2016)
“PTL, my suddenly just happened last weekend. My husband called me late one night and told me he and the OW had gotten into an accident while arguing and fighting in the car. He then explained he didn’t want to be with her anymore. He is still in another state right now because of his job but it will be ending soon and he’ll be back home. This is the same man who told me to move on and stop praying because we would never be together and that he didn’t love me anymore. ‘But God’ had a different plan. Now we talk, text, and Facetime every day. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for restoring my marriage and saving my family. I know we still have a long way to go but I praise God because He will go before us through it all. I just want to encourage all the standers to keep standing. God is always on time.”  (Florida) (posted 7/26/2016)
“Honor and glory to my Heavenly Father! My suddenly came. I prayed, fasted, and tithed putting it ALL in God’s hands and two days before my final divorce court my husband called in tears. He left the OW and wanted to rebuild the relationship with his kids; never said anything about me. I knew this was it though. The next day we spent the day talking about reconciling and yesterday we went to court to dismiss the divorce! PTL! He said he lusted over the OW but never truly loved her and he was miserable. He’s home but wants to be friends and go from there. I know my Lord will restore what the enemy intended to destroy! The real battle starts now for the OW does not want to leave him alone but God! I will trust that my God will take care of it all in Jesus’ name. Don’t give up standers. I never thought my day would come and here I am rejoicing. My husband is home. Pray, pray, pray! Have faith, God will deliver if you believe. 2 Corinthians 2:7-8.”  (California) (posted 7/26/2016)
“What can I say?  GOD IS GOOD. My marriage was DEAD. Even though I had no choice but to trust Him. It was humanly impossible for us to have survived the wreckage. Fast forward to two years later, our marriage is beautiful, we have built a beautiful house, our children are doing really well, our business and career is growing exponentially. I see His hands. Only God could have done this, believe me. Indeed, His ways and thoughts are absolutely different from ours. Stand my dear, stand. It is His will for your life, the marriage is the added bonus. God is good, you can trust Him. Blessed be the name of our God.”  (Australia)4 (posted 7/26/2016)
“When I read the Charlyne Cares devotional, ‘God Does Restore Dead Marriages!’ she shared to ask the Lord for another promise of His Word. I wrote in my prayer journal, asking God for another promise of His Word that He will not allow my divorce to happen. He will soften my husband’s heart to dismiss it. I saw the writing on a car’s rear window, ‘All done, thou good and faithful servant.’ I nearly had to contain myself because this was definitely from God, speaking confirmation to me. Thank You my God. My miracle is happening. My suddenly is coming home to our Lord and Savior and to me. Indeed, God does restore dead marriages! Standers, I pray for your miracle and suddenly to happen. He can do immeasurably more than we can imagine or ask from Him.”  (Arizona) (posted 7/26/2016)
“God is so great. I start a new day with my wife now back in my room and life. No need for what we did; it’s about what Jesus did for us. After standing in the gap for my wife to return, Jesus gave me my suddenly. Prayers and repentance when we fail is a big key to Jesus hearing us cry for help. Trust in Him and His words. Get in a group of believers at your church. Give it to God to fix the problem. Thank God for the hurt and pain in the wilderness you go through, it is a strengthening tool to get you ready for your suddenly. He will answer your prayers but only at His time. Stand in the gap for your marriage because God loves faithful standers and hates divorce. Praise be to God for answering my prayers even when it seemed like He wasn’t.”  (Cayman Islands) (posted 7/26/2016)
“‘Love never fails.’ That was the promise God gave me and what He asked me to do. To love my husband when it seemed impossible, just like God loves us, in spite of, not because of. At different points in this journey, God would make clear to me another area of love I wasn’t focusing on. This has been the hardest and most painful time of my life but also the time I really came to know God. And I am thankful beyond measure for that. And let me tell you, love never fails. After a few false starts and so much else against us, my son and I are home with my husband. And in case that wasn’t enough, we are now expecting a second child. I know we have a journey ahead of us, but God has been so gracious and merciful to us and I can’t wait to see the completion of the good work He has started here. God hears us, prayer matters. I never understood that like I do now. Love never fails, and God is love.”  (Missouri) (posted 7/18/2016)
“After many years of life lived, literally, on the other side of the mountain, God blessed me with a job nearer my family and beloved husband. Although he is attached to the OW, he has not been able to break the desire to see me. After weeks of no contact, he asked me to come and see him. During our brief hours together, he told me he loves me, he was waiting for me to move back to see if we had another chance at being together, and our oneness feels perfect and beautiful. I was crying out to the Lord for a sign of what His plan is. He restored our covenant, and I pray for patience to endure the trials and time it takes for us ‘suddenly’ to be restored. I can barely contain my excitement and anticipation but will remain on guard and protected.”  (Kansas) (posted 7/18/2016)
“I thank God for all He did in this time of separation. He dealt with me first, humbled me, and showed me that my husband was an idol. He changed my heart so much and I am grateful for it. Although the separation was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever been through, and there is a lot I found out when he came home, I am trusting that the Lord will continue to work on both of us. He was living in sin, and he swears, ‘It wasn’t me’ The Holy Spirit reminded me, ‘Your husband is not the enemy!’ Lord, help me forgive! There is so much to work on and rebuild but I thank God that my husband is living with me and going to church with me again on Sundays. The Lord is rebuilding our marriage on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and this time my husband won’t just believe, but will have a true HEART transformation! Standers, keep praying and be obedient!”  (Missouri) (posted 7/18/2016)
“I am another proof of God’s power to heal and resurrect dead marriages. My husband came home some time ago. He ended his relationship with the OW, asked for forgiveness and wants to make things right with God. He is back in church. My kids are very happy. It was a hard road but God put you on this road is for a reason and He knows that reason. God will answer your prayers. He rewards His faithful children. Don’t give up. It will happen to you as well. I will keep fighting and standing for my marriage. I am more than ready for battle. Thank you God. Thank You Jesus! May God bless you all standers and bring all prodigals home!”  (Washington) (posted 7/18/2016)
“It has been the hardest thing I ever had to do, standing for my wife. When my wife left, our kids refused to go with their mom and the OM because of the sin involved. My wife always thought I would be the one to leave; so did I. So she always taught them the Bible and not to go around if I ever left. The Lord used my kids to drive a wedge between my wife and the OM.  She called last month and asked if she could cancel the divorce. And now this month we are finally back together. My kids started to teach me what she taught them, and now I know what I did wrong. I put work first before God and my wife and kids. God restored my relationship with my kids and my wife. I now know to seek FIRST the kingdom for God and His righteousness. With God all things are possible. Please don’t ever forget the vows we gave God and each other.”  (Florida) (posted 7/11/2016)
“After many months of separation, my husband approached me suddenly at 2 a.m.! We had two months of false starts, but now we decided to live together again as we have two children. I can really see and feel he wants our marriage to work. God is faithful as He brought back my prodigal from being with other women. Now, we still have arguments and my husband is questioning my faith sometimes; he doesn’t yet accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of his life. But I lift everything to God. You are all in my prayers! I believe God will restore many marriages every day! Let us pray for each other. Let us pray that all prodigals, even though they returned already to their family, will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives! God bless everyone and do not give up as God is faithful and in control!”  (Philippines) (posted 7/11/2016)
“PTL! After living with the OW for several months, my husband came home! A few weeks ago I submitted a testimony that God was moving in my marriage and I knew that we would be restored soon. Well it has happened. He is home and we are rebuilding. God is so good and faithful and His love never fails. Everything happened so suddenly my head is still spinning. Fervent prayer and trusting God – if you aren’t doing it start today. I know that we have a long way to go but this time God is in the center and we cannot fail. I know our new marriage will be better than I could imagine. God will do the heavy lifting, all you have to do is anchor yourself in His promises, stand on His Word and patiently wait. No matter what it looks like, there is nothing too hard for God. Be blessed and do not give up!”  (Texas) (posted 7/11/2016)
“I would like to praise God, as I do every day, even through the trials and tribulations. My husband has returned home after much time with another woman. He wants to save our marriage. Prayer is so important, as well as having faith and trusting God. I will continue to pray for his salvation and our family’s and that God will be in the center of everything we do, every day. I know that God is still working.”  (Texas) (posted 7/11/2016)
“Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him. My prodigal wife has finally come home with our two children. The enemy definitely had us both, but with God’s love and grace, He directed our footsteps back to Him and each other. Please, all standers, keep the faith and He will remain faithful. I myself have had many false starts, and had enemies within my own family that kept the trial embers burning. But with constant faith, prayer and rejoicing for His glory, He was faithful. Remember, He works on His time. If He doesn’t return your prodigal when YOU want, it’s usually because the circumstances are not as right as we think. Be patient and remain in prayer!”  (California) (posted 7/11/2016)
“My suddenly is here! My husband and I saw each other recently and started to communicate and text. It is a slow process. I am zipping my lips and letting him talk. God has given me a glimpse of what He is doing on the other side of my mountain. And I praise God that He is the midst of my storms/breakthrough. God has spoken to me so much! I was having doubts and crying out to Him. God sent me this passage and I hope to encourage you – Joshua 1:9. So I trust Him and I give God my free will for the Holy Spirit to do as He sees fit. The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NKJV), But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and guard you from the evil one. God keeps telling me to be faithful, and to wait on His perfect timing. And I will. Be encouraged standers, He is calling our loved ones daily.”  (South Carolina) (posted 7/11/2016)
“PTL. After a couple years of separation, four divorce dates canceled; after spending an entire weekend fasting on water, no TV and God’s Word, Monday morning came, and my prodigal was so very mean to me and refused to take my calls. I cried out to God, asking Him to remove the gut wrenching pain. I asked God to let me see His face, and hear His voice, let me know that He is real; tell me if You are going to restore my marriage, or do You want me to move on. I got up and next to my bed was 1 John 4:4. PTL, my phone rang, it was my prodigal, we argued. He hung up the phone and called back five minutes later and said, ‘I’m moving back home!’ God speaks.”  (Missouri) (posted 7/11/2016)
“Praise the ‘I am that I am.’ I never knew that this day would come to pass. It’s been many months since our marriage was attacked by the devil. Standers, God is faithful to His Word. Today I spoke to my husband and he’s willing to work things out for the restoration of our marriage. I cannot go on about what I have gone through during this time; I  won’t give the enemy a platform. But my dears, there’s a God in heaven. It’s not over, marriage is for life. Praise Yeshua.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 7/4/2016)
  (posted 7/4/2016)
“My covenant partner for life is coming back! After several years of standing. PTL! I thank God for helping me not to let go even when the battle for our restoration grew stronger. The Lord took control and has done what no man can do. While we where apart our hearts grew warmer; today the love is better, I love this Love! God has given us hearts of flesh and removed our hearts of stone; He has put a new spirit within us! What the enemy meant for evil the Lord has turned around for good for His purpose. Surely goodness and mercy will continue to follow my husband and I wherever we go until we enter the land of promise. We love You Jesus and our hearts are overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving.”  (United Kingdom) (posted 7/4/2016)
“Is it a coincidence that today’s devotional had 1 Peter 5:8-10? I think not. I have read and studied as much as I could find on standing, on Christ, on how to pray, how to reach God, how to have my prayers answered. I didn’t feel a need to type out a testimony until I knew we had passed a certain test from God. I didn’t know what it was, but it happened. We as a couple stood strong. An amazing testimony to His power, mercy and grace. I received a call that was supposed to be the end. Three hours later we were on the road to reconciliation. My wife claims nothing short of a miracle for her. The biggest test was an attack by the enemy a week later. It should have finished it. I knew God would get us through it. God prevailed as always. It just brought the best out in us, made us closer. My prodigal returned because I was able to let her go from my heart to God’s. She came back because it was God’s will. Forgiveness, willingness and most of all unconditional love trumps all. PTL.”  (Massachusetts) (posted 7/4/2016)
  (posted 7/4/2016)
“Praise God! After some time of living outside the home and several months with the OW, my beloved has come home! I’ll confess, the first month was rough  The Lord is still working on both of us, yet His faithfulness was evident as He opened my husband’s eyes to the lies that he’d been living. Sadly, my spouse is still avoiding God, Lordship and full repentance, yet I am fully confident that He is working in his heart. This is a man who proclaimed vehemently that he was NEVER ever coming home. In addition, we are expecting our second child. I was a bit nervous about his reaction. But GOD. He is ecstatic and has already chosen names for either a boy or girl. Dear standers, please remember that God is ABLE. Don’t allow your circumstances to deter you in your stand. I can’t wait to see what our future holds, as my confidence is in He who holds our future! Keep praying for us!”  (France) (posted 7/4/2016)
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