Restored Marriage Testimonies


Much of what we do through Rejoice Marriage Ministries, Inc. is measured against how it would have affected me when Bob and I were divorced, and then after we remarried.

We receive many notices of spouses coming home each week. From that joyful date, it is going to take the couple about two years to heal the hurts, forget that other person, and to reconcile. Only then will they be ready to help other couples. We will never knowingly harm a struggling couple by publishing a premature restoration report. We hear of too many prodigals who leave again, because too much was being said.

These pages are not intended to be a report of all Rejoice restored marriages. Neither are they trophies for this Ministry. They are published to give you hope and encouragement.


Share Your Testimony of Marriage Restoration!

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“This year my beloved husband and I are celebrating many years of reconciliation after a hard and painful season of separation and divorce menace. Charlyne and Bob were my mentors through all this difficult process and I will always be very thankful for their lives. I know when I get to Heaven I’ll be able to meet them face to face and hug them very hard. We are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary for the glory of God.”  (Mexico) (posted 4/27/2016)
“Praise God! My suddenly has happened and my husband is coming home! As I allowed God to work in me and zipped my lips, my husband took notice of the unconditional love I was able to show him. God is so faithful, do not give up standers! Look beyond your circumstances and the ‘I don’t love you’ statements and focus on God’s promises. The Lord gave me many verses to claim during multiple attacks from the enemy. The Lord also gave me a vision in a dream of how He was going to breathe life back into my marriage. I sit here today completely overjoyed and overwhelmed as I see that vision being manifested. Nothing is impossible for God! My husband and I are looking forward to our next journey together, with Christ leading the way! Thank You Jesus!”  (Florida) (posted 4/27/2016)
“Praise the Lord, He is worthy to be praised. During my stand I grew weary endless times. I kept reading on RMM, ‘It is finished,’ and it resonated in my spirit so strongly. I was ready to give up and throw in the towel. I prayed and cried out that someone would cross his path. God showed up when I least expected. My husband who was gone for several months called and said he was coming home. He said that a complete stranger told him he was wrong and he needed to go back home to his wife. Wow! We serve a mighty God. God honors marriage and He will never fail us, not ever. Please don’t go off your emotions, trust God. It’s hard to do in the natural, but if you focus on His Word that never returns void He will honor your faithfulness. I pray for all standers. This is a tough journey but the battle is not ours but the Lord’s.”  (Indiana) (posted 4/27/2016)
“PTL! My suddenly has happened. After months of separation and a pending divorce my husband has decided that he wants his family. We are still living in separate homes because he wants to take things slow and the OW still contacts him but he says he wants his family. I knew that standing was God’s plan for me even when I would doubt and many times I felt hopeless. God kept showing me His plan for us. I cannot express what God has done for me these past months. He has carried me the entire time. Without him I would not have changed my ways, character, and attitude. It is a constant battle but every time I feel negative and anxious I drop to my knees and pray and instantly God removes those feelings. It is through the grace of God that my marriage is in the process of restoration. Please keep praying for my marriage.”  (California) (posted 4/27/2016)
“My wife and I are rebuilding our marriage beautifully, after her affair, and also now have a gorgeous little daughter from the affair. God, me, my wife and our children are happily back together and I am eternally grateful for the chance to do it all differently. When I discovered my wife was having an affair, and was going to leave me, it was like being hit by a train. Dark days! I watched/listened/read as many stories of restored marriages as I could find. Now I hope my story gives you courage to hold on. We were an ordinary married couple with kids. No abuse or anything. We had, over the years, lost our connection and trust and vulnerability were sorely missing. Restoring our marriage has meant dealing with the affair, but more importantly dealing with our broken friendship. I just want you to know that you can get through this. You can reconcile and you can have a very happy marriage. You will laugh again.”  (New Zealand) (posted 4/27/2016)
“I was separated for some time. There was limited talk, nothing looked good, she had moved on, as it appeared to my eyes. I have learned something, no matter what it looks like, if you keep believing, keep praying, it doesn’t matter. God has the last say, and He did. My wife came home. Things started changing little by little, I could not believe it. God does answers prayers and does miracles. Please believe in what you don’t see. If you’re praying to God and crying out, He listens and there is something happening. Amen.”  (Texas) (posted 4/27/2016)
“My husband told me he was divorcing me, then a couple months later he moved out. I started praying for my husband continually and covering the door posts with scripture. The Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Stay calm,’ and gave me Isaiah 40:31. The scriptures and the encouragement on this website were exactly what I needed to continue standing. The testimonies of those standing and the restorations taking place were of such encouragement on days when my hope would waiver. The enemy comes to steal and kill. My husband broke it off with the OW and returned home to me on a midweek night before Easter! Glory to God! My husband bought us new rings and wants to renew our vows. With God all things are possible! God restores hearts. Thank You Jesus! Never stop praying for your spouse. God is more than amazing!”  (Alabama) (posted 4/27/2016)
“PTL! My covenant wife returned after some time of standing. Yes, there were times that I only made it through each day with the abundant grace of God. Some days the devil discouraged me so much but I stood on God’s Word. It is important to write scriptures down as suggested by Charlyne. I had the scriptures written down in a pocket-sized note book which I carried with me all the time. Don’t panic if you do not see results. My wife was ready to marry the OM. She said the worst things to me. She had a heart of stone. Don’t give up please. I know your pain and agony. Many times the devil had me believe the circumstances and I fell for it. That is when you get discouraged. Remember, the devil can do nothing to you. He uses doubt to discourage you. Jesus is walking with you. I am praying for all standers.”  (South Africa) (posted 4/27/2016)
“Praise God, we are in the process of being restored! Thank you RMM for the phone call. I was driving to meet my prodigal that very moment. It was truly of God that you chose to call me at that time as I was pleading for someone to come alongside me to pray. We have been working on restoration a few months and have been under attack by the enemy from every direction. Prayer and encouragement gave me the courage to tell my husband many things he had not been ready to hear these many years of my stand. I was able to share in depth my relationship with God, exactly what a stander is, and that I would stand the rest of my life. He finally saw the truth through the enemy’s lies. Long-term standers, never give up on God! A divorce and many, many years was worth the wait! Faith, hope and trust.”  (Georgia) (posted 4/19/2016)
“God is faithful! My husband has come home after several months of standing. As shown here in RMM, it happened suddenly! God has changed me, convicted me by the Holy Spirit and I am grateful to RMM for teaching me how to pray for victory in my marriage. Each time I grew weary and wanted to give up, God would send people my way to remind me of my stand. Our marriage is still undergoing healing and restoration. I am still praying that my husband will surrender himself to God. I continue to pray that God will change us both so we can have a marriage pleasing to Him. In God’s time, I know that His Word will not return to Him empty and that His promise of a godly marriage filled with love and kindness will come true. Standers, thank you for sharing your testimonies. It has inspired me and helped me a lot in my stand. For all standers out there waiting for their suddenly, keep believing. God always delivers His promise!”  (Philippines) (posted 4/19/2016)
“My husband was always good until circumstances caused him to leave us. I started looking desperately to God and when I started following Jesus, my husband began to follow me. It is incredible. God spoke to me directly, I had never experienced anything like that. He gave me Psalm 21 and that afternoon my husband began to show his desire to return home. God is wonderful, He brought my husband back home.  He is now a lot more loving and we spend a lot more time together. Now I regret not seeking God before. I want to teach my children that God is a wonderful Father who wants to give us our heart’s desires if they are for the good of our soul. Fully trust in God! I will continue praying for my marriage and all marriages. It is wonderful let God into our lives.”  (Panama) (posted 4/19/2016)
“My wife and I had been separated for some time. Through reading Charlyne Cares, prayers and keeping God first in my life, we have reconciled and decided to work on our marriage. GOD IS GREAT! For all of you who read this testimony and think that there is no chance after all the hurt and damage, I encourage you to stay in faith and let go and let God.”  (Texas) (posted 4/19/2016)
“Miracle of miracles! My husband is home. He was a lawless, loose cannon and was quite dangerous at times, because of all the drinking. My fear was he would never get over his addictions. But the Lord knew what was best for him. My husband was arrested a few months ago and it was the best day of our lives. Really! In jail, he completely transformed. The judge sentenced him to complete a drug program, in which he is required to take classes and is drug tested daily! I could have never dreamed of anything so awesome. The awesome part comes in when he repented. In the jail cell, he changed his direction. He is thankful to have a second chance at life, after having tried to take his own. He says the Lord saved him and is teaching him how to live life. I am thrilled to have him home and to encourage him and help him on this journey to health and wholeness. He still makes mistakes, but we are finally headed toward the One who can change a wicked man forever.”  (Louisiana) (posted 2/22/2016)
“Glory to God. After standing for many years, my marriage has been restored. It happened suddenly. During the time that I was standing and praying there was almost no communication between us. I went to the Internet trying to find a way of dealing with the pain I was in. The first link that came up on my search about divorce was Rejoice Marriage Ministries. I didn’t know what ‘standing’ for my marriage was. I learned how to stand and never backed down. In my worst moments, reading and listening to Charlyne’s devotionals and testimonies gave me hope. I learned to trust God and focused on what He was able to do. I gave God total control of my life and my marriage. We just got married again. We love each other more than ever. My husband is now attending church with me. God can do the impossible. Only God can transform hearts and bring couples back together.”  (Florida) (posted 2/22/2016)
“To God be the glory and honor. I am a stander for life. God restored my marriage years ago after being separated for several months and then finally divorced. We got remarried shortly after our divorce. I’m here to tell you don’t give up. When God says He will do something He will complete it. Our new marriage was very difficult the first years, but with God, I kept fighting and believing. Now God has completely turned it into a new marriage. Isaiah 43:18-19. PTL!”  (Texas) (posted 2/22/2016)
“After a few false starts it’s been tough over the last few months. My husband has been gone for some time and my children and I have thought several times that our suddenly had come only for him to leave again just as quickly…like the pendulum of the clock as Bob referred to it. After several weeks of little communication, my husband called and said he was done trying to fix it and he wanted a divorce. It hurt but I zipped my lips and went to war! I went to my prayer room and prayed so hard. It was late at night and I just felt the presence of God. I prayed for dreams and visions to fall upon my husband and for the chains to be broken. Days later he called me early in the morning apologizing for what he had said and said he DID NOT want to divorce. He said he had had A DREAM and he can’t leave his family. BUT GOD! Don’t ever give up standers. God is working when we don’t even see it!”  (Georgia) (posted 2/22/2016)
“My husband came home after some months of standing. I thank God for teaching me how I MUST have daily time with God because trust me, in many ways it’s even harder now that he is home. Financially we took a huge hit. I determined in the midst of this financial struggle that I would be thankful and pray no matter what the checkbook said or how my husband was acting. I determined to tithe a full 10%. Not long after that we received two huge financial blessings. Right now, we are working with the bank on our home and I am continuing to believe God against all odds for complete financial restoration and completed healing of my marriage. The key is to not guess how God will do it, just believe He will.”  (Florida) (posted 2/15/2016)
“My ‘all of sudden’ happened on Christmas. My wife left home and was gone for many months. It was during that time that I rediscovered the true love of God. The church immediately jumped to her side rather than advising to stand on God’s Word. I stood. I allowed God to be God, to heal our marriage. He did just that. I stayed focused on God and not what was being said. I realized I could not love my wife until I learned how to love Christ. And to love like Christ. I needed the Lord to do a work in me. He did just that and is continually doing it now. She began to notice a difference in me, in my walk. We started with a phone conversation and it grew to us seeing each other. She surprised me when she came home to stay. She later told me that she could feel my prayers. I tell you, prayer works. God is able to change everything. Just let Him have it. Amen!”  (Alabama) (posted 2/15/2016)
“My wife left me several months ago. Although I thought she had all the problems, our God was loving enough to show me all my faults in our marriage. I wasn’t a good spiritual leader or even a good leader at all. She left for another man. One day I felt God ask me, ‘If she was pregnant would you still love her?’ If I really do love my wife like Christ loved the church, I would forgive her. God changed her heart overnight. She was actually mad that she started missing me and then was upset because she just knew I would never take her back being pregnant. One night we were talking and I told her I knew she was pregnant. She knew by the way I responded that God was a big part of my life now. We renewed our wedding vows and are waiting for our new baby. God is good people! Never doubt, He will do the same for you. We are now moving away so I can go to Bible College. God has big plans for not only us but everyone. Keep your eyes on Jesus.”  (Wyoming) (posted 2/8/2016)
“My suddenly came last night. My beloved is home! My prodigal and I had several false starts. I declare and decree I will zip the lips. I declare peace, hope, and love in Jesus’ Name. The enemy is defeated once and for all. The other person needs salvation. Please pray for all restored families. The work has just begun when restoration commences. I will continue to pray for standers and prodigals!”  (Florida) (posted 2/8/2016)
“PTL! I am a mother who stood for her daughter’s marriage. My daughter’s husband had served divorce notice and in-laws tried their level best to break up the marriage. I came across this site and submitted my request. Our family was shattered but glory be to the Lord, he not only restored my daughter’s marriage but also her career. She is now living with her husband. What appeared impossible to all in the family, the Lord made possible Thank You Lord, You heard a mother’s prayers.”  (India) (posted 2/8/2016)
“God is still doing a great job in my spouse’s life. He is now a deacon in our church and I can see the great man of God that he is becoming every day. God is ever faithful with His promises. To all the standers, keep praying and holding on to the promises of God. He will come through. We had lost our home but we are expecting it to be restored to us double fold soon. Thanks to RMM for all the support and encouragement when it seemed bleak and hopeless.”  (Canada) (posted 2/8/2016)
“A few years ago I began standing for my marriage. It looked hopeless but God did not let me turn away. From the very beginning He surrounded me with people to feed me His Word and encourage me when I was doubting. He taught me how to listen and hear Him and He has been so faithful. He has moved mountains I thought were immovable. My husband is back home over a year now and we are expecting twins. I am still praying and standing for my husband as he is still running from the Lord. But God, He is faithful and I know as for me and my HOUSE we will serve the Lord. We will be His people and He will be our God. All of us, including my husband. God is ‘never late, always on time’ As the truck in front of me read one day as I begged God to restore my marriage and my husband’s faith, ‘I know it’s coming.’ Thank you for your ministry and thank you for sharing God’s promises.”  (New York) (posted 1/25/2016)
Praise be to God, our marriage was restored. I want to thank you for all of the inspiration from Charlyne and Bob. What I learned about seeking God, and staying in His Word and following His commandments were all God wanted me to do. Our spouses are not the enemies; it is truly the enemy working in them. We have to pray without ceasing and ask the Lord what is it He wants us to do. God does hear every prayer and every tear. His grace is sufficient. And now that we are restored I can’t stop. I still stay prayerful and I try in all things to give thanks. I have learned and am still learning to submit and be a good example, and to always speak in love. I forgive daily and I’ve learned not to judge. Glory to God, we are now on a 21-day fast together. But God! It’s as if the time he was away didn’t occur to some extent. We love and respect each other.”  (Illinois) (posted 1/25/2016)
“A few years ago I began standing for my marriage. It looked hopeless but God did not let me turn away. From the very beginning He surrounded me with people to feed me His Word and encourage me when I was doubting. He taught me how to listen and hear Him and He has been so faithful. He has moved mountains I thought were immovable. My husband is back home over a year now and we are expecting twins. I am still praying and standing for my husband as he is still running from the Lord. But God, He is faithful and I know as for me and my HOUSE we will serve the Lord. We will be His people and He will be our God. All of us, including my husband. God is ‘never late, always on time’ As the truck in front of me read one day as I begged God to restore my marriage and my husband’s faith, ‘I know it’s coming.’ Thank you for your ministry and thank you for sharing God’s promises.”  (New York) (posted 1/25/2016)
Praise be to God, our marriage was restored. I want to thank you for all of the inspiration from Charlyne and Bob. What I learned about seeking God, and staying in His Word and following His commandments were all God wanted me to do. Our spouses are not the enemies; it is truly the enemy working in them. We have to pray without ceasing and ask the Lord what is it He wants us to do. God does hear every prayer and every tear. His grace is sufficient. And now that we are restored I can’t stop. I still stay prayerful and I try in all things to give thanks. I have learned and am still learning to submit and be a good example, and to always speak in love. I forgive daily and I’ve learned not to judge. Glory to God, we are now on a 21-day fast together. But God! It’s as if the time he was away didn’t occur to some extent. We love and respect each other.”  (Illinois) (posted 1/25/2016)
“Praise be to God for the great things He has done. My journey started many years ago. As a backslider, God was using this process to bring restoration of his Holy Spirit in my life. Praise God, I’ve been completely transformed by His grace! God humbled me and got my attention. God not only wanted to bless my life, but He also wanted to use me to bring salvation to my husband’s life by showing him the love of God. I realized then that I was in a spiritual battle, and that God had a plan and a purpose for it. My husband’s been baptized and he loves preaching to his co-workers about God. He did not renew his lease on his apartment, and is planning to move back home. God comforts me daily with many dreams. ‘For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.’ Habakkuk 2:3 (NKJV). Keep the faith standers.”  (Maryland) (posted 1/10/2016)
“Many times we pray for something and we don’t know how God is going to do it, but our faith and trust in God can move mountains. I found this ministry and took a stand for God to touch my prodigal spouse’s heart and restore our marriage. After weeks turned to months, I began to get weary and frustrated and accept the enemy’s lies saying it’s over, you need to move on. Don’t accept the lies of the enemy. I am a living testimony that God works miracles and He worked a suddenly miracle in my life. My husband came home, gave his life to God and our marriage is restored. Stand on the Word that declares with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible. Mark 10:27. To my fellow standers, keep standing strong. God heals broken and dead marriages.”  (Virginia) (posted 1/10/2016)
“My husband and I have been under the same roof for some time now. The first several months were filled with fighting and so painful, but I continued to pray and we both tried so hard to make things work. One of our biggest obstacles was a job that he was basically worshiping, an alcohol- based business that really stole his soul, and ‘friends’ there who turned him against our church. He lost his job in a series of events only God could have orchestrated. He thought his life was over, but it became a turning point in our marriage. We still have our ups and downs, and he doesn’t want to go to church, but he prays with our children every night. And I honestly feel loved by him again, something I had almost resolved I would have to live without, in order to do God’s will by staying in this marriage. But God is amazing and has restored pieces of us I thought were gone forever.”  (Utah) (posted 1/6/2016)
“We just returned from a family Christmas trip to my husband’s country of origin. We hadn’t been for several years as a family and had never been for Christmas. Last year my husband went without us. But this year we had a wonderful trip full of happy memories of better days and we enjoyed each other’s company and the company of our children and extended family. We are not where we should be yet, but are so far from where we’ve been that I must praise God. He introduced me to many people – I’ve not been referred to as ‘my wife’ so many times in many years. I would never have considered this possible even four months ago. Not only that, God’s provision was clear throughout the planning and the trip. Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness.”  (Ohio) (posted 1/6/2016)
“I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for both your Saturday and Lunch Time testimonies. My husband and I got a divorce and with all the problems we were having, I never thought we would be remarried less than a year later. I was told by my co-worker to check out RMM and, after many internal fights, I did. After reading many testimonies, I decided it was time for me to stand. Not too long after I started standing, my husband told me that he wanted me to change my last name back and three days later we were married. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and stand strong. Your suddenly can and will be around the bend.”  (Missouri) (posted 1/6/2016)
(posted 1/6/2016)
Thank You Lord! The glory is all Yours! My prodigal husband has finally returned home. It has been a slow process but we are finally together as a family again. There is a lot of work to do still but God is leading the way this time. Do not get discouraged, keep praying, fasting and do not take your eyes from the Lord! He is the way! There will be times where Satan will try to confuse you and play tricks with your mind.  Just keep your focus on the Lord and repeat to yourself, ‘Jesus I trust in You.’ Nothing is impossible for the Lord. He can and will restore your marriage if you abandon yourself completely in Him and trust Him. Keep praying for your prodigals! Do not lose faith! God is ready to do a miracle for you, you just need to trust.”  (Florida) (posted 1/6/2016)
“To God be the glory. My husband is home and our family is together again just in time for Christmas. We were separated for some months and he left for an OW. He did come back once but the OW announced a pregnancy and he was right back out the door. I was devastated, filled with anger and overwhelmed with bitterness. But God… He did not forsake me or let me give up. He said you can’t change or control anyone but you can do that for yourself. Seek Me, repent of your sins and I will show you how much I love you and your husband. From that time on I noticed a change in me and my responses to others and my spouse. I could not explain the joy and love I felt. My husband noticed it as well and then he changed too. Finally he asked to come home. Yesterday, on my birthday, he moved back completely. Today at church he cried and gave his life back to God. God loves us and our spouse more than we will ever know. Be relentless in Him and just believe. Go now, prepare for your spouse to come home.”  (Barbados) (posted 1/6/2016)
“My SUDDENLY has come and it indeed came suddenly! My God is awesome! There are no words to describe how I feel right now. There is so much I can say and testify to. What Satan tried to convince me of was a lie all along and when I thought nothing was being fixed or my prayers weren’t being heard, God was working. He heard every single one and I got the answers to so many prayers and questions today! My husband is coming home and ready to remarry. He said nothing went right the whole time we were separated and then divorced and he finally had to give in to God and listen. This was not easy and the work continues now as a team, as we rebuild on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Hold on standers. God sees, cares, knows and will deliver! God be praised!”  (Connecticut) (posted 1/6/2016)
“A very blessed Christmas to everyone! My family is celebrating our second Christmas together since our God Almighty restored our marriage. We serve a living God, whose love never fails. Who is always there to equip us with the strength we need to remain obedient and faithful to Him, for He longs to bless us and give us the abundant lives He promised. Please pray without ceasing and God will unfold before your very eyes His amazing plan for you, your marriage and family! God bless all of you!”  (California) (posted 1/6/2016)
“Praise the Lord, for He is mighty and faithful. My husband came back after many months of struggling and separation. We used to fight and quarrel and I failed to submit to my husband. Thank you so much Rejoice Marriage Ministries; your messages and daily devotions are so encouraging especially in times of darkness and grief. To all the fellow standers out there who continue to pray for each and everyone in Jesus’ name, I sincerely thank you as well. Let us never cease in prayer, being hopeful and faithful to our loving God and prodigals. I thank God for showing me love is without fear, asking me to love unconditionally and to trust in His deliverance and words. I will continue to stand and pray for you all, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.”  (Malaysia) (posted 1/6/2016)
“Hello all my fellow standers and happy holidays. May the Lord God bless you and your families this holiday season. I just wanted tell you all to please continue standing and don’t give up. I know it’s hard this time of the year but God is with you and He knows your hearts. Continue to lean on Him for your every need. He will not fail you. My husband has been home for a couple of months now, and it hasn’t been that easy. But God is working on us and is blessing us every week. We still have our bad days but the Lord brings us back in harmony with one another and we’re able to forgive each other quickly. I praise God for what He has done and what He is still doing. My husband and I went to church together for the first time in a few years. I was in awe as I watched my husband praying and praising God. God is so great and faithful to His word. Please keep standing and praying. Your suddenly is coming. Stay blessed.”  (Georgia) (posted 1/6/2016)
“Praise God Almighty. Standers, never give up, even when doubt and circumstances momentarily get the better of you. STAND UP, read the Standers Affirmation out loud, and stand on God’s Word. And yes, it is true…it only takes one spouse to firmly stand and believe, and God will honor that. This Christmas, my family is reunited! Everyone around me gave up hope, but if God is for us (and for His sacred institution of marriage), who can be against us. I thank you for this ministry that taught me valuable lessons, and I thank every prayer warrior. I will continue to pray for other standers and spread the word. Hallelujah!”  (South Africa) (posted 12/22/2015)
“I just wanted to share some encouragement with all standers out there. My marriage has been restored for a few years now and I am thankful every day. I was reminded this morning of one of my praises that I wanted to share. When we separated, the picture of our son and me had disappeared from my husband’s wallet. I assumed it was thrown away. Many years later I met my husband at work with his favorite dinner and he showed me around his shop. In his tool box was that picture I had assumed was trashed years before. He kept it the entire time and valued it. It was about a month later he came home. My advice, don’t listen to assumptions, listen to what God is saying. Stand strong, for God will prove Himself faithful. You only need to be still! Merry Christmas and be blessed!”  (New York) (posted 12/22/2015)
“Thanks to a lot of prayers and faith, my wonderful husband has returned home and we are restoring our marriage and life together and calling off the divorce. Thank You God for all Your blessings. When things looked bleak and dim I turned to You and You worked in my husband’s life and heart and returned him to me. He learned the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence and that he should count his blessings. I learned the same and we both learned to turn more to God. He had trouble eating and sleeping and was lonely and after a lot of prayers and talking to God and each other, we have made it work. Praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!”  (Pennsylvania) (posted 12/22/2015)
“My suddenly happened! The week leading up to it was hard because the enemy had really stepped up the attacks. I seriously considered giving up. Thankfully, God was there to encourage me and carry me through. Since the beginning of my stand God gave me Obadiah 1:3-4. I had also written a prayer in that book about God’s promises for our marriage. So during prayer and devotion time this past weekend God gave me Obadiah. He’s given it to me in the past when I felt discouraged so I just thanked Him for encouraging me and I went to sleep. That night my prodigal showed up at my doorstep. He had gotten in an argument with the OW and during the argument he said all he kept thinking about was what he had done wrong in our relationship. He was a little shocked but I didn’t ask any questions (PTL, He let me zip my lips). I’ve got to say that I’m still a little scared I won’t do it right; but I know that God is in control and I just need to continue to stand for my husband.”  (Kansas) (posted 12/22/2015)
“Hallelujah!! My husband came home again but this time he took me to the other woman to apologize in front of me and sever those ties. Even though that other woman refused to severe those ties with my husband, he made action to save our marriage, he did what it took to save our marriage. I prayed God will show him who she really is and that he will sever those ties and let go of her and be exposed and turn to God with true sorrow, for godly repentance and turn from his wicked ways. I prayed for years to sever those ties and God heard me. He is bringing my husband out, saving our marriage and turning my husband’s heart back to Him.”  (Florida) (posted 12/16/2015)
“Giving honor to God for all He has done. Several months ago my prodigal left our home and today he is back for good. In faith, I started to type this testimony before he physically moved backed in. By faith, I believed I would be able to post my testimony one day and here it is. I believed God was moving him back home in the spiritual realm even though my eyes could not see it. It took much prayer, fasting, reading God’s Word, attending church, and reading the RMM testimonies for encouragement to get through the wilderness. It was not easy going through one of the most trying periods of my life. Many nights I cried and felt deep despair. The process was gradual but today we are back together now and both need to heal from the hurt we caused each other. Right before he came home I almost gave up because I was frustrated, but I kept holding on and it happened suddenly. Keep standing standers and PLEASE don’t give up. By faith, you will be writing your testimony as well.”  (Massachusetts) (posted 12/16/2015)
(posted 12/16/2015)
“For nothing is impossible with God. Thank You Lord for the restoration of my husband’s relationship with You and our marriage. May our lives and marriage give you all the glory. Our Lord is more than able to finish what He started. Thank you Rejoice Ministries for your website and prayers.”  (South Africa) (posted 12/6/2015)
“Praise the Lord, my prodigal has come home! For many, many months I heard that he was never coming back, he’d found the love of his life, he was going to divorce me and marry her, he was never happy until now – all lies! But God! The Holy Spirit was always at work on his heart. He hardly slept, hardly ate, his life was constant stress. I began to believe his lies and that this was going to last much longer. Then suddenly! One day he showed up to get the boys and while they gathered their things, he suddenly broke down into tears. The Holy Spirit had done His work and my husband had abruptly ended things with the OW! Last holiday season I wondered often what this year would be like. Divorced? Alone or sharing the kids? But God! But God! But God! We are together in a new home with new hearts of Thanksgiving!”  (South Carolina) (posted 12/6/2015)
(posted 12/6/2015)
“Praise the Lord! My husband moved back in this week. Although it was a ‘suddenly’ move, I was expecting it to happen. Our family will be together just in time for the holidays. A far cry from last year. God has been so faithful even when my faith wavered. I had to get to a place of surrender. Now my faith is stronger and I know the Lord is rebuilding and restoring our marriage, never to be broken again! I will continue to minister to him as I’ve been doing over the last few months. I believe this helped to bring him home, knowing I was in a different place spiritually. Everyone is happy (including him) as he had been broken. The Lord gave me this scripture to remember: Isaiah 43:18-19. Praying for all marriages and standers. The enemy is defeated.”  (New Jersey) (posted 12/2/2015)
“PTL! Our marriage is restored. I was the prodigal spouse and my husband divorced me. Both of us had second marriages and children. My second marriage to the OM was a disaster. His marriage to the OW was a disaster as well. After finding RMM, I started praying for my husband to come home. At first I thought I was praying for the OM to come. God revealed to me that the prayers were for my first husband. Living in separate states, we started speaking daily multiple times. My husband came home and we had many false starts. This month we got remarried after 20 years of being divorced. Don’t give up hope and never give up praying.”  (California) (posted 12/2/2015)
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