Restored Marriages

Restored Marriage Videos

Cari and Ryan’s Restoration Update

Cari and Ryan have had a restored marriage since 2011. You can see the video of their re-marriage ceremony by clicking here. In September of 2015 we had Cari and Ryan give an update on their marriage and family for our Rejoice on the Road Dallas event.


Luz & Fabian Testimony Video

Luz and Fabian have remarried each other three times and have five children. Luz was the stander and gave up standing two times and married two other men, but God told her to go home and wait for Fabian. Fabian also had a non-covenant marriage, and has a daughter with that marriage. This is a video they prepared for the attendees of a Rejoice on the Road conference in 2013.


A Restored Marriage

This is a video of the remarriage of Cari and Ryan that had divorced. Ryan entered into a non-covenant marriage and at that time Cari was standing and thought there was no hope. But God!!! Watch a beautiful service that is a testimony to the work of our Lord, and hear a pastor speak about the covenant of marriage. Don’t ever give up on what the Lord has called you to do. He is still in the business of healing hearts and lives and turning prodigals toward home.


Beatriz’s Testimony

Beatriz was our ministry secretary for several years. She has a son that left home and had no contact with him for six years. She prayed for him daily to come home and back to the Lord. Listen to her testimony to hear what happened this past summer. Always remember that “God can heal hurting families!!!”


Yolanda & Rudy Restored Marriage Testimony

This is a testimony from Yolanda & Rudy who have a restored marriage. Yolanda prayed for Rudy and refused to accept the divorce. Rudy accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and was later reconciled to his wife.

The ironic part of their story is that Yolanda speaks only Spanish. She used the Rejoice Ministries Spanish material and would have someone translate for her while attending the Rejoice Pompano Bible Study to help facilitate her stand.