Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


Share Your Testimony of Marriage Restoration!

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“Praise God as He continues moving mountains. During my stand God has shown me how to take ‘baby steps’ and trust Him. My husband and I have had a very unhealthy/abusive/co-dependent relationship. One day at a time God has been healing my heart. He has shown me how valuable and worthy I am. That I am a child of God. Praise Him, He is so good. The relationship between my husband and me has been slowly but surely changing how we interact with each other. We found a new church, one that we BOTH like. He seems to be on fire for God. We listen to worship music together and talk about God a lot! Hallelujah, that is something we didn’t do before. Satan is still tempting my husband but I know the victory has already been won. Restoration is a process and God has walked me through every step. My husband comes home in a few weeks! Standers, keep praying, keep believing God is working things on the other side even if you cannot see. Never give up!”  (Georgia) (posted 10/24/2016)
“If it was not for the Lord where would my marriage be? It finally happened after some years of separation without communication. My suddenly happened. My husband asked me on a date but God had different plans for this reunion. Without notice, my husband asked if we could give our marriage a try again. Lord I’m thankful and know the battle continues but for this moment let me just glorify your name. For you truly are El Shaddai.”  (New York) (posted 10/24/2016)
“I am a standing husband who had my prodigal wife come home. A couple of years ago I was forced to leave my home and move out. My only hope was Jesus Christ and I pursued Him and His will. My favorite verse was Isaiah 55:11. I started praying God’s Word, growing closer to God, and always wearing my wedding band. There were many false starts. I almost gave up. ‘BUT GOD’ is always faithful and she is back home for good, our marriage is restored. God restored my marriage through the most difficult circumstances. NEVER GIVE UP. He is faithful. I love You Jesus!”  (Virginia) (posted 10/17/2016)
“PTL my husband came home a couple weeks ago. The devil is fighting even harder now. My husband told me last night he didn’t love me like the other woman. He prayed to God on his knees last night, asking for God’s clear path for him. The devil still has him in bondage, but that will not keep me from seeking and praying for God to move this mountain and put the broken pieces of our marriage back together. I know God will give him a clear mind in His timing. I trust God will make this new. It would be easy to walk away after being told he didn’t love me, but I know what God wants me to do and I can’t wait to see what God has for my marriage and family. I will trust in Him.”  (Virginia). Amen! Ask your husband if he would read Bob’s book, “Finding The Way Home” who was a prodigal or unfaithful for almost three years. Bob shares from his heart what he wished he had known when he returned home from the far country, very suddenly.  Standers, please start praying that your spouse will be willing to read it. There is freedom in Jesus Christ with no guilt or shame! – Charlyne (posted 10/17/2016)
“My prodigal husband visited me for three weeks in August. We really enjoyed our time together and started counseling with my pastor. He is living in another state and we talk daily. He recently asked me to visit him for a couple of weeks and then wants me to move to there permanently. I’m excited that my prodigal came to his senses but now I feel apprehensive. But Proverbs 3:5-6 is in my heart. I will continue to trust in the Lord.”  (Iowa) (posted 10/17/2016)
“I encourage standers to Never Give Up because Greater Things are coming! My husband and I have been married a long time and several of those years we lived apart because he left me and our children. It was hard. He would often come back and then leave again. There were OW. Throughout the separation, I drew closer to God. He gave me strength. I tried to immerse myself in God. I read scripture, prayed, fasted, and journaled. I would write daily letters to God. During a very critical time God showed me to Never Give Up and Greater Things were coming. As I read the Parable in Luke 18:1-8 the words ‘Never Give Up’ leaped off the page. I could NOT give up on my husband no matter what. God also showed me that Greater Things were coming. I stood on those words and eventually my husband came back home and is growing in his relationship with Christ! Praise God! Standers, continue to seek God, have faith, and never give up for God has greater things coming your way!”  (Georgia) (posted 10/17/2016)
“After several months in the far country my prodigal returned home, but to live in the basement, wanting nothing to do with me and telling me there was no hope for reconciliation. Two months later we spoke, both shedding lots of tears and he told me he wouldn’t divorce me. One month later I had divorce papers. I was devastated! Over the weeks that followed I launched into full blown mega prayer warrior mode. The Holy Spirit led me to the basement on my knees, pleading with him to stop the process and allow us to get on our knees together in front of Christ. Then came a letter outlining his feelings of how I’d failed as a wife. The next morning, I replied with a Holy Spirit response of responsibility and gratitude for his courage to share these things with me. That same afternoon he emailed his attorney to stop the divorce proceedings. PTL!”  (Ohio) (posted 10/11/2016)
“I can’t believe I’m actually writing a testimony. To God be the glory! What a valley my family has been through. My husband said he was done, he said he wanted a divorce. There was another woman, he said he was miserable with me. I wanted to run away and disappear at first, but God stopped me in my tracks. He placed a desire in my heart to stand for my marriage and then I came across RMM. Thank God for this ministry! I was told from various places that I officially had an ‘out’ from my marriage, but I didn’t want out. I felt the tug of my marriage vows and knew this whole situation was bigger than myself. I praise God that I didn’t submit to my hurt and emotions. Instead, I placed my eyes on Jesus. The circumstances were horrible. The pain I experienced was so deep, it was physical. But God asked me to place my eyes on Him instead of my circumstances. My faith was made solid. My trust in the Lord was affirmed. Our God still does miracles and my family is a living breathing example!”  (Arizona) (posted 10/11/2016)
“My spouse has come home! He’s been home a few months and it hasn’t been easy but the Lord is so faithful. I have been afraid to share my testimony but I have to remember that we overcome by the word of our testimony. My husband has expressed ‘his plans’ to leave again but I know Satan is a liar and he is defeated. I know my husband doesn’t have the fight in him like Christ but praise God because He chose me and taught me how to fight for my spouse. My God is not a halfway God and He still continues to give me promises regarding my spouse and our marriage. I will continue to fight in my prayer closet while the Lord fights the battle that has already been won! Some days are harder than others but I continue to love my spouse like Christ and submit to him like I’m supposed to and my Lord will do the rest. God is faithful!”  (Florida)A false start may happen when your spouse comes home as there is a tug of war going on between Satan and Your Lord God especially in your spouse’s mind. But remember, Satan was defeated! My prayer has always been that your spouse will read Bob’s book, “Finding The Way Home.” (Yes, read it also, before they come home.) Bob writes to the prodigal and tells every prodigal very bluntly about severing all contact with the other person forever and discusses many other important issues in your marriage. Bob shares his personal testimony about his almost leaving me after our remarriage. Bob did get victory in finally telling the other women they could not have any more contact at all. Satan is tempting your spouse to go back to the other person as the enemy does not want your marriage restored! Please remember this is a spiritual battle! Pray for your spouse’s salvation daily and declare scriptures like Acts 26:18 and Hosea 2:6-7. Never forget that God is greater!” – Charlyne (posted 10/11/2016)
  (posted 10/11/2016)
(posted 10/11/2016)
“God is SO good! My prodigal husband has returned home. He is really trying to sever the relationship between he and the OW. It truly did happen SUDDENLY when my husband came home. We are now planning on moving to a new state where we can completely start over with each other and our children. Please pray for me to keep learning how to ‘zip my lips’ and not to nag him about things that God can change in His perfect timing. He is changing for the better every day. I realize now that just because the prodigal comes home, it does NOT mean you stop praying and standing. If anything, you need to be even STRONGER in the Lord because the enemy is going to make you think that things are easy now. Definitely NOT true! Keep praying my fellow standers! Your suddenly is right around the corner!”  (Florida) (posted 10/11/2016)
“I want to thank God for bringing my prodigal home. I never thought my suddenly would come and never expected it to be like Charlyne explained – suddenly. I am so blessed. After a few false starts my husband called me and said he was moving to the same state and was leaving the OW and coming back home; that he dreamed so many times about coming home. He made it really clear God was speaking loudly to him and he finally listened and came home. It’s been some time since he came home and he’s an amazing man whom God is still working with. God is faithful. Believe standers, never lose hope. God is working on the other side of the mountain. To Him be the glory.”  (Arizona) (posted 10/4/2016)
“I can’t thank this ministry enough for giving me the courage and strength to stand for my marriage. I would have walked away from my marriage due to all the lies the enemy fed me. This ministry gave me the tools to pray for myself, my husband and my marriage. The most valuable lesson I learned is that the Lord will fight for me, I just need to be still. After several months, I am happy to report that my husband has left the OW and we are committed to restoring our marriage!”  (Florida) (posted 10/4/2016)
“When I first married my wife, I tried to run my marriage my way. I constantly argued with my wife, eventually left and returned months later after the birth of our daughter. Shortly after, my wife left due to insecurities and my lack of cooperation. I was broken on so many levels and had to raise a daughter alone. I prayed daily and this site gave me so much motivation each day. I read the devotions diligently seeking answers; I prayed daily and ran into many false starts. On those days I always remembered my favorite verse, John 3:16. I had to remember that I’m only facing a season of hardship because God’s timing is better than I can imagine. I only needed faith the size of a mustard seed and to fight through the doubts deep down. The Holy Spirit will guide you in these times. God has the final say. You can’t bring your spouse back, but God can. All I had to do was let go and let God take care of the things that seemed impossible. Now we are together and plan on renewing our vows soon.”  (Louisiana) (posted 10/4/2016)
  (posted 10/4/2016)
“My husband told me all of a sudden one day he didn’t know if he wanted to be married or a single. I thought we had a wonderful marriage. I was devastated. So I decided to be a stander and put it in God’s hands, praying all throughout the day at work, anywhere. I talked with God regularly. God would send me signs through people who didn’t even know what was going on with words of encouragement. This went on for a while. I went to church and the spirit was high, I was praising Him and thanking Him and someone told me, ‘It’s ok, it’s done.’ I accepted this as I knew it was a sign from God. The next day my husband called and asked for forgiveness and came home the same day. Glory be to God. Standers, keep the faith. Learn to see the signs He is sending your way. I will be praying for you all.”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/26/2016)
“When I stumbled upon your site, I was devastated and admittedly without much hope, but I chose to press on and stand. I believed God. I stood on His Word that my husband would lose interest in the OW and return. Well, after many months of tears and even more prayer, I am moving out of my apartment today and back home with my beloved. Our relationship is stronger today than it was the day we married. Stand strong and NEVER give up hope!”  (California) (posted 9/26/2016)
“I have been an alcoholic since a teenager, and a drug addict later. All the sins you can imagine with that lifestyle describe me. Yet my wife remained faithful; not only that but we never fought. She only would hurt and remain sad for years. But a faithful and a good wife she always was. I overdosed a few years ago and the doctor told my wife and family I was brain dead. But the prayers never stopped. Three days later I was awake. Her first words were, ‘I forgive you.’ It has been a long journey. I am a deacon in the church now. But for a long time I wanted God to explain to me how my wife could love me and remain faithful, never forsaking me. God answered… ‘It was not you that she loved the most nor was it you that she remained faithful to. It was ME she loved, her faith was in Me not you.’ So for me a marriage is not about serving each other. It’s about serving God!”  (Mississippi) This testimony had me crying. Here is a man with so many addictions to have a wife believe in the power of God. She continued to pray for deliverance and he even received a healing from the Lord. His wife persevered in prayer with tenacity, and continued to pray for impossible circumstances. She waited for the Lord’s perfect timing. Her husband’s heart has been totally transformed and he is now he is a deacon and is able to serve the Lord in their church! Dear standers, never give up on the power of God and what He has done for one couple, He will do for others as He came to seek and save the lost. Our God is no respecter of persons! May this testimony show you that with God nothing is too hard for Him to do. To restored couple: Thank you so much for sharing this testimony for all of us!” – Charlyne (posted 9/20/2016)
“PTL. My husband is home for a couple of months now. We were separated for a few years. Through prayer and fasting, he came home. We are working on our marriage. It is not easy but we are getting there. I am praying that he will seek God and be delivered from adultery as it seems he is still seeing the other woman. But God is greater. As He brought him home, He will change him. 1 John 4:4 is the verse I’m holding on to.”  (South Africa) (posted 9/20/2016)
“Praise God. After several years of separation and divorce, my husband and I were remarried this summer! It all happened very suddenly and our friends and family were shocked, but all I could say was, ‘God answers prayer.’ I’m so grateful for all the encouragement from RMM that kept me fighting for my marriage all these years through impossible circumstances. I know that this is just the beginning and my prayers won’t stop, but I’m so thankful for everything. God truly changed my husband’s heart of stone into one of flesh and He can do the same for you!”  (Canada) (posted 9/20/2016)
“My miracle is beginning. God touched my wife’s heart in HIS perfect timing and she is willing to seek God’s will for our marriage. PTL. HE alone deserves the glory! I believe God crushed me with this trial to purify my walk with Him and show me the man He desires me to be. I know my sanctification is dependent on Christ. I know that I have relational skills to relearn and I expect Satan will continue to try to harm us. But God is mighty and I will trust the Lord with the final outcome. I am praying for ALL standers and prodigals. Be strong, your spouse is worth it.”  (Arizona) (posted 9/12/2016)
“My suddenly finally happened! Six weeks ago my husband showed up with his bags and never left. I give only God the praise and glory for the reconciliation of my marriage. It appeared certain that my marriage would end in divorce, but God! Standers, I encourage you to trust God. The battle is not yours. It belongs to God. He will fight for you. Get out of the way and let God be God. If He joined you and your spouse together, trust that He will reconcile your marriage and send your prodigal home. Don’t give up on your spouse or your marriage. The only victory the devil will have is the victory you give him. During your tough times pray for strength and let the Word of God be your solid foundation.”  (Georgia) (posted 9/12/2016)
“Glory and praise to you Lord! It has been a few years since my husband came home. Our marriage is so much better. We pray together and attend weekly Bible study at our church. We are truly best friends to each other. Please never stop praying for your spouse. I almost did and I would have lost out on so much. Thank you Charlyne and RMM for guiding me along the way!”  (Florida) (posted 9/12/2016)
“I don’t think I could ever put into words just how great God is nor what all He has done in these past couple of weeks, but my husband went from absolutely nothing to making the big and hard steps to come back home! God kept telling me to hold on, look and be amazed at what He was going to do and boy has this been a life changing week. My husband told me that his plans were to block my number and never see me again after our house sold but God spoke to him as we were signing the papers and the rest is history. God shows up at the perfect time and makes one see just what all the prayers, faith, fasting and suffering leads to. Thank You Father for Your unfailing love and faithfulness! Standers, please don’t give up. My situation was lifeless and it was changed in an instant. Hosea 6:1-3.”  (Kentucky) (posted 9/12/2016)
“Trust and respect had been lost in our marriage. But our Lord is a God who heals. I was feeling very depressed but God touched my heart. I decided to set aside my pride and come back to our family home, which both my husband and I abandoned after our marriage fell apart, and wait for my husband. For a while he would visit, stay for a night, then for a few days each week until he stayed for good. For several years now he has been staying with me and just recently started talking about our future together. There are still many areas in our marriage that need healing but indeed, when you let go and let God do the work, you will be surprised with miracles. Standers, don’t despair. God is always at work. Marriage restoration, which I thought was impossible several years ago, is now happening in my life. Let us continue praying for each other. Never ever lose hope.”  (Philippines) (posted 9/12/2016)
“I decided to audition for a play at church. I received a part. Opening night, my two youngest children attended the play. I was hurt my prodigal did not attend. That night, I asked him why he didn’t attend the play. He said he didn’t want to step foot into that church again. Four days later, he surprised me saying he would attend the show that night since it was the finale. The devil tried to step in because my husband arrived late to the play. Glory be to God though. So many people came to watch the finale that we had to do two shows that night. My husband missed the first show but was able to catch the second show and watch me perform. He said I did an excellent job, played my part well, and that I was very believable in my role! This was all God!”  (New Jersey) (posted 9/5/2016)
“PTL, my husband came home after several years. Even though he is home, our marriage restoration still has a long way to go. He has chosen to live in our game room over the garage instead of sharing the house with me. I know that God is still working on him and my prayers are needed now more than ever. He still claims that he doesn’t need God or anybody else in his life. I continue to pray that God touches his life and I know that God will be faithful and restore our marriage even better than it was before with God as the center. Keep standing and praying, God does move mountains and work miracles.”  (California) (posted 9/5/2016)
“My beloved has come home to my heart. He is not home physically yet but he has given our marriage another chance. God is so good to His promises. I’ve learned so much through God and His Word. He has molded me and changed me to be the godly wife I was called to be. I will not lose sight of the Lord’s face and His grace He has bestowed upon me. I’m still praying for my husband to lay all his burdens at the cross, BUT GOD. My season was short even though it felt like a lifetime. I continue to pray for all the standers. God will never fail you, just wait patiently. Exodus 14:14 – My Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. Love you all and never, never give up.”  (North Carolina) (posted 9/5/2016)
“Glory to God. I’ve been standing for quite some time and it has been a long hard road. God hears! Three days ago my husband said he would never return to our church and, PTL, he went with me on Sunday. I know this is the beginning of God restoring and healing our marriage. Standers, please do not give up.”  (Georgia) (posted 9/5/2016)
“I just want to tell my fellow standers, please keep standing. Don’t give up. I know things are hard and you feel like there is no point in all this, but there is. There really is. God brought my husband back last year. I wish I could tell you it’s been easy, but I would be lying. Sometimes I asked myself if this is what I really wanted. The devil is a liar! Of course this is what I wanted! Its what God wanted as well! God is restoring my marriage one day at a time. There are times when I mess up and say things out of anger and pain. But God always convicts me and I ask for forgiveness. I do notice plenty of changes though. We forgive each other more quickly, we communicate a lot better than we used to and there is more understanding between us. God is doing a great work and He deserves all the glory and praise for it. Please, keep standing and praying. God loves you and your spouse and He WILL deliver! Your prodigal WILL come home! Just make sure you’re ready!”  (Georgia) (posted 9/5/2016)
“Genesis 2:24 The Lord is faithful and so very able and God does restore marriages! It has been a few solid months now since my husband has returned home and stayed home, after many false starts. The journey of marriage and family restoration is not an easy one, but certainly well worth it. God has used the brokenness of our marriage, our family and my own brokenness to show me just how whole and powerful He is, and how He is the only One who can make us whole again in a world filled with temptations and shortfalls that are bound to break us down. Praise God! He restored my marriage, He restored my respect for my husband, He restored the order of responsibility within our home and He restored the fear of God in both myself and my husband! Standers, RMM has helped me understand that God wants a deep relationship with us! God brought you to this site for a reason! Trust Him 100%, God is love which never fails.”  (South Africa) (posted 9/5/2016)
“God is truly a restorer. After a long separation and filing divorce papers, God has miraculously restored my marriage and is restoring every area. After a phone call out of the blue, my husband returned home. He became quite sick while in his wilderness. When he returned home, he was taking chemo. A month after returning, he was declared healed and whole by his doctor. We renewed our vows shortly after, found a church we both loved and started serving very soon afterwards. My one consistent prayer was for him to return home on fire for God. I am seeing that come to pass. We recently moved into a brand new construction home (we lost our last one in the separation), and he’s been blessed with a full time job that he loves. I have seen God do a work that I never could with my nagging and manipulation. Let God have control, seek His face wholeheartedly and don’t give up. God can do anything, but fail.”  (Virginia) (posted 9/5/2016)
“This past Sunday our Pastor had an altar call for anyone needing a miracle in their life. I went up for prayer for the restoration of our marriage and the individual who prayed over me declared the exact same verse (Isaiah 58:12) that I have been standing on as an answer to restoration and the call that has been placed on my marriage once the Lord restores us back together! And to top it off, my sweetheart did not go up for prayer, but the Lord sent someone else we didn’t know to travel straight to his seat to ask if he could pray for him! When I came back after they had finished praying my husband said, ‘Well I guess the Lord got me anyway!’ That’s right standers, the Lord has our prodigals held tight in His loving hands far more than we could ever know! We can trust Him with our hearts as well as theirs, and we can surely trust Him with the promise of restoration because it’s what our faithful Father’s heart is set on!”  (Florida) (posted 9/5/2016)
“I never cease to be amazed at God’s faithfulness. After many months, our Lord has redeemed my family and my husband and I are back together. I realize now why God did not heal us immediately when I decided I wanted Him to. You see, I was the one who gave up. I did not stand for my marriage. I quit and walked away because I believed the devil’s lie that I deserved better. When God changed my heart, my husband was still hurt, angry, and was involved with the OW. God has taught me in my stand that it is HIS job to change my spouse, not mine. My job is to let Him change me. Thank You Jesus, for loving us, forgiving us, and bringing us back to You and each other!”  (Mississippi) (posted 9/5/2016)
“My husband is ‘coming home.’ We are scared of the unknown, but after being unable to get divorced and unable to move on in other relationships, we both know it is because God does not want that for us. We are going to give it our all. Our children do not know yet, but I cannot wait to see their faces when it happens. I’m praising God and I will continue to do so. He’s going to be number one in our marriage from here on out. My husband hasn’t been to church with me in a very long time. He’s probably going with us tomorrow. Glory be to God.”  (Texas) (posted 9/5/2016)
“My husband and I divorced some months ago after my anger and fear and his emotional affairs became too much for me. I spent months in anger, hurting him and pushing him away. Later, God convicted me and I repented to Him and to my husband. He did not want anything to do with me at first and was with another woman. I told him that I would wait for him forever, love him no matter what and pray until he’s back. God repeatedly brought me to Mark 11:22-25. Last week my husband told me that he has left the other woman and that he wants to rebuild with me and our daughter. But God! He wants to go slow and is not a Christian, but God has moved mountains and given me a prophecy, he will be saved. When all the world and other Christians tell you to give up, listen to God. He knows the future, He has a plan, He is not a God of false hope!”  (Idaho) (posted 8/29/2016)
“Praise God! After few weeks of separation my husband came back home it happened suddenly. There were difficult days but God was there all the way. He is in control of our lives. Praise the Lord.”  (Indiana) (posted 8/29/2016)
“RMM has been the catalyst for hope (along with God) during a difficult time of separation with my husband. Just when I needed God most He sent RMM and a Facebook angel who prayed daily with me and for me. God showed me I had forsaken my first love (Him) so I praise God for allowing the separation which in turn allowed me more precious time with my Savior Jesus Christ and building our relationship. My hubby is back home, glory to God, and I see changes in him because first God had to change me! But my fasting, praying and praising God doesn’t stop now that he’s home. The enemy is busy. So I’ll continue to pray, praise and fast for not just my marriage but other standers too. Don’t lose hope. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think!”  (Arizona) (posted 8/29/2016)
“I never cease to be amazed at God’s faithfulness. After many months, our Lord has redeemed my family and my husband and I are back together. I realize now why God did not heal us immediately when I decided I wanted Him to. You see, I was the one who gave up. I did not stand for my marriage. I quit and walked away because I believed the devil’s lie that I deserved better. When God changed my heart, my husband was still hurt, angry, and was involved with the OW. God has taught me in my stand that it is HIS job to change my spouse, not mine. My job is to let Him change me. Thank You Jesus, for loving us, forgiving us, and bringing us back to You and each other!”  (Mississippi) (posted 8/29/2016)
“My husband is ‘coming home.’ We are scared of the unknown, but after being unable to get divorced and unable to move on in other relationships, we both know it is because God does not want that for us. We are going to give it our all. Our children do not know yet, but I cannot wait to see their faces when it happens. I’m praising God and I will continue to do so. He’s going to be number one in our marriage from here on out. My husband hasn’t been to church with me in a very long time. He’s probably going with us tomorrow. Glory be to God.”  (Texas) (posted 8/29/2016)
“My suddenly finally happened! My wonderful husband decided that he wanted to call off the divorce and move back in with myself and our twin babies. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the mighty works of our Heavenly Father and this ministry. When the separation first happened, my heart was broken. I had no choice but to turn to Jesus and surrender my heart. Praise God that He is near to the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. I would read the testimonies, waiting expectantly for my suddenly. Today my husband called and asked for forgiveness. He shared how much he loved his family and wanted nothing more than to resume his place as husband and father. He moved out-of-state and said that he is on his way home. God is so good! To all standers out there, keep your faith and hold onto the promises that our Father gives us. Know that he is battling for us and that the battle isn’t ours, but the victory is! And remember God’s Word never fails. Amen!”  (Washington) (posted 8/22/2016)
“I stood by my husband for many years. He has been home, saved and drug free for over a year now. We worked a retreat at our church recently and afterwards he told me, ‘I don’t think I ever thanked you for standing by me when I was in the far country. I am sorry for everything I put you through.’ Praise the Lord for saving my husband and redeeming our marriage. It was worth every tear and pain for where we both are now in our walk with the Lord.”  (Louisiana) (posted 8/22/2016)
“Praise the good Lord! My husband is back home after being in the far country for some time. He told my family he was happy being separated and didn’t know why he got married. It hurt so bad, but I held on to God’s Word, His strength and RMM. Many days I wanted to give up but then I would read RRM emails and it would encourage me. My husband is not fully submitted to God but RMM has taught me how to handle that situation. I will continue to pray the Word of the Lord and stand for my husband, marriage and children. We have to just be still, wait on Him and obey what He tells us to do and God will do the rest. Don’t give up!”  (Texas) (posted 8/22/2016)
“It is a miracle that I am able to submit a testimony. I have fallen asleep for many years listening to Charlyne’s encouraging words on her podcasts. That encouragement gave me the strength to put one foot in front of the other every day and trust in our Lord. My beloved husband is home. We are taking baby steps together. God is good. Trust, faith and patience to all standers.”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 8/22/2016)
“To God be the glory! My husband is home after two false starts. Through many tears, prayers, fasting, worship and praising God, He answered my prayers and brought my husband home. Many times I wanted to give up, but God wouldn’t let me. I just kept hanging on. And praise the Lord, He is so good! Never, ever give up. No matter what!” (Kentucky) (posted 8/22/2016)
“Praise God. I found RMM a day before my birthday. I decided to fast for my husband and marriage on my birthday, and became a stander for marriages. A week later my husband returned home – suddenly. We are taking one day at a time. When challenged, I remind myself of God’s faithfulness, and that God has brought Him home and He will receive Christ. And that God will continue to do a work in us for His glory. Still standing.”  (South Carolina) (posted 8/22/2016)
“Praise the Lord! My wife explained to me that we needed to separate and that she did not love me anymore. I had not been following Christ for a number of years and was at a point that I questioned His existence. A week later God changed my life. A complete 180 degree turn. I recommitted my life to Christ, and began to stand for my marriage. My wife repeatedly told me there was no chance of getting back together. She began to go out weekends and would return late. I confronted her about the OM. God gave me the strength, patience and forgiveness. For His glory! I prayed a Hedge of Thorns around my wife and was filled with the Holy Spirit. At that point I knew without any doubt that God is real and with me during my stand. There were times when I felt like giving up. I would pray and He took those urges from me. My suddenly has come; my wife no longer wants a divorce. She wants to return to a life with Christ and wants to begin working on our marriage. Continue to have faith, we serve a Mighty God!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 8/17/2016)
“God will come through! I prayed, fasted, and studied His Word I didn’t give up. My husband, who said he was never coming back, is coming back home. Nothing is truly impossible with God.”  (Texas) (posted 8/17/2016)
“A few years ago I decided to walk away from my marriage. When I decided to come back to my husband it was too late. He didn’t want anything to do with me. I remember his words like it was yesterday, ‘Not even Jesus can fix this marriage.’ Many months of no communication. I continued to go through my ups and downs, but remained faithful in my walk with the Lord and continued to pray for my marriage. I had my breakthrough this week! We attend the same church (when I am in town visiting) and there was an altar call. As I watched him walk towards the front of the church, I never expected for him to turn around and point me out of the crowd. He asked me to come up with him and the entire church was praising and rejoicing because they knew we were separated and this was the sign we all were waiting for, the sign of restoration. I know we have a long road ahead of us, but God will do it. I thanked Him in advance through it all and He answered my prayers.”  (Florida) (posted 8/17/2016)
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