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I will think on good thoughts of You Lord because ALL of my sufficiency is in You. I will focus on Your face where there is love and peace as I walk on the water toward You. As I get closer to you, the more I can see your face and the less I see of my circumstance. I will cast down vain imaginations. As my faith increases, my anxiety decreases. If my anxiety increases I will check my imaginations and cast down any that are contrary to Your Word. If I trust in You Lord I will not be ashamed because You will direct my path. When I trust in my thoughts and my own ways to try to fix things, or lean on my own reasonings, I become ashamed and sorrowed.
If I start looking at my surroundings, situation, or happenings of the day without acknowledging You and praying for Your guidance, my spirit is breached and my faith wanes so I start sinking in the water. I will wait on You Lord and You will renew my strength so that I can fly above my situation as with wings of an eagle. As the day progresses and my faith has waned from distractions, causing me to lose focus on Your face through your Word, I will run but I will not grow weary. If it wanes more, I will walk but not faint because You Lord are the author and finisher of my faith and You have prayed that my faith will not utterly fail. I will wait on You Lord to renew my strength again, so I can mount up with wings of eagles once more.
I won’t murmur and complain because my tongue will flap and my spirit will be breached, increasing vain imaginations stealing my faith. I will guard my tongue. I will look not at what is seen or heard, because those things are vain and irrelevant, according to your Word. I will stick to Your Word so I will not be ashamed or vexed, but rather be blessed. Troubles are sufficient for this day alone, so thinking about tomorrow is vanity. Tomorrow is irrelevant to me, with You Lord, because tomorrow will have its own troubles. I will not focus on tomorrow but I will focus on Your Word. When the storm is mounting, I will look back to Your face through Your Word, stop looking all around and cast down my own imaginations and reasonings. I will remember that my imaginations are vain because Your Word is the truth, not my thoughts. I will stop looking at the problem.
You have directed my path so that I would learn your precepts. All things are within Your control at all times because you are sovereign. You are mighty, You are God, You have made the Heavens and the Earth, and all therein. You have numbered the hairs on my head. You know the end from the beginning. Nothing of this world matters because I have everlasting life and peace given to me by You, almighty God. You can hold the span of the universe in the palm of Your hand because you created it. The happenings of the day are irrelevant when I abide in You in your awesome power, because in You ALL things are possible and nothing happens in this world without Your permission. Not most things, but all things are possible when I abide in You and Your Word abides in me.
I will remember the enemy can put situations or people before me that may seem good or bad, but may be a snare for my feet, so I remember Your Word and acknowledge You. I will not be tossed to and fro like the wind tosses the waves of the sea by looking at the things that are seen. I will walk by faith, not by sight. I will put my thoughts into Your captive obedience. I can ask You for anything and You will do it unto me, if I am abiding in You and Your Word is abiding in me.
My anguish is not meaningless. My anguish is but for a moment and produces in me a faith that lasts forever, and is 1000 times more precious than gold and silver that perishes. My anguish imprints Your Word on my heart. I will trust in You Lord, and all things will come together for good because I love You and I am called to Your purpose. I will walk through the furnace in Your refining fire with You, though often times it seems I cannot bear, I know you are with me. As I am continually refined, and when I feel that I can’t take anymore and the tears run dry, You always renew Your mercy in Your abounding grace, renewing my strength again. You again show me your peace after the next impurity is brought to the surface.
Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts, Your ways are higher than my ways. Like the rain waters the harvest, Your Word does that thing for which it was sent and does not come back void. The earth does NOT LABOR to produce the fruit that the Lord has provided; as such, I will not labor in my affliction but instead let the rivers of living water produce the fruit for which your Word has provided. I will leave it to You Lord because You accepted it for me on the Cross. I will live by Your promises to me. I will strive to learn that I can do nothing of myself. I must remain humble and reject any notion that I can help myself do anything without You Lord. Help me to stop laboring on the thing that does not profit. You are amazing Lord. When I begin to learn an inkling of the fullness of the power of Your Word, I will be humble. Glory be to You my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
Scott in Alabama
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